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The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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  St. Mary Magdalene Found the Truth



July 22, 2016

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through L.

L.: O God, it is 1:54 a.m., on Friday, July 22, 2016, at St. Laurence Church. Today, coming here is not a coincidence – that God reserves and arranges the time for us; we are here, with the children, nephews and nieces, and the brothers and sisters in the group, to kneel together in front of the tabernacle, to prostrate and offer the Six Kowtows as we do everywhere, at the places God allows us to visit, with our whole heart, with our soul – to lift up to God, to ask God to accept and welcome us, by the prostration and the surrender, by the pioneering that we practiced in the past, silent days. Today, at all the places we have the opportunity to visit, from the bottom of our hearts, we lift up to God our sentiments, our returns, through the Six Kowtows that Mother taught us. Today is the start of another new day, which is Friday, July 22, a day the Church reminds us to commemorate the Feast of St. Mary Magdalene.

We just listened to the First Reading today, from the prophet Jeremiah (1); we can see that everything belongs to the predestination by God the Father, who has arranged, who is always concerned about us – teaching us, preparing us. For everything that He arranges, that He is always concerned with, we can see how the love of God already planned for us from eternity – He is the Supreme Being who planned and arranged, hoping for us to simply obey, believe, follow; to practice the laws of God. Then we would be very happy – there would not be anything to cause unrest, changes, or anything in the human world; for many years, we were mired in sins, in shortsighted things, and the wrongdoings to go against the doctrine, to go against morality, and to stumble with the betrayal.

At the same time we also offended, by ways that we can clearly see today, which were our own decisions to follow idols because we do not look far and deep into the works God the Father did for us since the beginning, through the first parents, through the people who were led to come into the land promised by God; the first people to set foot on the land belonging to God, to personally receive God’s intervention, care, and presence – in a very close way – to receive God’s teachings, and God also chose a representative, Moses, along with others. God continues to take care, God remains close by, God manifests for us to see the God full of power, who loves us very much and looks for all kinds of ways to help us and let us recognize His presence. Today, history keeps repeating over and over again; God never abandons mankind, even when we rebel – interiorly and exteriorly – even when we deny, even when we betray, or even when we follow idols, God continues to remind us.

Today, the prophet Jeremiah said: “Return, O faithless children, says the LORD; for I am your master; I will take you, one from a city and two from a family, and I will bring you to Zion. And I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding. And when you have multiplied and increased in the land, in those days, says the LORD, they shall no more say, ‘The ark of the covenant of the LORD.’ It shall not come to mind, or be remembered, or missed; it shall not be made again. At that time Jerusalem shall be called the throne of the LORD, and all nations shall gather to it, to the presence of the LORD in Jerusalem, and they shall no more stubbornly follow their own evil heart.”

O God – God knows everything about us, since the first day of the betrayal with the denial; they are no strangers – they were the people who kept the law, who understood the law. They were also the people who were clear, in terms of being the ones with knowledge, in terms of being the faithful, or in terms of being the ones with duties and responsibilities, as prophet, as messenger; but in the first era, in the Promised Land, they also betrayed God, they made the Heart of God grieve. It was also an outrage for God to see the betrayal, the shortsightedness, and the human baseness, but God did not abandon them. Right from the beginning, God looked for all kinds of ways; like every reading we heard last week, God always seeks to remind us that God chose us, that God loved us, and that He led us to the Promised Land. God remembered that love, God remembered the day God likened to an engagement day, the day a man and a woman enter into their family life, the day of the love of a couple, the day in the desert without a place to rely on or without a source of water to be able to take rest; but God is the source of water for us to take rest – God is the light, the love, the truth.

With each reading, today, we cannot deny the works He did; that love continues to lead and help us in a supreme way, to arrange for us, to teach us, to give us messengers, prophets, by way of the places where people usually gather to form a group, in the environment in which He wants us to unite. God gave Jerusalem as an example; what He gave and poured down to manifest to mankind started in Jerusalem; the Messiah came, and every event in every generation points to what was the best in the choice God made with Jerusalem, as the symbol for the power of God to be realized over it, but throughout many centuries, thousands of years, have people really awakened yet? Have people really united yet? Have people really recognized what God plans and gives In His supremacy?

