The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist
The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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The Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary                       and Her Triumph



September 8, 2016 – Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through L. when doing the Six Kowtows. (1)

L.: O God, it is 10:06 a.m. on Thursday, September 8, 2016, at St. Theresa Church, in front of the altar, the Cross, the tabernacle, the picture of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, the picture of the Divine Mercy.

We offer the First Kowtow to God. O God the Father, we worship You, we praise and glorify You. Every morning, after we attend Mass, at the banquet of the heavenly kingdom, in the divine realm yet present through Mass, we always venerate the presence of the Almighty God, and Jesus, who became His Body and Blood (2). At the same time, the entire heavenly kingdom is present, which we believe is the Holy Spirit covering, with the presence of Mother Mary along with the saints and the heavenly kingdom. We lift up to God on behalf of our brothers and sisters who may not yet know, who may not yet believe, and who have never felt the presence of the heavenly kingdom in each Mass. Today, we bow our heads to worship, to praise and to glorify, on behalf of the brothers and sisters.  We apologize for our shortcomings in the world, with all that we cannot yet understand and we do not yet know about what we already have, yet we do not meditate and we do not spend time to understand what it means to be the children of God. We cannot forget the Supreme God who creates, the all-powerful God, the God who loves, and the God who always reserves Divine Mercy for mankind, for each generation to exist till this day. God is forever God, the God rich in Divine Mercy, the God full of love – from one generation to the next.  Today, there is so much that is unworthy, so many sinful things; yet God still loves and forgives us. How can words describe His infinite goodness?  What words can we use to compare and to lift up thanksgiving to God?

Today, though we are lowly, sinful, imperfect people, we know that we can count on God’s love for the world to continue to exist. I and each person still has the opportunity to exist to kneel in front of the altar, and we believe in the daily Presence through the Mass.  Through the Mass, the entire heavenly kingdom is present with us in the divine realm and remains with us. Though we are unworthy and imperfect, God bestowed and still bestows, because He loves our human race and forever waits and gives us the opportunity. Among the people who do not know, who do not yet know, or who already know, there are still people who act on their behalf, to ask God to love, to forgive, to give us the opportunity to continue in silence, to continue to act on their behalf to voice the words that must be said and lifted up to God. All of our works, every daily grace, everything that comes to the world, even the sunlight and the sunny sky – when we act and breathe, all belongs to God the Father.

O God the Father, this is the opportunity for us to know that Father’s love is close and is infinite, through innumerable generations. Each soul receives from Father, but we are very shallow, we forget everything in our lives that we need to lift up to God. Nevertheless, whether we realize it or not, Father still loves us, Father still forgives and waits for us, Father still wants the human world to know Him and recognize Him, which means that each soul must believe, each soul must decide firmly with faith, by actions, by deeds and with the determination to decide for God to remain forever in us – everywhere and in every moment – when we call upon His Name, the God for whom we cannot lack the reverence that is due to Him. Thus, between the light and the darkness, we must completely remove the darkness – in our minds, in our thoughts, with the weaknesses and imperfections of sin that are inherent in all humans; of sin and death. God is the light that shines and saves us through His Only Son.  This is all part of the plan from before the ages until now; from the Old Testament to the New Testament, God is still the God full of might, and the only God whose deeds mankind cannot deny. Everything that exists comes from Him.  We have freedom, and though we may forget or rely on the flesh with our human reasoning to deny in this aspect and that aspect, God is still the only Sovereign.

In all things, people have fallen, are guilty, or are being so infatuated in a skillful, civilized, and sophisticated generation – to cover up, to ignore, to disbelieve, to deny, to offend, or to commit crimes.  God is still God; He sees and understands each heart and each soul. This is the time people need to come to their senses and come back, the time we need to realize, because God allows so graces can be poured down upon the world, and God allows so that light is shining in the mind and heart of each person, for us to identify the good and bad things, the darkness and the light. Let us not look at what is external but let us look into our souls in the present.  Are we really the people who truly recognize the grace of God, or have we at any time truly knelt to prostrate, or at any time in our minds were we truly aware that we belong to the God who created us? We still have months; though with hardships, sufferings, challenges or miseries, yet we still have our breath, we still exist, and we still live. Today is the opportunity for us to recognize what seems to be a warning, and also nearly a conclusion regarding what has come our way, in the strange signs of this time, with things that never happened before but have appeared in such extraordinary and wonderful ways (3).

What is this to remind us of? To remind our hearts, our souls, our minds, and the decision that we have to make and need to make in order for us to return with the belief that cannot be without action by work. We offer to God all our worries, our concerns, and our sufferings in life.  This is the only state in which to entrust to have peace and happiness and to move forward on the next path. Though there are still burdens and sufferings, we must hope, because hope will lead us to our destination, and with hope we will encounter the God whose deeds mankind cannot deny.

All His words are trustworthy, so everything written in history cannot have mistakes with His words when He says: “But the centurion answered him, ‘Lord, I am not worthy to have you come under my roof; but only say the word, and my servant will be healed.’” (4) We are able to hear, to know everything we believe in is the Lord’s Prayer that we offer to Him today: “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Everything lies in God’s holy Will if we can look at our weak condition and return to a Father, a tender Father, a loving Father, a patient Father, a Father who has power, a Father who has sovereignty and rules in every generation. We have been ruled with that love for us today to still exist and affirm that God is living, that God is with us, that God listens to us.  Let our beliefs soar high, very high, to understand that in our hearts there is a great spirituality, which is our souls, talking to us and giving us the opportunity to do certain things in the divine realm that are needed to preserve our souls on the day we decide we must be worthy to face a fair and just judge.

That is what Mother taught us today. In fact, there are many things that cannot be resolved, there are many things in every class and in every role, but we are still shortsighted and still limited within the human realm. Though intelligent, knowledgeable or learned, according to God’s love and to the Holy Spirit’s wisdom, to everything received, we are nothing.  We are but a grain of sand among numerous grains of sand between the sky and the stars, but because of the love we have been given, because of the love we have been taught; because of love we have the strength, because of love we have the courage. Today, everyone must surrender, must return, must recognize, must be aware of the Supreme God’s love.  This is also the time we can no longer continue to delay, because the day has come for us to see the common threat to the world, with no peace. Every nation, every family, every individual – all carry heavy burdens when we rely solely on the reality of life, on the way of life according to the flesh.  As for the soul, it is withered, lonely and cold. We must awaken, we must return, we must know the source for us to ask God to help us, in wisdom to understand the meaning of life, to understand each day in life, to understand the best things in the future; today, tomorrow, for us, for our souls.

O God, I lift up all of these words to God on behalf of all our brothers and sisters with the First Kowtow; a multitude of words to say to God, yet a multitude of words cannot fully express the concerns of human life. Today, we only offer the smallest things, because we know that God loves and God still accepts when the brothers and sisters ​​believe and practice, when they believe and sacrifice, when they believe and they act in the name of God – in work, in action, and in words – to ask God to have mercy on the other brothers and sisters who do not yet know, who do not yet believe. God has a way to touch the hearts of those who have not yet understood or believed.  They will have the opportunity to know and to recognize the meaning of the First Kowtow that I offer to God today. God, please have mercy, for everyone to know to say thanks, to be grateful, to know about the life returning, to open their hearts and lips, to recognize what we cannot lack in our human condition, which is a life with reverence reserved for God.

The day has come and it is also the time.  This we cannot deny. If we do not have depth in our souls and we do not have trust and faith, we cannot continue to overcome the hardships of life. There still are countless challenges that await us.  When we know God, we feel calm and nothing can torment us physically; even when we are sick, our spirit remains determined and resilient because we have God, because God is love and strength and the source of grace. God is everything.  God is the hope of our lives, of each person on earth.  Please help us know, believe, understand, practice, return, and seek that love. No one else can give it to us besides God.  No one else has the power to bestow it upon us besides God.  No one else can replace it and no one else has the authority to forgive us besides God.

Therefore, God is the God we must definitely return to, to receive Divine Mercy, to respond to Divine Mercy by the smallest things that we lift up here with the First Kowtow. It is thanks to God’s divine grace, thanks to the love and the renewed water which we believe in, that we can be cleansed, sanctified, transformed, and be worthy of being the children of God – to offer the First Kowtow; to learn more about humility; to learn more about the goodwill to seek the truth; to learn more about how to pray with heart, with soul, with body, with a contrite heart; to return completely different from everything that used to be habits in life. This is a clear example that the author taught us.  That author will be known through the next kowtow, and we will know the depth of the meaning when we prostrate to pray and return to God. God will certainly accept, God will certainly show mercy, God will certainly have a supreme way to give us an encounter, one way or another, which God reserves for humanity.

So, God, today I affirm one more thing: when we fully prostrate, it seems as if I am no longer myself.   We are no longer ordinary people; it seems as if there is a divine spirituality covered by the Holy Spirit, and the words must be said that cannot be said, will be said; the words we never wanted to say on behalf of all people, of every class, of our brothers. There are many things to lift up to God, because all these things must be said, must be lifted up, must be prayed for, for that to be realized as God wants us to, which is the encounter in the divine realm by prayer, by practice. Today, God the Father allows us to lift up to Him, to ask Him – each person personally, with each kowtow offered to God, with profound things and feelings inherent in our hearts – the concerns, to be said to God, on behalf of each one of us – every class, every role – in this current life. God, please help, please save, please sanctify and transform, and please intervene for our world to belong to You – to peace, to righteousness, to the truth – and for us to deserve to receive the grace, the love, and His own ruling. Amen.

