The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist
The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

Heavenly Poems and Songs

''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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The Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Mother's Apparition at Fatima

October 13, 2017

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through the messenger, Lucia Phan.


Lucia: O God, it is 10:10 p.m., Friday, October 13, 2017, at St. Theresa Church. We are facing the sanctuary, the altar, the tabernacle, the Cross of the Lord Jesus, the icon of the Divine Mercy, the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Today marks a special day, for us to recognize and unite with our brothers and sisters who are present in Fatima at this moment. Exactly one century, after 100 years, we unite with all the brothers and sisters all over the world to respectfully offer to God the first thing, which is the prostrations that we respectfully offer to God through each Person. Today, as well as every day, we have the opportunity to respectfully offer to God after attending Holy Mass. In particular, today, October 13, 2017, marks the 100th anniversary of the event when Blessed Mother came to the world, to Fatima, which is also a reminder for us to live and practice. Today, joining prayer to action, we respectfully offer the prostration. That is the message from Blessed Mother to our world: we must amend our life, we must repent, we must pray the Rosary. We must pray and we must come to Mother's Heart, for Mother to lift us up to God.


In particular, after 100 years, exactly one century, Mother's messages are accompanied by actions, with earnest urgent petitions. Today we respectfully offer on behalf of all the brothers and sisters all over the world, especially on behalf of those who do not know, who do not believe, and who never once know how to thank God with their heart. Also on behalf of every sinner today who faces a situation, which is that of a free world in days of trouble, in days when mankind has excessive freedom and is offending and has offended God seriously.


Today Mother continues to send a message to mankind. She continues to tell us: "Stop offending God", in particular on October 13, 2017, exactly one century and 100 years since Mother came to humanity through the three cousins in Fatima. Today, surely millions of people from all over the world come to commemorate and celebrate the 100th anniversary of Mother's apparition. They are waiting and they hope there will be a miracle.


O Mother Mary, Mother of the Divine Mercy, mankind requires proof based on human reasoning, so mankind remains in the months waiting to recognize what is seen and heard, but to God we must understand very clearly. Since God created us, God gives us everything and allows us to see the days in history, especially the history of the Lord Jesus Christ. He came to the world, He died, and He returned to heaven, but His existence remains through the Eucharist.


Mother has appeared. We have no right to demand proof because we are not worthy, because we always demand, looking for things in reality with our habitual, limited vision.


However, what God loves most was what He once told St. Thomas, who insisted to see and touch the Lord Jesus' ribs. God allowed St. Thomas that, but He said to him, "Because you see, you believe." To the human eyes, to see and believe is something very normal, but to not see yet believe is something admirable that God must remind.


Today we demand a miracle, but a miracle came 100 years ago. How many people have understood and practiced and have been complete with the miracle from Mother who came to our human world over 100 years ago? Today is a memorial. Mother continues to come to certain places although Her visits in these countries are still not yet clearly announced, but Mother still comes to remind. And today the gift that Mother offers to humanity is The Six Kowtows.


It is Mother Mary who taught us in the world of humanity. Today there is only faith, the faith from which each day we hear the prayers from the Holy Spirit's teaching. What is additionally known are things to complement, and many more, for the Gospel of God to be made clear daily in our life, to remind the cold and indifferent heart, to remind the tenacious stubbornness of mankind, to remind our still weak human faith. Today is a day to mark the anniversary. We know that regarding human demands, Mother will certainly have a way.


However, I hope that what is of this day helps people recognize that we must wash away what is in each person's ego and personality – with the freedom, the selfishness, the demand and all things that are challenging God, in this aspect as well as the other. In our human condition, we are loved by God. He saved us. And Mother is an exemplary being. Mother is a meek being. Mother is also a gentle being, always silent and meditating. With everything Mother does, She thinks of us, She totally does for us, and thanks to Her, we exist and we go on today.


Whether 100 years before or 100 years later, Mother, please let us know that what You teach must be practiced, must clearly be meditated upon – everything through Her message. From there is the miracle, and Her love is there with us. The love with which She brings us close to God is also there, for us to believe in our heart and in our mind, and believe that God is present, that Mother is present, in our heart. We receive the help of the Holy Spirit and we are under the control of the Spirit of God. We believe in this because we are the recipients of the Sacrament of Baptism, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit that God has granted through the hands of the Church. The pastors are people chosen by God and we have been baptized to join the Church.


Everything the Church teaches, everything in the Good News is the Word of the living God, which is a miracle each day in life. What God further grants is subject to His holy will. Let us not require and demand anything with proof, because we human beings demand proof, demand human reasoning, so regarding the countless deeds that God has done and is doing, we have forgotten, we have forsaken, and we follow our own way. Thus we remain within limits with an ordinary and mediocre point of view.


