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The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

Heavenly Poems and Songs

''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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Message on 12-08-2017                             She Wants to Teach and Lead Us Back to the Eucharistic Jesus

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through the messenger when practicing The Six Kowtows.




O God, it is 9:59 a.m., Friday, December 8, 2017, at St. Theresa's Church. We are lifted up toward the sanctuary, the Cross, the icon of the Divine Mercy, and the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Today, God gives us the opportunity to come here; continually with each day, after attending Holy Mass; wherever we have the opportunity, we respectfully offer to God, on behalf of our brothers and sisters, in the calling to bear witness to the gift of The Six Kowtows.


At the same time, today, especially, is the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, and also reminds us of the beginning of Advent and to be ready for the coming of the Lord; all this urges each one of us to return to God – returning with our souls, returning with our hearts.


In particular, blessings were showered upon us; throughout the years we lived here, indeed, it rarely happened, yet last night, snow fell. Snow fell, recalling the cold winter over 2,000 years ago, when before Jesus was born, Mother Mary, along with St. Joseph, had crossed over those chilly places. The Incarnate Christ returns today to our human world after 2,000 years, the day the Church celebrates the solemnity – the Immaculate Conception.


O Mother Mary, Mother of Love, Mother of Mercy – today, Mother’s title is “Immaculate Conception.” Mother was sinless when She was still in the world, to bring us life – the salvation granted – and draw down blessings from heaven on us.


Especially today, each one of us lifts up words of thanksgiving, of praise, and of exaltation, though throughout countless years there are many hearts still hardened; many hearts still disbelieving, still not accepting, but God is still God the Lord, the Savior, the God full of love, the God full of Divine Mercy.


The Holy Spirit is working, leading us into good deeds and guiding us in peace; at the same time Mother continues to be a mother – over 2,000 years ago, and 2,000 years later, She is still a loving mother – clement, patient, a humble mother, a perfect mother before God.


Today, we celebrate the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception. O God – the meaning of “Immaculate Conception” to us, indeed, remains something that is still incomprehensible and mysterious, but I only know of what Mother quietly taught us in the past years.


Mother gave the messages to the world, and Mother allowed us – who are lowly people, little people, people who lack, and are people who still have many things in our life, who still have a lot of omissions and unworthiness  – yet Mother’s love still cares for us, still guides us, still leads humanity back to Her Son, the Lord Jesus; back to the Eucharistic Jesus, present today.


There are many more wonderful things as Mother comes to lead and to remind us that we must change our life for the better, we must feel remorse and repent, we need to pray the Rosary and come to Her Heart, for the Immaculate Heart to help us, guide us, and bring us closer to God.


O God, today is a very special day; all blessings are poured down upon all generations. Today, we still have the days for us to come to celebrate the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception on which together in unity we prostrate to express the sentiments of people in the world.


There still are ordinary and commonplace people, but with a heart lifted toward God, a heart submitting to Him, a heart obeying Him, a heart surrendering to His infinite love and Divine Mercy.


Today we are happy; we have a heavenly family, we have God the Father, we have Jesus, we have the Holy Spirit, we have Blessed Mother, we have the presence in the divine realm yet remaining – the Eucharistic Jesus. At the same time, we know we have the door of heaven through the Five Holy Signs (1).


Today, we have been taught by Mother to come to Him with a reverent heart, to receive the countless blessings that we have and had and continue to be given to humanity, for us to awake, for us to stand up. We have the saints, the angels, and especially St. Joseph.


The return of the Christmas season, which is also the Advent season, reminds us of the Holy Family and the presence of the head of the household – St. Joseph – the foster father of the Lord Jesus at the time of His incarnation.  


All the supreme wonders of God, granted to the human world, are the love to lead us back to the light, lead us to be immersed in God's Divine Mercy, and lead us to forever belong to God, which He wants us to receive today.


a) The First Kowtow


At this moment, we respectfully offer to God the First Kowtow. We love, praise, extol, honor, adore and thank you because God is the Lord, a Father, the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mankind, and the Father of all generations.


What do we have to respectfully offer Him? Only a heart, an imperfect, flawed heart, but we believe that His love will sanctify and transform us in the Lord Jesus Christ, His only Son, and in Mother Mary, the completely virtuous and holy being, perfect before God.


The great spirituality, active through the Holy Spirit, urges and guides, for humanity to know what is in the present with holiness, with what has received the blessings of God, and what remains in the grace and the divine blessing that He grants to the world in general as well as to each person in particular.


Today, we respectfully lift up what is heard, what is received, with feeling, to pray for God to accept the prostrations we reverently offer to Him at this moment, representing soul, body, mind, and heart, pleading to return to the Lord, our God.


O God the Father – I worship Father, I praise and honor Father. I thank Father for letting the snow fall.  Snow is so beautiful; throughout many years in this state, indeed, it is not easy to see snow, but this year is a year of blessing, a year of grace.


We have seen, on the solemnity that the Church reminds – the Immaculate Conception – dew falling from heaven, pure white snowflakes falling, to remind people to return to the light of God, to return to the great spirituality that awaits like each dewdrop, each drop falling through the clusters of snow deposited on the bushes, on the roofs, on the vehicles.


At the places snow fell upon, the pure white snow reminds mankind of God’s love and Mother Mary’s purity, and the fullness of a life in which Mother wholly belongs to God, to His doctrine, to His love.


Mother fulfilled Her duty, became a Person of perfect virtue, the blessed saint who brings a shining example to the whole of humanity. Today is the official celebration that the Church reminds us, and heaven rejoices, praises, honors the Queen of heaven.


The Immaculate Conception: to the world and before God, Mother was sinless.  She received the sheltering and protection granted from God. The word “fiat” became the word that today the human race knows: Yes!

The word “yes” changed the fate of the world, became the means to step into the Savior’s love and for us to clearly understand what this day brings back, and reminds us of the lofty solemnity from heaven to earth, celebrating the Immaculate Conception, which is repeated over and over again, to recall Mother’s purity and Her perfection.


Her life on earth endured extreme ordeals, endured so much bitterness to embrace and choose to save the world – to journey with the Lord Jesus Christ, to draw down blessings from heaven upon the world of humanity so that today, sinners like us, culprits like us, victims like us, have the opportunity.


We praise God, because He is the Omniscient Being who knows everything, and who is the Person worthy to receive the great blessings that He bestowed from heaven to that Person, to be poured down upon the mortal world?


O Lord, our God, we have nothing worthwhile. We, the entire human race, are sinners, unworthy and disobedient, but thanks to the Blood of the Son of God, thanks to God’s only Son, thanks to love and the Divine Mercy, Mother collaborated and completed the work of redemption; today, history is repeated and is back – after 2,000 years, the everlasting process in divine blessing poured out from heaven continues for the children of Adam.


O Lord – today, in the First Reading, the Lord called Adam and asked him, Where are you? He said, I heard the voice of the Lord in the Garden of Eden, but I was afraid for I was naked and hid myself. The Lord said to him, Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten of the fruit that I had forbidden you to eat? Adam replied, The woman the Lord gave to be my friend, she gave me the fruit, and I ate it. The Lord said to the woman, Why did you do that? The woman said to Him, The serpent deceived me, and I ate.


Then the Lord said to the serpent, Because you have done that, you will be cursed among all livestock and all the wild beasts of the earth, and you will crawl on your belly and you will eat dirt all the days of your life. I will put enmity between you and the woman, between your offspring and her offspring. That offspring will crush your head, and you will bite at His heel. Adam called his wife Eve, because she was the mother of all the living.


O Lord – Adam heard the Lord’s voice, ran away and hid, because he was naked. This is the first step as our human race entered the world of sin, because of unrighteousness, because of disobedience, because of not accepting the word “yes.” On the contrary, Adam blamed the woman whom the Lord gave as his friend – “it was she who ate that fruit; then she gave it to me, and I ate it.”


This is what we see; to start, our first parents were disloyal – they betrayed, disobeyed God, but after the Lord knew this truth, He absolutely had a very clear plan to say to the serpent, and that promise is a woman and an offspring who will crush the serpent’s head, and the serpent will bite at his heel.