We offer the Second Kowtow. O our Lamb of God, the Supreme Being who redeemed sins, who cleansed the sins of the world, the Supreme Being who bestowed salvation, the Supreme Being who saved, for us to still be living in these days, to understand the meaning of the Second Kowtow that we offer to Jesus Christ, our God – we thank You for saving us from the darkness of sin back to the light.  God died so that we may live.  What God suffered, God suffered more than 2,000 years ago, to give us days of happiness and prosperity and the freedom to choose what is best for the spiritual life, as well as life in the world that we live in now?  The days with the footsteps in Jerusalem, the day God came into the world one cold winter, the day God had to endure poverty, the day God selected the disciples, so many disciples, and in the end one betrayed Him – also in the days God did not yet enter into the Passion, there were so many sufferings, so many burdens for the God who humbled Himself to come into the world and to take on human nature. Today, the ending on the Cross is the victory over death to bring us into the glorious triumph; the triumphant glory of God who resurrected to lead us into it. There are so many things we cannot deny: the doctrine and the truth from which God left us the teaching; God also brought His power, through the healing of the diseases of the soul as well as the body – God spoke, and laid His hands, and what God said will be realized.  Thus, concerning all these events, we cannot deny with our limited vision of the way we think. God predestined and already arranged everything, whether people already know it or not.

Today, the Second Kowtow evokes for us feelings of gratitude, deep feelings of gratitude. God established that, for each one of us to have the confirmation that God loves mankind. God loves us – God loves us so much that He died to give us life, for our sins to be erased, to be forgiven.  Our sins were redeemed by God who carried the Cross for us, who endured the scourging, who bore the mark of the nails, and bore the heavy burden of pain inside His Soul as well as His Body. That was the crown of thorns. Those blood stains (5) always are the imprint in the soul of the children who lived and live in sin; forgiven by Jesus Christ, the Second Person of God. Whether our humanity already knows or not, already receives or does not receive, the redemption exists forever, from generation to generation, giving us the opportunity, from the day Jesus came over 2,000 years ago – and today we still have the opportunity to return to God and to salvation.

O God – all God’s deeds are too great.  The human situation is not worth anything, is nothing, yet it continues to grieve the Heart of God, causing it to bleed, because humans are too unfaithful, too indifferent, too shortsighted, too stubborn, too hardened; so today God, on the Cross, continues to look at us, still stubborn and hardened, with concern, with grief, with a bleeding Heart – because of sin. The first era was the same too, as well as the past eras in every generation, and this era is even worse, because it increasingly relies on sophisticated science and technology, increasingly relies on the sophisticated civilization of this era, on personal preferences for lust and greed, on the ego and personality, and from there things become immoral, with offenses and actions that cause God’s Heart to grieve and to be heartbroken because of our sins.

God came to forgive us; God came to lead us from the darkness back to His light through His resurrection. We recognize that the Second Person of God has died and has risen for us to be resurrected with Him, but these days are still the days when people do not yet understand, do not yet know, and do not yet go deep into what God bestowed and gave. So, this is also a day for us to understand and to go deeper into the meaning in order for us to know that the Second Kowtow is not something God needs; it is not something for God to look at for His power to increase, or to decrease if we do not practice; but because love has many ways for us to look into the condition of sinful, human weakness, if we do not take action, if we do not have the gesture and speak up with our hearts (6), then we cannot recognize the way to go, we do not know what we have offended and violated with the sins we have committed and still commit.

One thing is very clear; when we prostrate, we fully receive God’s love.  When we prostrate, we absolutely do not rely upon anyone, we do not look at anyone, we do not pay attention to what is around us, we only know this moment belongs to God.  This moment belongs to the God we worship; this moment belongs to the God to whom we lift up the problems, the secrets, the things that we cannot disclose to others.  In our condition as humans we are not able to be at the same level; we cannot have ways to violate, we cannot have ways that become a habit in our lives, but we must definitely come to Him with our heart and talk to him with the soul. It is our souls teaching us what is best; that is the prostration, that is a contrite heart, to ask God to forgive, to ask God to accept, to allow us to meet when we prayed and are praying. The Second Kowtow leads us to God’s love, with a thankful heart, a grateful heart, by action, by deed; so we have the collaboration in soul and body very clearly, to ask for God to accept and give us the opportunity to make up for the days we did not know, did not believe, and we offended God, for none of us is without sins, without offenses, one way or another.

Today, with the Second Kowtow we have the opportunity to say to Jesus: “O Jesus, please forgive us, forgive the days of indifference, the days of neglect, the days of disrespect toward God, the days when we walk by the Cross or we attend Mass and we inadvertently do not pay attention.  Physically we are present at Mass, but our souls are not. We go everywhere but we do not understand what the meaning of Mass is; it is like a practice, like a rule we abide by in our lifetime. Today, over the meaning of the Second Kowtow that we reserve for God, it seems that our hearts and our souls belong to Him, and we can also say what we need to say.  Our souls feel light and alleviated from melancholy in the soul, in life, to ask Him to forgive, to accept, to intervene, and to give us the strength for us to move forward along the remaining paths of life, knowing that God loves us more than anything. God loves us and waits for us so that today we have the opportunity to meet God, to say the words “thank you,” to lift up our reverent hearts, with the words that we cannot forget, “O God – I worship God, I praise God, I glorify God, I thank God for everything God does for us.”

I am grateful to God who quietly waited and allows me to meet Him today through the Second Kowtow.  On behalf of our brothers, of our families and of the world that turns a blind eye, we ask God to have mercy and forgive and lead them back, for them to recognize the love and the Divine Mercy of God the Father; through Jesus, through His redemption; with the reborn water and the liveliness through the Holy Spirit that we personally receive today. Personally, to God, we prostrate and surrender – to belong to our God with the Second Kowtow that we offer to our God, now and forever. With faith, with the proclamation by our actions and our deeds, we thank God.  This is the Second Kowtow that I offer to the Second Person of God.

The Third Kowtow I offer to the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of God. O Holy Spirit, in everything, today we are bold, we speak up, we are brave, we get rid of our ordinary and banal human vision; we just know that to our God, we must crush what is inherent in humanness.  We lift up to God with a reverent heart, first by action; by action in that determination – then we firmly believe God is with us, God is teaching us, and God is manifesting to us what is needed in the life of faith. The days we forget and deny have been restored today through the Third Kowtow that we ask of the Holy Spirit, because He is the light, He is the truth, He is the path leading us; He loved us and waited for us until this day, and He allows us to meet Him on the path we took and are taking. The days of challenges have passed, but today we are still living, breathing, with places for us to decide where we go, doing what is in our decisions in the body; we must have compassion for the people who might want but no longer have the opportunity; they long for, but they are sick, lying in bed awaiting death. There are so many of our brothers and sisters who did not know their whole life, who did not believe; today they no longer have the opportunity to meet God, but God’s love is still there, to be given when they call upon His Name.

O Holy Spirit, today I surrender and I prostrate, on behalf of each sinner in the human world, each person, in their hardness, stubbornness with faith; and also on behalf of the people who rely on their knowledge and education, who ignore wisdom, with inexhaustible understanding, which cannot prevent everything good that the Holy Spirit bestows and gives. O Holy Spirit, because our belief says a lot but does not do much, we only know the concept and we do not practice, so we only get a certain part with the power God allows. There are still the boundless and endless wonders, through the wisdom that He is always ready to give to those who come with depth in order to understand His Presence and His remaining (7).

O Holy Spirit, each generation has the guidance of the Holy Spirit, but in which way does each person receive it, and can their lives embrace what is heard and known, and is it according to the will of the Holy Spirit or according to the will of their flesh? So we need to distinguish clearly because the Holy Spirit works many wonders – extraordinary, awesome and wonderful. As far as the limits of the wisdom of the human understanding, it is limited and up to an extent only. O Holy Spirit – I firmly believe He is the Supreme Being who understands all.

Today, we bow our heads to prostrate before His love; because we know He is the Supreme Being who lives, who acts, who enlightens, who knows everything between good and evil, who guides and teaches us to understand and to know of God the Father’s love and Jesus’ salvation. His liveliness cannot lack in the Trinity. He is the role leading us to God, teaching us to understand as the children of God; teaching us to understand between good and evil; teaching us to know the truth, the doctrine; teaching us to understand what is good in the perfection He reserved for us in the world. Many people do not yet know, many people do not yet understand, so our lives still have days of sufferings, days of crimes, days of destroying everything that was God’s most beautiful creation, and also destroying, by our weakness in sin, in the flesh, to let the rages of lust and greed become worse and a common problem for everyone nowadays. We continue to have hatred, jealousy, envy, ambition, fame, money, which have become the realities.  We lack guidance when we do not recognize His presence.

O Holy Spirit, with the flame lit for the saints-apostles in the past, they successfully completed their missions and today they have become saints in heaven. That flame is still there and burning brightly in the world today, but does the soul of each person understand in order to practice or not, or have they themselves caused that flame to slowly become extinguished, to become overshadowed by sin and darkness? O Holy Spirit, please help us, because in a town we only need to have a few people; just ten people, or twenty, or five – then for those five, the whole town will definitely be saved in God the Father’s love, in Jesus’ salvation, and in the Holy Spirit’s flame of protection and support. (8)

Today, we know the world has entered into the last days of the struggle, of sin, of denial, of violation, and of so many things that today we already have the answer, because we act against and we do not worship God but worship idols.  Today, war is about to explode everywhere, implicitly, till the day in which people will definitely live in hardship, misery and famine. Each nation lacks unity in its ruling and continues to dispute, using laws and its own ambition, with crimes, not walking in God’s way, so they become a threat and a huge problem for the entire world.  With the lack of peace, belief and faith have been distorted by the way people think and reason.

