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A Disaster That Reminds Us to Return to Him



August 31, 2017

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through L.

L.: God, it is 9:35 a.m., Thursday, August 31, 2017, at St. Theresa Church. We are kneeling in front of the sanctuary, in front of the tabernacle, in front of the Cross, the icon of the Divine Mercy, and the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Today is the third day I return here and attend Holy Mass with the brothers and sisters we know from the parish; we are still here daily.

God, recently, there was a disaster bearing down upon Houston, Texas, in general, and in particular for each family – a woeful plight for those who are affected by the flooding (1). Then, finally, the hurricane moved away and the disaster also ceased and we ended up with the brothers and sisters who needed places to stay; St. Theresa Church did provide shelters for the brothers and sisters who came there to take refuge after the days of affliction; and around this city of Houston, with the people who came from all over, there were our Vietnamese churches that particularly helped, and the government also provided shelters to accommodate the victims of the recent hurricane. God, among the victims were my family, my mother, my siblings and my nieces and nephews; they were affected by the storm as well, and had to take refuge in the homes of other brothers and sisters. O God – everything was affected, no one was spared, with only one exception, God still gave us the opportunity and took care of us in order for us to continue with the mission, today and the coming days.

God, first of all, we thank God for granting us the moments we still have each other, still get together after the disasters, and still have the opportunity to recognize the love of God enveloping us; when the storms come, when the disasters hit, when the tribulations happen, God is still the Lord full of love, who embraces us, who loves us. Every event that happens in life, if we have a heart able to feel then we can see that there were many ordinary and mediocre days in life because people followed their habits and forgot what we must consider as most precious and what we must respect and always revere, but that seems to have become normal, mediocre, and insignificant. So there are certain moments in life that if we are not reminded by this way or another, if we are not urged in this way as well as another, then we seem to always have matters that most often become habits, become rules and regulations and customs, and sometimes we stop making efforts regarding everything in our daily lives, in each of our deeds and many other matters in our lives. That is speaking about trivial, ordinary matters, but people are always inclined to seek many things that they desire or want to achieve, which is ambition, which is greed. Moreover, there still are unrighteous deeds that people continue to have, in carnal desire, in lust, and in all aspects of the life of the ego, of the personality, and of people’s freedom rights.

The Lord is the omniscient Supreme Being who clearly sees each of our situations and He always wants to look at us and save our spiritual life, which is the soul, which is the heart, which we must have, to ready it, to improve it, and to train it; to become a person who has depth, who has a compassionate heart – a conscientious, honest, sincere, righteous, and just heart. God, I thank You; no matter what happens. Right before our eyes, with a pair of normal, mediocre eyes, we see the present affliction of people through the hurricane and the families who endured losses; there were people who even lost their lives. This disaster happened to a state that ended up with financial losses as well as severe damages; throughout the last few decades, this storm was a truly powerful one; it was raining for only four days but the water, with no runoff outlet, kept rising and it seemed that almost half the city was flooded. However, everything ended and has become a thing of the past for two days now.

God, what do we do with the present situation? How do we feel when we see everything becoming true? The current events are catastrophic but they also allow us to gain an experience, for us to cherish the present days and the days in our lives that have become neglected, along with our many habits in life. Certainly, there are families affected by the disaster who are in a state of anxiety, of worry, of despondence, and there are families whose faith is shaken; however, there are also families in today’s situation who end up thanking God, because if God did not help them, they might not be alive; they might not survive to look at their brothers and sisters, and to look at the world that still has truly lovely faces that welcome, that offer help, when people encounter disasters and catastrophes. Today, we clearly witness the churches opening their doors to welcome the parishioners, the refugees, and the victims, without any distinction and regardless of religion; the doors are simply opened when people encounter catastrophic situations, to welcome, to care for, to take care of what can be done, as the churches did and are doing. Through the miseries we can see the brotherly love, and God still sees in the heart of each person the love that God has bestowed upon our humanity, with the doctrine of love, with the doctrine of forgiveness, with the doctrine of charity.

