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The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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      Turn Around and Come Back

February 12, 2017

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through L. when doing the Six Kowtows (1).

L.: O God, it is 6:20 p.m. on Sunday, February 12, 2017, at St. Theresa Church, in front of the small chapel sanctuary. Together today, in the afternoon, we respectfully offer to God the Six Kowtows.  This morning we were not together, but in the afternoon, we still gather to unanimously lift up to God words of thanksgiving, of praise, of glorification, and acknowledging everything that God does for us and grants us today.  In our lives, each one of us meets God; each one of us also experiences the fervor and feels the sense of intimacy that God leads us, step by step, from the first day till this day; we were able to understand what we are doing, what we are choosing, and we currently must defy all the challenges – each day in our lives – with the snares, with the enticements.

Today, the reading of the psalm reminds us of God’s commandments (2).  He gave His commandments and trusts us and gives us the freedom to choose to practice the commandments or we can choose as mentioned: fire and water. It is up to the discretion of every single individual, every single role, every single class.  We choose to follow the words He reminds us.  We are also aware of death and life, evil and good, for us to choose for ourselves. God does not force us, but these are the commandments.  If we recognize, we may understand the God full of wisdom, majesty, and supremacy, and God always looks after those who fear Him, who practice His laws and follow His commandments. He sees all actions, all thoughts; everything in our life of practice. He also taught us the best, and He gave us the commandments to distinguish between evil and good, between right and wrong, for us to live meaningful days when we understand the doctrine, when we practice the teaching, and we can understand the commandment that God has given us through today’s psalm.

We respectfully offer the First Kowtow. Each and every time, we have the opportunity to respectfully offer to our God – the Almighty God, the Eternal God, and the God who created heaven and earth and created us.  Please accept from us the First Kowtow, with a heartfelt spirit of repentance.  With a heart in prostration and submission, may God accept and forgive, so that we may have the opportunity to learn, to understand and practice the words God teaches, through the commandments, through the Good News, and through a life having the opportunity to be near God – to know and understand His Divine Mercy; the love and the salvation of Jesus.  And there is still the redemption leading us from the darkness back to the light – through the protection, guidance and fullness of the Spirit of God – leading us in holiness, which we have the right to choose and decide for ourselves, while we are still breathing, and step by step, to learn, while we have the eyes to see, the ears to hear, a heart to feel, and a mind to make decisions, in our life of faith.

O God – we offer to God the First Kowtow. We respectfully offer the First Kowtow to God the Father, to thank Father’s grace.  Father pours down countless blessings and grants us every single day, every single hour, every single moment in our lives, for us to still be breathing, to go wherever we want, and especially to attend Mass today, to have inner peace when we receive God into our hearts. Thanks for the countless favors God pours down upon the world in general; in particular for each individual and especially for us today (3). What can we offer to express our thanksgiving, our gratitude, and our appreciation? We only know – O God – please accept the First Kowtow that we reverently offer to You at this moment; starting from this day, and the same each day – to feel devoted when we prostrate and respectfully lift up to God our humble, meager, imperfect hearts. May God kindly forgive our weaknesses, may God tenderly discipline; and may God gently transform, for us to become reformed, to become perfect, to be worthy with every single day we receive the blessing and grace God grants and bestows upon us – each single person.

O God, this is something extremely wonderful that is granted to us, because for a while, in our lives, we might have felt hesitant and fearful, with our ordinary eyes, and at the same time not being familiar with this approach. But these moments are decisive moments to totally belong to God, when our eyes, our minds, our hands as well as our hearts and souls are lifted up toward God with the First Kowtow that we respectfully offer to God the Father. This is, again, an opportunity for us to call upon Father and to be able to respectfully offer to Father.  We have known since the beginning, but never dared to open our mouths to lift up to our God what we knew: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This moment especially leads us to clearly understand what is inherent in a life – the source of which comes from the God-Creator, the God rich in mercy, the sovereign God, who created heaven, earth, all things, and even us, giving us a heart and soul.

With the demands of life and countless more painful days of earthly exile, in the end we still exist and have this day so that we can peacefully kneel and prostrate in front of the sanctuary of God. Although this is something with only trust, we feel very happy and desire to be totally dedicated to God at this moment. With prayers from the bottom of our souls, with a contrite heart, may God forgive and may God agree to sanctify us in His love and His Divine Mercy.  May we also represent all classes, all roles, and every single person in our humanity, to respectfully lift up to God. Starting from this moment, we lift up everything dedicated to God – though little, though limited in knowledge, but we clearly realize that we have nothing worthy to offer to God, we have nothing with today’s generation in general and in particular regarding each person. We only have the burdens of life, the spiritual and physical diseases, and countless alluring snares, preventing us from having a heart devoted and fully consecrated to God.

May we be removed from everything in these moments, in order to lift up to God all the anxieties and sorrows of life’s necessities, and also the diseases, from our bodies as well as our souls. Our loved ones; all our parishes; every single one of us, and the entire human race: all encounter and face circumstances, all have anguish, all have crosses, and all have slips in our lives.  Generally, we are but human beings, and particularly, we were created by the hands of God; at this moment, we definitely must return to our origins, back to a God, with words that need to be said, words from the bottom of our hearts, words to respectfully offer to ask God to accept, to ask God to intervene.

May God forgive and may God bestow upon us according to His way. Today’s Reading of the psalm (4) also reminds us that those are the commandments and the precepts of God.  We have the right to choose and practice, and we also do distinguish between water and fire, between right and wrong, between death and life. May we choose the truth, recognize the commandment of God; though we still cannot attain and still cannot be perfect, yet we long to achieve what God grants us – the almighty, omnipotent God who grants everything most righteous to lead us into the doctrine of peace; the doctrine of love; the doctrine of grace; and the eternal, everlasting doctrine.

May we recognize what is meaningful in life, which is not too difficult yet not too easy; we must let our hearts be devoted to God, with daily prayers and pleas, in a spirit of repentance, remorse, submission, and prostration; may God hear and accept, and help us to be worthy of being a child of God. As for what is learned, known through the commandments, the Good News, we already received and we are receiving – that is attending Mass daily, receiving the Body and Blood of Christ. As we are being taught through the Good News and the Gospel, please kindle our hearts, please enlighten us, and forgive our imperfections – unintentional as well as deliberate – for us to have a new life, a new lifetime, a new transformation in the love that God grants us through His Divine Mercy, hoping for that water of rebirth to continue to cleanse our souls, cleanse our bodies, our minds, and our hearts, daily.

For us to learn good deeds, every single day, we turn to God; every single day we reflect, to clearly understand that we need to learn, that we need to become a holy person, a reformed person, to be worthy of the love, the reminder, the teaching, which we receive through today’s psalm. We want to continue to be the children who fear God, to cast off sins, to renounce to all things that entice us, that ensnare us. There are many things in life that we cannot overcome ourselves.  I ask God to be the master of our lives; may God hear us and may God help us, through His grace, to be sanctified, to be transformed, for our lives to forever be devoted to God, and at the final hour, to be able to return to the path of holiness – the path of truth, goodness, perfection – that God grants and bestows, the path on which we yearn to meet God, to be blessed by God, to be forgiven by God, and to come back to God, back to the place that God prepared for us.

