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The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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          Our Lady of Fatima's Visit



June 11, 2017 – Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through L.

L.: O God, it is 3:52 p.m., on Sunday, June 11, 2017, at home.  First, I thank God; the past days, God allowed us to attend the Blessed Sacrament Days conference (1) at the Benedictine Monastery, also called Thien Tam Monastery. This is also the day the Pilgrim Statue of Mother Mary came to Thien Tam Monastery, where we stayed on Friday and Saturday. In particular, the subject the priests preached on was honoring the Pilgrim Statue of Mother Mary visiting the conference, which we just attended and came back from. Thank God for blessing of this conference, for all things accomplished; all of us, brothers and sisters, rejoiced in the delight of attending the conference; each person returned home in good spirits; nothing unfortunate happened and everything was agreeable. However, only one thing in particular for us who continue on the path of testimony for the Six Kowtows: we encountered difficulties due to the brothers and sisters who did not know and also due to the people who opposed our works of distributing the CDs [of messages] to those attending the conference. I lift everything up to God because our path of testimony certainly will face challenges.

Still, everything ends up fine and has very good results; thank God for allowing us to return home safe.  At this place, the very serene atmosphere belongs to a world that God already granted me in the past months, and also grants us in the moments that belong to God. In the silence, removed from the world of humanity, withdrawing to have the moments to be more focused in prayer, to be more peaceful, we feel the force in the Spirit that God granted us. God also visited us through His Eucharist; He came to me in particular in the last few minutes before we started to respectfully offer the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy – this is something we cannot deny: the Presence in the divine blessing God grants and bestows. The Eucharistic Jesus is very close; He looks for His children who were given that light. To the children He chooses, He brings His voice, and with permission for us to become the little instruments when He visits, for us to say what He wants us to say, to do what He wants us to do, and to pray on behalf of the brothers and sisters. (2) With needs in a spiritual life that are still greatly lacking in general in today’s world, God understands our situation and God knows about the anxieties, the worries, the troubles of the human world, especially in regard to the Christians, and in particular in regard to His children in the clergy. There still are many people whom God loves and looks for all kinds of ways for His children to receive His blessing, to receive His grace, to continue on the path; having God, with God, and to always be sheltered by His love and His Divine Mercy.

Today, the Church celebrates the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity. Indeed, it is a very solemn Mass, and especially in the past days, the Gospel also reminded of the time of the Old Testament. The First Reading as well as the Second Reading talked about the great authority of God the Father in the past days, since we started the conference. Furthermore, today we are also reminded about God communicating with Moses, who was aware and knew about his condition when he met God; he bowed and he also prostrated to worship God, to remind the descendants today that everything needed is within ourselves, inside of our souls (3). Our gestures, our actions also show that we belong to God, with our weak condition, for God to have mercy, so that He will accept, and He will see what is in our condition, our state, for us to be worthy of the roles that we respectfully lift up to the Lord, our God – the King of the universe, the Father of humanity, full of supreme authority.

People cannot proceed against the course of history, people cannot act against what is considered to be ethical, people cannot go on with what is wrong, and people cannot by themselves decide upon what is essential in this day that we have known, have seen, and have heard. To truly differentiate clearly, it is time for people to stand up, to rise, and to completely remove what does not belong to God, to abolish what does not belong to the way and the doctrine of God. Let us recognize the almighty power of God, the supreme authority of God, the glory of God, and the majesty of the Supreme God that in the past days was reminded through the Holy Masses that we attended. As we entered into the central point of the grand Opening Mass that talked about the day of honoring the Presence; Our Lady of Fatima’s visit is also the day that the Benedictine Monastery celebrated the day of venerating the Pilgrim Statue of Mother Mary. Our Lady of Fatima’s visit in the days we were present at the conference was a program that was not by coincidence; we could see that it was our Mother who came to visit; a Mother whose entire life was spent in silence.

Today, the matters that related and pertain to the six messages that Mother came 100 years ago to remind her children: 100 years later, by action, by practice, all deeds in life that end up in history showed that God the Father predestined, planned His decision; and from the time of His decision, the Lord Jesus came. An era has gone by; today, this is being reminded, in particular at the end of the celebration as we attended the closing Mass, which is also exactly on the day of the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity. This is something for mankind to recognize that it is not by coincidence, but that there are many things in the planned, arranged program, in time, in space; and the decision according to the holy will of the Lord is for us to see that our heavenly family has God the Father, has Jesus, has the Holy Spirit, has Blessed Mother, and has the angels, the saints – a multitude. There is also the Presence of the Eucharistic Jesus, for which we came to attend the celebration of the Blessed Sacrament Days that at the same time prompted in us the reverence for the dwelling of the Lord Jesus who is still Present through the Sacrament of the Eucharist. As we continue the program of what we need to do, what we need to know, and in particular regarding the messages through the Six Kowtows, it seems to be a very close world of which God has opened the door for us to recognize the resonating voice of heaven that the Lord Jesus Himself brought by His own Presence. Today, in the divine realm, it resonates, to remind us that we must recognize, must trust, must surrender, and must return by a heart – a contrite heart, a repentant heart, a heart recognizing truth, justice, and a heart returning to one’s own Father.

People must return to their own roots, people must return with the inherent truth; we cannot continue to do wrong, we cannot continue to err, we cannot continue to close the door for the wicked activity in our human world to rage according to its own way. Today, we must surrender to recognize our God whom today we bow to in worship, in order to recognize deeds that are very ordinary, with the words we hear throughout countless centuries, yet no one has found and no one has yet comprehended the mystery of the Holy Trinity. Today, we rejoice for another year the Church reminds and celebrates today’s solemnity; we lift up spiritually in the moments we separate ourselves from the world that belongs to us in the space of diligent days, of busy days, the days in which daily in life we look for what satisfies the needs and the flesh. In the present life, there are many things we must pay attention to, because we have neglected and wasted a lot of time, so we do not enter into the focal point of a lifetime, the focal point of a human life, the focal point of faith, the focal point of having God, being with God and in God. This day reminds us of the mystery of the Holy Trinity that He Himself wants us to know; though in His permission, with limitation, we already know that since creation, there was the Word, and the Word was the truth; and since then, there was space, there was time, there was the earth, there was the globe, and there was the Lord (4). Since then, we know God is the Supreme Lord who created the heavens, the earth, all things; He is the supreme sovereign, He is the Lord, the Father, the Creator of mankind in humanity.

Today, we have the opportunity to clearly know what He bestows. On the first day, we already betrayed, yet in this betrayal, God still loves because God created us; God loved His creations, and God did everything to please us – He created the Garden of Eden reserved for us, but unfortunately, we were affected by the event that happened in the days when there was not yet time and there still was no decision in regard to the hour of mortal humanity. This is a point that needs to be reminded to our human world; although that event happened, it was because it happened that we had the Redeemer. We had the Second Person of God Himself who came to the human world though He was fully aware of our human world, in sin and death – He still came because He loved us. Through the love of God the Father, to manifest what He grants and bestows, His only Son came to give us life, to deliver us in the situation we faced; so right from the beginning, this is an eminent point, an imprint, for us to see that our God is the only Lord, while His Son is the Lord Jesus. The Lord Jesus came to the world for 33 years, He walked the way and He left a doctrine that today all generations must listen to, must know, and must believe; we believe for us to have life, and believe as God Himself said and God Himself proclaimed: whoever believes in My only Son and believes in the Savior will have eternal life, and whoever believes in His only Son will receive salvation. [Compare John 3:15-16.]

These are things we must reflect upon for us to see that indeed we are the children of God; we have Him. He came to bring us a book and that book leads us in the midst of this world – we know the truth, know the love of the Lord, know His title; we know the condition of our human race and the condition of each person according to God. Moreover, that point is not the end, because in the human condition, what do we know, what can we do, how can we understand what God grants and bestows, in a supreme way, in love and full of Divine Mercy? God accomplished the mission when He came to the world for 33 years, and that was a decision God the Father absolutely decreed for the Lord Jesus; His only Son must return.

