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The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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  We Earnestly Ask God to Have Mercy



April 3, 2017

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through L.

L.: O God – I’m sitting in bed today and I ask God to allow me to relax a little to read the Readings and the Gospel of God; after that I and sister K. (1) will pray to God and please allow me to hear the words taught by God, for me to receive His message. God, please help me understand the Word of God, for me to receive the message because today in Mass I recognized the presence of God, which made me feel there was no way than by the way God came to the world in the flesh. In the countless months God remained with the apostles, He wanted to express His feelings but the apostles did not understand, and our human world always opposed God, especially the scribes, the Pharisees, so I think God was very lonely, He was greatly saddened, but He still loved our human race, so He endured, for me to have this day (2). I want to understand those feelings so that I may lift up the words to God. I know I have not done that much good in my life, nothing worthy to have God to be with me and bestowing upon me, but I lift up to God what is in my life. God, allow me wholeheartedly to understand the innermost feelings, to express the words You want to say to me as well as to the world in the Lenten season. Honestly, I also wait; rarely have I had this feeling if God does not allow. I really want, I really want with emotion to feel that presence, for me to share a little of what is in my mind to console God.

Today, back from my visit to the icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, my heart is sobbing and each time like this, I want very much to be near K., greatly want to be near her; only the two of us can understand this feeling. The longer we are together, the more I see that those around us cannot understand the profound sentiment as I with K. can, so tonight I ask God for the two of us to express our feelings, to confide and to also share with God, especially during the Lenten season. God already left the Temple; He hid himself for 40 days in the mountains; He is fasting, He is being tempted, He is very hungry – so this time echoes from 2,000 years ago, in 40 days. There are only two weeks left – then Holy Week starts. Today, as I read this, please let me understand, for me to receive words of God.

O God, it is 12:15, the morning of April 3rd, 2017, at home, after the retreat of the visiting icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help at the Redemptorist Monastery. I was able to attend that today and then came home. I and K., the two of us, want to relive today’s feelings, to receive the words of God. At this moment, I would like to read the Gospel first.  God, please enlighten me; may the Holy Spirit come to me, for me to understand the words of God, so that I may embrace and listen to the teaching of God. I respectfully lift up to God during the days God went away from the Temple, as we are entering the fifth week of Lent.  At the same time, there are divine signs God gave me, in particular, today and this morning. In today’s spirit and at this moment, at the beginning of a new day, I pray for God to come to me so that I may be enlightened. Today, I would like to read again the readings of April the second (3); as for the third, I will wait for the morning Mass.  At this moment, which is also the Sunday of the fifth week of Lent, I lift up to God.

Reading 1  Ezekiel 37:12-14

Thus says the Lord GOD:
O, my people, I will open your graves
and have you rise from them,
and bring you back to the land of Israel.
Then you shall know that I am the LORD,
when I open your graves and have you rise from them,
O, my people!
I will put my spirit in you that you may live,
and I will settle you upon your land;
thus you shall know that I am the LORD.
I have promised, and I will do it, says the LORD.

Responsorial Psalm  Ps 130:1-2,3-4,5-6,7-8

  1. With the Lord, there is mercy and fullness of redemption.
    Out of the depths I cry to you, O LORD;
    LORD, hear my voice!
    Let your ears be attentive
    to my voice in supplication.
    R. With the Lord there is mercy and fullness of redemption.
    If you, O LORD, mark iniquities,
    LORD, who can stand?
    But with you is forgiveness,
    that you may be revered.
    R. With the Lord there is mercy and fullness of redemption.
    I trust in the LORD;
    my soul trusts in his word.
    More than sentinels wait for the dawn,
    let Israel wait for the LORD.
    R. With the Lord there is mercy and fullness of redemption.
    For with the LORD is kindness
    and with him is plenteous redemption;
    And he will redeem Israel
    from all their iniquities.
    R. With the Lord there is mercy and fullness of redemption.

Reading 2  Romans 8:8-11

Brothers and sisters:
Those who are in the flesh cannot please God.
But you are not in the flesh;
on the contrary, you are in the spirit,
if only the Spirit of God dwells in you.
Whoever does not have the Spirit of Christ does not belong to him.
But if Christ is in you,
although the body is dead because of sin,
the spirit is alive because of righteousness.
If the Spirit of the one who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you,
the one who raised Christ from the dead
will give life to your mortal bodies also,
through his Spirit dwelling in you.

Verse Before the Gospel  John 11:25a, 26

I am the resurrection and the life, says the Lord;
whoever believes in me, even if he dies, will never die.

Gospel  John 11:1-45

Now a man was ill, Lazarus of Bethany,
the village of Mary and her sister Martha.
Mary was the one who had anointed the Lord with perfumed oil
and dried his feet with her hair;
it was her brother Lazarus who was ill.
So the sisters sent word to him saying,
“Master, the one you love is ill.”
when Jesus heard this he said,
“This illness is not to end in death,
but is for the glory of God,
that the Son of God may be glorified through it.”
Now Jesus loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus.
So when he heard that he was ill,
he remained for two days in the place where he was.
Then after this, he said to his disciples,
“Let us go back to Judea.”
The disciples said to him,
“Rabbi, the Jews were just trying to stone you,
and you want to go back there?”
Jesus answered,
“Are there not twelve hours in a day?
If one walks during the day, he does not stumble,
because he sees the light of this world.
But if one walks at night, he stumbles,
because the light is not in him.”
He said this, and then told them,
“Our friend Lazarus is asleep,
but I am going to awaken him.”
So the disciples said to him,
“Master, if he is asleep, he will be saved.”
But Jesus was talking about his death,
while they thought that he meant ordinary sleep.
So then Jesus said to them clearly,
“Lazarus has died.
And I am glad for you that I was not there,
that you may believe.
Let us go to him.”
So Thomas, called Didymus, said to his fellow disciples,
“Let us also go to die with him.”

When Jesus arrived, he found that Lazarus
had already been in the tomb for four days.
Now Bethany was near Jerusalem, only about two miles away.
And many of the Jews had come to Martha and Mary
to comfort them about their brother.
When Martha heard that Jesus was coming,
she went to meet him;
but Mary sat at home.
Martha said to Jesus,
“Lord, if you had been here,
my brother would not have died.
But even now I know that whatever you ask of God,
God will give you.”
Jesus said to her,
“Your brother will rise.”
Martha said to him,
“I know he will rise,
in the resurrection on the last day.”
Jesus told her,
“I am the resurrection and the life;
whoever believes in me, even if he dies, will live,
and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die.
Do you believe this?”
She said to him, “Yes, Lord.
I have come to believe that you are the Christ, the Son of God,
the one who is coming into the world.”

