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The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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   Whoever Has Ears Ought to Hear



July 28, 2016

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through L.

L.: O God, it is 11:24 on Thursday, July 28, 2016, at St. Theresa Church, at the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel; from this holy statue (1) we already received messages for the priests as well as for the entire world, along with many teachings. Today, we come here with a thankful heart lifted toward Mother, with the concerns, the worries, with the things we are facing; with words of praise; with the words of criticism that make us very sad because these words come from the people whom we trust – we can see their hearts and indeed they appear to be profound in their practices but when it comes to what is possible for them they see, but they turn out to be as commonplace and mediocre as the ones in past generations, bringing up human law and reasoning. (2) They are neither touched nor can they feel the things their eyes can see and can witness, which are the very sublime graces God worked over the ordinary and simple people, along with the presence of something extremely great that they fail to treasure and believe in as well.

This is something that makes me sad regarding the works for which God still waits for His children to have the goodwill to seek, especially the people who have duties and responsibilities in their roles and functions. Today we long to see that happen, but indeed, the more we long, the more we see that all people are the same; people know but they do not open their hearts to lend a hand with important works, and there are people who have the opportunity to know but are afraid to let go of what is familiar in the daily life of service.  I do not judge but that seems to be laziness since there are many things that one needs to learn, that require goodwill; if without God then people probably rely on their talents, on their eyes; they only practice in theory and practice only what is deemed as formality, but if it is formality, then they cannot see and cannot feel what comes from God.  So, indeed, the realities I experience daily and recognize from the truth and righteousness (3) do not exist in this world, and if it does, it is in very few, with those who really understand what belongs to God, who absolutely trust in God’s grace to cover and protect them in order to boldly walk in the midst of the world.

Today, no matter what happens, we simply know we are not worthy and we have nothing; we are sinners, unworthy people, people who cannot have anything as perfect and good as what we hear and know today, but because of God’s Divine Mercy and Mother’s love, always keeping an eye on us, today, the sinners like us, the weak ones like us, the unworthy ones like us, have been shown mercy by God, who guides and teaches, through the love, the patience, and the support from Mother, for us to become the people who bear witness. What Mother does for me, for my sisters, for the people who are walking with me on the same path, is more than expected, so today, we cannot refuse the things that Mother desires and requests.  Nothing in life belongs to us for we are just the instruments being used to come to the world as true witnesses, with heart, body, soul and mind belonging to God and Mother. Though we still cannot be perfect, though we still have many imperfections, God understands our feelings and Mother knows that in our hearts we want to return to goodness, to holiness; to belong to God and Mother.

In our daily lives, we still remember God’s grace so we never forget what Mother taught and what God gave; we constantly practice the Six Kowtows, constantly prostrate, so that we may continue to receive and to hear the words that today Mother gives to the entire world. Mother teaches the entire world and teaches us who are the people being sent; we cannot deny the graces that God pours down when we beseech; we cannot deny the present miracles that are true, and so today, we move forward boldly and without fear in regards to either the comments or the prohibitions, as well as the way people look at us with objection. (4) Everything starts from an inner strength in order to speak of the truth, to testify to the truth, to remind mankind that today we must have a reverent heart to return to God; first of all, with the body: with the decision to remove pride, and the mundane and ordinary, human viewpoint – to return to God with a humble heart, in prostration. From there, we believe that God accepts and forgives; and God did forgive. God waits with His Love – to convert; to transform, in His grace; to help us become the people who are righteous, who are returning and will return. With Mother’s help, we cannot be wrong, we cannot err, we cannot be mistaken between good and evil and between falsehood and truth.

Today is a day when we feel happy when we encounter oppositions, or face the way others look at us, or the criticisms, because once again we progress further, we experience more the works of humans nowadays, the special blessings received from God, bearing witness by the work we practiced and are practicing. It is so sublime, so great. We cannot fail to follow what God teaches us, we cannot fail to listen to Mother’s help, we cannot fail to quiet our souls to feel the urge from the Holy Spirit in the grace that is given in general to those who believe, those who practice, and in particular to us who are the witnesses and pioneers in the divine mission that Mother taught us, helped us with, remaining with us, working with us to save our brothers; to save the people who do not yet believe, who do not yet know; to save the people who have hardened hearts; to save those who are short-sighted; to save those who act out of habit; to rekindle the fire in them, for their hearts to have life, to have zeal, to be truly humble in order to beseech God to give to this world the peace that today is lacking when we see countless people around us living in sorrow and sins.