This is the point of departure for history to begin, entering a world in which God prepared for salvation to come to the world according to His appointed time. Today’s Gospel reminds us that when the angel Gabriel came, Blessed Mother said “Fiat.”


Then God’s achievement immediately takes shape in the human world, and from that time on, the world begins to unfold with days of light, with days of hope, and the blessing from heaven opens from the Virgin Mary. The word "yes" restores the world of humanity, for us to celebrate the Immaculate Conception today.


It is not just something that remains there, but is a participation, a great achievement. Mother’s life belongs completely to God; She endured hardship and challenge, She also endured extreme sufferings as well as bitter experiences, but She completely entrusted everything to God, fully trusted in God. Mother did everything for God and She loved God more than anything, placing God above all else.


Today, we have a perfect Mother; a pure, holy Mother; a Mother without any blemish of sin, and a virtuous, magnanimous Mother. Today, we enjoyed the blessings that God granted from heaven, through Mother, near Mother, and with Mother, for God to accept and hear us, to intercede for us, and for us to understand that God’s redemption is complete, thanks to Mother Mary.


Mother Mary represents the entire world of humanity to submit completely to God so that today, we still have the opportunity to hear Mother’s teachings; we still have the opportunity to prostrate to God, we still have the opportunity to respectfully lift up to God, as we worship each Person.


Today, we understand very clearly; we lift up to God with a circumstance that is weak, imperfect, sinful – an insignificant circumstance in which the world remains, along with days of indifference, of denial, of unworthiness, and of disrespect, but God’s love for mankind is immeasurable and unconditional.


And it is through Mother, through Her virtue, through Her intercession, through Her tears streaming down daily to pray for humanity, that today we have joy, understand the meaning of the prostration, understand the meaning of the return, understand the meaning of the surrender.


The world no longer has any other place outside of God’s love and Divine Mercy. We are truly undeserving; none of us is worthy before God, but Mother Mary is the Person who beseeched God on our behalf, who sacrificed everything for us, who in humility, silently meditated to bring us hope, and to also guide us to be immersed in the Savior’s love, to be immersed in the extreme anguish as Mother continues to remind us today: “Come back to Him.”


O Lord, our God, mighty God, the God of heaven and earth, the eternal God who understood and observed – today, God, please, hear the prayers of those who are humble, weak, and still imperfect; this is simply our feeling; we know we are undeserving, we know we are unworthy, but we fully rely upon God’s love and Divine Mercy, through Mother Mary’s intercession, through Mother’s teaching and support, for us today to dare prostrate before the God whom we glorify.


O Lord, our God, it is not late now, though it is late for us, yet for God it is always the beginning. For the Lord said: I do not want the wicked to die; I want him to repent and live.


Today, we are miserable, unworthy, and undeserving sinners, but thanks to the Son of God, the Lord Jesus, the Savior; thanks to the Lord’s Daughter, Mother Mary, the Immaculate Conception, the world exists and abides by the Holy Spirit’s guidance, in the love of the Holy Trinity, for us to persevere and go on.


Please accept our prayers; especially today, together with the divine court of heaven, we celebrate, praise, honor the day that heaven welcomes, the day that heaven proclaims: “Mother Mary, the Immaculate Conception.”


We praise, extol, and glorify the Lord as our God, forever and ever, and we praise the Blessed Virgin – our Mother, the Mother of the Word Incarnate, the Mother of the Church, the Mother of all humanity.


Today, we have the opportunity to be bold for Mother to lead us to the Lord, guide us to prostrate before the Lord, and lead us to clearly understand what we are doing, for us to beseech, to plead in the Name of the Lord.


May God save us, save the world, and save all people in today’s generation who are heading for a path where there are many who still do not know, still do not believe, and are still very stubborn and stiff-necked.


Help us open the eyes of faith, for us to recognize what is needed in our lives, for us to return to God, so that He sanctifies and transforms. He will lead us back to the love and Divine Mercy in a deserving way, in the source of grace, of sanctification, and of transformation that God granted to us. Amen.


b) The Second Kowtow


The Second Kowtow, we respectfully offer to the Second Person of God. I thank you for your Son Jesus. O Jesus: we love, praise, honor, adore and thank you for the Christmas season is back, with the first days of Advent. God is the author; He came, is coming, and remains in the midst of this world with us – though it has been over 2,000 years.


It has become history, but is being recalled every year, for us to remember the repeated event to bring about the recognition of God’s everlasting love and the redemption that was granted to each sinner on earth like us, for us to return to the loving Supreme Being, the Supreme Being who accepted sacrifice, the Supreme Being who came into the world on a cold, freezing winter night.


He was born in a cave, a stable for animals, reeking of feed, which was His cradle; He came to the world, with the authority of a King, of a great Prince who brought peace yet was so humble and utterly meek, devoted to the world of humanity, to convert and change the world in order to have peaceful days, warm days, happy days, and serene days.


O Lord Jesus Christ – today, we celebrate the solemnity of His Mother. His Mother accepted hardship, accepted suffering, and accepted all the agonizing afflictions of a mother – a Mother who beheld Her Child, who sacrificed Her Child, who accepted with Her Child, who journeyed with Her Child, and who expired with Her Child – the heart is alive yet as if dead, because of seeing what awaits Her Child.


Ordinary people in the world have a comfortable place at birth, at least not ending with a piercing, cold place without a place to lodge, but the Lord of the universe, the King of the universe, the King of the world, the King of love, the King bringing salvation, was born in a stable.


What heart of a mother would not be broken and grieved, but Mother uttered not a word of complaint, of blame, because She knew that Her Son bore the responsibility to care for the whole of humanity, to die for humanity, to sacrifice for people, for them to have warmth – for them to return and recognize love in order to be saved, both soul and body.


O Lord Jesus Christ – there are countless words to praise, exult, thank, and honor, to reverently lift up to the Lord; especially at the beginning of the Advent season and also the day to remind us of the Immaculate Conception. Indeed, thanks to Mother – with Her, and everything pertaining to Her.


Today we receive heaven’s grace, we encounter the Savior, we meet the Redeemer who delivered the world, who rescued the whole of humanity, who rescued us in the darkness of sin that crushed us.


We are being threatened by sin and death; He rescued, He opened the door to heaven, He opened for us to embrace the light from heaven, shining upon all people, shining upon the faithful, shining upon those who return, shining upon those who believe in the Savior, for them to live.


O God – how can God’s infinite love be described? And especially today, what we do, what we reverently offer, what we lift up, and what we believe in to practice in the prostration today – that is the respect due to God, the reverence to offer to God, the honor to thank Mother Mary.


It is Mother who guides us back to God the Father, who leads us deep into the salvation of the Lord Jesus in order to recognize our own circumstance and the significant value of what was exchanged and redeemed by the price of the Blood of the Lord Jesus when He started to come into the world.


Mother is leading us to the Holy Spirit, because He is the Omniscient One who knows everything to teach us and lead us in the earthly life. Life still has many ordeals; as we remain steadfast in God, believe in God.


We learn from Mother Mary the shining example of virtue, with a reflective soul to meditate upon the sublime mysteries – to bring to the world, to bring to the mortal children the graces from heaven that Mother gathered to give to the whole of humanity with the word “yes.”


Today, history is clearly written; we are the people who represent all of our brothers and sisters, represent our family members, represent all the people chosen in a life of witness, and represent the whole of humanity – all classes, all roles – to come and honor the Infant Jesus.


From the beginning of Advent, what have we prepared for Him? We welcome Him with the prostration; we welcome Him with a humble heart, by what is still imperfect and by our frail condition.


Today, we come to Him, beseeching Him to sanctify, beseeching Him to transform, because He is the King and He is also the Supreme Being who heals both soul and body. We believe; we trust; we worship; we honor, thank, praise, and we reverently lift up to God, at the beginning of Advent, to prepare for the days that are truly coming.


We also lift up to Mother Mary, asking Mother to accept the words of gratitude we lift up to Her, because thanks to Her, we understand and dare to beseech God, to come to Him, to lift up to Him, and to prostrate at His feet.


May all of us unite in this; with our heart and our weak, sinful condition, there is nothing else besides the moments apart from the world for us to belong to God – the Supreme Being whom we trust, the Supreme Being whom we worship, the Supreme Being whom we love.