When she had said this,
she went and called her sister Mary secretly, saying,
“The teacher is here and is asking for you.”
As soon as she heard this,
she rose quickly and went to him.
For Jesus had not yet come into the village,
but was still where Martha had met him.
So when the Jews who were with her in the house comforting her
saw Mary get up quickly and go out,
they followed her,
presuming that she was going to the tomb to weep there.
When Mary came to where Jesus was and saw him,
she fell at his feet and said to him,
“Lord, if you had been here,
my brother would not have died.”
When Jesus saw her weeping and the Jews who had come with her weeping,
he became perturbed and deeply troubled, and said,
“Where have you laid him?”
They said to him, “Sir, come and see.”
And Jesus wept.
So the Jews said, “See how he loved him.”
But some of them said,
“Could not the one who opened the eyes of the blind man
have done something so that this man would not have died?”

So Jesus, perturbed again, came to the tomb.
It was a cave, and a stone lay across it.
Jesus said, “Take away the stone.”
Martha, the dead man’s sister, said to him,
“Lord, by now there will be a stench;
he has been dead for four days.”
Jesus said to her,
“Did I not tell you that if you believe
you will see the glory of God?”
So they took away the stone.
And Jesus raised his eyes and said,
“Father, I thank you for hearing me.
I know that you always hear me;
but because of the crowd here I have said this,
that they may believe that you sent me.”
And when he had said this,
He cried out in a loud voice,
“Lazarus, come out!”
The dead man came out,
tied hand and foot with burial bands,
and his face was wrapped in a cloth.
So Jesus said to them,
“Untie him and let him go.”

Now many of the Jews who had come to Mary
and seen what he had done began to believe in him.


L.: O God – in today’s First Reading, God the Father manifested for our entire world.  God announced to all the dead people that He will open the grave for them to rise, and God raised those people out of the grave to lead them and took them into the land of Israel. God also said to them: “I am the LORD”; God has done that, He said and He executed (4) – God simply desired to ask us to recognize Him as our God. Before the time of the Lord Jesus’ incarnation, eternally existing, over countless centuries ago, the Father was full of the power of God; then at the right moment, at the right time, God allowed the prophet Ezekiel to announce this to the world, and record in the book of history the deeds that He accomplished and the promises in the power of the God who performed and executed as He proclaimed. Meanwhile, the Second Reading was during the time of the Lord Jesus, but St. Paul was the apostle after the Lord Jesus’ time.  When Jesus fully completed His mission and returned to heaven, St. Paul was converted. This was after His time yet still within the days in which the apostles remained to continue the mission for which God chose St. Paul as well. He wrote about the Spirit, wrote about the testimony, wrote about everything in the divine realm that God granted and gave to the people who work through the Spirit and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The stories of both of today’s readings – the First Reading as well as the Second Reading – clearly remind us that these are the days of the fifth week of Lent. God opened the grave for people to rise and He said that all must believe in the deeds of God because God is the Lord of the resurrected – our God and the God of all humanity; the God of all generations and each century, in which we are present today – for us to know that God is the true God, the God throughout countless generations, the God who is still present with us as of this day. His promise does not end and continues in the program in which God planned to save us; He sacrificed His only Son, and that salvation continues to be granted, reminded in the Second Reading, in which rightfully, through the Spirit of God, whoever believes and remains in the Lord Jesus Christ, then the Spirit is in that person. If there is no Spirit, then even if that person lives, it is as if that person is dead – because the soul and the body, if not existing and not living in the Lord Christ, then the mortal bodies of those people are living in darkness and iniquity. All that belongs to God, to the Spirit, whether alive or dead, are still people who live in righteousness, which St. Paul clearly affirmed.

Today, we see the Lord Jesus’ planned program, through the Gospel, with the story of Martha, Mary, and Lazarus; the woman whose story was recorded in the Gospel.  The woman, Mary, Lazarus’ sister, anointed Jesus’ feet with perfume and wiped His feet with her hair. These three siblings – distinctly mentioned in the Gospel – were the people whom Jesus loved, in a village that He certainly visited or lived close to; these people were considered as the Lord Jesus’ friends in the days before He left to preach. Then, after the day’s preaching, when He heard the news and returned, Lazarus was already dead.  These were the events God spoke of in the Gospel. Every single event happened and was realized in the program of God because that was the testimony of the glory of God and the works of God over the people at that time. Today is the same; let us look into the profound meaning of Lazarus’ death, not just as a physical death and a normal resurrection as the story being told to us, but in regard to theology; studying in depth, we may acknowledge that Jesus came into this world to deliver and rescue countless people, countless souls, because our human nature, right from the very beginning, was afflicted by sin and death, therefore, the Lord Jesus came. He saved us, and we resurrected just like Jesus said to Lazarus: Rise, since He came to save Lazarus and from that moment on, Lazarus came back to life and died to his old self, died to his own sin – to then live the days with the way and the truth, before Jesus entered the Passion.

Today, in the Lenten season, we know everything has been planned, including the events recorded, in the weeks that are the most significant, to enter into the fifth week of Lent.  At the same time, it is almost Palm Sunday, and also the approaching the Holy Week, which we prepare to celebrate. What is said and suggested today – the death of Lazarus – means that people who live in iniquity must die (5) so that the Lord Jesus may come to deliver us, in the glorious resurrection, with a new beginning in our lives. Strip off all the cloth; remove the bindings on Lazarus who has been dead for four days, with a stench of four days. Jesus told the people who were present to open the tomb, but Martha herself told Jesus that Lazarus already had a stench; nevertheless, she believed, and the Lord Jesus told Martha to trust, to believe in the deeds God does; from there we see the glory of God, realized in the miraculous deeds that we heard through the Gospel, the Good News, recorded in history. It is the same today; the purpose of the Lord Jesus coming into the world – not only for one Lazarus in the time previous to His Passion but the epitome of His coming from heaven – is bringing salvation to save mankind. We live in iniquity, so we certainly must die, not worthy of anything; but He comes to save us, He comes to deliver us, He comes to give us life when we believe, and that is realized.