Why do so many of our brothers and sisters follow idols? Why doesn’t everyone recognize God? The reason is because talking about idols, talking about all the superstitions, talking about all things is easier for people to accept than the miracles that God did. Those great and wondrous things – people must wait and must be very cautious. That is correct. Cautious so that we are not deceived by the devil that uses ways and means to impersonate God. God's miracle saves people. God's miracle will help us become holy. God's miracle will help people live with faith and rise in faith when we are indifferent and cold, wake us up when we fall asleep, and wake us up on the paths that we still do not understand and still do not know. Miracles will help us recognize the presence in the power that God manifests, for us to know to fear and back down with all the evil deeds we have committed, are committing, and will commit.


There are so many things that today we need to allow ourselves to know, because we demand too much. Let us understand that God sees and knows which situation and when, because God will definitely let us know that His closeness is not far. Daily God grants us miracles for us to become mature adults who differentiate and clearly understand between right and wrong, clearly understand what is happening to the Church, to the sheep of God, to people like us who are falling into situations, to our brothers who follow idols.


How pitiful for Christians, those who are in Catholic families like us, yet we see that they have a different trend, because they rely on the civilized life, with the reasoning in which they completely live in freedom: the freedom to seek homosexuality, the freedom with all the sexual desires that mankind requires in the flesh, with despicable and vile things that we have committed and are committing daily in the world. (1) Why do we fall into that situation? Because we have naively believed in all the facts of the human world in technology, in science, in life based on civilization forgetting morality, forgetting the doctrine, forgetting virtue. We forget the conscience in a life in which we must distinguish, must keep the principles, because we study the doctrine, we know the doctrine, and we are nourished by Holy Mass.


It is God who has come to us with His own Body and Blood to nourish us, and the doctrine taught every day through the Good News, is to remind us in our situation. In the situation of the world, mankind needs that nourishment for the soul. When we take the time to meditate and experience, and we place God above all things, then we will be firm, immovable, unshakable, no matter what happens in the world. No matter how magnificent or all the wealth, compared with what God gives it is completely different, because we simply remain in our wretchedness with the temporal days of the world, but God is everlasting.


All these things are like a permanent seal in that we belong to Him. When we carry out God's doctrine, follow God's teachings, we live in justice and righteousness, we live in fear of God. Then we have enough for us to live in the midst of the worldly life with the divine power that covers us in the truth, which God has granted to each person, to each of His children, and to each of the faithful. When we understand our own position – all classes, all roles, each one of us – when we come before the court of God, when we are no longer in the body of a human being and we stand before the court of God, then all of us are equal in His love and in His redemption.


And God looks upon us with the days on earth; the days in the flesh; the days with the mind, the soul, and the heart. How many good deeds did we decide to accomplish? How many achievements have we accumulated? How much have we practiced and done? How much have we let Him in our life, in service, worship, and trust? These are things that need to be known and heard, taught by Mother Mary after 100 years, with words for people to easily remember, easily hear, which summarize with depth that we must amend our lives. There are many details and there are many aspects for us to meditate on, in order to understand the meaning of Mother's message to us.


At the same time, Mother also desires that we affirm our repentance, because we are sinners in each of our lives. In our mortal days we cannot avoid what surrounds us, which are things that keep us from obeying the Lord's commandments. We remain in a lowly, daily state with offenses among our brothers, and we do not keep the commandments. Moreover, deliberately or unintentionally, we have been dominated by life and there are many things that lead us away from the embrace that God grants to protect us in virtue and holiness.


O how happy for us to have Mother a shining example, a burning lamp leading us in our earthly days. When we have Mother, we listen to Her and learn from Her silence in contemplation. But how many can do this, how many can live this, and how many in the world learn from Mother? Certainly there will be people, who cannot be like Mother, but at least we listen, we know, and we obey to follow the example of the one who is utterly humble before God, the one who absolutely obeys God, the one who listens.


In life, every beat of Mother's Heart belongs to God. So today Her words and Her message will surely rescue us from the enclosure of crimes, especially when Mother teaches us to pray the Rosary. The more we reflect upon it, the more we see that heaven's world is with us – when we spend time with God, when we serve God, when we take the time to represent the world, people who do not know, who are hard-hearted, who reject God, who are offending, who are living in madness, in insanity, in a faithless life, rejecting God and following idols.


Today we are heartbroken because we can see they are also human beings but they do not have the truth, they do not have the doctrine.