Please help us to stay away from evil and to cast off every single sinful habit, so that each day, we may start to learn daily, to come to God daily, to pray daily, to become sanctified and transformed in the love that God granted us through the First Kowtow, in earnest pleading and beseeching, on behalf of each of our brothers and sisters, on behalf of our families, on behalf of the world, of the entire world, through the endeavors of all classes, to implore God. In the end, we are still sinners, still the people who beseech, with a humble heart, a simple heart, a heart longing to learn, a heart recognizing ourselves, to entreat God, through love and Divine Mercy, to sanctify us and help us become perfect, holy people. We have the opportunity to respectfully offer to God the First Kowtow today – in thanksgiving, in praise, in honor, in gratitude and gratefulness to God, the only God whom we worship and the God who gives us life in this earthly life as well as in the afterlife, with days of peace, happiness. I worship God, honor and thank God, now till the last breath of our lives; please hear us, with the First Kowtow that we respectfully offer to God the Father. Amen.

The Second Kowtow, we offer to the Lamb of God. We offer to the Second Person of God, the Supreme Being who took away the sins of the world, the Supreme Being who died for me, and the Supreme Being who died for all humanity, for us to have life today, who came to redeem sins, and today, is still merciful with us. That doctrine, that truth continues to rise, so that human life is imbued with days of learning and acknowledging, for us to become reformed, perfect, and holy.  O Jesus, the Second Person of God – His Holy Name exists forever, from the day He became incarnate and died on the Cross, conquered death, resurrected in glorious triumph, to take away the sins of the world, to take away our sins.

Today, we have the opportunity to choose our path, to choose the path of the doctrine, the path of the truth; to choose between good and evil, to choose life and death, and to choose good deeds to be worthy of the commandments, the precepts of God. The choice of the path also depends upon each person, with our own outlook; what is in the truth will be protected and will last. As for what remains in crime, iniquity, and originates from disobedience, from evil, then definitely that will no longer exist and will not last, along with what does not belong to the truth and does not belong to the commandments and the creation of the God who grants and bestows upon us.

Thanks to the salvation of Jesus, we have this day; thanks to the salvation of Jesus, we are able to choose the path of holiness. He died for that to become perfect and for the banished children to be able to enter into a world of boundless eternity, because Jesus obeyed and won back for us that privilege, the privilege and the relationship, so that we may call God the Father “Abba” (5), and may have the opportunity to recognize the magnificent work of redemption, bringing us hope, leading us from the darkness back to the light, guiding us, for us to choose between good and evil, between right and wrong, amid the doctrine, amid the precept, and many more things – between water as well as fire and between life as well as death.

So, everything is utterly clear, yet God always reminds, for us to freely decide to choose Him, for us to willingly choose Him, for us to let our hearts be free to choose things that are the submission, the prostration, which is to repent, to feel remorse, and which is to ask for enlightenment and to understand the meaning of the love, of the Divine Mercy of a benevolent Father, who awaits and keeps on waiting for mankind today. And the only Jesus, His only Son, is still waiting and helping us, through the doctrine of the light of the Good News, to help us in the life of faith, the life of fortitude – determined in deeds, in words, in actions to become holy, virtuous, which is absolutely essential in our lives. Can we accomplish this easily or not, or are there still a lot of enticements and many impediments hindering and ensnaring in life? May we trust in Jesus, for He died and brought us the triumphant, glorious victory through the resurrection; so then, may we also be resurrected with Him, in Him, and everything be dedicated to Him.

Please help us, please save us; consequently, His Holy Name becomes the light, prompting and guiding us; and walking in the doctrine, we will definitely conquer life with the days of exile on earth. We will have days full of meaning when we give ourselves the opportunity to walk on the path that He taught us – through the doctrine and the truth – for us to be strengthened in one faith. In this way, the deeds, though most humble, when accomplished each day with a sincere heart, a persevering heart, a faithful heart, enable God to continue to sanctify, to transform, to lead, so that we and the entire world may repent and return to the only God – because He gave us life and died for us, so that we may have the right to make decisions in today’s free world of mankind.

Please help us recognize what matters in life, with decidedly brief days on earth but an everlasting afterlife for the soul; so we must be determined to choose the paths that God once walked, for Him to lead us. Trusting in that love, we will definitely live in hope – the truth that we decide to follow – and we will be able to live in holiness and in the sheltering of that truth, to become a perfect, holy person, and to become reformed people so that we may be worthy of the love, the Divine Mercy, and the grace God grants us through the Second Kowtow, through which we worship, praise and glorify, honor and thank. Regarding the deeds God does for us, God continues to be patient with us, and continues to wait for us; let us look at this, believe in this, to live worthy of the days when we hear, know, and practice what God taught. From the doctrine, from the commandments that we embrace, today I lift up countless thanks on behalf of the brothers and sisters to God, praying that many people who still do not know, still do not believe, will also have the opportunity to lift up words of thanksgiving to God – the Second Person of God. May God accept and hear us and guide us every day, so that we may belong to God – in the surrender and the prostration. Amen.

We offer to God the Third Kowtow. O Holy Spirit, the Third Person of God – we thank His grace; thanks to Him, with Him, today the world still has the hope and the light, to return to the path of the doctrine and the truth. We are able to recognize the love of God, forever granted to us, and today, manifested through the Divine Mercy, reminding us that we owe it to the price of the Blood of Jesus, the Second Person of God, and His salvation. Today, we must return to what is in holiness, to be worthy to be the children who are led by Him, enlightened by Him; the years spent in weakness, in unrighteousness, in wickedness – we forget what God grants and offers to us. Though with a loving heart; with an intrinsically sincere, devoted heart; with everything that is inherently good inwardly; and with intellectual decisions, our lives have been captivated by freedom, by a world full of ingenious sophistications under the guise of civilization.

Today, we have repented; indeed, it is something certainly late according to us, but that is a beginning with God.  Through the Holy Spirit, please help us, enlighten us. He is the Spirit of truth; He is the truth; He is love; He is the path that leads us through the crossroads, through the trials, through the sins that we commit, and the evildoing in the darkness of life.  God, please help us ignite the flame – the flame of justice, the flame of love, the flame of light, and the flame of wisdom and enlightenment – to understand what we need to do and to decide soon; to not be too slow and to not be too late either.

Everything that comes to us is favor and grace; today, only when we bow in prostration can we see things that are undoubtedly good and filled with the love God grants. He granted and prepared for us the path of happiness, the path of peace, a meaningful path in our lives – to choose between good and evil – so that we may understand the doctrine of God.  The commandments also help us to be vigilant, to be aware of sins that are easy to commit, that are being committed, and will go on being committed in the human world. Nonetheless, we have the Holy Spirit; we cannot walk alone, we do not have the strength to fight all the snares that surround us in real life; we ask Him to please come to us, please come to the world, please come to each one of us. We earnestly beseech and ask Him to accept – to help us amend, to improve the face of the world, to transform the way each one of us lives.  Please help us recognize the gifts – the fruits of the truth, the goodness, and the perfection – that He grants us in life, for us to reclaim what was lost in the days we were weak in faith, bound by the limitation of our vision, and the passions that enslaved us in life.

Relying on Him, relying on the love, and relying on the mercy from the source of forgiveness that the Third Person of God grants to our humanity – please help us, please sustain us, please enlighten us, and please lead us, for us to return to our origins, to the truth, to righteousness, the doctrine and justice, for us to not fall with the trials that we are facing. Today, there are still many things we still do not know, still do not understand, and still lack in faith and belief.  Please urge us to recognize His teaching voice, please guide us to rely on Him. He is the source of consolation that leads us back to the love of God the Father, so that we may clearly understand the meaning of the death of Jesus, giving us life. His teaching, in our lives, helps us learn to practice in the doctrine, in righteousness and truth – so that in our lives we are not tormented, we do not fall and be mistaken, as we already suffered, struggled, and faced so many worries, troubles in our lives.