Everything that was in the sublime mystery that the Lord Jesus did and established became the truth, like what the Lord Jesus said to the Apostles on the evening when He appeared to them unexpectedly. He said to the Apostles: Do not leave Jerusalem, wait for God the Father who promised to bestow the Holy Spirit [compare Luke 24:49]; then, only at that moment, could the Apostles leave – those were the events we can start to look into, for us to see that the deeds of God have a very clear schedule. Since then, our human world has the Holy Spirit; exactly ten days later, the Holy Spirit came to the Apostles by the tongues of fire over the head of each person; from that moment on, though they were fishermen, they became people who thoroughly understood and were knowledgeable in diverse languages for them to proclaim the Good News, and the power of the Lord enveloped them in the Spirit of God. All the works that they performed attracted countless people to believe God; countless people were baptized, countless people recognized the Lord Jesus Christ. From that moment on, even the public authority had to show respect because what belongs to God in the divine realm was manifested over ordinary and commonplace people; and from there, faith was kindled for the people on earth.  Those were the starting points for us today to recognize the Holy Trinity.

The Supreme Lord, full of power, rich in Divine Mercy, who created our human world and created our human race, is God the Father. Our human race started with the months that were due to our disobedience so He sacrificed His only Son, the Lord Jesus, who came and lived in the midst of the world with us; though assuming a human condition, yet inside of Him, was the Prince, the Supreme God who came to save us and deliver us – that was the Lord Jesus. The Lord Jesus Christ brought salvation, and through the Lord Jesus Christ, in the love of God the Father united with the Lord Jesus to become one God, was the Third Person, the Holy Spirit of the Lord in the divine realm. He does not come in the flesh, He does not come by the way of the Lord Jesus, but He comes spiritually, because what is spiritual requires the eyes of faith: the spirituality by the experience in the soul, the spirituality that needs to be in the heart in order to recognize that God has come, is coming, and is still with us in this world. So what is most beautiful, what is best, what cannot be resolved with an ordinary and commonplace point of view, is that God is the good, holy, perfect Supreme Being who guides us into His love, into life, into the path of justice, of truth, which people must follow. That is the Third Person of God Himself who realized that; since then, God continues to remain with us till this day.

Today is a day when we respectfully commemorate the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity; there are three Persons truly distinct but, united, become One. So the three roles are very clear, and people who start reasoning may be able to find something that can be explained plainly, knowing that God loves and gives us what is essential to save us through the Second Person and help us in the spiritual life. As for what is needed in order to triumph between good and evil, there is the Holy Spirit, who is the Supreme Advocate and also the Supreme Counselor, to help us – in thought, in speech, in action, in the decision with faith, between good and evil – and to help us know the doctrine of the truth, to help us know the everlasting love of God the Father and the faithful love of the Supreme Lord who never leaves and never abandons mankind. Moreover, the Lord Jesus Himself becomes the gentle Person and also the Teacher who remains nearby, with the sunny and rainy days on earth, to lead the children in the human condition. In the limitation of knowledge, the limitation in the works in which people remain within the boundary allowed by God, we need the Holy Spirit to grant us the thinking, to grant us the decision, to grant us the reasoning, and to grant us the ability to understand love, righteousness, truth, and justice. All these things are realized through the Holy Spirit: one God whom we believe in, yet Three Persons who act; that doctrine cannot be separated, so people must recognize and meditate – meditate in order for that to become an experience, and the experience to then become an understanding, to live with a life that we had and have today. No matter what happens in the world, God is still the Lord – the God full of love, the God filled with affection granted to each of His creations, and is also the God who never comes to obliterate or use His own supreme authority or His own power to chastise people (5). He comes to bring us hope through the Second Person, to restore what was damaged in us; as for the knowledge in limitation because we still do not know, still do not understand, God brings love to sanctify, God brings love to transform, God brings love to conquer, and God lets the Holy Spirit remain with us each day, till the end of time.

Thus, we have the Holy Spirit, we have the Lord Jesus with His promise, and in the divine realm He remains with us through the Sacrament of the Eucharist. Today, maybe people have always been reminded about this greatness in this sublime sacrament but we certainly are limited in knowledge and limited in learning to know what happened in the history of the miracles (6). So, the miracles that come to today’s world are indeed restricted to the people who evaluate because they do not believe in miracles, they just believe in what belongs to reality, they believe in what belongs to books, and they believe in what their eyes see, know; apart from that, they do not accept the present miracles in the divine realm that still exist, according to our God. This is something that caused us to lose many opportunities; to lose many occasions to see and to know that our God is full of supreme authority; He has all kinds of ways to grant to us. He is the one God whom today in the Holy Trinity there is only one God and Three Persons in One; probably this still cannot be explained throughout countless generations. What then can be used to compare the wonders of God? What then can be used to measure against the laws or in things inherent in the ordinary and mediocre days in which people seek their own reasoning? Today, there are certain things that can be clearly explained; there are certain priests who their entire lives have researched and were enlightened to go all over, to bring the words they understand in the Good News, in the Gospel, to draw countless people to believe in God, to know God – and to a converted life, just like St. Paul. He was utterly determined to do the works that at times people in the world considered foolish and looked at them as abnormal, but he was very sane, and he was very charismatic, because the Spirit was in him, with him, and the power of that Spirit enveloped him and he spoke the words that did not come from human beings but it was the Holy Spirit Himself who spoke.

There were many events that happened in the course of history; today, in our Church, there are still people like those; maybe their names, reputations are still not known but they already researched considerably to bring this doctrine to the world, to the people, to the world, for each person to have belief, to have faith, and to have deeds that need to be accomplished to relate to the Lord who grants and bestows. Today, it is not just what we hear, what we see in human reasoning; God is still with us, still present with us, still remaining with us, with those who have the eyes of faith, with those who have the heart to seek Him, with those who listen and who can understand the meaning of truth, of love.  The Lord granted us the truth through the Second Person of God, and through the presence of the Third Person – with the love, with the light, with the hope, with the goodness, the holiness, the perfection of what is most beautiful, in the Holy Spirit, with the Holy Spirit, dwelling in us, remaining with the human world, and remaining with the children who come to Him, who listen, in order to, in goodness, practice good deeds, holy deeds that last to this day.

O God – we worship God, praise God, and glorify God; just like today’s First Reading talked about the authority of God the Father and the Book of Exodus stated:

“Early in the morning Moses went up Mount Sinai
as the LORD had commanded him,
taking along the two stone tablets.
Having come down in a cloud, the LORD stood with Moses there
and proclaimed his name, ‘LORD.’
Thus the LORD passed before him and cried out,
‘The LORD, the LORD, a merciful and gracious God,
slow to anger and rich in kindness and fidelity.’
Moses at once bowed down to the ground in worship.
Then he said, ‘If I find favor with you, O Lord,
do come along in our company.
This is indeed a stiff-necked people; yet pardon our wickedness and sins,
and receive us as your own.’”

The two tablets that Moses carried in his arms – certainly, we know the Ten Commandments of God: in the time of the Old Testament, there were the Ten Commandments that the Lord gave to Moses to bring to those who were His people when He rescued them out of Egypt. At this moment, we also look into the Good News, the Gospel, and what is in history; we also know that because our human race is very narrow-minded, very shallow, what was received, what was known are still days in which we rely upon earthly reality; we rely upon what is familiar in the needs and in the demands from our own requirements, so we seek and err. When Moses came down from the mountain, he saw the people who already had made the golden calf; they started those rebellious ways and they started those moments because we remained in iniquity, we remained in the days of the original sin, so we were limited in our understanding – eventually, he was so angry that he threw down those two stone tablets, and from there many stories ensued. Today, due to the celebration of the Holy Trinity, the authority of God was mentioned and the person whom God chose, for him to climb Mount Sinai to receive the Ten Commandments, which was the foundation that God granted to the people on earth.