This day seems to remind us, indeed, of the glory of God, working those miraculous deeds, to manifest what God grants, for us to acknowledge Him as God and that such power belongs to Him. We see that in the mercy with which He rescues and helps us in the world; He is also troubled, disappointed. He is aware of the opposition of people; He sees the betrayal of people, mainly criticizing and blaming, causing Him to be saddened, yet He still acts, because we are truly narrow-minded, lacking wisdom, and expecting what is inherent in a human life. In regard to all the deeds God fully realized – whether we know it or not – God comes for the purpose of saving us, for the purpose of bringing us salvation; to deliver us in life, for us, in our lifetime, to know, to learn, to understand; and to help us see the light, receive the love, have life, embrace the doctrine and the truth.  The power of God – He alone can realize that – makes the dead rise, the lame walk, the blind see, and the deaf hear.  There are many more wondrous deeds, belonging exclusively to God, performed by His own authority.

Today, we hear the story of the family of Martha, Mary, and Lazarus.  As we enter into the days of fasting, the fifth week of Lent, let us look back at the past days. Have we actually started the Lenten season with the right intention or not, and what have we done for God in the Lenten season, and what have we sacrificed for this Lenten season? We are preparing for a great feast – at the same time we enter into Holy Week, which is extremely important in regard to the redemption, repeated every single year, throughout countless generations, starting from the day the Lord Jesus came into the world until this day, 2,000 years later, which is still commemorated every single year for every single Christian; and reliving it every single year gives us the opportunity to look into our own self, to look at our relationship with God, and to reflect upon ourselves, for us to meditate, to pray, to fast, and do penance – to assess and challenge ourselves.

Indeed, how many can realize this, how many can do this? Regardless, the Church continues to lead us into a true Lenten season, spiritually dedicated to God; and these are also the 40 days of God going into the desert, into the mountains.  He faced trials, was hungry, and was also tempted. In the end, what is most challenged, what is most endured is the shining example for us today, which are also the days of fasting, for us to look into our hearts, to reflect on what has gone by in life, with busy days, with days of ambition. The days in which we live wickedly, in iniquity: we know but we deliberately offend, and also unknowingly; and many things also committed without any particular concern for the soul, without any particular thought for the heart, without any particular desire for the truth. The Lord Jesus granted and gave us a doctrine, for us to choose the path of holiness and turn back in life, with our heart, our conscience, and the truth – to repent in our lives, to be worthy to be the children for whom God died to atone for our sins. He brings salvation to deliver all of us and everyone.  He does not want anyone to remain in sin, He does not want anyone to die.  Even though Lazarus had a stench of over four days, yet God, with authority, still comes to free us, to save us – still comes to redeem us, sinners.

Therefore, we believe in the power of God and trust in the deep love of the Supreme God. Even if we, the human beings at that time, did not understand and did not know, He still proceeded with the plan.  It did not end there.  He entered into the Way of the Cross, which we prepare in the coming days to experience and to meditate on what happened 2,000 years ago, which was utterly more atrocious than what we reflect upon at this present moment (6). All of that has passed, but God wants us to remember what He accomplished and sacrificed, to save us, to help us, and to bring us from death back to life, which He granted us through the redemption. We prepare to enter into Holy Week.  Afterward is a joyful, victorious day for the world of humanity, in the triumphant Easter Resurrection.

O God – God loves us, God loves humanity, God loves every single sinner; God does not want to lose anyone, but we do not know our worth, so we offended, violated, and we have been absolutely indifferent. The first age was the same; the same throughout countless generations.  Today is even worse.  People depend on what is reality and civilization, and rely on all that is inherent in today’s era, sophisticated and ingenious, to cover and conceal everything for which we need to open our hearts, open our souls, in order to find the Lord Christ, to encounter the Lord Jesus, who over 2,000 years, today, still awaits us – in the divine realm nevertheless present. Today, the story reminds us that God Himself came to free us.  What situation are we still in?   How are we feeling toward the Lenten season, toward a fellow Christian, toward every single role, toward every single function? We reflect for us to recognize; we lift up to God, and we look at what is inherent in the present life to ask God to forgive us and to remind us because God came to save us; He came to free us and He came to bring us joy and meaning in life. We have been too indifferent.  We have spent significant time in this current life.  We have allowed ambition and fame in our functions and so many more things in our busy lives that we forget our souls, forget the joy we need in life, forget the peace that mankind needs in God, and forget what God grants us through the Spirit of God.

Today, God gave me the opportunity to come to a church.  We have heard and embraced the readings of today’s Mass and at the same time it is a special celebration – that is the icon of the Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Originating from Rome, Italy, this icon existed for countless years.  It is exactly 150 years old and is the icon that travels around the world.  The first time it arrived in my city, it came to the Redemptorist Mission. Today is not a coincidence.  I absolutely believe Mother brought me here along with my family and the brothers and sisters in the group so that we have the occasion to learn more, to understand more, and to hear more from the priests who are informed about this icon. At the same time, we broaden our viewpoints and our knowledge with the icon about what Mother realized that is full of meanings and manifested to St. Luke at the beginning, to be written on this icon (7).  Usually, an icon is drawn, but St. Luke himself was enlightened in the Spirit, and Mother allowed him to write about this icon. This icon is extremely special and has many profound meanings regarding each of the features in the icon that brings awareness and helps our human race understand Mother’s role – a mother helping humanity, a mother seeking the children, and there is no one whom Mother does not help. This icon is sacred, with many miracles throughout the years in which Mother traveled all over, everywhere.  Healing occurred on each and every one of us; and today, generally speaking, there are still people who are healed, directly as well as indirectly, from the icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

Today, I was able to come here.  I did not know I would be able to receive today’s message, though it was not like the previous times. Every single time I was able to receive, my soul and heart burn with countless thoughts in my mind, hoping to have the private moments to narrate as well as to pray to receive Mother’s words. However, today, indeed, my head is empty, my heart is distant, my whole being seems truly emotionless.  Then, while listening to the Gospel, I was touched and moved, tearing up, as I pictured the Lord Jesus carrying a garment, traveling with his disciples to a place where, some days ago, people were trying to stone Him yet He wants to return because of his friend, who was the person He loved; the family of Martha, Mary, and Lazarus. That sentiment made me feel something truly lively in my experience of the Lord Jesus walking with the disciples on the way to Martha’s house, coming to resurrect Lazarus: to come out of the tomb.

This is something in which God’s sentiment relates to today’s generation. I do not know whether this is something revealed to me or is it just a feeling, an illusion? I can feel that, indeed, God came to teach people; at the same time, it is the same sentiment that God expressed to help those people recognize the love that God offers, to save mankind and save the people who believed. Still, people blamed: “But some of them said, ‘Could not he who opened the eyes of the blind man have kept this man from dying?’” [John 11:37] This is a sentence of bitter reproach and fully disclosed the lack of the faith that should be present in a way of life toward God – in reverence, in honor; to be able to lift up praises that our human race in the first period should (8), and be the same throughout countless generations, and today as well.