We cannot rejoice when we look at the people around us, we cannot rejoice when we see our loved ones taking the wrong path; relying on things that are natural, conventional; acting lukewarmly toward God; lacking reverence toward God, and even if they do it is simply a formality, a habit.  Today, the Six Kowtows guide us to return to recognize the presence of God, to recognize the presence of Mother, to recognize we have a heavenly family that is very close, that is not as far away as in countless previous centuries, countless previous years and months, that relied upon the law to push away, to prevent us from having the opportunity – with heart, with soul – to ask God in person, to encounter God, to receive God’s blessing. (5)

This morning, there were many things answered through the Six Kowtows; we can never be without Mother – daily, hourly – because Mother is the Person who guides us, Mother is the Person who teaches us to pray – to live a life of practice, to come closer to God. With Mother, God will certainly look at us, God will accept our prayers, God will pour down abundant blessings for us to boldly continue on the path to encounter all the ordinary and conventional people, with their shortsighted vision, with the vision according to their habits, to rules and human laws, not God’s laws.  There are many very beautiful and very good things but there are also many things that need to be reformed because with the grace poured down from God, humans cannot fully see that not all things are based in books, that we must believe God is the living God, that what He gives is something that makes us really happy, really excited, really glad, leading us to joy, to hope, to the encounter, to the entrustment, in the presence of God, who is in our midst.

We have forgotten Him, we have left Him, yet today, He comes to meet us and for us to meet; that is the Eucharistic Jesus – today, we cannot deny the deeds God does in the divine realm, which exist, manifesting to mankind to awaken the sleepy, lethargic people, to also awaken our souls for us to become alert, burning to return to God, asking to meet Him with our believing hearts. All these things are not too complex; people use elaborate words that sound good yet are completely irrelevant, relying on what is practical to touch the heart, the mind, the soul, with all that is currently inherent in the human reasoning so that in all classes, all roles, the little and powerless people have no opportunity to come in contact with others and speak up, and if they do speak up, they will be oppressed, trampled on, insulted, as is the case with people that are like us.

People nowadays only look at what is related to function, money, fame, talent, beauty; everything that belong to the appearances, which is banal, ordinary, ephemeral, fleeting – all of which mankind strongly holds onto throughout countless centuries. People already killed the Messenger, the Prophet, the Second Person of God; so today, who are we but a grain of sand in the multitude of other grains of sand? They will find a way to kill us, one way or another, if we offend and point out what they are currently doing in regards to duty and responsibility. (6) Indeed, one must have a heart that is truly like God’s Heart, in benevolence and holiness, and one must be yearning and anxious, to truly love and not respond with today’s human indifference. The present generation is too heartless, too insensitive, too cold, too indifferent to God’s Love and His grace; today, many events have happened and we know that God is the only Person who can save us, who can rescue humanity – God is the only Person who can give us life and hope through the salvation that today few evoke, and if evoked then it is simply out of habit, without being touched, in the soul, the mind and the heart, because people are still relying upon human laws.

Today, let us open our ears, our hearts, our minds to receive the grace God bestows upon us in a very intimate way, because the day has come and it is also the time. We can see the overall situation in humanity today, with extraordinary things happening; those miraculous things are not a coincidence that just happen but are a general reminder for humanity to know that God had seen and so God reminds us in the time He allows, for mankind to return to holiness, to righteousness; to return to the doctrine and the truth that cannot be forgotten, that cannot become a habit, that cannot be crushed by human laws, which are the laws crushing the truth and the things that are in the power of God who has sovereignty. He is the Supreme Being who is love, but the patience and the waiting period are coming to an end; everyone needs to stand up to recognize the imperfections that are completely contrary to, inconsistent with, and inappropriate regarding canon law, the doctrine, the truth of God, for things to be this bad, for things to happen to each brother and sister, to every sect that end up in divisions, with the worship of idols that threaten with their control, and no real peace in the world.  What is still there for us to waver, what is still there to prevent us to stand up to hold the flag of peace and to rely on entrustment and beseeching, to ask God to consider and to give us strength?