This went on; we know that God the Father gave to Moses the Ten Commandments and there were many more things given through the prophets and other messengers. However, the Lord Jesus simply taught us, the human world, the Eight Beatitudes, which were related to essential things that God Himself taught to the Apostles and at the same time He taught us the Lord’s Prayer. These were what we received that God granted and bestowed, and there were also affirmations, deeds realized, for us to see the activity of the Lord in the divine realm, and in His supremacy, through the Father, and the Son. This went on; following the day the Lord Jesus ascended to heaven after 33 years; ten days later, the Holy Spirit came; the Holy Spirit was active and He still is till this day. The works the Holy Spirit does are perfect, are good, are holy – in peace, in joy, in a life of temperance – and there are many more things that go along with the great graces that God let the Third Person realize. Today, we will repeat one more time, three functions; one of great authority, one of glory, and one full of power whom people must follow and obey, and through the intervention will be successful as God Himself intervened for the people of Israel; the Lord Jesus came with the condition of a humble person, of a meek person, of an ordinary person in the flesh, and remained close to mankind, to love, to guide, and to bring the doctrine of heaven. Since then, people hear and know; since then, there is one doctrine, one truth, and at the same time one commandment: to change the people of the world, with perspective in predicament and agony. When people bear sin with death, the Eight Beatitudes guide people to recognition because God walks with them and seeks to grant them justice with the comfort of having God, being with God; that statute comes from God – since then, God also teaches us every time we need to come to God. In our lives, we need to lift up to God through the Lord’s Prayer; with each word, the Lord’s Prayer can clearly guide us in the human condition to daily lift up to Father for our lives to be united with Father and to recognize Father.

Our lives, as human beings, mean that we must pray and live according to the doctrine; then doubtless, we will be very happy and will be fine and also will not encounter anything that is regrettable, unfortunate. Today, we see that the activity of the Holy Spirit started when the Lord Jesus returned to heaven; ten days later, the Apostles received the evidence that today we have in the history book; the book of the Good News, the book that is like a guidebook to lead people back to God, to encounter God, to welcome God, and to receive the blessings in that Good News for our lives to be steadfast, to not be shaken, to not be attacked. Unfortunately, and so sad for us, we may hear but we do not act, we know but we lack learning, and we do read but we still remain indifferent and uninterested; so this is something needed about which people lack understanding. There are many more serious things in life; we do not know what faith is, we do not know what the gift from God is, and we do not know anything from the Holy Spirit working and granting us abundant graces. So today we are determined to recognize: that is right, the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity is very important for us to understand that, indeed, we have forgotten and neglected and left out a lot of things that God, who is the Lord, has granted and bestowed. He continues to pour down and bestow, He continues to remain with us, and that history, that doctrine, continues to be active, to be alive, when we rekindle with our souls, when we revive with the righteousness and the truth that was bestowed and given, and we restore with the way in which people use their own hearts, use their own reasoning in goodness, and decide between right and wrong, choosing the path of holiness, choosing the path of goodness. The Holy Spirit never refuses those who long; He never refuses those who live in the truth, practice in the truth, because as this is the truth, thus we will be protected in the divine blessing of God.

O Lord, it is so sublime, so wondrous! Only God can realize those things for us; we are people who lack knowledge – we do not read, we do not know, but when we meditate, then that is the Holy Spirit Himself. The Holy Spirit grants to us when we truly long and yearn; yearning to know, yearning to live, yearning to be close – to understand that God so loves us, but we do not know what to do to start, how to be close, how to be intimate, and how to embrace the gifts that we had and have. Today is another year in our lifetime, another year for humanity to celebrate the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity: today, we take another step to further seek what God grants us. We know that it is God Himself who is the Supreme God; only He can give and provide, to save us in the crossroads of life, yet He always respects us and gives us the right to free will, because He knows that in our lives, we need to have the moments of challenge, we need to have the moments of confrontation, in particular regarding the life of faith. If we do not experience the tests, do not experience the confrontation, do not experience the crossroads, and do not step into the days when people must face the challenges of life, how are we to know whether we are faithful to God or not, whether we know God or not, and whether we believe in God or not?

What God grants and bestows: we have the grace, the favor, the divine blessing – and the deeds in the guidebook of history were granted and given, but do we know how to use them? We experience that liveliness when we believe God, and that will be answered with what lies in the core of the truth, with what lies in the righteousness of justice, in the affection, in the love, and in what is the most beautiful, the best that God granted us. If we are rejected by the human world that fails to understand, that fails to see, we do have the Eight Beatitudes that the Lord Jesus taught us; whoever lives in suffering God will also repay through those Eight Beatitudes, and likewise, the Ten Commandments were the first foundation for people to avoid sin, to give up sin, and to lessen sin. These are the gifts God granted; when we spend the time to reflect, the Holy Spirit will help us recognize these things.

Indeed, it is very realistic; it is not difficult – what is needed is that our hearts must believe in God, because faith is the start and belief is also the start. When we believe then we are determined and steadfast; we simply look and listen, then practice – this has been proven by the doctrine, But if there is no belief, no faith, then how can there be work? For that reason, we make mistakes through inference, through judgment, through narrow-minded points of view that existed from of old till this day. Today is the same: we err and further err, and there are many more things that must be accepted, but we push them aside and we end up with what remains in the confinement of the limits that we had and have. The Lord lifts us up, supports us – those who are humble, those who walk in the way of God, and those who know the truth – because God wants us to live in humility, God wants us to become little, God wants us to live in simplicity. He Himself teaches us what is most essential and what is according to His will, because if we become little then we do not argue with our Father; if we become simple, then what we hear in life, we do; and a life of humility then does not rely on what is in human power, does not rely on position, money, fame, but lives as humble and simple as the Lord Jesus who humbled Himself in a simple way, in order to be born in a manger. Jesus remained silent in humility, faced Pilate with what He was determined: to die on behalf of His children, on behalf of the world, and on behalf of the people at that time, in what they did wrong.

For the world to become new, He sacrificed Himself, remaining in silence; that humility was truly admirable, and that humility established a history that today relates to one Woman. In the beginning, when that had not yet taken place, God the Father already chose and proclaimed that there will be a descendant and that Woman. After the serpent caused our ancestor to fall, that covenant was taken away, right from the beginning; but God made a promise because God saw, God knew, and God chose one Person, one Woman, in humility, to bring the victory that today we wait for, to lead the world back to what is in our human condition – to come to God, to return to God, because when we have humility, then we have everything.

In the works God grants and bestows, if we lack belief, if we lack the foundation, then there are many more things lacking in the life of the children of God, of the Christians. When we know we are the children who are baptized but we remain in a state of pondering, a state of questioning, a state of inquiring, a state of comparing, a state of reasoning, and all that is inherent in knowledge, in education, then we simply remain within limitations; although very good, although greatly and positively convincing, but remaining within limitation. God grants and bestows, so when we believe then the Holy Spirit works; when God uses us and when we are able to say what belongs to God that does not come from humans, we certainly are the instruments God uses, and when we speak the words are the Holy Spirit speaking. There is no one besides the Holy Spirit; most accurate, most perfect, and fully belonging to the goodness, the holiness, the perfection that today people must follow in order to eradicate the inherent wickedness, remove the barrier of the boundary of knowledge, education; annihilate arrogance, pride; eliminate the way we look at others with contempt.

There are many things that today God wants to let us know; He once said: Father does not reveal to the learned but Father reveals to the little ones (7). These are the words that Jesus repeated, and did over and over, so let us not be surprised, and let us not look at what is appearing and has appeared with the wonders that concurrently we always proclaim and always judge as evil. The devil can do what he wants; he is clever and cunning but he cannot teach people to return to prostrate to God; he cannot teach people to love and unite; he cannot teach people to seek what is the best to return to the Lord in order to be united to ask for God to intervene for today’s wicked world. There are many more things so we should not limit what God grants and bestows; what is needed most is our condition, and the people who are in power, the people who have function and duty; the Lord does not simply keep all that is inherently good in the page of history but He is always generous in the divine blessings that are poured out abundantly to help us and all of humanity. We clearly know about all that is fully granted; there are stories in history that are still happening in our world today; they are not too distant, they are very near, because time according to the Lord is not great and is very limited. He sees and perceives everything, from our hearts, from the number of hairs on our heads; there is nothing He does not know, so what we need most is to rely on His own word, to live His word, and to practice His word. Indeed, it is not something easy in today’s world because people act out of habit throughout countless centuries; we have had people who have gone by in history whom we have wrongly judged, we have wrongly accused, and we have wrongly looked at when we do not rely on the great spirituality that God granted us in faith. In life, as we trust in the Holy Spirit and we pray, then God will have many ways to help us walk on the right path, because the world does talk much about a prayer life, but how many pray fervently, how many know how to pray, and how many can meet God in prayer?

