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The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

Heavenly Poems and Songs

''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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        The Gift of The Six Kowtows 

January 4, 2017 – Memorial of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton


This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through L. when doing the Six Kowtows (1).


L.: O God, it is 9:24 a.m., Wednesday, January 4, 2017, at St. Theresa Church, at the sanctuary. Today is the memorial that the Church reminds us of – to commemorate St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.


I thank God for allowing us to visit the Basilica of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton where she was buried. That basilica has a significant meaning for me and my brothers and sisters, because it was also the day for a brother and sister who were present on the trip to take an oath. That was the first day of the trip; we brought 5,000 CDs to the world, to everyone, which was incidentally during the days of the Pope’s trip to Philadelphia. We can never forget that significance, and we also received a message from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. 


Today, it has been a year later for me to be able to continue; after we offer the Six Kowtows, may God allow me to receive a message from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton to remind us of our divine mission; we continue with days of faith and our fiat, in everything, under the direction of the Holy Spirit leading us. It is not easy for everyone to gather together. Today, we are waiting to welcome a brother who is coming to visit us, and whom we see quite rarely; this is a meeting for us to recognize the love from each other; that God continues to allow us to unite to pray for each other, to support the life in which God gave and is giving us.


The doctrine we heard this morning, the First Letter of St. John (2), is uniquely for humans and for our human world: only with love can we prevail over life, only with love can we exist, only with love can we encounter the kingdom of heaven, and only with love can God use us until the last moment. To God, we must be genuine. Because of that genuineness, we lift up today with the meaning of the Six Kowtows, not only for today but also forever, with our feelings and hearts belonging to God, in surrender, in prostration, with our life of repentance. This continuing like a shining example and like a flag beginning to rise for people to know and to unite together in prostration and surrender, to belong to one God – a loving Father, rich in mercy, who is also the only Sovereign Being to whom we prostrate, surrender, worship, in repentance; to amend our lives, to ask Father to welcome us, to accept us on the spiritual path, through the Holy Spirit's presence and the urging of Jesus through the Eucharist, who is also the Second Person of God who redeemed the sins of humanity. That divine mark is forever imprinted on each one of us, from our soul to body; and by our side there is a silent Person, perpetually in our lives and in our lifetime to lead us into the virtuous life that we must have, to learn what is really simple but also requires effort and a heart truly lifted towards God to hear His doctrine and His truth.


Today, there is much that we respectfully offer to God. May God open our minds, may God enlighten each one of us through the Holy Spirit's urging, to offer to God our thankful hearts, our grateful hearts, for giving us a brother who entered a place to prepare for the life God already chose for our group, which is a representative entering the seminary, for this voice, these Six Kowtows, to be accepted through the first step, which God has arranged for us. Today, whatever we do, we also unite together through our prayers to pray for our brother, united in prayer to pray to continue to have other brothers and sisters so that, through us, they may also enter the consecrated life. This brings to us what is most essential in this life, and will bear fruits in the future days that God already reserved for us, especially in this present generation. At this moment, all things are surrendered to God the Father, the Supreme God who always bestows and gives; He comprehends all the feelings of each generation, of each era, of each heart, of each person who today bears the duty and responsibility, and a heart with sentiment – inwardly and outwardly – to dedicate to our God: the Almighty God, the God who reserves these moments for us, the God whom we worship, now and forever.


We offer the First Kowtow to God the Father. O Father – with the first words I thank Father, because all that comes to us, every second, every minute, every word, every deed, each work in the life of faith, urging the life of testimony and pioneering, if without Father's permission, if without being touched by Jesus' love in the salvation, if without the urging and enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, we would not have the courage and no one would have the courage to do the most commonplace but most profound works, alerting people the most in the human world today (3), to evoke in them what we have been doing and are doing; even us – we have never done before, but today we start; from that, we can feel our lives conquered by our hearts. That is real humility in our lives, because we must live in a life of obedience, and do things that many people today reject, many people do not accept, with different comments and opinions that sometimes make our heart ache, but for us, what is seen as a grief in the eyes of humans, of people in their positions and functions, to us is joy and happiness.


So there are certain things the saints have gone through in the course of history, especially St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. She was the first saint in our country of residence; in her life of service she also experienced countless trials and challenges – if she was not fully immersed to delve deeply into the Holy Spirit's guidance and with the permission through God's grace, then she would not be as well-known. Especially today, what was in the course of history, what was imprinted for humans to look at to move forward on the way back to God, indeed, it is not easy to win over all of humanity, because in every class, in every role, there are many aspects in which people do not accept the truth, because life is too liberal and it is too easy to live with a life depending on what comes from humans. There is a law, but that has to conform to the ruling system, which Jesus also had to abide by to come into the world; He ruled by love, by the truth that today everyone knows.


So everything started today for us to have new rules in our century in this way; perhaps there are many rules that many people do not accept, but this is the truth; because humans, in weak condition, if not by divine grace, if not by a loving and merciful Supreme Being, and a supreme, Almighty God, then the ordinary, commonplace and sinful people like us would not have the opportunity to return. The love of God is too lofty, too mysterious, too intimate; it is love that we just need to believe in, we just need to practice with a sincere heart, with peace in the soul, to be amended right at the moment we begin, though these are things that we have to struggle and challenge ourselves with through the months; that is the shyness, the embarrassment in front of people, but over the months, that has become a habit – today, we feel joyful, and we are happy to do this.


O God, who can do it for us except You, the Almighty, who today allows us to bow down and prostrate. Through generations, history books have recorded – indeed, those people whom God the Father bestowed and gave, especially Moses himself; the flame blazed in the bushes and God said, take off your sandals for the place where you are standing is holy ground [Compare Exodus 3:5 and Acts 7:33]. Therefore, all that already was in history is typical; today's human world must return – today, God does not ask us to take off our sandals, but God wants us to take off all the thinking and the trivial reasoning in the flesh and let our souls have a heart to recognize a Supreme God,  whom we must prostrate to – which is needed in our mind and heart, from the inside to the outside – a God we worship, are happy to worship, are happy to offer to God the First Kowtow, to be the first in the world to directly speak to God the Father through this way, to convey to all people, to thousands of people, and to all generations of mankind today.


This is blessing, this is grace, and this is sublime greatness for the human world. Let us wait, stop our human habits, with our overly ordinary and banal view, with all the freedom from our ego, with the assumptions, with those absolutely narrow thoughts – totally in weakness. We still do not understand and do not know; God does not need sacrifice, God needs our hearts. Today we are taught to have a heart reserved for God, conforming to His laws – to understand His laws, which are love, respect, and charity for one another. That is the supreme law that Jesus, before He went into the Passion, repeated for all generations, for every person, and for every individual, for us to understand what He needs.


What He needs from us is the heart, a repenting heart, a returning heart, a heart that knows to listen to the truth; only truth can ensure that our lives are not troubled by a world in which we already know that the devil always looks for all kinds of ways to encroach, to attack; and he can shatter our lives, and cause our souls to suffer and to writhe in pain with the truth, justice, and the laws God reserved for us.


God's laws protect us; God's laws are for us to have days of prosperity in the world, and the peace that He reserves for us, and eternity in the heavenly kingdom forever for our souls. We must live by God's laws that He brought for us, not by outwardly appearances but by the heart, which is truth, which is genuine, which is righteousness and justice; if we can do this we will be absolutely protected in the power, in the love, and in the laws of God. We have been affected by freedom, by the pettiness and mediocrity in human limitation, so we do not quite understand what truth is; we do not know how to use truth – indeed, truth is very difficult for humans. The world – from the first world came the deception because we fell on the first day; the serpent used its way to cause our first parents to be banished from the Garden of Eden, but with Jesus' love, with Jesus' death, with the infinite love of the Divine Mercy that God the Father reserves for humanity, He exceeded more than everything we need to use: that is the sacredness – the sacredness of the heart, the sacredness of the soul, the sacredness with the determination for us to realize what belongs to God. We cannot walk alone, we cannot act alone, but we have God's grace; when we completely belong to God, then God's grace is poured out abundantly upon us, for us to choose in our freedom – to choose peace, to choose happiness, or to choose what we still face with all human realities.


O God – worldly possessions, money, fame, lust, and greed are more than enough to bring us out of the circle of love that God reserved, but He is omniscient; He does not compel us to do things when we do not want to, but He wants the truth to come from the heart – the truth must come from our hearts and minds, the truth must come from the decision to bear witness to what belongs to God that we practice daily, faced with conscience, and the sense of right and wrong, to have peace in the soul. Because it is only with the truth that we can conquer all, and in the truth there is the doctrine of love, the doctrine of reverence, the doctrine of God so therefore no one can defeat and destroy us; on the contrary, they must show respect, because only God is immutable – people must absolutely honor God, who is the God of the human world, the God of each one of us, and the God of humanity (4). As humans, we are narrow-minded and limited, so we still do not understand, still do not know.


Today, I ask of God, with this kowtow – we know we are allowed to kowtow, we are allowed and happy to kowtow, with a reverent heart and with a desire to kowtow, because when we belong to God, we no longer can rule ourselves, and not from our own will, with the unrighteousness in our sinful and weak flesh. Every time we prostrate and kowtow, we seem to receive acceptance and intervention; God sees the humble gestures, God gives us more strength; gradually, in reformation, in integrity, we begin to move forward with the steps. Today we are no longer afraid and hesitant among people; we only know to respectfully offer these to God, asking God to accept, asking God to forgive, asking God to welcome, asking God to help our brothers and sisters who still do not know, who still do not believe, and who never had the opportunity to feel what they reserve for God by the heart; speaking with the heart, speaking with the soul is too familiar, but how can they understand and express the heart, express the soul? (5)


O God, we must cast off our ordinary and mediocre human viewpoint; then we can be close and encounter God in the heart and the mind, to say the words that do not belong to us but that our hearts desire strongly, which are the particular words in the truth we want to lift up?  So, this is a plan specially arranged for the world today, with the favor and grace from the lifetime of Mother Mary, pleading today with God the Father to reserve this favor and grace for humanity, for us to understand more about each Person to whom we respectfully address – especially, under the Holy Spirit's urging, to say the words that need to be said, to speak the words for God the Father to accept, and there are feelings, desires to say for the brothers and sisters, who in their lifetime, although knowledgeable and educated, appropriate in their roles, but in their hearts are hard and cold, and they still struggle daily in their lives with the flesh and many things in human life. O God, there are so many  marvelous things we cannot mention all, but we can see in the souls of the brothers and sisters whose hearts are also like ours, but they do not know how to speak, they do not know how to beseech, yet when we belong to God, the Holy Spirit will guide and teach us to speak, on behalf of all people, on behalf of all classes, to respectfully offer to God the First Kowtow today.


O God the Father, in all of our works, we should not allow our thoughts to be too complicated, we should not have too many things to ponder upon, too many reasonings; we should only know that because of our weak condition we need to come to God with our heart, to remove our human habits, and ask God to accept with each meaning we respectfully offer here to God. Even if we cannot perform due to physical illness, we can with our souls and our minds, because it is what is inside that is most essential for us to offer today to God – to be the example, for one thing; to be determined; to humble oneself; to fully learn humility, inside as well as outside. Because for God we must be genuine; when we are genuine then we can open the lock for which God has given us the key. We hold this key, but we still do not know how to open the door; when we really can open with the key that God has given, then we do not completely belong to ourselves anymore, but we belong to God. Then the Holy Spirit will guide us and open the lock very easily. Opening this lock is in the soul, in the heart, removing oneself, removing pride, removing all that weighs us down in the rules and laws (6) that were and are; though are very acceptable things, but there are also a lot of limitations, because when facing what is divine, we need by our soul, by our lips, by prayer, by our removal, to reserve for God in a special way in the soul, in the mind, in the heart – then we can experience the depth of the greatness God reserved in the divine realm, and that has and will be bestowed upon each and every generation.