We forget that Mother Mary is still here; wherever there is the Eucharist, Mother Mary is there; we forget that Mother came to meet the nations and to intervene for them in previous eras; today it is the same. Mother shed tears to remind humanity of what? Mother’s tears of blood encouraged what for mankind? Mother simply recommends us to reform our lives, to return to God; Mother uses holy things to help us through the Rosary – today, we have Jesus, The Divine Mercy, who comes to remind us of things we need, which is the divine realm reminding us to return in repentance and in unity. God does not punish us, God still uses love and benevolence to wait for us, and thus today, we have the opportunity – but everything comes with justice, with the day and time that God the Father already predestined for humanity. Let us rely upon the day we already know is the day of the Alpha and the Omega, the Alpha and also the salvation that was written and reported in the Gospel. (7)

Today, we can see the situation with what was foretold, with the appearance of the signs and wonders from heaven, the Presence of the Eucharistic Jesus, the words from Mother; as events are getting closer, we cannot deny what happened, is happening, with God raising His hand to save humanity, through love and the gentle Heart, the Immaculate Heart, acting on behalf of humanity. Mother asks God the Father to give us more time, for us to know, to hear, to welcome the blessing and the grace that we practiced, are practicing, and will practice in the urgent days, in the days we cannot avoid; the events that will happen to the world. Because people are looking for ways to destroy one another, looking for ways to kill; it is the venom and the poison, from the air, from the diseases, from greed, from selfishness, from the unrighteousness in the heart, from idols that cause the turmoil, the unrest in the world, with no days of peace.

We have been misled in the life of faith, allowing the evil spirits to work, and for believing in the evil spirits; today is the answer for humanity, with realities that are contrary to morality, with the freedom of the ego and personality that has become a social problem that is quite frightening.  Are we not disturbed facing such a situation? We have seen what happens: a family without love, wife and husband torn apart, children separated; small matters that become a social turmoil, with the freedom of homosexuality, with countless fetuses and children killed by human hands in order to satisfy desires and ambitions, failing to take responsibility and simultaneously destroying the law that God gave to man and woman for them to become the people who are blessed by God – to reproduce, to have children in the human world.  But today people have opted for the right to act contrarily, with man and man getting married, with woman and woman living as husband and wife; indeed, this is something scary yet true. We have not yet opened wide our eyes to see and our ears to hear of things in this time period, which is the subtle sophistication under the disguise of civilization, a way used by the evil spirit that is looking for suitable means to slowly take over and swallow whole each one of us, soul and body.

Let us not rely on knowledge, on rules, on everything that is science and technology, with no faith and a virtuous life, failing to practice, rejecting what is most needed, letting the reality of the law remain as is, with no change throughout history. It is time; we must recognize and we must be humble, to bow to beseech God, to practice charity as God desires, to practice the love as God gave us, for us to know Him, to revere Him, to worship Him, to love our brothers. Those are the two main commandments for every single Christian, for every role, for each one of us when we know His doctrine; from those two commandments we receive all the other things in the grace and the perfection that God has in the supreme way that God bestowed upon humanity through the Holy Spirit.  Everything perfect and good we think we do, do we not think that it is from God’s grace? No, all that is good, that exists today, that remains till this day means that the Holy Spirit still exists and still helps us with everything that is holy.

God will not let us fall into the circumstances that we are in; due to the freedom and the personal right leading the way in the self-interest of each role, we fail to follow a true life of faith, we end up corrupted, and because of the choices in that freedom, we bear the consequences today. We must stand up, rise up, by faith; we must receive God’s blessing, to find a reason to beseech and to run to the presence of the Eucharistic Jesus that we have ignored and neglected. We continue to follow our own ideas; we have the law but we do not have a reverent heart for God. While all the people suffer misery in today’s situations, with our apostolic work, on the surface we say that we serve God but we have let the work become our God and we do not let God be above the work, so we neglect the life of prayer, we neglect the life of practice among ourselves, we neglect the doctrine from God that teaches us to worship God above all things and to love our brothers.  We totally get confused by the laws, by the fame and wealth and the self-interests inherent in each individual, in each role, in each social class, so we need to open our ears to hear, our eyes to see, and our hearts, to prostrate and return.

