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The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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        The Grace and the Blessing of                               The Six Kowtows



May 3, 2017

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through L. when doing the Six Kowtows.

L.: O God, it is 9:45 a.m., on Wednesday, May 3, 2017, at St. Theresa Church. We are kneeling in front of the sanctuary, the Cross, the statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, and the image of the Divine Mercy. We thank God for giving us one more new day; we gather together every Wednesday, the day God reserves for us. This is also the occasion that Mother wants me and the sisters to meet weekly on Wednesday for us to share with one another, and we still have many things to remind each other in a common prayer life. Each Wednesday, we attend Mass together; afterward, we respectfully offer to God the Six Kowtows; particularly, in the past days we have received countless graces from God, poured down upon us and our loved ones. At the same time, we also encounter difficulties, things against our wishes, things that happen to us unexpectedly; also worries, also joys, and we also recognize our own imperfections.

At this moment, we lift up to God everything – the illnesses, the fatigues, the anxieties, the unworthiness, the imperfections as well as the absolute joys that God granted us for the entire past week. We respectfully lift up everything to God; may God renew our lives, every day, in His grace, for us to clearly understand the meaning of a life in which we have God, know God, and become witnesses to His Son. Today, with our condition, with so many imperfections, may God help us so that we may live each day in maturity; we only wish at this moment to belong to God, in the daily life of all. On behalf of the entire world, on behalf of each class, each role, we reverently lift up words of thanksgiving, of gratitude, and we gratefully offer the prostration.

Today, we respectfully honor God with the First Kowtow. O God the Father – we worship Father. We thank, praise, and glorify God, our Lord; these words we say daily seem to be a habit, but we cannot help but say them, because it is the truth. The graces are poured down; we are the children of Father, we must speak from the bottom of our hearts, to reverently lift up to Father, with gratitude, appreciation, thanksgiving, praise, glorification, veneration, and asking forgiveness for the imperfections that each day we still have, in our own weaknesses. We represent our families, our relatives, our brothers and sisters in the group, as well as all classes, all roles, and today’s entire world. We do not deserve to represent them; we only know in our human condition that if we do not speak and many people still do not fully understand, then no one can lift up the words that are very humble, simple yet this is the truth in a human life and these are the words that need to be addressed to God.

O God – God does not need our words but God needs our deeds, starting from the words spoken, starting from the things that we recognize in our hearts, in our minds. Spiritually as well as physically, we have nothing to reverently offer to God; by the complete prostration and the surrender in this moment, we recognize the mistakes, the offenses that we currently commit, that the world currently commits, and the whole of humanity currently commits toward God. May this voice be lifted up to God; may God have mercy and accept; may we follow God’s holy will in order to receive mercy in the love God granted, for us to be sanctified and transformed, with the gift God gave us in addition to the great graces God has bestowed and given us for this present day, tomorrow, and the future.

O Lord who is God Almighty, O Lord who is God the Creator – the Supreme Sovereign in the universe, in the world – and also the Supreme Being full of mercy, patience; with endless, everlasting love, for each sinner, each human being, and each masterpiece God created. O God, because of that boundless love, today, we have the chance; we have the opportunity with the teachings that cannot be refused and cannot be rejected, with the graces bestowed each day upon us and in us, for us to still be breathing, for us to keep on smiling, and for us to still be receiving the light of the sun granted by God, the air we breathe, and all that we have today, for us to offer the heart, the soul, and a life with imperfections, yet we still believe. O God – God is the Supreme Being who forgives, the Supreme Being who is rich in mercy, the Supreme Being who understands our souls and hearts; in addition, we have received – we are able to attend Mass, receive the Body and Blood of Christ, receive the great salvation in the redemption that the Second Person of God offered to the world. Today, we know the doctrine and the truth, though still very limited according to us, but we know that a divine, Supreme Being is present in the midst of the world, within us, in our souls and in our hearts, for us to be urged by what is in the truth that we seek to earnestly lift up to God.

O God – I thank God for allowing us to say these words; thank God for giving us the opportunity to understand gratitude, appreciation; I thank God for letting us acknowledge our own mistakes, for us to daily ask God to sanctify us, transform us, in the water of rebirth of the Divine Mercy that God gave us – to the human race in general and in particular to every single individual and every single sinner like us. We worship God, praise God, glorify God, and lift up everything of this day, the moments we are still alive in this world, the moments we surrender, prostrate. When we retreat from the outside world to set aside the time for us to pray, we recognize the sins, the mistakes, and many things in our daily lives and in each of us; we ask Father to accept us and we ask Father to let us be immersed in the Divine Mercy of Father. Father sees our longings, desires, in our souls, in our hearts; Father, please sanctify us according to Your holy will, according to Your way, and according to Your grace. We only know to worship Father, praise, and glorify; with the sinful, frail condition, there is no way we can perform good deeds by ourselves, without Father’s grace poured down. Father, please hear our prayers and accept us; give us the opportunity; give to many of our brothers and sisters the opportunity; and give to today’s world the opportunity, to recognize You, to know You, and to return to You. The only God we worship; the only God we prostrate to and surrender to, the only God to whom we apologize and ask to be forgiven, in the love, in the grace and the Divine Mercy of the God to whom today, in unity, we lift up the voice of the soul, of the heart, of the contrite heart, of the surrender, the prostration, to thank God, our Lord, for giving us this moment in which we still have breath, to still have the opportunity to prostrate to God, our Lord. We adore God, glorify God, honor God, thank God, and praise God. Amen.

We offer the Second Kowtow. O our Lamb of God – the Supreme Being who died and atoned for us, the Supreme Being who resurrected in triumphal glory in the third week, the week of Easter in which we are present today. What was of the past, what is of the present, and of the future, we cannot perform by ourselves; thanks to the price of the Blood of the Lord Christ, thanks to the only Son of God, thanks to the doctrine and the truth that exist and remain forever, for us to enjoy this blessing.

O Jesus, I thank You and the countless blessings bestowed, all of the deeds You accomplished because of us, Your sacrifice and endurance – everything – to embrace humanity, to completely offer, with love, by the deed, by the mark, by the sign that today people cannot refuse or reject. Our world, over the centuries, still consists of people who are narrow-minded, still the same as our forefathers who mistakenly condemned and killed the prophets and messengers; even the Messiah, they also killed. This mistake still exists, remains, and is still committed in the world of humanity, but God is the truth, the light, the path of righteousness – an eternal, everlasting doctrine that has become a history that people cannot deny and people cannot reject. Today, no matter how much happened in the world – refusal, approval, or disapproval – we are still the children who cannot refuse those great favors and that great salvation so that we may exist in today’s world, from the Lord Jesus redeeming us. That victory has become the glorious resurrection that we just celebrated in the most recent weeks, recalling that historical event.

O Jesus, today, the First Reading speaks of the holy Apostles of the early age. They boldly spoke the truth and testified to the truth; with the death of the Lord Jesus; whoever believes in Him believes in the Supreme Being who bestowed upon the world, the Supreme Being who gave us life, and the Supreme Being who created the heaven, the earth, and all things. Believing in the Lord Jesus is to believe in God the Father; the presence of the Lord Jesus is the presence of God the Father; all the deeds He did are in the plan and the salvation that God the Father bestowed, through Jesus, which has come to the world. All of these mysterious deeds, if without a heart, without feeling, without a soul, and without reflection, then we do not understand, do not know, and we become people who are absolutely lukewarm and simply keep religion for the appearances, keeping religion in theory, and keeping religion according to Christians – but without understanding, without knowing, and without feeling anything from what God grants and bestows. What He wants is that, from the love He has given us, we must have a heart in order to understand that love; we must have a heart in order to understand how great is the salvation entrusted, to every single sinner like us. If we do not have God and do not have the existing history, then what can people use to rely on? And what example to follow? And through such a great redemption, how can we in our lowliness comprehend what to use in order to learn, and what to use to be the support?

