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The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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With the Door Opened in This Jubilee Year of Mercy



September 13, 2016

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through L.

L.: O God, it is 10:28 a.m. on Tuesday, September 13, 2016, in St. Theresa Church. I am kneeling in front of the altar, the Cross, the tabernacle, the holy statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and the Divine Mercy picture. Today is the 13th, the day that we meet together, to offer the Rosary to Blessed Mother and to receive Mother’s words on the 13th of each month. Today is Tuesday. We have the opportunity to come here to pray; this morning I wanted to take time to offer to God the Six Kowtows, as we do every time after attending Mass; we stayed here together to offer to God.

Today, there are many unexpected things; we also organize the work for each, for one person to do this work and for the other person to do that work, which is greatly needed in order to bring the Six Kowtows CDs to the places where people need them, to hand them out to the parishioners as well as to other people; we come to testify, to be the pioneers, to bring to many – there are people who welcome us and unite with us, who collaborate to work together with us to send the CDs everywhere. The places where we had the opportunity to visit were the states of Alabama, California, Florida; we are preparing to go to Dallas, and then we’ll go to New York and Philadelphia.  We already came to Philadelphia once, on the days the Pope was here (1) – we were there in Philadelphia as well, with 5,000 CDs and countless cards explaining the meaning of the Six Kowtows to give to everyone; this will be another trip back there – then we will go to New York, Canada, France, Italy, and other places.

Today, I lift this up to God: in about half an hour, we’ll have someone coming from California to teach us; this person already received the Holy Spirit’s grace – she is very bold and will teach us about the Holy Spirit’s grace for us to continue on the path forward, to bear witness to God with the meaning of the Six Kowtows, which Mother Mary wants us to have the opportunity and gives us the opportunity. In all the works that we do here, there has to be courage and strength, to proclaim what was heard, what was known, as coming from God, through the Holy Spirit’s protection, through Mother Mary’s help, which is also Mother’s advice to the world in general and to each of us in particular. Today, I have the opportunity to lift up to God all the preparations for the upcoming trip; I dedicate this moment to offer the Six Kowtows; with each meaning, I lift up to God the special intentions for the trip in the coming days, as well as the trips to the places we have never been but have the opportunity to go there.

In our last trip to California, we were able to visit 24 churches, where we met the people who accepted and also the people who refused; the people who did not yet understand, the people who did not yet know and believe, and the people who were excited to continue to receive, with a passionate and sincere heart, to unite with us to continue to bring these CDs to the entire world. This is the special grace that God reserves in common for the world today, for the people who have the opportunity to be selected to bear witness and to be the pioneers. I thank the blessing of God’s Love, reserved for us in particular and for the whole world in general, and we lift up the words of thanksgiving, of praise, of gratitude.

We are also able to see the obvious truth in the apparent miracle that we received and recognized: while we bowed and prostrated with the kowtow, there was a Latina who did not know us but when she saw us prostrated before the tabernacle, she also came to join us to prostrate. After the First Kowtow, after the Second Kowtow, and after the Third Kowtow, her ears were getting red, and it seemed as if there was a very strong reaction from within her. From her mouth spilled out everything that seemed to be like vomit, but when we looked at it according to faith, according to us, it seemed to be something lying in the misery of the sins and offenses committed in her life, as well as everything demonic within her, so that when she bowed and prostrated, all of that spilled out profusely, in an extremely frightening way. We see all of this as something visible that God reserves for us through Mother’s hands; today, Mother teaches us the Six Kowtows to protect us – the Six Kowtows remove everything evil and elements inside the soul that cannot withstand when we bow and prostrate to God. (2)

Of course, God’s light radiates on the repentant and the contrite, who earnestly beseech to take refuge, asking to come to Him, asking Him to show mercy, to forgive, and to save each one of us; this person has this ailment, that person has other diseases in the soul; that woman was able to witness the truth and she vomited everything. With each kowtow, we had another opportunity to testify and also to help her; as she kowtowed, with each kowtow, she vomited, then after all Six Kowtows, she was alert, she said she felt very peaceful and very relieved, in both body and soul. She testified that this is truly from heaven and from Mother Herself, teaching us to prostrate before God; she took the prayer card to keep in contact with us – we also had the opportunity to share with her about the CD and she promised she will testify to her country, to the people that she met, that she will meet, and to all the people around her. That was what we were able to witness last Friday; so what we are able to feel is not just for us but also for those around us who never had the opportunity; when they believe and prostrate, they are also healed, from the soul to the body, and from diseases.