May our lives be happy, peaceful and meaningful, while we still have Mother, while we have Her guidance, and while She intercedes, for us to know the days the world is heading for: with the days that if we fail to rely upon God, if we fail to return to Him, and if we fail to recognize salvation, then surely our lives will be days of sufferings, days of tragedies, days of troubles, and days of wars.


Today, O Lord our God, the Second Person of God – we ask to submit ourselves to Him. May we and the whole world listen, quiet our souls to understand that only God can save today’s world. May all knees bend, together in submission, together in prostration, to come offer to God our entire lifetime; to offer all the weakness, the wretched condition; and to offer everything that is binding from the sin our first parents committed in the first place that our mortal body cannot thwart, cannot overcome.


Today, if without God, we would still live days bound in the darkness, so thanks to God, thanks to the light of the Good News, thanks to His true love granted through the redemption, thanks to the full cooperation of Mother Mary for the light to illumine the world – we no longer fear, we no longer delay. May we come to the God we trust, come to the God we worship, come to the God we call upon, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.


May He save the world, may He heal the body and soul of His children who are still in this world, for them to know to return to justice, return to the truth, return to righteousness, return to the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, for us to honor Him, to thank Him, to worship Him, and for us to honor His Mother – Mother Mary, the Immaculate Conception.


Please hear our prayers, and may we love Mother profoundly, recognize Her teaching so as to practice in life, because Her words, Her teachings, Her help will please God. Today, we lift up countless words of gratitude to reverently offer with the Second Kowtow, and today is also the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, reminding us that what we practice today, what we have the opportunity to know and truly have, to receive this grace, is indeed thanks to Mother Mary.


Therefore, we respectfully lift up with a grateful, thankful heart – to thank God for giving us Mother, and to thank God for allowing Her to continue to lead us and to give us the opportunity, to awaken in us what has been forgotten and has become habits, to help all classes, all roles to stand up, to stand up to recognize what we presently have and to not lose the opportunity, to not be too late and too tardy. We thank God, praise God, and glorify God. Amen.

c) The Third Kowtow

The Third Kowtow we reverently offer to the Third Person of God.  O Holy Spirit: We love, praise, honor, adore and thank you because He is always present and dwells in the midst of the human world through all generations; because He is the love of God the Father with Jesus to become a living God by love.


He never forsakes mankind, He never abandons mankind, He remains active in leading us back to God’s love and leading us to recognize salvation, to recognize the true love that is still present, for us to live.  God wants us to live, He wants us to amend our lives, and He wants us to improve in order to be worthy to live with the great graces that He granted to us.


O Holy Spirit – today, without Mother Mary, certainly, we are not aware of His close presence. Indeed, He is the Supreme Being dwelling in our soul; He is the perfect, holy One, and fully in the goodwill of the Triune God.


He leads us, He lets us taste the gentle, tender sweetness of the love whose author is God; love represents the Third Person – He is still in our midst up to this day. People usually mention love, but we do not know from where love originates and how love is in order to be called love.


O Holy Spirit – He is the love, He is the light, He is the Good News, He is the truth and righteousness; love dwells in Him, love appears in Him, and the light also belongs to Him. Anyone who belongs to Him, then, remains in holiness and in the light; as for people who do not belong to Him, then they will end up in the torment, in the darkness, in the agony and misery of life.


O Holy Spirit – that greatness, goodness, sublimity – today, Mother Mary knew and fully lived in Him, with Him; Mother Mary Herself is His bride – from the moment the Savior came into the world and the announcement of the angel Gabriel, Mother wholly answered “yes” to God’s salvation. As the Holy Spirit overshadowed Mother, the Second Person became incarnate, which is a great, wonderful, supreme sacredness that was, right from the beginning.


Today is the same, this generation is heading for days of misery, this generation is heading for days in which people are losing faith and yielding to the freedom of choice in life, but the Holy Spirit is the new source of life, the Holy Spirit is the strength, and the Holy Spirit is the Person who is always ready to wait for people who seek Him, for those who believe in Him.


Who will teach us about the presence of the Holy Spirit, who remains here to help us? That Person is Mother Mary.  She teaches us to come to the Holy Spirit. She teaches us to surrender to the Holy Spirit.  She teaches us to beseech the Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit is the Spirit who is protecting, is sheltering, and is dwelling in the midst of the world of humanity; all we need is to return to Him.


May we accomplish what is holy – may we abolish what is evil; remove what is unrighteousness, disobedience; eliminate the wickedness we still have in life. There are times we are aware and times when we are not. How pitiful for those who are living in iniquity, nourishing sin, committing sin that they themselves do not know. This is something so unfortunate for the world of mankind, but the Holy Spirit teaches truly wisely.


What belongs to sin is thus shrouded by the darkness, makes us suffer, causes us extreme misery in the world, and many more evildoings control us and cause us to be apathetic on a path completely devoid of the doctrine. The Holy Spirit is the light, the Good News, the joy, the smile, the hope; so within us, there is good and evil, and we have the right to choose what belongs to us and what we need to stay away from.


O Holy Spirit – He grants us the seven sources of grace, and He also shines the light upon each person when their heart is lifted up toward holiness, because when people belong to goodness and they live in the truth, that is the covenant from the beginning that God the Father guaranteed to the righteous.


God the Father protected the just, God the Father allowed the Holy Spirit to come and dwell in the upright people, but O Lord, our God, we received so many graces that many times in our lives we become people who always end up with habits, people who live in the earthly world with reality more than a spiritual life.


Therefore, spirituality remains in days in which many people are still not able to grasp, many are still not able to embrace, and many are still not able to feel the sharpness of the Holy Spirit who always grants to the world.


Today, the time has come; people cannot continue to be stubborn, cannot continue to choose insignificance and weakness, cannot choose according to their own preferences and neglect the great blessings still in our midst.


It is also a disrespect for us to completely remain in that blindness, so Mother Mary taught us to go to God, to come to God through each Person, to come to God to ask the Holy Spirit to kindle the flame to burn in the heart of every human being, which is indeed faith.


There must be faith, and when having faith, then we will recognize Him, we will receive His light, we will receive the great, supreme spirituality that the Holy Spirit offers, for us to understand that human beings live having meaning, for us to be aware of the need for peace, the need for calmness, and for us to be able to let go of what is evil; between good and evil, we have the opportunity to choose.


In Him, and with Him, and through His teaching, He is the Supreme Teacher, He is also a Father who leads, He is also a Brother who helps, and He is also a Lover to lead us in the midst of life – to know love, to know love in radiance, love in the truth, and love in purity.


O Holy Spirit – indeed, so wonderful, because He is the strength, He is the truth, He is the way that leads us in the midst of life, with days living in righteousness, with days living in the truth, with days with love. Nevertheless, because human beings do not know about His work, they oppose His guidance, so our lifetime is still days of waiting, days of longing, days in which we still do not see and still do not know, but He is still the faithful God who remains with us and wants to practice love.


He wants to communicate, for us to become holy people, but O Lord, our God, the time is ripe for all humanity today to see the truth; what belongs to the human world, what belongs to below is ordinary and common, with nothing worthy of note, but what belongs to heaven is a sublime mystery that is not easy to describe, but which speaks of truth, speaks of love, and speaks of what is the best that human beings need to have, need to know, in order to live, to practice, and to decide for self, for now and the everlasting future.


May the Holy Spirit help us, for us to understand humility; help us, for us to return to God by our heart. May the Holy Spirit help us practice love – may the Holy Spirit help us listen to Mother; because in Her entire silent life, She only practiced, and became perfect in virtue.


Today, Mother Herself leads us to the Holy Spirit, because we greatly need His grace; if without His grace, we cannot carry out; if without His prompting, we do not know the path to take; and if without Him, then there is no light.


Please help us kindle the flame, because the extinguishment is due to the self and the individual character of every person who lives in iniquity, so then that light will illuminate, giving us the opportunity to turn around and go back. In the days we completely lack faith, we lack hope and we lack charity, accordingly, in our lifestyle, in our life of faith, we have become useless people.