O God – God has arranged everything and God has given us everything. Today, we no longer reject the obvious things that are true and still present in the human world, when calling upon the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and when His Holy Name is fulfilled in our lives, with our lips affirming, then we felt the burning, and many more emotions in the heart of the soul. No one can give that divine grace except God, for us to continue to live with days full of the meanings that God has granted and given us in this lifetime, so that which is seen, heard, known, is lifted in the Name through the Second Kowtow that we respectfully offer to God. O Lord – God is the Lord worthy for us to worship, worthy for us to prostrate to, and worthy for us to surrender to, and to completely dedicate our hearts to, our souls to – all there is – to praise the Lord. We are not worthy, but because of the love, because of the redemption of the Lord Jesus, because of His Holy Name, we become worthy, through the salvation God offered us.

O Jesus, please listen to our prayers, and even though belated, even though late according to us, yet the love that God always grants is the love transforming us to become a new person, and the love to embrace the Second Person of God, to receive the salvation and the love, alive by deed. Through the kowtows that today we respectfully offer to Him, please help many of our brothers and sisters whose hearts still do not understand, still do not know; even though they want to, they still have not found a way to understand God, to know God, and to recognize God. However, we are the people who knew, who saw the truth; God brought us back, God guided us back, and God gave us happy days like today; may we understand what we have in this life, by the practice, in order to testify to a God who is living, who is real, so that many people may know, may hear, and for them to also come back to God as we did. Please help us not stop here but continue with more in-depth days, which is a life that must be amended; a life that must be determined to daily improve, to daily become more reformed, to daily become holier and more perfect. That is the testimony to the truth we need in order to proclaim the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ among all people, and in the life of pioneering and witnessing. Please help us to be conscious of the practices so that those practices will guide many brothers and sisters to God – close to God – to recognize that the love and the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ forever exists throughout countless generations. Trusting in Him, living with His teachings, we are already steadfast in the midst of a life filled with meanings that God has arranged for those who belong to Him, those who believe in Him, those who belong and practice His doctrine, who have already been saved in this life as well as the next.

In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, please accept the Second Kowtow and help many people to know, to recognize; may we persevere in this life, persist in our silent journey in order to advance on the path of prayer and by the ways God has given us today. May God accept, and may God forgive the world so that many people may know, may return, with earnest prayers – in the surrender, in the prostration; repenting, by the heart, by the soul, by a truly amended life, to be forgiven and accepted by God, for our journey to be with days of hope, upcoming days with good deeds, in the light of the Good News that God granted us through the Second Kowtow. We worship God, praise God, and glorify God, praying for many people to know, for many people to believe, for many people to return to the grace and the blessing of the gift of grace – through the Six Kowtows that today, we respectfully lift up, with the Second Kowtow. Amen.

O God – we lift up to the Spirit of God. O God, O Third Person of God, You are the Holy Spirit; You are within us, deep in the heart and the soul of every single person who seeks the doctrine, the truth, and the righteousness. You are the path of light, the righteousness, the truth that leads us in the midst of this lonely life; in the midst of this life, filled with arduous ordeals; in the midst of many tribulations in life; and in the midst of life with the many trials we must face and challenge ourselves. O God the Holy Spirit, there is nothing that You do not solve for us; nothing that does not become a good result when we belong to You; but what is most needed is a life of faith, a life of courage, and a life walking in the truth, living in the truth, and testifying in the truth.  Indeed, the word “truth” is very easy to say, very easy to hear, but to practice it is actually very difficult, because we live in the world, with things we face in reality, which are deceit, denial, falsehood, and many more wrongdoings influenced from the start, throughout countless generations, up to this day. It is through assuming a human condition that the Lord Jesus came here, subjected to human betrayal, rejection, and hostile point of view, in stubbornness, in indifference, which the Lord Jesus had to endure until the last moment on the Cross. Mankind, if without the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment, if without the Spirit to guide us, then we are still living in blindness, with arrogance, with mistakes that are no different than what our forefathers committed through the course of history. O God – no matter how much we knew, even though we already heard, yet with our frail condition, if we do not truly recognize the presence of the Holy Spirit, if we do not truly reach out to Him through prayer, through a reverently trusting heart, then we still stumble, still fall, still go on with days that are no different than rejecting the grace and the love of the Lord Jesus, who came and offered to humanity, through the redemption.

O God the Holy Spirit, at this time, we can no longer resist – we are weary with a world in turmoil; a world of hatred; a world obsessed with all the material possessions, with reality; a world of greed, lust; a world that is in dispute, and everything continuing in selfishness, hatred, jealousy, envy. It is becoming clearer every single day; what belongs to humanity is indeed disheartened with the truth, but what belongs to God has that certain something in the depth, the height of godliness, with good deeds that we cannot describe. Only with faith and heart can we see that happiness, that peace; the great spirituality that God has granted us in the human world.

O God, we have already wasted too much time; we have let time pass meaninglessly and in vain; we have deeply offended with the days in which we completely fail to understand, fail to know, and fail to believe. Today, we can differentiate between good and evil, between right and wrong, but we feel so sorry and also heartbroken for our brothers who remain in disbelief, remain in misery with the days of exile, with the days of passion, the days of addiction, the days allowing sensuality and all things in real life and a life with needs, to be the ruler. In today’s situation in the world, money, fame, and also position, have overwhelmed the emotion, have oppressed the heart, have burdened the conscience and the sense of right and wrong; so we have no other way to be saved, no other way to recover, no other way to continue. God, though we know that was wrong and certainly brought great destruction to the entire human race, what the human condition could not achieve, God will be able to and the Spirit of God will be able to; He just needs each one of us and just needs humanity today to open the eyes of faith; to soften a hardened, cold heart; to give up the obstinacy that has blinded us for so many years. Let us prostrate; let us come back, believe and earnestly beseech the Holy Name of each Person, which today, we already practiced and are practicing, beseeching God to show us mercy. All classes, all roles, each country, each position, each individual, each community, each organization, and all people in the world: let us come back with our own heart; let us allow the conscience and the sense of right and wrong recognize the presence.

The light of the Holy Spirit is never extinguished in our lives; we extinguish it because we do not let that light shine through our deeds and our actions, so we have lost the main focus in the truth that God has given us. Today, thanks to the Third Kowtow, we implore on behalf of our brothers; we represent the entire world, represent each sinner, represent the people whose eyes are open but do not see, do not hear, and do not know to ask for the light of the Lord to shine – to shine deep in their hearts, in their thoughts, in their spirit, in their souls; to be in that light, for them to differentiate between good and evil, recognize unrighteousness and righteousness, understand things that are good or things that are currently in the darkness – committing sin, nurturing sin, and living in iniquity. May God help us; may God allow the light of love, the light of justice, the light of truth, the light that bring salvation, to illuminate the darkness and free us, for us to return to the light.

O God the Holy Spirit, You are the path of righteousness, of truth; please help us walk on the remaining paths of life; please help us recognize in our hearts what is most needed, and for us to see the mistakes in the countless years when we missed the opportunity. In the months we feel empty, indifferent, hardened, and with many offenses, violations; when unrighteous deeds continue to dominate our lives, please help us return to righteousness, to the truth; please help us, because this lifetime, this path, if without You, then we are still immersed in the darkness, living days of despair and misery, with spiritual as well as physical affliction. Please help us because only You bring light to the world, only You lead us to God the Father; and to recognize the salvation of the Lord Jesus, in the love of the Holy Trinity, so that each one of us may be renewed in Your Spirit, for us to live with what needs to be done, what must be done, and return to the God of love and the Lord of Divine Mercy. May we worship God, bless God, and praise God, on behalf of the brothers and sisters who still do not know, still do not believe, and who never experienced this; give them the opportunity to recognize and appreciate the meaning of each kowtow that brings us the much-needed renewal in today’s world; to intervene, to change the ways that people practiced but have no way to recover, in their own iniquity, in order to end the war, to end the suffering, to end the evil battle of the people and those who live in hatred.