O God – God has mercy on us, on humanity, and God looks for all kinds of ways, but our faith and our lives lack the goodwill to seek the truth in order to recognize the human condition (3) –with a sincere beseeching, with a heart, which is a humble heart, a sincere and beseeching heart in prostration, to ask for God to have mercy, to forgive, to save us. No one besides God can give us this; this is the confirmation we have seen in the last days, regarding ourselves as well, who are ordinary and banal people, who are no different than others, who are sinners, weak and flawed, with nothing special, but thanks to the Six Kowtows, we feel zealous, we feel close to God. We feel that the words coming from our lips are not ours but from the Holy Spirit who is with us, teaching us and inspiring us to say what we need to say to God, to each Person; which is what we did and are doing.

Today, we have a very large documentation and many, great things appropriate for today’s generation, suitable for today’s humanity, and fit for the hearts returning to God, especially back to His Divine Mercy, with the door opened in this Jubilee Year of Mercy, with the graces and blessings given abundantly to humanity. At the same time, we also receive help from Mother, a silent Mother, a Mother who is always concerned for the human world, looking for all kinds of ways to lead the children to reform and return to God. Today, spontaneously, let each one of us come to God by the way Mother taught us (4); this is the way that throughout Mother’s quiet life, when Mother was living on earth, Mother always practiced wholeheartedly, with a heart belonging to God. Each morning, upon waking, Mother prostrated before God and Mother always lifted up words of thanksgiving, of praise, of gratitude, with a heart completely belonging to God. All of Mother’s works received God’s protection (5) so Mother never had any sins in Mother’s life; Mother became the Queen of heaven; Mother’s Immaculate Heart prospered, in the truth, in the human world. Today, it is Mother Herself who teaches us what is most needed in these urgent times in which people have followed countless directions leading to errors and followed a life of license, which became a very big issue for the whole of humanity.

Even our normal lives with each other have no real peace because evil has encroached everywhere and has ruled in this generation when we reject and do not believe in God. We do not understand what faith is; we let the freedom and the clever, sophisticated ways of civilization affect countless souls, with countless people leaving what used to be their source, to search for something that is not theirs. That is the darkness with its snares that cause people to lose their souls as well as their bodies; to lose the direction to return to truth and righteousness, and to the Supreme God in the doctrine and the truth that people need to know, need to learn, and need to believe in order to experience the God, rich in mercy; the God, full of love; the God who has the power; the God who creates; the Sovereign God; and the God who redeemed us, through the death of Jesus, to save humanity.

God redeemed our sins for us to live and exist today; our souls must benefit from those deeds in order for us not to fall into the snares of evil, whether unintentionally or deliberately. God’s Love always waits, always forgives, always bring us back; God is the God of love, the God who rules by love, and is also the King of the universe, the God above all other gods (6), the King above all other kings. People cannot refuse, people cannot act against and contrary to the ethics and the laws that God gave to mankind; it is time for everyone to open their eyes, their ears, and their hearts, to receive what belongs to them in grace and blessing. We have a Person who has remained quiet from old till this day; Mother is the Person who represents humanity, is worthy, and has gone to heaven; in Mother’s whole life, Mother became the most supreme Queen, from God bestowing upon Mother. At the same time, Mother also takes the position of a queen to act on behalf of heaven, to come to the world in this time to help us and to teach us, especially for the human world to know what to do in times of crisis, at the moments people are breathing their last, in the days in which we have seen the truth, that there is no longer love, no longer days of solidarity, no longer days of real peace in humanity.