Today, indeed, because we have considerable weakness, we fail to learn, to clearly understand what is in the decision that God granted us, that God allowed us, and God manifests for us through the Holy Trinity; the three functions: truly clear. Moreover, we worship the functions (8) for us to know the only Lord in authority and to believe in the Savior; because we live in iniquity and we are born into iniquity so we need the Savior to take away sin, to wash away sin, and to let us become His children in faith, for us to officially receive His doctrine and His truth. Through the Holy Spirit, we see the love of the Holy Trinity granted to humanity, and there are even more extraordinary and wonderful works that cannot be described, but that is a foothold for us to understand what God grants and gives – with what is most wonderful and what is most perfect – and is the truth that we continue to seek. We find out those are the precious pearls still concealed in the best acts in life, when we believe, when we fully understand that God grants us many sublime graces. Thus, let us not look according to human viewpoint; ambition, money, fame. God always associates; because God came to carry the Cross to save humanity, God came to humble Himself to be born in that cold manger. People did not stay at that place but God did, because God wanted our human race to look at what God practiced, in a humbling life to teach us this doctrine, to lead us in a life with hardships, with teachings that must become the rule. We cannot return going against the flow of water, we must go with the current; but having the doctrine of God guiding us, having the Leader bringing us hope – then we clearly understand everything that belongs to the flow of life.

Having God within (9), we can firmly walk with each Person as planned in the providence of our God, the Father; at the same time, we know that we walk with the doctrine of the Lord Jesus, and believe in Him, through the painful stretches of the road, through the bitter stretches of the road, the stretches of the road as the Lord Jesus Himself walked. God Himself has chosen that difficult path, the path caused by human iniquity so that today we avoid everything we know is suffering, is sin, but God already took it upon Himself for us to be delivered and to be able to look at that sin to avoid it, to reject it, and must always separate from it. If this is fully practiced then today’s world would not have war, the world would not have dispute, the world would not have Lenin, the world would not have communism (10), the world would not have conflicts.

We certainly reserve a small corner, surely in the heart, for God; because we do not know, we let that presence have only a small corner, but God should be the focal point. God is the focal point and must reside in the central point of our hearts, the central point of our souls, the central point of our bodies, and the central point of the mind, because only He can bestow upon us prosperity, and only He bestows upon us all things – from health to talent – for us to accomplish what is inherently good, as a human being – the masterpiece that God created. We forget the Supreme Being who must be the central point; we reject that because deceit is still an influence in our lives. Right from the start, Jesus came to be close, to bring us closer for us to see that God loves us and wants to restore by love, not to restore by war, not to restore by dispute or by a fierce battle with education, knowledge. There is still much more; because we bear a sinful condition; when we do not accept Him, when we do not believe in Him, God also suffers. Silently, He died on Calvary, because of the number of people that He already saw (11). Because we are human beings, we easily betray, we yield to what belongs to the world; as for what belongs to justice, truth, then it seems as if there is a certain veil covering it; if we cannot step in, then we do not see, we cannot touch, and we cannot understand. God is the Omnipotent Being, the Omniscient Being, the Supreme Being full of love and rich in Divine Mercy; and cannot be compared to what is lowly, cannot be compared to what is limitation, narrow-mindedness, cannot be compared with ordinary, mundane deeds in which people use evil ways. So, then, we make mistakes and commit even more mistakes because we are completely ignorant in regard to our condition as the children of God, and our belief in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Second Person, who through death, resurrected to lead us back to the source of grace to end up with the eternal place that He prepared for us at the holy banquet table.

O God, throughout countless generations we remain in bondage because we still do not trust, we still do not understand, and we still do not practice, so this is the phase that we always encounter. There are moments we are very eager, there are moments we firmly believe in God and are eager, but that eagerness only lasts a couple of days, that ardor only lasts a couple of years, that fervor only depends upon our mood and preference, depends upon people, so that still has not yet been realized. What God desires in us and what God requires is an absolute trust – when we absolutely trust in God. The moments we succeed, God remains with us; the moments we fail, God remains with us; the moments we are sick, lying in bed like an invalid, God still loves us. God does not use ways like humans beings or ordinary and commonplace kings – throughout countless generations, throughout countless centuries, God is the King of love; a King yet He always thinks of us, and is most gentle, and teaches us what is best in the truth, the holiness, the perfection that people need to have, need to know, and need to taste, for us to be able to absolutely understand trust and faith, to ask to belong to Him – only then can we see the deeds that God does; the thoughtfulness of a loving Father, who loves, supports, and remains by the side of his own child. Nonetheless, even with what happened to the majority in the world, we must know that there are many people whose lives belong to God; thus that blessing is still over the children – they are the children who can find the truth, who embrace the truth, who live in the truth, and they have been blessed, from the lifetime of the forefathers, to the children, from the grandfathers to the grandchildren.

There are many more in the righteousness of the truth; we never forget there were many things that happened in history; the people that the kings forced to eat meat but they refused because they kept the law of God; they could not follow the way that overstepped the Cross, so in the end they died because of the people who lived in error. In defiance of the era and in the eras that have gone by in the course of history, there were many stories; we see the seven brothers, the mother and her children, who died as martyrs because they were determined to believe in God; the woman also reminded her children to continue to sacrifice, no matter what kind of death, no matter how much suffering, to remain brave to testify to the life of faith [2 Maccabees, Chapter 7]. Those were the people who have found the truth, the righteousness, the justice, and the doctrine of devotion, of love, which God granted them. Who said there are none in the world? Yes, there are – from the past eras, and there are some that still do; so we still have virtuous people, holy people, people who live in righteousness. God never forgets or abandons us. God is still set on saving and helping us, God is still set on proclaiming to our human race, as in the time of the Old Testament when God the Father said: “Have I any pleasure in the death of the wicked, says the Lord GOD, and not rather that he should turn from his way and live?” [Ezekiel 18:23] This means that God already forgave us before we return; we just need to collaborate, we just need to turn around, we just need to recognize those mistakes and live in wisdom, for our own good, for our own happiness, and to be rewarded in the next life, when we truly turn back to recognize that the Lord is Father, to live in His doctrine, to become reformed. Since we are able to taste, we know God (12); there are no longer days of living in wickedness and we will have many changes in life, even though it may seem unbelievable.

O God, this is something that is true, but today, the people and the number of people who know about this is so limited, too limited in the world. O God – God, please have mercy on us; God, please have mercy on humanity. For that reason, God came and let the Church recognize that the Divine Mercy of God helps, helped, and continues to help us in this time and also helps us in the knowledge that started through history, which continues and unifies till the last remaining moment when we still exist and are present. There is nothing coincidental according to God; His planning is well scheduled, to bring us back, to guide us back, and to allow us to enter into the Heart and the Divine Mercy with which He embraces the whole of humanity. Let us not be afraid because we exceedingly offended God; let us not fear of what is inherent in us that God may not forgive, because God was determined to come to die for us, to die for our sins, and to die for the all of humanity – we already have what God grants to each person, because each one of us is a sinner (13). Thus, the time has come; we need to understand, need to acknowledge, and need to know that faith will allow us to look deeper, wider and there are many more abundances in the divine blessings that are poured down and granted us in the final phase that we face today.

The Solemnity of the Holy Trinity today is not a coincidence but is God reminding of what needs to be known for us to become reformed people; to see that in all situations, in all roles, and in all events that happen, God intervenes and has a way to guide us back, in holiness. We just need to believe, we just need to live to speak frankly, relying on the Ten Commandments, relying on the Eight Beatitudes; and relying on the foundation of the life that we have, we choose what is good and avoid evil – we push aside what belongs to earthly reality, what belongs to the lowliness people have, in greed, in selfishness, in hatred, in jealousy, and still more. Ambition, money, fame, self-interest, and position have caused our conscience and sense of right and wrong to be blurred and they seem to have been traded in order to obtain what is in the need that people require in that lowliness.

God is the Lord; He cannot look at us heading toward death due to our wretchedness, so He continues to speak up, He continues to create the opportunity, He continues to let us recognize that He still loves us, and that love is faithful toward the masterpieces that He created. Still, it depends upon us to recognize ourselves, to recognize our own values, to recognize our own positions, to recognize our own roles, and to recognize that we are the children of God. Do not let ourselves who are the children of our Father fail to return to Father and choose idols, choose false gods to worship. Thus we err, we get lost, we become what cannot be accepted because we do not choose Father but we choose the enemy to be father; so we err and completely live in months of terror, live in months contrary to morals, contrary to the course of history, and contrary to the given freedom in which we allow the opening for the devil to fully entice us.