In the past, there were prophets, messengers, but we – each one of us – are prophets, messengers (7). It depends on each heart to open up to receive, because God does not discriminate; He only wants each one of us to have the right to come to encounter Him, to receive the graces He reserves and pours out abundantly on each one of us. He will give us what is consistent with us in life, in line with His creation of each one of us, with our unique beauty. A rose but each one in different colors – each creates a magnificent rose garden to God the Father that is a masterpiece that he never wants to wither; so He continues to water it, in this life and in the next, from this generation to the next – forever there will be radiant flowers. Through their own experience, they will be watered, and they will be imbued to become prophets and messengers.


Indeed, it is not difficult; this is an era in which we unite together to prostrate before God, for the actions of the Holy Spirit to become great in the world, and the rose garden of God to start blooming and flowering, and increasingly spreading everywhere, when we can understand a true love and a unique love – that is the Divine Mercy of God the Father. The Divine Mercy of God the Father, manifested through Jesus and in the Holy Spirit, is active in the human world. So, today the absolute things that we offer to God – all that does not stop here, but there still is infinity and limitlessness God reserves for us when we belong to Him. We will be thoroughly taught, we will experience all of this doctrine that belongs to heaven; things that never happened before will happen for ordinary and commonplace people – with those who surrender, with those who prostrate, with those who belong to God with their whole heart and experience this truth.


O God the Father – I thank Father. He pours down boundless graces, He always looks at us little ones. He said that although we are wicked and sinful, and because of our sins, we are worthy of death. He does not want us to die – He just wants us to repent and do penance; then Father will forgive all sins and give us back that right – that is, the right to be His children. So, no matter what happens, no matter how we are, being the masterpieces that God promised, He will never destroy us when we repent, do penance and know to return. Today we bow down before the Holy Face of Father, we bow down and trust; Father, please sanctify; transform each one present today, each person silently practicing the kowtows – each day, each role, each class – when they recognize that to encounter Him is the greatest happiness and set aside time for Him, for us to belong to and to serve Him. Father, please welcome us, forgive the brothers and sisters who are still on their way back; they still do not understand, still do not know, still do not believe, especially the priests who find this strange, who reject this, who consider us confused and that we completely do not know things. Indeed, we completely do not know, we do not really know, but the Holy Spirit already knows; His activities help people start with the first step, by the prostration and the surrender, which is both soul and body, then He will bestow later and lead us along the paths ahead. People cannot deny God’s deeds that are contained in with a Gospel written 2,000 years ago and that now, by actions, continues to conclude what is from the human condition that people, who still do not know, who still do not understand to practice today. God will perform great marvels reserved for the children who prostrate, and these children, these children selected in the ranks, will become His own people.


So, we have the right to choose to return, we have the right to choose to prostrate, we have the right to follow our own way. God does not refuse, but today, what we are able to receive in divine grace and blessing comes by way of Mother Mary (8), who is the author who teaches us this. Having a Mother, with Mother, we will be certain to obtain in a special way, we will understand more, we will be the ones who improve first, we will become perfect, we will become holy. Mother always supports the children who listen, leading us to God the Father, leading us to Jesus, and leading humanity to the Holy Spirit. This is something most wonderful that we had, are having, and still have. We continue to meet; what is in the divine realm yet present? It is Jesus through the Eucharist and the entire heavenly kingdom hidden through the Eucharist, reminding us that the Five Holy Wounds forever belong to us. That is an opportunity for us to utilize, of significant value, to help our souls return to the mark God impressed upon us through the Five Holy Wounds. At the same time, we have one Person – that is, Mother Mary; with Mother's meekness, Mother's gentleness, Mother's humility, and Mother's victory, for us today to offer to the Immaculate Heart, free of any sins of the human world, and the victory through virtue to bring this gift to mankind.


This is something so absolutely sublime that we should never ignore, that we should never disregard; we should never hold onto what is embedded in our habits, which is something very good in a religious life, but we receive new things. (9) Because God is rich in graces, He is full of abundances. He fills us with His grace, so let us receive and give ourselves the opportunity to get closer to God, in words, in prayers, in what we earnestly pray for, not on our own but the Holy Spirit will take control and lead us to revere and to worship, which is the best way for us to when we pray to have moments reserved for Him.


Therefore, the First Kowtow is so absolute that we need to hear, to learn, to respectfully lift up to God the Father. Father, please accept our words, please receive us, please allow us to represent all the people who still do not know, who still do not believe, who have never practiced, and who sometimes oppose. Father, please give them the opportunity to follow Your way, in the mystery, in the mighty power, for them to recognize Your Love, and through the Divine Mercy, that tries every way to lead us back to Father's love, to help us return to Father’s love, to help us live in Father’s love, to help us become people who are honest, people who are sincere; people who live in the truth, who know the truth; who know the doctrine; who know justice, so that we may avoid what is deep-seated in our daily lives in which we have and are offending daily with unrighteousness, presumption, suspicion, lack of love, and lack of duty and responsibility. Help us so that this moment may belong to Father, to have the Holy Spirit‘s constant reminder so that we may avoid sin, remove sin, completely eliminate sin, for us to be worthy to be Your children, to be nourished; to be forgiven, cleansed, sanctified, and transformed by the Divine Mercy so that we may understand the reformation, the perfection – to be holy, worthy to be the witnesses and the pioneers with what is heard, with what is known, through the Holy Spirit’s teachings, with the First Kowtow that we respectfully offer. Amen.


The Second Kowtow, we offer to our Lamb of God, the Second Person of God, who takes away the sins of the world; this is a proof of God's love reserved for mankind, reserved for humanity. God's love reserved in a special way through the doctrine and the truth was proved by Jesus’ death, so we respectfully offer the Second Kowtow to Him today. Please help us and all the brothers and sisters today with this prostration on behalf of the entire world. Sometimes our bodies are tired, in need of patience; this is the start with patience in the body first, for our souls to smoothly receive the words brought to us in the human world, and especially to the brothers and sisters who respectfully lift up to God today.


O Second Person O God – we thank Him for having complete obedience to God the Father; we thank Him for agreeing to enter into death; we thank Him for saving all generations; we thank Him for giving us joy, for giving us a life full of hope that we have had and are having. If without His salvation, if without the redemption of sins for the world through His Passion, if without the doctrine of Jesus, then for over 2,000 years we would still be waiting and would continue to wait. Today, there are some people who are still waiting; we still live under the old regulation (10), so that caused us to be limited with the love God reserves for us, with the lofty spirituality we receive from God who intended and gave. O Second Person of God, please embrace and accept us, for us to continue to convey what God intended 2,000 years ago; that patient wait still goes on. With days such as today, we lift up to God with this prostration, O God, to reiterate what was the eternal sign for all generations of mankind. That doctrine will save us, that doctrine will deliver us, and will forever be the foundation of support for us to lean on, to wash away each person’s sin – each person, each day.


O Second Person, O God, please help us so that we move forward on the path of return – return to the truth, return to the justice God wants in each one of us, through His particular creation. He did not want us to live with days of misery and suffering; He did not want to see us leave the Garden of Eden, to live with days of suffering, of damnation, with death and sin. So He came to restore what people need: His doctrine, His love, the intimacy God reserved through the Second Person – the relationship, the bridge to lead us back to God the Father, restore what was lost the first day because of the betrayal. Jesus had come to deliver, totally – not by everything normal and common we are receiving, but by the paths that allow us to be clearly aware and meticulously recognize in a life with sin and death, to reverse it, to conquer it, to sanctify it, and to transform it, and to thoroughly become a victor on the day Jesus resurrected in triumphant glory (11). So, the deeds Jesus did are signs that we cannot deny; since the moment He came to earth, clothed in the body of a baby, clothed in the body of an infant on a cold winter night, the shepherds around Him, with the divine, heavenly kingdom gracefully rejoicing and joyful to welcome the Savior into the human world. Only the shepherds, in weak condition, came to revere and worship; that remains a symbol for people like us today – to bring peace to humanity and to give graces for each of us when we comprehend.


O God, O Second Person of God – not ending with the time of that winter night, His whole life started with days conformity with the law. He had to agree to endure a life with wickedness and death, which humans have been violating since He was born into the world; but when He began to enter into the Passion, that doctrine proved everything brought from heaven and brought us an unforgettable history in human eyes. That supreme divinity was proven through the accomplishment of Jesus – a lofty example. His words and His deeds became the history book of the Gospel and the Good News (12) – to lead us to God the Father. That continues – to reform and help our wicked lives; for our lives to be changed with goodness, to be reformed, to be made complete.


Today, human rule and human life continue to look at that Savior, to look at God’s deeds, and believe in Jesus Christ, so we have been living and will live eternally, not just in ordinary and mediocre days. When we believe in Him we already have life; when we believe in Him then we certainly must live according to His doctrine, doing what He desires; to guide us from the most ordinary deeds to become the happiest, most peaceful and most meaningful things in the days on earth.


So that changed all human stubbornness, softened the hearts that are dry, cold, and also changed human wickedness, through the hands of the executioners, with tortures and beatings, and having the most wicked things – that is, the sins of humans, which are the iniquities due to the persecution of the evil spirits – that have bound us through generations. Jesus accepted everything, endured everything, with forgiveness, in a life never condemning, for that to become the punishment that Jesus took on and is taking. Because of that, He had to accept, to ask God the Father to forgive them. We must remember that infinite love forever; the love and forgiveness God set upon each one of us, to sanctify and transform a world in sin, in evil, in hatred, in jealousy, in envy – to absolutely become the doctrine that today is brought to us.


Throughout centuries, we may hear, but we have not yet practiced; we may hear, we may understand, but we lack the courage to act. Today, God helps us; if we want to act, if we want to practice, we must have God’s grace; so when we surrender and prostrate, the Holy Spirit will show us. It is not too hard yet not too easy when we do not believe and we do not decide; what is needed most is the heart, and absolute humility for each person; then we can change it into victory, and experience what God intended and granted.


O Savior – only He understands our hearts and our weaknesses, only He tries every way to lead us back with reformation, only He can wait for us till today, only He can bring us to the love and the Divine Mercy of God the Father. May He accept us, lead us – many people still do not know, still do not believe; please give them the opportunity to return to understand the meaning of the Second Kowtow that we cannot refuse in our human lives, to evoke what is most important, to evoke what is most needed, to evoke what is most essential to improve and return to God – through the grace poured down and bestowed upon us on this day. This does not end; when we can experience it, with the depth of that faith God will lead us, with the heart and the soul becoming tender, learning to understand through the sacredness that we established – to come to Him through our prayers, through our bowings, and through our prostrations. Please allow many people to know, to hear, to understand and experience, for us to receive the divine grace and blessing in this generation, through the Second Kowtow that Mother Mary teaches us; Mother Mary helps us achieve what is in the soul – divine, lofty and profound – that which we do not know, that which we have not yet practiced and have not yet done.


