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The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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      Only God Can Give us Hope



June 12, 2017

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through L. when doing the First Kowtow (1).

L.: O God, it is 10:07 a.m., on Monday, June 12, 2017, at St. Theresa Church, in front of the sanctuary, before the Cross, the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, the image of the Divine Mercy. Thanks to God for giving us the opportunity to attend the conference (2) in the last few days.  Today, safely back at home, we continue a new day that God has given us, which is also the celebration to honor the Holy Trinity (3). We attended the conference and due to the crowd, the large number of people who attended the conference, we neither had any private time nor space for us to respectfully lift up the Six Kowtows like we used to after every Holy Mass; today, we would like to spend the first Monday of this week, to replace yesterday, in the quiet, peaceful setting in the sanctuary where we often come to reverently offer to God the Six Kowtows after attending Holy Mass. Especially, today, we just attended Holy Mass, there are many things in the experience that God has reserved for me through the conference.

At the same time, in the days of the conference, we also heard from the shepherds of God, the priests, and the organizers at the Thien Tam Monastery; they helped us with the viewpoint, with the virtuous life of the priests, of the religious brothers, and the service of the brothers and sisters who committed themselves for the conference to be perfect. We left, and everyone is safe: we see God’s Presence for all of His children who gather from everywhere as well; it was also the Blessed Sacrament Days conference there that we continue to be able to recognize (4) in the human world. Whatever happens, we are still God’s children who gathered from all over to attend the Blessed Sacrament Days, at the same time, reminding us that it is the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ, of which we bear the name, who is the patron (5), so God allowed us to be there to silently pray for the brothers and sisters who were present there, the people who came for the first time as well as those who have always come there. There have been many times we have come there, but our hearts were still hardened, still indifferent, and still not experiencing the Presence of God through His Body and His Blood, and the meaning of the Eucharistic Jesus as well – the supreme and sovereign Eucharist given to humanity in general (6) and in particular for the Christians.

O God, today, please allow us to meditate and reflect upon the mystery of the Holy Trinity whose solemnity we attended yesterday. In the context of this moment, may we experience the presence of the Holy Spirit and His teaching for us to speak, and teaching us to present, teaching us to narrate, as daily God granted us to say what God wants to say to today’s world. We believe, we know that everything is realized in the power of the Lord and manifested with the mysteries that today the world of the final phase is able to hear, to know. 

O God, please help us rise with the faith that is present; that was, but has become cold and indifferent, has become ordinary and mediocre days, has become the days when we rely on our habits, duties, and are just the customs of life. Help us to rise in a lively way to recognize the voice of God, to recognize the Presence of God, and to recognize the intimacy that God grants us in the divine blessings and the special favors of our time. May God help all of us present today to persevere, to be faithful, and to continue to live every day in God’s blessing, live in God’s grace, to be worthy of being the people chosen in a life of testimony and in a life of pioneering. At the same time the brothers and sisters know, learn from us, through the messages that are received in general for the world and in particular for each individual, so that they also receive the CDs with those messages; they listen and practice, they listen to get close to the Lord; they listen so they may clearly understand the meaning of the Eucharistic Jesus waiting for each individual, each beloved child of God and each sinner also has the opportunity to return, because we believe in the Eucharistic Jesus who is still Present, and is still present through the love that God has for us, each one of us, each sinner, even now, so that we are able to recognize the inherent hope, that was and is.

Today, we lift up to God and we ask God, for us to honor God the Father. Everything is surrendered to Him. Our condition is that of little children; sinful, imperfect, weak, but we believe that as the children of God, no matter how we are – we recognize ourselves, we look back at ourselves – our weak condition cannot separate us from the love that the Father has for us. Regardless, with our sins, with days when we are imperfect, God is still the Lord full of love and He is always just to those who know and recognize their own mistakes to change in order to return. This is the best solution that God gives to our human race.

God grieves because people betray, because people do not follow His laws, because people do not know to accept, do not understand; and we do read but do not practice so we become children who are wicked. God’s love is greater than all these, so whether we are wrong, mistaken, wicked, or immature in faith, God still loves; when we repent and feel remorse, then God rejoices and embraces, forgives and gives His children the chance to turn back, the occasion to return, and the opportunity to recognize the love that God has for us who are sinners.

Today, we are eager to pay homage to God with the First Kowtow; the Lord whom we worship. All the glory, honor and all of the best, most beautiful things belong to our Lord; things that people have not yet achieved, not yet understood, and people who are shortsighted, suffering, who still do not understand, still do not believe, also come to God, for God to change, for God to sanctify, so that in the program of God, with the intellect that He already granted us, we may further know, may further understand that we are indeed the precious pearls – that God already offered us a heart that knows how to love, belonging to God, and a soul, belonging to a place that God decides to forever be His. God gives us this body to work, to know, to serve, to worship, and to glorify our God, but perhaps in our lives, we have come to this world and have encountered circumstances surrounding us, influences from the first generation, so we live with days not knowing, not understanding, and not believing enough, and we remain in the days struggling between good and evil, struggling between right and wrong, and struggling with the inner turmoil that needs and seeks the truth.

Today, may God help us, so that we can represent our brothers and sisters everywhere; represent each of our brothers and sisters in all classes, all roles; represent each sinner; represent our families, and the people around us, the people who oppose us, the people who reject us, the people who do not welcome us, so they may have the opportunity with us in this moment. We believe, we believe God sees, we believe God knows, and we believe God sees true devotion in our hearts. May God have mercy and forgive us in particular and all of humanity in general, so that each class, each role, has the opportunity to receive God’s forgiveness. From there, they will start to mature, because only God gives us meaningful, peaceful, happy and joyful days. 

As for this world, despite the abundant supply of materials and of money, which in the end are only fleeting, there is nothing left inside if without God. This is the law; these are the real things people need to find, and return to the truth, to justice, to righteousness, to the doctrine that God has given us, through the first generation of the Old Testament till the New Testament, and the time of the activity of the Holy Spirit who was and is, and the Presence of the Eucharistic Jesus today by the light, and the voice of Mother resonating in every generation, so that we today we may be strong to walk on the path having the heavenly family, the heavenly family with the saints; with the heavenly kingdom, with all the angels still in our midst today. What remains in today’s stubbornness: give ourselves the chance to open wide our eyes, open our ears, open our  hearts to listen, because the living Word, the Word of truth, the Word will pass through space, time; the Word will turn into the truth that the Lord has let the Holy Spirit work, working with the people who believe, the people who return, the people who have a repentant heart, who seek the truth, who look for the truth, and who testify to the truth.

Today, with our condition, we respectfully offer the First Kowtow, unconditionally in honor of  God the Father, with earnest words, beseeching, prayers that we lift up on behalf of the others; may God accept – though our weakness still exists – yet God still loves us because we recognize our sins, we know to repent every day and to seek what we can avoid in our wretched condition, with the obligations, with the encounters in our daily lives, to respectfully offer to God with a fervent heart, through the prostration, to remind ourselves. May God forgive and may God pour out His grace to envelop us daily, to be renewed in God, to be renewed in His love, to be renewed in the Divine Mercy that still exists and remains with us.

The First Kowtow we offer to God the Father. O God the Father, we just attended the last solemnity talking about the Holy Trinity that the Church and all the books recorded, in the power of God, in love and salvation, and the living activity of the Holy Spirit still extends to all generations. One God in Three Persons, one Trinity, absolutely in the glory that each one of us –who are the people who know, those who do not know, or those who do not yet know – still needs to know, because there is one and only one God who rules the human world; He is the Creator of all things, He is the Creator of this beautiful world. He created all the necessary things; He is the Person who uses His hands to create mankind from clay into a creature in His image, blowing air into us for us to breathe; and for us to have a beating heart, a heart beating each beat, to love, to feel, to distinguish, and to know that we are living in the beautiful world He created for us human beings. Inside, it’s the soul; the soul is so wonderful, pure (7), and He has always granted every human being a soul in order to meet God and the soul will live with God forever.

O God, that flawless masterpiece has become real; human beings are living in this world, but He wants and He bestows for us to have life in fullness, happiness, under His control, under His ruling – a Father who loves His masterpieces, and we are the masterpieces that in this world cannot be created and no one can match, except God who has the right and the sovereignty over our human race, from soul to body, in our hearts and minds. Therefore, speaking of the mystery, no one can comprehend it, but let us meditate so that we can experience it; we see that we are the finest, flawless masterpieces and there is nothing that can be compared to a body that speaks, knows, feels, loves, differentiates between good and evil, and distinguishes who the Supreme Master is, who our Father is, and who the people who come to kill us are, or our enemies, or matters in which we have fallen into our own snares. All of these things are quite simple but our human race has been thinking too much, inferring too much, relying on books, not relying on the doctrine, not relying on the truth, so we lost our own origin; we know only what is in the present, but we do not know the past and we have no idea about the future, so our lifetime revolves around in life and keeps on struggling with what to provide this weak, little body but we do not understand where the body comes from, where this soul is, and what the heart is to do, and the mind to differentiate what is in life.