It is time; we must recognize that only God can reign; God is sovereign yet God is very benevolent, and God bestows because God chooses us, grants to us, and brings us into this world. But the devil also knows the way; he knows what is inherent in humans and he knows that God dearly loves humanity, so he uses us to rebel against God and he manipulates us, for us to fall into his own snares, for him to boast and so that he can compete with the victory of the final phase of history. Indeed, he has the right to do all that he wants when God has fully allowed him a limited time; so this is also a dare between us and faith, for us to understand what we encountered but we do not embrace. We return to God, we accept the doctrine of God, which is the foundation in us; this is also a great accomplishment in regard to the people who belong to God and the people whom God wants. Those are the faithful people, the people who persevere, the people who understand the doctrine, the people who live in the doctrine that God wants, for God to establish a new world because today, we will step into the final phase, and there are more days in which God will manifest; God does not end with one point.

Today, we already deal with the truth; today, we face the truth with the fact that the trend of a life under the guise of civilization, veiled in cleverness, sophistication, has made all of us fall, including the majority in the human world; but there is still one-third (14). Because of that one-third, the days will become days in which we must strive harder to proclaim the Lord Jesus, to proclaim faith, and to proclaim the salvation, from which we already know Him, we already hear Him, and we already live in His doctrine, to bring our brothers back from the invisible hand of the devil who is enslaving them by wealth, by money, by ambition, by position, and by everything through which he wants to rule over the days on earth; and the soul will have to suffer eternal bondage in the place of darkness, and wailing, grinding of teeth.

Evil has spread and evil will lead to grim results. We are the children of God, the children of the Light, the children of the truth; the children who must live in the truth, testify to the truth, and our lives belong to God in the light of the Good News. There are many things that today we cannot do but the Holy Spirit will be the Person who can; the Holy Spirit will lead us, will help us, and will intervene for us when we constantly come to ask Him. We will have the guidance of the Holy Spirit in a special way when God already granted us the favors to be close to Him, to encounter Him, and at the same time we already have the focal point of the final days that we most need to know. The Cross, the Five Holy Wounds testify to the love of God the Father – He remains, which is the existence of Divine Mercy (15) that we already recognized; the second holy sign is the Lord Jesus Himself, in His salvation, reminding us that we have been saved by the price of the Blood of the Lord Jesus, with love, with justice, with doctrine, and with truth. We cannot walk alone; the works that we see have a connection through the first holy sign and the second holy sign, and the third holy sign is the deep imprint of love, with the goodness, the holiness, the perfection with which the Holy Spirit will bring victory for humanity. He is the Omnipresent Being, and He is the Supreme Being who is close; all that is in holiness, and all that is in righteousness, goodness, holiness, and perfection belong to Him who is the Supreme Being in charge. Today, we are able to see and hear in order to know the power of the Eucharistic God; He no longer remains silent as in past days, He no longer remains silent as in reticent months, He no longer remains silent for us to be free to decide, but He already started to manifest for us to recognize His Presence, to remind that love will never fade over each sinner, that love definitely will not let us be lost (16), and that love urges us to open wide the eyes of faith. He is seeking, and He lets His Light shine over our souls, shine over each one of us, shine over His children, and shine over each sinner, each role, for us to know that this is a great reminder to kindle the soul and strengthen the life of faith, of action.

Because we have had God’s intervention, these are the signs that cannot be denied; what happened and is happening, through the Light of the Eucharist, has enveloped the whole of humanity and enveloped His children in order for them to become the light. If we want to become the light then we must eliminate the thinking in darkness, eliminate the wickedness that we practiced and are practicing; in the months that we failed to follow the doctrine correctly, failed to follow the truth correctly, we live with the months in which we were not righteous. Our lives must have the Light for us to eliminate the wretchedness that was influencing us and is influencing in general by enticements that are solely applicable to earthly days, while we have a promising future to eternally live with days of everlasting happiness by God’s side. Why don’t we seek that truth? We have forgotten, have neglected, and do not know; so we only live fleeting days in this body, we let our bodies become wretched, and we use things that are not in the doctrine, not in the truth. The day has come to open our eyes; the day has come for us to see that crimes are getting worse everywhere; if we do not truly return then we must bear the responsibility because we choose what we prefer, we choose what we want in the average and mediocre human world. As for the sublime wonders that we will have forever, we do not know, we still do not know; we have been subject to time, to the world, to the current situation that blurred the eyes of faith; but though we are led astray, God still has a way to save us, God still has a way to bring us back. We simply need to collaborate, and we just need to look into the status of each person, look into the function and duty of each person, and look into the role of each person. Let us rely on the doctrine of God; rely on the love; rely on the truth; rely on justice, fairness; and rely on a life of basics for us not to fall into the concept of sin, the concept of darkness, the concept of cruelty, the concept of wickedness, and the concept of what made us stumble from of old till this day.

Do not judge so that we are not judged; do not refuse the brothers when they come to seek, and allow ourselves to have a heart that has love, has charity – and there are many things that need to be learned, need to be known, need to be heard, for us to be able to choose between good and evil. Because as humans, in the flesh, we live in the darkness and commit too many crimes, so we reject what belongs to the Light; we reject what belongs to the conscience and sense of right and wrong. We push aside everything that is evil but when we consider that to belong to the civilized era, then we embrace it but we are so wrong, because if we go on like this then we will live in war, live in suffering, live in the tragedy of the family, of the society, of the nation, and even end up with a common influence over the entire world. The time has come; we can no longer remain obstinate in following that way, because we know for sure the battle will come. Nevertheless, God is still the Lord; the Lord who has supreme authority, and also the Lord who will triumph, and we will completely be defeated if we do not return to God, because if acted in authority in His way, then we absolutely can no longer exist in this world. We simply rely on the Divine Mercy, rely on the love, rely on the patience, and rely on the God who so loves His creations; God does not want to lose anyone, so God chooses and God looks for all kinds of ways; even if we do not understand but He still acts in this respect, to save us and to save our souls.

For us to go deeper, today, the mystery is revealed, which is the fifth holy sign; the fifth holy sign is very important because that means we still have the opportunity – when we return, then God will forgive and bestow because of the covenant. When the Lord Jesus came to the world, then God the Father fully realized this; He already fully granted this, over each sinner, which is the mark imprinted into our souls, imprinted into our hearts (17), for us to become the light of the remaining and final days. Today, we know that God loves us; God does everything to satisfy us, and God gives us the opportunity, but we must absolutely eliminate wickedness, remove what is not faithful to God. We must abolish what cannot go on with the months in which we are living in wickedness yet we expect to return with the light; that is something that cannot be realized in our human world.

Now is the time that God does not look at the individual but God just invites everyone to look at the Light of the Eucharist, because in us we have the mark that still has the light. However, that light needs to radiate so that when the Light comes, then we become the light and we will be incorporated and will walk with God, to become the people whom God protects and definitely allows us to come to one place. We should not forget that in the world there were days when God let Moses announce to the people whose houses had smeared blood on them that those houses will not be destroyed, and those people survived. Today is the same, the mark was bestowed and included in a program that He granted us in the time of the Lord Jesus; His death could not be in vain, His death could not be for an empty return but that was the mark of the Lord, granted to people in sin, with the death in which He fully redeemed us through the Blood of the Lord Jesus. The Lord Jesus Himself became the lamb that was offered to be slaughtered for us to have life today so let us not be afraid, no matter what happens in the world, because the day when God comes we will be distinctly separated. That is the matter today, in this time of preparation for the day God comes, preparing for the world that will face extremely great battles; we can see what we choose in today’s human life. We are destroying each other, we are destroying the world, and we have been encouraged by the devil to create nuclear bombs; when we start to let those bombs explode, then this world will have no one left; even if there is anyone left, they are people who are deformed, people who are diseased, people who are no longer humans.