Regarding all the wonders that today God has done through the prophets and messengers, I always avoid speaking about myself.  I always avoid mentioning what God grants me.  Sometimes, actually, I do not recognize myself but it is God Himself who is in me (9), realizing that in me and through me. There have been many wondrous things that I have seen, known, and recognized, but indeed, in my life, because of my timid nature and being afraid, I do not take those things into account; so sometimes I feel that God is at a disadvantage because of me. However, today, this feeling is so strong in me when I realized the decision that He made – to return to the city where people were ready to stone Him a few days earlier. Since the apostles were afraid, they reminded the Lord Jesus about this but He affirmed that a day has twelve hours (John 11:9). He plainly gave the apostles a clear explanation, with the depth and height of the implied meaning, and then together, the Master and the pupils started that journey.

Today, God has done countless wonders for the world of today’s humanity, through the simple, little people, and through people like me as well as the brothers and sisters chosen in the group – the people who do not know, the people who do not understand, and the people who have neither education nor knowledge nor intellect – indeed, not all of us, only certain ones; in the number of the brothers and sisters, there are also people who are knowledgeable, educated – however, all the education, knowledge, remain within limitations.  If God does not grant and if God does not enlighten us with special graces, then we are like the blind, with knowledge limited to books.  But God is so almighty and there are countless graces in a life, a righteous life, when He wants and He allows, then that will be realized – so many performed wonders and still countless miracles in the divine realm that are proven and appealing to people who listen; and the real fruits for which we cannot refuse – the works God plans for us and grants us in the world of mankind.

Let us look into the heart, to thank the love of God; if our human race recognizes what God does, what God endures for us, leading us to what is most holy because God never brings sufferings to people. Suffering is our own creation, suffering is of our own doing, suffering is due to us being afflicted by original sin and death.  Because our first parents betrayed God, our human race has indeed fallen into the abyss of sin from which Jesus came to save. We do not understand and sometimes we grieve God, we make God sorrowful and we cause God to really feel heartbroken because He loves; but people are completely indifferent, looking for ways to kill, devising cunning schemes to banish the truth and seeking all kinds of ways to ruin the good things God planned for us. No matter what, or even though people are destructive, God is still God, the Almighty, the Sovereign, the Supreme Being – who uses supremacy to bestow upon mankind, who endures mankind, who forgives mankind, who is magnanimous and generous, with the noble life that God planned for mankind, from the first period through countless generations and today as well. Absolutely everything that God does has depth and width, with what is best that God granted us.  Unfortunately, for humanity, there are still days of blindness, still days of weakness in sin, still days of immaturity with faith, still days of disbelief and denial – so life continues with days of hatred; with days of jealousy, envy; with days in which people make each other miserable, with war, with the spread of epidemic disease. Throughout countless generations, people’s lives are still days with crimes, days of disobedience, days far from God’s love.

The day has come; we cannot go on with days blind in faith, days mired in sin, and days when we have eyes but do not see, ears but do not hear, hearts with no beat. So we continue to be wrong, and we remain in ignorance, in indifference, in insensitivity, in coldness, committing countless offenses over and over again toward God. The only one thing that never changes is that God is faithful, God is patient, God is full of love, and God is full of mercy – from one generation to the next, He does not have the heart to stretch out His hand to strike; He is merciful though we are people who deserve death. God does not want sinners to die, God wants them to repent and live; because of this sentence, because He keeps what was stated to be true to a God with the words He proclaims, and He is the Faithful One. So, everything still exists and still happens in the present generation, countless people offend, countless people transgress, and countless people are living in unrighteousness, still with days of dispute between men. Why did God not destroy? Why must the just people die? Why must the righteous people sacrifice? There are still many questions in human life.

Indeed, God does not make demands of us; because the day and the hour (10) God decides requires time, that decision remains with Him. He bestowed everything; He gave us the sky with the sun that shines on living beings, on those who are disobedient, wicked, or just; God also shines upon all there is in the world that we still enjoy. With the days living in this world, there are the bad people; the good – the virtuous, holy ones, but there are also those who are sinners, offenders, and much more. This generation is even worse; people chose freedom, people discovered science and technology; people found the culmination in civilization, in clever sophistication, but then they distance themselves from God, rejecting God. Everything that belongs to this earth, to this world, spiritual and physical – all life, and energy, or air – also belong to God, but how many take the time to meditate, how many take the time to experience, how many take the time to look back at what God sacrificed for us? We are still living in days of immaturity, days of emptiness, days with sight but without faith, and if any faith at all, then it is just barely. Thus, there are many things we still do not know, many things we still do not understand.

Today, what is prompted through the Gospel and the Good News (11) seem to evoke what God offered us. Let us be ready in time for this invitation, particularly in the fifth week of Lent; please let us spend time for Jesus Christ, our Lord. He has accomplished so much for humanity – His purpose is to save us; His purpose is to see us mature on the path of repentance and return; His purpose is to help us clearly understand that He comes to save us, not to condemn us, but we condemn one another. We seek death, we are living in iniquity, we are indulging sin, we are tolerating unrighteousness, and we continue with days denying God.  This still goes on, so this depends on the world and depends on every single individual, every single role, and all of humanity. God is still the God full of love but everything has been specified – the time the Lord Jesus came; the time the Lord Jesus was born; the time the Lord Jesus completed His mission on the Cross; the time the Lord Jesus returned to heaven, soul, and body; the time the Lord Jesus still remains in the Eucharist; and also the time when the Eucharist of Jesus must return to a place belonging to Him. The earth and the world, the Alpha and the Omega (12) – the day has come as well; everything that we hear today, that we know, that we see, has never happened before, but God appeared with the miracles and granted to us.

Each one of us today meditates on our own; by ourselves, we cannot find, we cannot see, and no one wants to do things wrong from what God grants to remind us with our own roles – to strengthen the life of faith since we are the people who hear, who knows, in the life of testimony. Have we accomplished the works God assigned yet? At the same time, we have many brothers and sisters, yet we still remain weak in faith, because we are not brave enough, we are not bold enough, we have not sacrificed enough for God, and we still do not understand the devotion of the apostles who sacrificed their own lives to testify to the truth for the Master. Today, the Master does not come to us in the flesh, the Master does not come to us as He once did over 2,000 years ago, but history has shown that the Master assumed a human body to be in the midst of the human world. All the deeds done by the Master are repeated in the age of every single era; today, He Himself comes to us – present through the Eucharist. He meets us – by the messages, by the liveliness, by the urging, by the miracle we received; and through those messages, healed brothers and sisters, awakened them in the life of faith, and many people hear, many people know and believe in this, which is the truth. Today, my eyes well up with tears; having seen so many graces that God granted and gave in my mission as well as that of the brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, we still have so many imperfections; we are not bold enough to testify to what the Master gives, not bold enough to proclaim what God gave to us as well as to humanity in general. May God help us to reflect on what God already bestowed and granted abundantly, for us to testify for God, for us to bear witness to God, for us to pioneer with what God offered us in today’s world.