O God, it is so wonderful, but human beings have forgotten and neglected the most basic things; we seek to serve the body, to build up what is not in the way of God, so humans are forever dominated and ruled by others. Our Lord is so perfect but because we do not fervently listen to Him, we do not let our hearts be close to their Master, to clearly understand that we are created by the hands of the Lord. He loves and cherishes, but we do not accept that love – we prefer human freedom, we accept all that is in a life we just know as the life of earthly reality, the life of days supplying the needs of the body; and as for the soul, the soul is starved, the soul is withered, the soul is cold, and the soul is empty so we are controlled by the devil.  Let us not think too much, nor think too deeply; let us enter into the time of the Old Testament today, so that we can see that the glory of the Lord has been eternal, and taught through the Gospel, through the Good News, through the Book of Genesis, which has a clear fulcrum – The Word who became the truth. From there, we have the world, human beings, and the entire universe, the light, the moonlight. Where do they all belong? They belong to the Lord who forever existed and is eternal, and we just remain within the limits that we rely on, to live; rely on, to learn; rely on, to believe; and rely on, to progress on the path of goodness that God desires over each one of us, each masterpiece whom God created.

Each is the perfect masterpiece that God loves and has become the pearl in His arms. That pearl is not bright because we have the right to decide, the free will to choose either God or choose what is inside of the mind, of the decision; so that is a great influence, because the Word He proclaimed becomes the truth, and all of His works have become the law, so we cannot change them. There is only one thing – immutable – to know that God is our Lord, the Creator; God gives and bestows the best things to His children.

Let us not let it be too profound and too deep that we cannot understand, because we are ordinary, commonplace people; we do not have responsibility nor we do not carry a task (8), but we must know our origin and root. Do not allow for mistakes, do not allow for weaknesses, and do not let us to learn but fail to understand, fail to know, and become ignorant, so that we do not know what truth is, what justice is, what God’s creation is, and what comes from people that tempt us. We have been subjected to the devil – he is certainly cunning; because he was cast down on earth from heaven, he knows all. We are humans, limited, but God protects us; we must obey. We disobey; then what happens? Because we have been weak and we disobeyed, we have gone too far, done too much wrong, and sank too deep into the darkness.

Today, we need to know what we need most is to restore, because God is still there; He still waits, He waits for mankind to mature, He waits for growth and a sense of trust and recognition in the error of countless past centuries, with the sins committed. We should have lived happily, in peace and prosperity, but instead were days of battle, suffering, famine, war, disease. Who is to blame? We created all of that so we must suffer the ordeals, but God does not abandon, does not forget, and never refuses to pour down abundant graces to help save us – each individual, each class, each role, and each sinner.  Today let us meditate a little on the Father, on the one Person, the Creator, who is also the Lord whom we call upon and know. Today, may God help us, to some extent, to talk about what happened in the history of the Old Testament.  Let us reflect, meditate, and experience – we certainly will have a decision for this age, for us now; that enlightenment will help us decide to return to our Lord.

O God, You loved our human race.  God chose Abraham, our forefather, a pagan who did not know God, but beyond doubt something happened, and God knew that He gave life to mankind; and there were many people that God saw – God came and allowed them to meet Him. Our forefather heard and believed in the Lord, and only in faith, God promised to give the whole world, the children of our forefather. There is more… Things were not perfect, but God still had mercy and cared – our forefather in old age was without child; because of the visit of God and the wishes of people in their old age without child, that was realized, and he finally had a son, Isaac. Then, too, it did not end, but there were many more blessings of the Lord, if absolutely in obedience; we only know within the limits of history. This is a key point where we recognize that the Lord has chosen and God has a way to choose our forefather: it is by faith that our forefather travelled anywhere, even though a place was strange and unfamiliar to him – faith has become something that today the descendant may hear, know, and must believe, as Abraham believed; then the world will continue to prosper with all that God has promised and granted.

That story does not end there; in life there are still unrighteous people – there are those fathers who completely belong to faith but their descendants end up not walking in the right direction, they had a way to go astray and had created troubles and left a history that was fundamental and happened. (9) O God – today I just want to talk about what God wants me to say, and I report what God wants me to report.  I only know that our forefather is a shining example of faith, so today people must have faith; because of that faith we became the descendants of Abraham. The Lord promised that his descendants would be like the stars in heaven, like the sand in the sea; we are the people who do not know, who do not understand but still survive, we are the children and the grandchildren of Abraham, a person who is now in heaven, a person whom God chose, certainly our forefather will pray for us, and because of that prayer, today, descendants like us, have the opportunity to recognize and to follow the path of faith like him. Next, there is more… We live with the days bestowed by God, granted by God, but people required a king; what was required in the world God still provides, God gave and finally the king came, but in the end the king was not perfect. Because our lives are free, if we do not walk in the way of the Lord, only by a small opening, the enemy will invade and we become people who cannot be perfect with the doctrine and the truth of God, but God still loves, still forgives and uses all kinds of ways to help. We have a second king God chose, who is King David.

The story of King David, a man anointed by the Lord, who became a ruler at a time when the people of God were long-chosen and forefather David had completely walked in the way of God, and the country became prosperous and wealthy, and everything was good, except for the weakness that humans fall for – lust. When starting to be unrighteous, because of fame, because of position that crush the conscience and the heart in truth, from there he lost the innocence and lost the intimacy with which God used to come to teach our king. In any case, we hear and understand the weakness of human beings, but God also uses all kinds of ways to forgive, to help and to love us.

The story in history: a person committed sin, and a sorrowful penitent earnestly asks to compensate for what was committed, though he cannot compensate, but the Lord looked to see the contrite heart, to see the repentance and to see the goodwill to return to the truth.  He was one of the people whom God chose to write the daily words in the Book of Psalms. O God, the story is ongoing, and it is still a history that we need to meditate on, must experience, need to read to understand, and need to read to learn more about what is fundamental in history. King David betrayed the promise and made mistakes, but in the end, he was a person who completely repented. God continued to promise, David’s descendants continued to step up onto the throne. God is always generous and loves sinners, finding all sorts of ways to save them, and eventually

King David wrote the Psalms (10). That Book today is for all classes, all roles; when reading the Psalms, we need to meditate about the moments of mistake, the moments of praise, the moments that belong to God, of which man cannot report it all, with the power and profound love that God grants to humanity in general, grants to all generations, grants to each one in reflection, and grants to all classes. Today, our Church relies on these as historical statements and cannot deny that King David wrote the Psalms to praise and glorify God; also for the generations of the common humanity of the times that continue to this day is in the Psalms.

We can see the love God has for us, for those who are guilty, for those who have broken their promise, and for the repentant hearts that are present in heaven. It was our King David who became a saint and is present in heaven.  Surely, he understands and knows about human beings, of the generation and of every century. Please pray for us to continue to be the descendants of the earth who will follow your example and live in a perfect life with the words you wrote in the Psalms, to meditate on and glorify God; to amend your life; to return to the days when you were chosen by God – you also had the immoral moments, and through those mistakes you saw the weak condition and committed to return. God grants all privileges for our human world; we only need the determination – what is strongest is the reason to decide on the way, the way to go, the way that must be taken, and the way that we believe in God will have the end of history.

The next story… Surely many of us have had countless leaders in history (11), but the human condition is still frail and sinful and there are many things that follow. In the time of Moses, the time when mankind lived in a state of domination and slavery, there were reasons to become a people who were dominated by others; human beings must have those moments to know about the mighty hand of God, the justice of God, and especially the boundless love of God. People lived in a state of suffering, mourning and crying, and the Lord had mercy, chose for us and chose the story of the ancient history at the time of Moses. We saw that the love of God always safeguards, protects, supports, and we just need to obey and live a life of listening, accepting the truth, living in the truth; and a life in the truth will be protected.

But unfortunately, and sadly for our conditions, righteous deeds are too few, yet foolish and arrogant deeds and the life of wrongdoing are plentiful, so we need to have balance. If God does not allow the events we choose with those wrong decisions, then we cannot have this day and we do not have the Second Person of God.  Through the story of Moses, we can see that the Lord has acted majestically to defend the Israelites, and chose the Israelites as His own people. The Lord fought with the days when we saw that God did not come to us with supreme authority, but He came by the clouds, by the pillar of clouds, by rain, by things in the air and with the wonders that we heard; only with faith did Moses’ staff became the staff that split the sea in two, and there are many more miracles through the power of the Lord. If we do not have faith then how can this appear? But faith is the base of our encounter with God; faith for us to know the power of God; faith for us to recognize the closeness that God fights for His children, the people who believe in Him, the people who serve Him, and the people who know that God loves human beings. He is very fair and just, so those who belong to Him see that what they do will be extraordinary, marvelous, but those deeds belong to God, who is the Master and the Sovereign.