In the past few days, in the First Reading, with everything that is heard and known in the Gospel and the Good News, God clearly emphasized to all the scribes and Pharisees regarding all the appearances in a human life and God strongly rebuked them; in particular, the last two days and on the days we encountered the disasters, it was right at the time the Church reminded us through the readings of the Gospel, reminding people to awaken, reminding people to look back at them, reminding us of our roles, our duties. Moreover, God also teaches us in a special way in the present role so that with the tribulations happening around us, we learn how we ought to deal with those occurrences. Today, in the First Reading (2), St. Paul Himself clearly reminded the Thessalonians as well as reminding us presently that it is solely through the afflictions from ordeals that we can see the faith of people. Indeed, certainly, there were people who have a very strong faith, that though facing disasters, though suffering considerable losses or currently in a state of misery, of hardship, they continue to lift up words of gratitude to God, to praise, to glorify, and to ask God for His will to be done, to be enlightened in order to follow the program of God and to understand that in life, what we take along, what we need, and what we yearn for is the Lord. It is the Lord and not the materials of this world; it is the Lord and not the conveniences that we had, that we have; as we can see, what we have today, by the next day, simply with a heavy rain, simply with a storm, then our positions are completely changed; there is nothing lasting in this life; there is nothing abiding, and there is nothing definite. How do we feel through this disaster? We are the people who consider what God has given, and in the program of God, God can continue to test our lives.

God, among the number of people affected, there were also older people; their lives have experienced countless hardships, challenges, with sunny days and rainy days, with days of sweat and tears, with difficult days, and there were miserable days, trying and arduous, but they eventually made it to this day. Throughout many years in life, now in their old age, they are 70, or over 70; they are able to experience what has gone by in their lives. Today, they are still alive; they still lift up words of gratitude to God, they praise God, they glorify God, and they submit themselves to the holy will of God, which is something that is simplest that people may seek throughout countless years with what belongs to the world. In the end, the most essential experience, the most rewarding experience, and the experience that is needed in life is faith; faith helps us understand that materials and money are only external, and the internal life is what allows us to live – only a life living with heart and determination will help us overcome difficulties. There is nothing that can prevent us and give us a hard time in life when we trust in God, when we have God and we are living in the program of God.

God – so today, St. Paul, the Apostle, directly and indirectly, praises those who have faith and praises those who courageously overcome the trials of life; overcome the disasters and calamities; overcome the present catastrophe, especially in Houston, Texas. This is for us to realize that what we do quietly, silently, God sees, God knows, and the saints indirectly, directly, through the Gospel, through today’s readings of the Gospel, of the Good News, are also speaking to each one of us. In regard to faith, they do not worry about us in particular and with all the people who are like us, but at the same time, they remind the people who still lack faith or have not yet experienced faith, to look at the people who have gone in the course of history – that is St. Paulus (3), whom everyone knows as St. Paul in the English language. In particular, he gave us the First Reading today; he also reminded us about all the sacrifices of the Church, of the people present, of the people who are currently leading a life that we ​​begin to hear about and follow the written words, the Gospel, the Good News, which is the doctrine, which is the justice, which is the truth. Truth and justice means that people, by themselves, are able to find an encounter – divine yet is still present and remains concealed – that Person is the mighty Supreme Being, the merciful Supreme Being. The love from God is granted to humanity and people need to have, to know, to believe, to understand what faith is and to practice in that faith, so that we can, by ourselves, recognize the Supreme Being whom we always entrust ourselves to. No matter what the circumstances are, we still encounter Him, we still live with Him, and He still accompanies us in all walks of life, especially in the disasters, for us to be calmer, for us to be more zealous, for us to distinguish what is in life that He teaches us step by step, for us to walk with Him, for us to have the opportunity to glorify Him, for us to have the opportunity to live with what we do. We then realize what God teaches, what God grants us, for us to have days of prosperity, of happiness, of peace – and full of meaning in life.

Today, St. Paul, indirectly as well as directly, welcomes and continues to teach us further about the condition we need, which is the need for us to love each other, the need to express a holy life, a virtuous life, and a life that people need to have in order to glorify God, to praise God – and a life with faith and with deed. Thank God. Everything has passed, the hurricane has ended, and the rain has stopped, and people have seen the sunlight. We, human beings, often hear as well as often say the sentence that usually turns out to be true; people reflect and think and that simply become a saying that turns out to be something unmistakable in a human life: “After the rain, the sun shines.” After the storm, in this present case, we can see the brotherly love; and after the storm, we can see the inner life that we need, which is the only force that helps us surmount and overcome the disasters encountered in life and the despondence with the events that happened and are happening. With days of comfort, days of abundances, we did not think that it would take only four days for everything to be swept away by the flooding; the houses have become a pile of debris; no matter how much money or talent, there is no way to change things according to our ways. An entire life building up what we have and a lifetime of looking for things we must conquer; there are times we forget what is in the conscience and morals in our determination to reach the goal at all costs – busying ourselves in daily work, we allow status and our powerful position to rule; we no longer remember that, internally, we still need moments of rest, of peace. If we want to have peace, we must seek the Supreme Being who creates, the Supreme Being who gives us the opportunity, the Supreme Being who is present to help us move forward in the days of suffering and of hardship, and now, in these disastrous days.