O Holy Spirit, the omnipresent High Being, please help us, please help the world, for everyone to turn around and come back, to reject evil, to renounce sin, to keep away from what is contrary to morality and ethics that violates the commandments and precepts of God. May everyone be able to recognize that when we completely surrender, prostrate, then the Holy Spirit will help us, renew our lives, and ignite the flame that was extinguished in the life of faith of each person, for us to have a new spirit, a new faith, a heart – a humble, simple heart to recognize what was taught and granted to us from God, for us to restore our own peace, human harmony, for us to face everything and choose the best in the goodness that God grants. May the Holy Spirit listen to our prayers, humble words, with everything that happened and is happening in life.  Please help us cast off sin, reject sin, and avoid sin. Do not let us indulge sin, do not let us commit sin easily, and do not let us encounter everything essentially harmless that each day we take lightly yet causes us to distance ourselves from God. When we fall, when we commit sin, and we disobey His commandment, please help us and help everyone, because He sees through and clearly understands our frailty; if without support, if without God’s grace, we cannot fight back.

Please help us, especially today’s generation; lead us into love, lead us into the truth and the light, lead us into the doctrine so that we may be enlightened and we may understand and taste the love of God. Besides God, no one loves us and leads us back to the truth and the light, for us to have days of hope, happiness and peace, that are natural, that we had and are having. Only He, with Him, and in Him can this be. May the world have peace soon, be purged from all evil, and be rid of immorality, greed, selfishness and aggression, so that people may recognize the God whom they must surrender to, prostrate to, and submit to, for their lives to finally have peace. The entire world is also yearning and waiting, which is the illumination of the Holy Spirit (6), burning up a great torch for people to be able to return to justice, righteousness and truth. Only God can realize this. We believe, we implore, and we earnestly beseech, on behalf of our brothers and sisters, on behalf of families, on behalf of societies, on behalf of all classes in today’s world – by surrender, prostration, penitence, repentance – to earnestly plead to the three divine Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I believe that with mercy and with love, the Almighty will hear and accept our prayers, beseeching and pleas to return to God. We surrender and prostrate; may God look at us and forgive our loved ones, forgive our brothers and sisters on their way back and yearning to fully surrender to God. May God sanctify, transform, for the entire world to recognize His Presence in order to live in peace, live in the commandments and precepts of God, so as not to lose anyone as they become aware, through the reading of the psalm, recalled in today’s Mass. Amen.

The Fourth Kowtow, we offer to the Body and Blood of Christ. O God – I thank God’s grace; we are nourished by spiritual food, nourished by the Body and Blood of Christ that He granted to our humanity. In the beginning, starting from the day He entered into the Passion, He offered His Body and Blood and concealed Himself in the little Host to become food for the soul and consolation for the heart. We clearly understand the doctrine, when we belong to Him and embrace salvation, believe in salvation, for us to live and continue to exist and be protected by the divine grace of God. Today, countless centuries have passed, countless things happened to the world, and the redemption through the sacrifice at the price of blood, with His Body and Blood still Present, to remind our human race to have faith and to turn back, to recognize the God who is concealed through the Sacrament of the Eucharist – the omnipresent, Supreme Being; the Advocate; the Supreme Being who protects and guides us back to the source of grace, to the love He has for us, for us to move forward, with the truth, His Presence. Then His doctrine and His teachings and His statutes continue to exist in our lives, for us to learn to practice and be determined to follow Him.

O Eucharistic Jesus – countless words still cannot describe and express all the mercy and the love that God reserves for us. We still have not understood and embraced, so today there are many things that happen to kindle the life of faith, to motivate us to recognize God, to remind us of the sacrifice of God and remind us of how much God loves us. No matter what situation the world is in, or at a time of chaos like today, in the freedom as such in this day, in the days people rely only on the sophistication and civilization of life, lacking faith, ignoring morality, neglecting all that is true and righteous – people have forsaken an extremely important teaching: to nourish the soul as well as the body and the life of the average person, in order to clearly understand what is in a holy life.

We certainly had many imperfections in life, yet there are days we still have not found the truth, still have not recognized the Presence of God, granted us through the Sacrament of the Eucharist; so we still stumble, still offend, still live in days unworthy of the Eucharistic Jesus. Today, there are many things for which we must prostrate to ask for forgiveness and to apologize to God, because God came to us. Through His face, through the light of the Eucharist, we can also contemplate, recognize the entire heavenly kingdom – concealed, seeking and urging us in the life of faith, to embrace salvation, recognize the intervention, and appreciate the privilege God grants to our human race; all the divine graces, healings from spiritual to physical, that people cannot deny throughout countless past generations.

Today, we can witness that in today’s generation, God has revealed Himself to us – to see the light of the heavenly kingdom and the presence of the angels, the saints, and the entire heavenly kingdom in the Eucharist (7); to remind that our lives have a boundless, everlasting refuge for the soul in the afterlife. Let us not take lightly, not belittle, and not ignore what is in the teaching, with the truth that we must pay attention to, with a heart that is a reverent heart honoring the Sacrament of the Eucharist, a heart devoted to God, a heart seeking, for us to respectfully lift up to God. With the indifferent and cold years, with the years of denial, with the disrespectful years, and the years still transgressing and still offending, today, that solemn sacrament motivates us to clearly understand what needs to be done; that which remains in our human condition cannot go on being stubborn, obstinate; cannot go on with our wrongdoings.

Faith must be rekindled in humanity, especially the Christians, the hierarchy in the Church, who are the people chosen to be the ones whose mission is to proclaim the Good News and the doctrine of God. Unfortunately, there are also the shallow and cold hearts, and they have become indifferent in the life of service and practice. Please help us, from the parishioners to all classes, all roles – to endeavor to ask God to grant us the recognition of His Presence, for us to cherish, while we have the opportunity as Christians, the people receiving God into the heart and the people who must know the Sacrament of the Eucharist. We need to know that the Presence of God in the midst of this world is to support us and to strengthen us in the life of faith, to remind about the precepts and remind about the commandments, to guide us – with purity, clarity – for us to be worthy to receive what God granted and gave, and taught us about the doctrine in which God humbled Himself to dwell, to care for us, to intercede for us, and to be with us, each day, until the close of age.

God’s love is so infinite, God’s love is so immeasurable, God’s love is so intimate, and God’s love prompts us to rise and return to Him in the truth. Please help us put an end to unworthy days, do away with disrespectful days, reject wretched habits throughout countless past months, throughout the life of every Christian or in every single person who holds the sacred role of celebrating Mass or the people who have ministries – to return to being holy; those are the hands of the priests celebrating Mass each day. May they recognize the importance and recognize the sign that God left to us, through them – for they must have the duty, the responsibility, with a zealous heart, to respect and adore the Eucharist, to revere, to honor, when they offer the Eucharist, and when they celebrate Mass (8), in order that we, the parishioners, also recognize the works they perform so that we also must revere and honor; to remind us, the parishioners, that when we receive the Body and Blood of Christ, we receive Jesus Himself.  He humbled Himself, He humbly concealed Himself, to remain with us, to love, to protect, to defend. This should not be a habit for a person with functions or a habit for every single Christian.  Today, we must pay more attention.  We notice in the corner of the church or in the rubbish that there still are the Eucharists of God, dropped and thrown there by people. Indeed, today, people have offended to such an extent that this must be brought up; because though people failed to understand, they are still entirely responsible for proclaiming what is needed (9).