But we are different. We have been blessed in a special way by Mother, even though we work silently but we are very happy and peaceful to move forward each day, to hear the words not from human beings but from the Spirit of God teaching us heartbroken – teaching us to pray; teaching us to love; teaching us to sacrifice, to be determined, and to believe in the living God who is among us. He is with us. With reverence due to Him, let us distance ourselves from all the sins committed in our past days of weakness. While the wretchedness remains, we keep asking God for daily forgiveness. Let us return at the right time, and in time, to pray to Mother and for Mother to teach us.


Mother teaches us to examine ourselves daily in our lives. Before sunrise, let us wake up to prostrate and give thanks for the long night that God arranged for us to have a good night's sleep, for us to wake up and start with the morning of a new day. We then offer the words to God – each person, each heart – to thank God and dedicate that day to God. After the sun has set, as we begin to fall asleep, we must also reflect upon ourselves, on what happened that day, what we failed to live in the doctrine, whether we forgot God and inadvertently, intentionally offended our brothers. Let us then prostrate to repent before God and ask Him for forgiveness.


We ask God to bless a night of sleep and the next morning, for us to be mature, to be aware of sin, to avoid sin. We pray for God to help us daily to remove sins that are routine in life. O God, who can teach us this but our beloved Mother Mary? Mother Mary lived this Her entire life, and today She Herself teaches the whole world – because the world of mankind has eyes but still has not seen, has ears but still has not heard, has a heart but does not have the beat that God grants, for us to love, to sympathize, to listen, to perform, and to serve.


Our hearts are beating, but beating with all the beats of the human world and our eyes are looking at reality. Our hearts and our ears also want to hear things of reality, hear things of self-interest, hear exciting things in the life of the ego and personality, in the flesh with the weakness that mankind needs to hear. Where there is self-interest, where there is fun, where there is gratification with all that is lust, party, enjoyment, then we like to hear – we respond, and we always allow the worldly life to influence us strongly.


So our faith life is slowly weakened along with the lofty spirituality God grants. Because we still choose the path of freedom, the path that belongs to the ego, and the path that belongs to the ordinary, mediocre, and lowly days of the earth, we are mainly controlled. What God has given us spiritually, Mother also strives and totally grants us that through Her teaching (2).


Today these things do not happen by coincidence – Mother wants to repeat them after 100 years to reach all of us and each person when we are aware and when we clearly understand and experience with what God has granted in a special way.


God chose Mother. God chose Mother and She is the only one who is complete and perfect before God. He rejoices and is very pleased to see that the masterpiece He created has become perfect according to His holy will. Everything that God grants to Mother is a privilege. She received those great privileges and She used that privilege to grant them back to us. Because apart from God and after God, Mother is the only Person who understands and sympathizes with our human condition. Mother knows the days of exile on earth, the trying days in which mankind must sweat and labor for food, and weakness, which we easily stumble upon when we do not have God's grace to cover and protect us, and when we do not have a fulcrum with a shining example, then we will completely collapse, because we cannot fight the devil. The devil is a step above mankind, but he is entirely below God.


Because God so loves us, the devil is jealous and envious, he makes us stumble for us to sin and to part from God. The devil takes control of our souls, tortures us, tramples us, works to increase in numbers. He does not love mankind, he only takes advantage of mankind, hoping that mankind will fall forever into the places of wailing and grinding of teeth. He wants to hear those wailings, he wants to be satisfied with the passions, with the wishes as he betrayed God from the beginning. He also wants to pull us along, because we are God's perfect masterpieces. God loves us and cherishes us. God gives us great privileges that the devil himself does not have, and even angels do not have.


These are things we must hear, we must know, especially today. Because Mother is the perfect one, the pure one, the one who is completely flawless regarding sin, today Mother especially wants us to hear this message. Mother wants us to understand that this has happened, is happening, and continues to happen. We must remember one thing: our God of the first day and the God of the final days is still one, unique God. His law is that we must place Him above all things, with all our soul and heart. To love Him with all our soul, all our intellect, and to love our brothers, those around us just like ourselves.


This is a point for us to meditate on. There are only two things God asks of mankind. From these two, there will be rules that we follow to enable us to win all the battles, whether in our personal or collective life, or in the life in which we let the presence of God always precede us. Let us pray to God constantly, like Mother Mary. Mother is never separated from God. All of the words Mother says, all of the deeds Mother does, and Her mind belong to God in one absolute thing, which is absolute humility placing God above all things.