Today, thanks to this, we will know more, we will experience more, we will be more determined, we will become victorious and become the people who live in the truth, who amend our lives, and return to the love and the Divine Mercy that God reserves for humanity in general, and in particular for each person – to understand the meaning of the Second Person of God whom today we can come to worship reverently. That (13) continues to come to us by the healing – in soul as well as in body – when we completely belong to Him. Divine things come and allow us to have an intimate encounter, so please help us open our souls, open our eyes, open our hearts, to receive the meaning of each kowtow that we respectfully offer, to remind ourselves of the doctrine, to delve into the doctrine in a practical way in our daily lives – to know how to pray, to know how to belong to God.


Thanks to that divine blessing, thanks to that divine grace, we can increasingly understand the human condition; it is not too difficult nor too complicated; we just need to practice in faith, in love, with depth in our heart – then the Holy Spirit will help us and prevent us from falling into crime, from falling into unrighteousness, when we cooperate and implement this. That is what today we respectfully offer to the Second Person of God, asking Him to continue to accept and forgive us; to accept  when we offer reverently – to worship, to praise, to glorify, on behalf of the people who still do not know, who still do not believe; on behalf of the holy souls in purgatory, for them to return to God, to be forgiven; and to give us back the days to live in the truth, to know the truth, and to belong to God forever and ever. Amen.


We offer the Third Kowtow. O God, the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of God, the giver of life, today we cannot deny there still are good things in the world; the perfection God the Father created right from the beginning goes on today, is still going on as an urging in general for the world, in particular for each individual and for each country, each nation. Today, the voice with what has to be said, the voice that brings us the Good News and the Gospel, is the Church, which is a special place we cannot compare with all other places. It is where the signs of the sacred are left – in the mystery revealed – and are given to the material world, with the paintings, with the statues, at places so great and so grand that when compared to this period, there is no way we can realize it; and even if we can, it is a matter lacking depth in regard to the meanings from heaven that are manifested to humanity in general, to us in particular, and belonging to God.


So even this world has countless prosperous, wealthy nations, with money, fame, and fortune, but when speaking of love, of the life of faith, of the life of truth, and of the Gospel, then there is nothing other than our Church. The sublime mystery is established so that the Church alone knows; that is God, the God of heaven, the God of mankind, the God of all generations, the God of every individual, of every role. Today, every individual has the right to ask to meet Him; every individual has the right to be guided by Him; every individual has been urged to be strong, to not fear, to not back down so that we may bear witness to the Good News, to the Gospel, to the truth God intended and gave, so that all of those who attain the doctrine may have glory, the glory of God reserved for us in today’s humanity.


The saints who are gone in the course of history – they were also ordinary people like us, they did not have the courage, they were also very afraid, but they achieved victory because they found the Gospel, the doctrine, the love, the truth, in God’s grace, for them to be strong, and to move forward, despite obstacles, despite sufferings, but they never backed down, for the Holy Name and the Gospel of God to shine, to be spread from generation to generation. This is the only reason we can recognize; only God is the mighty God, the loving God, the God who waits, the God who bestows and continues to give; in that love, and even giving us His forgiveness, for us to go on living, for sinners to have the opportunity to return.


There are people like us who know, and who have the opportunity to hear; this is something we do not understand ourselves, but by the love and spirit of God, God the Father and Jesus united to become one spirit, by the divinity always given to the world and to all those who belong to Him – the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Third Person, but in God the Father’s Love and Jesus, their spirits become the Holy Spirit, a divine Person who exists in each one of us. What is most perfect, most beautiful, most holy belongs to the Holy Spirit – that is something very clear to lead us into things we may not yet understand; books can only describe up to a certain limit, but the Holy Spirit is the infinity that cannot be described; in all the roles He has and all the deeds He has done. There is only one thing leading us to learn from the Holy Spirit and to put that into practice, which is holy love leading us in perfection, leading us to what is best and leading us in perfect love. So love will help us not fear, love will help us not to be limited, and love will fly high, fly far, and boundlessly, like God’s love for mankind. Love – when we attain love, we are no longer afraid of anyone's obstruction; whether difficulty, or opposition, or killing, we are still happy, pleased, and forgive as God has already forgiven; delighted to receive that infliction to enter heaven.

Indeed, it is a sublime mystery that the Holy Spirit carried out in all generations, and He continues to give to us in this generation. Please help us understand the meaning that today we attained, because the world must know that for 2,000 years, Jesus continues to wait patiently; for 2,000 years, with the doctrine that He Himself realized, Jesus continues to remain with us, to give us the opportunity to meet – but few people know, few people encounter, and few people experience. Today, the Holy Spirit gives us the opportunity; when we completely belong to Him, then we can easily practice, easily embrace what is best, what is greatest, what is most abundant, what is happiest, and what is most peaceful, accomplished by the Holy Spirit. We just need to cooperate, because our human condition that God created is simply weak and limited; we just need to obey, we just need to understand the doctrine, and we will be happy, prosperous, and all things will come to us; nothing can make us miserable because everything is in God's arrangement.

Today, we offer the Third Kowtow to the Holy Spirit, with a reverent heart, a heart in prostration, to respectfully lift up to Him, asking Him to help us, asking Him to give us the opportunity to know Him, to be close to Him, asking for His authority over each one of us, over the whole world, to regain what was lost with the shortsighted days, with the cold and indifferent days, with days lacking faith, with days completely mired in crime, in unrighteousness. God, please help us stand up and return to the perfect world predestined and given to us; we already lost so much time. Because of our weak faith, our lives are confused between falsehood and truth, so we live in vagueness – human vagueness toward God – not what we receive from God. In our human sight, we see ourselves as knowledgeable, as learned, with positions, and we do not seek what is the truth, but the Holy Spirit is not just a single subject matter that we learn about – He is infinity in divine grace, so we need to have love, we need to have a way of thinking with goodwill, to have a heart with acceptance, to recognize what is the best in us from God’s bestowing.

Speaking of the basis of love, He is love, He is the truth, He is justice, so let us contemplate this – we will find all the beauty and grace poured down in every class, in every role, in every era, for us to receive all the sublime graces. Come with a sincere heart to help the people around us; to help our current generation; to help the people who still do not know, who still do not believe; to help the people looking to return to justice and truth. That is the Third Kowtow we lift up to the Holy Spirit, asking Him to lead us into the current generation (14), lead us to practice what He wants, lead us in the righteousness and the truth – to understand the meaning of love; to understand the meaning of service; to understand the meaning of helping; to live in charity, in sacrifice; to live a life of perfection; and to become holy, reformed – that we need to have a basis in life. We worship, we praise, we glorify God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, now and forever, in the prostration, in the surrender through which we are heard – from His urging and permission.

We offer the Fourth Kowtow. O, the Body and Blood of Christ that nourished our souls and bodies.  Today, for over 2,000 years, in this present century, there are so many things in the freedom that humanity has chosen.  We allow the God, who hides Himself out of love for us, who remains with us to intervene for us, to protect us, to pour out abundant graces to heal us – to still be lonely, to still be silenced, to still be offended, to still be rejected by humanity. Because our faith is limited, only a certain number of people know and realize this, so they have done extraordinary and incredible things, at the place God allows and gives. Today, it is time mankind must know and must recognize that God is not reserved for anyone in particular but God is for everyone in humanity.  At the Last Supper, He promised: "I am with you always, to the close of the age" [Matthew 28:20]. He made that promise to each of us, and each received it; what God promised, He never changes. So, what is the best, the most holy, the mysteries, the most sacred things are in the Eucharist, the supreme Sacrament, the Sacrament God uses to bestow upon humanity. Today, this still exists; the miracles still appear to us, ordinary and banal people, but having encounters in the divine realm that are indescribable yet in the spirit of peace and we receive those graces.

Today, the hour has come; we cannot let any individual or ourselves not understand and return to the same, ordinary way in daily life.  We must know of the sublime, mysterious Sacrament, that is so close, loving and intervening for us in a place where we come to worship; to prostrate; to offer our thankful, appreciative and indebted heart; to receive that peace, that calmness, and days of rest in the Eucharist, which is also a Eucharist remaining with us and loving us daily, loving us through the Holy Mass when we receive daily, to prevent and to help us in a direction that belongs to Him, because that love will help us grow, and when we understand His Presence we will avoid and eliminate sin. It is unfortunate and pitiful for mankind, who completely did not understand, did not know, so we misunderstood, offended and violated the Eucharist too much.  In the present life, in the life of a Christian, we are unaware, we do not understand when we receive the Body and Blood of Christ on the first day we receive Him, for the first time in life to receive, which is the first sacramental reception of the Body and Blood. (15) We have been confused by sin so we completely, unintentionally or intentionally, offended the Eucharist daily – it is getting worse and worse.

Today, God allows us to understand the Sacrament He reserved for us, but we do not know how make use of it, but we offend even more and, through that offense, we will see the lofty mystery we must fear, because that light shone in the soul, and that light will destroy all the darkness when we remain in sin and death. God came to save us, but we still do not understand, still do not know, still do not believe; so sin will make us corrupt – sin already made the world insane; sin already caused people today to not recognize the truth, worship idols, worship the evil spirits, as we've seen that it leads us into disruption of the doctrine and truth. If we continue to be indifferent, we will get a world that we paid for ourselves, which is a world without true peace in each country. Things come from sinfulness as we have seen; these things we must accept because we do not recognize God, we do not understand God’s power, we do not understand God’s love, so we live with days of misery, misdeeds, always anxious, concerned, in any circumstances, in any roles – although rich and talented yet still dazed with fearfulness and worry, because our lives are without God and without His Presence. Because we are human, created out of clay, we are still influenced by a world that has no power, no force, no love, no life. (16)

So we have to clearly understand what is prompted today through the Eucharistic Jesus.  The Eucharistic Jesus makes us aware, the Eucharist Jesus wants to bring to an end a history book written by Him for the earthly world, with His teaching by deed, for us to understand more, to experience more about what is truly sacred in our souls and in our hearts. We just need to rise, we just need to distinguish so that we understand what is needed in life for God. What with the past days of impiety; of things we violated, offended; of what we despised and let become a habit so we do not have any feelings when we welcome Jesus into our hearts – it is just like a habit, like a piece of bread we can receive that completely evaporates; then we continue with ordinary and banal days, in sin and committing sin. Today, God wants us to be more conscious, because when we are unaware then we continue to sin and to transgress, and that unawareness has obscured the divine graces, obscured the love God reserves for us, and obscured a lofty grace when we welcome and encounter Him. He is Present and reigns; therefore, all those unrighteous things will avail us when we hear His voice, when we hearken to His love sobbing with us, when we experience the Presence – to avert evil, to deter self-will, to ward off greedy lust, and to avert the unrighteousness which humans inherently have.

We have the divine graces that God reserves for us in a living way in each class, in each role; we see it is the God whom all of humanity, and each one of us, especially the Christians, cannot deny. (17) When we come to the Eucharistic Jesus, when we come to attend the Holy Mass, then everyone must be quiet, must prostrate and bow down to receive – that is the Body and Blood of Christ. (18) This cannot be refuted by the Church, cannot be denied by each Christian; this is a great and mighty revelation that we need to hear, to know, to understand, with the meaning of the Fourth Kowtow. The Fourth Kowtow is very lofty and mysterious and is also a kowtow that we must offer to God with confession, with contrition. Since too many people offend, too many people do not know, too many people have abused, this has become a predicament that today we have to pay the price to justice – by the life and by what we encountered and are encountering in the world of mankind. Today, with the love of God, He does not use power to chastise us.   He still uses love and He still rules with the love of a supreme, perfect God who is hidden in that existence to lead us back with His love; to lead us back with His grace; to lead us back onto the path to know how to practice, for us not to transgress.  We have the opportunity to reform ourselves, to become perfect, to improve and to become a person who has grace bestowed by God, for us to look into what happens, for us to look into what should be known, because this is the truth that God reserves and gives us through the Eucharist.