Today, too many people are offending the Eucharist of Christ, one way or another, with sinful hearts, with greed, carnal desire (10), yet people choose to go to Communion, with intentions concealed by superficial appearances, to receive God and then God must suffer the stench of sin and God must endure. His word reminds us that today, we desire that He remains, to grant us the source of comfort and protection. We cannot disrespect the God who died and sacrificed for us to have this day; we cannot neglect the God who is patiently waiting for our maturity, our growth; and we cannot continue beseeching but keep offending the Eucharist of God.

Therefore, today, we must recognize that truth.  There must be a reverent heart; because of righteousness and justice, what does not belong to God and the ways we are offending through the commandments and the precepts, then definitely, on the day we face God, we must answer to justice for. One thing to keep in mind is that God remains, to love, to support, to comfort, and to grant abundant graces, to heal the soul as well as the body, and to strengthen the life of faith for those who believe. Nonetheless, when we deliberately violate and offend, then we must bear the responsibility for the days when God will be the judge of everything, because He is the omniscient One who knows all and is also the Almighty who sees everything within us. If we offend, then we are responsible for the days in which we do not follow what are in the commandments and precepts that He gave us.

Let us come back and repent before everything we must encounter. Thus, in our lives, we must clearly understand the meaning when we are God’s children, the people who must know the commandments, the precepts, who must clearly understand what belongs to God with a reverent heart, a heart dedicated to Him, in a spirit of repentance. He will surely forgive us, when we acknowledge our sins, apologize, and return, but He cannot forgive the people who are stubborn, hardened, who deliberately offend (11), because then we must answer to justice and righteousness, which is something that needs to be reminded. Today, we reverently lift up to God with the Fourth Kowtow, on behalf of the brothers and sisters who still do not know, still do not recognize, and still live in days not understanding; thus, they still live in days offending God. May everyone stop with what they do when they reflect upon the meaning of the Fourth Kowtow, which today, we offer, on behalf of all the brothers and sisters, and on behalf of every single sinner, on behalf of the people who offended, who are offending, for us to have a heart to revere the Eucharist, to honor the Eucharistic Jesus.  And we spend the time to come and recognize His Presence and to acknowledge His love and patience, because today He still gives us the opportunity.  However, someday, we will no longer be able to receive what is taught today, which is something that helps us and is also a motivation for our faith; one of these days, God will depart (12), because when we are completely ignorant and when we are completely defiant, then due to all of those despicable acts, we lose the opportunity to be a person who becomes holy, who becomes reformed, who becomes virtuous.

So, we – up to each person’s discretion – have ears to hear, have eyes to see, and the heart to decide, for us to live in peace, happiness, or for us to keep living in the months in which the heart remains frigid, still cold, still empty when we are Christians but we do not understand the meaning of the Body and Blood of Christ. We do not understand nor respect the God whom we must worship, must honor, and we must cherish what we knew, received, and practiced. Let us not become habitual; when we deliberately offend, we must also be held accountable with justice when we come before the judgment of God.  He is very just; He loves but is very fair. Let us listen in order to keep and decide for ourselves, in this day and the future; let it not be too slow and too tardy.  That is a supreme sacrament, a sublime sacrament and also the Lord’s Presence that is with us – the only place that is the great divinity of the heavenly kingdom, which God grants to us through every single era, and today, that is also the only place where we can encounter, the only place for us to be kindled, the only place for us to be healed, along with the faith that urged us through the Presence of the Eucharistic Jesus.

We thank God for giving us the Fourth Kowtow, to reverently offer to God, on behalf of the brothers and sisters who still do not know, still do not believe, and still do not understand. May God help them understand, know, receive, through each kowtow. We ask for everything lacking in our lives, to clearly understand the God whom we have forgotten, ignored – to become the life of every person who lives religiously, to understand what is needed to be done and practiced, to avoid the offenses and the sins committed with the disrespect that we used to have and still are not aware of. Today, we reverently offer God the Fourth Kowtow.  Please have mercy, support, and let us be conscious of His Presence.  May the Lord through his power awaken the faith of people today, awaken every heart. We need to have a heart dedicated to respect, to honor, to show reverence to Jesus through the Sacrament of the Eucharist, to lift up thanksgiving to the Body and Blood of Christ when we receive Him into the heart. Amen. Amen.

We offer the Fifth Kowtow. O Five Holy Wounds of Jesus Christ – we worship God, praise and thank God. Since the day we started to lift up each of these kowtows, we can be personal and understand intimately the meaning as we offer it to God. Each time we start to lift up to God with each kowtow, we understand more deeply the meaning. For us Christians and the people who are religious, it may be possible that for us, it is only a few decades, but there are many people whose entire life they act out of habit, while the soul is dry, the heart is cold, empty, not knowing the source, and not knowing what is in the soul as well. Their lips keep saying prayers; every week they still go to church to attend Mass – they also look at the Cross, also understand the Easter season, the Christmas season as well as everything else. However, the heart and the action are opposed, because we do what we like; we do not understand what the doctrine is, we do not understand the Presence of God, and we do not understand anything regarding death and the salvation Jesus left, to become the mark (13).

Today, we understand the Five Holy Wounds; indeed, many people and the majority of our humanity, throughout countless generations – today, we are the Christians, but there are also the others. God died for the entire world; we are only one-third in the world who know God and recognize God (14), but in that number, it is still not perfect, still not complete; there are still divisions. To sum up, we have seen that our lives still have not appealed to others; our lives have not lived up to the God who gave us such an extremely sublime doctrine. He died, and He came into this world to be in the flesh, to die for us to have the teaching and a life with that treasure, which was given and bestowed upon us, those who believe and recognize Him.

Today, we decide to practice certain things that people of the world may not easily accept; according to the present age, especially this era, people have freedom and followed the way of the world – for countless generations – but these days are still days offending, still days of indifference and coldness, still days in which people neither understand what faith is nor know what to practice, so our lives seem to be more theoretical than a life practicing. But God desires that He creates us to have a heart and we have a mind to choose what He desires, which is the truth from the inside, and a heart truly knowing Him, recognizing Him, and practicing; everything that is to be done is not just to do extensively or just for appearances, and to do things that are important, that are monumental. Desire – that is the heart, that is the soul; the act of recognizing God, loving and serving – as He said: “Love God above all things, with all your soul, all your strength, all your heart, and love your brothers.” (15) That is all the doctrine, but is extremely difficult to practice and still has not yet been truly realized in the human world.

Fortunately, the saints have realized this and they have gone to heaven; as for the people in this world, indeed, they are very few in this practice, but this is the main point to lead us to recognize and understand the doctrine for which God died, for us to be able to transform what is inherent in the earthly world that was in sin and death, and still is, because we are still stubborn, still hardened, still do not understand, and still unfeeling in faith. We remained in obstinacy and indifference, so we still do not understand, still do not know; we still side with human freedom, still side with knowledge, education, and when we act, we focus only in following books regarding the majority of things. As for what is in the life of reality then, indeed, it is still nonsensical; still there are days not clearly defined. If it is, then is only for an encounter, a debate through knowledge, learning, argument, in order to win, to be better; as for what is in the ideal of life, in joy, truly following the doctrine and the truth, this has been suppressed, by disputes that go on, with arguments regarding what is good, what is virtuous. In the jealousy, in the envy, in the life of every single role, every single class, and every single situation, there are also instigations, personal interests, and a life with the personal ego. All that was raised high in the great doctrine that God gave seems to have been suppressed; people are obliged by their position, corrupted by money, coerced by fame, and overwhelmed by the excessive demands in life; as for the inner life with the best virtues God desires, then indeed this is something noticeably lacking in all classes.