However, to the entire world, those are the successes we achieve; in wrongdoing, we continue to be gullible and foolish, and we remain in the insignificance of narrowmindedness, so we stagger and fall a lot.


There still are many things that are unfortunate, regrettable and pitiful for the world in general and in particular for people, when they still do not open their hearts, still do not do good deeds, still do not act in justice and truth, and still do not understand what is fair, just, and righteous before God.


Today, before all things happen and before all things end up before the mighty Judge, the Holy Spirit is kindling the flame for the world so that people may return to righteousness, return to true love, and return to the salvation for which the Lord Jesus died, on behalf of humanity.


God the Father’s love remains and never stops forgiving people; the work of the Holy Spirit never ceases to help each single person; He continues. He will visit those who yearn; He will definitely open the door to those who seek; He will dwell with those who welcome Him – to help us become perfect in the world.


O Holy Spirit – He is so wonderful. May everyone know, may everyone surrender, may everyone prostrate, may everyone return to Him to express the voice of the heart, to express the repentance of the soul, to confess all the mistakes that we made, as we have eyes yet were blind, have ears yet were deaf, have a heart – yet without a beat.


We lived in wickedness, with iniquity, nourishing sin, and are living with days in denial, living with days in despair, and there still are many more things in the darkness as we still cannot find the light, because of stubbornness and hardness, because of human indifference, because of original sin that remains today.


May God help us so that we may receive the salvation of the Lord Jesus, to kindle the flame through the Holy Spirit, by the love burning brightly in the soul with justice and truth, for us to return to a mother who loves, who silently waits.


Today is the celebration of the Immaculate Conception, and also of countless things that Mother has done, to come to have that title. Today is also a day that begins Advent, to recall a Mother who quietly bore the Savior, who traveled all over, in Her affliction, with no one to welcome, but Mother continued – continued to implement the word “yes,” for humanity to receive salvation, for humanity to receive the Holy Spirit's grace, for humanity to be vividly set on fire by righteousness.


Today, we respectfully offer to Him and receive from Him; we have His permission for us to have this opportunity – the opportunity to offer, the opportunity to speak to God, the opportunity to surrender, to prostrate, and the opportunity to completely submit to the Lord God whom we trust.


The Lord God whom we run back to for support, the Lord God who helps us broaden the intelligence, to have a meaningful and worthy life that God granted us and every sinner.


We lift up countless thanks to God, countless thanks to the Holy Spirit, and we lift up countless thanks to the Holy Spirit’s bride, who led us, who helped us, and guided us to the encounter today.


May He save us; may He save the world, open our eyes and souls, open our hearts, for all of us to unite, to return, in submission to God, for Him to rule over the world, for Him to govern the world, and for Him to renew the face of the world, so that all people may live in peace, in happiness, and in harmony, like Christmas every year.


Glory to God in heaven, and peace on earth to people with good will; that is what we long for and desire – God, please help us. Especially this year, we know of many events that happened, with so many things reminded beforehand; there still are many things that must take place with stressful days in those events.


But God, please have mercy, grant us to fully have the days of the Christmas season, to fully have the beginning days of the Advent season, and to fully have the day we welcome the coming of the Savior, and after 2,000 years, to still have the chance to welcome God the Savior, to recall the event, especially in this year, there still is the opportunity and we are still alive.


Please hear us. That is a gift, and may the Holy Spirit teach us more about what we need to understand, what is known, and what we need to practice for everyone to know God, to bear witness to the Lord Jesus Christ, to bear witness to the Savior, to bear witness to the Divine Mercy, to bear witness to Mother’s support, and to bear witness to the Holy Spirit who is lighting the torch for all of humanity to receive the light to help us return with faith – by deed, by goodness, by determination in the truth – for God to have mercy, to accept, to visit and intervene.


We prostrate ourselves before God, we praise God, and we glorify God, our Lord, now and forever – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


d) The Fourth Kowtow


The Fourth Kowtow we reverently offer to the Body and Blood of Christ. O Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for The Body and Blood of Jesus. O Body and Blood of Jesus: we love, praise, honor, adore and thank you for the close presence from God allowed us to meet the King of the heavenly kingdom, to receive the love in which He brings us peace of the soul, and He is healing the wounds of the people who are coming and looking for Him.


O Eucharistic Jesus, the strength of a love that burned in the midst of this world; that strength helped ordinary, commonplace, naive and foolish people to understand and recognize, to believe and be present, to wait, to stand vigil, to truly believe to perform the works that in today's world, people are completely bewildered.


These works do not come from us as we see the God who loves us infinitely and is waiting for us through the Blessed Sacrament.  His words are sweet, His words teach, and His liveliness brought us back from the darkness. This is something true that we have forgotten and rejected, but God is still the Lord, God is the Lord full of great power, and He bestowed and is bestowing upon us countless riches.


The presence of the Eucharistic Jesus is the culmination of the love that is reminding and is close to men in humanity. Who is the Person who leads us to know that His presence remains, and who leads us to come to prostrate and reverently offer?


The days we lack a reverent heart toward the Eucharistic Jesus – O Eucharistic Jesus, He is so sweet, He is so quiet, and He is always patient to wait for naive children like us, to wait for the children who are rejecting Him, to wait for indifferent and cold human beings, to wait for human beings who have become habitual in their lives, with their functions.


Today, the time is ripe; it is time, mankind cannot be indifferent, and it is also time for Mother Mary Herself to lead us, to come and show us the Supreme Being, full of great power, who is still present, the Supreme Being whom we seek and must seek, who is here; the Supreme Being who still grants to the world the most essential, most urgent things, in the needs that we entrust and ask of Him.


He is also the Supreme Being who heals both soul and body, and bestows thousands, millions, and billions of sublime graces, for mankind to continue to exist, to honor, to recognize God and recognize the salvation.

O Eucharistic Jesus – His tenderness, His silence, yet very forceful, penetrates deep into the heart, deep into the soul, deep into the mind, to annihilate what is stubborn and obstinate, to obliterate the cold and indifferent hearts, to crush the hardness and rigidity of the heart.


When we cannot experience the love of a Supreme Being who is living – the author of love. It is a powerful impetus in the Spirit to bring to humanity, which is indeed a grandeur, but if we do not truly meditate, we are people who strictly remain within limitations.


We look as if we do not see; we hear as if deaf; the heart is hard as stone, stubborn and obstinate – then how can we embrace the great spirituality through the graces and blessings that remain? Because there was a reason, God granted us: that was the day the Lord Jesus became incarnate, which started to repeat; that event returned in the recent times of the Advent season, but it was also from that event that comes the event – in the redemption. 


The Lord Jesus was hung on the Cross – and in the end, He died for the sins of humanity, He redeemed humanity, and He triumphed in glorious victory through the resurrection. That plan was already there; before stepping into the salvation, the Lord Jesus instituted the Sacrament of the Eucharist – He wants to stay with mankind, He wants to be with mankind, He wants to endure with mankind, He wants to sacrifice for mankind, and He dearly loves mankind.


Today, what is taking place is not something ordinary, but He already has a program from the beginning. So, His promise is realized in us, over us, and with us: I remain with you all days until the end of the age. Today, what we are receiving, what we are embracing, what we are obtaining in the divine realm yet present, is the gentle voice of the Lord God who promised, and never abandons us.


As the Supreme Being who vowed, He promised He will stay with us every day until the end of the age; the words “end of the age” are reminded on the lips of the Lord Jesus before He stepped into death.


This is a sign for today’s human world – that in the days before the end of the world (2), Jesus is present and remains in our midst; but after the end of the world, then what? Would we still exist and would those of us who remain still have the Eucharistic Jesus? Thus, this is something we must reflect upon to understand what happened, is happening, and never happened before for many centuries.


Today, He manifested Himself to us through the Blessed Sacrament, He allowed us to view heaven with its lofty grandeur; we are able to encounter heaven in the midst of this world through the Eucharist, and we are immersed in the Eucharist’s love.


He led us into the sublime light of the heavenly kingdom; He enveloped the children for them to know what will come, what is coming, and what is in the power that God allows us to view first.