The Eucharist today is the God who is speaking, the God who is letting us recognize His Presence, the God who has taught us so many things; when we truly understand the meaning of the Fourth Kowtow, then we already received the riches He reserves for us in today’s era. That divine grace helps us arise in order to eliminate unrighteousness and we amend our lives by the practice, by the determination to avoid crimes, elude disease, avoid all the thinking and presumption from humanness that we had and hold on from the past to present – that is the stubbornness, that is the hardheartedness, that is the childishness which make it difficult for us to improve when we do not understand what it is that God reserves and bestows. Because we are totally unacquainted, we are filled with all the habits by humanity’s limited thought and assumptions, but the love of God is profound and that deep grace leads for us to understand much more through the meaning of the Eucharist. Today is not just words but is His own manifestation to us, in the power to heal, to sanctify, to transform, to help us to be courageous, to become the people who prostrate, who take the lead, who pioneer in today's world of humanity. Today, the grace is there, the blessing is there, the love is there, the doctrine is there, and the justice is also there.  Thanks to the Eucharistic Jesus, we receive the Holy Spirit in a powerful way; thanks to the prostration, we have recognized and fathomed everything inherent in the past, in life, to come back to a great intervention that He will begin to help us in today’s generation of mankind.

So, everything that is heard, is known through each day, is increasingly more profound, just like what was foretold to us. This is something that needs to be known, because today our work is done not through the apostles of the past, nor through what has been realized in history, but today, through the Spirit of God, from Jesus who brings to us the words to remind – He wishes only for us to return, to come to Him, to be united, to love, and to eliminate the human viewpoints. Come to God to receive His grace and His intervention through the Divine Mercy, for us to become reformed people, for us to live in grace, receiving the assistance, the divine support; we will be able to see the true face of our mortal body – that have become routine and we will return with the truth in the soul that God has reserved for us while the rhythm of the breath is still in the body. This is the opportunity for us to return in order to help the brothers and sisters; each one of us, in each role: cast off what is inherent within us, which is our lack of humility, our lack of love, our lack of charity, our lack of sacrifice, in all aspects of life. We think we have done enough, we think our roles were fulfilled but truly, according to God, they still are not complete and not quite perfect. Therefore, He desires that we receive the grace of God, for us to become perfect, to become holy, and to become genuine with what He bestowed in His divine grace, not limited but boundless and endless, poured out over the world, for each one in humanity.

Let us gather, return, and devote to God what belongs to Him; then in this world, there will no longer be any idols, there no longer be anyone else who fails to see what is inherent that God has reserved, what God has bestowed upon us. That is the victory that He has fully won – to lead us into the new teaching (19), entirely without chastisement and not to completely eradicate us but He only uses love to conquer. It is the same in the old days and today as well – there are many things we need to know. God is very powerful; He can bestow upon us, He can revoke, He can destroy, and He can grant to us.

Thus, let us recognize to return in time, to return in the right period, while the graces are being poured down – after everything is finished, then all of those need to be reminded and known; that is the Alpha and the Omega. Alpha is the beginning and the progress; Omega is the ending and Omega is also the time of salvation that humanity (20) received today so that what comes from the mystery is manifested, and clearly to remind us, for us to know and recognize, to decide in our lives. Either we come to God or we choose what is inherent in life and today we will know the conclusion. It is a world in which, if we do not choose God, then it is the world in which we are living – in days of corruption, days of misery, days without a place of entrustment, days without support and without intervention.

So today, there is only one thing through the Fourth Kowtow, which is for us to understand the meaning, in power, that the Eucharistic God is still present here: He loves us, He leads us. We have the right to make the decision to return, the right to make the decision to either come, for us to live a life being called, or continue with what we had and have. Today, through the Fourth Kowtow, we have Blessed Mother Herself who is the Person guiding us because this is a unique place – a unique place for us to entrust, the only place for us to embrace the miracle, the lofty mystery of heaven; it is also a unique place full of grace, a fair, just, unique place that we need when we are still breathing. (21)

Let Jesus be the Master; let Jesus decide because He is the King of the Universe and the King of the earth; He is also the Supreme Being who is close to us, welcomes us today – all classes, all roles.   No one is rejected when we come to Him. This is the supreme grace that we had but we still do not know how to use it, we do not yet know to understand, and we do not believe enough. So today, we offer the Fourth Kowtow to ask God to urge many souls, many roles, all classes, for us to embrace, to listen, for us to understand the meaning of the Eucharist; to come to Him, for us to soon be renewed, to soon be urged in faith, for us to improve and promptly experience the graces helping us in a life that is happy, peaceful, and filled with meaning, which we had and are having, but do not know, do not understand, and do not yet believe. This is an absolutely perfect place. God will use power in the coming days. He will manifest for us to see extremely marvelous things. This place will help us recognize the light of the truth, and also a place that, if we do not walk in the truth, live in the darkness, then we will come to the day in which the light from the Eucharist will completely destroy the darkness, and the darkness will no longer exist in this world when He comes to the world, which is a new world preparing for the last days and the coming days. (22) That is the Fourth Kowtow that we respectfully offer to the Eucharistic Jesus, respectfully offer to the Eucharist of God, respectfully offer with the heart. May we continue to understand the meaning in our daily lives when we welcome Him, more devoutly, more worthily, by an absolutely purer life, worthy to receive Him through the Eucharist and to welcome His Body and Blood. Amen.

We offer to the Five Holy Wounds of Jesus Christ. We thank God who died for us, and these Five Holy Wounds have been deeply imprinted in the soul and the heart, so today we have the opportunity to respectfully lift up to God by the heart, by the humblest weakness but still beseeching and still asking God to accept. We recognize our iniquities – when we are still alive, breathing, still days of offenses; therefore, we respectfully offer these Five Holy Wounds that God has manifested for us to know. These Five Holy Wounds are very important in the life of each of one of us; the Five Holy Wounds prove that the love of God never abandons us; the Five Holy Wounds lead us into the victory of the truth; the Five Holy Wounds are the everlasting abode that God promises, God bestows, and He never takes back those words.

O Five Holy Wounds – concealing a lofty, wonderful mystery that our human race has not yet discovered: the Five Holy Wounds have led us into life, into the days of exile on earth, into a history, just as we had and knew – the God who proved by love, who proved by death, who proved by the redemption of the soul as well as of the body. Those Five Holy Wounds have triumphed, have returned in triumphal glory, which is the main point, the focal point, the heart, the love, the life, the glory, the honor, and also the King in the divine realm, still present through the Five Holy Wounds, to become the everlasting mark in the soul and heart of each one of us. Although we have sins, even though we have fallen, regardless of how we are, still the Five Holy Wounds will cleanse everything for us to be able to come back; that is the doctrine God granted to each one of us in the grace of forgiveness.

O Five Holy Wounds – it is a great, lofty mystery: to lead us, to lead the human world; throughout many centuries we have learned so much, we have researched so much. There are so many things to conquer, there are so many very good things, and so many perfect things, to be left in books with the essential deeds for the world of mankind, throughout each generation. What is most essential is a time when we must look at the results itself, whether good, whether deep but one-third of us in humanity are able to know God and come back to God; and that one-third is still not perfect so this is clearly a failure in the human world. Since God is the God who is perfect – the Sovereign God – then everyone in humanity must prostrate and must return. Even though people do not know to prostrate, they must believe and know that this is indeed God – the God of heaven, the God in Spirit, the God of love, the God of life, the God who redeemed humanity, and the God who washed away the sins of the world. The Five Holy Wounds do not end at a point but we must experience more profoundly what God has done.  God comes to the world to save the entire humanity – the poor, the suffering, and the diseased. Each and every one is redeemed in the Five Holy Wounds, yet today, we – one-third of humanity – can see that we still have so many imperfections. How do we live? His doctrine was written and was given, but can we fulfill our duties and responsibilities for everyone to be able to recognize the God who died for us, who sacrificed for us and for the doctrine to be able to exist or not?

That existence is forever, but we are restrained by our brothers, by the people who do not yet know, who do not yet believe; because of our selfishness, because our responsibilities are not fulfilled, today there are over two-third of our brothers who do not know God. They follow deviance, they follow idols, they follow the temptation of the world; they have reversed and twisted the truth. Today, at times, we must realize that we failed because an overwhelming number of people have chosen freedom and opted for what is in the human, ordinary life so we have not totally recognized the doctrine of God that must be illuminated to lead everyone – all people – back to the justice and the righteousness that God has given to us in humanity.

Today, the Five Holy Wounds seem to remind us, calling each of our souls, and calling each heart, for us to be able to recognize what we need to do with the days reminded, such as today, how we need to be because the world will enter in the last days, the days with a new world. Can we come to a new world when we can see all of our brothers living in days of misery, living in days of sin, days when they have the opportunity, the right to listen, the right to know, the right to return; however, we have not been able to unite ourselves in one heart to recognize that humanity must unite, listen to the doctrine and the truth, and then we can know that all that is agreed upon is the mercy that God has given and gave us prior to our return. Those Five Holy Wounds remind us to think every time we attend Holy Mass or every time we step into a church: what do we understand about the Cross? What do we understand about the Five Holy Wounds? What do we understand about a deeply hidden Supreme Being who is always sacred; when we come with heart, we will immediately encounter and immediately recognize what belongs to God, with reverence for Him.

O Jesus, the Five Holy Wounds, indeed, are a great mystery that the human world today must know, so as not to forget and ignore as so many other generations have done. What is needed most is the number of people in humanity today; may God have mercy and act upon the remaining people – even though a few, nonetheless, starting from a few that are sanctified and transformed, then it will definitively continue to become significant, for us to have the brothers and sisters in absolute submission, to return, to be sanctified, to be transformed.  Then there are many other brothers and sisters on the path; they will also recognize this and return to God. According to God, it is never too late; the people who are still living on this earth, or the people who enter into days when they no longer have the opportunity to receive but end up in purgatory; then they rely on us to act on their behalf, they rely on us who are the people who are determined to ask God to have mercy and help the people when they no longer have the opportunity to hear, no longer have the opportunity to receive the favor and the grace as we do. God is very just toward the living as well as the deceased. We continue to clearly understand the meaning of the Five Holy Wounds. The Five Holy Wounds of Jesus, who died on the Cross as a reminder to the world of humanity today, lie in the Fifth Kowtow that we respectfully offer up to God; that is the eternal mark God has given for our souls as well as our hearts. This is absolutely true: when we return, when we belong to God, when we repent then God will never refuse; even though people do not know, even though people do not yet understand, or they have fallen into days with idols – yet when they recognize the God whom they must worship, and who is the person that has blinded them throughout their entire lifetime, for them to commit wicked crimes, to transgress and violate the laws of God; when they awake and return, then God will definitely accept and forgive because God has already forgiven them before they return.