Today, we ask God to help us. God, please help us and help the world rekindle the flame it already has. Today, we ask God to kindle the flame in each one of us, for each person to be conscious, for each person to recognize and return, for each person to recognize in order to call upon the Name of God, for each person to become submissive and prostrate to God, for each person to ask for God to be the Master, to lead, to come to us, and to rescue us in this time. I believe that, definitely, if we really do this, that flame will become a big torch, and when the torch is burning strong, then no matter what happens, the human world cannot destroy the torch burning bright in each of our believing hearts – in every class, every role. This light is not a superficial light that we can look at but is the light to express the believing heart of the people, the reverent heart, the returning heart, the contrite heart, and the resolute expression of the God we worship. May the Holy Spirit enlighten and guide, because when we believe, when we return, we know what we must do; we know we must become righteous, we know we must eliminate all evil and sin, we know we must eliminate all that is inherent in life that we need in every class, every role.

O Holy Spirit – He understands everything, He knows everything; please help us in the human world today, especially for our Church to be wholehearted, a unique Church – to love God, to worship God above all things, and to love our brothers and the doctrine. From that doctrine will appear the most essential things in the life of practice, and from there the rules will be given to all of humanity: to lessen the disputes, the dislike, the envy, the jealousy, the reasoning, and the competition of life, for us to return to the only God we worship – because only God can intervene, only God has the power; only God. It is time to manifest His power over all humanity.

Today, we offer the Third Kowtow to God, to ask God to accept our prayers and our hearts in surrender, in prostration; please help people to be as wholehearted as us, to ask for forgiveness for the sinner; for the people who do not yet know, who do not yet believe; for the people who are on the way back; and for the things in which we are still hardened and obstinate. Help us to be strong to understand and to be aware in life, to return to the God of love, the God whom we worship; to return to righteousness, justice. The time has come; we cannot be stubborn anymore, we cannot be hardened in our hearts, but we must believe, practice, return in surrender and prostration, so that we recognize only one God – the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and forever. Forever, He remains the only God who rules by love, the sovereign God, the God who creates, the God who understands, the God who has the authority to give life and to destroy all darkness and sin, for us to trust, to worship, to praise, to honor the God we worship – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit – now and forever. Amen.

I offer the Fourth Kowtow to the Body and Blood of Christ. It is also the Presence of the Eucharistic Jesus that urges us today and allows us to receive the living words He brings to the world, the resounding words to lead and bring His children back to Him, which are a strong awakening, manifested miraculously through the of the Eucharist that today has touched and guided the little people, the lowly people, and those who are strong, firm and confident people with what God has done and is doing. The time has come for Him to manifest the wonders as never before, shown and exposed to the world today (9), reminding that His love forever remains with humanity, through the Eucharistic Jesus. The Fourth Kowtow prompts each person, each Christian, each child of God, each role in service, and also each person selected in the ranks of the Church, so he is also an indirect and direct person who substitutes for Jesus to offer the Mass (10). Through their prayers, the bread becomes Flesh, and the wine becomes Blood, to nourish the soul of each parishioner, each sheep of God, those who are baptized and joined the Catholic Church.

The people who belong are those who are baptized and join the Church.  Today we are able to experience and understand many things, throughout decades of life as Christians, starting with the day when we were baptized, until the time we received the Body and Blood of Christ, then Confirmation and many rituals (11) to become the children who belong to the Church, to continue to become true Christians. God established the Church to continue to bring His words and the Good News to nourish Christians’ life of faith. Indeed, everything that was documented, we hear it each day, we experience it each day, we understand it each day, and we hear the words through the Gospel, the Good News, the insights in regard to the Eucharistic Jesus, in regard to God remaining with us. (12) There are many people even today who cannot understand why one should visit the Eucharistic Jesus.  They never could understand the meaning of the Eucharistic Jesus; they never could understand that in the Last Supper He instituted the Holy Eucharist to become the Body and Blood to remain with humanity in every generation. Since the day He instituted that, He made the promise Himself, as a covenant with us until the end of time; that is a sublimity in the divine realm as well as a unique place for us to connect, for us to relate, for us to come, directly or indirectly, to faith, to belief; for us to be able to receive the graces that are poured down and bestowed in a clear way when we come to the Eucharistic Jesus.

O Eucharistic Jesus – He is hidden throughout the past centuries to wait for us (13), waiting for us to mature, waiting for us to return, but for each person, it could be sooner or later. Today, the affirmation that no one can deny is the Real Presence of God, hidden in the Eucharist, to look for each lost sheep; to look for each parishioner who does not yet understand, who does not yet know; to look for suffering souls; to look for people who do not yet understand, who do not yet know about His own remaining. He is also looking for sinners, to give them the opportunity to meet Him, for them to be sanctified, for them to believe, to encounter and feel. There are so many wonderful things that are not possible with our strength, but for God all things are possible when we believe and we seek and come to Him. O Eucharistic Jesus, we cannot deny the sublime sacrament, which is also a sacrament that gives us the strength for us to remove the ordinary and banal look of humans, to come to God with a fervent heart – in reverence, in surrender, in prostration. When we come, peace covers us; we can cry, we can sob, we can be choked by tears, be touched, with resounding voices in our souls, in our minds, like a close reminder that God never refuses anyone.

O Eucharistic Jesus, today, people like us are humble, little, foolish, sinful, flawed, but we also firmly affirm that God is speaking, God is living, God is encountering. God knows everything when we come to Him with a sincere heart; we believe He is there, we know God loves us. There is only one God who loves me, who understands me, who recognizes me, when I represent the criminals, the sinners, the imperfect, the people who do not know where to go for support; when life is too bitter and I am surrounded by many things that do not allow me a way out. I am submerged by the frustrations between people, I endure so many sufferings from the soul to the body, but when I come to Him, I come with a sincere heart, I come with an extremely desperate heart; in that desperation I do not know whom to seek, I only know to come to a place of rest – that place of rest is the awakening, the arising, the great love God reserved for me.

Whether I am in a healthy body, or an emaciated body, or a body burdened by sin, or diseased in both soul and body, God always accepts me, God always welcomes me, God always enjoys listening to me. God is with me, and I am alone with God when I receive Him; that is the moment when I come to the Eucharistic Jesus, or when I receive the Body and Blood of Christ in Communion – that moment belongs to me. God is the God of all mankind, the God of all creatures, but when I receive Him then it is God with me and I with Him; only at that moment can I lift up all sentiments and wishes, be removed of all burdens, be removed of all the sins I do not see and do not know. God’s love removes all, God’s love makes us become humane, God’s love makes us become gentle and serene, God’s love gives us peace, God’s love guides us to be aware and to recognize, God’s love leads us into making choices between right and wrong, God’s love sanctifies me, and God’s love brings hope. Forever, God is the God of compassion, the God who listens, the God who forgives, and the God rich in Divine Mercy.

Therefore, the Holy Eucharist is the Almighty in humanity today, the Holy Eucharist is the Presence of God, the Holy Eucharist we are looking at is like the God hidden in a divine way, is Present, is in contact with each person, with each role, with all as we seek Him. May everyone honor Him – not abandon Him, not lack reverence toward Him.  For so many centuries, so many years, and even now, there are so many tabernacles without any visits, abandoned, violated, one way or another. Indeed, humanity cannot continue to make mistakes, cannot continue to be childish, cannot continue to be stubborn, and cannot follow the human way of life in sin and darkness. Let us look at the light, at the love of God, at the hidden humility, the humility that still today remains to hear us speak, continues to help us, and though the body has returned to heaven, the soul and His Presence in the divine realm are in the Eucharist. (14) Let us not receive God in a disrespectful way, let us not receive God when we are in our sinful bodies, let us not receive God when we are full of the filthy stains of the sins of lust and greed.

And still so many things – we do not even reserve a little space somewhere in our hearts worthily to welcome Him.  Let us not be confused between sin and human appearance; let us not be confused when we receive Jesus as an unexceptional host; we have to show belief and reverence. Because God loves us, He hides Himself to help us, to protect us, to love us, to forgive us; we cannot treat Him as badly as we do and deny His love while He already bestows and pours down so many things upon the world. It is because of that Presence that God the Father still gives us the opportunity; it is because of Jesus’ Presence that God the Father still lets Him continue to meet us and give us the opportunity. We must know and we must go deeper to clearly understand this; we must take the time to experience, to meditate; let us open wide our eyes to recognize the glorious mystery the Eucharistic Jesus has manifested to humanity today. All of heaven is dwelling in the Holy Eucharist (15); God is speaking to us and reminding us of what we need to prepare for the day when He will come; it is also the only place where we can see what is most urgent in the heavenly world signaling to the earthly world, to know what is most needed in the life of faith, in life when we return, and in the common life of humanity today.

Let us not rely on science and technology, let us not think in our naive, childish and ignorant way; to say what God manifested to be science and technology, to say that they are the sophistications of today’s era. We can do it, but we cannot understand the things that God manifested for us, with the light, a light that we cannot imagine in this world, and the transformation in seconds, in split seconds in which we can see a giant world full of colors – in it there is fire, the color blue, the color white, and many faces that we cannot imagine the shape of the people in it. (16) We say that we have faith, but our heads, our minds, and our hearts are rigid; we only understand according to the way of human reasoning in the earthly world, but when it comes to divine manifestations, then we deny, so we do not understand anything at all.

Today, the Eucharistic Jesus wants us to understand.  We would fear and prostrate to see a small part in the wonder of His power, let alone the day we can contemplate and see. Perhaps we will not have the strength if God does not allow, perhaps our eyes will go blind when we see His light, so, today, with the time limit, within the time of that presence are still days of miracles. Through the miracles, God manifests to remind us that our eyes are for us to use to see past science and technology; that God is also present for our eyes, but if with physical eyes then we cannot bear because that light shines and our eyes will become blind. So there are many things that today God uses to bestow upon us, and we must open our hearts to trust, to learn; open our hearts to goodwill.  Each person is part of the people who serve, who represent the Church, who represent Christ. The clergy, if any of them really has the heart that seeks to understand, must be clear, to connect with what is needed in the works that God manifested to humanity today, so that we may understand what God wants to say. God also manifests for people to have explanations with the works in which He reveals Himself, and He manifests by the light for the whole world to prepare for what is arranged in the future, for the day God decides to be the day He will come. Before He comes, everything will be ready, with the warning that God manifests today through the Eucharist for everyone to know, to hear. God is looking for and manifesting these things for anyone who has a heart with goodwill, to recognize the truth, to connect with the Bible, along with the Gospel in those years in the days of old.