Everything has changed; there is no longer conscience, truth, and justice; people are enticed by the evil spirit, who ruled in clever, sophisticated ways. People, with their immature faith, have been completely corrupted and live in a world that is entering its final days; yet, people still do not yet know, do not yet see, and do not yet recognize the important value for one’s own soul to either return to God or to be responsible for what we are doing – individually, collectively, all over – with laws and practices that are contrary to ethics and morality, contrary to the statutes, and offensive toward God. This is something people no longer fear, no longer respect, and they no longer recognize what the truth is, what justice is. Thus, there is a need to remind mankind again of the human condition as we continue to be obstinate, to be hardhearted; that is the freedom God gave us right from the beginning and He respected this – it is His great love, compassion, slowness to anger that always create opportunities for mankind. At the same time, by our sides is a Person who is always silent, Mother Mary, and the Presence of the Eucharistic Jesus, Present in Divinity.

This is an opportunity to remind the whole world – each class, each role – to urgently pray to God for help; God is the only Person to save us in this generation, from the spiritual life to the practical life. If we do not believe and we really do not understand the power of God, then we remain in a world that simply revolves around the sphere of sins and death. However, we already received the salvation from Jesus; He died so that we might live, He saved us, He resurrected in triumphal glory to bring us the doctrine and the truth, to give us hope, to give us this present life as well as the next one, full of meaning, joy, peace, and happiness – but we destroyed it because we do not have sufficient faith, we do not fully comprehend, we do not have sufficient experience, and we do not understand what belongs to God that we practice, so we let the ego, the personality, and the freedom rule in our lives, to the extent of forgetting our own source.

Anyway, no matter what happens to the world – or whether the world has many people who violate, who offend – there are still some people, which is the Church of Jesus Christ, the Church God left; that Church forever remains and exists, to help us, to guide us back to the harbor, with the days in which God, in the divine realm, through the Holy Spirit, leads us back to our origin. Freedom is still respected in each individual, in each soul, in each role, in each country, and in the entire world; this is an opportunity, a great gift to our human world, in grace and blessing. Today, Mother teaches us, because our world cannot be conquered by what people are currently using: weapons, power, threats with the clever, sophisticated ways under the guise of civilization; with realities that do not come from the truth but from the days of living on earth, in the flesh, with the radical science of the era, we get confused between good and evil.

Thus, what comes from God is in the soul, in the heart, in the belief – the truth remains the evidence. From the beginning of the century until the end of the century, God still desires for mankind to live in the truth, to return to the truth, to recognize God, to live with love for others, to love our brothers. That is the law from of old till now, but we have reached a level in which there are no longer days in which we show support and love and recognize our source; we have let the acts of freedom, the personal decisions, lead us into a time of debaucheries, of violations, of offenses. It is time for justice, for everyone to bear the responsibility regarding everything that is known but still acted upon; human strength cannot oppose the secular movement in the time in which we live. We only know that if we really are the children of God, the sheep of God, then no matter who we are, no matter what role, we just know our human condition when we pray, when we look at all our strength that is unable to stop the brothers; even if we are righteous, we have no power to prevent besides our beseeching prayers to ask God.

With the weak human condition, if without the Holy Spirit teaching, then we do not know where to start and how to pray for God to accept, to have mercy, and to welcome us through the prayers we lift up. There is no one besides Mother Mary, who silently prays and is the Person whom God fully accepts, from within the soul to the outside; only Mother Mary. Mother is a quiet Person, from the first moment, from the day God the Father chose Her to become the Mother of the Second Person of God, and with all the protection from God for Mother, Mother was free of sin in Her human life. Today, what Mother teaches is entirely pleasing to God the Father; Mother does not teach us to do something too difficult, Mother also does not teach us to prevent everything that is coming, but Mother teaches us to bow our heads and to prostrate, to surrender to ask God to intervene.

God is the only Person who can do it all, from within the soul to the outside; He brought forth creation so everything exists only with His permission; if He does not allow then everything will disappear and dissipate in His light. Everything today has the profound and wide meaning of the Six Kowtows, which each one of us personally practices, from inside the soul, at private places, from our residences to the churches, and anywhere else, especially at the place where we pray urgently to ask for an encounter and for the light of God, which is the tabernacle – the Eucharistic Jesus. This is a sacred place that Jesus left for humanity but we have forgotten, we did not understand, we have neglected and made it a habit. The day has come for us to recognize the greatness of the God who came and manifested for us to notice His light that covers us and let us know what already appeared, which are the signs and wonders from the Eucharistic Jesus.