O God, I know I am still weak; I only know what Mother teaches in order to glorify God, by the life in which today – I and my sisters – we travel everywhere, to lift up to God the Six Kowtows. With an eager heart, we kneel in front of the altar, in front of the Cross, even though people’s reaction is doubt, rejection, looking at us with skepticism.  At first, we were very shy; also felt a bit different, but more and more each day, we recognize that it is a must. There are many wondrous things that God grants us every single time we prostrate before God; we do not see but we believe, because this has taught us to lift up to God; with human weakness, this mortal body has no way to know, has no way to perform, and has no way to be worthy with what God has done for me and has done for the whole of humanity.

Thus, O God, with words I do not dare take a strong stand; I know to act only.  May God accept every single word I pray, not from myself but inspired by God, urging me to lift up to God, to beseech God on behalf of my family, of my relatives, of the brothers and sisters in the group who are not with me or are busy with other services. I lift up to God, on their behalf, also on behalf of the multitude of people in today’s world, in a spirit of repentance, of remorse, to apologize, to prostrate and surrender to God. God, please forgive us; God, please forgive us; even if a thousand times, apologizing, surrendering, prostrating, we are still not worthy of God’s forgiveness, but because of love and Divine Mercy, God always gives me the opportunity, gives the entire world the opportunity, and gives all classes the opportunity to have the chance to return to God. Especially during Lent, with the feeling, the experience, every step of the way on the 14 Stations of the Cross; it is because of me, because of my sins, because of the sins of humanity, because of the sins of each one of us that, today, God is still grieving, God is still anxious, and God still bleeds with His own Heart. The wounds of God still have not yet healed because of my sins, because of the sins of everyone who is indifferent, cold.  Today, God continues to bleed because of our humanity. God, we are sorry – a thousand times sorry; we are sorry, God.

O God, the more it is so, the more I understand.  God the Father’s love is so immeasurable, so infinite and boundless, granted to people like us. How many more times Jesus still has to endure in order to remain with us; to wait for the maturity, for the recognition, through the countless works He does to guide us, to save us, and to lead us back to God. As for me and all the brothers and sisters, there is no way for us to know what to do; only one silent Person from of old till this day whom today we clearly depend upon – Mother.  Mother is the Person God chose; Mother is the Coredemptrix (13), with Jesus, to accomplish the work of redemption; Mother is always interceding to God for us. The icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help not only helps when we are in danger, when we are in the last hours of our lives, but also helps us who live in this world yet with countless imperfections, yet with countless offenses, yet with countless disbelief; nevertheless, Mother comes to save us and to help us in all circumstances. Therefore, we need Mother.  Today, what Mother teaches – Mother teaches us to kowtow to God, Mother teaches us to repent, Mother teaches us to prostrate and surrender – it is Mother leading us. On one hand, Mother guides us; on the other hand, Mother pleads with God to give us more time and for us to be ready soon and to awaken. Everything, sooner or later, will come to the human world, because everything will be concluded as the day of the Omega was predestined and arranged.

Today is during Lent; will we still be on this earth next Lent or not? But I know that everything, in reality, day in and day out, becomes a habit; people continue to be indifferent, continue to deny, continue to fight among each other, continue to follow the way of man, from past to present. The response is less; the scribes and Pharisees are too many – obstructing, refusing, one way or another. The brothers and sisters who accompany also have holy graces to go on with the mission, but they are jealous, envious – just offend them a little, then they find all ways not to accept us, to reject us and there are many things from the life of sin and the Seven Deadly Sins in life that people still have. The Church, through the Pope as well as all the teachings of the priests and religious, delve into theology, to clearly understand our lives. Every single day, we must always clearly see the sins that we committed still commit in the human world, in all classes, all roles. Those are the Seven Deadly Sins, which are things deep-rooted in the flesh; we find all kinds of ways to be aware of them in moments of repentance, but it is not easy for us to be able to overcome things in real life if without God’s grace.

So, looking back, we have nothing, we are not worthy, but every single day God grants.  Please have mercy on us through the Six Kowtows, please have mercy on us through the petitions to each Person – and through the words, we earnestly beseech God, by the prayer life through which the Holy Spirit agreed to kindle the fire in us. The people who do not know, today know; the people who never prayed, now have the opportunity to understand what prayer is; though not yet fervently, but at least we bowed and prostrated ourselves – then surely the Holy Spirit will lead and help us, for us to recognize what it means to live a life with the Church’s reminder. Today, throughout these days of the Lenten season, days of fasting and getting ready to enter into the important and solemn days that are the Holy Week, in which we pray to mature and to experience in a special way this year. At the same time, we cannot be without Mother, because Mother herself has sought all sorts of ways to guide us and does not teach us ways that are too difficult, though not too easy. If we do have a conscientious life, if we do have the heart and the courage to continue on the path of taking action rather than talking, then that is the practice leading to genuine repentance. We earnestly ask God to have mercy, to forgive, and to accept, to save us, and to help us be willing to change, in the new program in today’s world of mankind, for us to be prepared, because the judgment of God is getting near, and the time that was mentioned to us previously, which was the day of the Alpha, has passed. Throughout countless generations, even with the patience of God, still, the day has come, which is the day of the Omega and is also the day of salvation and the concluding day. (14)

So, we have spoken a lot, we have heard a lot, and we have received a lot; we know through the reminder with the prompting of the Holy Spirit each time we honor God with the Six Kowtows. O God,  please continue to help us on the path of testimony, and help many people open their eyes, open their ears, open their hearts, to recognize what problems are currently happening to families, to societies, to communities, and to every single individual – for us to rush back to God, to run to the Divine Mercy of God, to beseech to God, and to be sincere in prayer. God, please hear us through the prostration with the Six Kowtows, which today, we have the opportunity to lift up to God the Father and to every single Person (15), most reverently, to invoke the Name of the Lord, to ask for God’s mercy and to prepare ourselves, for us to be granted forgiveness and to be granted renewal, immersed in the Divine Mercy that God offered and bestowed upon the world in general and upon every single person in particular.