God does not want to see that happen; God also does not want to see those beautiful and lovely creations become deformed by what we create for each other today. So many times – the First World War, the Second World War – and the Third World War will be on its way if we do not stand up and awaken, in all classes, in all roles. This is not the time to dispute from what is self-interest or reputation, or dispute from what is knowledge, education, a civilized era, but the final decision remains with God who will intervene with those who listen and they become the light. Today, God allows everyone, in all classes, to have the opportunity; let us return to God by the heart, return to God with what we most need in life – let us return because we have gone too far, we have done too much wrong. We have been ensnared by the devil who uses all kinds of cunning strategy; he causes us to be disordered, he causes us to be chaotic, he causes us to lose our minds and to lose the chance for us to become the light. Do not let this darkness control us in all classes, in all roles. We want only to be rich, we want only to enjoy; because of that desire to enjoy riches, we became the people who sell their souls to the devil. There have been countless famous people; there have been countless nations; people with power; but they have been skillfully manipulated by the devil from whom they cannot escape.

O people who are still in the earthly world, it is time and all things have appeared: I am remaining with you till the close of age (18); the end of time will come, and that will happen. So let us listen in order to be aware; if it does not come from God, does not come from His Spirit, then no one may know the mystery that will come to the world. So today, let us not rely on days of strong adversaries, days of dispute; life goes by daily but let us keep for ourselves what is most essential for us to understand what is the truth, what is the doctrine of God, what is the life in which we cannot actually remain forever in this world to enjoy what we have. We could leave at any time, and that hour God decides for us; even if our position is at the top of government, the top of human glory, still, we must go through death. So, we must think about what we gain in the last moments; when we are people on earth, we succeed over everything, we have honor, we have position, we have talent, money, everything, but in the end, where are we going to end up? We have money but we cannot possess the heavenly seat; we have money yet we cannot possess what is in the virtue that God requires from us, and we have talent, we have plenitude, but we cannot use that to obtain what we need to have, which is a contrite heart, a heart becoming eager, a heart that decides to walk in the truth and return to the truth. We must have a heart in repentance and remorse in order for us to see that God loves us, and we need to possess from inside the soul, to possess by the heart upon which He imprinted the mark that still has value to this day.

There are many more extraordinary things for us to see, to hear; do not yield to what binds us tightly, do not hold onto what is in wickedness, do not hold onto what is so ordinary and mediocre – everything will become dust. Let our souls return to God and give our souls the opportunity to encounter what God is saying, what God is reminding, and what He is bestowing to us through the Sacrament of the Eucharist, through the Body and Blood that today affirm that we have received the Light through His reminder; and if want to become the light that is to be incorporated into the Light at any time we leave, that is something God grants and bestows. Let us return, let us become reformed, and today, let us allow our souls and our hearts to be detached from the daily busyness, for us to return to our hearts, return to the truth, return to the truth in the soul in which the Holy Spirit of God used to dwell to guide us into the doctrine (19). We always lack compassion when we do not belong to God, so today, for us to have peace and true joy, inwardly to outwardly, there are many things that need to lead us; the Church will teach us every detail to do what needs to be done, but in regards to essential deeds then God grants us what is most urgent, what is most needed, for us to correlate and to coordinate with our Church through the teaching, for us to start every single step to become the children of God, to become the people who are worthy and the people who get ready for their own light: a light that we must express in deed, a light in which we need to be firm in belief, a light in which we live in faith, and a light in which we will see the great divine mystery that is bestowed to us in the world of humanity.

O God – I thank God. There are many of our brothers and sisters and there still are many people in the world; who is the example, and who will be the teacher? The doctrine of God teaches, the truth of God teaches, and the trust in the Lord Jesus will be taught; at the same time we have the Church. The Church comes alive by words; the Church continues to testify to the Good News, the Gospel; the Church continues to seek what is best to bring to the sheep and to bring to those who seek to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, to believe in our God. That is something that existed and exists and there are also things that complement and are further granted for us to know that God is very generous, that things do not end on the page of history but He continues to pour His blessings abundantly, to remind us, for us to be strengthened to be bold in the life of faith, to coordinate through the teaching of the Church, to have the experience for us to live and to clearly decide for us to become the light. It is so wonderful that today there is joy when we prostrate before God; that prostration (20) must have a reason; that prostration follows a great example that we can never overlook: the Woman God the Father promised to us right from the beginning, when our first parents started to betray, God promised to us and that Woman would exist right then.

Today, that Woman appeared and taught us things that are not too difficult yet not too easy; we just need to have a heart, we just need to have a soul, to look at the shining example that is Mother Mary. Mother Mary is the Queen of the heavenly kingdom; God the Father chose Mother, God the Father bestowed and crowned Mother to become the Queen. Mother wore the crown of the heavenly kingdom to go look for the children, to remind the children, and to go all over to save the children, to lead them back, to come to the Eucharistic Jesus, the mighty Supreme Being who is still here, the mighty Supreme Being with all the favors in Him, and everything that He will intervene for, and His Word will become the truth that God the Father already bestowed to our human world; let us not forget what existed and exists – it is not by coincidence that the Eucharistic Jesus must be revered in today’s era.

Definitely, we must turn back in order to live with the days in which we compensate for the offenses, compensate for the indifference, compensate for the days of neglect, of ignorance, that we committed and are committing. So, today, Mother speaks up; we must be determined, we must definitely practice, we must definitely collaborate, we must definitely embrace that which is a great grace through the Light of the Eucharist, for us to be incorporated into the Light of the Eucharist, for us to receive the help of the angels and the saints by the light that was promised and written in the Gospel and the Good News (21). Today, it is not too difficult; let us listen to Mother – let us live and look at Mother as the shining example. The entire life of Mother on earth, with countless sorrows, especially at the time the Lord Jesus went into the Passion; a Mother who saw Her Son broken, scourged, tortured. Mother grieved and was brokenhearted, but Mother said nothing, because Mother knew the holy will of God the Father, because Mother knew the Lord Jesus must sacrifice for humanity to have life, and the Lord Jesus must sacrifice for the Presence in the divine realm that is still Present up to today’s generation – that is the Eucharistic Jesus.

Indeed, there are wondrous signs that today are being reminded to us who are ordinary and commonplace people yet are able to know and to hear. So let us live in a spirit of simplicity, let us live in humility, let us become little; we will believe and will clearly know what God grants and bestows, for this lively voice to be brought to our brothers and sisters, for us to receive the constant help of Mother, for us to know what belongs to Mother, the protection of Mother, and the actions that in enlightenment, we will be able to see. Mother loves us very much; Mother is very gentle yet Mother is also very firm, because what belongs to God then Mother only knows one thing, which is for all the children to return with Mother, along with Mother, for Mother to lift us up to God – definitely, God will intervene. If we continue to live with days of having ears but fail to hear, having eyes but fail to see, having a heart but fail to feel, then we will suffer the consequences. Mother shed tears, and the tears of blood had welled up; this is the opportunity, because this is the final time for Mother to come to remind. Mother came to give the messages that we heard 100 years ago. Today, Mother comes one more time in the divine realm, to remind us to apply those six messages, by deed, by determination, by the surrender, by the prostration that today each person must practice for us to compensate for what has offended God, is offending God, and will continue to offend God. So, today, this is the way and the final decision for us to see what it is that we need, for us to speak up for our brothers, to speak up for the world, to speak up for the people who are walking on the path of error and are walking on the path of wickedness, and to also speak up to beseech for souls to return to God.

Today, there are many things in the sublimity that Mother teaches us; Mother advises us, and Mother helps us to have this day, to have the revelations realized and to have the revelations disclosed, and there still are many ways that today we already practiced – this does not end today but will have many more wondrous things to further be made known. We must always be aware of the Lord whom we worship, the Lord whom we honor, the Lord for whom we never finish with the months of thanksgiving, of appreciation, of gratefulness. Likewise, each day in life, if we want to be protected and to remind ourselves, let us look at Mother so that with the teaching of Mother, by the way we practice today with each kowtow that we earnestly beseech with Him, we will then recognize the life of daily apology. Certainly, God grieves when people turn away and are indifferent, God grieves when people commit sin, God grieves when people are offending God, but when we repent and feel remorse, then God rejoices and God will certainly forgive us. We already have Mother’s guidance and Mother’s teaching; this is the final path, we do not have a second path to choose from – either we return to God or we retain what is inherent in the human condition, in darkness, in immorality, and in the pleasures of the world. The day of God is approaching; we must be ready for us to become the light – do not let that mark become futile, meaningless, when we already have the covenant that God granted and bestowed yet we do not use it. If we do not return, how do we become the light?