Please help us turn back and recognize that much-needed peace, recognize the grace of the love that God gave to humanity, and the doctrine that cannot be neglected, cannot be ignored – to become the truth and the major focal point in the life of each individual, each class, each role, each country, so that the world has beautiful days with the light and the hopeful days that we had and have, through Jesus Christ who presented us (1), through the sacrifice, by His death, in the glorious victory of the resurrection. We adore God, we praise God, and we glorify God; as for what is still not known, still not understood, still not believed, may the Holy Spirit shine and enlighten, so that all classes, all roles, have the opportunity to meet Him, to embrace Him, and to recognize the presence of the truth, the goodness, the perfection, which He granted us in the human world. Please help us in the days at the end, so that we may return to righteousness, return to our God, with the worship that we respectfully offer to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and forever – endless, eternal, and everlasting. Amen.

The Fourth Kowtow, we offer to the Body and Blood of Christ. O God – we thank God. We are nourished by His own Body and Blood; we are nourished by the invisible Presence that Jesus left behind in the Last Supper, which today, is a sign, and also a reminder, for the spiritual life of every single individual, of every single class, of every single role; especially of every single Christian, and of every single person who belongs to God. We may not believe, or we may still be hardened, still be stubborn, but we cannot fail to recognize the truth, by the light in the power that today God has strengthened all of humanity; a mysterious, sublime sacrament, an intimate sacrament, and also a sacrament that we encounter daily, through the Holy Mass. Today, it is not just a small Host that we may receive into our hearts, but a sacrament; the Presence of God has been with us and is still with us in the divine realm, and has also become an immense, sublime Host – an entire sky filled with the light of the Eucharist (2).

O God – a small sacrament; the sacrament that we are able to receive is a small Eucharist, offered with every Holy Mass, and comes to each one of us individually. Indeed, only God as the Supreme Being is able to do this for our human world; only He has the authority; His power is boundless, endless, and mysteriously sublime: we cannot comprehend. We cannot refuse the light that comes from the Eucharist; we cannot understand how but when we receive, it seems there is a certain peace in our souls; when we truly let our hearts be a reverent heart, a devoted heart, a fervent heart, then we have perceived this happening within us. It cannot be explained, but when we quiet our souls, then this Fourth Kowtow will explain to us everything that we have been wondering about for countless generations – through countless people, and countless classes, each individual, especially those who are Christians, especially the clergy, especially our Church; possibly, in life, this is being repeated over and over in the role of each person, being repeated in the functions of the hierarchy or the Church, or even in parishioners like us still repeat it over and over. These are the regular years of life that we had and have, but God is always new, always inspiring, and always ready, because He is the mighty one, but since we are stubborn, indifferent and hardened, that has become something not experienced, nor felt, so we have become lukewarm, cold, somber. Our life seems to have become the norm and the custom, so there is no longer emotion, but the time has come – whether feeling or not, we must also look in order to understand; whether we believe or not, we also must recognize the truth. The time has come for us to no longer follow our own decision but we must recognize a God full of power, who helps and allows us to know the truth, to embrace the truth, and in the final part of history, to manifest for the world to learn about the truth that God – in mystery – has allowed us to receive today.

O God, today we boldly prostrate and lift up from the bottom of our souls and hearts, ignoring the eyes of public opinion, the eyes of opposition, the ordinary and commonplace eyes, for us to have the courage to speak the truth, because the Eucharistic Lord has manifested, and the light of the Eucharist has appeared, and we have seen the entire presence of the heavenly world in the midst of the earthly world – a multitude in the Eucharist. That light eliminates the darkness and that light is gradually coming to the world in an intimate way, in the soul of each person, when we understand and when we believe, for us to receive this truth. It is extremely sublime and divine, and a mystery that cannot be explained by words, it can only be described as an immense light that comes to the world, and the Presence of the Lord in that Eucharist stirred and urged people today, who must believe; there is no longer the opportunity to step back from what was and is that God created and God left for us on the evening of the Last Supper, with that sublime mystery; at the same time, God established a final banquet table reserved for each individual, each community, and left to the Church in order to guide His sheep, to guide all of humanity, the people who know, the people who believe – to be able to turn back, in the great power of the Lord Jesus, granted to the entire world.

It did not conclude 2,000 years ago but now is the beginning of the last days of history, in order to enter into a new world; we already know of the activity in the power of the Eucharistic Jesus; so, what needs to be known, what needs to be heard, let us carry on and continue to daily recognize His Presence. From the proof that He healed us, He is urging us, and He is giving us the opportunity to witness the extraordinary and wondrous things that happened and are happening to all of humanity; let us not rely on knowledge, on education, but we must rely on a God full of might, who already worked and performed so many great things through His Spirit. Today, people must believe, because of everything God already bestowed upon us for the days of exile in the world, but we are too indifferent and hardened, we have refused, one way or another. We continue in blindness, in obstinacy, so today’s answer is that Jesus does not remain silent for us to be free to do what we have done, out of the respect He granted us, but the time has come, and the limit has been reached. The time has come to take all of it back, which became the fact to prepare for the second coming; the Lord Jesus will come, so let everyone prepare in the present time for what is most needed in our lives. Let us return to the truth and remove unrighteousness in the mind, in the thinking, in the actions; let us choose the path of holiness and eliminate the path of evil; let us seek the light; let us not live in days of darkness with what we encountered and have. Those are things we satisfy in the human body that cause us to lose a great deal regarding our souls and what is noblest for which the Lord Jesus died on our behalf, for us to enjoy, until this day, and forever in the heavenly kingdom.

It is not everything that we hear but what we realize that God has given, for us to recognize that in the final hour, we cannot deny what is granted to us from God. With faith, through the history and the doctrine, we must return faster and eliminate sooner all the unrighteousness, the sin that we are burdened with, and we must repent in order to be ready, because when the Lord comes, we no longer have the opportunity. Before He comes, He already let us see the events foretold through the Gospel and the Good News; the divine and wondrous signs have appeared, the urging and the strengthening of the life of faith by the Eucharist, in which the Lord Jesus still remains and is Present, to enable us to understand the connection 2,000 years ago – He still rules the world and bestows upon the world His love. The time has come, the love that God offered us is the light; the light will be allowed to return to the light, and the darkness will be destroyed in the light. That is the most important thing that needs to be known, that needs to be explicitly grasped, and that needs to be clearly understood; in life, with the frail and sinful condition, if we do not return, if we do not receive the graces bestowed and we do not believe, then we lose many great opportunities. Today, we must absolutely know, we must definitely return, and we must decisively act from the conscience; from the sense of right and wrong; from mind, soul, as well as heart, to turn around and surrender. We have allowed evil to rule and we already spent too much of our time in greed, in selfishness, in addiction, in wickedness, and in hatred.

We have lost too much time; the Lord Jesus came to save us, but we still do not understand, still err, and still refuse; it is time for us to understand that the power of God is fulfilled and we ought to simply obey and return; if we continue to persist, we will suffer the consequences. If we remain in the darkness, when the light comes, the darkness will be annihilated and completely destroyed in the light; when the light comes, for what does not belong to the light, we must suffer the consequences of the darkness, when we do not listen to the reminders – things that today, we bow to respectfully offer with the Fourth Kowtow. The important value of this day urges us; each time we receive the Body and Blood of Christ, let us recognize the absolutely sublime love that God offered, to help us and to give us the days in which He grants us the freedom to decide. But today, we can no longer be mistaken; we cannot, from fostering sin with sin, we receive God disrespectfully and we force the Lord Jesus to suffer the stench of sin, deliberately as well as unintentionally. The day has come for all things to be accomplished, and the day has also come for us to grow, to mature, and to clearly understand; let us not offend God anymore, because the more we offend God then the more we must accept the woes that justice demands upon each sinner and each one of us.