We see at the time of the human suffering of slavery, God helped and saved the Israelites to lead them into the Promised Land.  The first person to lead was Moses. That was a generation in which many people were chosen, and prophets and messengers continued in the time of the Old Testament. Today, we may say that the love of God saves us moment by moment, through all generations, but there are times when we see the Lord deals with His mighty hands.  God is close to us and He lets us know that with His support, then that becomes victorious. But how long has it been? Mankind has come to the Promised Land, has eaten the manna, and there are many things the Lord has given with the needed requirements of mortal humans, but in the end, we also bear the condition of weakness. In the days Moses went up the mountain to receive the Ten Commandments, when he came back, the people had made the calf.

The days in which people continue to live in blindness, people forget so easily, betray so easily, and forget too many things in the truth that humans have received but have forgotten; they just require the necessities that are too lowly and weak so they keep on stumbling and committing sin endlessly. But what happens in the end? With the Ten Commandments, Moses was so angry that he threw them down and the stone tablets were broken.  That was our first step toward the Promised Land – in return as gratitude to God – these are the things that our people, our fathers, had done.  Today, the influence remains in the human world. Let us look, if God totally acts… If Moses did not come to beseech to the Lord, then could we still have this day, when the Lord Himself taught and gave the Ten Commandments to the world? These Ten Commandments remain, what God gives remains, and those who sacrifice, for that to be done in our human world.

That story does not end, and the next one begins to appear.  So many things in life that we must absolutely know that God so loves us; in the time of Moses we see His intercession, His closeness, and He continues to forgive us even if people failed to return for a short time and ended up there for 430 years (12). Much more, our forefather, Moses, also did not go to the Promised Land that God has chosen for mankind. Eventually, that story ended as history and we began with a new period.  Surely in this time, there were many things that God revealed through the messengers and prophets to lead each phase, to help our world always recognize His presence, though we live disobediently, live in misery, or live in wretchedness, but because of the masterpiece God created, He never gave up. Until the last few years, to the time that the Lord saw that for all the chosen people in the world there were openings in sin, so God personally gave His Son to come into the world in a program and a plan to save the whole of humanity, without distinguishing any single ethnicity, nor distinguishing any person, for he wanted to save all humanity.

The story with that beginning lets us contrast with what He said when Eve, our first mother, fell into betrayal; the Lord came and did not say a word to Eve but said to the serpent, “Because you have done this, you have to be on your belly and eat dust all your life, and there will be a descendant and a woman who will step on your head and you will bite at the heels of that descendant and that woman.” (13) This must be said and emphasized, because that Woman was promised from the first moment when our first parents betrayed the Lord in a time that is too long and too far away for mortals, but for God it is only a moment in time.

All that has gone through the course of history to the time when the Lord began to listen and everything was decreed in His plan, a Person came, whom the Lord Himself had fully sheltered and protected; guarded and protected to become a first step in history, and that initial step was a Woman, a Woman sheltered, protected, but that Woman could not escape the challenge. Indeed, our God is so wonderful; He uses all kinds of ways – He wants the heart and soul to become the truth as He wants. He gave us a body but inside that body is a precious pearl, as described; it is not sufficient to describe it – it is a precious pearl to which He granted a soul, a heart, and a mind. It is so sublime, enveloped by the great light of the Supreme God in the heavenly kingdom. The light of the world is enveloped by everything necessary in the world, but the light of the pearl of truth lies within, hidden by the love of God, covered by the power of the Lord, covered by the supremacy of the Supreme Lord whom we worship.  That Person was preserved and came to this world, and the world faced everything from the truth, and that Woman conquered all, that Woman became a perfect Person whom God chose.  That Person has gone through the trials, the extremes of mankind, and walked through the lowly, petty things between people but that Person completely conquered and became pure, became perfect and complete (14). Since then, Mother Mary has appeared, in the divine realm; God always guarded and protected Mother – starting at the moment decided, the Holy Spirit has been active in Mother ever since. This is certainly not written in history, but the masterpiece that God has chosen and He personally created to be able to become a real person also comes in a normal fetus but is one maintaining wholeness and virginity so that God could be sent to the world.

Wonders have come – that was Mother Mary; the phases of the road Mother walked and Her life, from birth to the time offered to the Temple, the age was so young but Mother must also have experienced the pain between people, because of our people living in those days – although heard, known but are still shortsighted days, limited days with the inferiority, with the lowliness inherent in sin from the beginning. It has affected so many ages, but in the end, God still cares to send Mother Mary and at the right time; the angel Gabriel came to announce the message. Mother was ready with the word “Fiat” (15). In a normal life, but Mother recognized the truth and the light; all things were offered to the Lord with the word “Fiat” and She obeyed that which God already decided for the world. Thus we begin to return to the first moment, when the angel, who is a celestial being, came with a glittering light but Mother, having the body of a human being, could not imagine that was happening. When the angel was announcing, Mother fully listened and felt how certain things did not fit into the human world, but Mother responded to the angel: the angel had said, “You are the person chosen.” Mother said, “yes,’’ to what the angel announced.  There was no need to explain in depth; there was no need to understand what is in human reasoning, so that came true. The Holy Spirit enveloped Mother right at that moment and She became the Mother of the Second Person of God. It is so wonderful in a spiritual life.  We experience that this is a history about which we have so many things to revere; it is truly exciting for us to come to life, to know the inherent history God grants and bestows to us in the world of humanity, so that we can distinguish that what God does has its own schedule, and it has the levels that all men can understand and experience as not too difficult, nor too deep – we just need to believe. That is also why we look back to understand Mother Mary; when announced from the angel, She said the word “Fiat.”

On the first day, our first mother was in the Garden of Eden, without a human race, except Adam, and everything around was beautiful.  These were the intimate days of hearing the Lord’s voice, and with happy, peaceful, simple days, with nothing else going on. But when the serpent appeared, and because of the forbidden fruit – that red, forbidden fruit that mankind has been enticed by – we have completely lost the principle: to eat that forbidden fruit was to break a covenant that God has given us in the human condition; to separate from what does not belong to the world, does not belong to humanity – but which we have committed. Through the visit of the angel, our Mother Mary said “Fiat,” yet with the appearance of the serpent, our Eve accepted.  Indeed, that is something that goes against what God desires in our humanity. What has become the past and the history still must answer to the law that existed, and so, Mother Mary brought us back to the history, as a triumphant Person, and allowed the word “Fiat” to become the covenant for humanity.  From there, we were in line to receive the salvation of the Lord Jesus.

We can spend a little time to ponder.  If Mother Mary did not accept because it was a discrepancy and a paradox in the world of humanity; moreover, Mother was engaged, unable to do that, then what do we think? Would the world have the Lord Jesus come or would the world have salvation? Surely with the power of the Lord that would have happened.  This is a story for us to see the first history.  When God the Father spoke to the serpent, that Woman – how many centuries had begun – had said “Fiat” to God the Father through the truth. History has begun with intense days – to the human world, to the inherent paradox of the human world.  Today we must not allow rigidity as far as human reason to become a proof to prevent what is divine, to prevent the will of God, to prevent what God grants us. Mother Mary said “Fiat,” which has become a story, and since then the world of mankind has begun to enter a new time, a time of salvation, a time of receiving what comes from heaven; that is, the doctrine of heaven brought through the hands of the Lord Jesus.

Let us pause, go a little deeper to see that Mother received the angel’s words and the Holy Spirit covered Mother; then She acted. That was love and was proclaimed; Mother came to see Her cousin, St. Elizabeth, who was also pregnant, six months before Jesus. These two women first came to the world, to tell the world that St. John, who was conceived six months before the Lord Jesus, was a cry in the wilderness, paving the way for the Lord to come. St. John was born six months before Jesus and the two women represented the encounter. The Lord Jesus was born six months later, but His power, His love was united for both to meet.  St. Elizabeth’s knowledge in the Spirit of God and the response of Mother was the Magnificat, in which Mother praised; She adored through the Magnificat. The Magnificat has become the truth in the praise of a Woman whom the Lord chose, and that Woman brought the Savior into the world. That became true and today we have begun to understand how God began to enter the human world.  He was born in a cave, with a manger; He seemed to have lived with the condition of a perfect human being. He also reminded that what was from the past, today God will repeat in His life; He came to change, to be totally obedient to God the Father. We understand the cave when we sing: “On a cold winter’s night, Christ was born”; a manger – but this is also symbolic of our two first parents leaving the Garden of Eden; there was no house, no door, no hiding place, and no other place to hide in besides the caves in the mountain ridges. Those caves were where our first two parents started to live. Today, Jesus comes and the Lord has chosen Mother Mary to bear the Savior and chose St. Joseph to form a family to change what was in the life of the times before, which is a beauty that has love, has affection, mutual support, God’s blessing, and a close relationship so that we have a perfect family of the world.

God is the Lord, who comes personally to bring this to our human world, which has clear implications in the life God has in His supremacy: to plan all things for the human world – so the Holy Family appeared. From the years Jesus was on earth, the days that He officially began to preach were only three years; three years to meet people and choose disciples. In those three years He has done countless, extraordinary, wonderful things.  His hands healed the sick, and helped the blind to see, the lame to walk, the deaf to hear, the dead to rise – as well as the words to teach mankind righteousness, the truth, the doctrine, justice, and fairness. Indeed, because of this He had to endure so much bitterness, so much humiliation and so much pain; if only we believed and knew, then Jesus would have saved mankind and He would not have to die.