We have no other way to choose besides this, so if we want to return to a world that receives the intervention in peace and with God’s grace, we must, by the masses and in unison, bow our heads to prostrate and to beseech; to believe and come to the Eucharistic Jesus, because that is the only sublime sacrament for us to receive the divine grace bestowed by Him from heaven, which is also a great mystery, to stir and strongly urge us through the Holy Spirit, when we come with belief, to contemplate God’s Presence through the Holy Eucharist, to receive the teaching today. That is the most essential thing Mother teaches us (8); this is a unique gift, extremely urgent and necessary for humanity today, which we must seek to understand and let ourselves be touched when each one of us has the right to do so. There is no need to meet anyone but simply let ourselves meet Him, to ask to surrender with the heart, to ask for God’s mercy, to ask God to let us really encounter what God wants to bestow through the Holy Eucharist, for us to believe, to practice, to return, to understand virtuousness, to learn to be holy, to know the truth, when we believe in the power of God through the Holy Spirit, and the fire is rekindled through the Third Kowtow that we plead earnestly in one of the Six Kowtows that we offer to God.

Thus, what is to be done has been given to the world, what is unknown will be pioneered, whether we accept it or not is our right, but this is something to be announced and should be announced to the entire world.  Who has ears ought to hear, who has eyes ought to see; do not just rudimentarily seek out and then consider these as vague words, things that are not true, that are not your ways from past to present. Why not look at the other side? The ordinary and commonplace people can do this, let alone the people who have duties; those with roles in the ranks of ministry ought to learn more, because one must look at something better than looking at one another’s imperfections. Why do we not look at the duty and responsibility of the ordinary people, who are laypeople, who are people who have nothing yet are able to do this? For what purpose and for whose interest? They do not ask for money, they do not need fame, they do not have anything, they only know to practice what comes from God; so that is something for one to seek to understand and to seek out of inquisitiveness. We are inquisitive in matters of fame, money, jobs, but when it comes to God’s deeds we take them for granted and we look at them in our short-sightedness, in the same ordinary and banal way from past to present, throughout generations – stubborn, hardened – not allowing us to take one step further to understand what is happening, what makes us at times feel like sobbing.  All our lives, we may not be able to experience this, yet how come the ordinary and commonplace people speak of these things, do these things, things that do not benefit them but they continue on?

We simply let the deceit, the things we face daily, the false realities be too many; it’s not that there are no real things – things between good and evil in every era and amidst God’s grace, which are true – but there are also deceitful things because we make mistakes and accept what is false while we are indeed extremely uninterested and we reject the works of God. Today, no matter what works humans do, I firmly believe that not all of these works are automatically done by humans – without God’s intervention, without Mother’s intercession, and without the Holy Spirit’s inspiration. No one can give us an explanation and an answer, so let us, with heart, return to God by our surrender; let us act through our belief so that the Eucharistic Jesus will sanctify us, transform us, through the fire of the Holy Spirit that we pray to be kindled, for the world in general and in particular for each individual, so that we may know what is right, what is wrong, what is good, what is evil, what is righteous, and what is unjust. Let us give up everything; God invites us to come to the truth. God is giving us the opportunity to leave the days of darkness, the days of mistakes, the banal and mundane days, to return to a life in faith, and from that faith, to seek to understand; to meditate; to experience; to practice, so that we know what is true, what is the teaching, what is the truth; to repent and return to our God, the God of love, the God rich in mercy. God is very just with each individual, each person’s life, each deed done when we do not repent; God is always loving and forgiving, but if we do not repent then we must face justice.