This is something that people need to know and this is the time in which Mother comes to help us, so let us continue to hear all the messages given to the entire world, which have remained silent until today. These are the most essential things; in the past, in the first history of the saints in the world, they brought the Gospel to teach, for us to believe and practice; that lasted throughout generations, with countless persecutions, countless oppositions. In the end God is still God, from the beginning till the end of the century is still only one God, whom we need to return to, to believe in, and to worship. Today, God lets us have freedom and from our worship of the idols, today is the answer – all the nations around the world are under threat and in crisis, with no real peace. That is the rule of man, the rule of idols; God is totally different. It is time for us to distinguish very clearly: what is good and what is evil. God cannot be likened to all that is in the world; He continues to love us from the beginning until the end of the century (7) – He is still the God of love, the God rich in mercy, the God with authority and full of power, to save us or to exterminate everything on earth.

This is the last opportunity Mother asks from God, for us to receive this to beseech to God before events start as predestined. The Alpha and the Omega reminds us of the commencement and also of the end, which is also the last starting point we must face, with the days that today we cannot deny, with the betrayals, the refusals, the offenses. Can we then continue in the human world or not? That is a question for each individual and for each person; it is time, we must return. This is also the time of the Omega and the salvation; in this time, the door of the Divine Mercy is open. We are in the time of grace and blessing, which allows for closeness between us and God; with a volunteering heart, everyone has the right to speak to Him – let us come to the encounter in a way of returning with heart to God: to truly return, by actions and not just by words.

It is most essential and urgent to pray for ourselves, for our families, for those around us, for the world, for the people in purgatory, for all the people who do not yet know, do not yet believe, do not yet understand – who live obstinately, hardheartedly and arrogantly. This is a world in which Mother Herself helps us; we cannot go on being arrogant, we cannot boast, be proud and haughty – if we truly continue with this situation then the world is entering into its final day, which is the time of miseries, of sufferings, of diseases among people, with many more frightening realities. So what we need most is to be humble; we need to recognize the truth and the most essential thing for our souls so that we truly are the people returning to God with our hearts, with our souls – to ask God to accept and intervene, for the Immaculate Heart of Mary to triumph in the world by virtues and holiness, without the need for swords, without the need for battle, and without the need for wars and fighting as people are currently involved in.

We just need to cry out in our inner, spiritual life and God will have a way in His power to help us in the days we desire; that is peace and happiness – peace when we know God, when we believe in God, when we call upon God and God lovingly accepts, forgives. We will enter a world that belongs to Him, because He is the Creator, He is the Supreme Sovereign, He is the Father of humanity, the God above all gods; in His supremacy, He knew everything throughout generations. We cannot refuse and we cannot fail to return to our source; this is the moment for us to show gratitude, to show thanksgiving – we lift up to God the most essential matters, and we speak to Him.

Let us not ask the question why there are surprises by this way of praying or where does this prostration come from, but simply recognize ourselves in our human condition; what place do we have to continue with our habits, to look at blessings in an ordinary and banal way, without a reverent heart, reserved for God, a heart in veneration? We have taken things for granted, become despised, and this has become a habit in our lives. Those with the ministry to serve in the ranks of the Church; those who are selected to become the shepherds, on whom God has bestowed the vocation of priesthood; the laity; all of humanity, need to gather and unite, with only one equality in the love that God has for each one of us, united in our hearts to implore the power of God to intervene.

Today, people who are either hardhearted or obdurate must return and surrender, because only God brings peace, only God brings harmony, only God gives us the real hope of love that He wants to bestow upon us; He rules over us with love, which enables us to still exist and to go on with happy and peaceful days when we have Him, are with Him, and are in Him. The Eucharistic Jesus is still Present; besides God, no one else can give us freedom, happiness, harmony, and true peace; so, soul and body: now is the time and the day we must return and recognize the source – it is the day we must surrender and prostrate to ask God for His Mercy and intervention, for us to be received into the light of Jesus Christ, through the Eucharistic Jesus, so that we may recognize His Presence. That is the ultimate goal – to save us through the Cross, and until the last day He also saves us in the divinity through the power of His Holy Eucharist. By His side, who is the Person who is the most knowledgeable to receive in a special way in this generation? That Person is Mother Mary.