But because stubbornness persists, because sin still carried over countless generations, because of the stubbornness that the snake used to destroy the most beautiful things, the best of our human race, there still are the unbelievers, who do not know and reject the Lord. These people are still living in this world; if God uses power to destroy, then truly there would be no human being left on earth. But God does not want, God does not want mankind to die; God knows the human condition with sin – God created that person. Therefore, because of the external work that the Lord always accompanies in the life of the interior soul, for faith, for perfect deeds to be reminded, with the good to accompany us while leading us into the life of reality, with the doctrine, with the truth that the Lord Jesus Himself brought. He is the most high Prince of heaven; He is also the supreme leader whom God the Father has chosen for ages to have His program start in the human world when He is in the flesh. Those wonderful, extraordinary works started and are rooted in the Lord Jesus, so when we recognize this we must believe, because the works Jesus does do not go in the way of earthly reality, do not follow the path of today’s science and technology – when sick, then must be hospitalized, the disease must be cured, the disease must follow the human order, the disease must be operated on, the disease must completely follow that way – but there are also those who are healed; they are truly healed in their own faith.

Indeed, not everyone follows this way, because God created the world so things must also follow the way of the world; God simply invites us, in the ways God gives, but we must let our hearts live in righteousness, live in the statutes, live in the doctrine, live in the commandments and precepts, then we do not commit anything, but we will be in a good position to follow the way of the Second Person when He came and bestowed. God always has something to remind us that God is powerful – not just things in the world, but there still are very extraordinary things that come from God. There are so many things in human reasoning that we cannot find, but we are also looking for the Holy Trinity and Three Persons in One God with no explanation. We only know that the way of God was granted for us when the Second Person of God became incarnate; that changed and all of it became days for us to have the right to have more freedom in our own decision, not controlled by anything. In the time of the Old Testament, we see that what is given in certain laws had to be enforced; if we do not realize it, then there will be things that happened, which are the stories we have in the time of the Old Testament. The first age was one with rules handed down that had to be enforced; if people failed to do so then we were subjected to torture, to slavery, and endured the ordeals that people had to endure under the circumstance, but in the end, the day when the Lord Jesus came, then those become days with guidance, with help, and also days that gave us the opportunity, the time to be able to choose and return.

In the end, the Lord Jesus could not wait with people remaining in indifference and coldness, still in denial – for the kings at that time were too unjust. There were things noticed but the truth was not upheld, because of authority, because of reputation, jealousy, because the sin in human life that had been influenced for so long it was unable to stand up, but God used ways to equip us, to be suitable with the world; used love to convert; used love to help our human race become righteous. Because sins, if God did not exchange at the price of Blood, if God did not die, and if God did not completely shake the entire human world, and did not let man at the time recognize what were sublime appearances (16), and did not recognize the Person in the body of a normal, ordinary man yet His works were extraordinary, wonderful and infinite, with love, with the doctrine and the truth. In the end, Jesus was crucified on the Cross, Jesus was put to death for the salvation of mankind; that Blood has become the Body and Blood, ongoing, every day on the altar to guide people back home. Only the Lord gives us a happy, peaceful life, when we believe in Him, live in His doctrine, live in the truth, and live in the way that we – even through each situation, each stage, and each event that happens – still believe, remain steadfast in faith; then we will be able to live, to live eternally with Him. The days of exile are the days we come to serve, to worship, to honor, to give thanks, but if we lose those days, at the end, if we repent, God still saves, God still loves, and God still gives us days to repent.

Indeed, we can only partially describe the story, but many more things can remind us. The Lord is the Father; He has all the supreme authority, He has the power, He has an important, indescribable sovereignty because He is the Supreme Sovereign, and He is the Supreme Being rich in mercy, He is the Father of humanity.  He is also a just Judge in the law that He established. Therefore, anyone living in the truth and walking in the truth will be saved, and will live with Him and be returned to a place that He grants; and if anyone lives in confusion, in suffering, deliberately refusing to believe in the Lord Jesus, He completely sacrificed His only Son as a proof of love to lead mankind into the doctrine and the truth, leading people on a path where people have completely failed to find the light, failed to find the truth, and allowed the human world to dominate (17). Because we betrayed right from the beginning, this mistake is inherent, and still is and is also the rule, so God uses a more advanced, more noble, more enduring, and more beautiful way in the divine realm to be realized in the world of mankind. If we have faith, we will know that the presence of the Second Person will lead us to a different, gentler way, with more freedom to decide (18), and each person may receive naturally, when we follow what Jesus has done for us. He already knew that we are very weak, that we easily stumble, are easily controlled, and easily shaken, so He uses a great spiritual method. Jesus came to choose the Twelve Apostles but the weakness was still there, so one Apostle was lost; when He started to enter into the Passion, there were only eleven Apostles, when Judas truly accomplished what he had planned. All that has happened in our history shows that our condition cannot be perfect, but God still loves and God still tries to save us. The day He began to enter into the Passion, He knew that if He did not leave something in the divine realm that God the Father had given Him – and He accepted that responsibility – if He did not secure that absolute love to save mankind, then we would not have the Eucharist of Jesus.

The supremacy of the Lord is truly a sublime mystery that no one can penetrate, but when revealed through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we will understand more and know more.  Since then, the Lord Jesus has had many ways of knowing that our humanity is still shortsighted and weak, and our eyes cannot see through, even though God chose the Twelve Apostles – very simple, very humble, in all sorts of ways – and He instituted the Sacrament of the Eucharist on the evening of the Last Supper, before He went into the Passion. Since then, the Eucharistic Jesus was and has been Present from the moment He established this for the Apostles, which was also promised from the days when He walked with the Apostles. He additionally promised to have a Church, and the Lord chose St. Peter as the first recipient of this favor.

There were many things that came along in the time of Jesus, who came and gave us our human world (19). We see that the Passion of the Lord, after it was completed, then that doctrine, through the lives of the holy Apostles, was testified to by their lives and words as they traveled all over. When they were able to do what human frailty is unlikely to do, they were not alone, because when He left and everything was finished, the Holy Spirit came. The Holy Spirit did not assume a human body, the Holy Spirit did not bear a condition like the Lord Jesus. The Holy Spirit did not do all that mankind could see, but the Holy Spirit lives completely in the divine realm, in blessing, in grace, and that love comes absolutely to those who hear, those who practice – and extraordinary, wonderful things came to the world through the holy Apostles.

We continue to hear that St. Paul was chosen after the time of the Twelve Apostles.  St. Paul himself also had visions; the angels and the saints visited him; there were moments when God came to let him know what he needed to do, let alone the Apostles. Among the Twelve remained eleven and when the Holy Spirit came, they became anew; the works that they did – it was not they who did them, because people in the weak flesh lack strength and courage, and know not what to say, know not what to do. It was the Holy Spirit; the Holy Spirit is God the Father’s love in Jesus; at the end of the Passion, the end of the redemption, and after He completed and returned to heaven, the protection in the divine blessing of the Holy Spirit came. Since then, in the divine realm, He dwells within us, with us, and remains with us until this century, but He does not reveal as we see, as we believe; He is the air, the water, the fire (20), all that is in the perfect splendor that God the Father created from the beginning so that our mind determines that what is good, what is great, what is in perfection, what people do in holiness, is the Holy Spirit. All these wonderful things belong to the divine realm that is the presence of the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of God who formally comes to the human world. If we carefully study the Gospel, the Good News, and things attested by the tongues of fire that appeared on the Apostles’ heads in the first age, there were not twelve, not eleven, but in that number there was our Blessed Mother. Indeed, it is something we must hear to know and understand, in the room of over 100 people, all of those present received; that was a representation for the entire human world since the Holy Spirit formally came into the world to be with us.

Since then, Jesus was completely absent; Jesus was no longer in the days of flesh and blood to travel far and wide with the Apostles, using His loving hands to save people, but He indirectly worked through the Holy Spirit, and the love of God the Father in the Holy Spirit; the Father and the Son are intertwined to become an eternal love for the human world. Since then, the Holy Spirit has been working with us in the earthly world, the Holy Spirit has begun to come to our world through the holy Apostles. All the perfections were and still are; if in the truth we find the doctrine, that is the work of the Holy Spirit; He never ceases to save us, He never ceases to work in us. Between good and evil, there is a great struggle when we start doing wicked deeds, start to have lust, greed, then there is also a voice resonating in the inside that is the justice, not to make us nervous, not to make us afraid; if we are true to what is good, our hearts are peaceful and happy, but when we start with unrighteousness, then our hearts are afraid and anxious – that is the inherent truth that the Holy Spirit has accomplished for us in each soul. All things have happened in general to the world, and in particular for each individual, and for us who are sinners, because that fire was burning brightly; when we cooperate, then we become extraordinary, great people like the Apostles of old, but unfortunately, our faith is limited, and our trust is certainly not absolute, relying on material, money, fame, position – it overwhelms the spiritual sublimity in the soul, so we have been disadvantaged, because what is reality exceeds what is spiritual.