Today, He still repeats it for us to know, because God’s love has been patient and still is, but things will come, will happen, and will be concluded. For what we need to know, let us not rely anywhere else but on the Word of God, on history books (2), on the Gospel, on what was already said, given, and continues through each generation as well as in the days we presently live. All of these prodigious and extraordinary works cannot just happen spontaneously – they happen because the Spirit of God is leading, for us to be clearer, reminding us of the words God promised, and reiterating the thorough attention of love, of kindness, of goodness, the love God reserves and continues to give till this day. The Divine Mercy gives us the opportunity to return, to repent, to be sanctified, to be transformed, with the help of the divine grace God reserved for each one of us. Today, entering into the new phases, we can see throughout the years whether we have really come to God with our hearts; countless times in life, or till the last moments of their lives, there are people who still do not understand, who still do not experience, who still do not recognize God.

Today, St. Paul also reminded through the Reading (3): “Brothers and sisters: The love of Christ impels us, once we have come to the conviction that one died for all; therefore, all have died.” That was Jesus, who died for each of our sins and died for all humanity; let us consider His death to live with Him, to live in Him; let us look at what God has done for us to see that the world we live in is truly beautiful, truly perfect, and with so many wonders God arranged; if we obediently listen, execute, follow, then the days we presently live in are extremely wonderful. We can find a spiritual world hidden in us, we can have a heart to act, a body alive with all the works, in a sentiment to praise, to honor, to understand the works God does, in order to praise God, to live according to the words He teaches, to live with our brothers in a happy and perfect world God intended for us.

Unfortunately, we have been obstructed by sin, by the weaknesses of the ego and personality, by the original sin from the first day; so that became a burden, and, encroached by the freedom of individual rights, we allowed sin to rage in our lives. Today, anything could happen but God remains the voice of the truth, the voice to overcome the cover of evil; God is the voice to truly lead us back to the love and the truth God desires in each of our lives, for us to practice, and for us to experience God’s presence. Thanks be to God’s love, thanks be to God’s grace, thanks be to that power for us to boldly move forward and understand that we are God’s people, that God created us, the heavens and earth, and all things; He created us for us to have breath, to be in His likeness, to live the life He invites us to, which is to know Him, to recognize the God we worship, to do the things He taught through the doctrine, for us to live happily, with the happiness of this life and the eternal happiness of the afterlife.

These matters sound very simple but are very difficult for humans, so people continue with the matters that are adjacent to the needs, the realities – issues inherent in the ego: personality, money, fame, self-interest and many more priorities that we have been enslaved by. If we do not have the doctrine for us to understand, then we completely succumb to everything that is weakness in sin, causing us to drift away from God, to no longer have courage, to be unworthy before the love and the salvation of God. Today is a day for us to understand what the saints went through in history; no matter how we sinned and how we are, the love of God, the word of God is the light to lead us back and lead us into a new source of grace that today we hear and read through the prophet Jeremiah and St. Paul. In particular, a saint that today the Church reminds us to respectfully remember is St. Mary Magdalene – her life, her past, is an example to the world; with so many issues, she was determined to return – she embraced that love and in the end became a saint.

Today, the Song of Songs (4) talks about the expression of love people yearn for, a great love in the divine realm – likewise very special; when we pay attention and we meditate, then that love will never let us return empty-handed, that love will give us peace, happiness, for us to live in hope, to love with a pure love, a love returning to God, a love that only God can fill and give.

Today, next, is the Gospel that we heard, talking about all that happened in history – that Jesus has risen from the dead; and the first person to receive, the first person to see is also us, with the fervor to seek God, with the passion to love Him, with the passionate determination to love Him truly by the heart, returning with all our souls, our bodies – having seen his deeds, His love and His forgiveness. St. Mary Magdalene never forgot those days; though recorded in history, reported by St. John in the Gospel, what she felt at that time could not put into words. We can see that when our love for God is with all our hearts and souls, God sees and God returns a hundredfold with favors, as we can see today. He is the heavenly Prince, the God in heaven, but He came into the world to be in the flesh to redeem the sins of mankind and to die for mankind; finally, in the end, in that glorious and triumphant resurrection, He returned and came to seek the people who loved Him, for them to see first the glory of His return, after He triumphantly resurrected.

We can see the favor and can see that is a special thing that could not express all – a woman, a woman who loves a master, whom she was indebted to and admired​; she was just grateful and felt a truly noble Love (5), a confident friend, a teacher, a person whom she believed was the God who came to save humanity and saved her as well, bringing her back from sin; that holiness and meekness drew her, and she left absolutely everything to follow that Person. At that time and similar to us nowadays, how do we know God? How can we know for sure it is God? Sometimes we do have moments of doubt, of confusion, of inference; we can see that such is a human weakness, yet God still gives us the opportunity. In the end, God just welcomes us in the last hour; God just welcomes us when we decide, when we persevere, and when we are faithful; then that will receive God’s answer.