In the time of salvation, God the Father allowed every occasion and created opportunities for us to return, to repent, to recognize God; let us not rely on everything in the world, for us to continue to make mistakes and persist in wrongdoings. We cannot fight against idolatry (8); because we opened the door for it to rage in the world, today it has become an expert and has become the cover-up for all evildoings, the cover-up with all the subtle sophistications under the disguise of civilization, controlling with beauty on the outside but inside is something quite frightening and repulsive – a snare to trap us. Whoever is weak in faith will fall into its snare, leading us – soul and body – away from our God, relying upon civilization to argue, to justify, to cover up the arrogance and the need in our lives to live with what God bestows and teaches us; that we must live in the truth – to know Him, to revere and love Him with all our strength, with all our heart, and to love our brothers. These have become truths that are against the grain of today’s world, with freedom approved in ways that are contrary to ethics and morality, contrary to the law, contrary to all of God’s creation and are derogatory, one way and another.

Who can do this? Isn’t it the devil using us in our weakness, in our immaturity of faith? Because we are weak, he rages according to his way, but must this generation be completely defeated under his hands? Today, God cannot turn away when He sees His Son is still here – the Eucharistic Jesus; His Son shed Blood to redeem each one of us, and Mother Mary Herself shed tears profusely throughout the day to pray for the world. So this is the opportunity in the days of salvation; this is clearly a story in history, connected to a program that today God already planned and arranged for us. The Omega and the salvation – as this is the time of the salvation, we must listen to promptly return; we must embrace the very important gifts for the soul, for the body, for our daily lives, so that we may understand the meaning that when we practice – with soul, body, mind, and a contrite, returning heart – we receive God’s forgiveness. (9)

These are the months bestowed with His Divine Mercy, from generation to generation, but this will end one of these days, because of the Alpha and the Omega right from the beginning; now is also the time for the most needed things, for God to pour down the graces and blessings as never before. Today, this century is entering into a time in which we can see there is no peace and mankind lives in corruption and in the darkness, with death and diseases rampant everywhere among people. As for what we must know, God is the Creator, God has the right to bestow, God has the right to give, God has the right to withdraw, God has the right to let things exist, so the only thing for us is not to deny God but return. These are still the days of freedom for us to recognize the human condition and realize that we must return by heart; not only for us personally, not just for us, but we must act on behalf of our brothers, because of the time of grace and blessing that God allows. Mother is also teaching us to pray for the people who are hardhearted, the people who do not yet believe, the people who do not yet know as well as for this generation to come back.

Only God can give us harmony, happiness, and peace; only God can bring the best things in love, for us to continue with a world in the perfection and the goodness given to us; but we self-destruct, we mar, we self-destroy, relying on science and technology, relying on the knowledge that made us arrogant. So let’s remind ourselves, each person in each role: money, fame, all that is inherent in the world will become ephemeral and fleeting; as for what is in the soul, it has a price – that is the price with which the Creator created us, gave us a heart, a soul, a life in the present, an afterlife for the soul, but we do not know, do not understand, and do not believe. So now is the time; we must know, must understand, must believe, for us to recognize that God has come, is coming, and revealed Himself through the Holy Eucharist so that we know what comes from the light of God, the heavenly light – and what comes from the darkness will be destroyed in the light if they do not belong to the light.

These are truths one needs to know, to hear and to welcome; every class, every role, whoever has ears ought to hear, whoever has eyes ought to see, and the hearts to experience and meditate on what already happened and is happening. And now I thank God’s Love for me to receive the graces needed, for which today we are kneeling before the altar, the tabernacle, the Cross, the holy statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and the picture of the Divine Mercy, to receive this message through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, to explain to people through the Six Kowtows (10), who are perplexed about what happened, about what is coming to the world.