These are not words to scare us, but we must know the truth, return to the truth, and embrace the truth, because God is the Lord; we cannot go on with days in blindness, darkness, shortsightedness and offenses, but we must face justice. God came and reminded all of humanity; the light has appeared, and wondrous signs have been given; these are the things that we most need, in order to return, with repentance, in remorse, by the prostration and the surrender, to ask for God’s love and forgiveness, for us to renew our lives by the bringing, by the prostration, and by a reverent heart dedicated to the Eucharistic Jesus. It is not just what we have, but God will pour graces and grants us to understand His love, and to recognize the waiting He has extended to us throughout countless generations. The ending day is coming soon, the day of conclusion is coming soon, and the day of the final part of history is coming; anyone who has ears then hear, has eyes then see, and hearts then feel, in order to decide for one’s own soul. In the Holy Name of the Lord our God, through the Eucharist, I thank God, praise God, and glorify God. May more people know, hear and practice what we respectfully offer today with the Fourth Kowtow, full of meaning, which every single person needs to learn and needs to decide for one’s own personal life. Amen.

The Fifth Kowtow, we reverently offer to the Five Holy Wounds of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God. O God – we already prostrated to honor God with the Second Kowtow, lifted up to the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ (3) who brought salvation and resurrection in triumphant glory. Those Five Holy Wounds are still hidden in the soul and deep in the heart with the absolute love that God has for every single creation of His. Today, if we do not understand the meaning of the Five Holy Wounds, then we are still living in blindness, shallowness, with what is known – indifferent, ordinary and trivial – things we only understand with the simple narrative that we were able to write and record. This meaning must be known and understood; when we prostrate and surrender with the Five Holy Wounds, what is the meaning for sinners? What is the meaning for each person? What is the meaning for each person, in the betrayal and in a life that is simply superficial, and so many more things that were and still are offensive to God?

O Jesus – the Five Holy Wounds are the victory over death and the concealed presence of an entire heavenly kingdom. God never leaves the world and never abandons each person whom He created, but we have ruined ourselves, we have not respected ourselves, we have allowed the opening of greed; of selfishness; of a superficial, earthly life; and of iniquity – just like the multitude in the world of the past era, between sin and death. We have been completely blind and oblivious as well as disbelieving, so we still remain in the years with days in which we are deeply mistaken, extremely offensive. We completely do not know, do not understand, and also do not believe, so we foolishly follow superstitious sects and become fanatics, under the control of a god that is not the true God of our humanity, but a false god created by man himself, to worship. That is the idol of falsehood with the appearance; it dispersed our life of faith; it has caused us to be indifferent and to not understand the meaning of the Five Holy Wounds and the sublime presence that God grants to the human world. What He bestows, He never takes back, the deeds that He does are full of meaning, and the purpose is to save and to help people return and recognize God; but we have been completely apathetic, totally unaware, ignorant; because we are so foolish and so stubborn, just like the rigidity of our forefathers, who erroneously killed and murdered the righteous people.

Today is still the same; there are still people similar to scribes, Pharisees, dressed for the appearances, but the soul is cruel, still with extreme narrow-mindedness, rejecting what comes from God. The time has come, the day has come; we cannot overcome what belongs to the divine realm in the power of God; we cannot prevail with what is human reasoning but we must recognize the divine power. God allows for that to still be manifested; it is time for us to see that power for us to bow to; we must fully fear, and must completely surrender and prostrate to God; there is no other way but to return, because the righteous people have beseeched; the blood of the prophets and the messengers has also been shed because of the foolishness, the immaturity, and the stubbornness of mankind. Today is the same: the prophets and the messengers are also being suppressed, also due to human reasoning, also due to arguments based on books, based on fact, based on authority, based on all the knowledge that limits the Lord in His power, by disbelief and rejection.

It is time for the knowledge and education, which we rely on in order to retain a normal and ordinary life in the earthly life, to enable us to live with the conscience and morals rather than the knowledge and education to cover up the wickedness and the crime that people committed and are committing in today’s world. This is something inherent and truly a condemnation that we have seen today; all are wealthy intellectuals who do not apply and do not understand the meaning of the truth and the doctrine, so they use what is most evil; they followed ways only by theory, without any conscience and common sense, which harmed even themselves, and killed countless people in the earthly world, due to mistake and error. The Lord Jesus – He came with a unique doctrine, and He died on the Cross for only one thing; everything that this day speaks about is still only for love, and speaks of peace, of one unity. That everlasting doctrine must be believed, must be embraced, and cannot be refused; if we reject this teaching, we live in disaster, in suffering, with ongoing war and with death. The answer of over 2,000 years is there; today, we find ourselves living days of misery, days of suffering, days of war, days of plagues, affecting the soul as well as the body.

Let us open the eyes of faith to recognize what is not too difficult; let us not live with the days when we have the conscience and the morals that God has given us through His doctrine – rejecting what is most noble to yield to what is most satisfying to the flesh, for us to live years that are too shallow in the human world. We worship money, we worship fame; that was the opening and the huge mistake leading to the failure of the first world. The devil has deceived and caused our Eve and Adam to be driven out of the Garden of Eden; today, he is raging, and he continues with the days when he knows that the power of the Lord has come and the word of God is fulfilled, ending the remaining years of the end of the century. He uses all sorts of methods, and he uses sophisticated, ingenious ways, embodied by a civilized generation, to lure all classes, all roles, from the age group that start to understand, the three-, five-year-olds (4) already fell, the children of twelve-year-olds also fell; from the youngest, to the middle-aged, to the old, all classes fell into the snares with the sophisticated embodiment of this age’s modern civilization. We must pay attention to clearly understand what this day emphasizes, word by word; these things cannot be mistaken; we must clearly know that the time God has given us in the freedom – the freedom of opinion, the freedom of a person who has the right to choose and has the right to return by the heart: that the time has come, the command has come, and everything needs to be taken back, because we have greatly offended God, because we have exceedingly violated the Presence of Jesus through the Eucharist. We are committing foolish, arrogant acts; we are proceeding with the months in which we were completely ignorant and failed to recognize that that is an important meaning for which we must suffer the consequences.

God is the Lord – because He loves, He therefore gives us all first concern; because He loves He therefore chooses everything that is most appropriate to give us in the earthly world; because He has mercy for the imperfection, lowliness of humankind, He therefore looks for all kinds of ways to save us, to help us, and to bring us back to the light. He uses all sorts of ways so that we may learn and understand what is innately in wickedness, in death, and what has been committed, is being committed; but we still remain in stubborn and hardened years, still in years with only a small number of people who understand and return; as for the other two-thirds, they still go on, which is something pitiful, unfortunate, and sad for our humanity. Where did this start from? It started from people with functions and duties; it started from the human hearts that deviated; it started from the wickedness in mankind, inherent in sin and death; it started from selfishness, arrogance, pretentiousness; it started from the inherent arrogance that we still do not understand. Jesus already sacrificed for mankind in the initial age – in that haughtiness, because of that weakness, He had to endure the scourging, the tortures; He accepted death, carried the Cross, wore the Crown of Thorns, suffered insults inherent in the frail, sinful condition that mankind imposed upon the Second Person of God. We must be ashamed for all the sufferings of the Lord; He saw our sins yet He resigned Himself to endure everything for us to be sanctified and transformed in His love and doctrine; but to this day, our eyes still do not see; we have ears but still do not hear; we have a heart that has become hardened and cannot understand what comes from the truth – that God saves and helps us.