Indeed, this is a favor that God grants to the whole of humanity; God grants to awaken people, to awaken the indifferent and cold heart, and to awaken us. We already have a great promise that God will never leave us and always find ways to save us, but today, how many people know, how many people believe?


Even today, many people consecrated their whole life yet never spend the time to come visit the Eucharistic Jesus, never come to stay with the Eucharistic Jesus, never come to stay with the Master, present over 2,000 years. For 2,000 years, His voice, all the deeds He worked through healing, all the miracles, belonged to Him, and all good things in the doctrine that still exist are also from Him, but those people never recognized His presence.


Today, we have lost many opportunities, we have let time pass meaninglessly, substantially, when the Master is here, granting us the best: to not be oppressed, to not be attacked, to not be divided, but we totally rejected Him, we separated ourselves from Him, and we have let Him be lonely in the tabernacle.


We completely forsake Him, abandon Him in the tabernacles all over the world; we lack respect, lack reverence; we do not receive any of the spirituality that God grants us in a perfect, wonderful way, because of a faith that is still hardened. Mankind still has limitations, so everything is restricted due to our stubbornness and obstinacy.


Today the time has come. Mother Mary witnessed throughout untold past centuries, countless years; Mother Mary represented the mortal world in spirituality to remain with the Eucharistic Jesus when we abandoned Him. Mother Mary witnesses the anxiety and anguish; His eyes continue to shed tears because men betray, His wounds and His Heart are still bleeding because of the refusal, because of the denial, because of the lack of respect, because of the lack of reverence, because of the indifference, the stubbornness, the obstinacy, and the hardness of men.


Thus, today, the world truly does not officially have a clear intervention, because God speaks, because God grants, but we do not accept; we have been so divided, we have made the decision ourselves. In the book and in the Good News and presently, God needs us to be humble, He needs us to clearly understand what He bestows and grants.


The abundant graces remain and never end, but because we simply remain in limitation, we encountered many difficulties, and in life we seem to let reality be more than the spiritual works of God in the soul. God must accept, because we do not receive, because we do not believe, and we still have many things in limitation in order to know the doctrine and the truth of truth that He continues to bestow upon us in a vivid way.


Thus, as of today, the world has entered upon days of weariness; people lived in days in which we can see the consequence of what we utterly practiced – occasional goodness, widespread evil. So, people no longer had a proper standpoint with fairness, righteousness, and justice, but we live in deceitful days of iniquity, and are further subjected to deceit and trickery, regardless of whom and regardless between people.


Then, where is justice, where is truth, where is true love, besides God, besides the doctrine and His Good News, besides the Church? So, He is remaining with the Church; the daily, genuine words are something that no one can fake, that no one can falsify, no one can reject, and no one can deny; that is the Eucharistic Jesus.


The great spirituality and myriad of graces are in Him, the great presence, and the spirituality in the faith that we presently have is in the Eucharistic Jesus.


Then, no matter what happens, no matter what remains in days of inertia, whether last days or final days, we still have the Eucharistic Jesus, the Supreme Being to whom we prostrate, the Supreme Being whom we trust, the Supreme Being about whom we recognize His power above all things.


Only He has the authority to control, the authority to destroy, the authority to allow us to exist, and the authority to give us the opportunity to encounter Him with the final part that today we have and are receiving.


Everything is basically like a book that begins to open for us to recognize the living presence that Jesus wants humanity to discover, and before the book is completed, He wants us to recognize the sublime wonders that He set aside for us by the Holy Spirit, by the spirituality, by the intellectual knowledge, and by the exceeding greatness wrought by the Spirit of God.


All these wonders are to further teach us the doctrine, to further teach us to directly encounter, to further teach us to recall the healing that God is bestowing and still bestows, and to also remind us about the closeness of a benevolent Father who never refuses us and is never absent to us – so let us return, let us come back to recognize what we forgot, what we ignored.


Thanks to Mother, thanks to Mother remaining with us; She is the Person who represents us to serve God, She represents us to beseech God, She represents us to ask God to give us more time, and to ask Him to further remain with us to intervene and support us till the present century.


What is also of this day is that the Church celebrates the day of the Immaculate Conception. Only Mother is the Person who knows everything, only She knows what the will of God rules over the existence of humanity; She has seen all the excess and the baseness of people when they do not understand, do not believe, and remain in unrighteousness and disobedience.


Mother also knows that the world and human society are entering a time in which we are realizing ourselves that there is no longer righteousness, no longer justice, no longer truth.


If without God’s intervention, if without Mother Mary’s beseeching, and if there is no intervention in the power of God, can we resist the enemy, or have we completely fallen into his snare that is being set to entrap each person, for us to begin to die of suffocation, and to have completely begun slowly to become unruly people?


It is time. Mother Mary wants to let us know that the curtain of light has been lifted and manifested to mankind. The immeasurable and absolute love never refuses and never lets us proceed on the paths in which we choose the stubbornness and obstinacy of intrinsic betrayal. Mother Mary leads us, because She sees God’s extremely profound and bottomless love granted to every sinner.


Mother Mary sees that His love and His Heart have bled because of humanity. He absolutely died for us, He wholly remained with us, He completely gave, and He totally gave us a perfect doctrine, for us to live and not to perish, but we were foolish, we disobeyed.


Today, those who listen and practice, those who come to prostrate and surrender, those who come to God: He will illuminate the light of His love, the light of Divine Mercy, to rescue us in time and to save us, when we have not yet fallen into snares, which people had and have, in the present time.


Mother loves God immeasurably; because She said “yes,” the work of redemption was enacted in Her and with Jesus, and today, the duo of Mother and Son is still present. The Eucharistic Jesus is present and remains with us; wherever the Eucharistic Jesus is, then at that place, Mother Mary represents us to serve Him.


Do we know how immeasurable Mother's love for God is? Because God loves Her and She loves Him wholeheartedly, any gestures, any mistrusts, things that people have indifferently refused, cause Her Heart to break.


So, the time has come. It is time for Mother to speak up; it is time for Her to no longer remain silent to ponder, because She wants to teach us and lead us back to the Eucharistic Jesus.


Only He is the Supreme Being who directly rescues us in the most urgent times; only He is the Mighty One who grants, who strengthens our life of faith, heals us, and resolves the chaos and misery in a lifetime of war and suffering.


To have Him, to be with Him – if we want this, then no longer are days of relying upon ourselves; these are also critical times so come to Him; come to Him with the surrender and prostration; come to Him with a repentant heart; come to Him with sentiment and trust that God Himself is listening.


Practice, for us to have more patient moments, to eliminate everything in an ordinary and mundane life of limitation, and come to God with faith, hope, love – and practice in charity, practice in sacrifice, practice in the precepts that He gave through the doctrine, through the commandment, for us to return as a human being worthy of receiving the great graces that God granted.


Through Mother Mary leading us to receive those graces, She guides us to encounter the Lord Jesus Christ, She guides us to come recognize His salvation, and She guides us to come and receive the graces that Jesus grants to those who seek Him.


We no longer discern by ourselves, but by coming to receive the Holy Spirit. His enlightenment gives us more strength to be steadfast in this life, to remove evil, to return to holiness, to receive all that is good that God granted, and to choose the path regarding good and evil. We must choose the holy path, choose the true path, and choose the path that God always mediated for us, those who live in the truth.


Thus, the time has come. We are fully aware that the heavenly family is still here with us; the presence of the Lord Jesus remains, and the presence of Mother Mary is very close to us. Therefore, we recognize these words that we receive from Him as being from Him.


His teaching is very thorough, remaining close to clearly guide us on the holy path, and to advise us on the returning path, for us to no longer be in days of blindness, to no longer be in days of restriction, to no longer be in days in which we can imagine, to no longer be in days of deceit in the human world, but let us personally come to the Eucharistic Jesus.


The light will envelop us, that miraculous presence still remains for us to know that God alone has the right to bestow, and that God alone can manifest those lofty and sublime wonders.


Only in this century can we receive and listen; Mother Mary’s help is to increase our faith, increase our love, increase our humility, and increase our littleness and simplicity, for us to be happy with the days that we forget. The daily offense to God, to the Eucharistic Jesus, remains in the world of mankind – hence, Mother affirms and reminds us not to offend God anymore. 