Therefore, today, the number of people who know God and the number of people who recognize God is indeed extremely small, from the grand total that was concluded this day. However, it is not because of this that God forsakes us; it is not because of this that God cannot forever remain in the midst of this world, so that people may realize God is the Lord. People must know and must recognize, because He is the Supreme Sovereign, He is the King of the Universe, and He is the Creator of humanity. Whether our human race lives in iniquity or we have gone astray and do not know, do not believe, and lack responsibility toward each other and deviate – amend everything that is in the human world, through His doctrine.

The freedom, reliance on a life with the laws of the world, have obscured and destroyed the foundation that God gave us; but today, the Cross testifies and the Cross will transform life, transform countless centuries, and the Cross is the victory that Jesus Christ – the Person in heaven coming into the world, as the Prince of Peace, the only Begotten Son of the only God – has performed glorious, wondrous deeds, which no human being can do and no one can replace. There is only one thing to testify: that God is the sovereign God; the God who rules with love; the God in truth; the God who brings peace, everything that is the best in truth, goodness, and perfection, which only Jesus can carry out. The first accomplishments, more than 2,000 years ago, still are in effect and consistent, in countless generations, in the powerful doctrine that God continues to grant to the world of humanity – to strengthen faith, to urge people to come back, and to remind people to choose, in the days we still exist and have, in the days of the end of the century.

Countless generations have passed.  God still gives us the freedom; from today’s First Reading: “If you choose you can keep the commandments, they will save you; if you trust in God, you too shall live; he has set before you fire and water; to whichever you choose, stretch forth your hand. Before man are life and death, good and evil, whichever he chooses shall be given him. Immense is the wisdom of the Lord; he is mighty in power, and all-seeing. The eyes of God are on those who fear him; he understands man’s every deed. No one does he command to act unjustly, to none does he give license to sin.”

This is an emphasis for us in the human world; we, human beings, have sinned from the very beginning and have fallen – that is, we disobeyed, ate the forbidden fruit – so from that moment on, we have failed. That was the onslaught of the darkness, and sin entered the world, but when Jesus came, the Cross was raised high, and He died.  The price of that Blood continues to wash away and cleanse the whole human race; then we began to have a new doctrine, a new commandment, a new law, for us to walk and return to the life that God grants us, in the doctrine of charity, the doctrine of love. Today, if we walk away from that doctrine, we will live with days of misery, death, anger; days of worry, anxiety – already experienced and still experiencing. If we know Him, believe in Him, and understand the meaning of the Cross, then we will follow that which is the doctrine, the truth, with the paths that God shows, for us to face, to accept, to fight everything that we encountered, with days of anxiety, of worry, of sorrow; and days living in crime, days we live with all the ways that we heard, from today’s Gospel (16).

Therefore, the law and the commandments are there, given by Jesus.  Each one of us has the right to either practice or refuse – we have to take responsibility for what we choose. In our lives, our journeys, and the days we hear and can choose for ourselves, the love and the Divine Mercy continue to grant us the moments and the opportunities to return, but in the end, the choice is still ours – we choose God, or choose the world; we choose our personality, ego, or we choose the commandments of God. These are essential things to remind us through the Fifth Kowtow.  God died for us to have a new doctrine.  He died to restore what was lost and the relationship that from the beginning our first parents no longer had the privilege to be very close and intimate with God. But Jesus came to restore that relationship, leading us back to God, and guiding us to be able to address Him as God, call Him as Father.  Today, those gifts are not gifts for servants but gifts for His children. Today, what is most wondrous is that the testimony of the Cross, the testimony of love, the testimony of His Son’s death and the price of that Blood still remain and exist and are forever valuable up to the moment we repent, we mature, and we clearly understand, in the life of practice, which God already grants us.

Thus, today, we need to know.  Let us not ignore, not neglect and be disrespectful toward the Five Holy Wounds. Today, we clearly understand that those Five Holy Wounds have become a mark of love to redeem us in all circumstances.  We just need to repent, we just need to feel remorse; then that mark will be indispensable to save us when we beseech and return with a life that is a life in prostration, in submission, and in repentance. God will certainly forgive; God will definitely intervene, and we will absolutely enjoy the days God grants to those who belong to Him, those who surrender, those who prostrate, those who trust, and those who receive salvation.

Today, we are reminded that the Divine Mercy of God helps us overcome ordeals and sufferings, but ultimately, they are still the days in which we are being redeemed.   We must never forget the salvation of Jesus, never forget the favor of the Divine Mercy, never forget the mark for our souls and hearts; and our hearts are transformed and touched when we repent and return. This is an emphasis to reinforce the life of faith; the mystery in the power has come and allowed us to encounter, which is not that difficult yet not that easy.  When we actually practice, then we already receive the things that are needed in the daily life, by amending, by choosing the path of holiness, and by living our lives with less crime, less unrighteousness, less evil. When we belong to God, every single time we surrender and prostrate, undoubtedly, the Holy Spirit will help us, sustain us, and strengthen us each day to believe in God and to eliminate the habits of the ego that exist and remained in our lives.

Today, there are things we practice that will greatly help us; when we return to God in the way that we practice today – learning not by ourselves, acting not by ourselves, but from a silent Person who, throughout countless centuries, pleased God the Father, became a Person entirely free from sin, and totally belonged to God. Therefore, those favors, those graces, those gifts, belong to that Person, and that Person is giving them to us, and teaching us this practice – in order to receive God’s mercy, to be heard by God, especially in the most urgent moments, to help our brothers who are bound by sins, who are chained in obstinate and hardened days, who are entangled in days in which they still do not understand, still do not know, and still are not touched, for them to recognize the need for prayer, the need for repentance, the need for reformation, the need through the particular divine grace that God the Father grants when we ask of Him through each kowtow.

At the same time, may the flame of the Holy Spirit be kindled to help us be rid of the darkness within us, what is evil in our thoughts, for us to have the light – the light of the truth, the light of the doctrine, the light of love, and especially the light of redemption that God granted us through the Fifth Kowtow that we reverently offer to the Five Holy Wounds. The presence of the heavenly kingdom is also concealed in the Fifth Kowtow, for us to understand that which is extremely important that we neglect, forget, and lack respect, which is due to Jesus, through His Five Holy Wounds, for us to commemorate. That is also an eternal mark for our lives, and when we return to a life worthy to be forgiven by God, we receive God’s intervention and receive His Divine Mercy, in the water of rebirth, in the water of reformation, of holiness, and of perfection. Amen.

The Sixth Kowtow, we offer to God the Father (17). O God the Father, we thank You. Every single day that we have the opportunity to practice this, it seems to start guiding us, step by step, lessening what is embedded in unrighteousness, in weakness, in our daily lives, and it also helps us to think every single time we start to complain about irritations, our anxieties, with things in our lives that we stumble upon daily, from the least to the most significant things. However, thanks to the practice of each kowtow, there seems to be a profound spirituality that God the Father bestowed and granted us through the Spirit of God – to remind us when we fall, the times when we totally lose our calmness, and when we start to have worries, anguish, with the trials in life, when we start to encounter trouble; then what seems to be a reminder for us is indeed the Six Kowtows.