So it is time; God does not use the way of human thinking and human inferring and human knowing, but God comes by the light. Those who belong to the light will be incorporated into the Light; that light will then belong to that person who will be protected in the Light of the Lord – and if we do not become the light then we become the people of darkness. When the light comes then the darkness will be destroyed, will be annihilated, but in that darkness, we still have a soul that never dies, and that soul will end up in a place that forever does not have light; and from there, the crying, the wailing, the screaming will not be heard by anyone and will not receive prayers from anyone. These are things most needed in the final time of history that people must hear; Mother goes everywhere to remind us, and Mother still sheds tears, and the tears of blood continue to be shed with the final time. Today, Mother desires for us to accept this, to practice this, to collaborate with this, for Mother to guide us back with the final time in which the new world awaits us.  Mother is the only Person who will guide us back to the new world, back to the Garden of Eden with the door opened (22). If we are truly worthy, then let us amend our lives, let us pray the Rosary, let us pray earnestly in life, returning, by belief, by faith with action, and by a life that we ask to unite with Mother, and we ask for Mother to help us by the Immaculate Heart, to conquer the evil of this age. The Heart of Mother will triumph, and the historic vessel, the vessel of the Church, will have protection and shelter, because Mother does not step away, and today continues to support Her priests, and also reminds all those who are in error, those who do not walk in the way of God, and those who still remain in days of nurturing sin and who were enticed by everything in today’s civilized and clever world.

So, these are things stated, in general, as well as in particular, regarding each individual, each role; do not allow arrogance; do not lack responsibility with the goodwill to seek the truth, and do not overlook the deeds that today, if without the permission, if without the reminder, no one would have the right to mention about this, and no one would have the right to talk about what happened, is happening, in a definite way. Today, Mother wants all of us to embrace, to let our minds return to the truth, and we start with a life that truly must improve soon and must be earnest in prayer. We must practice together, in unity, for the Rosary that Mother always wants, for that Rosary to become the pearls with the light, to radiate the Light of the Eucharist, the light of the Rosary, the light of love. The mercy of Mother Mary comes to the human world to lead us back to the Church, and we unite to return to Mother, to return to the Promised Land, to return to the Garden of Eden – brought back by Mother, in order to live with the days that God wants to see. God wants people to belong to Him and God wants people to be His own, so it is time; God is intervening for us through the prayer, the earnest beseeching of the people whom God grants to remain steadfast.

We tend to simply look at what belongs to the world that depends upon ordinary and commonplace human laws, but we forget that when we come to God, we must become little, we must become humble. God looks at our hearts, not our positions, not money, fame, nothing of the world, but God relies on a sincere heart, a true heart, a heart atoning, a heart returning, and a heart that knows to repent, to feel remorse, for us to relate with what Mother teaches. In the surrender, the prostration, the Holy Spirit will envelop us, and we will understand what we do, we will know what needs to be done, and we will differentiate between right and wrong, between good and evil, to live worthily with the days that God grants and bestows on us, to be consistent with the day that today we celebrate, which is the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and forever is the Light radiating and guiding people into eternal life, and bringing to people truth, holiness, and perfection of goodness. Today, people need to return to the light of the Good News, the light of love, the light of the present life and the future; and by our sides is the Mother who manifests for us to recognize the constant prayer to help the deceased people who are still in purgatory, for them to be restored, and also to pray for the living people, who still do not listen, who still do not understand, and who still do not believe, to have the opportunity to believe, to understand, and to become the light. Those Rosaries will become the light enveloping them, and when the Eucharist comes, then the darkness will be destroyed; and when that annihilation happens, those are the children who still have not awakened, still do not embrace, and still do not practice.

Indeed, it is not too difficult but also not that easy if we are not determined to return, to listen to the words of Mother reminding and granting us the gift of the Six Kowtows. Let us start right now; let us come to the Eucharistic Jesus, focus on what is most essential each day in life and God will bestow upon us the blessing to know what needs to be done, and the days we need to live, starting to nurture the light that is inherent and radiating within us. When the tribulations come, let us not fear, because we have Mother and we trust in Mother and it is Mother Herself who leads us to God; Mother leads us back to Him, leads us to encounter Him, and leads us onto the vessel of the last times, and we even have the united Church. With those who listen, with those who fulfill the words Mother reminds, then all of us may return to the Promised Land that today we long for. The battle of the world started and is ongoing; if we do not listen, if we do not earnestly beseech, and if we do not have the intervention of God, we would live in a miserable, tragic, warlike situation. In the final times, can we expect to survive in the human world?

God, please come and take away all the frightening and harmful things the devil brought through our brothers and sisters, who in their immaturity and narrow-mindedness, were in bondage from of old till this day. Please help us, Mother Mary, the Mother of the Divine Mercy (23); the Immaculate Heart of Mary will make the devil back down – he must be afraid because that Light will radiate, and the Eucharistic Jesus will lead people to become the light of the remaining days and the final days. God wants to see the world drive out the darkness, for it to completely disappear; and only the light will remain in the world, on earth, with the days determined to enter into a new world. So, whoever has ears ought to hear; whoever has eyes ought to see; and whoever has a heart ought to feel, understand the celebration that is the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity that today is manifested to us through the Holy Spirit; to emphasize what was done, is being done, what was known, and needs to be known. From the mystery, today we have the opportunity to decide for ourselves, for our souls, and for faith; definitely, there must be months to nourish that faith, by a prayer life, by a life in which we come to the Holy Mass, by a life in which we encounter God through the Sacrament of the Eucharist, by a life we nurture, with the good and holy things that the Holy Spirit granted and gave us in today’s century.

O God – I thank God for granting us the past moments to receive the words of the Holy Spirit who, through the mystery, arranged to reveal more for us to know. We simply know that to God, we believe and we act; to God, we simply know to prostrate and bow; to God, we simply know that for everything, we trust, entrust. What we need most is that we must change our lives; what we need most is for our lives to be amended, to return to holy days; we must remove the thoughts in the darkness; the longing passions, insignificant and confined in human lowliness, to return to God, by amending, by becoming perfect, and by the steps that today we ask to be strengthened in the life of faith: to continue to practice the doctrine that God taught; to practice the inherent righteousness that we still have not experienced; to practice with the teaching of Mother, for us to become worthy people, in holiness, to be saved by God, to be loved by God, and to be immersed in Divine Mercy, to receive the water of rebirth, for us to become the people who are transformed, who are sanctified, who are changed; for us to be worthy to be the people who become perfect, reformed – to live and be saved through the gift of Mother Mary, a Mother close to us; a Mother still present in the divine realm; a Mother who is still concerned and intervenes for the children to turn around and come back, to not fall into the snares of evil, to not fall into today’s detrimental situation, and to not fall into the traps of the devil. If we do not know, if we do not rely on God, and if we do not listen to Mother, then it will not be easy to avoid the mistakes that make us stumble and the snares through the temptations that lure us, by the life of freedom in homosexuality, by the freedom in a life of science and technology, by the freedom in which we allow earthly reality to be the master. Moreover, we do not spend time for the spiritual moments of the soul, and we let that freedom rage by the wrongful deeds that cause us to lose so much time in life; and in the end, we must receive the sentence that is the sentence of death for the soul, forever and ever.

Let us remember to rise because all that today God wants is for us to stand up to acknowledge that we are the children of God; the children of truth, of righteousness; the children of the Supreme Lord who died for us to have life (24); and the children of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Mother continues to be by our sides to remind us, by guiding us with prayer to become the people who are close to Her Heart; because the Heart of Mother will bring victory, and the children of Mother will benefit in the light that today is revealed and kindled by the Light of Jesus through the Eucharist. So, one more time, those who listen need to understand in order to practice; those who listen need to know that our statuses are children of God. We must return to God by our lives today, the sooner the better; do not let it be too tardy and do not let it be too late. Pray fervently for us to be renewed through the help of the Holy Spirit. Today, the Holy Trinity whom we worship is the sovereign Lord and is the loving, Supreme God; and today, Divine Mercy is still granted and the salvation will never fade away in the earthly life, as each one of us, who is a sinner, needs to listen, needs to believe, and needs to abandon the wrong path through His doctrine. As we receive the guidance, enveloped by the divine blessing of the Holy Spirit, we will definitely be saved with the days in the final times; and by our sides, we have Mother Mary, in gentleness, supporting us, sheltering us by the mantle that Mother grants to the entire world today.