Since then, the Holy Spirit is still silent – still silent to remain with us and support us; dwelling deep inside our souls, He continues to speak quietly, depending on each individual recognizing Him, knowing Him, and receiving Him. From then on, despite any unrighteousness or disasters, internal conflict, external conflict, no matter what happens, the Holy Spirit is still the Person who brings us peace. The Third Person appeared not in the way in the program that the Lord planned for the Lord Jesus but the Holy Spirit is in the divine realm, is in this world, is in the sky; He remains with us, with the good deeds, to make decisions and to be determined in thought and deed, of depth and of ideas, to decide between good and evil. We are complete when we need to know and believe – then we will have the Holy Spirit; when we know Him and when we know how to pray; when we know how to quiet down to study the doctrine, study the Bible, study the Good News; when we know that everything is determined in an arrangement that the Lord has given us through the Church to remind us, to feed our souls, to nourish us with His Word, and our lives are fed by the Body and Blood of Jesus, and the guidance in godliness to become perfect people, knowing the doctrine, the truth; knowing the commandments, the statutes – that is the Holy Spirit. What is the best is the Holy Spirit; all living things belong to the Holy Spirit, and all that delivers us in times of misery, and the people who know how to repent, know how to walk away from sin, and know how to come back also belong to the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, the Holy Spirit will guide us to encounter God the Father; the Holy Spirit will guide us to recognize that salvation is very important to the lives of each one of us, each sinner. The Holy Spirit effectively works all the great things to lead us into absolute faith, and gives us the evidence by work, by affirmation, by a life of witnessing, by a pioneering life, and by a life with activity, without fear, and without thinking of our condition. Because our lives, if we truly do not have absolute trust in God, then we always blame ourselves and we narrow ourselves with things that are reasoning in the world; we do not know that God loves us and that God is ready to help us. We just need to cooperate with Him in holiness and in a life in absolute faith to serve the Lord in a plan because today we have entered into the doctrine, entered into truth and are determined – in all circumstances, all classes. We know that the Lord sees and knows, so we trust and entrust; God will definitely work in us and God bestows to us one by one. We are the masterpieces of the Lord in all of the ways that God has given to us, filled with the gift of the Holy Spirit. There is no one like us (21), we are all the masterpieces He gives us with our own capabilities, proper and appropriate to help us and help our families, help the world in general and help us when we come to a shared life.

We have everything, but no one is the same; each person is under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, under the control of the Spirit when we belong to the Lord, when we believe in the Lord, and when we let the Holy Spirit work on us.  Do not think that a time of power, with a king, with all the power yet we do not live in justice, do not live in the law, do not live in the doctrine, do not live in justice, and do not live in the truth. In particular, we remove the commandments of the Lord, so we have been lured in the same way as the snake in the past that used its art, which blurs the conscience, blurs the morals, nurtures crime and becomes dominant; what is good starts to weaken, what is evil increases. So, we no longer listen to the Holy Spirit coming to us, because we yield to the flesh, prefer reality, yield to human reasoning, and yield to things under the rule of law, dominated by all that people prefer in the earthly world: status, money, fame, and even more – jealousy, envy, lust, ambition.

We cover up under our function and duty, cover up with our outer garments, cover up with the appearance of knowledge and education, cover up all our knowledge so that we nurture things inside, which is arrogance, which is overconfidence in what we have; we forget the words the Lord teaches: humility, simplicity. Even if knowledgeable but still under the control of the Holy Spirit, we have no need to show off, but when we act in humility, it is the Holy Spirit, and when we become little, when we humble ourselves, then God will raise us up. Indeed, many things are known, heard, but how many of us apply? So the world, the talented people, the children of God, the people who have education, knowledge but are limited, are being exposed; because we are oppressed by the earthly world of appearances, with fame, ambition, money, wealth, lust, greed, and many more things that are being controlled in the real world. We can ask ourselves and ask the world of mankind today: we are sure we know God, believe in God, but have we truly let the works of God be realized in the great things in which we need to unite in the Name of our God? And have we done things for the Lord to intervene and protect us, help us, in a way that is no different than the times when we first invoked and the Lord interceded and acted?

Indeed, although our ancestors and deceased people have gone, they made mistakes but they had good things too; because we need to learn what is good and eliminate the mistake because we have had the experience of our ancestors, what was not seen, was not known. Jesus suffered and died – He sacrificed absolutely; He finally triumphed over death and rose in glorious victory. The activity of the Holy Spirit remains and continues to help us with this, even if we cannot but we also learn about trust, faith; learn with the trust of the past leaders, like Tobias, for example.  He lived a normal, poor, simple life, but his faith was absolute toward God and his prayer was heard by the Lord; that is illustrative for us descendants today, for every family, every individual. Sincere belief overcomes trials; then the Lord will reward us and we receive what the Lord has set aside for this life as well as for the next. We can learn from Tobias – to put the Lord above everything; even the day he was engaged, he also ceded the day of the marriage to not be an earthly day, to not be for lust, but to save it for the Lord. On the third day he began to enter into a married life to have children. Since then, trivial, ordinary, commonplace things, to people like us, the laypeople, the knowledgeable people, or less educated, or people who do not know still have the example of the leaders who have gone through history.

We also have the story of the seven brothers (22); in the end they were standing, bold, satisfied, not afraid of death – because those people believe, their lives are also ordinary lives of laypeople like us, putting God above all else. Those seven people died, but now they are in heaven; they became saints and the shining example we see in believing in God. We know the Lord, and if we die for God through faith, indeed there is such happiness. But in truth, in the human world, the brave are so few; the cowards are too many. Those who believe in God, though, believe much but we still hold onto the ordinary world, with its own rules, so today we are dominated because of that weakness. We have our Father as the king, but we do not use the rights of a prince, of a princess, in a life with the power to dominate what does not belong to our Father, but we have integrated ourselves with the traitorous ones with unrighteous deeds, so that today we must suffer misery, because of lack of faith and lack of human responsibility – responsibility in the doctrine, in the truth, and in the commandments of the Lord. God allows us free will; the Lord gives us the right to know the truth and the right to choose the path of truth, the right to choose what is right and what is wrong. If wrong, then we must be bear the responsibility by what we have chosen, so that we see the consequences of the wrongdoings that we must recognize in order to repent while our hearts still beat – to distinguish between right and wrong, for or against a loving God who died for mankind, for or against a God who so loved mankind and gave us a history, a doctrine, and gave us his love through the Holy Spirit. He so loves us but how much was the human response? For that reason, faith is weakened and there is so much more, from the points that we still depend on the world of reality rather than on the deeds of the Lord.

Today, we are still limited, we are living in the most painful, agonizing days that are the present world; we do not need to look too far, deep and into the past, to understand the mystery of the Trinity. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit have allowed us to clearly understand three functions, but for love, there is only one God. He can transform, can do all to lead us into the doctrine to easily understand in the human world, to find the truth and the justice of truth. God is still the only Lord; that love has produced so many good things that the Lord has for the world and for every situation, every role, every class, even ordinary people and sinners like us. Love will become true, love will become flawless, love will be boundless, everlasting, because God is the Lord of love, the Master of love, and He is indeed the Author of love. Speaking of love, it has been repeated many times, but who can have the doctrine of love apart from God? So in love, it consists of so many things that the Holy Spirit is training and teaching us to encounter the foundation of the Seven Sources of Grace (23); from those Seven Sources of Grace there are also many gifts of the Holy Spirit that are poured out and given to the good people as well as to the wayward ones so that they can comprehend and clearly understand the doctrine. How unfortunate for the shortsighted people, who continue to not understand, to not see, to not hear when read to – do not see when they look, and do not meditate – so they started out wrong and keep being wrong. As for those who know, hear in meditation, although they do not have knowledge, they have a heart, have experienced love; as a result, then, people who do not know, who are not learned, have certain things that educated people, knowledgeable people also need and must look at.

So who says we do not have the Holy Spirit? We do have the Holy Spirit, but we do not know how to use His graces and that is why we are misled and are dominated by the evil spirits, because our enemy has defeated us and killed us one by one, at each place where he appeared. Today we have God the Father, the mighty One, the powerful One, the One full of supreme authority, but because of our sins, how can we see Him? Because of sin we cannot connect with Him; because of sin, we face a closed boundary, because of our arrogance. When we really understand this, then we are no longer dominated by Lenin, we are no longer dominated by the communists, we are no longer dominated by all the countries in the human world: no. Because we are God’s children but we do not serve God (24), we do not walk in the way of the Lord, we do not let the doctrine and the truth of the Lord be realized over us, and we do not let the commandments of God be realized over each person, over each heart, over each soul, and over each sinner like us. We have lost our conscience, our morals, reason and truth; we have allowed the flame of the Holy Spirit be extinguished in our daily life – each one of us And with the movement of the time, we live more for the flesh, live for money, more fame, in lust; greed began to dominate what comes from the power and the light of the flame of the Holy Spirit.