God, You always understand, see, and know all our needs, but the life of need in life is often visible through the hands of the brothers and sisters who have a charitable and sacrificial heart. Nonetheless, we have necessities in our lack, which is the need to have faith, the need to have a stouthearted and trusting heart, and the need to have God in our lives. If we understand this and experience this, then we will be able to understand that despite our talent, our intelligence, our knowledge, we remain helpless in all situations, because with all disasters or calamities, we become like a disabled person, no longer able to act according to our own ways. What is most essential is what God always grants us, internally, granting us a boundless force that cannot limit the width, the depth, the height of the soul, and that especially guides us inwardly to outwardly, when we trust in God, when we have God, and we live in God.

Today, we thank God for giving us the Reading. Today, the First Reading, directly and indirectly, through St. Paul, the Apostle, is addressed to each class, each role, in particular to each apostolate, to us who are the Christians, and especially to the people in the hierarchy of the Church, as well as to everyone and each person who has a heart, who has faith, to recognize what it is that God is telling us. Through St. Paul, God praises the people who have faith; God praises the people who remain firm in their positions, who have a loving heart to welcome the victims mentioned, through the disasters; who have a supportive and loving heart to help those victims no matter what kind of people they are, whether they deserve or not to be helped; because in the current situation, we see that with everything happening to these people, we simply need to welcome them, in this aspect as well as another. Speaking in general of this spirit, this is the spirit of the Christians, the spirit of the children of God, and the spirit of the doctrine that no one can deny, which is Catholic; moreover, the people who know God now are also using every means to exercise charity, to make sacrifices. Where is the source of this spirit? The source comes from the ancient times, from the saints through history; all the goodness God grants and bestows through the Gospel and the Good News; thus, what God teaches is to love God above all things and to love others as ourselves.

This is the opportunity to manifest the works that God grants us; this is also the opportunity for us to exercise charity and to ask God to grant us a heart; we have faith but we need to have deeds. We need to continue to live in love, to live in charity, to help our lives be holier in order to attract more brothers and sisters, to attract those who need help, spiritually and materially, if each one of us has the opportunity to help them; and at the same time, we see God teaching us that when we do the works of God, we are very happy and peaceful. This does not just end at this point today, and if we reflect deeply into the life of faith, then we can see that with each event happening to the world, happening to every state, or happening to any one country, that God is inviting and God is reminding something that is very important and very critical regarding the occurrence of great events. Let us continue to listen: “Fill us with your love, O Lord, and we will sing for joy!” (4) – after the disasters, we are still alive; we still have the opportunity; we still overcame the great disaster; we see the favor of God, we see the grace of God, we can see that each day is a blessing poured down upon the human world, for each family, for each community, and for each individual. We rejoice, we give thanks to God, we spend time to serve, by each one of us coming to God, with our souls lifted toward God, lifting up our gratitude to God, lifting up our recognition and acknowledgement, to ask God to help us be worthy of the graces that God bestows upon us daily. May God transform us and may God help us improve our daily life, from small things to great things, so that we may be fully sanctified in the love that God grants – to me, to humanity in general, and to each class in general.