The hour has come, everyone will see; because God’s love remains, we cannot go on – we cannot continue to refuse, we cannot continue to be indifferent, we cannot continue on the path that is the dead path, because we must be responsible for the days of wailing and suffering. Today, Mother wants us to come back to God.


We see the immeasurable love as He already prepared for us an eternal place – He also plans for us to still have the opportunity in this world, for us to come to holiness, to return to Mother Mary.  Mother Mary Herself is the Person who intercedes, the Person who guides us to the victory regarding good and evil.


The time has come; everyone must listen and return – that is, to return to true love, to return to the God who sacrificed till the last drop of Blood, and that Precious Blood cleansed us, protected us, and gave us the opportunity to have this encounter today.


Let us return with praise and exultation, and let us dedicate ourselves to God; everything else will have the Holy Spirit – He is the Supreme High Being who has many ways to guide us and allow us to taste and experience so that we may triumph over evil.


Today, we are stumbling, we are being covered by evil, and we are being controlled by a world of freedom, of money and of fame. Let us not allow everything that is ephemeral and fleeting to kill our lives and to lead us away from God’s loving embrace.


The Christmas season has come, the days of Advent – concurrently, the day the Church reminds of Mother Mary, the Immaculate Conception. Only Mother can help us with this, only She can urge us to be conscious of this truth, and only She is the Person to let us know.


Come back to God, come to Him while He is still by our side; do not wait for the day will come, which is the day when the end of the world will happen; there will be many tribulations prior to that day. When we truly return, if we no longer have God nearby, then it is very far away, and there still are many things when we absolutely do not come to God when He was still nearby.


Do not let it be too late and do not let it be too tardy; this is what needs to be reminded with what we have – let us return; let our soul have a bit of good will to seek the truth, with the words that the Holy Spirit prompts us today, for us to know that Jesus is present and that Jesus is allowing us to encounter Him.


Mother Mary leads us back, to prostrate before God, to recognize the imperfections for which we need God’s grace, to return to Him by a repentant and contrite heart to be worthy of the love He granted, remaining patient with us, and waiting for us till this day. We prostrate ourselves before God, praise God, and honor God as our Lord. Amen.


e) The Fifth Kowtow


The Fifth Kowtow – we reverently offer the Five Holy Wounds of the Lord Jesus Christ. O Lord, our God, thank you for The Five Holy Wounds. O Five Holy Wounds: we love, praise, honor, adore and thank you for a confirmation of the love remaining close to mankind, the gate to heaven that mankind was indifferent to and uninterested in – not looking, not seeing, not knowing, nor hearing.


Nonetheless, today, we must listen, we must know, in order to understand the meaning of the Five Holy Signs that the Lord Jesus left to mankind, and the presence of the Cross. He continues to look at us in humanity; we are still indifferent and cold, we are still inadequate, and we are still flawed, still do not understand, still do not know, but God’s love is immeasurable.


His planned program is completely a program to rescue us and bring us back to God in a way that is neither too difficult nor too easy; we just need to have the heart to experience what God granted and bestowed upon us – an eternal covenant.


God never forgot the words He promised, but time and everything does belong to the predestined plan that existed from the beginning. Thus, today, what can we learn about the meaning of the Five Holy Signs, what do we know regarding the salvation through the Five Holy Signs, and do we understand that it is because of the Five Holy Signs that God still agrees to wait until this day?


O Jesus, the Five Holy Signs – we do not know what else can be further said, we do not know how to explain what God granted us marvelously in today’s world of humanity.


What we hear, what we offer, we speak not by ourselves, but we see the great presence of the Lord who keeps the promise, the Lord who never forgets, the Lord who always saves mankind, and the Lord who, as He said, will remove the funeral cloth for the nations.


He is wiping the tears of the people who shed tears, who believed and wanted to come back.  He also upholds the needy, the poor, those who live in pain, those who live in deprivation, and He also brings down those who are in high and powerful positions yet are unjust.


God has done and is doing countless things throughout countless generations. Today, the Lord Jesus Christ came, He sealed the love through the Five Holy Signs that He left for humanity to no longer use power.


He just wants us to understand that love restores mankind, that love gives mankind life, and that love persuades all human beings, from every indifferent and cold heart.


When standing before God’s love, when standing before the Five Holy Signs of the Lord Jesus Christ, when meditating on the cross of life and death that the Lord Jesus accepted for the sake of mankind. Today, this is still evoked for humanity, as a sign to encounter Him, a sign to recognize what He is giving, still gives, and never refuses.


What it is that today brings people hope is repentance, remorse, to be worthy, and to be able to step into the Five Holy Signs. The Lord Jesus left behind a doctrine to lead people on the paths they are taking and must take in the remaining days of exile in the world; then there is also the path of choosing in hope, which is between good and evil.


The Five Holy Signs are the light that prove the eternal love for our human race as we rely upon Him, believe in Him, live with Him, practice His doctrine, and continue on the way of the cross upon which the Lord Jesus walked, and used the Cross to rescue mankind; that Cross will gloriously triumph with Him and resurrect with Him – in the Lord, and in the Living Water.


O Lord, our God – who can understand this? – Through history, a last book is opened to lead mankind to enter into the Five Holy Signs of the Lord Jesus Christ, to lead mankind into the true love God granted us for ages that only today we have the opportunity to understand, to be touched, and to experience.


All classes, all roles have the opportunity to be equal before His love; however, today we are terribly divided, we have let things learned, heard, to become lasting theories, but the life of the heart, of the soul, with the awakening, is altogether too little in the world.


With the humility, with the response, today, the Lord has already seen what we have not been able to fully comprehend yet, and are not able to experience closely, because we lack respect, we lack meditation, we lack the practice of the teachings He left, and we lack the practice of the words He proclaims and teaches us.


So, we have been shaken, we have been manipulated by the enemy, and we have been controlled by a sophisticated, civilized world with a program that completely lures the world into days of reality, forgetting what is spiritual, forgetting what the heart sobs for, forgetting that God wants to meet our heart, wants to meet the truth in the soul, wants to meet the essence He created within us, which is the willpower of the mind.


Today, there are so many things that we need to look at, to contemplate; what the Five Holy Signs bring us is not simply as narrated, because God came into the world, endured the cold season of a winter night, suffered, accepted humiliation, went into hiding, and endured so many afflictions in His life. From the time of incarnation up to 33 years spent on earth, He did countless deeds.


He endured countless things, with people who are stubborn, obstinate, hardened, sinful; with scribes and Pharisees; with people in all classes, all roles. He suffered extreme agony, and in the end we ourselves killed Him; we condemned Him, we crucified Him, and we hung Him on the Cross because of our sins. 


These are things for which we must take a look back at ourselves – each sinner, each person, holding a rock to stone the Lord Jesus – things that today we must bear the responsibility to know that He endured everything, He accepted everything, He sacrificed everything, He tolerated everything.


He assumed a human nature to come into the world in absolute humility and completely humbled Himself to remain with miserable sinners like us, but He does not loathe that repulsive and horrible sin, for He knows that only He can save us, only He can sacrifice, for us to have a new doctrine, and only He can love us deeply, because My sheep hear My voice, I know them and they know Me.


And if we do not walk in the Way and do not belong to the Lord Jesus’ flock, then we are against Him; we look for ways to protest, to harm, and we have gone on, as in this present century.


Therefore, this voice continues to resonate, because God wants us to come close to Him, to know Him, and to return to Him. Even though we are stray sheep, completely rebellious sheep that refuse to join the flock, and are sheep that are being wounded in life, in a lifestyle that we still do not fully recognize. This is the opportunity – behold the Lord Jesus, contemplate the Cross; contemplate, because He expired, died for us, in extreme pain.


Today, His eyes continue to look at us, and He continues to open wide the arms to embrace all of humanity, without the slightest reprimand, without the slightest use of power from the King of the universe, by ruling over us, by killing, destroying, or by using human means.


Though He has this right, because He is the Creator of heaven and earth, He wants to let people genuinely walk in His way, but those who disobey and offend … then He has the right to destroy them. 