Today, we open the eyes to see, open the ears to hear; we cannot deny the power of the Eucharistic God working and manifesting to humanity today to enable us to come to Him, to help us understand the meaning of His remaining with us, to know that the last day is the day we cannot refuse what is most essential for the soul, to be saved in the light of the Eucharistic God. The light of the Eucharist will destroy all the darkness in the earthly world, and the light of the Eucharist will integrate and He will save those people in whom the fire of the Holy Spirit is lit within, by a life returning, by a life of faith, by a life with deeds, by a life when we are conscious and return to God to be worthy for that light to come, to be integrated and to save us in His way. When we hear, we deny, we do not believe, we follow the ways of humanity and continue to delay, and that is something we will need to answer to God for when we come before the Judge, which is an obligation for everyone. That is the final Judge; when we truly deserve then the doors of heaven will open and bring us into the place of light prepared by God; but if we come before the judge and we do not belong to the light but belong to the darkness, then we will be dissipated in the darkness, and the place where we end up will be the place of wailing and grinding of teeth, as written in the Gospel and as we already heard about.

These are the truths that we must know and hear because this is the time that God allows; to return or not depends upon each person, to believe or to not believe depends upon each person, but God’s love continues to give us the opportunity.  Do not waste time, and do not let this time pass when, while in knowing, we do not do, and when we finally decide to do it, it may be too late. Let us come; let us come and see; come and taste to see how sweet God’s love is; come to recognize what is in faith, in belief, then God will not let us return empty-handed; especially in this era, especially with the birth of the meaning of the Six Kowtows, and with the Fourth Kowtow that we offer to God here. The truth will be revealed; what belongs to God will survive, forever and ever, and what does not belong to God, He will have a way for us to know.  God will find a way for us to understand what belongs to Him or what belong to falsehood. So let us not be afraid; let us not lose the opportunity; we should believe and seek and give ourselves the opportunity and the goodwill to seek the truth; do not let the truth come and not believe, and with falsehood then believe, and in the end become discouraged and defeated.

So, whoever has ears ought to hear, whoever has eyes ought to see, with hearts to feel and choose; do not lose the opportunity that, through the Fourth Kowtow, we offer to the Eucharistic Jesus this day. He knows everything and He understands everything.  Please help everyone open their souls, their ears, and their hearts, to recognize the message through the Fourth Kowtow that we speak of through these words inspired by the Holy Spirit today, to report everything that needs to be known and heard, for every class and for every role. We also need to decide about these last days, the days of grace and blessing of the Jubilee Year, with the door of the Divine Mercy opened; help us return soon, to be forgiven within the duration of the Jubilee Year while the door is still open. Let us not wait for the door to close; we can be forgiven, but not fully, not directly, not keenly, and we will not be able to admire something that is obviously so wonderful through the miracle of the Eucharist during this time that He is bestowing and giving.

We also already know that in the time when Jesus was present 2,000 years ago, not everyone saw and knew and believed, but the truth is the truth; He still is God, and today He becomes a Person Present through the Eucharist. Today, the words of the Eucharist continue to be given to the world; let us learn, take the time to come to receive the truth when we believe and we seek.  This is certainly a very good teaching from Mother Mary.  Let us go to Him to feel the immense greatness and to recognize that we must be reformed, sanctified and transformed, thanks to His grace. This is the only place where we receive the divine grace, the only place where we meet God, the only place where we use the mind and heart, to prostrate, surrender and worship our God, hidden through the Eucharist. Not only Jesus but the entire heavenly kingdom is there, especially the Heart of God the Father in Jesus; the actionsand the liveliness of the Holy Spirit.  At the same time, Mother Mary is continually present and the saints as well are near.  Through our spiritual eyes, we can see the heavenly sky protecting us and dwelling among us, today, through the Eucharist. Let us not lose the opportunity to enjoy the moments of peace and happiness in the Eucharistic Jesus that He manifests to us in today’s generation.  That is the Fourth Kowtow, for us to know, to hear. Thanks be to God’s love reserved for us; we offer with a reverent heart, a worshipping heart, a believing heart, a thankful heart, a grateful heart, and a contrite heart, to substitute for a multitude of people and to substitute for our brothers and sisters, for them to have the opportunity to hear, to return, and to practice what is most essential today, that is, to evoke a reverence reserved for the Eucharistic Jesus. Amen.

I offer the Fifth Kowtow to the Five Holy Wounds of Jesus Christ, our God; the God whom we believe and profess.  Thanks to the Five Holy Wounds, we still exist till this generation.  Today we delve into the Five Holy Wounds with all that we know and have heard, and with all that has been thoroughly taught to us about each kowtow, because these Five Holy Wounds are the first source to lead us into the new world that He bestows upon us in the time of sin and death. O Jesus, our God – God came and redeemed the sins of the world; God died and those Five Holy Wounds became a permanent mark forever in the hearts and souls of human beings in the earthly world. But we have been reckless, we have been bad like the first era, we still deny, we are no different than the executioners in the past, using all kinds of ways to abuse, and many more disrespectful ways toward God, who is Jesus Christ, our Lord. He still endures, He still accepts, because He is hidden and waiting for mankind to mature.  However, the day has come, we need to know, we must know; the Gospel was left, the Good News was also recorded (17), and all things were recorded according to the laws of human reasoning and the reality that humans have right from the beginning.

God is the Almighty; He has the right to bestow, He has the right to give, He has the right to transcend with the vision and the things that humans do; we are limited, but God is beyond space and time. The saints-apostles in the past used books and pens to write down everything that belongs to history, of the days when He was still on earth, but today the Eucharistic Jesus does not use a pen to write but He uses the divine realm, present in the mind, in the spirit, in the coveringof the Holy Spirit, to write the last pages of history – the days that need to be reminded, the days that need to be known, the days people need to clearly understand the meanings that are not too complicated, not too profound, not too shallow, when we do not understand, do not believe, and do not practice.  It is not too hard when we seek to understand, but not too easy when we do not practice.

This is something essential to remind us; because of the price of Jesus’ Blood, today we still have the worth to be able to speak, to choose, to return, when we are in our sinful flesh, though we do not deserve it or are totally unworthy to receive forgiveness. Because of Jesus’ death, the price of His Blood has more value than all our sins, so thanks to that mark, we receive the light when we return, when we become the people of God, by our prostrations, in our surrender, through a contrite heart. Those Five Holy Wounds are the Five Holy Wounds that imprint love.  The Five Holy Wounds also remind us forever and ever that He does not renege; what He did was for us, for love, for proving a love that has action, to give us proof with the doctrine, by His own life, from the day He came into the world to 33 years of age. The Passion especially teaches us a solid doctrine that is eternal, for us to enter into the life of truth, for us to endure the ordeals of our days of pilgrimage, because a human life must go through those days, which are the days of the crosses in our lives, the cross of a human life, the cross of each of the steps we are living and facing in the present.

Therefore, the condition of a human being, if we truly have a complete understanding to know the doctrine and the truth, then we must practice, respect, contemplate and understand the meaning of the Cross each time we attend Mass. Each church, each cathedral has the Cross with Jesus’ arms wide open to embrace humanity; because He died for us to live.  His death brings value to our bodies and our souls; not only in a unique way but in two dimensions; at the same time, that is also the belief that we entrust, to live with meaningful days when we understand the meaning of the Five Holy Wounds.

O Jesus, it does not stop with what we know, hear, but it is something deep with a love like a permanent seal to save us (18).  The world today has entered into the time in which we see that people are too liberal, too self-reliant, they offend God, they act against the doctrine, they violate the statutes of God, yet He still allows and gives them the opportunity. Because no matter their sins, the law of God remains forever unchanged, and that love is fortified to help us leave sin to return to Him. He does not use power to destroy and kill the souls when people are living in sin and are offending, but rather God uses His love to sanctify, to change, and to give people the grace to recognize what belongs to sin that they must renounce, in order to return to the light, to faith, to grace, to the truth, to the salvation of Jesus, which cannot grow dimmer in the world.

We received love in a special way by God. We received riches in a special way that God reserved for humanity.  To God, we are just a grain of sand, a speck of dust; we are not worth anything, we are just dust, we are just lumps of molded clay, and when we die, we will return to dust. But because we have a soul, the soul belongs to God, the loving heart belongs to God, and what is in the spiritual mind belongs to God; so, for what belongs to God, God looks for ways to save us. When we are still in the flesh, we have all the opportunities, all aspects of the two sides, the spiritual side and the physical side, to realize what we need for us to decide and choose the path. God is the Person who lived, and God died to save us, so we have two things to recognize: God died for us to be alive; so when we live, live to be worthy human beings, worthy to know what belongs to us, to take advantage of the spiritual life that we have, bestowed by God.

Let us not be foolish, naive, childish, obstinate, stubborn, because of the bad habits and sins inherent in every generation, to lose the full opportunity to be the children of God; to lose the opportunity to be the people who enjoy, who are happy, who are peaceful, and who deserve to be the children of God. We do not need to wait to die to be happy, or wait to die to know the wonderful world that we presently live in; when we decide to follow Him, to believe in Him, to live in the truth, to live in the doctrine, there is nothing that can make us suffer or be affected by things in the earthly world; we are happy in the kingdom of heaven (19), we are looking at everything divine that God manifests to us.