Who is the person who can do that? Only God, only the love of Jesus Christ, only His death, only the price of His Blood, so important and precious to lead our souls and the entire world to receive the grace of redemption, the grace of forgiveness. Thanks to His redemption, we live and exist in this life as well as the next life, eternally (23). Therefore, we cannot take lightly the Five Holy Wounds; every time we come to the Cross, we cannot lack reverence as with trivial and normal things as throughout many generations. Today, we must understand and recognize that we are the children of God, the people who have been taught, the people who come to prostrate, the people who clearly understand the meaning of the Five Holy Wounds manifested to humanity in this era. That reflection is Mother’s entire lifetime; the Queen of heaven’s whole life has helped us completely, for us to understand that the meaning of the work of salvation is very great. The collaboration of Mother continues today because that value will lead us through the suffering crossroads of life while still on earth and will lead us in hope. That promise is still there while we are present in the human world.  When we clearly understand the meaning of the Five Holy Wounds, then let us rely on those Five Holy Wounds that are the greatest reality for us to identify the love of God the Father, His Divine Mercy; the salvation, the patience, the endurance, the love, the waiting of Jesus, the Second Person of God, for us to understand the action, the liveliness, the power, the beauty, the truth, and the goodness of the Holy Spirit; for us to understand that the existence of the Sacrament of the Eucharist is Jesus, hidden.  He comes to us invisibly, exists and rules the world to lead us into the truth, reason, righteousness, and the doctrine.

The Five Holy Wounds are to remind us that our value is still there although we are sunk in days of debauchery and wickedness. (24) God comes to perfect us; God comes to save sinners and God comes to help us to be free from the bondage in our lives to sin and death. We have allowed the ego, the personality, to freely operate and the freedom to follow what is in life that is not the doctrine and the truth so we have been deluded by idols. Today, the deliverance that God grants us is the Five Holy Wounds.  Let us contemplate these Five Holy Wounds and then we will discover a book – an eternal book to lead us to come close to God, return to God; a book that will teach us in our daily lives, and also a book which God is with us when we hear, when we listen, when we understand and practice. The Five Holy Wounds will help us triumph as He triumphed; He resurrected to lead us through death to glory – the banquet table awaits us through the Five Holy Wounds when we overcome everything to understand the mark of love of the Five Holy Wounds that still holds true till this generation: inspiring, deeply etched.

Graces have been poured out; when we completely prostrate and surrender, then the recognition grows with each day, understanding the important value of the Five Holy Wounds and knowing that mark forever and ever given to us. Hence, let us not fear that it’s too late; let us not fear that we cannot because of the unrighteousness. Let us resolutely return to God, and let us undauntedly come to God because God loves us while we are still in sin. God died to help us return in victory; God sacrificed and God forgave us even before we came back. Therefore, come back; everyone, return.  Let all people use what is inherent for us to encounter Him through the Five Holy Wounds, to give ourselves the chance to clearly understand the meaning of the Five Holy Wounds, which becomes the indelible mark for our souls. Let us not lose it when we still have a chance; let us not reject, not ponder, not presume, to lose many opportunities to seek the truth from the revelation that today God Himself gives to the human world through Mother Mary (25). The Person who helps us, the Person who guides us, and with an entire lifetime in meditation – that is Mother Mary.

So today, we respectfully offer to God the Fifth Kowtow, earnestly asking God to forgive us, earnestly asking God to open the hearts of many, and earnestly asking God to open the hearts and the souls of the people who have goodwill, for them to be able to find the truth with the teaching of the Fifth Kowtow, which today we respectfully offer. There is still more, not with words that are of human origin but with the teaching of the Holy Spirit, extensively, to help our human race in today’s era, for us to claim victory, to bring our brothers back, to proclaim the truth, the righteousness that people forgot, did not recognize – but today, they will know and they will return. It is not too difficult; we just need to prostrate to God, we just need to be determined when we pray because we simply need to completely believe – then the divine grace will be poured out over us. We will be able to differentiate between right and wrong, between good and evil; we will recognize the truth; thanks to the outpouring of the divine grace, we definitely will conquer this earthly life, conquer when we act entirely in the truth. We must prevail, eliminate sins, eliminate crimes, eliminate bad habits, eliminate arrogance, eliminate pride, eliminate haughtiness, eliminate high position, money – and surrender, because the main point is the inside of the soul itself; it is the abundant grace itself. When we can understand the meaning of the forgiveness God grants us; when we live in God and completely let Him guide us, then let us not be afraid and anxious in this human world, because everything within sight will come back to God, will turn to God, and God will become the God who has sovereignty in humanity, sovereignty in the soul of each individual, each community, and each one of us.

We worship God, we praise God, we honor and thank the Five Holy Wounds from which today we learn more through the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit. May we be more aware when we come to church, come to the Cross, come with a sincere heart, to recognize and to reflect that it is because of us that God had to suffer death – by the scourging, by the nails, by the price of Blood, by the crown of thorns, by the Cross – and today, from that victory, comes the King of the universe, the King of the soul, the King of each sinner, and the King leading us back to love, back to righteousness, back to the doctrine, for us to be the people worthy to be the ones to step into the door of the heavenly kingdom, wide open to welcome each one of us; to step into the banquet table that God prepared, ready through the Five Holy Wounds. May we meditate and experience, for us to live with the days when we still have the opportunity to choose for ourselves, to find the truth, to live in the truth, and act according to God, in the truth, by the heart, by the soul, and by the entire being. I worship, I praise, I honor, and I thank the Five Holy Wounds, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, the Body and Blood. The Five Holy Wounds forever belong to us. Amen.

We respectfully offer to God the Father the Sixth Kowtow. One more time, we respectfully offer this to Him, because the ultimate sacrifice, the Supreme, Omniscient Being, and the love of God were perpetually offered and granted to us. (26) When our first parents fell into days of betrayal, then God already arranged to redeem and help deliver us from the bondage of sin and death – right from the beginning. The most common practices, the most vital needs in our daily lives to nourish us, such as the food for our souls, those are things we clearly understand, know, and are aware of in this day. Through the meaning of each kowtow that we learn and respectfully lift up to God. We thank God the Father; if God the Father did not choose Mother Mary, then we wouldn’t be able to understand and experience this. Because the Person who is teaching us to bow our heads and prostrate, to lift up to God in this day is Mother Mary, the Mother of the Second Person of God, the Mother of Love, the Mother of the Divine Mercy, which the Church reminds us today – and the Mother of the Eucharist. When everyone neglects and abandons, no one understands the ineffable love of Jesus remaining in the Eucharist, Mother is the Person who remains with Him on behalf of the human world. Since the day Mother gave her “Fiat,” throughout her entire life, Mother always obeys, and Mother totally belongs to God, every second and every minute in life.

Today, we know the designation, the undeniable title in the Queen of heaven, which is Mother Mary, the Mother of the Second Person of God, the Mother of humanity, the Mother of our human race, the Mother of each sinner, and the Mother of each soul in purgatory today. In silence, throughout countless centuries, Mother never blamed; Mother only looked for her children, silently, all over the world, with tears shed, with wondrous miracles that cannot be denied, and with tears of blood, to remind us to amend our lives, to remind us to pray the Rosary, to remind us to venerate the Heart of Mother. The Heart of Mother is a heart of love reserved for God; the Heart of Mother is a heart of obedience to God the Father; the Heart of Mother completely quiets down to listen to the direction of the Holy Spirit; the Heart of Mother is reserved for Jesus; so let us not ponder when speaking about venerating the holy Heart of Mother. Mother does not speak about Herself; Mother also does not say anything regarding the assumptions we continue to have toward ordinary and trivial things in its own reasoning. Mother wants to speak about Her Heart, a heart entirely dedicated to God; the heart of Mother is an obedient heart and a heart totally devoted to God with His love.

Let us reflect very carefully, listen, and understand what we lack toward Mother; it is for that reason that Mother teaches us in the world of mankind to venerate the Heart of Mother. The day Mother came to the village of Fatima – through the three relatives, Lucia – with things that keep being reminded through the Rosary; those prayers, that is the heart that Mother always dedicated to God; so the prayers of Mother, the beseeching words Mother lifts up to God the Father: definitely mankind will profit. We must understand clearly that what has been taught today is not something ordinary but is related to the Heart of Mother Mary. Thanks to that simple and humble Heart from Mother when Mother was still living daily on earth, we have the opportunity to receive the graces and the blessings as great as in this day. Today, Mother teaches us that it is solely due to that Heart that Mother was fully protected and sheltered from any stain of sin in the earthly days, and totally trusted in God when Mother faced sufferings. How could any mothers such as Mother who witnessed Her own Son walking toward death as in the Passion suffered by Jesus – who was beaten, mangled, and shed streams of blood – not uttering any blames, not looking for ways or actions to defend one's own Son, like ordinary and commonplace human beings in the world of mankind. It was because Mother knew; Mother knew the mission of Jesus who came for the purpose of redeeming humanity; Mother also knew that She must accept the swords piercing Her Heart because of the sins of mankind. Mother knew that Her obedient Heart must be devoted to God the Father till the last minute, and Mother also understood the heart; that the critical point of the heart is love – a devout heart, a heart that includes the soul – so there is nothing to trouble Mother. Today, the Person who teaches us each kowtow lifts up the prayer to beseech God to intercede, to plead God to come to help us and grant us what we need to learn in the last days of history.

Mother is absolutely indispensable in the life of our human race, so for the Sixth Kowtow, we ask God the Father for us to offer it to Mother Mary; because thanks to Mother, we are aware; thanks to Mother, we understand; thanks to Mother, we learn; because when Mother was still a human being living on earth – as a person in the flesh – She already offered this to God (27); all the deeds Mother performed were a great example. As the mystery that received the grace and the favor ever since God the Father chose Mother, She is a person worthy to bear the Second Person of God. Mother was present with us, and when Jesus ascended to heaven, then Mother remained behind, silently continuing to help the early Church be established, and the Church exists till this day. The role of Mother is extremely eminent, but Mother never let the deeds She did be written down or recorded, or even in the time when the Apostles in their accomplishments wanted to write about Mother, She totally refused (28). Everything is surrendered to God, centered on everything that is the best; so in the Gospel and the Good News, we end up with only six words spoken by Blessed Mother to bring to the world; through each page of the Gospel, the words of Mother are concise, the life of Mother is reflection. Today, everything that is achieved through the Six Kowtows is inherently related to Mother Mary; and it is also a highly remarkable number that God the Father has chosen to be the number in service in the heavenly kingdom (29). All prostrate and everyone is united in the worship of God in the heavenly kingdom through the number six; this number six is crucial to our human world; this number six is the number that God the Father grants through Mother, which will bring people hope and a close union in the divine grace that is being poured down upon the human world.

Today, Mother simply teaches us the Five Kowtows; Mother just wants us to surrender to God. Right from the beginning, and the same today, the humble Heart of Mother and every deed Mother absolutely surrenders to God the Father. Since the time is ripe, since it is time that in all things, God the Father does not want Mother to remain silent, God the Father wants the Holy Spirit to realize this important task. Mother is a Person who is worthy to receive, a Person who has received, and a Person who continues to let everyone be aware, to look at Her example to come to God. So, the Holy Spirit urged and enlightened us to ask God the Father to offer the Sixth Kowtow to the Immaculate Heart of Mary – the triumph in the virtues of Mother. A silent person, a meek and gentle person, yet Mother is the Queen of the heavenly kingdom – powerful – a life in which all evil and all iniquity must cower when Mother absolutely consecrates to God. Thus, the author of the Six Kowtows today is no stranger; it is Mother Mary – starting from those Five Kowtows, the Holy Spirit taught us to respectfully lift up to Mother Mary the Sixth Kowtow that we just mentioned. The Sixth Kowtow is related to many things in the heavenly kingdom; that prostration is also the entire life of Mother prostrating to God. Mother became the Queen of the heavenly kingdom yet She is still in the spirit to look for the children who are lost, to look for all sinners, to bring them back, for them to also enjoy the happiness, enjoy the days God reserved and bestowed upon each one of us in humanity.