Because Mother is perfect, God has exalted Her. God has exalted Her to become the Queen of the heavenly kingdom. Today we come to respectfully offer the Sixth Kowtow. In today's history, the Holy Spirit wants us to respectfully offer this, very clearly, to clearly know the rank of Mother in the world that God has established. Mother has the authority to command and Mother already has the power granted by God. Let us look at Mother today – She is always calm, She never uses the authority of a Queen to command the world. Every time Mother came, then tears flowed – sweet words reminding us, grieving with us. Because we still remain in weakness, still with sins, Mother wants to free us, She wants to rescue us.


Mother wants to be like a mother who loves the children in the family. Mother does not want to let Her title grow to command. Mother comes to us as a mother who embraces us, loves us, teaches us, and reminds us. This is an example that today the Lord wants us to look directly at Mother, for us to listen to Her and to obey what She teaches. Mother teaches us to please God. She is the perfect person who pleases God. Since Mother pleases God, She represents all the gifts from heaven that God bestows upon humanity, and at the same time also represents every person in our human world to ask God to have mercy and accept Her wholeness.


It is entirely for us that Mother pleases God in all aspects. She asks for God's grace to offer to us, and She represents us to lift up prayers for us, for each person. She is our Mother, the Mother of the Second Person of God, the Mother of the Church, the Mother of every sinner, and the Mother of every soul in purgatory. That clear affirmation, that title and that honorable name is still proclaimed up to this day, so everything we hear – what we encounter, what we know – is not just something we assume. People today think we believe with fanaticism, with ambiguity, with imagination, and so with their knowledge and learning, they use certain words to judge the works that must be carefully researched. People must clearly listen and they must clearly understand what must be practiced in the world of humanity today.


So the affirmation regarding what Mother has granted, what Mother has given, today Mother does not come to us with an apparition like 100 years ago but She reminds us of what is most necessary the Eucharistic Jesus is in our midst. Each day, He is in the tabernacle waiting for each one of us and for humanity to return. This we still have not done, this we still do not understand, so why do we have to ask for miracles, as people nowadays require for them to see, to believe, and to practice? That is why we must clearly understand that not everyone can require like those who are in authority.


We must know that our life must have faith, right now. Whether we see or do not see, history has proved, the Gospel has proved, Holy Mass has proved, our Church has proved. These are things we need to believe. At the same time, what Mother wants to give is what we are blessed to receive; to strongly urge the life of faith, and also for the unbelievers who still do not know and still do not believe to have the opportunity to open wide one's eyes to recognize the presence in the power that God has worked through Mother Mary. Certainly in history we did not know and still do not know that Mother lived Her daily life in prostration.

Today we see religions that are not legitimate religions, yet they require people to prostrate.


They face the sun, they prostrate, and daily if anyone fails to practice then they will be severely punished in their own life. We see Islam and other religions that worship not the Lord like we do. They are simply vague and abstract in anything, which they totally do not understand, and still not knowing God they have slightly deviated in life. Today we see all that, but out of reverence for the Lord, they keep the law, they unite with each other, they protect each other. Today with the expansion of Islam, we have seen their faith, from the women, and from the women to the children, they are determined to keep the law.


It is that observance of the law that helps them be strong and brave – they are not afraid of death. There are so many things; today they are determined in their life of worship in a very clear way. But we worship God because He is the Being who created us. All heaven and earth belong to Him. There is no other religion. There is no other being for mankind to worship outside of God. We know, we hear, but we do not see what is necessary. We must be constant daily, even if things are simply things inside of our hearts that we believe. We pray, we believe in the doctrine of God and we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Today we are turned toward the Cross that is the proof of the Gospel, the proof of love, the proof of life, and the proof of things that belong to Him, bringing life to this existence and the next.


We know that besides Him there is a living Person, a mother who is a mother whom God chose in the world of mankind, a descendant of Adam yet who has changed the situation.


Since Mother accepted by her "Fiat," salvation has come. We have begun to receive the supports in life through the change right at that moment. All the deeds that Mother did – all things that were done lasting till this day are God's blessing, God's gift, God's forgiveness. God still gives through Mother Mary for us to identify what is most needed and most urgent that mankind must recognize.


We must embrace the commandment of loving others with all our heart, with all our soul, and with all our mind. What God teaches, what He asks of us, for centuries, up to this day, we still have not embraced, we still have not been complete with either commandment.


Mother is the only Person who completely lives this commandment. It is because of Mother alone that God still holds back His hand, waiting for humanity till this day. Mother is the only one to whom today the Holy Spirit has taught us to respectfully lift up, so the Sixth Kowtow belongs to Mother, who is the Queen, to receive. We must remember and give thanks to Mother because it is Mother Herself who leads us to God, it is Mother Herself who sacrifices everything to live for God. Thanks to Mother who totally experiences and meditates, and totally devotes Her life to God so that today we may enjoy Her blessings.