So not everyone can have love (6); anyone can have love, but who can love profoundly, really love to be worthy with the word “love,” really love to sacrifice oneself, really love to die to oneself? In what way can people who find that love respond? Can they give up everything, endure everything, by crushing all the pride and self-esteem or everything inherent in humans in order to be loved, to be close, and to see the One we love daily? Indeed, we can see the subject mentioned here is Jesus; He alone has God the Father’s Heart, to reach out to humanity and to love without expecting anything in return – to come only to love, to rescue, to free humanity; to come save us with our sins, our unworthiness. In life, when we were not yet aware and Jesus had not yet accomplished on the Cross, then indeed, humans’ hearts were horrible, hideous, mired in sin, along with the jealousy and envy of the nations, of people who have positions; if there was no doctrine from God to mankind, through Jesus Christ, then indeed, it was a time we cannot even imagine. Today, when we hear clearly through the words received from the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, we see that the subject is the God from on high, great and awesome; the God in heaven. From the heavenly world, He came into the earthly world, to be in the flesh; humble, to come to the human world to be with us, to be together with us, with every beat of the heart, on every pathway. He is the one who taught us how to live, how to behave among ourselves, how to recognize the God we must rely and depend on. We must trust for that to be realized through grace; and for every grace, every blessing, which cannot be explained, we will clearly understand in the doctrine, and with faith in the doctrine, we will find a lot of reasons as proofs.

Today, we are reminded in a very simple way; that it is a Person, who out of love, loves the whole of humanity, loves despite of our sins, loves despite of tortures; who has love imprinted through the Five Holy Wounds, because of us. That love does not end on the Cross but that love enters each person’s life; that love can be transfigured into the little hosts, divine yet present, and come to each one of us. Whether we are unworthy or worthy, He is still in the host, does not refuse to remain with us – to shelter, to protect, to guide us in life; anyone who is aware, who listens, who experiences, then they already encounter heaven on earth. Today, we can express what we can do to be able to experience God’s presence; an example is what we heard today, on the Feast of St. Mary Magdalene, which the Church reminds us to remember. We can see the love of a saint; regardless of what she did, regardless of her past, we see her heart truly loved God; her heart truly was not afraid of obstacle or persecution or elements in a human life that lack courage. She was a very brave person, because right from the first moment, when starting the Way of the Cross, St. Mary Magdalene was present with Mother Mary and St. John on the way of each station that she witnessed – witnessed when arrested; witnessed when being led into the prison; witnessed when being scourged; when being tortured, the blood flowing, and the humiliations that Jesus endured. She never left, even though she knew she could not do anything with weak sentiments of a worthless woman at that time, but she continued to bear in mind what she could do for the Master – only her inner heart professed all – to do everything to be close to the Master, serving the Master, and serving her brothers.

This was not easy for a woman of beauty, a woman who was once glorious, who had the best, most beautiful things, who enjoyed life in a human world; it was not easy to give up everything to follow the realities of the era that were not money, not fame; it was nothing else than a heart, with only the word “love,” which made her change, which touched her, and she left everything, to follow the Master, who at that time was not just her Master but also the Master of the apostles. Surely, she encountered a lot of hardships, a lot of difficulties, from people looking at her, from the objections; also, jealousy, envy definitely was not lacking in the life of each person, in each century, and each era. All of those realities, once she loved and chose, she completely left behind – there was nothing that made her back down, nothing that can be stopped with love, which is a reverent love reserved for God, and also a love perceived only in a life recognizing it as a source of happiness with which this world cannot compare, even with the high position she could have in those days, at a time when she had what was common in life in each era: beauty, money, fame, or to be satisfied with a family life, or with a person chosen to become a lover, or to become what we have the opportunity to hear, experience, and infer. We know that St. Mary Magdalene found the truth; it was not only the truth for her self-rehabilitation but the doctrine to guide her back onto the particular path, and then from that path she absorbed and experienced the wonder of the Supreme God, whose doctrine came from heaven and not from humans – normal and banal – even though it was a time when there were many kings, high priests, scribes, Pharisees, and famous people.