Today, countless surprises have come to us unexpectedly, reminding us of the power with the kowtows that we can practice – when we bow, when we prostrate ourselves and our sight is no longer focused anywhere else – be it in front of the altar, in front of the Cross, in front of the sanctuary; these are sacred places where we need to honor God. With the Presence in the tabernacle where God still abides, surely God sees us; God certainly wants to see how we practiced in the past days as we received such a gift, too sublime in its greatness that enables us to encounter God and to be urged by the Holy Spirit. Once we completed all the works, we have peace, we have joy; every single day, we practice these kowtows – to honor God, to show appreciation, gratefulness; and in the prostration, in the surrender, asking God to forgive, asking God to accept contrite hearts from us, truly repentant, asking to come back to God. In the moments we practice, it seems as if the soul and the heart are not dictated by an ordinary point of view because we rarely have the opportunity to truly focus in order to lift up from the bottom of our hearts.  But when we pray to God in this way, our hearts are not distant and our minds are completely focused. The words we pray are not ours but from the special guidance of the Holy Spirit, from the bottom of the heart, from the soul, from a contrite heart. What we respectfully offer, indeed, is lifted up with the heart as God invites today – God calls us to return with our own hearts, God is inviting us to come back with a sincere heart – to love, to recognize, to understand that the greatest deeds come from the heart.

Today, what we are able to do and what we are able to accomplish is from Mother Mary Herself. (16) May we learn from Mother’s life.  She teaches us to begin from that humility to become simple, to become little.  Jesus said, “If anyone becomes little, then the kingdom of heaven belongs to them.” (17) Of all the people in this world, whether all knowledgeable, learned people, or all classes, or any roles, those of us who are at the top, to God we are just children.  Be little, simple children so that we may encounter God.  This is something written in the doctrine and the words He promised will be fully realized. Today, the invitation to everyone in our humanity with the Six Kowtows comes from Mother Mary, the Person responsible for teaching us about this method, about this practice. May the beseeching of our hearts and souls be lifted and turned to God.  This is learned and comes from a Queen.  Mother practiced this during her earthly days (18) so she had absolutely no stain and nothing to be enslaved by in our human world. Mother becomes a perfect Person in the will of God the Father, fully devoted, as a Person who is the Daughter of God the Father, the Bride of the Holy Spirit, the Mother of the Second Person of God, and the chaste friend to St. Joseph. The entire heavenly kingdom must also listen and look at what belongs to the Queen whom God crowned and chose to represent all of humanity. After the completion of Jesus’ work, Mother Mary is the Person by our side, to lead people into virtue, to lead people into righteousness, in repentance, in order to return to our God.

Today, there are countless things that God granted to me, especially this evening.  Thanks for the love God gives. What is not understood, living in the confusion of these days, living in fear, living in hopelessness – the days in which we do not have the courage to act and say the words from the truth: these are the facts. Frankly, I do not stand in the midst of people; I do not stand in the midst of the world, to speak up in all the crowded places; nonetheless, what I do today, God, please accept, because all these prayers, I wholeheartedly and respectfully lift up to God, on behalf of my brothers and sisters, in my duty, in my responsibility, on behalf of the entire world in today’s age. Regarding the people who are in deep slumber, the times when they completely neglect and ignore, allow me to represent my brothers and sisters, to come to God – through the quiet nights, the times when people are sleeping, yet I am happy to be with God, to honor God, with the teaching of Mother Mary. Mother is a silent woman but She trains us in a completely bold way, in a very disciplined manner, and teaches us to learn how to be humble, how to be steadfast, how to prostrate before God, and how to live a simple and trusting life.

Today, what we have is not our talent; we have nothing worthy, but as a Mother, She taught and helped us so that we can mature daily – to practice the life of virtue, to improve, and to learn to live with a reminder to ourselves, so that we may live happier, more peaceful, and more meaningful days, when God grants and bestows upon us the opportunity to encounter, to proclaim, to witness, and to pioneer with everything inherent that today’s world does not easily accept.  However, these things are true – that which is accomplished from the bottom of one’s own heart and in a spirit of repentance, remorse, in complete submission. With everything that has already happened and is happening in the world today, the human condition cannot confront all the cunning schemes; we cannot face the devil – we only know to come to Mother and ask for her help. We simply keep walking on the path, in these days in which we continue to remain strong; we continue to remain stout-hearted, to witness for God, because God is the only One who performs and intervenes; God sees everything that is prone to snares. Because we cannot understand what the world plots concerning all sorts of ways to destroy us, we have Mother Mary defending us, Mother Mary leading us back to righteousness, Mother Mary guiding us back – to serve, to worship, to praise, to glorify, to surrender, to prostrate, and to fully repent; then certainly, God will not abandon us, God will not ignore us, God will support and help us, to bring us back to Him.

The invitation that God offered to the world was to return with heart and to live to recognize God as one’s own God, because He allowed the people from of old to resurrect from the grave, the people in the tomb to rise. Who are we? We are the people whose bodies come from dust, having the love of God; having the salvation of the Lord Jesus, His only Son; having the Holy Spirit’s inspiration, guidance, helping us in righteousness and leading us into the truth, holiness, perfection, and having the Presence of the Eucharistic Jesus truly lively today so that we may experience and encounter Him. It is He who inspires and allows us to delve into the Five Holy Wounds, the Passion 2,000 years ago; that work of redemption that will not end on Calvary but will continue throughout countless generations. Today, we fully rely on those Five Holy Wounds to be motivated, to boldly rise and return to our God, and to be resurrected to triumphant glory. It is Mother Mary Herself who is the teacher and helps us on this path – guiding us back, leading us to the truth, and helping us to advance higher and higher, to that place that God already prepared for us.

Mother does not want us to be submerged in the darkness, Mother does not want us to be ensnared by evil, Mother does not want us to be bound by sin. Today, God the Father entrusts the most precious gift to Mother Mary so that Mother can guide us back to God.  Mother leads us to the Eucharistic Jesus; She helps us embrace the great mystery that God granted and gave us through the Divine Mercy in today’s generation of mankind. What was proclaimed with the first generation, which was when God first addressed the serpent of old, is realized today over the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God; the Queen of Heaven has accomplished this. God the Father allowed all things possible in a life in which we have the opportunity today – the miracles (19); the dead people were allowed to return to say what they needed to testify to. The heavenly saints also came to share about their lives back in the days when they were alive, and to witness for the God for whom they still long for the opportunity to honor, and through their lives, to glorify God. And there are many more stories to awaken people, many stories to touch people’s hearts, and many stories to lead us into the history of Jesus Christ, in a life with the doctrine and the truth.