Today there are many things we cannot ignore. We cannot forget the words of Mother. We cannot be indifferent before today's situation. We cannot follow the manner of human habit. Through Mother's teaching, let us remind today's humanity of the reverence due to God. Let us remind mankind of the needed moments of repentance. Each person, each class, each role – we know that today is the 100th anniversary. There are so many things that Mother did in the past and did for the saints. The saints learned from the example and through Mother's help, they are present in heaven. There is no saint who did not have Mother's help. There is no saint whom Mother did not offer Her hands to intervene for. These are things we must know and must hear.


Let alone humanity nowadays: the more advanced, the more it goes into a civilized era, a radical era. We forget the signs we must follow, which are to follow the saints, to learn from what happened, to accomplish holy deeds, to pursue the perfection, as Mother wants us to learn from the saints' examples. Today what is being heard, what is being received, let us – a multitude – come to the place where Mother Herself appeared, with a tribute to Her, to celebrate the 100th anniversary. Let us not demand. What Mother gives, let us receive. What Mother teaches, let us practice. What Mother says, let us accept to keep for ourselves.


Because Mother says the words to help us mature. Mother teaches, takes care of us, and leads us to God.


Mother knows that only God can give us happiness – to have eternal joy and to be protected in  peaceful and happy earthly days. Life cannot be without challenges, cannot be without poverty. A life of poverty and a life of challenge is the life of walking with God, being with Mother, learning many holy and virtuous things that Mother gives to those who start with things they do not have, with hardship, with poverty. Then, step by step, we will be steadfast when we stand up, firm in maturity, in God's blessing. God does not let His children be poor. God does not let His children be destitute. Especially Mother Mary is a mother who always gives the children abundances in life – a prosperous life, a life with the needs that She sees in us, in each person, each family, each community, the whole world, and especially Her Church.


Who says we must suffer, that since we follow God we must be destitute, that we must have trials? No. Following God, we must understand that God wants to train us from the times we do not have till the time we mature and have so that we know how to use the money God gives, know how to use everything God grants, with the inheritance of the earth and the inheritance of the heavenly kingdom, for us to use in the right time. We need to understand the meaning, which is to live in sacrifice and at the same time also to live in charity to distribute all things, in what people need to have, giving to each other, helping each other. And we must continue to live in the abundance, in the blessing, as God waits for the maturity to grant us.


Let us never ponder with all things, because the saints, when they find the doctrine of truth, when they find the true love of God, they find meekness, humility, and a helper, a loving Person. That is Mother Mary. They did not want to fall into the state of a world that mankind prefers, which are needs, money, fame and wealth. Because they think that when they acquire those, they do not know whether they will be able to be true to themselves or will surely succumb with all the attractions of a worldly situation.


They fear they will not conquer those things so they want to become a member of the low class, to become poor people, for them to easily live their lives, from not having to worry about all that is money, fame and wealth, and position. There are many things in life that easily lead us into self-interest. From there – leading us to the ego, the personality, the enjoyment –  we will err on the path of truth, the path on which God wants to preserve us.


Indeed, it is a perfection that we need to learn; it does not seem too high nor too low, but is real in all classes, all roles. Because God never lets us live in poverty and lacking. God knows our lives are easily tempted by wealth, easily tempted with everything around us.


We enjoy, we become greedy, lustful, sensual, and we become human beings who indulge, who forget God's commandments and precepts. These are things we have stumbled upon. To the majority in the entire world, when we still do not have then we pray daily, but when we finally have, then we forget God, we put God aside, and we act freely with money, with fame, according to our own wishes. God does not want to lose us. Mother does not want that to happen either – to each soul that used to spend days with Mother, whom She taught daily, to whom She gives messages, while listening to the words of God. However, because of what people were able to attain, with what they longed for, they easily forget God.


We see the example today. How many people, when in days of poverty, totally belong to God? In the morning they attend Holy Mass and at noon they come to pray with the family.


Living in days of ordeals, yet they are happy and peaceful. There is God's presence, there is God walking alongside as their friend. But when they become rich, with positions, they become wealthy people – then they completely separate and they no longer are in the days as God is watching them and wanting them. Because when they have wealth, they choose the friends to be with and they also do a lot of things that fit into a certain way of life.