Who is the person who can see this? Who is the person who can understand this? Because with the days Mother also bore the condition of a human being, Mother understands; if we do not have God’s compassion, if we do not belong to God, we must also fight; we must also struggle to overcome what is inherent in the earthly world with its own snares. Mother simple wishes to wait for that day, to wait for that occasion, and to wait for that time, then we can recognize what the love of God is. If today Mother does not act, then the world would begin to enter into days of chaos, days of despondency, days with no way back, and days between men who live a life that completely abolishes what belongs to the commandment of God. We increasingly offend, so that is something that will afflict even righteous people, because the majority of people have chosen a world that is closely controlled by the devil; he relies on clever, sophisticated things; he lures us to be captivated by civilization; he draws us away from the doctrine of God, the decree of God, and he leads us to reject God, while all things belong to God.

The hour has come; Mother cannot continue to look at her children entering into days of darkness; days in which we are enslaved by everything in this world; days in which we completely fail to understand that the snares are becoming increasingly enticing that there is no one able to avoid them all.  In life, when we have a soul, we have the capacity to choose what is best in this current life, in the significance and the value of the future of the soul. So we already received what is most ordinary, most commonplace yet most efficacious, most profound, and God certainly grants us the permission, for His grace to help us, and for the Holy Spirit to empower us, when we beseech, when we prostrate, when we are in dire need in the most pressing moments. In the moments we entirely live with today's reality, if without pleading to God, if without acting in earnestness, and if without a heart eagerly returning and beseeching, then we would not recognize what God already provided for us through the intercession and teaching of Mother.

O God, this does not end; Mother continues to come to us in silence; Mother continues to come to all the nations, to lead and to heal; everything that is divine is still present till this day. Today, the deeds given to the world are the most vital ones: to gather and lead us back to God, to defeat and destroy the devil's plot, because today he uses all kinds of ways to take over the entire world, to possess all people in humanity. He controls and he wants us to either die or to live and be controlled by machines. The machines are the instruments God provides for mankind to use, because what is the best comes from Him who bestows; but people did not recognize and have abused, subject to the disorder caused by the devil himself – and relying upon a civilized world, we reject God and we start to fall into wickedness. What is the best, what is the latest, the state-of-the art, then people must thank God, but people disregarded and claimed that to be of their own doing and from that declaration, we have opened a door; a door to egotism, to imperfection, to concupiscence, to things belonging to the flesh, while the soul is subjected to the pitfalls of the machines as we fail to understand how to use these machines.

Today, there are many things that we have stumbled upon in this world. It is a world in which we have been subjected to numbers, to matters in which money, self-gain, and many things in lust and greed have provided everything; all roles, all classes have been defeated and have completely fallen into the deep snares of the devil. The infants, from birth till the moment they start to understand, the parents have already used science and technology to introduce them to the games, to the machines, and the parents continue to let them play by themselves. That machine does not have a soul; it has certain ways in the beginning that might provide entertainment to the young people, then afterwards will influence them in artificial conditions of victory. There are many things resulting from those games, they promote a tendency toward aggression; from being people who are normal, the young ones start to become people addicted to the machines. That is the black box that today, on the Feast of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, she made the revelation; in her lifetime, she did not know, she did not see, but in her revelation, she spoke about the black box in this country. They are the machines we are using, the computer and the smartphone (30), which God created for us to have the means to connect and to proclaim the things that are the best, but which are also swords with two edges.

On one hand they are useful to us, and on the other hand they lead us into days that are too alluring, too enticing, so we committed many sins through these machines. From there, we are aware of many things, that with the temptations, if we do not follow the path of righteousness, then everything that Mother has seen, starting from the very young who just reach the age of reason, to the middle-aged, or the people in their old age: all will walk away from the doctrine and the law, and we will thus be defeated. As we spend more time with the machine, as we start to spend time doing things without spirituality guiding us, in the end, the machine becomes our best friend; in the end, the machine is so indispensable to us that we no longer need human love, no longer need family love, no longer need love from any other sources. We only see how that machine is working, informing, and helping us; thus we distance ourselves from God, increasingly farther each day.

Since then, today's human world only uses science and technology and only believes in what is in reality, distancing ourselves from God with the words and the doctrine that were brought and taught. Thus, there were many thoughts and many questions that are conflicting with the doctrine. Of everything that God reserved and bestowed, the human brain is the most intelligent machine, the most modern machine; a sophisticated and clever machine with wisdom and the truth – that is the human brain. However, we fail to recognize that brain; we need to use that machine to help ourselves, because we have been controlled and oppressed by what is considered as best – through words, through ways of life. We remove all this for things that we want, which are the machines that our brain controls; we do not let our brain understand that those machines themselves must be controlled by us. But those machines have controlled us in today’s human world, in all classes, in all roles. The human brain is the most intelligent machine, the most up-to-date machine, a machine that is sophisticated and clever, with wisdom and the truth – that is the human brain. However, we fail to recognize that the brain ought to be the only machine to help ourselves, because we have been controlled and we have been overwhelmed. We cast aside what was most wonderful – teaching, spiritual life, a reverent heart – for things that we want, which are the machines that our brain should control. We fail to let our brain understand that those machines must be controlled by us; but those machines have controlled us in today’s human world, in all classes, in all roles, because we are not vigilant.

We must have God in our souls; we must recognize Him; we must believe in Him, as Mother Herself did; because throughout countless generations – no matter what – and today as well, Mother is the Queen of the heavenly kingdom. Mother continues to be a mother, a mother full of humility, a mother full of love, a mother full of patience; a mother who possesses everything that people lack but when we come to Mother, Mother will guide us to become worthy and to be able to come close to God. Mother is the instrument whom the Holy Spirit used in the human world; Mother is a silent person, a meek person; a woman when compared to all the women on earth, is also a woman, but this woman is the shining example whom we absolutely must learn from, whom we definitely must listen to, and we clearly must thoroughly follow every gesture of this role model. Today we must obey, for us to be able to be victorious over what is worldly, because the world will submit to God’s authority. If we can only possess God then everything in this world belongs to us. (31)

God created this world for us; God created this earth for us; everything in this earth belongs to us; we just need to listen and learn according to what is rooted in the soul, in faith, for we have been predestined, by God’s providence over each person and each individual. Each person performs in that appropriate role, for us to live in joy, to live in peace, happiness. So today, it is no longer something unfamiliar but the Holy Spirit enlightens us to offer the Sixth Kowtow to Mother Mary, with a reverent heart and a heart dedicated to Mother – that is a heart thankful and grateful toward a Person who has been silent, who today continues to help us, continues to lead us, continues in a life serving God on behalf of the entire human race. Today, that voice brings to humanity a precious gift in the final days – the first days of starting a new history (32) – and also acts on our behalf, teaching us, for us to understand how to respond to the Divine Mercy of God.

Throughout many generations, God granted us countless graces, God granted us countless favors, but we do not accept; because we reject them, we do not understand, we do not know, we do not see what is divine. Since we do not believe, then how can we see? Today, Mother is teaching us; let us prostrate to God, let us recapture what we still do not know, and do not let the machines control us but let us use those machines to be our instruments and we will use those instruments to spread all over, in the fastest way, for everyone to know God, to recognize God today, in a life in which we receive the Six Kowtows. Let us not lose hope with all of today’s failures; that is a divine sign that Mother Herself is the advocate for a most preeminent tool, a tool that will never end up in a world of oblivion, that will never end up in an obsolete world because Mother provides at all times. Obey Mother, practice, listen to Mother's teachings; Mother will help us, with meekness, with gentleness, yet highly driven to triumph over everything that we are encountering with today’s evil. That meekness, those deeds from Mother: definitely the devil and everything that is associated with him will be shaken when Mother, though a humble person, triumphs over the human world, triumphs over sin; and Mother becomes the only Queen upon whom God the Father bestows the authority of a Queen. Mother continues to be in the role of a silent Mother yet extremely determined to lead her children back; whenever Mother appears in a certain country, then that will end up in peace. Regardless of what happens; due to her meekness, due to her loving, beseeching words, it is Mother herself who leads God to us, then definitely, that world, that nation, and all those places, will become a miraculous place to help people amend their lives, return with the soul belonging to God.

There are many marvelous things that today we cannot fail to understand. We must understand that today, the Six Kowtows are the last special graces of the century, and also the beginning of a new world. Let us listen to Mother because only Mother can lead us to God; we have nothing worthy, even if we repent a hundred times, a thousand times; if without Mother, we cannot encounter God; if without Mother, we have no way to ask for God to bestow and grant us the graces. (33) Because Mother is a person who already practiced, who fully understood these meanings, Mother lived practicing this and Mother lived with the meaning of each kowtow so today we kowtow through Mother Mary.

Mother Mary is the Queen of the heavenly kingdom, full of the power bestowed by God; Mother does not use that power to punish us, Mother does not use that power to force us but Mother uses the title of a Queen, in increasing gentleness, in the humblest deeds yet the most significant ones, to lead everyone to return to God; without criticizing our way of life nor contending with today's weapons and also without condemning the people who are living in sin. Mother just wants everyone to surrender to God; with God’s grace, we will conquer the enemy, conquer the people who are living in sin, and even conquer the evil people nowadays. Mother does not teach us to turn around to hit them, to kill them, or to shoot them; Mother does not judge – absolutely not – because Mother lives to practice love and to bring love to everyone, and to continue to lead people to the Divine Mercy and the immeasurable love of God. Mother only knows to rely on these things; to continue, her whole life – to continue to lead the world of humanity, and continue to lead us to surrender and return to God through the Six Kowtows.

Indeed, this is something too wonderful for mankind today; why do people no longer have love, people no longer support each other, people no longer have faith, people are selfish, and people act like machines? Today, we have been taught by Mother, we can conquer everything and understand the meaning of today’s machine; let us not be enslaved by it but we must let it be controlled by our hearts. Let us return to God first; let us serve God – then the wisdom and the enlightenment through the Holy Spirit will help us regarding what is most essential, and what will make us become enslaved. That is also a need in a civilized world; integrating in a civilized world to help our brothers return to God. There are two-thirds of humanity who are completely not aware; there are isolated places, places that never know, but today, the civilized world will help us bring those brothers back, by using today’s science and technology, by the guidance from the Holy Spirit, by listening to the teachings from Mother, then definitely that will be the solution for the human world to know God, to recognize God, to return to God, and to recognize the machine that we found and discovered. There is no machine like the soul, the sense of right and wrong, the mind that God created. Everything in the world is controlled by the human brain alone; the brain that the Holy Spirit controls is absolutely perfect, will certainly please God the Father, will totally surrender and conquer God, and win over all our brothers through today’s renewed mind.

O all brothers and sisters; O all people who have roles; o all people who have power and position; O all people who have a heart that already knew what comes from the truth: give yourselves the opportunity; let us become humble people and then we will be able to learn much more.  We will have a more enlightened mind, we will have a greater understanding in the love, the doctrine, and the truth of God, through Mother Mary. Therefore, we absolutely must listen to Mother.  Let us learn from Mother.  Then, we will be able to achieve peace, calmness, a clear conscience in the spiritual life, and our minds will be able to overcome all iniquities from the enticement of the devil. He uses civilization to corrupt us, to lure us to sin, to lead us to indulge sin and to keep us from ever coming close to God.