O God the Father, this is a simplest thing yet most powerful, helping us to be humbler, and helping us feel worthier, to receive God’s divine grace directly and indirectly on this day. This originates not from human beings but from Mother Mary, the Person who teaches us this.  I ask God the Father to allow us to honor Mother with the Sixth Kowtow. We offer it with a grateful heart, with a thankful heart, with a heart dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  It is because of Her that our world has a Person worthy to represent the entire human race, in humility, in obedience, and in the greatest devotion; both inwardly and outwardly, from the body to the soul, consecrated to God.

Today, that Person is the Person who teaches us this; Mother herself is the teacher by Her entire life of glorifying, which people have mostly forgotten and ignored, and felt indifferent toward.  Today, this is reminded; because the world is too liberal, so we do not understand the meaning of a respectful heart due to God, a reverent heart, a heart to absolutely honor Him. Therefore, all those great graces – when we belong to Him – certainly then, we will be able to recognize the graces that God grants, and our eyes will be wide open, our hearts will feel, and we will clearly distinguish between good and evil, between right and wrong. Because the Holy Spirit is always communicating with the people who collaborate, the people who listen, the people who are modest, the people who are simple, and the people who become humble, He never refuses to teach us what is most holy, teaching what is most simple yet most significant and most fruitful for our life of faith, dedicated to God.

O God, we thank God for giving us a Mother. Today, we cannot be without Mother in our daily lives. O Mother of Mercy, Mother of the Eucharist, Mother of the Heart of Love – thanks to Mother; today, we understand, we become righteous, we can recognize; weaknesses become strengths, things that were impossible have become possible – all the matters we currently agonize over, in daily life, because of our lack of faith.  When we experience extreme trials or tribulations, experience sufferings that come to us unexpectedly and even encounter attacks, thanks to these Six Kowtows, they help us recognize God’s intervention, recognize God’s healing, recognize God’s love, granted through the Six Kowtows. O Mother Mary – Mother, please help many people to know, many people to listen, many people to collaborate, for many to soon return, to not let their eyes see things as merely commonplace because they do not give themselves the opportunity to be touched, through the gift of the Six Kowtows that Mother offered and is offering.

O Mother Mary – our brothers and sisters, and the world, we do not understand and do not recognize Mother’s life, during Her days on earth – from the day of being chosen, from the day Mother bore Jesus, and from the day Mother began walking with Him on the Way of the Cross, She accompanied Him devoutly. In the beginning, with the word “Fiat,” until the day He came into the world, the day He hung on the Cross; countless phases of the road He walked, Mother never uttered a complaint, Mother never acted differently from anyone else. Mother simply has a heart totally entrusting, perfectly trusting, and a life of obedience and serving. Throughout a lifetime of silence, that humble life, that entrusting life has become the perfection recorded today, in history books (18); those deeds Mother did for which God the Father has chosen Mother.

Right from the beginning, God the Father is the Person who recognized that the world must have an offspring; and the Woman and Her offspring will crush the head of the serpent, which means to step on the head of the serpent as God proclaimed, and that serpent lies in wait to strike at the woman’s and her offspring’s heels (19). Mother Mary was blessed right from the beginning – Mother’s life and virtue and all that Mother has done is the inspiration to help our humanity, in charity and patience, to return to God, and is also a model for every single woman in the world; a shining example of purity; of obedience; of the truth, holiness and perfection of the Woman whom we have heard, learned from, and known.

Today, we reverently offer to Mother the Sixth Kowtow and thank Mother. Thanks to Mother, today we receive this favor, thanks to Mother for fulfilling the role that God granted and chose for Mother. Today, we have these immense gifts to help us in the most urgent moments, to help us in an age when we face many temptations; we can easily fall and encounter many snares in the present days we live in – these are the days of a world in chaos, a world too liberal, a world overrun by evil, a world with freedom in all aspects of life. So we stumbled and transgressed the commandments and precepts of God; there is nothing left for us when we stand before the judge, to still have the opportunity to be forgiven by God.

Nevertheless, due to Mother’s virtue, thanks to Mother’s intercession, it is precisely because of the offenses that Mother comes today, to act to save us, to lead us back to God, to teach us the way to amend, to teach us the way to ask God for forgiveness, to teach us how to seek God’s grace – in the divine realm yet present – helping  us recognize between right and wrong, helping us lessen all wickedness, and helping us be humble and simple, so that God may look at our lives. The teachings in His precepts were recorded; God does not reveal to the philosophers, to the wise, to the learned, but God reveals to the simple, humble people. Today that still holds true; so what Mother taught, let us practice, and for all the other things then lift them up to God, and depend on Him who is the omnipresent, omniscient One, who understands and grants to us according to His way; granting to humanity in general and granting to those who cooperate, granting to those who practice, granting to those who return, granting to those who listen to the teaching of Mother.

O Mother Mary – the Mother of the Second Person of God, the Mother of all humanity, the Mother of the Church, the Mother of each sinner, the Mother of each one of us, and the Mother of each soul in purgatory: so many deeds accomplished by Mother; so many titles, appellations, that people cannot refuse Mother’s help. Today, if we want to become perfect, become holy, and become complete, we absolutely must look to Mother – through Mother’s shining example, Mother’s teaching, and Mother’s humility – to lead us back to God, to guide us to surrender to God, to teach us to prostrate to God, and to help us recognize our offenses, to repent, and to amend our lives. May Mother help, for us to have days, the days we long for, to have peace in the world, for people to live with less dispute, less hatred, and less aggression, inflicting less sufferings upon each other, and committing less crimes and evil deeds in the battle for power and ambition. So many things happened and are happening – throughout countless generations, there still is no true peace; throughout countless generations, people still have not yet recognized the truth to return to the doctrine and the love of God, and to allow for that in free will.

Today is also the day in which we have seen miraculous signs appear.  May we still survive and exist with days in obstinacy and holding onto what is within us or within every single nation? Every single person needs to awaken, every single person needs to rise; the Queen of heaven has come, the Queen of heaven is interceding, the Queen of heaven is teaching us the prayers. Every single person can practice, every single person can meet God directly, every single person can repent, so that we can restore what was lost, so that we can receive the grace, the Divine Mercy, and the love of God. The omnipotent Supreme Being will take pity on us in today’s generation of mankind, lessening the disasters and flooding woes, decreasing the calamities, preventing all the trouble which people already plan and are planning to kill each other.

There are many things that people nowadays already face, which are the plagues, and there are countries and places facing hunger, countries and places facing poverty, countries and places committing evil, countries and places that completely act contrary to morality and ethics, and countries and places where today people are indeed to be feared in their abomination and cruelty – between man and man. Morality is being corrupted amid a civilized world, amid a sophisticated and ingenious world but which has been too liberal, and there is no longer a law, in order to benefit life in the present or the afterlife for the soul.