With wealth then their eyes no longer look to the brothers and sisters. And they become arrogant, become haughty, become evil, selfish, and they break the law, break the commandments they had obeyed. The majority of people in today's world fall into that situation and there are many more worse things. From there, in enjoyment, if not in God's way, if not in the commandment, people become too comfortable. People begin to seek pleasure and from that pleasure, begin to sin. Addiction is also a sin. Then people started to seek gratification, which is lust. From there, they cause their families to break and the other families as well. From one thing to the next, in pleasure, mankind is utterly devoid of the doctrine. People completely disregard the doctrine and God's laws in the personal, family, or collective life, and everywhere the laws that those in authority must keep – the laws of God – to control the nation, to control with their roles.


Indeed, only God's doctrine is perfect and each deed has a model upon which we rely. A Woman has hidden all things in absolute humility. An absolute obedience, an absolute acceptance, an absolute devotion, a sacrifice, and fully, all deeds of the One, Mother Mary does for the Holy Name of God. Mother Mary fulfills all things entirely in the doctrine, what God requires from mankind. From those points, Mother teaches us, but we still have limitations to learning, to knowing, and to practicing. Today we have not yet opened our eyes wide enough, we have not yet opened our ears to hear clearly, and we do not yet have a real heart. Mother continues to cry for humanity. Mother continues to bleed for humanity.


Mother continues to cry with tears of blood to remind people who are offending and missing many opportunities with God's grace. They live in disobedience, in unrighteousness, in each role, in each position.


Today Mother is sending a message to the Church in particular and in general to the children. We must know what is of today in the condition of each person and in the life of each role. Let us live up to the role that God has given and granted. At the same time, Mother wants us, starting with each person, to not think of our position, to not think of our role, but think that our God is the one whom we absolutely adore, the one to whom we offer everything, the One for whom we repent each day, the one for whom we must study the doctrine, when we have imperfections, when we inadvertently or intentionally err. Each day, we must recognize the reminder from Mother, to help our soul, to help our real life, and to help our life of practice, to become improved, perfect, and entirely holy.


Today is the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Mother's apparition at Fatima. Three things are addressed to all humanity. That is to amend our life, to repent, to pray the Rosary and come to Mother's Heart. After 100 years, everything that today combines with deed, Mother teaches us to respectfully lift up to God in each prostration, to pray and present everything in the human world that is still not fully understood and not yet achieved after 100 years. No one can save us apart from God, and the world today is increasingly more chaotic. People who return to God are few, but rebels are too many and are growing in number. They seem to be controlled by the earthly world, and remain in dependence with everything – with needs, with money, with lust, with greed.


We have been controlled and we have been trapped by snares, filled with all things that we are fond of. The life in which people seek to find the truth is meager, but the life in which people are free to follow idols is substantial. So we must know that our brothers are in dying days. We feel the pain when we see our brothers err and choose the enemy to be their father, to end up being burned, both body and soul. We see many more things, we see the human tragedies, we see the addicts, we see the prisoners, we see the people who are living in crimes, we see all the actions people should not do yet they have done and are doing. It is a sin in the sight of God. The Lord will certainly act, will destroy all those crimes because they do not belong to His call and particularly not to His teaching.


Today we must know that all things are currently in the end of history. Mother Mary knows that at the end of history there are no more days of purgatory but only heaven and hell. We are living with purgatory days today. Let us strive for us to live in the return. Let us strive to seek once again the achievement of a return while we are still in the flesh, when we are still breathing, for us to decide. Let us not let time pass, not let time be wasted, not let nonsense things cause us to lose the opportunity today. We have heard how the brothers and sisters wail in purgatory. We have heard their wailings. We have known their sufferings when they were utterly tardy and too late.


Today let us listen to awaken ourselves. And what about those who end up in the place of fire? Forever they no longer have the opportunity but must live in the fire that burns forever and ever. The soul never dies and must suffer torture forever and ever. This is something frightening. We must be fully awake. O mankind, do not let that happen to us. The days of exile on earth are temporal days. These earthly days are to help us understand that God grants us body and soul to serve Him, to proclaim, to exult, to praise, and repay what is in the human condition, borrowed from God, recognized in God, and still exists, each day, under a sky with a beautiful sunshine.


Let us never forget the gift, never forget all things we have received and are receiving. And we still owe God the debt of love that He has offered, by the heart, for us to be breathing with the beat that He is giving. So let us remember this and live as Mother teaches. Live with what Mother wants us to practice today and live as instructed, to pray to God for the final days, the days to help our brothers, the days to remind people of the reverent heart, the returning heart, the heart in prostration, to ask to belong to God, through His protection and intervention. Because when we return to God then we benefit both soul and body, because God loves. In history God has never turned away sinners. In history, He used to say: I do not want the wicked to die, I want them to repent and live.