The Six Kowtows are a technique, an art that Mother teaches us – very beautiful and great for our eyes to see when we serve our God, and to teach us from within our souls, to express what belongs to God. In our human condition, we only need to know what needs to be done within, what is true, but most people who do are indeed very few while the appearances are too many. Today, things are revealed and offered to God, soul and body, by action, by invocation, by the prayers we cannot say by ourselves but are from the Holy Spirit who supports and helps us in our life of prayers, to ask God to give, visibly (11), through the miracles given to us right at the moment we pray and right at the moment we invoke and trust. This is something that most needs the Holy Spirit’s inspiration, for me to complete this message in this morning, in a spirit of thanksgiving, of praise; to glorify God who gives to me and to all the brothers and sisters who are sent to bear witness and to pioneer – as well as to the present generation – the grace of the Six Kowtows.

Today, we have the opportunity to receive this message after the moments we testify to the Six Kowtows, everywhere; at all the places we already visited and will continue to visit in the days ahead. So this is the occasion to listen; whoever has ears ought to hear, whoever has eyes ought to see, and for each heart to receive the grace and blessing from God who reserves and bestows upon us. When we practice this, the divine protection will shield us, protect us who belong to God; our minds become more enlightened, our minds are more lucid, and we will easily see between good and evil for us to make the decisions, to have the protection.

In God’s grace we will know what was in the past, what the mistakes were, for us to return with love to God, accompanying the Creator, accompanying the merciful Father; there is only one Father who can give us happiness and peace in this life and in the afterlife – from now until the last day of our lives. Let us open our ears to be able to delve into the meaning of each kowtow that we offer to Him; let us open our hearts to understand the meaning of the salvation that Jesus brought, to recognize the sanctity inherent in the soul and in the body through the Holy Spirit, and let us experience the Presence from which today the voice echoes around the world through the Eucharistic Jesus. The revelations of the miracles present in the divinity are manifested to the human world, reminding people not to forget the salvation that Jesus died for – to atone for humanity so that we may live. Thanks to that salvation, we can exist, return to heaven, have peaceful and happy days on earth, filled with meanings with the opportunity for us to learn of the doctrine and the truth. We cannot forget the Person who acts on our behalf, Mother Mary, who is wholly perfect before God the Father, became Queen of heaven, and lived on earth without any sins. Today, Mother comes to help and teach us the meaning of the Six Kowtows, to fully explain, clearly. Through the Six Kowtows, we see the saints and the holy angels protecting and praying for us, always helping us in the holy works when we lift up toward God. We have the entire heavenly host covering and protecting us when we truly understand the meaning of the Six Kowtows; when we surrender and prostrate with heart, we can see that divine protection, so then we will avoid sins, give up sins, and we will know what is in sin – we will belong to God in the grace that shields and protects us with the meaning of the Six Kowtows that today I and all the brothers and sisters have the opportunity to receive and hear.

These are the most essential things for us to learn more about, because the divine realm will never stop but will be infinite with the teachings that go on every day and every moment when there is an opportunity. This is the truth that needs to be testified for the entire world to know in order to return, to receive the blessing and the grace from Mother Mary’s teaching – guiding us, for the human world to be protected and sheltered in a special way, particularly on those days that are the last days of the century and also the coming days of a new world. If we have the opportunity to truly have the protection from God, when we are accepted by God – forgiving us – we can still hope to come into the new world that God has arranged for a number of people to come to; and if we must die in this century then we also have joy and peace when we belong to God, through the forgiveness when we surrender and prostrate to God in order to return to the heavenly kingdom with God.

Everything that should be said has been said and ended in this morning. L. completes this message from the inspiration of the Holy Spirit at exactly 11:08 a.m. on Tuesday, September 13, 2016, in St. Theresa Church, before the altar, the Cross, the tabernacle, the holy statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and the picture of the Divine Mercy. The 13th is also the day of Our Lady; I had the opportunity this morning to receive another message, and this is also an opportunity to bring what people need to hear, need to know to understand more about the meanings of the Six Kowtows. Every role, every class needs to hear, needs to know in order to make the decisions themselves; these are the divine works brought to mankind and are most needed in the duty to bear witness and to bring to all the brothers and sisters, for them to receive and hear.