All that we had and have, let us look at it to see whether it is right or not; let us look back. Today we continue to fear: fear this, fear that, and this country, that country. The foolish and proud people are baptized – they know God but do not know a single word in God’s doctrine; they support earthly reality, they are against the family, against wife and children, while those who know do not believe and do not understand and do not even reconsider. So God said, “For my people are foolish, they know me not” [Jeremiah 4:22]; foolish for not seeking the truth, for not seeking from what God taught, so they have been dominated by stubbornness, obstinacy; by arrogance, by unrighteousness, delving into reality more than the spiritual life – without faith.  How can there be deeds performed in righteousness, in truth, in love, and in a life that people need to learn, need to know, and need to give away?

Indeed, it is something that today we should not think that we know; let us not think we are talented people, let us not think we are knowledgeable, learned; knowledge, education is inherent, a normal thing that God grants to those who have the heart to live in the days. The Lord said to Adam: “In the sweat of your face you shall eat bread.” [Genesis 3:19] We also must go to work, must study at school to be able to be successful – that is the law that God grants and gives, but they are only the days to feed the body, but as for the soul we need to have the grace of God: we must have a special guidance through the Holy Spirit and that is love to nourish us; love to nurture the truth, righteousness and justice; love to accept; love can forgive and lead us in patience and sacrifice. We cannot live in the world alone, but we live with loved ones, a father, a mother, a brother, and there are people today whom we need to learn to get along with, to help them and for each person’s knowledge to be united to glorify God, because God is the Creator, because God is the Masterpiece in all masterpieces; God is the perfectly flawless Supreme Being and the Supreme Being who has the depth, the height with unmatched supremacy. We are the children of God but we do not understand God and we do not learn what God teaches – we refuse and we let those things become too challenging in our lives so we have been ensnared by the devil; the opening has become increasingly wider and greater so it has invaded each individual, one by one – it has penetrated every single soul, it has become things that today we advocate for the error, justify the mistake, justify wickedness in a life by the rule of law.

Indeed, the law: the Lord also has law for us. God’s law is the commandment, God’s law is the Eight Beatitudes, God’s law is the Our Father, God’s law is that we live in love and forgiveness, God’s law is on Calvary where He loves, to bear our sins; He loves, and He did not commit any crime to deserve death. We are the people who deserve death, but because of love He accepted, accepting the Way of the Cross, accepting humiliation from our sins, accepting all that was the opposite of justice, of the truth, because our human race was in error and lived in error and nurtured those mistakes for too long in the world of mankind. God came to save us, but it has been 2,000 years. Have we awakened yet, have we recognized yet, and what have we learned?

Today, we are in fact in a most wretched and miserable situation; we do not have to suffer misery regarding materials and money, but we are suffering because of our ignorance and shortsightedness that has allowed evil to rule and rage, killing both soul and body by things that today we are being threatened by in a world without peace; we are being subject to human beings like us who create nuclear bombs to kill fellow human beings, to kill the brothers. What for? For jealousy, envy, desire to be better than others; desire to deny God’s right, desire for ruling of mankind. Those are myths, those are stories in which people dream of the prospect of the truth, but we do not return to the truth, we have forgotten and gone too far with things that need to be known. Today, the situation has been so severe that people begin to moan and begin to look for someone to help us; looking for someone to restore this. Today, the people are still hardened, stubborn, to allow the policy of communism, the policy of Lenin, the policy of those who step out of the law of God.

Today, we also know, it is the control of a number of people, and also the control in the divine realm; but in wickedness, the devil uses the immature and the foolish hearts, and he has his own sign, which is the three numbers six, which began to spread throughout the territory in unrighteous deeds in all aspects. That is history, that is a time of civilization; those are the positions, and those are the authorities – all that he provides, everything in the human world, as long as he wins over our souls, one way or another. He destroys what is the best by the truth that people need to have toward each other in love, in affection, in a life that our people need to know and need to practice in the last crisis of history. God has bestowed and created us by love, by life with the best in goodness, but we have been so subjected for so long.

It has been so long since we let our world step into a time, and how much time has been dominated by evil? Our lives lack the diligence to bear witness to our God and we apply what is more in earthly reality than the law of God. So we are still a number, a figure that only accounts for a third, and the other two-thirds doubtless do not believe in God; therefore this is a great influence. Let us remember that at the end of history, whether we have two-thirds lost or only one part remaining, we believe in God, we rely on God, because God wants the other two-thirds to also belong to God, whether this is known or not known, but when the time comes, then only God is the Sovereign – no one else besides Him.

Today, what we choose or do not choose, or how we are living, we must also recognize, because we have chosen things of reality – this world is controlled by him (25) and he will have victory over us, but when we know the truth of the months in the world, we continue to pursue the unimportant things of everyday life and there are many freedoms in our lives. There are so many beautiful things, because people go into the science of today’s technology – there are things that could not be done in the past but that today we have, with uses that are truly good, truly nice; we have cars to drive – in the time of Jesus there were no cars, but there were things to fit in that time. At this time, we do not use camels, do not use cows and buffalos, but we use machines; that is from God, not ourselves, because we do not see God present and He allows us to progress each day in life – we think that we can do it ourselves, and forget God and reject God. Since then, we have done the works of God, but we do not let God carry on in our lives with holiness, so we start to have ill will, and because of that opening the enemy intruded; since then he has learned that he ruled and he remains. What foolishness to think that he leaves the world because we were so naive and foolish to choose him, so he snatches all best things that God has given to us, but we do not know who that ruler is (26).

In the end, we only know that the human world is a world controlled by the program that has truly emerged today – this little is known but the truth existed; he holds power in every area, from finances, from the life of earthly reality, from the life of the nation, and from the life of the world; to rule the world of survivors. He uses according to the way that people like; he knows our psychology is our weak flesh, only liking what is most necessary; there are many things that rely only on the life of reality in money, in fame, in desire, in greed. Think about that: we just revolve around this, but what is more spiritual is that we must look at what is inside, the depth, the width of the soul – a peaceful heart, joy, rejoicing, happiness, and perfection that comes from God, but He still dwells deep in the soul, because the world has become corrupted, the world has become the time when we have removed those who have sacrificed, the righteous, those who died for truth and justice; it has become days when people do not experience much and do not receive much from the sacrifice of those who have gone before us, those who departed for the truth, died for the truth, and have sacrificed for justice and truth. We have let the dimension of earthly reality be more present, so today the world has become days of corruption, the world has become days of war, the world has become days when we fight over rights and position; the world has no peace, the world has no harmony, from the family, from the community, and even individually. We have in turn spread corruption over every country, every homeland; the plan to restore is that we only recognize the appearance of wealth, of knowledge, of prosperity, but we exploit every single citizen – we exploit, and we use methods that are too lowly in order to have wealth, exploiting in the human world of superficiality.

This is not something without evidence; China is a country in East Asia but today [Chinese] people are spreading everywhere. How did they live? A country that does not recognize God, does not see what belongs to God, but is prosperous, because it has used all cunning tricks to properly and timely win over the human person. People just live with the days in order for them to make a living, people only know that in life, they only feed the body, they do not think of the soul. He (27) took hold of the best in the book of the Gospel, the book of the Good News, the book of righteousness, of the doctrine, of the truth; he retrieves all and forbids all; he rages according to human method; he rules with the people who are so cruel that they can destroy families that can have only one child, not two, and if there are, then must be killed, must be eliminated. What kind of world is this? Is that a conscientious person? Is that love? Indeed, this regime is still going on; that is East Asia.

North Korea. How do people live? There are no rice, no clothes, and working arduous days to contribute to those who have authority, to buy nuclear weapons, to rage in their own way. How do people live? Is this the law? Is this a humanitarian program? Are these the people who have conscience and a sense of right and wrong? Let us take a look, let us look and see clearly, look in a clear way so that we can understand about what we have, yet we do not dare to stand up; we have but we do not use what we have, so it is used by the devil, who uses it in a superficial way, suitable for us in order to rule over us. We do not know that we are the princes and princesses that God created, because we let the world rage, so we became banished princesses and princes, but princes and princesses who used to belong to God; therefore, He will not allow what rules the flesh to rage and cause us to lose our souls, He uses all kinds of ways to save us, He also gave us enough days – the days we are being enslaved we can also rise up because He intervened. At the right time, then that will be saved. We just need today to open our eyes wide open, to open the ears to hear, to open the heart to recognize the truth; we were redeemed by God not today – the  first days when the Lord Jesus became incarnate, then we were already rescued at that time, we had a course of action in the books, through the Good News and the Gospel, the main point in the world of humanity; each person, each role, if on the right path and in the doctrine, in the law of God through the commandments, then there would not be such a great disaster like today.

Today, we have difficulty understanding the mystery of the Holy Trinity, but it is true that God has set aside and let us know clearly in every age and every role that He has done only one thing; He loves us – He wants us to become the people who love and recognize love so that we can live with days of prosperity and solve every problem in the world of humanity. We must believe in God, worship God; we honor and glorify, and we serve our brothers so our world does not end up with days of grief, suffering, war and many more things that depend upon us – because what is war? It is what people create to disturb, to lose harmony, to lose peace; people cause us, from the family, from the society, from the country, to be chaotic.