Each day, God arranges; at all places, God arranges; all things belong to God and are forever in God. We are happy, let us just practice the works of being the children; practice all that is good in the doctrine, the truth; practice all that is in the truth that God clearly understands in each one of us. Though we encounter difficulties, with God those difficulties will vanish, and if we encounter anything painful, with God we still are happy, because when God calls us back, then we return to Him. When we suffer, use the meaning of that suffering to save the lives of our loved ones, our brothers; people who are fathers, who are mothers who cannot bear their child living in sin. God uses all kinds of ways in His own supreme way to use us because we are His children, the people whom God created, and He died for us to live, that significant worth is inherent in us. Let us not be foolish, obstinate, hardened; let us not follow idols, let our hearts not become indifferent and cold, let our hearts no longer beat without love. We are using these terrifying, repulsive things; we do not know what we are violating; we are selling our lives to the unrighteousness, to the nothingness in life, to the realities; but we will become dust and ash and the repayment of the soul is the place of darkness, of death, and the place of wailing and grinding of teeth.

Each person, each soul, each class, open your eyes to recognize what is inherent in life that we require or search; whether we are people standing high or standing by the side of the road, each of us remains a unique soul, with the pleas we have in our hearts to lift up to God. The good thief was taken to heaven at his death, and others in the hierarchy also went to heaven; to God love is equality, so let us take a look at this and not be afraid, not back down, not give the devil the chance to shut the door with our hopeful hearts; he looks for all kinds of ways to interfere, to cause us to be stained, to cause our thinking to deduce and infer. Just know that no matter how sinful we are, we are forgiven by God when we repent; no matter how unworthy we are to receive the Divine Mercy of God, God still loves and forgives; because God is God, the only God who rules by love, the only God who died for us, and the God who still remains in our midst, through the Eucharist; the God who has Five Holy Wounds, and those Five Holy Wounds become the mark of love, forever and ever in our souls, our bodies, and our hearts.

Remember, the words that God promised, He will definitely realize; the words of God are trustworthy so let us rely on this and put into practice; let us rely on this and return; let us rely on this and trust; let us rely on this and come to His Divine Mercy. Let us not lose the opportunity, each meaning of the kowtow today urges us, and is a kowtow for us to know our fate as we belong to God, and when we speak to Him, we are heard. When we need the help of the Holy Spirit, let us bow our heads in silence; we experience and we let the Holy Spirit speak for us, let the Holy Spirit help us in our thinking, in our view, then certainly we will have the moments of happiness, which are peace, and when we wake up or when we are finished with moments of prayer, our souls feel light, our hearts feel comforted and sheltered in God’s grace.

Today, let us not be indifferent, let us not be cold when we look at the Cross; let us remember that this Cross will deliver us; this Cross will guide us in the dark night; this Cross – when we understand and believe, then God certainly walks with us, definitely evil will be converted to goodness; goodness will become victory and victory will become the strong people, who proclaim by deed, by action, to honor God, to glorify God in our lives. Do not be afraid! Let us not be afraid! Come to Jesus Christ, the Son of God! Let us come to the Cross in our lives, in the human life, and believe that God is already carrying the heavy cross and suffering while our cross is a very light cross. In life, there must be a cross to be close to God; the cross gives us the opportunity to triumph; the cross helps us understand the meaning of redemption, in which Jesus used the Cross, came to the Cross, and through the Cross, redeemed us in the human world.

So, there are books that have been written, and there is a lot of evidence through revelation and also many things through the Holy Spirit that continue to come to the world for each one of us recorded in the history book. But the Fifth Kowtow is a kowtow from what is in the heart that people need to say to God, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit; it is also noted by the mind, the soul, the contrite heart, the surrender, the whole body; everything belongs to God, to ask Him to accept and receive the Fifth Kowtow – in a sentiment of gratitude, of apology, of being the ones who are indifferent, of mistakes made with the choice of idols, of being the ones who do not yet know, do not yet believe, and of being a sinner, to ask to be sanctified and to be transformed in His Precious Blood, in Jesus Christ’s triumphant resurrection through death, to return in triumphant glory. The Five Holy Wounds are imprinted forever; that is the mark of redemption, the mark of love, the mark to lead us into the eternal, heavenly kingdom when we act, trust, believe, and come to God, by the prostration that we hear about today, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, through the guidance for us to pray, to lift up, to understand, and to feel.

God does not need anything from us, but we need to understand for us to know, and believe for us to love; for that love to become the victory of our overcoming all the difficulties of life, to win the kingdom of heaven right in the middle of this world, without waiting for the day we turn back. So, we just need to move up a bit, we just need to step a bit higher, a bit deeper; do not let power, do not let doubts, do not let the facts of life, do not let learning and knowledge, do not let everything be based on earthly reality to then despise and belittle what we need to learn, to know, and to receive. The ordinary and trivial that become extraordinary and wonderful; only God is the Person who can realize this, so do not let our hearts become indifferent, deliberate, arrogant, relying on our own strength, not seeking to understand and not learning, because then we will miss the opportunity.

So, practice each kowtow deeply to understand the meaning that we are reminded of through the Real Presence of the Eucharistic Jesus, through the covering and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, through the teaching and action of Mother Mary for people to be clear, to understand the meaning of each kowtow reported this morning, to be given to the world today, which is also Mother Mary’s birthday. Today, we continue with the last kowtow to understand who the author of the kowtow is; the author teaches us to kowtow, from the inspiration and the teaching of the Holy Spirit, in a powerful way, to understand the meaning when we prostrate, when we surrender and understand the depth and the width of the meaning. It’s very simple, it’s very calming; every class can practice, everyone can practice, anybody can in faith, and from that faith, God will have a way to transform, God will have a way to change when we are determined to consecrate and to obey. When we truly understand the meaning of the surrender, the meaning of the prostration, and the meaning of the repentance, to unite in soul and body – then we will understand that all that is bestowed and given does not wait for the day when we die, but that today we meet, today we recognize, today we are touched, and today we are changed in His love.  The Divine Mercy and that living water will help us receive the grace for us to practice, to be determined, to boldly return, and to be worthy to receive God’s love through the Fifth Kowtow that we offer to the Five Holy Wounds of Jesus Christ.

I thank God who died for mankind, I thank Him who out of love awaited us, I thank Him who enlightened and led us today so that we understand the meaning of the Fifth Kowtow.  I thank God for the Five Holy Wounds that permanently gave us the light and a mark in our souls and in our hearts. Today, we can understand, we can return, we can act, we can proclaim, and we can understand the meaning of the glory of God, the meaning of unity, the meaning of the Way of the Cross, the meaning of the victory that God brought glorious triumph for us in this life and in the next. Please help us to continue to understand each kowtow in meditation, so that precisely it is because of this that we practice; practice and no longer days of only concept but practice to put aside all that is inherent in a humans – pride and habit – to become a true Christian before God, with a reverent heart, a devoted heart, a trusting heart, a heart in prostration, a heart in surrender; a contrite heart, a longing heart; with a life being the children of God, the Christians, the people for whom today there is only unity, only trust, only surrender, only prostration, then regarding all things we need not worry, we need not fear. God will certainly not ignore, God will certainly intervene, God will definitely look at us, God will definitely forgive, and God will definitely save us in every situation.

Believe and practice. Because He is the Father, He cannot let His son return without welcoming him. We need to believe that, as in the story of the Father with the prodigal son. Today we even have more help when we understand the meaning of a complete surrender. With an eager heart, a contrite heart, asking Father to help save, asking Father to intervene, asking Father to have mercy on the people who do not yet know, who do not yet believe; even people like us who are on the way back. Every class, every role, do not take your position seriously, do not attach importance to appearances and realities so as to be always confused in every generation – because of money, fame, we do not practice; because of money, talents, high positions, we do not humble ourselves enough. So the gift today, if we want to receive it, then we must be humbled enough and to really bow our heads, then that will be received and touched from the soul to the body.  If we want to actually receive this gift, then we surely must act daily, must ask daily. Come to the Eucharistic Jesus daily and let our hearts and souls encounter what is given in the divine realm and is manifested to mankind today, through the mystery and the miracle of the Eucharistic Jesus, through His Five Holy Wounds. In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, our God, now and forever. Amen.

We would like to once again offer to God the Father the Sixth Kowtow and thank God the Father to offer this Sixth Kowtow especially to the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary – the Mother of the Divine Mercy, the Mother of the Eucharist, the Mother of the Heart of Love, the Mother of the Second Person of God, the Mother of the Church, the Mother of mankind, the Mother of each one of us, the Mother of every sinner. Mother’s title, Mother’s designation cannot be denied.  O Mother of Perpetual Help, please help us.  O Queen of heaven, please intervene for mankind, especially in this time.

O Mother Mary, Mother of Love, today, we come here to offer the Sixth Kowtow with a reverent heart, a grateful heart, with thanksgiving to the Immaculate Heart of Mother. O Mother, You are the only Person who can understand each one of our situations.  Only Mother can see our sufferings, our falls and our sins in the world, each person’s sins, and each nation’s sins. Mother understands the matters that we are facing and are dealing with; there are so many things to struggle with in life, the realities of life, and many situations within its limits that each country is fighting to have the better part for itself. Every individual and every family is living in an era which is under the disguise of a clever and sophisticated civilization, which has corrupted us to such an extent that today we cannot be without Mother’s help. Those beseechings, those tragedies, the frightful and tragic matter in humanity are these days of living in fear, with no peace, threatened by crimes, everywhere, over each country.

There are still so many people today who cannot help but realize that human love is no longer true solidarity but that all work and practice today is just theory. Inside, there are so many hidden calculations, machinations, unrighteousness, greed, selfishness, and matters that today are revealed; on one hand, destroying all corruption in society, but inside actually seeking to kill people – the innocent as well as those who do not deserve to die but who must die, because of the power of those who deviate from the doctrine and laws of God. So these days are no longer days of freedom for people to decide. Mother, please help us because the hour has come and only with Mother’s voice, only with Mother’s intercession, only with everything that Mother has done on behalf of the human world, right from the first moment – for today, those words can bring victory, those words can have continuous value for the children who are on the way back, to return in time.