There are extraordinary wonders that are indeed real and are appearing in the midst of today’s world of mankind – only God can do that and God alone has the authority; things that are not possible, yet for God everything is possible. We just need to believe; we just need to open our eyes, open our hearts; we just need to recognize what God sacrificed to bring us back to Him, leading us from the darkness back to the light, and guiding us in a life of repentance – by benevolence, holiness, humility and simplicity.  Mother Mary is leading and helping us in today’s world of humanity, by actions, by gestures, by deeds – inwardly as well as outwardly – by the mind, by the conscience, by the decision, and by the reformation, which we dedicate to God, to honor and proclaim Him in the midst of today’s humanity.  Therefore, what has been recorded in books, all the hierarchy of the Church (20) has followed the law from of old and all else to teach us to repent and to choose the path of righteousness; to walk on the path of truth, holiness and perfection; to take the path of conversion and resurrection; to receive the redemption that the Lord Jesus accomplished.

Today, Mother Mary comes to lead us.  What needs to be practiced, what requires determination, what must be surrendered and prostrated, which Mother taught us, will save humanity, will save our brothers, will express the true repentance to return to God. This proves the human inability to do anything at all, if without the intervention of God and if He does not come to help us. So, these are the most significant teachings that have hidden meanings, because, for countless past centuries, people have done nothing in return for the love God offered us, but Mother Mary is the Person who represents us, and the Person who accepted the graces, and the Person who knew what God plans for us at the end of history. This is an opportunity for us to repent.  We surrender fully, and we respectfully offer what is inherent in the human destiny, to consecrate to the God we worship, in response to the Divine Mercy of God at the end of this age’s history, which are certainly brief days in the world of mankind, approaching the days of purification, moving toward the concluding days of the end of the Omega, as we prepare to enter into the new world.

Mother sees and does not want anyone to lose this opportunity, so we must wholeheartedly choose the path of repentance. Let us not be afraid of what we are called to in life and in our mission to go out into the world, because all the people who listen and who accept are healed, they are touched, and they also experience God’s presence, granted to them in a special way, when they join us to surrender and prostrate. Regardless of anyone, all classes, all roles; whenever we hear and open our hearts, then every single day, on our own, we seek to come to the Eucharistic Jesus; we seek to come to a place worthy of worship, which is the altar, the tabernacle, the Cross, the image of the Divine Mercy, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the holy statues. We come with a spirit to honor, so that we may glorify our God with the Presence that is and exists – which is the Sacrament of the Eucharist – for us to keep on being strengthened in the life of faith. Certainly, when this is realized, we will have a new life, a new lifetime, and a belief that God granted us through the urging of the Holy Spirit. The gift of the Holy Spirit, and the flame of the fire of love – the fire of solidarity, the fire of truth, justice, and righteousness – is illuminating the human world, for us to be ready to return, ready to stand before the Judge, which no one can avoid, with the justice, the righteousness that God has planned for us in today’s age.

Through the Six Kowtows, we seem to enliven the entire heavenly kingdom that is near us, to remind us of the assistance of the saints who are also close to us and the angels who are protecting us. The family of the heavenly kingdom supports and gives us the inspirations for us to advance in steadfastness, to move forward in courage, and to progress without fear on the path of witnessing and pioneering for our God, Jesus Christ our Lord. These are also the days of the fifth week of Lent, and also the days that Mother reminds mankind.  There are so many wonders – in particular, the 100 years of Our Lady of Fatima, who came to remind people.  When Mother comes, She calls us to return and urges us to repent.  Mother wants us to have life.  Mother needs us to recognize what She teaches, to save our souls and to lead us out of the bondage of sin, since we are still in stubbornness, still denying, and still hardened.

All the times when Mother came, it was to remind us, and today is the same. The icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help travels everywhere.  Through this icon, Mother comes to our world; when we believe, then we will receive the countless miracles Mother grants. At the same time, Mother visits her children all over, everywhere to remain with the children, to encourage the children, to teach the children; to love, to guide, and to reveal a Mother who is extremely loving and who refuses no one. It is indeed a great blessing in today’s world; we have so many opportunities to meet God; we have many opportunities to meet Mother, the Mother of God and the Mother of humanity. Mother does not want anyone to succumb to the snares and fall into ways that do not belong to God; in our lifetime, if we do not encounter God and belong to Him, we will end up in a place of wailing, of darkness, and never see the light. So regarding everything present this day, let us not allow earthly reality to control us, to dominate us, but let us overcome what belongs to the world – with the ego, with the personality, with selfish, greedy desire and ambition, and many more enticements that made us fall; that made us become selfish; that incite us to be jealous, envious; that cause us to always stumble with the Seven Deadly Sins.

Let us strive to improve every single day, to ask Mother to help us, to teach us, for us to gradually lessen what we committed, are committing, for us to become reformed, to become perfect, to become holy. Because Mother has loved us, has helped us, and has given us the opportunity to restore what was lost that God grants every individual, which is the gift of the Six Kowtows that today we delve into more deeply, we understand more clearly, and we are more determined so that we may recognize the presence of God and the urging of the Holy Spirit. The direction and the empowering of the Holy Spirit help us be more enlightened, for us to recognize ourselves, for us to listen to Mother, and we cooperate with Mother so that we may be saved in the world of today’s humanity – to be rescued, to be sheltered, and to be protected, to enter the new world that God is preparing for the righteous. The people who belong to Him and the people who are His own, who carry the mark of love, who possess the light of the truth, will then be joined to the light of the Eucharist, which God granted and gave us – the last part of history.

At this moment, I thank, praise and glorify God, our Lord, for giving me the opportunity to receive the words that the Holy Spirit inspires, for me to say the words that need to be said, as I just came back from attending the annual festival. As reminded today through the First and Second Readings, and the Gospel, we are able to hear the depth and width of the works that the Holy Spirit has done over us and in us.  As St. Paul said, in the Second Reading: “To have the Spirit of God, to live in the Spirit of God, no matter what happens, if in the Spirit, is still righteous.” (21) Today, the Holy Spirit has realized this, over me as well as K.; even though it is late, we continue to listen to the teachings of the Holy Spirit, to hear what He desires in me, and along with my brothers and sisters, to be zealous in life with the mission, for us as well as the brothers and sisters who are currently working silently in these days, to complete everything that God grants and bestows, to bring to the world sooner, every single day. This is so that many people may know and may hear; to be converted, with words that awaken, that inflame, for hearts to be softened, for each one of us to turn back to God during Lent while preparing for the Holy Week in the coming days.