Mother has seen these things and grieved, seeking the children to lead them back to the light.   Therefore, each person who hears, each person who practices, each person who understands the meaning of the Six Kowtows: give yourself the opportunity to know that presently, what is extremely essential is the utmost humility, but which enriches and helps us in a life returning to God, recognizing a life with the doctrine and the commandments. Do not wait for the day on which God is extremely just, because the time has come, the invitation has been given (20), and the final days are to remind us, with the miraculous signs, reminding us that we must return. If we remain hardened and persist, we must accept the consequences.  When we do not belong to God, do not repent, do not feel remorse, then the path we take is the way we have chosen, have seen, and have also known what awaits us. And if we have God, we walk with God, and the doctrine of God protects and defends us.  Mother Mary is the Person who guides us, who helps us reach the final, triumphant destination, which is the new world; She is the person who leads, bringing us back to the place that God prepared for us. Mother is also the woman promised by God the Father, who has not yet appeared. Today She has appeared; that is, Mother Mary. (21)

Let us listen in order to return to God.  Listen to Mother so that Mother will protect, defend, and help us enter into a world that belongs to us – when we become holy, better, perfect – with the things we beseech for and practice, for God to purify, cleanse, through the Divine Mercy and the water of rebirth, in blessing and grace, for us to become transformed, to become sanctified, worthy of the love that God grants and gives us. God is a God rich in mercy, full of love, but God is also a God full of might, also a just God; He will deal justly when our time comes. That is the Last Judgment that we cannot avoid, the day on which we must face God; we must accept justice, righteousness, in the soul as well as the body. No one can live forever and no one can hold onto and know what tomorrow is going to be, so each one of us, when we hear, let us decide for ourselves.

Today, even though we are rich, even though we are talented, even though we have plenty, we must seek something to nourish our souls, to purify our hearts, and to uphold the doctrine, the truth. Certainly, that will be immutable, for His commandments will not change; if we do not practice, then we already know and decide for ourselves the place where we end up; things that do not belong to God, do not belong to the light, while things that belong to God will be enveloped by the light. Today, the Eucharistic Jesus already manifested and revealed to humanity, and the angels and the saints also came to support the people who belong to Him. As for those of us who live in days of debauchery, days of the world, days of freedom, days of debate, days with mortal limitations, with no faith, with no trust, or living in wickedness, in iniquity, then the path that we choose is a path annihilated by the light of God, granted to us in the remaining days and the last days of the end of the century.

These are the teachings that need to be heard, need to be learned, and need to be carried out. Everything inherent in the benevolence, the forgiveness of God still remains through the Divine Mercy, the teaching, and the love, for Mother to guide us back to the shore of love, the shore of freedom, and to the Promised Land. Still, we must cooperate, we must listen, and we must practice, so that we may receive it; if not, then we already made the decision as today’s First Reading reminds us: “If you choose you can keep the commandments, they will save you; if you trust in God, you too shall live; he has set before you fire and water; to whichever you choose, stretch forth your hand. Before man are life and death”. Everything depends upon our choices. God does not force, but this is a truly clear precept in the Gospel and the Good News.  Let us remember that the purpose of Jesus coming was to save us, but we must cooperate and return; everything should be included in the doctrine and the truth that God gave and addressed to us. With the remaining and final days of the end of the century, in this period we still have the opportunity to hear, to know, and to practice, to return to our God, through the help of Mother Mary, through the message of Mother Mary, and through the urging of God the Holy Spirit, with the flame burning brightly and illuminating, for us to know what the truth is, what the doctrine is, what life is, what death is, and what people are heading for in the final days – to bear one’s own responsibility.

For what needs to be said, to say, I thank Mother.  May Mother continue to give us the opportunity, because there is still time, so Mother, please let us know what needs to be done for our brothers. We must continue each day to earnestly beseech, to pray in His authority, who is the omniscient, omnipresent Supreme Being, to help the people who still do not know, still do not believe, to have the opportunity. Everyone, please give yourselves the chance to recognize what is a very gentle gift for the soul, for the heart, and the individual – to spend time to come to God, to return to God, and to prostrate to God, for us to restore faith, regain trust, and recognize the truth in our lives; please help us.

I would like to represent all my brothers and sisters around the world in spirit to thank Mother.  Thanks to Mother, today we can realize this, practice this, do this, testify to this, and continue to pioneer this. Through the Six Kowtows, which we have practiced and are practicing, there are still many people returning, many people becoming humble, many people becoming simple, many people learning to become humble.  For us, to beseech God to forgive and to understand the meaning, we must surrender, prostrate, repent and reform, for us to be worthy of peaceful and happy days, when we still have the opportunity to choose and still have the opportunity to obey and serve: obey God and serve our brothers. At the same time, we listen to what is present in the divine realm, with the words of truth, the inner peace, the heart burning in joy, and we choose the path of wisdom, in which we learn about God, belong to God, and return to God. We thank you Mother.

All of Mother’s teachings and today’s practice further help us to have more courage, in order to continue, and together with our brothers and sisters, all over, to voice the truth; speaking and acting at the same time, and earnestly beseeching, which is also a shining example for us to recall the reverence that people have forgotten, ignored, but now need to return, to beseech, to pray earnestly. May God hear, accept, and have mercy upon humanity in general, and in particular for every single sinner; also help the souls in purgatory to have the opportunity to receive these tremendous favors, and may God also have mercy, for them to be reunited with God before the day of justice.

In the Six Kowtows, I thank St. Joseph. I will never forget; the saints are the shining examples for our human life, and the words of thanksgiving, of gratitude are much needed in a human life. Because we have forgotten the love, forgotten the grace, forgotten the words of thanksgiving, we lived with days only knowing ourselves, in selfishness. So, this day helps us be aware and lift up our thanks, to ask for the help and intercession of St. Joseph; at the same time, to ask for the help of the three archangels (22), to protect, defend; by speaking up, to pray, to ask for their support, help and protection for the world and for the Church, and for the people who need help when they call upon their names. That is something God granted us in the world but we do not yet know, do not yet understand, to be able to lift up prayer.

Today, thanks to the Six Kowtows, we are well aware; in our lives, when we pray and we believe, then that is also the power of praying – to have the saints answer our pleas and help us. We also thank all the guardian angels who protect us, help us on this day, to overcome disasters, calamities. Today, we also ask them to continue to pray for us, protect us, for us to belong to God, and for us to daily witness, pioneer, so that many people may know, may hear, and return to God; for us to learn in daily life, to be close to God, to recognize what needs to be rejected, needs to be eliminated, to become reformed, to become perfect, and to become holier. We also learn from the example of the saints who have passed through history; they prayed, are praying, and continue to pray for us.

Please help us follow their examples, the shining examples, in a life of virtuousness, holiness, sacrifice – with faith, by deed, and the contribution from each person; we all have the ability, the talent that God grants, so that we may use what God bestows, to restore and to contribute what is needed, to honor God, to glorify God. In the life that was experienced by the saints, we presently are on the learning path, looking forward to following their examples and relying on their intercession, to become perseverant, to become faithful, and at the last minute, to still be devoted to God. In the life of testimony, of pioneering, please help us be safeguarded, secured, up to the moment we leave this life; to still be honoring, praising, glorifying.

May every deed, every action, be dedicated to our God; may God always forgive, for us to continue on the way – the way in which we firmly renounce our bad habits, relinquish freedom, cast off what is inherent in us. Please remove everything that is not good, what does not belong to God within us; please grant us and restore in us what belongs to God, through the shining example of the saints and the help of the angels, so that we may become people who are worthier in the life God grants and bestows, in the life of witnessing, pioneering.