At the same time, we have the opportunity to pray for those who are in purgatory, to pray for all those who are hardhearted, to pray for the world to return, and to pray for those who are obdurate, for them to also have the opportunity to return to God.  The moment that He bestows is the Divine Mercy that He reserves for us, in the grace and favor on the days that we still have and the door is open – it is the door of the Jubilee Year in which Mother Mary is determined to help us and teach us. This is an opportunity for us to look more into the depth, height, width – to come closer to God with a belief, with a faith; to affirm that we belong to God whom we worship, prostrate to, surrender to, and sincerely repent in order to return to Him through the places where we bow to worship our God through the meaning of the Six Kowtows, which is also a figure to regain the true victory through the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary and the total triumph of Mother Herself, already announced to today’s human world, which we already heard of, already knew about.

In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our God – Mother awaits our collaboration, Mother awaits each one of us to carry the flag to go together with Her into a world with total triumph in peace – to have the reign and the presence of God with us in the remaining days; this is also a grace, a last grace for us to be able to receive and hear in this time. L. completes this message at exactly 11:10 a.m., which is the three digits one, which means the presence of the Trinity, the presence of the three archangels who are protecting us for this message to be brought to the world. These are the most essential works for which we offer thanks and praises, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our God. L. completes at 11:10 on Tuesday, September 13, 2016, at St. Theresa Church. Amen. Amen. Amen.

*The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. L. leads a very intense prayer life that centers on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. L. receives messages by way of interior locutions and sees visions of Eucharistic miracles that can be recorded via cell phone. When Jesus gives L. messages it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of  

  1. Here in the United States, in September of 2015
  2. God has given the Six Kowtows great supernatural power, especially of personal conversion and intercession. This is a holy practice; it reverses the devil’s pride and refusal to prostrate, so to speak, before God; the devil is powerless when he encounters humility, not knowing what to do in the face of it. Hence, the Six Kowtows are very powerful in bringing sinners back to God (by humbling oneself profoundly before God, imploring His Mercy – not merely through words but also through one’s body, which is very powerful because humans are body, spirit and soul [1 Thessalonians 5:23], not pure spirits like God and the angels). In the Six Kowtows our bodies – along with our words, mind, heart, spirit and soul – express our whole selves to the Almighty God, who is merciful to those coming back and attentive to the intercessory prayer of those who have come back.
  3. As St. Vincent de Paul taught, “Humility is nothing but truth […]”.
  4. The Six Kowtows revealed to world through Blessed Mother; this is Her “teaching.”
  5. Because She was immaculately conceived (without original sin), She did not have the three effects of it: the darkening of the intellect, the weakening of the will, and the disordering of the lower passions and emotions. Unlike Adam and Eve, She responded to this grace with perfect love, humility, and fear of the Lord. She could have sinned but would not sin; She loved God too much to do so.
  6. As in the Bible, “gods” are mentioned but they only exist in the minds of men (for example, in Psalm 96:5, 1 Chronicles 16:25-26 and Mark 12:29).
  7. The end of this current epoch in human history
  8. This only means that idolatry is so rampant, so advanced in the world that it cannot be overcome by our efforts. Unfortunately, that battle has already been lost. The end times in which we are living are quite ugly.
  9. Through the Six Kowtows, which are never to be seen or used as a substitute for sacramental Confession for Catholics and Orthodox Christians, God can forgive souls who have contrition. The Church teaches that imperfect or perfect contrition can forgive venial and even mortal sins outside sacramental Confession. But in all ordinary circumstances, the sacrament is the context in which the priest discerns these things and forgives in the Person of Christ. Extraordinary circumstances will be coming, though, with the universal Illumination of Conscience revealed to St. Faustina (Diary, 83, 1588), St. Edmund Campion and Blessed Anna Maria Taigi; great masses will be coming to God then. This will be very soon because of the great urgency heaven is placing in these messages on coming back now, before it is too late.
  10. The Six Kowtows messages, which for the most part have come through “Inspired Messages” such as this one
  11. This refers, at least in part, to the miraculous images of the Eucharist that L. is able to capture on her cell phone.

New Revelations through the Eucharist

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