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The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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          Through The Six Kowtows




July 15, 2016

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through L. when doing the Six Kowtows.

L.: O God, it is 10:14 on Friday, July 15, 2016, at St. Rita Church in Florida. Today, we come to visit God; this is our first visit to this church and we may not be able to visit this church again.  Perhaps God gives us the opportunity to come here to share the Six Kowtows. (1) Today, we come here to thank God for the blessings He reserved for us throughout the past week, we come here to visit God in these hours and then all my family members and I will go home.  O God, every time I come to visit You to contemplate the Eucharist of God, I can feel that You await every single person. God is very happy to see every single face that comes to visit Him. Today, we come here to offer to God our hearts, our bodies and our souls; we pray especially for the world, for the State of Florida, and to pray especially for the parishes that we visit; to lift them up in a special way to God – with an urgency; to ask God to have mercy on our world today, and on those countless people who deny Him, who do not believe, who have forgotten about a God who redeemed their sins. He is still here; He still looks at them with loving eyes, waiting and helping them to see peace – the physical and the spiritual happiness of their bodies as well as their minds and their souls.

At this moment, I offer to God the First Kowtow. O God the Father, who bestowed countless graces upon the world – Father (2) bestows upon our human race, Father bestows upon every single nation, upon every single state, upon every single organization, upon every single community, and upon every single family.  Today, we have the opportunity to offer to Father, to thank Father’s Love, to thank the Divine Mercy of the Supreme Creator, the Almighty who bestows upon the world countless opportunities.  Not that many people think about thanking Father. Though I am not worthy – I know we are sinners and people who do not know – but today, on behalf of the entire world, Father gives us the opportunity to kneel and to prostrate before Father’s Holy Face (3), with a reverent heart, in the Presence of Jesus the Eucharist. With all our hearts, with all our strength, we offer to Father this little heart, this humble body; our souls and even our minds to belong to Father.

May everyone know Father, may they see and return to Father’s Love and Father’s Divine Mercy; let us offer words of praise, of honor, of thanksgiving, of repentance to Father, in reparation for the shortcomings of the world, of every single nation, of every single state, of every single family, of every single community, and of many people who have responsibilities toward Father.  Father, please forgive, please give us the chance to make reparation for the first days in history, the people who deny, the people who follow idols.  We know only to prostrate, we only know to return and surrender before God, because only God is the source of grace, the One God whom we worship, a Supreme God who loves, a Supreme God who rescues, a God who teaches us so many doctrines and truth, a Mighty God who gives us life, now and forever. Please help us return to Father with all our hearts and may many people come to know Father, come to recognize Father, return to Father’s Love and Father’s Divine Mercy. Amen.

The Second Kowtow. O Jesus, the Lamb of God, the Supreme Being who died for us, the Supreme Being who saved us from the darkness of sin – and today, Father still continues; Father is with us in the divine realm yet is present. O Jesus—God brought salvation to all, God came to meet us, God taught us the doctrine, God taught us the truth, God taught us how to live in truth, between good and evil. Today, God still remains, the word of God still reminds us to continue to listen to the Good News and God’s teachings through the Gospel. Today, we have the Church and we continue to receive spiritual offerings; Father comes to meet us, to awaken us.  Today, there are so many things that we cannot end with all the deeds that Father did. Father—please allow us to offer to Father (4) with our humble feelings, with the prostration, with the return, with the heart; to offer to the Almighty God, the God of Love who waits, who rules over us with love, who waits for us with love, who gives us the grace and the love for us to still have hope and forever hope in the love and the Divine Mercy of God the Father, through Jesus and in the Holy Spirit.

Today, we lift up to Father, on behalf of the multitude, those who do not yet know, the people who do not yet believe, for them to return to the salvation and Father’s infinite Divine Mercy, for them to receive grace and happiness in this life and in the next life as well. Father, please help us trust in Father, please help us be strong to continue to bear witness to what needs to be done — what must be done – to return to the life bestowed by Father; please help many people to know, to hear, and to receive – especially the souls in purgatory – the people who are alive, as well as the people who are dead, the people who believed in idols; for them to know and return. Only Father is the Person who brings to us the new source of graces, through death, through salvation; Father is the only joy, hope, and peace that we need, now and forever. Please help us open our eyes, our ears, our lips, our hearts, to embrace the love through the salvation of the Second Person of God whom we are worshipping. Amen.