O God – our humanity has existed for thousands of years, but according to the heavenly kingdom, it is only one day, so we go on raging with the choices we are making, but according to the world of the heavenly kingdom, it is just one day or just a very short time. We have no time left, and it already has been too late for countless generations, but according to God, it is a day starting anew, so we must soon recognize and be aware of what we still suffer from; for thousands of years, we continue to live in misery when the Savior already came, His doctrine has been fulfilled, and the righteousness, the truth, revealed. The people who belong to the truth: they are still blessed, are still happy, are still enjoying the mortal, human world and also the everlasting world of the heavenly kingdom. We have been taught through the saints; their entire lives were fully consecrated and devoted; in the end, the heavenly kingdom is the main focus, for them to reach and be present. We are mortals, as we can recognize; we are capable, because the doctrine of the Lord does not contradict with human fortitude. On the contrary, His doctrine protects us, for us to live and become people who are righteous, who have a complete understanding of the earthly world in the wisdom that He grants and bestows, and which is forever granted, according to His promise to those who belong to Him and carry out what He teaches.

O God, if we do not hear the groaning of the people in purgatory; if we do not hear the wailing, lamenting of people in hell; if we do not recognize, do not know, then we dare not open our lips to say this, we dare not testify to this – the horrifying terror of the people, the wailing, shrieking, in the burning purgatory. As for the people who are in hell, they no longer have the moments for the occasion to return; they wailed dreadfully with remorse, with regretful sentiments but they no longer have the opportunity. (5) This is the evidence of the truth that the Lord Jesus, through the Five Holy Wounds, allows us to know and encounter today, to prove the power of God; as we still currently have the opportunity to choose to walk with Him, to return to Him, and to repent. These things bring forth a great power, manifesting and granting to us in the final part of history, for us to understand that the Five Holy Wounds are the presence of God the Father – He has bestowed His power and His Divine Mercy, is bestowing, and still allows us to encounter.

The Second Kowtow that we reverently offered: we can never ignore the redemption of the Lord Jesus; He delivered us and thanks to that redemption itself, the doctrine and the truth will be offered to each person and each sinner, like ourselves – that eternal, everlasting promise is never forgotten, as we embrace it, in the time to come. The Third Holy Sign, we cannot walk in this life alone, we cannot be lost when we have the Spirit of God; so the Third Holy Sign is the Holy Spirit who is performing, is still active, is still working in each person, and He always leads us to the truth, holiness, perfection. What do we understand about the truth, holiness, perfection? What do we know about the spirituality for the soul that He reminded and guided us in the truth, righteousness, justice, and doctrine? Today, we cannot deny, we strongly affirm that God has reminded and acted lively through the Sacrament of the Eucharist; we have seen with our own eyes the power through the Eucharist; He has come to us by the light, by the light veiled in the Blood of a God who is still grieved and bleeding from the indifference, the callousness, and the foolishness, the stubbornness, of the people who reject this great sacrament.

Our offenses caused Him to have to bleed; that was shown for us to see, to know. In addition to these manifestations, the Lord allowed us to see a sky with the light of the Eucharist; and in the Eucharist is concealed a multitude of angels, of active saints, and many more things in the divine realm. Each day, in the world of mankind, the suffering for the sacrilege we committed to the Sacrament of the Eucharist caused Him to have to bleed in the Eucharist – for us to hear, to know, and to see – to remind each heart of the divine, great mystery in the power that has come and has manifested to the human world, to kindle the life of faith; that reminder urges us through the Fourth Kowtow, for us today to have the opportunity to clearly understand what we need to hear, to know, regarding the final part of history. Today, we have no other hope to lean on except the Eucharistic Jesus; the Fourth Holy Sign emphasized that; the Fifth Holy Sign concludes God’s program through the Five Holy Wounds, which have become the eternal mark for the soul and the heart of each sinner, of each person who belongs to Him, and each person may return and recognize in this awareness.

The Five Holy Wounds are the presence of the heavenly kingdom among us, when we come to the Cross with a heart in prostration, in surrender, and in faith, so that the promise of God may be realized over us.  As we are the Christians, the children of the Lord, and the people who have functions and duties in the hierarchy of the Church (6), let us not continue with days relying on books that limit the power of God manifested over the laity, over each member of the clergy, and over each class, each role. When He chooses and gives them the responsibility to proclaim, to witness, and to pioneer, what is impossible is possible for God, because that is the truth; since that is true, we must listen and should not reject. Let us not rely on knowledge, education; let us not rely on things learned from functions and duties to lose countless opportunities in the miraculous power that God has given us in the mystery that He has shown to the world of humanity, through the great mystery of the Eucharist that God already manifested today.

Thus ended a program that God has given us. The most effective beseeching and what we need to learn in the daily prayer life is indeed each meaning in the kowtow that today we have the opportunity to lift up to God. That is interpreted meaningfully in the spiritual life; what is explained, we already had, through the doctrine, through the truth, from 2,000 years ago; as for the deeds that God plans and grants us in the final part of history, let us seek to turn back, let us practice, and let us call upon the Lord’s Name for us to be strengthened. The people who belong to Him; the signs and the marks shine through our practices today, each time we honor Him, by the life in which we represent our brothers and sisters – in the surrender, in the prostration, and in calling upon the Name of the Lord, in the earnest prayer life that we respectfully offer to God today.

We know that this does not end; that each day is like a page that continues to be written with the messages of the Lord Jesus through the Sacrament of the Eucharist, which today we are reporting – it is not just a message; not only by deed and the divine wonder, but God has manifested to us, by the events of the final part of today’s history, for us not to doubt. We cannot deny those things, rejecting, claiming them to be ungodly things or of demonic places, or evil; the devil can do that but he cannot come to God (7), he cannot bear to daily prostrate, he cannot tell people to return to righteousness, he cannot recognize the sublime mysteries, and he cannot represent the light of the Eucharist. We have ears to hear, eyes to see, and hearts to feel what comes from God, in order to come back, through the help and the urging that today the Holy Spirit wants us to know and to perceive. Let us not fear, not doubt, but we must practice what is required in the Christian life, and for each one of us to know, to hear, through the doctrine and the righteousness of the truth, which today we daily practice – each individual, each class. We thank God; this is the Fifth Kowtow we received from the Holy Spirit’s inspiration, to urge and help us understand more clearly what we have done and are doing; we worship, adore, praise, and glorify the Lord our God, now and forever. Amen.

The Sixth Kowtow we offer to the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary, the Mother of the Divine Mercy, the Mother of the Eucharist, the Mother of the Heart of Love, the Mother of the Second Person of God, the Mother of the Church, the Mother of each one of us, the Mother of all humanity, the Mother of each sinner, and the Mother of each soul in purgatory. O Mother Mary – please accept our gratitude, our appreciation, and our devotion to You through the Sixth Kowtow; thank You, Mother, for the love given to us, teaching us to understand God the Father’s love, and leading us to prostrate in front of His holy face, in spirit, with faith, which we are practicing. Thank You, Mother, for guiding us to Jesus, who became the ransom sacrifice and the Lamb of God from whom today we receive redemption. Thank You, Mother, for leading us to the Holy Spirit and the Fire, to be rekindled for today’s world, in all classes, in all roles.

Thanks to Mother, we understand what needs to be done, with an eager urgency, to be offered to God through each meaningful kowtow that today we would not know about without Mother; each of the meanings that today people have forgotten and neglected from the beginning, with the Presence of Jesus through the Eucharist; Mother has stood in us for countless centuries, by His side, when mankind abandoned the Second Person of God in the Eucharist. People disrespect in their duties, and their life of ministry has become a habit that caused God sorrow and grief when they only perform out of duty and responsibility, while the heart is indifferent and lukewarm. That is the utmost grief that caused God to have to bleed, for people to be aware; and so many times there have been miracles in the world, which cannot be denied, also to remind us, who are today’s faithful. The people who have offended the Eucharist: they are God’s children but they sell the Eucharist of Christ (8); there are ways to desecrate and so many sacrileges in the darkness; how pitiful, how regrettable, and how unfortunate for those souls.