This happened in the time of the Old Testament, this happened in the time of Noah, this happened in the time of Moses and we should never take it lightly. God absolutely loves us and that love is so gentle; it desires to embrace us and forgive us.


Within us, we all have a heart, all have a mind, all have a clear choice; the time has come. It has been too long – God waited for us over 2,000 years, God waited for us for so long throughout countless centuries.


Let us return, let us contemplate, and let us understand the meaning of the Five Holy Signs that today God has fully and perfectly fulfilled, for each one of us, each sinner and each human being to receive. Either to a person who is rejecting or to a person who is in a stubborn and hardhearted state, He still uses love, He still uses the authority of the King – the King of love, the Creator of love, the King who practices love – to grant us a complete reformation, perfection, and return to Him.


The present Five Holy Signs helped us understand that our consent is the gate of heaven, is the step to enter heaven, is the door of heaven. Through the Five Holy Signs, the Lord Jesus Christ endured torture.


It's because of us, because He completely sustained, in the end He conquered death, and the door of heaven is opened wide to bring in all the children who belong to Him, for us to be together in the prostration, the surrender, and to totally unify and be united to honor the Lord, our God.


Everything that we initially had and have – we have a time to have everything revealed from the spirituality that God desires in us, and that revelation has a meaning that today has come to a century in which we can seek to understand and delve deep into a book that originally existed, is presently enlivened, which we have been introduced to by Mother Mary, led to by Mother Mary, taught by Mother Mary. Mother Mary is the Person who truly practiced that book.


Today, it is a most ordinary book, and by the most exuberant way, we practice; we are exuberant in our act, we are exuberant in our hearts to truly return to God. The exuberance that Mother wants us to recognize is the Five Holy Signs, which today signify that we cannot lack reverence, we cannot forget the salvation of God, and especially, we cannot forget the Divine Mercy of God the Father, constant throughout all generations.


We cannot refuse; if we do not believe, then we will also be rejected, because God brought salvation for us to be alive, for us to continue to exist, for us to continue to encounter God’s love, active through the Third Person, and for us to receive the Holy Spirit of God, who is still working to lead us into the authentic life of this world, for us to have the opportunity to triumph.


The life that God gave us today through the Five Holy Signs clearly reminds that that liveliness in spirituality exists through the Eucharistic Jesus; the Eucharistic Jesus is present; the Eucharistic Jesus is urging.


The Eucharistic Jesus is manifesting Himself to humanity so that all people may come to Him, and He is urging the life of faith that people need in the present world of humanity.


It's because in faith we will see the great marvel that God grants and bestows; in faith we will experience the intimacy in the spirituality that God bestows upon each person, bestows upon each mortal being, bestows upon each heart, and bestows upon every single trust we place in Him.


This is an opportunity for us to open wide our eyes with the present life in which God abundantly poured out His graces. Especially in today’s century, starting from the first step, which is the teaching to understand each Person we reverently lift up to, the teaching for us to know that, though ordinary and commonplace, it came to us in such a great and sublime way in the spirituality that God granted us through His Holy Spirit.


This is a clear affirmation, for us not to waver, for we are taught by Mother Mary Herself; She Herself leads us, and She teaches us the life of the first days when She was still in the world, the first days in which She spent her whole life in that absolute humility, soul and body, belonging to God.


Only this obtains the complete sheltering from God, only this receives His full protection, and it is only by this that we do not completely fall into the devil’s snare, because when we totally belong as His people, we surrender to Him, we prostrate to Him, we submit to Him, and we belong to Him; then who can pull us away from His love, and who can lead us away, because our hearts belong to Him?


This is an initial step, for us to have the opportunity to reverently offer to our God through the Five Holy Signs.  Let us together beseech, united with the heavenly court, to praise, to exult, to honor the Lord our God. The Five Holy Signs triumphed over death, the Five Holy Signs brought us back to triumphal glory, the Five Holy Signs enabled us to overcome the phases of the cross to return to God, and to remain with Him forever and ever.


The Five Holy Signs are for us to receive the shining example of Mother Mary, a life of complete virtue, for Her words and Her intercession, Her presentation, Her guidance, and Her help have become a book of the end of history from which today we gain victory – a victory regarding good and evil. We have Mother – with Her.


Her presence, and Her perfection, is the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception that we respectfully offer with the words through The Six Kowtows, and the author of those Six Kowtows is Mother Mary Herself; so then, everything in the marvel has been answered through the Fifth Kowtow that God granted to us.


O Lord, our God – we do not know what to lift up to say thanks, we do not know what to lift up to show our gratitude, we do not know what to say for what God granted us; indeed, it is great and magnificent, yet it happened to ordinary, commonplace human beings who opened the soul, opened the heart – then God used us and fully allowed us to receive all these wonders. God once said, I do not reveal to the wise and learned, I reveal to the humble; today, He still applies that to the world.


Therefore, let our eyes not look with a worldly view, but let us feel from our experience with what God gave, and let us learn that we should not despise our brothers, that we should not despise our sisters, that we should not despise ordinary yet very inspiring deeds, urging our hearts to turn back, helping our hearts encounter God, and prompting our hearts to take one step at a time, to return to Him, by heart, by improvement, by perfection.


With a heart yearning to return to the Lord our God, to prostrate to and totally belong to Him, we truly believe that only God can save us, that only God will help us, guide us and free us, in the context of a confining world that today, in the midst of freedom, we cannot suppress what consists of a life in the clever sophistication of civilization.  


We only know to lift up our frail condition. May He open His arms and intervene, because of the Five Holy Signs that He fully gave us and because of those Five Holy Signs that He endured to save our souls.


Therefore, have mercy on us, accept us and lead us to be immersed in His Five Holy Signs, to be immersed in the grace of the Divine Mercy, to be immersed in the salvation, to be immersed in the Holy Spirit, to be immersed in the presence of the Eucharist, and to be immersed in the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary.


Today, we prostrate, praise, exult, and honor the Lord our God, now and forever, with the Fifth Kowtow as we reverently offer the Five Holy Signs of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God. Amen.


f) The Sixth Kowtow


The Sixth Kowtow, we respectfully offer to God the Father. O God the Father – we prostrate before Father, we praise Father, and we give thanks to Father; today, Father lets the Holy Spirit teach us to offer to Mother Mary the Sixth Kowtow. We lift up to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for Her triumph. We love, praise, honor and thank you. O Mother Mary – please accept from us this last kowtow, which is a kowtow that brings victory, and is also a gift for the mortal world to open the eyes of faith and encounter God right here on earth when we become people who surrender and prostrate.


O Mother Mary, Mother of the Divine Mercy, Mother of the Eucharist, Mother of the Incarnate Word, Mother of the Church, Mother of each one of us, Mother of all of humanity, Mother of each sinner, and Mother of each soul in purgatory… The title of Mother, the epithet of Mother; today, the Church celebrates the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception; a great sign for all of humanity, a great and solemn Mass.


Mother Mary Herself is completely free from original sin though she is a descendant of Adam; it is a history bestowed by God – Mother alone can change the world, She alone can bring us back to God, She alone is worthy to receive the salvation that dwells in Her Heart, in Her soul, and that love and the doctrine is being carried out, also for today’s generation of humanity.


O Mother Mary – please accept our gratitude, our thanksgiving, our praise, and our reverence in homage to the Immaculate Heart that we celebrate today, and the Church also reminds us to celebrate the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception.


Let us join the heavenly court with thanksgiving to honor Mother Mary, the Mother whom we honor, the Mother whom we respectfully love, the Mother whom we greatly need in daily life, because of Her support and Her life totally dedicated to Her God, wholly belonging to God, to lead us into the light of God, to guide us into a life of true virtue that God yearns for and wants to see in a human life.


O Mother – Mother alone can rescue us, only Mother, as on this day, from Mother’s prayer, God intervenes, God accepts, God bestows and God looks at people with a lowly circumstance like us.


O Mother – Mother always intervenes, Mother always defends us, even though we are unworthy people, imperfect and sinful, but Mother never refuses any sinner who seeks Her, She never refuses anything when Her child prostrates and comes to Her.


To have Her is what makes us happy. The words we offer are unworthy, as are many undeserving acts for us to express our words of thanksgiving to Mother, but we have nothing else, Mother; we only have imperfections.