We offer to the Holy Spirit the Third Kowtow. O Holy Spirit, the Third Person of God, the Giver of life, it is through You, with You, and in You that today we have the strength to continue to move forward in the midst of this life, giving us the courage to travel everywhere with our brothers and sisters – no longer being ashamed or shy, no longer in fear, but only knowing to prostrate to the Holy Spirit.  Without Him, this world would become chaotic; without Him to kindle the fire, we will perish in our sins and in the darkness; without Him there would be no hope in our lives – there would be no goodness and truth in life. O Holy Spirit, please have mercy and kindle the fire in us.  We offer the Third Kowtow to You; we also offer our repentant hearts for the times we are indifferent, the times we forget, the times we rejected Your teachings.  O Holy Spirit, You are love, You are the truth, You are the way o

f the truth that leads us to the place of everlasting joy, in this life and the next life as well. Please help us to feel You to see in You, with words, with deeds, with actions, with accomplishments, with a life in which we must practice, must meditate, must experience, must recite the words for us to know, for us to believe and to love: love the Holy Spirit.

Please help us go in the midst of this vault of the heavens, this beautiful life blessed by God for our bodies while our hearts are still beating; please kindle in us the graces that God reserved and gave. Today, in our lives, there are countless distractions, but with the Holy Spirit, He will guide us to walk in the truth, to live in the truth, to bear witness to the truth, and to be peaceful in the truth.  Please help us to entrust, to trust; please remain with us, lead us, and rule over our lives – for all classes, all roles, all citizens to belong to the children God created.  We cannot walk out of the circle of God’s Love. Please Holy Spirit, teach us, help all of us to return to God’s Love and God’s Divine Mercy, for us to know the worship to be reserved for the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and forever, till the last minute of our lives. Please help us persevere and be faithful; please allow us to act on behalf of the people who are living in sins, the people who are living unrighteously, the people who do not yet know and believe; please help the people who are alive as well as those who died, help the people to open their hearts, to understand the meaning in life – that we cannot be without worship, reverence – and to return to the salvation that Jesus brought to humanity. Today, He is still alive and He is helping us – that is the Third Person of God; please help us and kindle the fire in us so that we  open our hearts and our minds to understand the meaning of this life that God bestowed; that we take the time to understand more, to sacrifice more, to be more patient, to recognize that the steps on the road are the steps that God arranged and predestined, for us to unite with the Trinity, with a heart of worship and reverence, to bear witness to all the people in the world, for them to return, return to the love and the fire kindled through the Holy Spirit. Amen.

We offer the Fourth Kowtow to the Body and Blood of Christ. O God – out of love for us, God remains here; God knows we are very lonely and unhappy when we do not have God in this life, so in the Last Supper, in His all-knowing mind, God used all kinds of ways to remain with us over 2,000 years (5).  He still remains to nourish us daily through the Holy Mass, to nourish our souls, to let us know He loves us. God waits for us and He brings us back at all costs. Today, through the Holy Eucharist, we became so close and encountered the Supreme God; indeed, He is not as far away as we think – it is not just the God in a book that we open and then close out of habit and custom, but the God waiting for our hearts to meet Him, to meet Him with a sincere heart, with a simple and humble heart.  God is waiting for simple words, for the words of the returning children, for the words for those years we are mired in the sins of the humanity.  Because of our free will we choose the path in which we never think of Him, disrespectful every time we receive the Body and Blood of Christ.  Today, we can feel the Presence of God has struck us, letting us contemplate and see the truly intimate Presence that He already bestowed upon us – very close to us in fact – for us to move forward, to recognize the happiness and the peace when we receive Him.