We must rely on God’s grace for us to be enlightened through each kowtow; rely on the conviction of the Holy Spirit to kindle the fire for us to be wise and enlightened, for us to understand what it is that we do, to comprehend what to recognize for us to return, and what we need in life, which is the serenity of the soul, which is the desire for the heart to be in truth, and the willing determination to change.  When we return to God, when we trust in God then the victory over the flesh will be very easy. We sin because of lust, because of ambition or concupiscence, we have sinned because movies have influenced us. However, when we actually can understand what it is that makes us sin we still have the opportunity not to sin, unless we adamantly want to – then we do commit sin. After all, while we may still understand that those sins will lead us into death, with our sight set on unrighteousness, we will do dishonest things – according to the righteous life, conscience, and a sense of right and wrong – at fault with children, at fault with husbands, at fault with wives, at fault with everything intrinsic in the look of carnal desire, ambition, or lust, besides greediness and selfishness in regard to money.

All of us accumulate; this world, the days are total vanity – how much of it can we retain? Even if we are at the top of power, or money, someday, we would relinquish it to another person and ultimately would not be able to go on, so let us despise what is inherent in the materials, in the wealth that God bestows. Let us vow to put Him first; let us dedicate to Him the honor that today we cannot forsake, because only God is the Supreme Ruler, only God is the Creator; and God gives us spiritual as well as corporal life; in summary, it is solely God. Today, all, every person, if they do not know, then they need to know; if they do not hear, then they need to hear; if they do not understand the doctrine, then they need to summarize the doctrine through the Six Kowtows – then we will find the truth that we need to practice daily. We will definitely live in the truth, return to the truth, and obtain evidence in the truth for us to last forever, and be redeemed, soul and body.

We still have Mother; Mother is ready to lead us back to God, Mother is ready to shelter us through Mother’s mantle; Mother is ready to help us because Mother does not teach us war.  Mother is also the Person who loves the people who create war, because Mother is the Mother of humanity, the Mother of our human race. The grace of redemption of Jesus, the Son of Mother, was accomplished to reconcile everyone in humanity. Mother was the Person who witnessed from the beginning till the end; Mother was also the Person who silently expressed the love of God the Father, who listened to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and who served Jesus with the days on earth, for His work of salvation, for His doctrine and truth to fully be the masterpieces in the human world. Today, the voice of Mother does not teach us to rebel against what is inherent in the life of reality but a moral principle that we need to know, and to return. Let us return to God; let us prostrate to God; and everyone: surrender to God. Then in everything, He will arrange for us all – each nation, each era, each person, and each soul – because He is the Creator in each of our deeds and in each of our actions. At the same time, as we already heard and knew, righteousness in the human life of reasoning is indeed for us to return to God, to respond to His Divine Mercy, to respond to the blessings; so much love, so many graces are being poured out over the human world, but we never unite to recognize what is inherent in the soul, in the body, even to belong to God, with the depth, the width when we prostrate and bow. Today, we have Mother teaching us, we have Mother by our sides, so we are no longer afraid, because in every work, Mother has a way to lead us and help us, for us to understand the sublimity that God granted us through Mother Mary.

Therefore, the Sixth Kowtow is extremely important to break the number that people use today to rule over the human world (34); that number influences and gradually lures into a civilized world it controls, but which has been lost. The first woman in humanity sinned by the serpent, and our first parents fell into betrayal, but a second woman appears – that is Mother Mary. Mother Mary is the Person replacing the first Eve, and Jesus is the Person replacing the first Adam; these two Persons belong to the heavenly kingdom. That is the Prince of Peace, and Mother Mary who was chosen in the human world, who was enveloped by the Holy Spirit, so these two Persons, absolutely free from any stains of sin, have brought victory to the world of humanity. Today is the last opportunity for us to recognize the redemption Jesus obtained through death and Mother Mary with obedience. (35) We definitely must follow the Way while we are still in the flesh and still in a mortal life, then obedience certainly will triumph, and obedience will become the merit that God the Father will accept and welcome us. Even with the days we are committing sin or continue to commit sin, God the Father will intervene when we understand the meaning of the return by the prostration, by the surrender. Therefore, we prostrate on behalf of today's world of humanity; we represent to receive this sublime gift; we represent with the beginning days, for everyone to recognize and return by the soul itself, by the whole being, for us to understand what humility is, what littleness is; understand that which is humble – then God will give us the heavenly world in this earthly world; heaven in the midst of the world when we belong to Him. Thus, why don’t we embrace what is best, what is most beautiful?

Let us continue to pray in this way; let us continue to prostrate to ask for God the Father, through His power, to defend us, and to lead the brothers and sisters who do not yet know, who do not yet believe; to lead any nations that still do not understand, still do not know, for them to be conquered by the love and the Divine Mercy of God, by the meekness of Mother Mary, by the help that Mother continues to bring Her children back today. We already have the opportunity to unite with one another in this practice to glorify God, to please God the Father; also, to thank Jesus and to thank the role of the Holy Spirit. Along with the brothers and sisters, we receive the sacredness through the Holy Eucharist, and those five marks forever belong to our souls and bodies and belong to one Person, whom today, the author of that is Mother Mary – the first person to kowtow, the first person to belong to God. When we listen to Mother and practice as Mother, then we will belong to God; we will be the first people to receive the protection and be safeguarded through the intervention of God that we receive today. Today's world is so sinful but today’s world has been showered with abundant graces and favors, and is also a world in which the Holy Spirit works actively, for us to amend our lives, to be perfect and holy, through the deeds that we practice in faith, for us to reject everything that is human so as to fully repent, with a new teaching, with a new profound truth that we daily practice – though ordinary and commonplace yet helps us each day, to receive the grace of God, to be protected by the grace of God, to have the protection and the intervention from God.

In all of these works, we still have Mother, daily taking care of us, leading us, and guiding the world back to the days that we are yearning for – days of happiness, days of peace, peaceful days.  Every heart must surrender, prostrate, must repent, must be penitent, and must be sincere to offer these Six Kowtows with a trusting heart, with a reverent heart, with heart and soul, inwardly and outwardly. Definitely, we will have a new life, we will have a new lifetime; we receive the favors and the graces poured down abundantly upon all of our humanity, for us to come back with the days in which God opened the door; God opened the door to wait for us and the key has already been handed to each one of us, for each person to encounter God, privately; to encounter God individually, for each person to grow. Let us entrust all sufferings and grievances to God; let us earnestly offer them to God.  Then we will be able to have peace, to continue on the path having His support, having His help on the way of the cross.  We will be able to see the victory, we will see peace and happiness, and the way of the cross will help us step into the door of the heavenly kingdom that God reserved for us in the world of mankind.

May we be more patient, understand more; we sacrifice more and we are determined to live in faith, by deed, for the work of God to be realized over us. Through the Six Kowtows revelation of Mother Mary, which today we receive from Mother Mary, the devil must also surrender and he will relinquish his place to the Queen – the Queen full of power; the Queen who totally obeys God; the Queen whose entire life is spent in humility; the Queen who triumphs over everything with virtuousness today becomes a Mother close to us – each person, each soul. That is Mother leading us; having Mother, no one dares to obstruct us and no one can dare to go against when Mother acts. That gentleness already triumphed, so today let us also go with Mother and listen to Mother. Her tenderness will make us feel calm and happy through each of the Six Kowtows that we respectfully offer to God. Please help each person listen, open the heart to hear, and open the soul to receive the grace brought about by that gentleness.  Grace and intervention come from that obedience; grace comes to us when we collaborate and completely belong to Mother. Mother will lead us into a victorious world, lead us to into a peaceful world, and into a harmonious world that we are longing for in the midst of humanity. Amen.

O Mother Mary, the Mother of love, the Mother of the Divine Mercy, the Mother of the Eucharist, today we receive these words. These things do not belong to humans, we need to have the months; these are the starting months. There still are many difficulties, there still are many challenges, but what needs to be said has been said; what needs to be heard, what needs to be practiced is being practiced. Mother, please help us persevere and be faithful, for the work of Mother to be realized in the human world, over each one of us, and spread everywhere in the entire world, for everyone to surrender and return to God. Do not let us fall into a situation that is the Third World War in history. As for the wars of the families, the wars of the communities, the wars of the societies, and the wars of every class, may Mother help us know how to identify what belongs to God, for our behavior not to fall into the snares of the devil; that the most painful days to us become the most victorious days, and also the days that are entirely devoted to God – through the intervention in His grace.

I, along with all the brothers and sisters, also do not forget Saint Joseph who is the saint whom God selected to serve the Second Person of God; he is also the one who took care of the Queen of heaven while still on earth. With all the deeds he accomplished, he became a saint and we need to learn, from his integrity, his righteousness and his life fulfilling responsibilities. He always intercedes to God for us, for each role, and especially for the people who are the heads of families.  Whoever comes to him does not return empty-handed. May everyone know that God Himself has given us the saints so that through their intercessions, God bestows and accepts, for us to obtain the graces we ask for.

We also do not forget to thank the three archangels and all the other archangels as well. The entire heavenly kingdom is assisting, is helping, and is protecting us, for the devil not to disturb and not be able to find ways to snatch our souls, one way or the other. Having the protection and expressing pleas, today certainly will become productive. Today's human world must know the archangels; may they protect us, defend us – each family, each person – for us to understand the meaning of the great gift through the Six Kowtows, with which we implore the entire heavenly world to help mankind today, so that everyone may know and recognize God, and the other two-thirds must return and must know God, because God is the only Supreme God whom mankind must worship, whom mankind must know in order to prostrate to and return with love, through the grace of redemption. We do not forget our guardian angel; they protect, defend, and help us to be faithful till the last minute. Please help us persevere, listen, and be thankful, so they will support us in the divine realm, help us avoid disasters, tribulations, for us to be faithful up until our last breath. 

We thank the grace of the saints – the example of the saints is so great and leads us in the midst of this lifetime; it is the shining example for us to daily progress in virtue, in holiness, through the adversities in the midst of life. Each family, each nation, each person, each community must learn from the example of the saints, through their sacrifices, through their victories over self, in a life with their own doctrine and truth (36), relying on their love for the Cross, on their love for Jesus, on their love for the Good News, on their love for the doctrine, to help us become saints. Those were the saints who have gone through history, and those shining examples are left to us today so that we also become saints on earth and the last saints to also return to God in heaven. Please help us; pray for us; help us be of one heart, to be united in today’s human world, to cast off all pride, all hatred; to live in humility, in prostration to God, for us to be united – the earthly world, the heavenly world, and the world in purgatory. The souls today also rely upon us – through the prostration – for them to return to God, before the day of justice for all.

God has bestowed special graces and favors for the living as well as for the deceased.  May we listen to Mother, unite with Mother; may Mother intercede for us to unite with the heavenly kingdom, to unite with the elders in the heavenly kingdom, to unite in the earthly world, to unite with the people in purgatory; even though they are not yet there, they can still prostrate to God to wait for the glorious day in which generations will unify to worship, to praise, and to extol God: “Holy, Holy, Holy Lord, God of hosts” – all heaven and earth – all surrender to our God who is the eternal Father, the only God whom we worship, whom we prostate to, whom we honor; and may we repent and do penance so that we may come back to our God.  Those are the moments that we ask for today, through the Six Kowtows, to lead and open for us a great door, and the key currently belongs to us in today's humanity.  Thanks to that key to enable us to enter the door of the heavenly kingdom where God awaits each one of us, through repentance, completely belonging to God.  Surrender and prostrate and then God will act and give us the strength to move forward and triumph over the battle of this day, which each person is fighting and is currently facing a sophisticated world that causes us to be disordered, from the spirit to the body.