Indeed, Jesus came into the world in the flesh to come to any areas, places to preach the doctrine; He had nothing compared to all the authority or the riches native to that time. St. Mary Magdalene knew this well – in her time, she certainly found out through friends who were the people with positions in society; because of her beauty, many people probably welcomed her – but really, all of those were only fleeting realities in the days lacking awareness, in the days indecisive about what comes from the doctrine and the truth. Truly, it was in the days when she actually did not really understand the meaning inherent in the doctrine and the truth; thus, when she recognized the presence of Jesus, she immediately returned, and from that moment on, she followed Master Jesus and the apostles, to live a life of service, which meant to help with the cooking, the cleaning, or many other tasks when coming to the places where all of them traveled together with Jesus, to bring the preaching to people. He went to those places to talk about the doctrine of the heavenly kingdom (7); certainly, there were places very crowded, with many things to take care of, to serve – it could be taking care of the cooking, washing dishes, and everything else, with the lovely hands, with the extraordinary beauty God bestowed upon her, with a life once in riches. It was due to love, seeking love, recognizing an extremely precious love, a love that cannot be described by the ordinary and banal, human perspective but that is a cherished and respected love; it was her who experienced and perceived it herself and recognized in Jesus the Master who brought her back to the doctrine; the God in the divine realm, full of goodness, of peace, of happiness. The Person whom she saw was truly made of bone, of flesh; was also a friend when there was something to share, to come to the Master for advice; also, a silent “lover,” in meaning and ideal, a “lover” to be cherished, to be respected, to experience as in the Song of Songs today.

The Song of Songs speaks about the Feast of St. Mary Magdalene. We can see the two objects in today’s Gospel and in St. John’s writings; there are many points for us to recognize, many aspects for us to look at regarding His love, at the favor God reserved in a thorough and particular way for St. Mary Magdalene. We can also see that St. Mary Magdalene was a person who deeply loved Jesus – she was no longer afraid of the days when Jesus started to enter into His passion; when she witnessed Jesus’ death, she was haggard – her face and shape was no longer that of a beautiful woman. Following the moments of seeing the torture, of seeing Jesus who endured humiliations, sufferings, and to the moment of death, she no longer cared about her face; even her hair was disheveled, her clothes stained.

In everything, she no longer paid any attention to herself, but only paid attention to the grief and greatly mourned the Supreme Being she loved. She truly loved Jesus with a reverent heart; she loved Jesus with all her heart, with all her soul, her own body and soul; we can see this by all the expressions though not entirely perfected, and we understand what Jesus often said: he who loves much will be forgiven much, and to him who gives much, God will return a hundredfold. (8) Here, we see a person whom probably the human world, in a time of people with knowledge such as the scribes, wonders why St. Mary Magdalene was chosen to be the first person to see Him, after He returned from the dead and resurrected. For St. Mary Magdalene to be the first person to see Him, indeed that was something we cannot express and think in our human way, but we understand that God is a Person who does not look at us by the chastity, by the cleanliness, and by the perfection in knowledge and learning, but He only aims at love, which is the purpose because the word “love” can change everything. Jesus came to this earth by the word “love,” so God uses the word “love” to meet everyone, and whoever loves much will be rewarded with the portion of the love they return.

It really cannot be described by words and cannot be counted by the material resources in human life; there is nothing more precious than the great spirituality that only God can give and bestow upon us; those spiritual gifts – in happiness, in joy, and in the extremely noble expression – cannot be likened to any price and cannot be paid with any price by the word “love” that Jesus brought to humanity. On one hand, we can see that He accepted death because of love, that He does not need to be repaid, that He is still waiting; that it is for love that He hid Himself in a small host; that it is for love that those Five Holy Wounds became the eternal imprint on each soul. Because of that love He had His apostles; because of that love, countless sinners returned; because of that love, many people have become holy – though they are the thieves, though they are the corrupted people in society, though they are extremely evil, they still come back to Jesus’ love. After He died on the Cross, the soldier used the sword to pierce, and Blood and Water flowed, but in the end that person was also the one who returned to God (9).

Indeed, God’s love is extremely sublime and cannot be described, but that conquest was not by the sword, by the knife, by the words of persuasion, by everything inherent in humans that is based on worldly reality, but by a great and wonderful love that can only be described by deed, by action, and by the great divinity that today we are able to hear, to receive, through the words expressed by the Holy Spirit for us to conclude a page that will continue on. There are many points for us to recognize from the aspects of the Readings, from the aspects of the words written, from aspects expressed that humans cannot fully comprehend. Love will be able to explain it all, if we believe in God and come to Him, then the Holy Spirit will realize the great, noble deeds in a wonderful way, and explain clearly to each one of us, in every situation, in every role, for us to understand the love God reserves for mankind.