Today we know – not from our own knowledge, but from the Holy Spirit’s teaching. The Spirit taught us to understand that God remains with us, waiting for us to awaken, for us to come close, waiting for each word, each deed, for our determination to come to Him. He himself bestowed upon us, enveloped us; that light of the Eucharist has made us alive again, as the Christian whom God desires, alive with the role that God is waiting for; to see the Church united in love, for the world to be alive, to bring peace, love; to recognize the doctrine and the truth. God is not that far away, God never abandons us, but we must have faith, belief – then we will be able to see the close presence of the love that God already bestowed and is bestowing.

O God – God has enough blessings to give everything to mankind. God does not need talents, God does not need all that is inherent in humans but God needs a sincere heart, and from that sincerity, we will encounter and will receive countless favors and graces that God reserves for His children. The great treasure for the Church, the great treasure for each one of us, and the treasure for the world, is the presence of Jesus through the Holy Eucharist that today we know about, but there are many people who do not yet know, who do not yet believe, who do not yet feel God’s Presence.  Today, we come to this place to recite the words God allows, to express and report everything that mankind has neglected and forgotten; today, we no longer have the time to continue with what concerns ourselves but we must return soon, because it seems that all events are happening and will draw closer to humanity.  We can see the world no longer has peace; only Jesus can bring peace, only Jesus can deliver the soul as well as the body, and only with the Presence of the Eucharist can the sufferings of mankind lessen the ordeals, when we run to the Eucharist to be defended and to be protected, one way or another.

Today, we lift up everything in a spirit of thanksgiving, of praise, of honor, of glory to our God through His Eucharist.  May many people come to know, believe, hear, experience, in order for them to go deeper into the life of faith, needed through the graces and the blessings given and bestowed upon us this day. We are the pioneers, who go to the places to evoke people’s reverence for God – to have a reverent heart, a believing heart, an entrusting heart, a heart worshipping and honoring our God, through the Body and Blood, through His Eucharist. Amen.

We offer the Fifth Kowtow to the Five Holy Wounds of Jesus Christ. O God, the Five Holy Wounds are deeply imprinted in each of our souls and hearts; God never refuses to bring us back, but we denied Him, we forgot the love, forgot the price of blood with which God redeemed our sins for our souls to have life, for us to have the chance today to be able to hear and to choose for ourselves. God always respects the personal life of every single role but the signs in history will never be blotted out; that of Jesus who brought salvation, that of the Five Holy Wounds joined to the love of the Supreme God who is invisible yet is always present in the soul and the heart of any person who believes, who experiences, and who meditates. So when we come close to God, there is no way that we cannot understand what still exits and remains; every single time we contemplate the Cross, it is not just looking in a simple way nor merely out of habit but is a profound sensation as if God is inviting and coming to each one of us.  He indeed Himself reminds us: ” I come to you, I lead you, I remain close to you, and today, I am still here to wait for you; your souls are worth more than precious pearls; because of your souls, I had to pay the price of blood, and endured many difficulties, sufferings, humiliations and so many tortures for you.  As for you, come to Me, return to Me, and receive My Love through the Five Holy Wounds with which I will never forget and refuse you when Heaven’s door is open and waits for you, but you do not yet understand the profound meaning that I reserved and gave. There were many years in life, many trials and tribulations, much bitterness; lift up your souls to Me, for Me to lead you to rest in the love and the Five Holy Wounds that I reserve for you.”

Please help us to hear those words, to meditate upon those words, so that in our lives will be less uprisings, less internal and external rebellions, less disturbances, less inferences and thinking, for us to return to Father, return to the love and prostrate before the Cross; before the Divine Mercy (6); before the Eucharist, the love of which God reminds us – for us to start our own lives by the cross, by acceptance, by sacrifice, by all things inherent in the life God bestows and gives. Let us live with a smile of acceptance because we know that when we entered in this life, everything has been predestined in Father’s Love and Father redeemed us from death and sin.  Today, we have hope and we entrust everything to Father; let us look at Father’s Cross, let us look at the way Father walks to follow that way.  Father, please remain with us; walk with us on the remaining steps of the road, with the remaining hardships and challenges, which we must always overcome for us to be worthy as the children that Father Himself redeemed at the price of blood.