However, today, we have recognized the instrument that we need, and the instrument most effective in the divine realm, most powerful yet most humble and gentle – that is Mother Mary’s teaching. Mother led us back to God; Mother made sacrifices her entire life to become a teaching and a most clever instrument, a most innovative instrument, a most common instrument yet a most powerful instrument, to reach deep into the heart of each person, so that we do not follow the teachings of the world – the clever sophisticated ways, the instruments of civilization leaving us discouraged and downhearted and making us fall. The teaching that Mother offers us certainly will be wiser, smarter, more enlightened and controlled by our hands, for us to have more brothers, for many nations in the world to know God and to recognize God through the gift of the Six Kowtows.  That gift will continue to spread everywhere – a hundred and a thousand times more with the instruments that people are using today. Please help us open our eyes, open our ears, open our hearts; with the power of God through the Holy Spirit and the activity in the divine grace brought to the entire world, certainly we will have moments of happiness, of peace, in which God will intervene and manifest His glory. Because He is the only King, He is the Mighty One, and He is the only Person with sovereignty over mankind.  When we belong to God we will enjoy days of happiness, prosperity, with the days when we follow the teaching of Mother Mary.

How many years of famine; how many years immersed in sin; how many years relying on the world, but in the end we are still tragic, we are still stagnant; we are also ruined by that civilization, but when we return to God then all the civilization of that world will be destroyed; the people who still exist, the people who persevere, the people who are faithful will be prosperous and happy, in this life as well as in the afterlife. This is a century in which we must listen, we must understand, we must be receptive with all the sacredness that is present, which God allows us to encounter in this time: that is the Six Kowtows that today we receive in this – a contemporary – century, for us to be able to be close to God. Each individual: we have the right to decide ourselves, regarding what we have heard, known, and depending on the decision in our mind. We must come to God; we must rely on God; we must live with the days returning to the truth, returning to God in the righteousness and the justice that God requires from each one of us.

In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our God, I thank God.  Through the Six Kowtows, the entire heavenly kingdom is listening to our prayers and the earnestness, on behalf of a multitude of people and of all classes. May God accept us with the Six Kowtows, through Mother Mary's teaching.  Thanks to Mother, we are able to know about this to honor God, to belong to God, to come close to God, and to call upon God’s Name, for Him to urgently help us in today's generation.

L., along with all the brothers and sisters, conclude the Six Kowtows this morning, Wednesday, January 4, 2017, at 11:32 a.m. at St. Theresa Church, at the sanctuary, where L., T., M.N., A.H., P.N., M.L., M., and M., respectfully offered the Six Kowtows. The revelation was particularly clear, and has never been so clear as in the past few days.  Each day, the manifestations become closer and closer to help us and others better understand the meaning of the Six Kowtows, so we are able to move forward with what is in the divine realm now present that God granted us, most especially in this generation and in the beginning of this year 2017, which is also a year reminding of the 100-year anniversary that Our Lady of Fatima came to the village of Fatima, through Lucia and her two cousins.  Today, a favor is granted as well.  The Church points out that we can receive the plenary indulgence on the 13th of each month when we kneel before the statue of Our Lady of Fatima to offer the Rosary. This is also related to Mother and the revelation Mother still gives us in this year 2017 – with newer, more profound things that we receive in the beginning of the year 2017. May we represent all the brothers and sisters, represent all classes, represent all roles, in a spirit of praise, of extolment, of gratitude, and of thanksgiving to our God, now in expectation of forever. Amen. Amen. Amen.



The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. L. leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. L. receives messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone. When Jesus gives L. messages it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of  



  1. Please see “The Six Kowtows” message of August 19, 2014, on the website below.
  2. 1 John 3:7-10
  3. To practice the Six Kowtows publicly – that is, in a church – as is normal with them, is remarkable to a world in which religion is something to be expressed strictly in an acceptable, private fashion; to practice them (by adoring Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, or before an altar or a crucifix) in churches is likewise alarming to some Catholics who are shaken by worship that doesn’t fit into a comfortable, conventional box. (It must be noted that they are never to be practiced during Mass, a Communion Service, or when the priest or deacon is presiding at an adoration service.)
  4. This is three ways of saying the same thing. Such repetition is often used to emphasize something.
  5. This seems to be saying that people speak words to God, with their hearts and souls, but practicing the Six Kowtows opens up new avenues to them in prayer. Because we are composed of soul and body, to only pray with the soul can be limited. By modestly and respectfully praying with the body, in a very humble position of surrender to God, one is able to repent, intercede, pour out one’s heart to God more easily than the sometimes cold fashion we most often do. St. Dominic understood this well; in his “Nine Ways of Prayer,” he used the body to bring the soul to pray in a fuller, more powerful way than if he simply prayed with his soul.
  6. This does not refer to any rule or law in the New Testament, Canon Law or the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
  7. By virtue of Catholic Baptism, one is made to share in the triple mission of Jesus: priest, prophet, and king.
  8. It is Catholic doctrine (not dogma yet) that Mary is the Mediatrix of All Graces, which means that all graces come through Her, even though God is the source and author of all graces. She is the author of the Six Kowtows.
  9. “A religious life” here does not refer to those in religious orders, etc. but to a faith life. Respecting all the good in that, people who already have a faith life are being called to open up to the Six Kowtows, which are a means of daily, ongoing conversion – not just of initial conversion.
  10. This does not seem to refer to the Mosaic Law. This may refer to Ephesians 2:14-16, or to becoming a new man in the Letters of St. Paul, or to the words of Jesus to Nicodemus in John 3:3-8.
  11. That is, to become one with Jesus in His resurrection
  12. This seeming dichotomy can be explained in this way: it seems Gospel refers to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, while the Good News may refer to the Good News of future salvation, which extended back to the Old Testament (for example in Isaiah 40:9, 41:27, 61:1).
  13. “That” refers to “the grace poured down and bestowed upon us on this day” in the previous paragraph.
  14. This seems to mean where we are supposed to be now.
  15. Solid sacramental preparation has declined over the decades, so this problem is beginning from the time of First Communion regarding the Eucharist.
  16. These qualities belong ultimately only to God.
  17. The “natural law” that is written by God on the heart of every person (see Romans 2:14-16)
  18. For Mass, we must be quiet and bow down before receiving Jesus; after Mass, it is recommended to practice the Six Kowtows (“prostrate”). During adoration, we must be quiet and “prostrate” ourselves (practice the Six Kowtows).
  19. It is not clear what new teaching refers to. It could be to the revelation of God the Father and the virtue of justice in the Old Testament in comparison to the revelation of God the Son and the virtue of mercy in the New Testament. Or perhaps it refers to this private revelation in which Divine Mercy plays such a prominent role (heaven is repeatedly saying that God is not interested in punishing sinful mankind, but in mankind’s return to Him (but there is a short window now for us regarding this, because God is infinitely just as well, as the next sentences say).
  20. Those who choose to be saved
  21. In these messages, the Eucharist (the recipient of the Fourth Kowtow) is sometimes referred to as a “place”: the physical space occupied by the Eucharist.
  22. This will be Jesus coming to the earth to reign in the Eucharist during the Era of Peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima. It will not be the Second Coming but again in the Eucharist after the world has been purified of evil.
  23. Since “redemption” and “salvation” are often used synonymously, it must be pointed out that redemption refers to Jesus making it possible for us to go to heaven, while salvation refers to going to heaven. In this sentence only one word was used but both meanings were meant.
  24. This is a reference to humanity in general: humans are valuable no matter how many or how grave their sins are.
  25. The Six Kowtows
  26. This requires some explanation because the Sixth Kowtow is formally this: “In honor of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for Her triumph.” What is written in this message has come up in at least one other recent message, and it seems that this is the explanation: a recent development, received through a message, is that before offering the Sixth Kowtow, we are to thank God the Father for the gift of Blessed Mother and ask His permission to kowtow to Her. This represents a development or deepening, rather than a change, and this may be the reason: we worship only God, while we venerate – in this case to the highest degree – a creature, the Blessed Virgin Mary.
  27. It seems that She was the first to kowtow in prayer. It has been revealed in The Mystical City of God revealed to Venerable Mary of Agreda, that She “prostrated” a lot, which would probably mean a full body prostration, during prayer; many, such as, for example, the Apostles, did too, so these would probably have simply been traditional, full body prostrations. In any case, the kowtow would suit Her perfectly since She was in constant prayer, which would include supplication, submission and adoration, and since She was the humblest human person. So, Her being the first to kowtow is a special revelation; it makes all the sense in the world for Her, as the forerunner, to “teach” (this word has been used since they were first revealed) the Six Kowtows to Her children – the world.
  28. She played a very important role in the early Church. She was the most perfect follower of Christ, the exemplar. She would, it seems, have been a primary source for the Apostles and disciples to go to in order to learn in depth about Jesus, His words, and certain events. She was not the leader, though, of course; that was Peter alone. But what might be said is that he was the head of the early Church while She was its heart. Her combination of the highest humility and holiness, and the fact that She was and is the “Mother of the Church” (John 19:26-27), along with being the Mother of God, would explain the Apostles’ deference here. As the next sentence says, She was successful in limiting them to only six times that She spoke, which, considering that She was the greatest human person to ever exist (Jesus was a Divine Person with two natures: one divine and one human; He was not a human person), is amazing.
  29. This seems to be a reference to the “144,000” number that is mentioned in the Book of Revelation 7:4 as the number of souls of all time that will be saved. (The Church categorically rejects that every verse of the Bible is to be taken literally, such as this verse, which is simply the number of the tribes of Israel, twelve, multiplied by 12,000, meaning a very great number of Jews and non-Jews. Similarly, Jesus teaches that we must forgive “seventy times seven” times). So, what “six” refers to in this sentence is the figure of 144,000, which is divisible by six; also in heaven, the 12 Apostles are divisible by six as are the “twelve elders.” Also, the seraphim have six wings (Isaiah 6:2) as do “the four living creatures” (Revelation 4:8) in heaven. All of these will “prostrate” before God, as in the next sentence in this message. The number six also signifies completion in Biblical numbers, and heaven is the completion of the journey of the saved. But the 144,000/6 connection seems to be the best explanation; the other explanations may or may not be valid.
  30. The “black box” undoubtedly refers to the television set (and almost certainly to the radio) as well. Elizabeth Ann Seton, the first native-born American citizen to be canonized, had a revelation in the early 1800s that every American would have a black box in their home through which the devil would enter.
  31. If we obey God we will overcome worldliness. Additionally, this and the next sentence can have two meanings. First, Jesus overcame the world (John 16:33), and the faithful will be victorious – not only in the Era of Peace, but also at the end of the world, and St. Paul exhorts us to “overcome evil with good” (Romans 12:21). These sentences could also speak of the preeminence of the supernatural (order) over the natural (order); it does not refer to gaining earthly power, prestige, or possessions for themselves. Rather, more than once, Jesus taught that His faithful followers had no material thing to worry about. It can be summed up in this quote of St. Teresa of Avila: “Whoever has God lacks nothing” (Bookmark).
  32. In the Era of Peace that will follow the current tribulations
  33. All graces come to us through Our Lady as “Mediatrix of All Graces.” She is also “Advocate for the People of God” (the Holy Spirit is the Supreme Advocate, of course). Both of these titles are already Catholic doctrine.
  34. In these messages, 666 does not refer as much to the Antichrist as to evil and the powerful, evil people working behind the scenes; they rule but are unknown because they are members of secret societies.
  35. She is the Co-redemptrix, with and under the Redeemer; this is already Catholic doctrine. In the next sentence: “The Way” was term used by the early Christians to denote Christianity; likewise, Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life according to the Bible.
  36. They were all 100% Catholic, but each saint had his or her own spirituality and gifts.




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