That is evil as we have seen its true face, and today that is the program of the three sixes that appeared, which was not yet common but many people knew its program; that number of people is not human, clothed as human but it is not human – he is the devil, he is disguised, in the foolish people who sold their souls to him, and he uses those people to rule our world in the generation of these times. (28) In particular, it will be exposed to the truth that today it cannot triumph over; it cannot triumph over the power of the Lord, and it cannot conquer the light of God – it cannot overcome the supreme power of God.

Today, look into the truth, look into righteousness and justice; this is something that the Lord wants to remind us. We must live humbly; we live to become small – thus the heavenly kingdom belongs to us. When we become little ones, living in humility, then every deed of our brothers and sisters, every country has good things, beautiful things – we accept each other, we give up things for each other, we love each other and we recognize the doctrine. Are these God’s works? The world will not have days of war because we accept love and forgiveness; but because we do not accept love and forgiveness; we choose jealousy, we use the most evil, the most cunning tricks. Today there are typical countries as we have seen; they have never known the doctrine, they have never seen the teachings of God – they do not even hear, they do not even know. They are dominated by the devil, clothed in humans, because of the weakness, and because we lack responsibility to proclaim the Gospel, we lack the responsibility to introduce God to others, we lack the responsibility to know our duty is to live the doctrine and the truth as the Lord teaches.

Indeed, a large number: all fall into a state of domination by the devil, but let us not forget that we still have the Church of Jesus; the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ is still here, because He is the truth, He is righteousness, He is the path of light for us to follow; though people commit sin and are unrighteous, God is still the Lord and chose St. Peter first: “And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the powers of death shall not prevail against it.” [Mathew 16:18] Today, let us not fear; we just need to cooperate, we just turn to the good things God has granted us through the Gospel, the Good News. Today, in our Church, one person stands up to say that the world needs peace, peace in unity, and peace in every country, peace from society, from country, from community, from family and from each individual. This peace has a lot of meaning; if you want peace we cannot walk alone, but if there is peace, we must definitely have the love and grace of God. If we want to have this then how should we behave in order to obtain this? For the world has come into its final days (29), the days in which we are in a situation when we truly cannot not have the help of God, the Lord we believe in, the Lord.

Therefore, we must definitely have a pure way, which is not too difficult but not too easy when we pride ourselves, nurture with what is inherent in our humanity with the old system that is dominated by evil. The evil group does not know to pray, does not know to ask, does not know what is real and what is false, but just lives in crime, which is what they smile about: overwhelm others, crush others, kill others to get what they like, what they want, and become people who have positions, become celebrities, become what captivates many others to like and applaud.  That is what people like so we have fallen into its snares because that desire is something that caters to human appearance. What about the soul? Our souls need to buy virtue, buy what is the truth inside and buy a life reformed, for us to throw away the desires in the world that are inherent in humans, and we buy peace for the soul, we buy what we need, not by money, not by power but by a heart in truth, by a heart with the doctrine that the Lord Jesus died for this truth, the Lord Jesus died for this sin, the Lord Jesus died for the truth to become the commandment, the precept, the Gospel and the Good News, so that we may live more spiritual days, with width, with depth, with height, that cannot be compared by time but by the words realized in us, with the determination to receive the grace of God, to believe in God, to live the teachings of God, and then we truly have a peaceful world.

The day is ripe; we have seen the truth, we can no longer continue to endure and suffer with scenes in which today’s humans are slowly destroying the atmosphere of the human race to buy all that is in the world, but the flesh will pass away because it belongs to dust; if without God’s grace, and without believing in God, we live only days that are temporary, but we must seek, because our souls do not die, our souls live on forever and ever. The days are so miserable in the world – the days of wrongdoing, the days in wickedness – but we do not give our souls a chance; we live in misery, and when we die, we will suffer more, because that bondage is to repay for the days we do not know God, do not return to God, cannot find the teachings, the truth of God, and cannot find the owner who is the Supreme Being who created us, and is the loving Supreme Being who loved and gave us life. All surrender to God.

Each person today heard, whether the story is not forwarded or not to be succeeded by the last paragraph; this is up to those with duty and the Christians like us with the doctrine, with the Good News, with the Gospel. In particular, the voice of the Church today; the voice of the Gospel with the truth today; the voice of the Lord Jesus Christ echoes to bring love and inspires solidarity, urges the elimination of all hatred, jealousy – of all things that completely separate us from our Lord. We do not have brotherly unity, we do not have true coordination, we have been divided, so how can we win in the human world? We have left the door open for an invasion by the devil that is not righteous, which divided our brothers and sisters; he has suffocated our brothers and sisters by his own domination.

Jesus came to gather His children, Jesus came to save us, Jesus came to choose the Apostles to represent His voice, Jesus came to gather all the world together in unity, Jesus wants all nations to be one (30), Jesus wants each one to be saved, each one to be liberated, each one to live in freedom with God’s law – freedom in the doctrine, freedom to be loved; to be loved, to be forgiven. Jesus died for this.  He is still present through the Eucharist to remind us that He never leaves us. The Holy Spirit still works to help us understand, the Holy Spirit still intervenes for us in righteousness.  Let us open our eyes to see, open our ears to hear, open our heart to experience – it is not that difficult, not difficult but not easy if we know the truth. We cannot allow the domination of injustice to continue to crush our humanity, with needs, with personal rights, with power, with fame, with lust, with greed, with ambition, with the evil deeds that continue to pervade us. Let us come back to God, surrender to God and believe in God, because only God can change the world; only God can restore the situation today; only God can help us with His grace so that we become the people who repent, so that we become those who recognize our weaknesses in the flesh to become humble, to prostrate, to surrender, to beseech, and to repent – to receive God’s mercy and intervention and acceptance. We are the people who start to pioneer, the people who are examples in the world to kindle the reverence, the return, the determination to ask the Lord to restore it in accordance with the holy will of God to decide for humanity in the final phase of history today. Only God can give us hope, only God will save us in misery, with the domination from mankind; the days in which we are living have been threatened by war, by nuclear weapons, by the freedom in fame, in money, because the knowledge of technological science, if not in the way of God, will lead us to go far and completely in the wrong direction, in the law, the truth, and the doctrine.

We can see today that we have offended God – we have and are – and we had absolutely no knowledge of what belongs to God whom we have acted against; when we have completely offended God so much in life. Jesus suffered more than 2,000 years ago, with silent days, with days of endurance, with days in which we have profoundly offended God, one way or another, with His commandments. Do we think we can continue? With this situation, can we survive or not, or has the devil threatened, encroached upon, dominated, and is utterly destined to destroy us in the Third World War of this age? Do we see clearly? Have we looked carefully? Have we actually seen who can intervene apart from God? Who are we calling upon besides God, and who is the Person who loves and gives us this opportunity?

Do not let power in position; do not let your function and duty; do not let greed, selfishness, personal rights; and do not be subordinated by the world of sophisticated civilization, completely unaware of belief and faith, but know the importance that we need to stand up all together. Every family, every country, look back on your condition, ask for help and be united to ask the Lord to bestow upon our world; what is most needed is peace in humanity – from that peace we can see so many beautiful things, wonderful things, good things, and holy things because we have not yet tasted, not yet touched, and not yet experienced what the Lord has granted and gives us.

Today, the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity, we cannot automatically know this, but it is a day for us to understand more about the Trinity.  There is no clear answer for us to understand all that God grants and gives, but this is also an additional understanding, a document that clearly reminds us in the generation of mankind so that we can determine what is heard and known, and recall our beliefs, the direct and indirect things because the Holy Spirit has guided and opened another door for us to understand life with depth and width, when the doctrine of God has, is, and continues to be given through the richness He granted us with the divine blessing of this age. The Lord has used those whom He also revealed so that we may know that, in every age, in every century, the Lord sent his prophets and messengers, His people, to speak the lively voice, to remind us and to remind our decision, to remind our faith and to remind our ownership. The Lord is the God full of love, rich in mercy; the Supreme Sovereign; and the Supreme Being who sees the best to help and save humanity, and to allow the world of humanity to distinguish between right and wrong, between good and evil. We have the right to decide the final hour and also the hour when the world is about to enter with the days that are the days of purification, the days God already proclaimed and bestowed through the Gospel and the Good News. The world will have days that are the day of the end of history, to step into a new world, to step into a generation that God wants to see us, who are the children belonging to Him, who know the doctrine, who practice the doctrine, and live with the days God desires and yearns for in our humanity.