O, Five Holy Wounds of Jesus, let everyone be awakened, to embrace, to listen; if we are not taught then we are simply commonplace and ordinary people who are limited in their knowledge. Please help us experience the profound meaning that Father is still present and is waiting for us.  Please help us understand the meaning of life, the doctrine and the truth, to contemplating the Cross to fully comprehend a Supreme God’s sacrifice, a Supreme God’s humility, a Supreme God who humbles Himself to accept all, for us to have life and to choose the path of happiness today. Please allow us to worship, to glorify and to praise, to redeem the days of our unintentional and deliberate actions; for us to return, to bear witness and to be the pioneers where we need to revere and worship a Supreme God.  Besides God, we have no other place to lean on except to surrender and prostrate to ask God to accept, and to bring us back to the light of love, to bring us and the whole of humanity back to peace, to joy in the soul and the body. Amen.

We offer the Sixth Kowtow. O God the Father, we thank Father for giving us a Mother. Today, every kowtow is from Mother teaching us (7), and we lift up to Mother with a reverent heart. We lift up to the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary, the Mother of the Eucharist, the Mother of the Divine Mercy, the Mother of the Heart of Love, the Mother of the Second Person of God, the Mother of the Church, the Mother of all humanity, and the Mother of every single sinner. We were among those sinners, but today we returned to the light of love through Mother’s guidance.  Today, all things we have practiced, we are practicing, and we are determined so that we have courage to continue on our path, because we are narrow-minded sinners, because we do not understand anything, until the day Mother taught us this; then, spontaneously, there were times our hearts were touched and we sobbed, determined to return to the path of righteousness. However, in life there are many challenges we still cannot overcome as we desire and long for. God is the Witness, God is All-Knowing, for us to experience, for us to have the strength to continue on the path of testimony, and because of this, we cannot be without Mother in our lives.

O God, please continue to allow us to receive Mother’s teachings; Mother, please remain with us, guide us. Mother understands our hearts, Mother understands our souls, Mother understands humanity in today’s situations. In the nations, people are completely mistaken in their life of worshipping, with their free will they follow idols, idols that cannot give anything back to them, but are the cause of disorder and chaos, in order to kill people everywhere, with what does belong to God (8), but God still continues to wait; because of the free will of mankind, God continues to give us the opportunity.

Mother is the Person who clearly sees our weakness, Mother understands our feelings; Mother has appeared with tears streaming down, even with tears of blood, to remind mankind to repent and return and to teach us how to come closer to God.  Everything Mother teaches, the Six Kowtows are correctly received, which is a blessing and a grace.  For everything in our lives, whether the diseases in the soul and the body or everything else that comes to us, it is through the Six Kowtows that we have hope, joy, peace to move forward, so that along with the Church, we quietly pray for the world, for the people who do not yet know, who do not yet believe, for the lost sheep, for the people who are spiritually and physically ill, to be tended to by our prayers, through the blessings and the graces of the Six Kowtows. We act on behalf of the people who are living as well as those who have died, on behalf of the orphaned souls as well as for the souls who have asked us to pray for them and on behalf of the world to come to surrender, to prostrate, to ask God to have mercy, along with Mother Mary. Mother Mary guides us to come close to God, to recognize the Presence of God that is the Holy Eucharist that everyone comes to today to ask for healing, to ask for intervention, to ask God to remain with us, for us to live with more meaningful days on the path of holiness and return.