O Mother Mary, our beloved Mother – Mother’s gentleness, patience, humility, obedience, consecration, and Her entire life entrusting and belonging to God – today has meaning in history; all the simple, ordinary and menial things that everyone has the right to do and also the best model that we learn is only from Mother. We keep busying ourselves in life; we keep looking for all kinds of ways to use force, weapons and power to fight with one another; all things that are happening are a battle between good and evil, but it is only with Mother’s acceptance, obedience, and all things belonging to God through Mother’s practice that today we have a gift for us to dare to bow our heads to speak with the meaning of each kowtow. To understand the meaning of each kowtow when we speak with the words that we ask – then we are no longer ourselves but it is the Holy Spirit who helps and supports as each meaning was given from Mother’s entire hidden life.

Today, Mother becomes the first Person to triumph – She is the Queen of heaven, the Mother of Jesus Christ, a model for the human world. It is also in the history of the Passion of Jesus that we cannot deny the presence of Mother; in the close cooperation ever since that day till now, 2,000 years later, Mother continues, silently, Mother continues to come to help Her children, everywhere, over each nation. Mother came, and intervened, and ended the war, and many countries were saved, with many stories left in the world. Those titles are the ones that exist and already exist; today, once again, in the divine realm, Mother is with the Eucharist, and where the Eucharist is then at that place Mother is always nearby; because the human world does not realize what is most essential, to reserve reverence for the Eucharistic Jesus, so Mother once again acted on behalf of the human world; though Mother already returned to heaven, Mother must represent us, because our human race lacks the reverence reserved for the Eucharistic Jesus, lacks the understanding of the meaning of the Eucharistic Jesus, is naive and does not know to receive what is inherent from the Eucharistic Jesus. So, Mother leads and helps us in this generation; Mother guides us and helps us meet the Eucharistic Jesus. Mother creates the opportunity for us to meet the grace of the Eucharistic Jesus; and Mother also leads us to look at the power and witness the great mystery of the Eucharistic Jesus.

Today, what Mother teaches, what Mother sends to the world, what Mother shows us that carries the marks – that is the return to a life that we need to learn, which is a life in humility, in virtue, in holiness, in total entrustment in God, complete with the meaning of life, in response to the love that God has for humanity in general and each person in particular. Each of Mother’s gestures express clearly the human condition to God; each meaning is to receive the great profundity in the grace with which Mother practiced (20); all of Mother’s life, since the day of Mother’s birth, today is the day the Church reminds, the day Mother was born, the day that God chose Mother as a marked imprint, to be the Person who represents the earthly world, in regard to a life of virtue, of entrustment, of trust, of obedience and of consecration. Today, Mother has become the Queen of heaven, and Mother represents heaven to teach us the ways to come to God, to meet God, to return to God, to live with what was bestowed by God, so that we can receive the most basic graces that we need most in the earthly life.

O Mother Mary, these are the most essential things in life with the return of mankind; it is essential to evoke, for the believing heart to practice and affirm, with the surrender and the prostration, and also teaching us in life and learning in humility, to be informed and also to receive more graces and blessings, through the humility that Mother Herself taught us. There are many things that are related to history, to the solidarity to the heavenly world, and to a very important number that our human race does not know and does not yet know of. This remains in the devil, in a schedule that has been from the beginning; today, he is quiet, he is using that number to control the entire world; from that number, many things have been corrupted, based on the clever, sophisticated ways of the era.  Inside are cruelties, twisting the doctrine and the truth around, twisting everything that comes from the truth of God, yet this number is always practiced in heaven.

For us to have an explanation to understand, let us look at the most standard and commonplace things – the six candles – each one symbolizing the Holy Mass or any Solemnity; we see the six candles are lit, as a symbol, a special number that the angels and the saints use daily in heaven; the animals created by God to prostrate to God also carry the meaning with the six wings (21); everything in Mother’s life also became the six unique virtues for Mother to belong to God; there are many things in the depth and the width of the number six that God uses in the heavenly world; and that belongs to each saint, each generation, and to our Mother.

So today, why do we not continue to add more to the meanings of the kowtow? When it comes to the number six, it is a number that affirms the victory of the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary and Her triumph. The time has come for us to know; we must know and we must unite, cooperate with Mother for this world to have victory when Mother acts, because this is a final number, a historical number, a number that has been hidden and submerged from of old till the present in the course of history, which might have gently been reminded but without going deep into action. Today, it is this number six that will twist backwards everything under the domination of the devil that is looking for all kinds of ways to bring this number and uses all kinds of ways through this number to come into contact, to encounter, and to act with unrighteous, sinful, rebellious acts, and things in which people are being pulled into the meaning of the number six that is silently spreading. It is not one number six but he uses three numbers six to fight against all the great spiritual things that God realized and always used with those who prostrate and surrender to God.

Today, in every plan of his, from of old till present, he is preparing for a program to expand in the human world, he makes the human mind follow the clever, sophisticated ways of the era, for him to go deep, to cause the mind and the faith to be corrupted, from the soul to the body. Those are the weak people, people weak in faith, who do not seek to understand, who are not clear in a Christian’s life, who place reality above the life of faith and the depth of soul. They place reality above the spiritual greatness that is manifested in this day; thus, everything is prostrate under the power of the devil: money, fame, lust, crime, and the satisfaction of a life in lewdness and many more repulsive things, through the evil that people are using in the period of the three numbers six. Everywhere, he uses his clever ways, he uses all kinds of ways to destroy a program that God bestowed and arranged from of old; but he is still what he is, just an evil spirit, who causes people to be shaken, to be corrupted, because he provides for the flesh but has no way to provide what is good for the soul. He uses all kinds of ways and strategies, for people to be lured deep into passions, into everything that is contrary to morality and ethics, into lust and greed, with the thinking of every class, every role. He destroys the doctrine and the truth, but he forgets that his own condition is just being a vandal, an unfaithful person, an arrogant person, a person destroying all the best things that God reserves for the human race as well for himself.

God’s love is truly great, God’s love is endless and continues to be; he forgets that God is the Supreme Sovereign, he forgets the Person who is completely perfect and without any stains in the earthly world; he forgets the Person who lives in the world but can do the works of heaven and fully belongs to heaven. That is Mother Mary – the author; whose action, work, and the depth, width, is full of meaning, bearing the number that today, each day, the angels, the saints continue to prostrate in the meaning with what we are practicing today. There are many things regarding the number that God the Father used, which is the number six but that number is a triumphant number six, the number six in its perfection that God the Father received in the human world – that is Mother Mary. Mother Mary lived an entire life in silence; Mother Mary lived an entire life in humility; an entire life in which Mother Mary never spoke up through the power that God the Father gave to Mother. Today, Mother does not use power, Mother only uses a lifetime with Her experience; Mother only uses that silence but becomes a victory and the Queen of heaven. Today, Mother is under a divine rank and has a status beneath God, and all of the works that God does, then behind God is Mother Mary; so we prostrate with the Sixth Kowtow to honor Mother, heaven’s Mother and also the Queen of the earthly world, the Queen who brings freedom to mankind, the Queen who intervenes and leads us with the flag of victory, through the protection and intervention of God.

Therefore, this number six is very sublime, from which we will make the enemy and the devil (22) suffer, feel ashamed, because the number six that he chooses will become victory. The devil is looking for all kinds of ways to rage, to expand, to win over the earthly world; he uses all kinds of ways to rule in his way, to annihilate with crimes, to annihilate things that God wants to exist. So, he uses all kinds of ways for people today to forget, with the clever, sophisticated ways, with all the fascinations; he uses this way to provoke and to cause people to lose faith, to fall, to not listen to God, to follow earthly reality, and so has become victorious and today rules over these people. But with Mother’s number six, a number with which we must definitely honor Mother; a number that we reserve the kowtow to Mother; a number that will be the number six to surrender to God; a perfect number six with a history inherent in the life of a woman selected to be the Mother of the Second Person of God; a number six with the full meaning of belonging to God; a number six that twists backwards all crimes to become holy virtues when our human race understands the meaning by the return; a number six blessed by Mother who is the author Herself; a number six that Mother’s entire life, virtue and everything, belongs to a number definitely consistent with the heavenly kingdom (23) – that is Mother Mary.

The time has come, we must know; the time has come, we must open our hearts; the time has come, we must let our souls recognize the truth that today we are under the control of the three numbers six. People are waiting, living in anxiety, living under the domination of evil, which has all kinds of ways to oppress and kill us, from the soul to the body. There are nations living in misery, nations living without freedom, nations living in terror, nations living without peace and this is expanding everywhere for the devil to destroy humanity. The devil’s number six is coming soon to the world, it is expanding based on clever and sophisticated ways to rule people by a chip – a chip set up to be suitable in the human world, by rules, by human reasonings, and by the external cover-ups so that there is nothing for people to fear, but in reality, he uses all kinds of ways to kill people in terms of science and technology. Chips are expanding in the world so that they can manage us, for everyone to become dependent; without that chip we will not have food, we will not be free to be able to automatically do what is inherent in humans created by God; the devil uses that to rule us, to decide whether to let us live or die. Whoever does not understand clearly, does not seek the history, and allows for freedom and civilization to make us accept the chip into us (24), can no longer deal with the great spirituality that God reserves for us because we will be dependent, by the flesh; by the machines, by the clever, sophisticated ways of an era that derives from science and technology.