God will never allow all the unjust or sinful acts to continue to exist in the world where He is the Supreme Sovereign, with sovereignty over humanity, in heaven, and over everyone, especially our generation. Let us stand up and give ourselves the opportunity to feel, to trust, to find out what comes from the truth, to give ourselves the opportunity to come to the Holy Eucharist. From the past to this day there are people who still do not know, who have never come in order to understand the Presence of God, who has remained with us over thousands of years. He is still waiting for each heart, for each soul, even if in life a person has lived sinful days, according to God it is simply love, to bring us back to be immersed in the salvation He accomplished 2,000 years ago that remains, and that mark is still within each one of us. (9)

Today, the Six Kowtows remind us of each single detail with the main point; let us not seek elsewhere but practice this with heart, with sincerity; we will encounter the holiness that God bestows in the blessing and the grace through the Six Kowtows. Today, we are the people who are being sent and we repeat what the Holy Spirit urges; it is He Himself who inspires us so that we continue with the works that we did and are doing.  I say this to everyone: we all have the freedom to choose, but what is most needed, what is most urgent, what is in God’s grace, is not available in every time period; it is not something we can encounter at any moment, so let us embrace, especially in the Jubilee Year of Divine Mercy, and especially this year with the birth of the Six Kowtows (10), to help the brothers and sisters to boldly return on the path back to God, to receive the blessing and grace, to continue with the days in which we must face sufferings and tribulations, to be firm in faith, to call upon the Name of God through the encounter in which we offer to Him the Six Kowtows.

The place where we can go to ask for an encounter and trust in God is the Holy Eucharist that helps humanity today to have a zealous heart, a reverent heart for the God whom we worship; we trust and we ask to forever belong to Him, so we must have the attitude, the heart, and the action, to lift up to God; that is the respect we offer to God with every kowtow. We do not have to spend a long time speaking; we may not know but when we prostrate, God will see, and the Holy Spirit will teach us; in each individual, in each soul, He scrutinizes and knows the needs, for He Himself will support each individual, each Christian, each class in society, each role, each sheep of God, to understand what is needed most – for us to unite with one another in love, to extend our arms, to recall the reverence that we lacked for too long, over many times, as we moved deeper each day into a state of freedom where there is no longer a true reverence for God from the body, soul and mind; the same way we choose our freedom when we come before God.

When we come to church to attend Mass, we must have an attitude of reverence; the priest celebrates Mass in a dignified manner with the vestment he wears, while the parishioners, in the freedom and civilization of the era, are scantily clad. There are many fashions that are provocative and offensive (11) in a place that requires respect, yet people do not pay attention when they are before God. For simple and ordinary people, when we apply for jobs we must look dignified and decent; how much more so when we come before the King of the universe, the God we worship, the Supreme God who has the power to give us life in this present life and in the next life, but we do not even show reverence, in the freedom and the modern era that by its clever sophistication has caused us to conduct ourselves in a way that is disrespectful and outrageously indecent before God. Throughout the celebrations of the Masses up to this day, we still see the brothers and sisters who wear clothes that are indeed inappropriate and offensive. We are created by God with a body we need to cover up, especially at the places that require reverence; we cannot show and express things we consider as civilized, as romantic, things in the short-sightedness and limitation of an ordinary and banal human being, as we do not know what to do to show reverence, we do not know anything about worship, we do not know about things we need to look up to God, in a life with worship and veneration.

This advice will perhaps displease many people and will probably offend a lot of people in the entire world, in all roles, especially the young people, but this is the truth; if the truth is concealed then these are not the words that God wants to remind, to say; the Spirit wants to affect mankind today, with everything that can affect, if possible, for all our brothers and sisters who are listening, for them to have the chance to realize that if we can sacrifice a bit, meditate and reflect a bit, we may live more decently, more respectfully, more worthily. God does not forbid everything we enjoy in life but we must know where is the place of reverence, where is the place of worship, where is the place that God resides; we must live in this way and our lives need to be connected with the work we do to be worthy of the place where we come to worship God, to be heard by God, to be accepted by God, to receive from God.