O Mother Mary, please continue to help many people to know, to hear; because only Mother is the perfect Person before God.  Without Mother, we would not know how, and though we understand, it is within our own limitations.  O Mother Mary, please listen to our prayers; it is only with Mother that we can move forward in these days to go on testifying, to be the pioneers for the practice that must be evoked for humanity today to have the reverence for God, to urgently return with the prostration, in humility, learning from Mother’s obedience and entrustment, learning from Mother about everything that belongs to God. God is the only Person who can intervene for us; God is the only Person who comprehends and can bring us the source of peace, of happiness that God desires. Only Mother can help us in a life of holiness, of honesty, to be sanctified and transformed in the Holy Spirit; Mother used to ask God and Mother used to live with everything that belongs to God.  Today, Mother is the only Person who continues to intercede for humanity, to intercede for our Church, to intercede for the nations that do not yet know and believe, to pray for the people who are living in sins and in wickedness to be able to return to righteousness and the truth.

O Mother Mary, please continue to support and help us to complete everything in the mission that God assigns to us, giving us the opportunity. Mother, please continue to support and lead us, to help us reach the final phase of the road, though there may be challenges, tribulations or rejections, we continue on most heartily to remind humanity to accept with reverence the worship, the surrender, the prostration to God, so that humanity soon has peace through God’s intervention, so that humanity is soon protected with the intercession from Mother Mary Herself. At this time, I do not know what else to say besides the words to thank, to praise, to glorify; I lift up all of my brothers and sisters, my loved ones, to the Immaculate Heart of Mother, to ask Mother to always remain with us, for us to always be with Mother, and through Mother’s mantle, to be protected, so we can move forward on the path that God invites, with Mother’s help. Amen.

May many people come to know and hear.  Through the Six Kowtows, I can see the power of God, recognize the love from God, see the heavenly world that is indeed not too far away, enveloping us, close to us, so we have the opportunity to remember that the heavenly world exists with God, that it exists in this world, and that it is looking for ways to help humanity.  We also lift up heartfelt words to thank St. Joseph, who is a person who always quietly intercedes for the Church, for each family, for the people who have duties and responsibilities.  Please intercede to God for us. We lift up words of thanksgiving to him.

I thank the three Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.  Please continue to protect our Church, the Pope, the cardinals, the bishops, every single priest, the deacons, all the parishioners, the Christians, for them to keep away from the evil spirits that are looking for all kinds of ways to destroy humanity, that are looking for clever and sophisticated ways of the modern world to corrupt families, to corrupt people through their ego and their personality.  Please help and protect us for us to return with the meanings of the Six Kowtows, to return with Mother Mary’s help, to return with surrender, to prostrate to ask God to agree to bringing humanity back to the peace and the happiness that God reserves and gives to us.  Please allow each one of us to lift up words to thank the guardian angels; please allow us to thank them, to ask them to remain with us to continue to teach us, to continue to protect us for us to live worthily as the children of God, to unite with the heavenly kingdom, to unite with the saints to lift up words to thank, to praise, to glorify, to be grateful to our God.  We especially lift up words of gratitude and thanksgiving to the saints, for from their examples of patience and courage, today we have a solid doctrine, especially for the Vietnamese people, with the 117 martyrs and countless holy, perfect and benevolent saints who taught us with their shining examples. We ask them to intercede to God for us, as we continue to follow their example – to be undaunted, to be resilient, to be brave, and to testify for Jesus Christ, our God.

With the sentiments of the Six Kowtows, we praise our God even more, the benevolent Father, the Father full of blessings bestowed upon the world, who helps our spiritual life have a wide, open door, with the blessing and the grace of the remaining and final days. (9) Please help us listen and return with our thoughts, our hearts, our minds, our souls – to belong to our God.  Please bless the people who embrace, who listen, who practice; in that silence the number of people will become larger and will spread all over, with the surrender, with the beseeching, in the name of our God who is the only God to whom we return – by the heart, by the prostration, by the surrender.  Only God can bring peace to the world, only God can give us the grace, only God can give us the last hope in our human lives, which is the Divine Mercy, for us to return to the Divine Mercy to be sanctified, to be transformed in the living water. May everyone know, hear, return and respond to the Divine Mercy that Mother teaches through the Six Kowtows; to lift up our grateful hearts, to thank, to praise, to glorify our God, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, our God. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Especially today, we lift up our nieces and nephews, our children and our families to God; in a few more hours, we will leave this place and we do not know when we will have the chance to return again. We know that any places where God leads us, leads all our brothers and sisters – they all have a meaning, which is that of bringing to the world the reminder to return to meet God through the blessing and the grace. I lift up my entire family in this trip, every single person – to experience what we have done and are doing, to continue on the path with more zeal, to strive harder, to be closer, with a trusting heart, with a heart united in love, in order to continue to bear witness to God’s Love. God, please protect our children, our nieces, our nephews, our brothers, our friends, the people who remain at home and the people who travel with us, for everything to be good with God’s blessing. We ask for everything that belongs to God to be realized upon us; as for what does not belong to God please remove it all for us to be more worthy with the grace and the love that God reserves and gives to the entire world, to every single person, to every single role, and to every single class.