But with the number six of today (25) we twist it backwards; we do not need to attach anything to the body, we do not have anything in the body. The sanctity of God is still active, the sanctity of God continues to work, the sanctity of God will save and help us, because in our time people use civilization, believe in civilization, use science and technology, and use the way of human laws, so God uses the number six – through Mother Mary – in the divine realm, in faith and in practice, to twist backwards all that in reality is under the control of the three numbers six. Mother is the Person who is crowned in that number six that today we surrender and we prostrate – then Mother will act; Mother will use the graces and the power of God to save Mother’s children in the ordeals, to save Her children when we are mistaken with things in the world that, today, use all kinds of ways to cover up and conceal the truth. What is divine and supernatural has come; the day has come for us to cooperate; if we cooperate, this will be realized, if we practice this will be protected, if we are determined this will be victory; because the Immaculate Heart of Mother will be a victory for humanity in the remaining days of the end of the century; this has been recorded in history.

So, in everything let us not ask, not follow the way of human reasoning, but we must know how to look at today’s situation. Only God can amend the situation; only God can act and save; only God can give us a life of peace and happiness; only God can help us in misery, sin and death; and only God can help us be prosperous, happy with the days He created the earth and our human race. Because we live relying on the breath of God, we receive all that comes from God; we live in the middle of His beautiful sunny sky, we live on this earth of His, we cannot worship things that go against Him; we cannot offend Him, we cannot continue to be ignorant and mistaken, we cannot continue to deny Jesus who brought salvation.  The price of that Blood is very important for us to still exist today. We cannot let the Holy Spirit work without us practicing.  He works but we do not listen and we do not welcome.  We have let the body be dependent on everything that belongs to earthly reality with the limitation in the very short time while we are still alive. What about the soul and the future?

What God gives us is the fullness of this life and of the next one but we only know how to use this life.  We have been enslaved by things in reality.  We forget our duty reserved for God; we forget the duty reserved for the God whom we worship; we forget the voice of the truth in our consciences; we forget the doctrine and the truth that God has given for us to receive His grace. Today, all that is known and needs to be known – also in the final days of the century – what needs to be practiced has been revealed to humanity; what is known, heard, has been received by our minds, by the Spirit, by the Holy Spirit, to give us a final book of the history through the Eucharistic Jesus, which is also a clear protection from Mother Mary. It is also a number depicting victory in the earthly world, in the soul, with all that is inherent when we recognize and believe in God, to ask of God, and to beseech to God.

Through Mother Mary’s help, through the practice on behalf of the human world, we will be certain to carry the flag of victory under Mother Mary’s mantle; the Immaculate Heart has been reminded over and over again; many times – the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary and Her triumph, which is the present moment today. We already know of this day, and we have reached this day, and we have been taught, and we practiced in this day, through Mother Mary, the author, with the meaning of the Six Kowtows, to bring people back to God, to help humans triumph over today’s evil, to help people exceed in belief and faith, to help people put aside all human views and to unite together in the equality of God’s love. (26)

Let us practice. Our hearts need to respond to His Divine Mercy.  The human condition must have some kind of a gift in the divine realm, through Mother Mary’s teaching, through Mother’s flag of victory, to surrender, to prostrate, and to fully belong to our God.  Then He will act, He will intervene, and the world will soon have peace as He Himself is waiting to come to us for the second time in history. Before stepping into the second world (27), we must definitely undergo the days of the final battle – the battle between good and evil. It is the battle of every individual with faith and belief; the battle between the life of faith in God; the battle when we believe, when we practice; the battle of learning to be humble, to eliminate the ordinary and banal and lift up to our God with a believing heart, with a professing heart, with a heart to worship God alone and to reject idols, to reject all that does not belong to God so that it no longer has a standing place in the world of humans, in our souls, in every role, in every class – with no more standing place, when we understand the meaning of the Six Kowtows that are revealed in a period of great need and is also the most urgent one for all humanity nowadays.

That is something today I would like to thank Mother for. May Mother continue to protect and help us, so that in silence, we may travel everywhere around the world, we may travel everywhere to bear witness to the Six Kowtows. We travel quietly, with the saints and the heavenly kingdom, to all places, for our prayers offered with that prostration, on behalf of that place, on behalf of the places we visited and on behalf of the people we meet, to offer to God. May God help them so that they may open their ears, their eyes, their hearts, to hear the words Mother taught, along with Mother and united with Mother. Mother, please help us and intervene for us, so that we may join Mother’s army, from heaven to earth, to the people who are in purgatory, to be delivered, when the Six Kowtows are practiced in the human world while we are still breathing and our hearts are still beating. Definitely it will be a day of victory for the world, when we truly understand the meaning of the Six Kowtows, and we unite wholeheartedly, to prostrate, to worship, and to return to God, so that the power God bestowed upon Mother be realized in today’s world, on behalf of the world; and Jesus, the Only Son of God will also act to help sinners return. This is the last light shining for the people who are still in the world, to prevent the victories of the devil who is silently looking for ways to control and triumph in the earthly world.

Blessed Mother and the Eucharistic Jesus, as well as the Six Kowtows will change his victories to become the prostrations at the feet of God and at the feet of the Woman holding the flag of victory to lead the army, to lead the naive and immature children, to lead the sinful children back, each class, each role, in unity, to worship God by the prostration of the Six Kowtows.  Today we have the united heavenly kingdom to help save us by His own light, to help save those who belong to Him in the Six Kowtows. In the final days of history, if anyone belongs to the light or belongs to the meaning of the Six Kowtows, if anyone belongs to the prostration, we will receive the cover of the light of the Eucharistic Jesus and return to God, to a place where He prepared, ready for those who have the opportunity to enter into a world, which is the new world He prepared. As for those who do not belong to the light, then the light of the Eucharist, the light of the saints, the light of the angels, will completely destroy what is darkness in the earthly world.

So, whoever has ears ought to hear, whoever has eyes ought to see, with the hearts to feel and the decision within themselves to understand what is in the divine realm yet present, which is given to all of us today, for us to find the truth and the evidence in the Eucharistic Jesus, still present and still manifesting to help us. Regarding the date and the time of the days of purification, God will decide; no one can know that, but we need to be prepared to surrender, to prostrate by the Six Kowtows today, then each person, in grace, will recognize what is right and wrong so that we know what belongs to God and what needs to be united, and return with a contrite heart, by deed, by action, to ask God to help, to ask God to intervene, and to also glorify God.

God is definitely the Sovereign, now and forever; a Father rich in Divine Mercy; a Father who has the power to let our generation continue with the days that belong to Him, and He also has the right to destroy what does not belong to Him through the devil that is looking for all kinds of ways to lead His children astray into the darkness. We also have Mother Mary, Mother cannot turn away and see Her children heading into the darkness. Mother uses the power of the light through that prostration to bring victory to humanity. One more time, the Immaculate Heart of Mary and Her triumph will certainly win the final battle between good and evil. Let us believe in Mother, come to Mother, return to Mother, asking Mother to lead us to God.  Thanks to Mother, we belong to God.   Thanks to Mother, God will intervene and will let us triumph, for us to enter into the new world, when we listen, when we practice, and when we receive, to decide for the life of our souls, today, and tomorrow.

I thank Mother. I would like to represent all the brothers and sisters around the world to receive this message after the trip in which we visited 24 churches, praying silently. At the places where we distributed the gift of grace and blessing of the Six Kowtows through the CDs, Mother, please let the people know and ask them to cooperate with us one way or another, for us to continue to announce everywhere what is most essential, which is the need for mankind to return to God today. Today is also Mother’s birthday.  Mother manifests for us to receive these words, which is the value of the meaning of the days we bear witness. We continue to go everywhere, to the places assigned, to continue to pray for the world; through these things. Mother, please help our human world, for heaven to end up with more people returning and going there; and in the human world, for crimes to gradually decrease, for the devil’s plot to be destroyed, for the evil spirit’s plot to be destroyed, for our human world to belong to God and belong to Mother. Amen. Amen.

L. concludes the Six Kowtows with A. on this morning, after bringing the gifts to all the places where L. went yesterday evening, along with the brothers and sisters. This morning is Mother’s birthday, and also the day we receive the Six Kowtows with new, deeper meanings, meanings that cannot come from humans.  Only the Holy Spirit can manifest for L. to complete what Mother wants to say; things that God the Father bestowed for us to know and understand the meaning. Today, the words we use with the meanings of the Six Kowtows that Mother taught us, are for us to subject ourselves to their practice. Let us listen, to help ourselves, to help our relatives, to help the souls in purgatory; to help all the people who are living, not knowing, not believing in the opportunity to return, to unite with the angels, with the saints, through the meaning of the Six Kowtows. That number six will transform defeat into victory, and that victory will bring us back to God, through the covering of Mother Mary’s mantle, with Mother’s army, and with the saints and the heavenly kingdom.

The battle of today is a life of virtue, of holiness, a life in which we are determined to belong to God, to eliminate the bad and sinful thoughts, a life in which we currently stumble. Let us believe.  God will have a way to save us.  Let us not rely on realities, on human reasoning, but let us believe.  Then the excess of that faith will receive the wonders that God manifested and gave to us. Those are all things that are inherent; the presence is proven by the Eucharistic Jesus that still exists and continues.

Today is also a most beautiful day, the best day; today is Mother’s birthday, the day God the Father chose Mother to be born into the world.  Today is a day of victory for humanity, with the teaching of the meaning of the Six Kowtows, with the depth of the Six Kowtows, and Her entire life spent in silence, by action, by the Six Kowtows that Mother Mary brings to the world to save today’s humanity, and together with Mother’s Son, Jesus, to complete on the Cross. So, everything was completed 2,000 years ago; then 2,000 years later, Mother Mary with her Son, Jesus, through the Eucharist, continue to bring victory to humanity; with the meaning of the Six Kowtows that today each one of us chooses for ourselves; each one of us can cry out to God, and each one of us is protected by the Six Kowtows. When we practice, we belong to God, and with God’s protection, no demon would dare approach us. So, what we hear is for us to practice; what we know, what we hear, does not come from humans but from the Spirit.  The Holy Spirit proclaims and lets us know, to prepare us and to act in the days we are still alive; with the opportunity to choose and the opportunity to be determined to return to the meaning of the Six Kowtows that today we receive from Mother Mary teachings.