Thanks to what Mother does daily, today we have this day; thanks to Her support, today we are braver and bolder, for us to continue with what is heard, known – to proclaim, to bear witness, and to pioneer – but we still live in days of weakness; we beseech Mother to help us.


Today, regarding everything, Mother, please direct us, for us to speak the voice of truth, for everyone to know that Mother’s support remains; the whole world depends upon Mother’s intercession for us to continue with the remaining days, to return to God, with the most effortless ways, the most touching ways, and the most intimate ways, especially today.


O Mother, Mother of Love, Mother of Light, Mother of Truth – Mother, please help us with the days when there are so many brothers and sisters who still do not listen, still do not understand, still do not accept, and still do not believe.


We offer everything to Mother, we offer to Mother our Church, we offer to Mother all the clergy, we offer to Mother every single nation that is being oppressed that today still has no opportunity to know God and return to God.


We offer to Mother all people who long to return to God, and we lift up to Her all those who have authority in the rank of leadership of each country. May they return to justice, may they practice God’s doctrine, may they practice the doctrine of justice and truth, in order to remain in existence.


O Mother – I offer to Mother everything, especially the United States; I offer to Mother President Trump; I offer St. Theresa’s Parish; I offer to Mother all the priests and parishioners in St. Theresa’s Parish; I offer to Mother all the churches we often visit; I offer St. Laurence Church, St. Justin Church; we offer all the clergy and all the neighboring parishioners in Houston, Texas. We offer to Mother and we ask for Mother to help us, to help Her children in these areas, in the states, in the places we are praying to Mother.


Mother, please help; Mother, please intercede; Mother, please protect, for us to recognize the teaching we receive from Mother, for our life of faith to grow, for us to receive the support of the angels, of the saints, and for us to see the true guidance of the Holy Spirit in the life of faith, for us to open our eyes of faith, open our hardened souls, open our obstinate hearts, to welcome and embrace the great, abundant blessings from Mother who is the one beseeching for God to grant and bestow.


There are countless wonders that Mother continues to directly bestow, leading us back; may we understand the meaning regarding the day that Mother desires, which is the day of the beginning of Advent. What are we preparing for the Incarnate Christ? What are we preparing for the Second Person of God? What are we preparing for Mother’s Son? What are we preparing for the Eucharistic Jesus present today?


We ask to be renewed in Him; we ask, through Mother, with Mother and Mother’s teaching, for us to learn to love, to forgive, to sacrifice, to share, to be charitable, for us to continue with a life learning about virtue, to become the worthy children that God desires.


To wait for the heart to return, for the soul to return, may everything be improved as Mother reminded; may everything be perfected as Mother taught; may Mother continue to teach us to pray the Rosary with heart, with soul, with faith – and entrust everything, for us to unite like the Rosary that Mother taught us.


We respectfully lift up to the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary, for us to be worthy to stand before the Judge with our beseeching, to receive graces from heaven, poured upon us and upon the world of humanity.


We only know to rely on Mother; we only know to entrust to Her. With a world in chaos today, with the threat of war today, with people entering into crimes today, with everyone lacking in faith and departing from God today, Mother, please help us promptly return before the day God definitely comes to the world, for Him to separate the sheep from the goats.


Please help us mature soon, return soon, and become the sheep that listen to the voice of the shepherd, to return to the flock, to be totally under Mother’s care, for us to become people perfect in reformation, in the improvement, and become people worthy of the love and the Divine Mercy that God gave us.


In particular, for us to ready our souls, may the Infant Jesus come, may the Infant Jesus bring us the light, may the Infant Jesus change our lives, and may the Infant Jesus dwell in a manger that still has many imperfections.


We yearn to return to Him, and remain in Him, because when He comes, He will surely bring the light, He will change our lives, and He will give us joys, as He gives us the warmth – the warmth of love, the warmth of justice and truth, and the warmth with the longing that He sets aside for each one of us.


Today, we only know to ask from Mother to help us prepare our souls to be worthy to become the manger for the Infant Jesus to lay in, as those who yearn, who wait and prepare for Him. We just know to lift up words of thanksgiving, of praise, of exultation, to thank Mother for giving us the Church, for the Church to remind us to celebrate the Immaculate Conception today.


Along with the heavenly kingdom, we praise, exult, and honor the Queen of Heaven.  Please help us, intercede for us, and bring us back to the path of holiness.  May we remain with Mother and ask Her to intercede for us to be victorious in the battle between good and evil in today’s world of humanity.


I lift up countless thanks to God, I praise God, I glorify God, and I thank Mother. I thank Mother for all the deeds She has done, I thank Her for the love given to every sinner, I thank Her for not refusing the sinful and weak people like us.


Mother continues to give us the opportunity to encounter God, to receive God’s grace, to return with determination in a life in which we need the heart, to practice in unity, to prostrate and worship, to fully belong to God for us to be renewed in our lives, and particularly, to continue to have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas this year.


This Christmas season will bring us renewal by the light, to manifest the truth that God granted for all of us to become equal in the love that He granted to each one of us, all classes and all roles.


May we represent people who yearn, represent those who wait, represent those who want but still do not have the opportunity; please help us accomplish what Mother wants, to glorify God and to praise Him in our lives. O Mother – I thank Mother.


Through The Six Kowtows, we have the opportunity to thank St. Joseph. The Christmas season recalls St. Joseph’s presence in the Holy Family, as a shining example, as the foster father of the Lord Jesus and also the foster father of the world of humanity. Please help us come to him; through his intercession, may we become as righteous as he himself was. We thank him for the times he silently helped us over the centuries.


Today, may we lift up our gratitude, especially on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, which at the same time is a mark to enter upon the Christmas days of Advent.


Thanks to the three archangels; they always protect our world, protect our Church, and protect all those who call upon them. May they always keep us away from the devil’s snare, for us to belong to God.  We thank all the guardian angels for their help, for us to be bold in the life of witness, for us to persevere in the Name of God in the midst of this life.


We thank all the angels, all the saints. They are a shining example for us to be brave, patient, bold; to testify for the Lord Jesus Christ; to return to a life of faith by deed; to not back down before every trial that comes to us as a challenge; to bear witness to the Lord, our God; to testify to a life trusting in Him and forever belonging to Him.


Through the example of the saints, may we, through their intercessions, become soldiers – brave soldiers – soldiers who are not afraid of death, who do not retreat before testifying; and regarding all things in life that we know, hear, to continue in a life of prostration, everywhere, for all of us to be united to evoke the reverence due to God in the prostration.


May the saints help us imitate their shining example so that each one of us, in each of our roles, continues in the Name of the Lord, our God, through our deeds and our life of witness.


We lift up countless thanks to God, praise God, and glorify God. In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, Lucia, along with all the brothers and sisters, offer to God The Six Kowtows. Especially on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, we reverently offer in St. Theresa Church, in front of the altar, in front of the sanctuary, in front of the Cross, the icon of the Divine Mercy, and the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.


We respectfully lift up – we thank God, we praise God, and we glorify God; by the Sign of the Cross, please heal us from all evil, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


O God – I thank God for all that God grants us. At this moment, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, we lift up thanks for the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception. On behalf of the world, on behalf of all classes, Mother, please continue to grant us the time to come to the chapel to fulfill the duty, along with the children who are aware, to reverently lift up prayers in the hour that is the hour of blessing, the hour of love, the Hour of Grace, from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.


We represent all the brothers and sisters, to pray for peace in the world, to pray for peace in our country, to pray for all people and all nations to be united, to pray for people to return to God’s love and Divine Mercy, for them to recognize the presence of the Eucharistic Jesus, to recognize Mother’s support, and in unity to prostrate and surrender to the Lord our God. Amen. Amen. Amen.



  1. The “Five Holy Signs” are a unique revelation; each of Jesus’ Five Holy Wounds refers to or represents a mystery of the Faith. They are: first, God the Father; second, God the Son; third, God the Holy Spirit; fourth, the Body and Blood of Jesus; and fifth, Blessed Mother (appropriate because of Her sharing in Jesus’ Passion on Calvary).
  2. The end of the world as we know it  




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