This is what needs to be said and is said in front of the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel with L. and the sisters coming to visit Mother. Today, we definitely have many graces that do not come from humans but from the Spirit of God; to have these words of truth to help humanity return and understand the meaning of being the children of God, to prepare for their lives, with a reverent heart, to practice The Six Kowtows that we offer to our God with urgency and also as a practice of charity – to help those who do not yet know and believe, to pray on their behalf, to beseech God to accept – even the holy souls in purgatory receive from God when we are truly sincere in our practice. This is the most essential work for which today we thank God’s grace, through the Holy Spirit who gave me an entire message to report and complete this morning. We thank God, the Holy Spirit, and Blessed Mother; it is from Mother who taught me that today we think about the works, and from these encounters, we feel the urge to kneel before the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. It is here that we often receive the teachings from Mother, through the Holy Spirit, to have an entire message to bring to the world, to each individual, for the people who hear and read, for them to understand and believe in what God has done and is doing. This is not mandatory but whoever has ears ought to hear, whoever has eyes ought to see, and experience with one’s heart; the choice depends on each individual – the hour has come and everything is a mystery given to the world in the revelation Mother reserved for humanity today, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. And now, I would like to remain quiet to ask Mother to come to us, for us to receive the words from Mother, on this morning…

*The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. L. leads a very intense prayer life that centers on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. L. receives messages by way of interior locutions and sees visions of Eucharistic miracles that can be recorded via cell phone. When Jesus gives L. messages it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of  


  1. That is, from Blessed Mother whom the statue represents
  2. This seems to refer to rejection of this private revelation by devout people, who take a pharisaical stand, or who are self-satisfied, even as heaven is reaching out to them to love God and neighbor more perfectly. The miraculous images (none of which have been manipulated) are undeniable, but are still disregarded.
  3. L. sees the visions of Eucharist daily, and prays many hours daily (Holy Mass, adoration, The Six Kowtows, receiving messages…). It is from this rich and gifted spiritual life that L. can see that the world is profoundly not in sync with God.
  4. This relates to the practice of The Six Kowtows; many do not accept it but God and Mary want everyone to practice it, regardless of others’ reactions (the only exception being, of course, in a church if the priest forbids it).
  5. As the world has become more evil and the Church less alive, God, before the “day of justice” (Jesus to St. Faustina, Diary, 848, 1588), is using every means possible to reach out to His children. Heaven is coming to our aid in unprecedented ways. The Church has two aspects: the institutional and the charismatic (this term does not refer to the Charismatic Renewal); the institutional aspect is the hierarchical gifts the Holy Spirit gives to the Church, and the charismatic aspect is the charismatic gifts He gives to the Church (for our purposes, this would include private revelation). Many people in the Church consider only the institutional to be relevant or have importance, but Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI, along with the 2015 Vatican document “Instrumentum Laboris,” all teach that the two aspects are “co-essential,” of perfect complementarity, etc. The Vatican says that before Vatican II the charismatic dimension of the Church “in practice, was mostly kept in the shadows” (The Pontifical Council for the Laity on its website). In this message, the problem mentioned here and in several sentences afterward is that if one is closed to the charismatic dimension of the Church, he or she will always be looking for the institutional aspect to approve a charismatic aspect before even considering whether it may be from God or not. For example, the Church does not teach anywhere that a private revelation has to be approved before one can follow it; for some that has taken well over a hundred years.
  6. That is, through the messages received from heaven or through practicing The Six Kowtows. As God, Jesus was not a rebel. But He did shake things up, doing what He could to break people out of their complacency. Many people do not appreciate that.
  7. It is unclear what this sentence means. It probably refers to the period from the Incarnation of Jesus to His Second Coming at the end of time, but it could refer to the last day, the date of which is unknown to man.
  8. The Six Kowtows, which are the subject of this paragraph and the following one
  9. This “mark” is also referred to as an “imprint” on our hearts, minds and souls in other messages. It is a mark of love that Jesus obtained through His Five Holy Wounds. It appears to be a mark of redemption. Jesus redeemed all mankind but it is up to each of us to choose to be saved. Redemption opens the door to salvation, but the individual soul has to, with God’s grace and mercy, freely choose to walk or not walk through that door to salvation.
  10. This “birth” refers to the fruits finally coming forth from the time The Six Kowtows were first revealed in August 2014.
  11. Our Lady told Blessed Jacinta, one of the visionaries of Fatima, sometime before her death in 1920: “Certain fashions will be introduced that will offend My Son very much.”

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