L. concludes the words lifted up to God on the celebration of the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity, in a spirit of thanksgiving, of blessing, of praising. The Holy Spirit helps us, and helps me conclude today’s message about the Holy Trinity, through His inspiration; moreover, that authority continues to depict the power and might of the unity that saves us, helps us, and allows us to recognize His intimate love; He comes to perfect, comes to grant us life, comes to save us by His Light. L. ends at 5:27 p.m., on Sunday, June 11, 2017, at home; and this is also the celebration for which we receive the teachings of the Holy Spirit, for us to be more deeply devoted in the completed deeds, in the current deeds, and in the life of testimony.

One more time, on behalf of the brothers and sisters everywhere, and on behalf of all people, especially today’s sinners, including our loved ones, I ask God to please have mercy, forgive; for them to listen, to know, and to eliminate the wickedness that was present and is present in the days; for them to be ready, because God so loves us, and our souls are very precious. Let us not let our souls be lost and become meaningless. When we are in the remaining days and the final days of the end of the century, we must believe that what is heard does not come from human beings but comes from God and from His Spirit, for us to be clearer and decide more clearly in our own challenge, so that the people who hear, the people who know, may be ready to return to God, ready to receive the Light, so that when the Light comes, they will be able to be incorporated into the Light. As for those of us who remain in frivolous days, days not understanding, not knowing, we will then live in the cycle of life, death, and rebirth, in suffering (25); and when the Light comes, the darkness will be dissipated; that disappearance will no longer have the occasion to encounter the Light and will forever be lost and end up with a place that we chose – the darkness. Today, one more time, I thank God, for reminding us, granting us, the Light God always bestows and gives; however, whether we receive or not depends upon each person, depends upon one’s own choice, and depends upon one’s own decision, in a life of action, by reforming, by being holy, and by striving to improve in order to become like those perfect people whom we embrace, listen to.

L. concludes at exactly 5:29 p.m. on Sunday, June 11, 2017, at home, and completes on this afternoon; one more time, I thank God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and Mother. We respectfully lift up the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity in a spirit to honor Father (26) who is our Father and the King of humanity, the King of the universe to whom we must prostrate, adore, praise, glorify and honor, forever and ever; one God whom we worship: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

God, please love and bless our families, the brothers and sisters in our group, and myself, for each person to know the duty and responsibility of what needs to be said, of what is needed through the guidance of the Holy Spirit in order to realize the works that God wants from us, from each one of us. Amen. Amen. Amen.


*The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. L. leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. L. receives messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone. When Jesus gives L. messages it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of


  1. This was a conference, known as “Blessed Sacrament Days,” on the Eucharist at a Vietnamese Benedictine monastery of men in the general vicinity. It is mentioned in the next sentence referring to the time of the statue’s visit at the monastery for four days during the conference at the monastery. This was the “United Nations” Pilgrim Statue (of the World Apostolate of Our Lady of Fatima/The Blue Army). This year is the 100th anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima’s apparitions.
  2. These last sentences speak of L.’s gift to receive heaven’s messages, and of the Six Kowtows that she and those with her offered.
  3. This only means that when we look interiorly – in humility and in truth – in the presence of God, as with the Six Kowtows – done ideally before the Eucharist – He will give us strength because His Holy Spirit lives within us. Without God we can do nothing, but with Him all things are possible.
  4. God, who is omnipresent, came to be, so to speak, with His creation.
  5. That is, as a good and loving Father, He does not come to chastise us (see John 3:17), and He won’t unless He must. (There has been more than one heresy regarding a false concept of God and how we could even relate to such a distant God, who is ready to punish and condemn us – we who are nothing but evil in His eyes.)
  6. The physical miracles of the Eucharist, which have occurred through the centuries even to this day. They have not received the attention they deserve.
  7. See Matthew 11:25 and Luke 10:21.
  8. This refers to the function of each Person of the Trinity – the action proper to each Person, being identifiable with the Person. With God there are realities and qualities that are barely possessed by mere human beings. For example, His attributes (and/or the attributes proper to a Person of the Trinity) are infinite (such as holiness, love, mercy, goodness, justice, truth, beauty, etc.); they are so bound up with God that they are directly identifiable with Him. One proof of this is in Scripture: “God is love.” As such, these attributes reveal His very nature and we can worship them relative to Him, so one can pray, “I worship You, supreme Goodness.” What is true of God’s attributes is also true of the functions of each Person of the Trinity; these functions, too, can be worshipped since there is no separation between them and the Person; for example, instead of “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,” one could pray, following this message, “I worship the Authority. I worship the Savior. I worship the Lover.” There are other functions of each Person; these can be worshipped, too, if they can be substantiated; a perfect example of this is “Sanctifier” rather than “Holy Spirit.” As long as one does not reject the permanent, orthodox Trinitarian formula (“Father, Son, and Holy Spirit”) or use this as a means of undermining its “masculine” language, it is fine.
  9. See 1 Corinthians 6:19; as long as we are in the state of grace…
  10. It cannot be a coincidence that Lenin, the leader of the communist revolution in Russia, and communism are mentioned in this message directly related to Our Lady of Fatima. On July 13, 1917 – the same year as the communist revolution in Russia – She said: “[…] I shall come to ask for the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart, and the Communion of Reparation on the First Saturdays. If My requests are heeded, Russia will be converted and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred; the Holy Father will have much to suffer; various nations will be annihilated. In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me and she will be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world.”
  11. It’s not clear what this means. It may mean that Jesus could not take any more spiritual suffering over those who had failed Him (maybe just that day, or maybe going all the way back to Adam and Eve, or maybe of all time, or perhaps the total number of the souls lost despite His having done everything possible to save them).
  12. “O taste and see that the LORD is good!” (Psalm 34:8)
  13. Due to Original Sin, we are created with an inclination to sin, to evil called concupiscence (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 405).
  14. It has been revealed that one-third of humanity today is good, faithful and virtuous – the wheat among the weeds (Matthew 13:24-30).
  15. These are not in the function of God the Father, but He is the ultimate source of Jesus coming to endure them (see 1 John 4:14 and John 3:17).
  16. This sentence is simply saying that God will do all in His power to save us if we desire it; only the sin against the Holy Spirit, clearly explained in the Catechism of the Catholic Church (#1864), will not be forgiven.
  17. It has been revealed that, through the Five Holy Wounds, God has imprinted a permanent mark of redemption on the heart/soul of every person. It is up to us to carry this through to salvation.
  18. Compare Matthew 28:20.
  19. Often in the Inspired Messages, the Holy Spirit will guide L. to speak in the person, so to speak, of sinful humanity, so we are not to take every sin as one that L. commits.
  20. “Prostration” or “prostrate” in these messages always refers to the Six Kowtows.
  21. This seeming dichotomy can be explained in this way: it seems “Gospel” may refer to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, while “Good News” may refer to the Good News of future salvation, which extended back to the Old Testament (for example in Isaiah 40:9, 41:27, 61:1). Or, since these terms are also synonyms, this might be an example of the ages-old literary device of repetition that is occasionally found in these messages.
  22. Through the Six Kowtows, Blessed Mother will lead Her children into the Era of Peace promised by Her at Fatima; it will be much more wonderful than people expect. During it Jesus will reign in the Church in and from the Eucharist, not in His earthly Body; thus this period, lasting an indefinitely long time (a “thousand years” in Revelation 20:1-6), is also referred to as the Eucharistic Reign of Christ (Compare The Triumph of God’s Kingdom in the Millennium and End Times: A Proper Belief from the Truth in Scripture and Church Teachings by Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi, S.T.D., Ph.D.).
  23. Jesus is “the Divine Mercy” as revealed to St. Faustina (for example, in her Diary, 1680).
  24. See Matthew 9:2, 23:37; Mark 2:5, 10:24; 23:37; Luke 13:34; and John 13:33, 21:5.
  25. What is described here is an earthly state.
  26. It is unclear here whether “Father” refers to Jesus, as in footnote 21, or to the Trinity as Father, which would make sense, too, since the Three Persons are One and each one is revealed as masculine (even the Holy Spirit, who “overshadowed” the Virgin Mary, whom St. Francis of Assisi gave the title: “the Spouse of the Holy Spirit”).


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