Thanks to Mother for having done this for us, thanks to Mother for helping us wholeheartedly, and thanks to Mother for loving us in this time. Without Mother’s help, we certainly would be subject to the fairness, the justice before God; but with Mother’s help, certainly Mother’s Heart will completely triumph, Mother’s flag of victory will definitely be waved high in the human world. Those who follow Mother, those who practice as Mother taught, those who are determined to belong to Mother through the meaning of the Six Kowtows belong to God – now and forever – like the actions that today we go everywhere to testify to the truth. In the future, whether this will be the work of the Church or the work of the laity, depends on God’s decision, but what we know, what we hear, and where we are being sent, we cannot delay the works of God, we cannot delay the things Mother arranges and plans for us.

Help us to continue to be brave, to be strong, to walk in the midst of the world to testify to the truth, which is also to save our children and our brothers, to return to God through the teachings of Mother Mary – the Mother of Mercy, the Mother of the Heart of Love, the Mother of the Eucharist, the Mother of the Church, the Mother of each one of us, and the Mother of every sinner. Today, every sinner also has the opportunity to receive help from Mother, for the flag of victory to be held up high, and the flame to become the torch to be waved high in the human world, lifted towards the only God, the one and only God, the God to whom, in our human condition, we must surrender, we must prostrate; and we must belong to God, with a contrite heart, with a whole heart, to ask for God to accept and to obtain the victory through the flag with which Mother leads us in the world today.

In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our God, L. and A. conclude the Six Kowtows this morning, in St. Theresa Church, in front of the altar, the Cross, the tabernacle, the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, and the picture of the Divine Mercy, at exactly 12:05 p.m., on Thursday, September 8, 2016.  St. Theresa Church, where the miracle originated, is also the place where Mother taught the human world the meaning of the Six Kowtows. It is also Mother’s birthday today and we would like to represent all the brothers and sisters to express our thanksgiving, our gratitude, for the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary and for the day Mother was born. Today is a historic day, as well as a day that brings hope to the world, after Jesus decided a second time, in union with Mother, to continue to help us, for us to receive God’s grace, to return to God, and to have God’s help – through Mother Mary – for us to be close to God, to come to God, to recognize God, to trust in God, and to belong to God through His help. In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen. Amen. Amen.

Happy Birthday to You, Mother! Happy Birthday to You, Mother Mary! Happy Birthday to You, Mother Mary! Our Lady of Fatima, who helped save us through the messages; today, it is Our Lady of Fatima – on Her Birthday – who continues to bring to humanity the words and the profound meaning of the Six Kowtows, inspired by the Holy Spirit, to help us to be clear and understand the meaning that Mother continues to help our humanity. The meaning is alive today through the Eucharistic Jesus; Mother, along with the Eucharistic Jesus bring this message to the world to help people enter into the final days in history, which are also the final days of the end of history and the first days of the new generation.

May everyone open their hearts to welcome and listen to these truths that God has given to the world; in belief, in faith, we will see the works Mother has done, is doing; helping us. Let us return soon to be prepared; do not let it be too late when we are on the way back; these are also the days when we no longer have the occasion to keep going on being hardened, stubborn, cold, according to the way of human reasoning. Let us hurry; let us hurry and be aware, for us to recognize what comes from God, what comes from heaven, what comes from humans, and what comes from the message sent with the love Mother reserves for humanity in general and for each person in particular; one more time, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Amen. Amen.

I thank God the Father, thank Jesus, and thank the Holy Spirit. I thank His Body and Blood that urge us to receive this and thank the Five Holy Wounds for reminding the world, in the redemption, and teaching us the doctrine and the truth that humans cannot deny. We thank the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary, and for the teaching through the Six Kowtows; today we thank Mother one more time, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Amen. Amen.

The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that centers on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture visions of Eucharistic miracles on her cell phone. When Jesus gives her messages, it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of 

(1)   The Six Kowtows are explained in the message of the same name of August 19, 2014.

(2)   This must refer to the one, triune “Almighty God”; in this sense Jesus becomes the Body and Blood of God on earth.

(3)   The last part of this sentence, at least, seems to refer to this private revelation.

(4)   One can say here that the Holy Spirit gave the direction for this sentence, Mark 8:8.

(5)   It seems that these blood stains refer to the Five Holy Wounds, which, as revealed elsewhere a great deal, mark or imprint on every soul that it has been redeemed. Now the soul must only choose to be saved by word and deed.

(6)   The Six Kowtows – “gesture” and “prostrate” in these messages refer to the kowtows.

(7)   His “remaining” in these messages refers to Jesus’ promise to remain with us in the Eucharist: “lo, I am with you always, to the close of the age” (Matthew 28:20).

(8)   See Genesis 8:20-32 and following.

(9)   This is a direct reference to the Eucharist, exposed for Eucharistic adoration, from which a multitude of miraculous images have been captured by L. on her phone and likely will continue to be captured. A small number of these can be found on the website below.

(10)                      And “indirect” person could refer to when the Eucharist has been confected (at that point, Jesus Himself is there and does not need a substitute), or to the parts of the Mass sung by the choir in a Tridentine Mass, or perhaps to the Readings being done by laypeople or singing with the congregation in the Novus Ordo Mass.

(11)                      This must refer to the other sacraments and to obligatory Sunday Mass.

(12)                      This sentence speaks of daily Mass.

(13)                      To wait for the right time for this private revelation

(14)                      Though the earthly body of Jesus went to heaven in the Ascension, the Eucharist is His glorified Body and Blood, as well as His Soul and Divinity. In the following sentence, after the word “way,” this is an appeal to receive the Eucharist with as a soul as pure as possible; it is not saying that we should not receive in a state of venial sin, but rather to stop committing them so as to be worthier. The only time a person should refrain from receiving Communion is when he or she is in the state of mortal sin or due to grave sickness.

(15)                      The faithful abide in Jesus on earth and then ultimately in heaven forever (see John 15:4-9, 16:33; 1 John 2:24-28, 3:6, 3:24, 4:13; 2 Corinthians 5:17). The Lamb’s sheep follow Him wherever He goes (see John 10:3-4, 16, 27-29 and Revelation 14:4). It is also true that the Eucharist, the glorified Body of Jesus, now receives ceaseless adoration and praise by the angels and saints (see Revelation 5:13). While the Eucharist is the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus, the union of God and angels and saints is such that they accompany Jesus like branches on a vine (see John 15:4-5).

(16)                      The Holy Spirit is speaking here of the miraculous visions L. sees; the captured images on her camera don’t do them justice (some can be seen on the website below).

(17)                      This seeming dichotomy can be explained in this way: it seems “Gospel” may refer to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, while “Good News” may refer to the Good News of future salvation, which extended back to the Old Testament (for example in Isaiah 40:9, 41:27, 61:1).

(18)                      The Five Holy Wounds are a permanent seal or mark of redemption (ransoming by God so that one can go to heaven) on the soul/heart of everyone. As this sentence says, they have the power to save (bring one to heaven), but it is up to each person to go or not go through the door of salvation; since the Passion and death of Jesus, all have been redeemed and can therefore choose heaven.

(19)                      “the kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:21)

(20)                      According to the private revelation given to Venerable Mary of Agreda, contained in the work The Mystical City of God, Blessed Mother prostrated Herself (not kowtowed) a good deal in Her life; regarding the practice of Mary, prostrating is not the same as kowtowing, which She is now teaching the world to do. “Marked imprint” later in the sentence is not being used in the same sense as the mark/imprint left by the Five Holy Wounds of Jesus on all humanity.

(21)                        See Revelation 4:8. Earlier in this sentence, the six candles are those that are on the altar on solemnities.

(22)                      This repetition using different words for the same thing is not uncommon in these messages. Later in the sentence, the number six will defeat the devil.

(23)                      Certain numbers are important in the Bible, and in Catholic liturgy and art. The number six is one such number, but this is, consistent with this message, a number used by both heaven and the devil. There were six days of creation, signifying completion and therefore a perfection (the Queen of the universe turns out to be the pinnacle of God’s creation). Six also signifies work and effort (the Six Kowtows). But on occasion, because six falls one short of the perfect number seven, it is used as a symbol of imperfection. The devil’s use of it is clear in the Book of Revelation in the number 666, the Mark of the Beast.

(24)            This chip will be implanted into humans. “does not seek the history”: the history is the Book of Revelation 13:16-18: “Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name. This calls for wisdom: let him who has understanding reckon the number of the beast, for it is a human number, its number is six hundred and sixty-six.”

(25)           Blessed Mother’s Six Kowtows

(26)           Blessed Mother says that the time of the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart’s is now (it could extend some time into the future, but it has already begun); Our Lady of Fatima said, “In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.” Regarding “equality” in this paragraph, see Romans 2:11.

(27)           This is not the Second Coming of Christ in His glorified, earthly body at the end of the world, but an intermediary coming in the Era of Peace, the era promised by Our Lady of Fatima. Christ will come during this period to reign through the Eucharist (Compare The Triumph of God’s Kingdom in the Millennium and End Times: A Proper Belief from the Truth in Scripture and Church Teachings by Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi, S.T.D., Ph.D.). Christ has been with us in the Eucharist since He left this world; before leaving He said: “lo, I am with you always, to the close of the age” (Matthew 28:20). This Era will last an interminably long period of time (see Revelation 20:2-6). The earth will be the same earth, but it will be renewed so profoundly that it can be called a “new world,” or a “second world” as it is here. It will follow a great tribulation brought about by evil people, who in the end will be purged from the earth as well; hence it will be a holy Era of Peace.

New Revelations through the Eucharist

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