We must also believe; maybe we cannot love God as St. Mary Magdalene – we do not know how to do it yet, and we do not know how to do it in our way, but it is simply love and from that word
“love,” if we keep being eager, if we keep longing, and if we keep going, then God will certainly not let us return empty-handed. Today, we are present in this life because of the word “love,” and today, we are here, to gather and together be in one direction; it is God’s love that gives us this existence. Today we are in the church; there is no one here – it is silent. This is the time for people to enjoy, to do everything in worldly life, but we remain here to listen to the Holy Spirit’s guidance and to receive. It is not that strange, it is simply faith – God’s love leads us to encounter what we need, what we long for, and what we were assigned, through the calling; He chose us to be on a path, to be in a mission – He chose us when we were still in our mothers’ wombs, for us to become witnesses, to become instruments God uses. Today, we hear the stories from many thousands of years (10) that come alive again with the words the Holy Spirit inspires and manifests, bringing a new history page and manifesting the closeness, through the power and the works He does for us in humanity.

We each have the opportunity to seek and encounter; the abundance that we see – only God can realize that, only God can give us that, and that is also based on the stories of the saints for us to understand the word “love,” to attain the word “love,” to believe in love, and learn how to live to be worthy with the word “love” that we still do not know, still do not comprehend; it is still very limited and shallow in our understanding. We say love but we do not know how to love; we only know how to love in theory but we never act with the heart that God looks at and wants us to have. Let us look at these people, the saints, and at the same time, let us look for something to really recognize it is God’s love that led us back from the darkness; God suffered and died so that we may have this day, with the freedom to choose – let us not lose it. Though we are not earnest and perfect, God’s doctrine wishes that we attain the word “love,” practice love, live in love, for us to be the people who truly earn the heavenly kingdom. Not just waiting for us to die and go to heaven but to have the joy and the peace of the heavenly kingdom that God is giving to the people who are alive, whose hearts are beating; to the people who understand, who know, who find the truth God reserves and gives, with today’s concept.

Indeed, it is such an abundance; we have not yet asked but God already let us know about all the stories that cannot be manifested in our human race, that cannot keep going on with what can only be understood in certain, small aspects. (11) We look for an explanation and the people who are chosen in the rank of the priesthood have many aspects to figure out – very interesting and precise – to teach us in the life of holiness; but there are many, very simple points – we just need to experience a small part such as a story in a book, with everything written in it, mentioning the return and the love we have for God, the love God has for mankind. What we ​​need to give up in life is that we need to be rid of what is inherent in us, which made us argue, made us look for ways to argue, which is the life of every individual with ego and personality. No one is perfect, but if we know that in our weak condition we always need God, we always rely on God, we always believe in God, we always seek God, then we will not fall into certain situations, even if the devil comes and looks for all kinds of ways to dominate us or attack us. Because we are under God’s protection, in faith and in that love, we will not budge from what we reserve for our loved one, for our beloved Master, for the God whom we worship and prostrate to, for the Friend who is always by our sides to face every situation with us. We greatly need to have a Master, a Friend, a Lover, a Companion in our lives; regarding God, let us not think according to the way we tend to; in every circumstance, in every role, in every place, in every period, in every experience, let us always have a pure heart.

God is always the true God, the just God, the righteous God, the God who lived, for us to understand and to be aware that there are absolutely no personal ideas, with shortsighted elements, with negative elements, with a limited and superficial thinking. God always gives us true love; with our hearts, let us live in the truth, live according to the truth, live in righteousness – then we no longer have the filth to think of perverted things and fall into situations with inferences for us to be subject to many elements controlling us. So, when we really understand and believe and we find the reason for us to contemplate, to experience, to practice, then we will know, we will understand, we will believe, and we will be loved, which is something each one of us needs. When we rely on these ordinary and commonplace words, we will meet the God who reserves a story for us, which is being written down in order to further understand what happened in the course of history, in each century.