It is in the Old Testament time that we have heard the Father speak to mankind. Today, the Lord Jesus, the Second Person of God, has come. And God wants us to believe – then we will receive; to seek – then we will find; to knock – then it will be opened unto us. All things declared through the word of God always help us. And today Mother leads, because the world of humanity still does not know, still does not hear. Mother helps us in the ending, and most recently, the 100th year in this century in which we are present and about to step into a new century, to hear the words from Mother: Mankind, repent, amend your life, pray, and pray the Rosary.


Let us honor the Immaculate Heart of Mother. Let us venerate Her sacred Heart to have Her intercession. We will be safeguarded, to recall within us the reminder that we believe and we practice and we follow the signs and the examples of the Mother we dearly love. A Mother who is still with us, who remains with us. Mother does not come to us by a great apparition like in Fatima, but Mother comes to us silently, to each person, each soul, each heart. Today let us respond to Her invitation. Let us practice and listen, to return to God by the prostration, by the surrender. It is exemplary and a shining example to today's human world to revere God with soul and heart.


From there the Holy Spirit will guide. From there the Holy Spirit will give us great graces to know the truth and eliminate the crimes, eliminate the wrongs, eliminate the shortsighted vision that is blurred and obscured by the devil's enticement. Today, October 13, 2017, all the commands that Mother Herself has given 100 years ago in Fatima – after 100 years, She gives us the messages that come from the Blessed Sacrament. The words of this day are affirmed by deed. That is Mother, silently, in the divine realm. We believed and we have traveled everywhere to spread The Six Kowtows, by which Mother brings us close to God.

The deeds of today do not come really from human beings but are a program with faith. God wants to kindle faith in mankind that will become the truth. The more we believe, the more God grants us. When we trust more, then God will grant even more. All the inheritance and estate of the heavenly kingdom are simply waiting for faith, so let us receive those things. Let us stop being naive and foolish. Let us stop being immature. Let us stop being limited. Let us believe in God. Let us believe in Mother and practice with our heart. Let us practice in holiness, live in the truth, and walk in the doctrine of God with a daily improved heart, repenting and living a life of prayer with the Rosary, with the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, with the Lord's teaching through the Church.


At the same time, let us come to Mother's Immaculate Heart then each day we will be nourished spiritually. We will definitely be protected and never be misguided. Because we have Mother leading the way, we have Mother shielding us, we have Mother protecting us, we have Mother teaching the world to become united in love and wait for the day when God will surely return, the day God will intervene with His powerful hand. The powerful hand will hinder. All things that harm people in righteousness God will destroy all those crimes. God will let the righteous people survive, and God will give those who belong to Him a real defense that He will grant. As for the unbelievers, the excluded, and the stubborn, God's arm will destroy all. There will no longer be any root left in the world of humanity.


Listen, because all things are not a coincidence. In the past days, the messages were very clear. God declared to help us with a very clear determination. We must live with what is heard, what is taught, practically by the deed that today we respectfully offer. It is also the day we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Mother's apparition in Fatima. Mother Fatima sent a message to the world of humanity. Mother Fatima has brought this to us. At the same time, after 100 years Mother comes to us by a voice. Mother comes to us by a teaching. Mother comes to us and kindles faith in us. We have believed and we have acted. We have believed and we have spread. We have believed and we have practiced. We have believed and we have affirmed. Because what is of today is not seen by our eyes but seen by our hearts. Our heart sees and our faith sees.


God works all great things on those who have a heart that belongs to faith. So today there are many things that do not stop here, but to those who have faith, practice what Mother taught, for us to receive the last gift of history. We will be separated, we will be protected, and we will come to the new world that the Lord has promised to those who belong to Him, to those who fear Him – His own people with the prostration, with the surrender, with a truly repentant heart. Repenting with our heart, then God will accept and lead us. This is what is most needed to be affirmed in the end of today's history. As for those who do not believe, those who still have not returned, then be determined to return, be determined to come back, and be determined to clearly understand what the meaning of these Six Kowtows brings to us and evokes in us. We need to know to return to God. We definitely must come to God. Only God will save us and help us through the painful tribulations of the end of history that will certainly take place. Definitely, there will be a separation between good and evil, between sheep and goats – a separation from everything, which human beings must look at with the eyes of faith to recognize what we have: what is present, and what it is that God has granted to us, to each one of us in humanity, through Mother Mary. May we open our hearts. May we open our eyes, open our hearts to receive the words that today should have been received in Fatima. Mother has made it possible for us to go there, where Mother appeared, but today Mother knows that there are many things not appropriate for us to say among people.