May God grant us the final decree according to His way; due to benevolence, we believe in the just God, the God who sees and understands our feelings and hearts, the God who knows the children who aspire to become holy, to become the people belonging to God, and to become the instruments of God. It is up to God to grant us what we long for and desire while we still live on earth – to have peace in the world, to have love among one another, to know God, to recognize God. We support each other in love, and when we die then may God allow us to be with Him; that is what we beseech, but we lift up everything to God and depend on the holy Will and the wisdom that God grants and gives to each one of us, to every single soul, and every single person, returning by the prostration, by the surrender, and in the repentance today and the remaining days that God grants and gives through the teaching of Mother Mary,

We thank God’s grace, praise God, and glorify God; we thank His mercy for humanity in general and for each one of us in particular; we thank God for still waiting and allowing us to have the opportunity to recognize God’s love and the best way for us to return; we thank God for giving us more time to understand, to be clear about everything that God grants and gives – that is, everything belongs to Him. We naturally need faith, humbly need to serve God, absolutely need to live in God’s way, and clearly need to be obedient; then we already have happiness, peace, and prosperity. Everything belongs to God.  God alone is the Person who can act and grant to us.  May we firmly believe, boldly practice, steadfastly live with a life totally entrusting, to glorify God in our daily lives and every single deed and action, as well as the works we did and are doing in witnessing and pioneering; and for the days still to come, may we continue to be more stout-hearted, for us to live glorifying God through our life of testimony.

Now, I would like to conclude the Six Kowtows on this evening, at 7:42 on Sunday, February 12, 2017, at St. Theresa Church, in front of the sanctuary of the small chapel where we respectfully lift up to God, where the tabernacle of God is. God, please hear and accept, and may many people return to God, recognize, and unite with us – in one heart, in the surrender, the prostration – and prepare for the day that each one of us awaits, which is the day God brings us to the Promised Land, the day God comes to us and returns for the second time. We thank God, praise God, glorify God; thank the Holy Spirit for the completion of this message; thank Mother Mary’s Immaculate Heart. Thanks to Mother, today we have this gift so that we know the way back, in meekness, in submissiveness, in a life of simplicity and becoming humble, to be worthy to go to the place that Mother Herself will lead us, to the Promised Land that God grants and bestows upon us and those who belong to Him. Amen. Amen. Amen.

The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that centers on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture visions of Eucharistic miracles on her cell phone. When Jesus gives her messages, it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of

(1)   Please see “The Six Kowtows” message of August 19, 2014.

(2)   The psalm Reading for the Mass this day was Psalm 119. In the next sentence, “fire and water” is from the First Reading, Sirach 15:15-20.

(3)   “for us today” seems to refer to those who are alive at this time.

(4)   Psalm 119:1-2, 4-5, 17-18, 33-34

(5)   Abba is Aramaic for “Father,” a term of respect for God, the father in a family, or the head of a monastery.

(6)   This refers to the “Illumination of Consciences” revealed to St. Edmund Campion, St. Faustina (Diary, 70, 83, 1588), and Blessed Anna Maria Taigi, the mystic revered by popes for her prophecies that came to pass.

(7)   This can be explained in this way: the faithful abide in Jesus on earth and then ultimately in heaven forever (see John 15:4-9, 16:33; 1 John 2:24-28, 3:6, 3:24, 4:13; 2 Corinthians 5:17). The Lamb’s sheep follow Him wherever He goes (see John 10:3-4, 16, 27-29 and Revelation 14:4). It is also true that the Eucharist, the glorified Body of Jesus, now receives ceaseless adoration and praise by the angels and saints (see Revelation 5:13), even should He be forgotten, abandoned and unappreciated by men in the Eucharist. This accompaniment of heaven is confirmed in photos L. has recently taken with saints and angels appearing in the Eucharist, which, though accompanied, remains the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ. It is a mystery that is at least partly described in 1 Corinthians 2:9 – “But, as it is written, ‘What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man conceived, what God has prepared for those who love him,’ God has revealed to us through the Spirit.” (Compare Isaiah 64:4)

(8)   Repeating the same thing with different words occurs occasionally in these messages.

(9)   This seems to mean that though people fail to show respect for the Eucharist, they will in the future bear the responsibility to proclaim the honor due to the Eucharist.

(10)                      Sins that have reached the point of being mortal sins

(11)                      Those who refuse to repent of mortal sins

(12)                      God will depart from those who will definitively separate themselves from Him here on earth as a result of the Illumination of Consciences, which will be a second chance for every sinner to come back to God or not by an act of his or her free will (see note 6).

(13)                      “The mark” here refers to the mark or imprint of redemption on the heart/soul of every person, won by Jesus through His Five Holy Wounds (His passion).

(14)                      Almost one-third of the world’s population are considered to be Christians; only in Christ and His Church are the fullness of divine revelation and truth.

(15)                      Compare Luke 10:27, Matthew 22:37-39, and Mark 12:30-31. The next sentence in the message begins with “That is all the doctrine” because Jesus says, “On these two commandments depend all the law and the prophets” (Matthew 22:40).

(16)                      The Gospel Reading for this day’s Mass was Matthew 5:17-37.

(17)                      While offered to God the Father, the Sixth Kowtow is always “In honor of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for Her triumph.” Not long after it is the explanation: “I ask God the Father to allow us to honor Mother with the Sixth Kowtow.” This is a new revelation regarding the practice of the Six Kowtows: this insertion. Heaven seems to will it to draw attention to the shift from the veneration/adoration due to God alone in the first five kowtows to the highest veneration/honor due to any creature; that is, the Blessed Virgin Mary. (Lower levels of veneration/honor are due to other saints and the angels. So before starting the Sixth Kowtow, we thank God the Father for the Blessed Virgin Mary, and ask Him to allow us to offer the Sixth Kowtow to Her and for Her triumph.

(18)                      For example, in Venerable Mary of Agreda’s Mystical City of God

(19)                      “Offspring” here refers to Jesus. See Genesis 3:15.

(20)                      The “invitation has been given” through this private revelation.

(21)                      These last two sentences could mean several things. The “Woman” of Genesis 3:15 (and Her “offspring,” depending on the Biblical translation) has not yet crushed the head of Satan. Nevertheless, She has already demonstrated this role, which has been clearly proven in the miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, who stands on a snake (for the Aztecs, but the moon at the same time) and is obvious in the vision of Our Lady of Grace seen by St. Catherine Laboure. As the “Woman” of Revelation 12:1, She has demonstrated Herself clothed by the Sun in the Guadalupe image, and at Fatima, where the children said She was brighter than the sun (not to mention the great Miracle of the Sun there), and when She appeared to great multitudes as a luminous figure over three Egyptian churches from 1968 to 2010 (in Zeitun, Edfu, and Warraq el-Hadar). So in these sentences, one can see that “the Woman” has not yet appeared in triumph but has appeared as a sign of the times. Another interpretation is that L. is continually taking miraculous images; they are almost all of the Eucharist, but some have been of Blessed Mother – perhaps this is what is meant by “Today She has appeared.”

(22)                      Although the Church’s Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition officially acknowledge the names of only the three archangels mentioned in Scripture, Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition also acknowledge that there are seven archangels. L. is a very simple woman, with only the equivalent of third-grade education. This is a very fine point theologically – something heaven apparently does not consider worthy of correcting; what is meant is that L. is an imperfect instrument, as every messenger has ever been (not counting heavenly messengers of course), so God uses her as she is: her simple, imperfect language and knowledge are adapted to by heaven. God most often uses the simple and humble of this world regarding private revelation: see 1 Corinthians 1:27-29.


New Revelations through the Eucharist

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