Today, we have the opportunity to receive directly through the Holy Spirit manifesting to us; we just need to be alert, we just need to rise, we just need to experience God’s presence – then we will never be sorrowful in this life, and we will be firm with the path; though we have shortcomings, God does not let us fall into snares. Let us entrust and believe in the love and the Divine Mercy that today we receive from Him; He will lead us back; He will help us in the darkness and everything that surrounds us in reality – no matter what happens, let us remember that we always have God. Let us also give our hearts to God, with our time, with our sincere hearts, with something noble inherent in each person, in our hearts and minds, to belong to God; certainly, we will never be disappointed, never return empty-handed, never be rejected when we come to God. He still waits, He still creates the opportunity, He still gives, He still meets us by this way and that way in the divine realm yet present in all aspects, for us to experience His love and His waiting, for us to recognize and boldly hold out our hands for Him to grasp.

Let us believe in that love, for us to never despair or feel lonely, for us to have a place to entrust, and we need to trust in that, to have joy and peace, right in this life.

That is the Eucharistic Jesus – today, received from the Eucharist, we have the opportunity to say these words, to have the opportunity that God allows, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, because all the great mysteries are manifested through the Eucharist. That presence and liveliness also belong to the Eucharist that today we have the opportunity to meet with the words given to the world in general and in particular to the individual. Today, we thank the love God reserves for us through the words from the Holy Spirit, to teach us and help us experience love, in each context of each person, and to experience the right of each one of us to understand, to find the doctrine of love and the truth of God, which is not too difficult when we really are sincere in our seeking.

As for what we still hesitate with, still fear, still have many inferences, or with many matters that we still lack courage, please give us the opportunity to listen, to learn, to understand, for us to be clear about the Word of God through the Gospel. The Word of God is the living word to guide and nourish us in the midst of this life, and the graces God bestows through the miracle (12) give us the strength so that we no longer have the reason to deny, to not believe, to look according to the way humans do, but to rise to receive the grace and the blessing of the great mystery God intends and bestows, and keeps on giving and offering, when we open our hearts, when we truly seek, when we give up everything to return, to embrace the love from the God who gives. Right from the beginning, when we began to take shape in our mothers’ wombs, God already chose and wanted to meet us, to give us what is most beautiful, what is best in the midst of this world, but we have the freedom to choose; if we have not yet responded to God’s love, we cannot yet understand what we need to know, to be touched, to seek, in order to believe, to love and to practice, with the guidance and the closeness when we love God – to know what we can do to deserve the love God reserves for us and to be worthy of the Person whom we loved, love, and will love.

Today, I would like to stop here to ask God to come to me in this moment for me to receive God’s words, and to thank the Holy Spirit for the great reminders to help us in the first phases, the past phases, the current phases. There will be many things in the coming days that Jesus teaches, for us to receive, to hear, to practice in our lives to be worthier of the graces God reserves and gives us in the life of testimony. L. completes the message inspired by the Holy Spirit at exactly 2:40 p.m., on Friday, July 22, 2016, at St. Laurence Church. L., M.N., M.L. just received the words inspired by the Holy Spirit and just ended; it is also the Feast of St. Mary Magdalene, which the Church reserves for us. At the same time, with the teachings from the Holy Spirit, we understand and know many more things; please help us learn and truly experience, for us to practice in our lives. Amen. Amen. Amen. In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our God, I thank God, I thank the Holy Spirit, and I thank Blessed Mother. Amen. Amen. Amen.

*The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads a very intense prayer life that centers on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture visions of Eucharistic miracles on her cell phone. When Jesus gives her messages, it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of 

(1)  Jeremiah 3:14-17 – one of the optional Readings for the day; it appears in full two paragraphs later. L. was likely praying with a daily missal prior to this message.

(2)  These would be any solid Catholic books like documents of the Church, saints’ lives and writings, etc. “Gospel” in this sentence refers to the Good News of Jesus Christ specifically.

(3)  2 Corinthians 5:14-17 was an optional First Reading on this day.

(4)  The Song of Songs 3:1-4B was another option for the First Reading on this day.

(5)  Jesus – “God is love” (1 John 4:8)

(6)  The type of love being referred to is the highest love, the totally selfless love that Jesus taught about and that is found in the Trinity.

(7)  The “doctrine of the heavenly kingdom” is what is being referred to in these messages when it simply says “the doctrine.”

(8)  See Luke 7:47, and Mark 10:30 and Matthew 19:29.

(9)  St. Longinus, who converted afterward

(10)  The “stories” of the Bible, saints, etc.

(11)  There is so much more, for example, that is not written down in the words of Scripture; St. John the Evangelist makes this clear in fact in John 21:25.

(12)  The “miracle” here seems to refer to the miraculous messages L. receives and the miraculous Eucharistic images she is able to capture on her cell phone.

New Revelations through the Eucharist

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