I thank God. Amen. Now, I say goodbye to God. I am going home; I will continue with the days and months ahead, with the mission that God assigns; please help me be strong to continue to bear witness to the love and the salvation, to remind the people of today of the reverence, the worship, and the return to God. Amen. L. and all the brothers and sisters are at St. Rita Church, facing the Holy Eucharist, the statue of Mother with the two angels in prostration, and at the same time, in union with the brothers and sisters – M., A., P., M., T., I., P., J. – along with all the parishioners at this parish, we thank God, at this place where we are present to testify to the Six Kowtows. I want to keep all of this as documentation for one of these days, as we continue to testify at any places God plans and arranges for us; through the parishes, any places God allows for this to be announced to the entire world. Amen.

*The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. L. leads a very intense prayer life that centers on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. L. receives messages by way of interior locutions and sees visions of Eucharistic miracles that can be recorded via cell phone. When Jesus gives L. messages it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of  

  1. See “The Six Kowtows” message of August 19, 2014.
  2. In the context of the paragraph, the First Kowtow in honor of God the Father, “Father” refers to Him, as opposed to the usual use of “Father” in these messages referring to Jesus. In such cases, as here, it is generally obvious if “Father” refers to God the Father.
  3. This sentence is admittedly somewhat unclear. “Father’s Holy Face” could simply be L. referring back to “Jesus in the Eucharist.” On the other hand, if it would be a case of L. seeing God the Father’s Face in the Eucharist, then this is also possible: This is not the place for a deep theological treatment of this, but suffice it to say that while each Person of the Trinity is always truly distinct from each other, at the same time they are in perpetual union. Jesus is the Eucharist, and the Eucharist is “the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ”; in this Divinity is the Trinity since where one Divine Person is, the other Two Persons are as well, always (St. Basil the Great). Therefore, when we receive the Eucharist we receive not only the whole Christ, but also God the Father and the Holy Spirit. As Jesus says, to cite just one verse, “I and the Father are one.” (John 10:30) Hence, if God the Father wants to manifest Himself in a vision of the Eucharist, He can do so since He and the Holy Spirit are present, though this is an extraordinary manifestation. So while this is rather elevated theology, it is simply trying to convey what St. Augustine, the great Father and Doctor of the Church, had to learn: that the mystery of the Trinity is so sublime that no one can ever fully understand it.
  4. This is a common wording in these messages; it’s awkward since L. is speaking to the same Person in both instances. This is probably due to the fact that L. is a simple person with the equivalent of a third grade education. In any case, as with other messengers, heaven speaks in the language of the messenger, be it sophisticated or simple. Grace does not destroy nature but builds on it.
  5. Firstly through Himself in the Eucharist (Holy Communion as well as the consecrated Host in the monstrance and in the tabernacle); also through the priesthood that was instituted by Jesus at the Last Supper (Luke 22:19)
  6. A Divine Mercy image
  7. The Six Kowtows were first revealed through Blessed Mother; they are God’s gift to mankind through Her – in a real sense they are “Hers.”
  8. Things God created
  9. “Final days” here does not refer to the Second Coming/the end of the word, but of a momentous change from the world as we know it now to the Era of Peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima. This change is almost upon us.

New Revelations through the Eucharist

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