So this moment is the moment for us to fully thank, praise, and glorify the Lord: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, forever the Lord who always gives us the opportunities to know Him, to be devoted to be chosen. Each person has the right to choose to follow the way God has set for us through the Good News, through the Gospel and through a Church that guides and helps us to enter into love with life, enter into the unity that we need, to have solidarity, to have sacrifice, to have patience, and a life of love and forgiveness, a life of support. We only serve the Lord, only surrender to the Lord, and only prostrate and belong to the Lord with a believing heart, with a reverent heart, with a heart that today’s people must recognize as the one and only presence for us to encounter the world of the divine realm, for us to encounter the Presence by the light, with the divine blessing that we receive through the Sacrament of the Eucharist. We cannot close our eyes and cannot refuse because the light has been revealed; He has visited us to urge us regarding spirituality, regarding the decision in deeds, regarding faith, and regarding divine blessing. There are things that cannot be explained in words and cannot follow in the theoretical or exact way of life in which human beings enter into its own reasoning. We must know that the Lord is the Supreme Being who bestows upon us in His arrangement.  These are urgent times; there are certain things God wants us to believe in so that we may receive the truths God grants to save us in this urgent time, to save us in the world with the chaos, the division.  If we do not boldly belong to God, if we cannot be courageous to tell the truth, if we cannot be courageous to witness to the truth, if we are not bold to proclaim and pioneer, then this world remains in days of weakness, of not standing up, and are the days that lack courage, receiving much but remaining completely tied up in the limit of the law and the rule of law.

The light of the Lord Jesus Christ through the Eucharist, the light that shines in the sanctity of the Holy Spirit, and the Five Holy Wounds are the final step of history, the phase in which Mother Mary personally reminds humanity today; the Way of the Cross that Jesus walked was for us, to help us, to help us become perfect, improved, and also to help us on the paths of that Way of the Cross.  It was the Lord Jesus who fully completed the covenant that never fades. So, we have the right to receive the last imprint that God has given us since the Lord Jesus came into the world: we have the right to repent and change, we have the right to return with a repentant heart, we have the right to surrender and prostrate. We will have God’s mercy, will be saved by God, will have God’s intervention – and God will restore today’s tense situation in the world. Let us unite in a spirit of witnessing that is the surrender to the Lord, the prostration to the Lord, and the reverence due to a place that we seem to be completely unaware of and neglect in life – that is, the Eucharistic Jesus. He will definitely help us, He will definitely give us the strength, and He will definitely allow us to have peaceful months, calm days, the days that we choose between what the best is and what comes from the truth. At the same time, that does not end; the Holy Mass nourishes our souls every day: to receive the Body and Blood of Christ and the doctrine so that we may learn, hear, and practice through the Church, through the priests who brought the words of God to remind us when we attend Holy Mass.

The nourishment of the soul remains and the presence that today Mother Mary personally teaches us.  Mother Mary is also the Person who inspired us 100 years ago through six messages, and 100 years later, by working together with that command to become the truth that saves our human world in times of emergency. In the most stressful moments and in the beginning of the final battle of history, we must know that we have received the help that God has determined and given us through the help of Mother Mary and we most definitely must believe in it; that sacredness will be assisted by the angels and saints. What is most needed today is that we must improve, become perfect, become reformed with a perfect life if possible.  We do not lack a life of prayer but must pray earnestly, must pray with a trusting heart, and must pray without reference to other things in the way Mother Mary teaches us, so that we may offer to Mother, to Her Immaculate Heart. Definitely, Mother will intercede, Mother will intervene, Mother will support and protect us with Her mantle for us to deserve to enter into a place that God granted to those who are patient, to those who are persistent, to those who are loyal, to those who listen, and to those who fully understand the meaning of the surrender, of the prostration, of the repentance, of the final phase that today, we strive to be nourished and trained, for us to become the light and to be integrated into the light that the Eucharistic Jesus granted to our human world. As for practice, as for faith, then let each person listen to Mother’s teaching us the ways to help the body understand what we need to do, with art, with technique. Moreover, those movements are things that must completely from the inside to the outside, from the mind to the body; if we belong to the Lord then we will not be ruled, will not be attacked, and there is no way for us to be wrong on the path of this final phase with a book written to teach us most intimately, and is also the last book written by the Lord Jesus through the Sacrament of the Eucharist, to write the last book of history to start with a new history, a new world, and a Garden of Eden that awaits us, each and every one of us, and each sinner is forgiven, to return by what we practice.

To God the Father, we have listened to a whole book of history that is still present, which are the days in the final phase that we earnestly wish to respectfully lift up to Him.  May many people hear, know, remove an arrogant heart, a heart of one who lives lacking humility; remove pride in order to live a simple life.  What is most needed is to think of our souls. Each one of us, let us unite with the call of the Church today in a spirit of solidarity to return to a life of prayer and embrace the six messages of Our Lady of Fatima so that we may be saved and rescued in the most urgent moments, in the most critical moments, so that what we do physically becomes united with the soul. That is the Six Kowtows in which we invoke the Name of God so that God will help us, save us, and rescue us in the most dangerous and urgent moments in the final phase, the days in which we are completely unaware that we live in the midst of evil, that we must crush evil, abolish the devil, annihilate the power of darkness so that the Lord may shine through our faith, so that when the light comes, the darkness will be obliterated; even the wickedness of the devil must return to the place it belongs. This is the most important thing that we respectfully lift up and we ask to fully belong to the Lord, our God, forever and ever. The God we worship, the God who gave and allowed us to have the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity. We adore you, bless you and praise you, in the Holy Name of the Lord, our God, now and forever. Amen. Amen. Amen.

L. ends with the First Kowtow that God granted, at 12:26 p.m., on Monday, June 12, 2017, at St. Theresa Church, in front of the sanctuary, before the Cross and the statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, and the image of the Divine Mercy. There are five more kowtows; I will continue in the next days because this is a program that God granted for us to understand the meaning of the final book, and each kowtow also brings awareness to mankind, when God protects and is intervening for us. One more time, I thank God, I thank the Holy Spirit, and I thank Blessed Mother for allowing me to complete this message on this morning. Amen. Amen. Amen.


The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. L. leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. L. receives messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone. When Jesus gives L. messages it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of  

  1. Please see “The Six Kowtows” message of August 19, 2014. This message of two hours and nineteen minutes is just one kowtow; this is extremely long and will be part of a series of six messages on the Six Kowtows.
  2. This was a conference, known as “Blessed Sacrament Days,” on the Eucharist at a Vietnamese Benedictine monastery of men in the general vicinity.
  3. It is the day after the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, but L. is still celebrating.
  4. The Eucharist
  5. Jesus in the Eucharist is the Patron of L.’s group; their feast day is the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, which would be in six more days.
  6. This granting for humanity does not mean that those who have not received the sacrament can receive it.
  7. It is pure after Baptism and after the Sacrament of Penance, and, relatively speaking, all the time it is in the state of grace. God has created it to live with Him forever if it chooses to.
  8. This seems to be the meaning: the vast majority of people do not have the extraordinary responsibilities or education of a priest or teacher of the Faith, so the kowtows should be simple as people speak what is on their heart to God or Mary, and ask for Their merciful help.
  9. This refers to his first son, Ishmael (see Genesis 16:12, which also seems to be confirmed in Ishmael’s indispensable role in Islam, with its less than peaceful history).
  10. David is the principle author but not the only author of the Psalms.
  11. This may be a strange way to put it. It may be that since L. grew up in Vietnam, a country that has had serious political problems for a long time (including communism before she got out as a “boat person”), the Holy Spirit uses this, contrasting with her being an American now, to show how leaders in the world come and go.
  12. The number of years the Israelites were enslaved in Egypt (Exodus 12:40)
  13. This is very close to Genesis 3:14-15.
  14. She was all these things from the moment of Her conception – so awesome was the privilege of the Immaculate Conception – but She also had to respond to God’s grace, and in that way grow in virtue; not totally unlike Our Lord: “And Jesus advanced in wisdom, and age, and grace with God and men” (Luke 2:52).
  15. “Fiat” is found in the Latin translation of Luke 1:38, where Mary says, “Be it done to me according to your word.”
  16. That is, of Jesus in the flesh
  17. God shows all the right path, but if people fall on it, they themselves are entirely to blame.
  18. Jesus says, “Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light” (Matthew 11:29-30).
  19. See Colossians 1:16 and John 1:3.
  20. This is a broad, contemplative understanding and truth of the mystery of the Holy Spirit right here.
  21. This refers to either human beings in general, or to followers of Jesus.
  22. See 2 Maccabees Chapter 7.
  23. The seven sacraments
  24. The Holy Spirit regularly uses L. to speak for humanity in general; while L. is not perfect, she is very devout, so these passages do not apply to her alone, and sometimes not even to her. If one doesn’t know this, one could come away thinking that she is a great sinner.
  25. The devil; three times in the Book of John, Jesus refers to him as “the prince of this world.”
  26. That ruler here is the devil; those who choose and follow him do not know the reality of who he is – now and in the end, all is loss in comparison with God and heaven.
  27. The devil
  28. These are people possessed by the devil, “the prince of this world” (John 12:31, 14:30, 16:11), who do not reveal or “manifest” their possession; people who act freakishly are of limited value to Satan. An example of such powerful people would be people in the highest levels of some secret societies. Another example would be Hitler and Stalin, who were both possessed according to Fr. Gabriele Amorth, the famous, former chief exorcist of the Diocese of Rome.
  29. It is not the end of the world, the Second Coming, but we are in the end times.
  30. This means only this: to be united in peace, cooperation, etc., but still separate, sovereign countries.

 Revelations through the Eucharist

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