Mother grants for us to especially belong to God and Mother for us to receive a message, this important message. It comes with all that Mother wants to remind mankind today. Let us believe to recognize the truth in the deed. Today God wants us to devote ourselves to return, to devote ourselves to believe, to devote ourselves to do what Mother teaches, because this is the doctrine, this is the truth. This is the truth, with the messages that Mother Mary wants us to learn, understand, and practice, for that will become the days of protection for us, the days of preservation for us, and God's acceptance, through our prayer, sacrifice, and charity. In particular, God will forgive those we pray for.


God will forgive all the souls that we remember to pray for. God will forgive all the family members we pray for. God will let us pray, then the Church of God will become united and become the force to lead the lost sheep back, to untie the ropes bound by regulations and laws. There are many wondrous things that only God is the Person who can give through Mother Mary. Let us open our hearts to receive, open our ears to hear, open our souls to experience. And let us decide to practice what we encounter with God today, to draw close to God, to accept Him, and to understand His holy will in our daily life.


Let us continue to listen to Mother for Her to continue to guide us. Mother protects us and teaches us to be absolute in the reformation, in the repentance, in the penance, in the earnest prayer with heart, in the continual recitation of the Rosary daily in life, and in the contemplation of the four mysteries of God through the meditation of the Rosary. At the same time, let us always remember the Immaculate Heart of Mary with the reverence due to Mother and in solidarity with Mother. We pray for Mother to always guide us and the whole world. May everyone change and return to our God, belong to Him, call upon His Name, and live to glorify Him through word and action.


Let us love each other, support each other, and unite, for us to live with the days God grants through Mother's message, especially on the 100th anniversary of Mother Fatima coming to the world. After 100 years, starting now, things will happen to the world. Let us not be afraid and let us not be surprised because it was foretold. Everything that needs to happen must happen. What people choose against God's way will happen so that they recognize the wrongdoing with the customs and laws when they do not follow the law of God but follow the human law.


Human beings remain within limitations so they must accept what they choose. If we walk in the law of God and all that belongs to God, then we will see the mighty hand of God that will sustain, will save and protect us, especially keeping us safe from what happens. But with the help of Mother Mary, we are safe in God's loving and protective arms. Now, may all of us thank God, thank the Holy Spirit for allowing me to report this message, and thank Mother. After 100 years, all things are unlike other brothers and sisters, but we still silently receive the teachings from Mother and receive the important messages to bring to the world.

In particular, we are the pioneers for the voice and the prayer, asking God to look at us. May everyone repent and return to God through the grace that God bestows. Mother's intervention and intercession give us a little more time, for our brothers, our family members, and our loved ones to soon return. In particular, our Church must be absolutely united so that everything the Church brings to the sheep of God will help their safe return. Because the teaching of God, the word of God will bring us life and give us hope. And the Church represents God to guide the lost sheep and untie all the bindings, from which the repentant soul begs to return and be forgiven with the Divine Mercy that God has given to the whole of humanity.


We complete on Friday, October 13, 2017 at St. Theresa Church, before the sanctuary, before the tabernacle, before the Cross, before the icon of the Divine Mercy, the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. The clock shows 11:10, which are also the three numbers 111, symbolizing the Trinity. That is the presence of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and the presence of the three archangels. This is a special number that God gives me in the most urgent times, the most critical times, to know of His presence, in the acceptance as we receive the message inspired by the Holy Spirit, for us to complete today; for us in life to practice, listen, and meditate, and also for the whole world. This is a document after 100 years, which Mother has given to the whole of humanity. Those who have functions also need to listen to what is reminded since the gift of The Six Kowtows originated from the prostration that was practiced in Fatima. Strive to see what God has done and bestowed on mankind in the human world. This morning, Lucia with all the sisters, A., M.L., M.N., M.T. and T.T., received a message that ended at 11:11 a.m., a number that symbolizes four choirs of angels.


The angels are here, and they are also a testimony to the words that do not come from me but from the Spirit, granted with perfection, to bring to the world of humanity great documents. Especially after 100 years, Mother Fatima comes and gives us the words with an important message today, for each person and all those who open their hearts to receive, to listen, to practice, with the meaning of the gift of The Six Kowtows. In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, I thank God, thank the Holy Spirit, thank Blessed Mother. Amen. Amen. Amen.



  1. Sometimes the Holy Spirit inspires Lucia Phan in such a way that she speaks as a great sinner.
  2. In these messages, the “teaching” of Blessed Mother refers to The Six Kowtows, which is Her gift to humanity.


The messenger, Lucia Phan, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone's camera. When Jesus gives her messages, it is as a Father in the family, as the Master/the Teacher (for more on this please see the homepage of 



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