O God – such an ultimate sacrilege, yet God does not use ways in power to counter us, but Mother is grieving, shedding tears, and the tears of blood are poured down because of the indifference, the betrayal, and the denial, in the disrespect towards God, through the Eucharist. O Mother Mary – the Mother of the Divine Mercy – Mother is a gentle Person, a silent Person, who endured everything since Mother was still on earth; Mother agreed to walk with the Lord Jesus on the phases of the road, from the time He was born and began to grow up as well as mature. The Passion that Mother saw and witnessed – the bitterness, the pain – the Heart of Mother was as if broken yet not a word of blame, not a word of complaint, for the Holy Will of God the Father to be accomplished in Mother’s life. With the days Mother was still on earth, one of the last words that Jesus pronounced was for Mother to completely bring into being one Church; Mother was the silent Person who counseled the holy Apostles, and Mother’s life of practice was perfectly protected, in all aspects. Mother became the Queen of heaven, by God the Holy Spirit who fully overshadowed the actions and gestures, to become the Person whom today, She has seen the strong presence; if we do not have the Holy Spirit, there is no way for us to become perfect or holy, so Mother taught us, for us to clearly know and understand the meaning of the presence of the heavenly kingdom, through the Five Holy Wounds.

O Mother Mary – it is a mystery revealed this day to the world of humanity, which we cannot fail to understand, to know, and to believe; so much learning, receiving from the doctrine and the truth – the nourishment for the soul with the days of exile in the world. There is a new and final stage that God gave and bestowed through Mother Mary who is a Person who has been silent throughout countless centuries; every deed Mother does is to honor and glorify God; today, there is no way that mankind can do and understand; even if we are the people who knew, who know. There are also the elders who were fully aware of all deeds in life in order to testify to the Good News, and to testify to a life in which people need to return to the salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ, for us to understand the sublimity, the infinite love, with the Divine Mercy that God granted through the Holy Trinity. Today is the conclusion of the final history book and continues with a new generation, which God prepares for a new world that is to be given to His own children. We cannot tolerate the current disarray of each country, of each nation, in hatred, looking for all kinds of ways to kill each other; feuding over materials, money, role and duty, and also desire, greed, selfishness, jealousy, revenge, and still many more offenses in unrighteousness – frightening and repulsive – that sin creates. If we do not believe in the Lord Jesus, then how can we wash away these sins? Today, we not just disbelieve but we also worship idols, for idols to rule – and we become people who no longer have a conscience and a sense of right and wrong; we become hysterical, we become the people who do not understand what comes from the truth, from righteousness, as well as from the doctrine and from justice.

O Mother Mary – Mother has seen everything throughout countless generations and countless centuries; our humanity still remains in confusion, and still remains in the narrow-mindedness of each person, in all classes, all roles. The nations that follow the religious ideologies become fanatical and today have killed their own brothers, harmed innocent people, murdered children. People nowadays cannot follow that way if they are the people who have the doctrine and the truth; only the devil uses horrific, repugnant ways, without conscience and a sense of right and wrong – and in its own insanity, in its own fanaticism, and in its own superstition, become ways that are barbaric, vile, and cause the entire world today to have no true peace. This is the answer for people like us, but who rejected God’s doctrine; the answer for each person, each class, each country that does not know, does not believe, and absolutely does not understand that it is God Himself who has bestowed and given us an everlasting, eternal doctrine, with days full of meaning in the earthly world. Today, for the decisions that we made, the answer is provided by what we have seen, which is the response to our choices, in freedom, in civilization, in sophistication, and in cleverness, which has brought about a great success for the human world based upon the civilized life of this age, but the heart and the life of the soul, the depth of the conscience and morals seem to have disappeared. What remains are only things in reality that simply nourish the body, which then will decay and will soon be gone because it belongs to dust. What about the soul then? The soul will never die and where will it end up forever?

Since we have a mind, who are still in the flesh, and still have a path to choose, between right and wrong, between good and evil, today, every single person is called. Mother does not teach us anything too difficult, Mother does not teach what we cannot do; Mother can see our efforts on the path toward holiness – indeed, are still very weak. We cannot easily overcome the snares that today are arrayed densely, because the nature of those snares is to lure from the sophistication and ingenuity of civilization, so we have fallen; all classes, all roles, and each country – we no longer think of love, we no longer understand what charity is, what sacrifice is; we seem to know but that understanding requires humility. It is the day and the time; Jesus can no longer be ignored by us; the indifference and callousness do not end there but continue with the offenses and many more sacrileges in the disrespect toward God. There are many more imperfections that all of us – each individual and even the people with functions and duties, in their hearts, in their thoughts – still have; so many sins that God Himself had to come, to smell the stench of sin that the Eucharistic Jesus had to endure throughout countless centuries.

He is the Lord, He is not an ordinary and commonplace person as we are; His promises will definitely be fulfilled. He does not leave when the Eucharist becomes His Body and Blood through the priest’s consecration, so He still remains there because He is the Lord who promised and stayed. He continues to suffer with us in every way; we do not understand the stench that causes Him to agonize in pain, because of the indifference and coldness of the Catholics, of the Christians, ordinary and commonplace people, let alone sinners, how much that hurts Him. Those are the wrongdoings for which Mother Mary has cried with the world of humanity; Mother Mary has shed tears of blood because of humanity; Mother Mary has seen the offense of humankind. What is the consequence of that offense for Mother to come to the world by tears of blood? Mother has looked for all kinds of ways to come, from these nations to other nations, to remind and guide us back to the world He has given us. Mother mourned for those who offended, unintentionally as well as deliberately; Mother mourned for the people who have duties, responsibilities, but do not understand the meaning.

Generally speaking, today human faith cannot achieve what is in the doctrine that God has given and bestowed; but the day has come, the day has come for everything that God wants to see in the soul, in the heart, with the repentance, with the surrender, with the prostration; then He will fully forgive all and spare all in the ending days of history, because we no longer have the time to keep going, because this world cannot go on with days offending God. The hour and the day have also come for God to take back everything; He wants only what belongs to Him and the world that belongs to Him is a world with the sheep of God, who are His own people. When they understand, they know, and they return to God with a sincere heart; all the help given today is through the very teachings Mother taught us; we have no way to perform it, no way to understand it, and no forceful way to overcome the snares that we face in the midst of today’s world of humanity. Instead of holding a flag, sitting on the horse of victory, let us stand up, because today, we have exceedingly offended God; we cannot continue to be arrogant according to the way of humans; we must rely on the flag of victory. That flag does not come from us but is the flag given back to us by Mother Mary; however, before we can walk with Mother, before we can do this, we must prostrate and surrender to God first. It is only when we truly repent that we are worthy to walk with Mother, worthy of joining the army of Blessed Mother, because Mother is the Queen of heaven, the Immaculate Heart; Her virtue will win the battle in the final ending of history, which we already knew and heard by the words God the Father said to the serpent of old.

This has not yet been revealed, but today is revealed, with days for us to be aware, for the world to be prepared, for the day we need to decide; if we walk with Mother, if we rely on Mother, then we must definitely follow this practice, because this is a practice that helps us in the life of the flesh, to lessen the foolishness, the arrogance, and helps us learn how to be humble, how to become small, how to pray, and recognize what a reverent heart owes to God, and also understand how to entrust and be fully aware of what is in our lives today. Simply learn to obey Mother, for us to come to God, to be close to God, to encounter God, and to receive the light that we will depend on. With the agonizing months of a world torn between good and evil, fighting a violent and fierce battle, in today’s world of mankind, the darkness is seeking to snatch each of our souls, while the light of the Lord pours down abundant graces; the Person representing that light is the Eucharistic Jesus Himself; by the side of the Eucharistic Jesus is the Queen of heaven, full of authority, yet Mother is very humble, guiding us into a righteous life in order to fully save us in the world of humanity.