On this evening, I end at this moment, in a spirit of thanksgiving, of praise, of worship, and of gratitude to our God, now till forever. I never forget the day that the visiting icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help came to the Redemptorist Monastery in my city.  I spent one day to come visit Mother, to attend the retreat, to hear the teaching, to listen to the preaching by the priests, to understand what needs to be learned, what needs to be known. Tonight, I receive this message and it is also from the urging of the Holy Spirit and from His inspiration that I can do this.  I thank God, praise God, and glorify God. I thank Mother; this is so I know my duty cannot stop but I must continue with enthusiasm, continue with courage because the works that I do are not from my own doing but from the Spirit working in me. The Spirit is working in my brothers and sisters; the Spirit is with all the brothers and sisters – united – to honor God, to glorify God, through a life surrendering and prostrating and listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit, to learn more about the revelations given to the world in general; with the help of Mother, protecting and sheltering us, on the path we took, are taking and witnessing, for the remaining days of the end of the century.

I thank God, thank the Holy Spirit, and thank Mother.  We dedicate all our works to God. Mother, please arrange, plan, and help us to progress with what is needed that we still lack, to advance on the path of accomplishing solely what God wants us to do.  Please remove everything within us that does not belong to God, and fulfill what the Holy Spirit desires, urges, and enlightens, for us to be fully devoted to Him in the life of witnessing and pioneering.

I thank, praise, and glorify God.  From Mother, please help us learn obedience, simplicity, and humility, and help us be sanctified and transformed so that we are worthy of the days God granted and bestowed upon us. L. completes at 1:30 a.m. on the morning of April 3, 2017, at home; L. completes this message with the words inspired by the Holy Spirit on this evening. Once again, I thank God, praise God, and glorify God; in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our Lord, I thank God, praise God, and glorify God, and thank Mother. Amen. Amen. Amen.



The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. L. leads an intense prayer life that centers on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. L. receives messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone. When Jesus gives L. messages it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of  


  1. A friend and associate of L.
  2. here is speaking in the first person, meaning “to herself” in a sense, so she says, “for me to have this day.” It is an intimate language but it is not to be understood as exclusive; it could just as easily say, “for us to have this day.”
  3. The reading of each day’s Mass Readings plays an important part in L.’s spirituality, which centers heavily on the Eucharist at Mass and in adoration.
  4. This Scripture passage is not to be taken literally. According to the Fathers of the Church, it refers to the resurrection of the body; but also, for our purposes, it refers to the Jews coming back to Israel after the second (a.k.a. the Babylonian) exile – as such this prophecy was fulfilled.
  5. This is like a theological reflection on the meaning of Lazarus’ death; it does not refer to Lazarus per se.
  6. The unbloody crucifixes in most Christian art do not reflect the reality of what Jesus suffered. For example, Jesus revealed to St. Bridget of Sweden: “I received 5,480 blows on My Body.” St. Faustina, after seeing a vision of Jesus’ tortures, wrote: “we have not the faintest idea of how much He suffered for us before He was crucified” (Diary, 948).
  7. Some believe that this famous icon, officially entrusted by the Church to the Redemptorist Order, may have possibly been painted (“written” is the precise term regarding icons) by St. Luke the Evangelist. This message seems to confirm that this is the history of the icon.
  8. The “first period” of humanity is from creation to on or around the upcoming Era of Peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima (very soon); then will begin the second and last period, which will last until the Second Coming of Christ in the flesh at the end of the world.
  9. This is nothing more than a simple recognition that when L. receives a message or captures a miraculous image of the Eucharist that it is God inside of her at that particular time.
  10. See Matthew 24:36.
  11. This seeming dichotomy can be explained in this way: it seems “Gospel” may refer to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, while “Good News” may refer to the Good News of future salvation, which extended back to the Old Testament (for example in Isaiah 40:9, 41:27, 61:1). Or, since these terms are also synonyms, this might be an example of the age-old literary device of repetition that is occasionally found in these messages.
  12. These two clauses are not equivalent, as is usual in grammar. Later in this sentence, the miracles spoken of are the messages and the miraculous images of the Eucharist that L. is able to capture on her phone.
  13. Blessed Mother’s role as Coredemptrix is already Catholic doctrine (according to the approved apparition in Amsterdam, Holland, this will become dogma): it is that on Calvary Jesus was the Redeemer of humanity; at the same time, Blessed Mother, with and under Her divine Son, served as the “Coredeemer,” due to her active, unique participation in His redeeming work. The fruit of Their mutual agony was the Church. (Compare 1 Corinthians 3:9, 2 Corinthians 6:1, Colossians 1:24.)
  14. The first period of humanity, termed as “Alpha,” which is the first letter of the Greek alphabet and so means beginning, has ended. We are now in the second and final period of humanity, termed as “Omega,” which is the last letter in the Greek alphabet and so means ending, and will conclude with the Second Coming; this period will be the time of the most dramatic events of the Book of Revelation, which have already begun (in the weather and world turmoil, for example). These two periods are not equivalent to an era of mercy and an era of justice revealed to St. Faustina, though there is some overlap. We are, though, still in that era of mercy, so we plead unceasingly with God for mercy as long as we can.
  15. The Six Kowtows are in honor of: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, the Body and Blood of Jesus, the Five Holy Wounds of Jesus – and in honor of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for Her triumph.
  16. The Six Kowtows that Mother is teaching the world give very extraordinary graces to humanity. In a general way, though, this sentence is indicative of Mary’s role as Mediatrix of All Graces, which is official Church doctrine (as mentioned above, according to the approved apparition in Amsterdam, Holland, this will likewise become dogma). This title means that since She was involved in a subordinate but unique way in the acquisition of graces with the Redeemer on Calvary, She is also involved in the distribution of those graces, to the degree that every grace from God comes to us through Her.
  17. This refers to the little children mentioned by Jesus in Matthew 19:14, Mark 10:14, and Luke 18:16.
  18. Blessed Mother prostrated Herself with a full body prostration during Her life according to The Mystical City of God by Venerable Mary of Agreda; whether She particularly kowtowed, which is a type of prostration, is not clear.
  19. These messages from heaven, especially those from saints in this case
  20. All the hierarchy in general, not counting the occasional aberrations on the part of some members
  21. Scripture quotes are almost always corrected in the messages to be in accord with the actual words in Scripture, but in a case like this, it can’t be. This is not a problem though. St. Teresa of Avila, for example, quoted freely from Scripture; that is, just from her memory, imperfect as it was. As long as there are no indefensible inconsistencies, it is acceptable.


New Revelations through the Eucharist

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