Today, no matter what happened, and is happening, let us quiet down our souls and each person individually seek to come to the Sacrament of the Eucharist. Let us listen to Mother’s teaching and prostrate; with every single meaning of the kowtow, we will definitely receive the assistance of the Holy Spirit and clearly understand our lives, by divine help, with the grace and the blessing that we receive in today’s world. Today, there are many things concerning Mother’s presence throughout countless centuries; the time has also come for the conclusion of the Fatima message that we have heard. What will happen, especially in the 100th anniversary of Mother coming to the world to remind people to repent; to remind people to amend their lives; to remind people to pray the Rosary; to remind people to come to Mother, to the Immaculate Heart of Mother? (9) That Heart will conquer the world of humanity. Because of evil deeds committed, because of the practices that, today, make it absolutely necessary for people return to God – through holy deeds, with the virtue of Mother and all that belongs to Mother, God will definitely intervene and help save the world of humanity. This is also an opportunity for us to repay and repair for the sacrileges committed against God through the Sacrament of the Eucharist. So many deeds that the Lord Jesus did and accomplished, and even remaining with us, because of loving us, because of supporting us … but we are the people who continue to remain hardened, to deny. Today, Mother does not teach us to do things that are too difficult, Mother does not teach us to turn around to face all scientific and technical weapons, but Mother reminds us that if the world continues in this way, then there will no longer be a conciliation between men, who will end up in conflict with each other, and with the destruction of a third war, there will be no one left on this earth.

So, today Mother comes to help save us; if we want peace, if we truly want to have the days for us to still be alive and still remain with a new world, then let us listen to Mother; this prostration will become the final victory; it is also a significant number that we cannot understand if the revelation does not allow us yet to hear and to be clear. This final number is also a raging figure and a number that has ruled the economic life in today’s world; and all the force of the darkness has clothed itself in human flesh; it is manifesting and it is raging in order to expand all over the world; it wants to become sovereign and captivating, with the people who are greedy, selfish, with a life in today’s world of authoritarian dictatorship. It does not think of the soul; it thinks it will win, but it forgets about the silent Queen of heaven; the Queen of heaven to whom God the Father already promised the final day of history; a Queen to whom the serpent must bow, and must bite the heel of the Descendant and of that Woman. The authority has been realized through a silent Queen, who today manifests the Holy Name of the Lord to the world of mankind; all the deeds Mother does serve to glorify God, to honor God; that power has become the truth. Today, Mother reminds the entire world; for those of us who have functions and duties; let us not live our own lives but fulfill our duties in responsibility; let us recognize what is coming from the truth and follow what comes from the doctrine and righteousness, which will continue to exist, and if not belonging to the doctrine, to righteousness, and continuing in the ego, in arrogance, then that will be destroyed, one way or another.

Today, there are so many important things; we should not doubt the little things that we are doing silently yet kindle the conscience and urge each one of us; because this is the work from the mysterious revelation that Mother has given to today’s world of humanity, to be kindled and roused, by what we hear, by what we see, by the very power of the Eucharistic Jesus. Today, we have the Eucharistic Jesus and what is taught from Mother Mary Herself, and when practiced in the human world, by the Christians, by the people who recognize, and by the people who return with a contrite heart, surrendering, prostrating, then they will be saved. It is precisely that; we already received the mark that the Five Holy Wounds exchanged and that is brightened with a life in which we recognize God and come to God. When the world in the remaining days undergoes tribulations, then the sun will disappear; everything in the midst of the world will exist by the light; whoever has the mark, and when we belong to God through the Six Kowtows that today we already have and are practicing, that light will be perceived within us, and whichever situation we are in, God will save us. That is a marvelous, sublime mystery in the world and becomes a fantasy that people cannot believe but can be trusted and explained, through the power of the Eucharistic Jesus who already granted and bestowed.

This is something very clear; it is Mother Mary Herself who reminds us; do not be hardened and persist in the way of humans but follow today’s path. Let us return soon in order to unite with each other, all classes, all roles, by the earnest beseeching to God, for us to be nourished by the light that was present and was blurred in our lives, in faith and in deed; for us to be restored and sanctified through the Spirit of God, and also for us to be saved. In the remaining days and the final days of history, we will see the power of God, through the Eucharist; when the light comes, the darkness will be destroyed and will no longer be on earth; the people who belong to the light, if God allows us, we will enter into a new world. Mother Mary will lead us onto the last boat of destiny of history; that boat will guide us back to the Promised Land, and that boat will lead us to the Garden of Eden that today, God prepares to open, to prepare for a new world, which God already blessed, and God already allowed us to become His own people.

Today, what is heard, what is received, is not from a human source but the inspiration from the Spirit of the Lord urging; and I am able to complete, along with the brothers and sisters. Through the revelation of the Six Kowtows; in the spirit of those Six Kowtows, we pray, also on everyone’s behalf, to ask for Mother Mary to continue to lead us and teach us in life, to learn from Mother the silent humility in order for our lives to continue to be strengthened with what is lacking, with what is known, was known, and still not known, so that we clearly understand that we have only one way, which is to invoke the Name of God, to believe in God, and to return to God, to live the remaining days through the protection and the sheltering. With the practice that Mother will lead us back to God, today, please help us understand virtue, understand the return; to resolutely eliminate unrighteousness, abolish wickedness; to trust in the Lord; to accept the Way of the Cross that Jesus walked and wants us to continue on that path. He will support, will not let it be too heavy when we cannot; regarding the diseases, we also trust, because each person remains in the providence that God has arranged. Let us believe and come back; let us be eager to clearly understand the meaning that today the grace and the blessing of the Six Kowtows will definitely bring us the rays of light and the last hope that we have and receive in today’s world of mankind.

Let us reach out to each other, let us help each other, let us testify to things that are true, and let us come together in unity to prostrate to and adore the one and only God we worship: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We have Mother Mary who supports us, and the entire world of the heavenly kingdom that protects us, shelters us, and helps us, to lead us and strengthen us, through the angels, the saints – today, we can actually contemplate: they have appeared and are helping the human world. Today, in the Holy Name of the Lord, I thank God, bless God, and praise God; I thank Mother Mary for giving us the Six Kowtows so that we may understand more and more each day, and be more enlightened with what is inherent in life that we need to learn, to receive the grace and the blessing through the great favors that God granted to the world of humanity, through Mother Mary. Amen.

Through the Six Kowtows, we must affirm that those are the graces for which today we must offer words of thanksgiving. Thank you, St. Joseph; it is you whom God has chosen since Jesus came into the world, and it was you who represented our human race to serve and take care of Jesus while He was in the world in the early days. Today, in the heavenly kingdom, for every word we pray and lift up to St. Joseph, no one returns empty-handed – this is the authority that God granted to St. Joseph. He is also supporting us and interceding with God for the Church to continue with the days in which the representatives in the hierarchy of the Church may learn from St. Joseph – learning from him integrity, justice, and a life belonging to God, which was exemplary; in the family life as well as in the life of ministry, St. Joseph is an example for all. This has been done in the world; the Church has chosen St. Joseph as the patron saint; St. Joseph, please accept our prayers through the Six Kowtows so that we may see the presence of the saints who are supporting and helping us in the divine realm, through prayers.

I also thank the three archangels and all the other archangels, especially the angel Michael; he holds the balance of justice. Today, there are many parishioners praying like us; he has appeared, he has assisted, and he has destroyed all the evil spirits that surround us, because our human eyes do not see but he sees – he knows their snares; please continue to support us, help us, and protect us, so that we may belong to God. Protect our Church from the attacks, from being harmed by all the people who are weak and cause division to our Church, for our Church to continue to exist; especially for today’s leader, Pope Francis, along with the cardinals, the bishops, the priests, to be united in one heart, to lead the world into the doctrine and the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ, in His salvation; to return to the everlasting, eternal doctrine of the Triune God, and leading the world into a true state of peace that our humanity and all classes are yearning for. Please grant them wisdom, enlightenment, and the support of the angels, the archangels, and the guardian angels, to help our Church so that our Church may continue to be guided in order to lead the lost sheep back; and for each one of us today in every religion to be united because there is only one God: the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, who now and ever shall be, world without end.

We ask the guardian angels who have been with us, and have been with each one of us, to please guide and protect us; it is time for them to work a mystery; then at the last moments, we see their real presence – they came by the light. Please strengthen our faith so that we may receive your help for us to be faithful and to persevere in the days of endurance, until the end of our lives, with God and in God’s grace. We thank the saints who have gone through the course of history, with the sufferings they endured, with the miseries, with the misunderstandings in regard to the people who do not live in the truth, but destroy what comes from the truth, through the messengers and prophets. God gives the freedom to choose; it is time for us to follow the saints’examples; it is also time for God to not let us be persecuted in the past like the saints; today, God must have victory, righteousness, with the truth. In this final battle, we conquer not by the sword, not by weapon, but we triumph in virtuousness, triumph in truth, triumph in righteousness, because no one can gain, no one can accomplish, and no one can exist, if not by righteousness.

Today, the saints who have gone through the course of history help us move forward on the path we face. Today, in the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, through the power of the Eucharistic Jesus, and through the help of Mother Mary, we definitely must stand up and fully surrender to God as our Lord. This day is in the final time that the angels, the saints – and especially the saints – need to pray for us so that we may realize this; pray for us to be able to go everywhere, to do what is most needed to remind people of moral sense and ethics, and a life in surrender, in prostration, for us to reverently honor God in every church. We also testify that the Lord Jesus has come through the Sacrament of the Eucharist and the intervention of Blessed Mother, which was present and is present, through the kowtows we are practicing. Things are not defined, are not visible to the ordinary eye when people do not have faith; but when we believe, and we affirm, and practice, then those things come and appear to each individual, each class, each role, for us to pioneer and testify to this truth. That is something that is true; the power of God has come and given us a great assurance in the world of humanity, for us to receive the gift of grace – the Six Kowtows – through which Mother Mary assures to lead us to the Promised Land (10).

These are the things we need to hear, in order to decide; whether we decide or not – that is up to each person. Let us return to God with heart; let us return to God, spiritually as well as physically; let us return to God by surrendering, by prostrating; let us return to God with a repentant, contrite heart, in order to be forgiven, for us to understand the meaning of the Divine Mercy. The Divine Mercy will help us receive the water of rebirth and the salvation, in the grace that God has given us in reformation, completeness, and becoming holy. These are the prayers that today we reverently lift up to God, thanking God through the gift that God has given us so that today, with the Six Kowtows, we feel very close to heaven. Things that are impossible yet for God are all possible; so the souls in purgatory can also speak up to say what is needed in order to turn back to Him, and in heartfelt remorse, in heartfelt repentance, God takes pity on them. At the same time, the voices of the angels, of the saints also come to the world, by testifying, reminding mankind to rise; and there are many divine and wondrous signs that have appeared in today’s time. The teaching of the Six Kowtows has brought us the recognition that, besides this way, mankind has no other way; therefore, we must surrender and prostrate, repent and return to God, to prepare for the day Jesus will return for the second time. Before He comes, we must go through the purification; if we still exist then we will come to a new world, led by Mother, when we perform and believe; but if we persist, then we will face what is to come – that is when the light comes; then the darkness will be destroyed. We need to plan whether to be able to have the light or not; whether to be able to return in time or not; and we need to aim for the path upon which to make our choices; in all classes, all roles, and the world, especially with today’s heavenly revelation.

The love of God still awaits; the Divine Mercy of God still embraces us; that water of rebirth is still available, but have we decided whether to return or not? Have we decided whether to practice or not? Have we decided whether to encounter or not? And have we decided whether in holiness or not, to eliminate the present iniquity and the unrighteousness in each person’s daily life? Let us eliminate what the doctrine has taught to be worthy through the price of the Blood of Jesus who sacrificed and substituted for us, through the glorious resurrection of the third week [of Easter] that are celebrating. Let us not allow the passage of time be meaningless, but recover what has been lost; we ask for the grace of God through Mother Mary Herself, the teaching of Mother, so that we may encounter God, return to God, and be worthy to receive the forgiveness with the last days of the end of history. In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our Lord, the God we worship, the only God to whom today we surrender, prostrate – and the entire world of heaven that today we honor, revere, thank, by deed; by action; by heart; by the surrender, the prostration; and by the practices that we perform, on behalf of our brothers, everywhere – the people who still do not know, who still do not believe. The kowtows we offer on behalf of the souls in purgatory, the souls that are wailing and waiting: this is the last favor we receive in the Holy Name of the Lord, our God, whom we honor and worship – now and forever, everlasting.

I thank Mother Mary, the Mother of the Divine Mercy – especially this year, the 100th year of Our Lady of Fatima; we prepare for countless people to come to ask for Mother’s help. This is the gift that Mother offers us; in the days that we received and are receiving; moving forward, this revelation does not end; there are still many things we need to know, to hear, and to be determined in order to return to God and Mother so that we may enter the Promised Land; and we long for each one of us and the world, to be renewed and soon have peace. In the Holy Name of the Lord our God, L. just completed at 11:22 a.m., on Wednesday, May 3, 2017, at St. Theresa Church, in front of the sanctuary, in front of the Cross, the holy statue of the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, the image of the Divine Mercy, which is also the place of the revelation of the Six Kowtows. After every single Mass, every single time, L., together with all the brothers and sisters, lift up on behalf of the brothers all over the world, especially for the parishes, and in particular for the chosen people, and the people who still do not know. Since we first received this revelation, on their behalf, L., along with all the brothers and sisters, respectfully offer to God. One more time, I thank God, I thank the Holy Spirit, and I thank Blessed Mother. Amen. Amen. Amen.


The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. L. leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. L. receives messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone. When Jesus gives L. messages it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of  


  1. “Presented us” would be in the sense of presenting us to God the Father to receive the gift of redemption.
  2. This refers to the multitude of miraculous images of the Eucharist that L. is able to capture on her cell phone. “Light of the Eucharist,” etc. in these messages always mean these images. Two paragraphs later, it speaks of heaven itself being seen inside some of these miraculous images of the Eucharist.
  3. That is, lifted up to God the Son in the previous, Second Kowtow
  4. The key word here is “start to understand,” because they have not yet reached the Age of Reason that the Church holds to generally occur at basically the age of seven. Unfortunately, though, today children of the ages of even two and three are being tragically corrupted by technology, media, parents that do not know how to parent and/or who are absent – even sexualization and violence.
  5. L., though the word “we” is being used more and more (this always refers only to her insofar as the supernatural gifts are concerned, not L.’s group of close friends/associates), has heard the horrible sounds coming from the mouths of the souls in purgatory and in hell.
  6. Before this (6) in the text are three groups of people; some overlap and some do not despite the simple language of “we” being used.
  7. The devil is with “ungodly things or of demonic places, or evil,” but he could not tell people to come back to God, to come to the Eucharist, to prostrate themselves (“kowtow”) before God (and Mary), and would not and could not produce messages of such holiness as these, etc. (See Matthew 12:26.)
  8. People who steal consecrated Hosts by not consuming them after receiving them, and selling the Hosts afterward to Satanists
  9. On October 13, another great miracle of the sun occurred in Nigeria after the bishops of Nigeria reconsecrated their country to the Immaculate Heart of Mary; this one, too, reportedly occurred after a heavy downpour, and the reported 53 bishops, over 1,000 priests, 2,000 religious, and over 50,000 people present witnessed it. The website of the Nigerian Bishops’ Conference immediately acknowledged it as being real.
  10. This is conditional, depending on God’s will; many will be called into this Era of Peace, but others will not; for example, those who will be martyred or otherwise die beforehand.


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