The story does not end at the life of faith; because we rely upon all our habits, because we rely upon wealth, upon status, or everything that is inherent in a human life, in our limited thinking, in our shortsighted view, we hold on to the principles that are inflexibility, stubbornness, arrogance, and we readily and effortlessly reject all that is needed for us to learn about our spiritual life.  Do human beings think we can do everything? This is what has happened and is happening to Houston, Texas, and also to the people who have responsibilities for them to recognize what is important to them through these disasters, to retain for themselves, to retain as their own in order to seek the truth. Where is the truth? The truth is not too far, the truth is not too high, and the truth is not too low; the truth lies within us, lies in our decisions, lies in the life of faith for us to find, which is to keep steadfast in our lives the words of the Lord. We have the Lord and we have already acknowledged the Lord who came into this world over 2,000 years ago; He fully redeemed us, died for us, and suffered atrocious tortures because of our sins. That pain, that nakedness, no one can compare to; so, with the trials in our lives, we still have the Lord Jesus; we still have the Second Person of God. He is still here with us, and He has never been absent in our lives; but it is us, we do not recognize Him, we reject Him, and we are absent when He calls us.

Today, especially for Houston, Texas, through this disaster, may people recognize the love of our fellow human beings, to see the help of the people around, to see the brotherly love that still exists, the love of fellow human beings that still exists; and there are many more good people who are showing up, coming to help us; there were people who perished in their sacrifices to help others, to save others. Thus, this is the spirit, this is the integrity, this is the truth. Only God teaches us this; only God teaches us this doctrine, and this can only be found in God, for us to recognize that it is not the materials of the world, not the talent of people, neither their status nor the control of the human world, but it is within the eternal, sublime sacredness of the depth, of the width, in the grace and the blessing that God granted to us, granted to all classes, granted to every role, and granted to whomever. We only need to turn back, we only need to believe, we only need to recognize God, we only need to practice what He teaches and to keep the commandments; then we will definitely find the justice, the truth, and find what is in a life that has peace, happiness, and calmness, in all aspects, in all means. No matter what, we remain happy because we still have God; He is the greatest treasure that human beings must seek; we must have Him and must hold onto Him so that we are not afraid in our lives, even if we may die at any moment.

Today, we enter into a life to reflect upon the most practical words that are in today’s Gospel; the Lord reminded us: “Stay awake! For you do not know on which day your Lord will come.” Surely, the people who died in the recent hurricane did not know that the Lord called them unexpectedly and they did not know that on the road to escape the hurricane, their car would be swept away by the floodwater and would end up in a ditch; there was no longer an opportunity, there was no longer time, and the whole family died (5). Certainly, the number of people killed is not just only a few as today but there could be many more people killed who are still not found, because there are places that are still entirely flooded. This is something happening specifically to Houston, Texas, but it is also happening specifically to each individual, and in general to everyone who bears a human condition, especially to every Christian, especially to each of the faithful, to each child of God, to each person who still does not know, who still does not believe.

Each sinner needs to pay attention because we are the people who must be alert; though we are wicked, though we are sinful, though we are unworthy, yet according to God, we must also be aware because God bestowed a common sky to the whole of humanity and the light shines upon both the good and the bad. The hurricane did not spare anyone; the storm continued to pour down, with raging currents sweeping away houses; among these houses are the houses of virtuous people, of holy people, and also of the wicked ones and the unrighteous ones. So, let us not use our way to treat each other but let us relinquish that authority to God, let us understand His calling; we just ask God – for us to live according to His doctrine because we must recognize our condition first, our duty to God, and we must believe in God and pray for God to have mercy, for God to accept. In the hurricane and flood, there were people like us who were not affected at all so God still does wonders; God can still do all things when we believe and we seek Him; He sees the circumstances of each one of us and He bestows upon us according to His own supremacy, one way or another, in the goodness that God has for each one of us; He never lets us bear a cross that is too heavy when we cannot carry it.

Therefore, no matter what circumstances, we must believe, we must hope, and we must entrust. Let us look at the Cross so that we recognize that there is no pain like the pain Jesus endured; no endurance like what the Lord Jesus endured, and there is no path such as His – He who is the King, who is the great Prince, who in the end had to die by the hands of sinful humanity. He came to bring us salvation, He came to liberate us, He came to give us a new sky, and He gave us a new life; He delivered us but He also had to completely endure; His hands were nailed. The mark of nails, the beatings and tortures from the soldiers were indeed from sinful human beings like us, who struck Him, directly as well as indirectly, but He still accepts out of love, so that those nail marks, those wounds, that price of Blood might become eternal for our spiritual life and the gain of our souls. These are things that we cannot use money or anything else in the world for, but God uses love; God rules over us by love, and God judges every deed by love. He gives us a doctrine, which is a doctrine of love; a doctrine paid by Blood, a perpetual, eternal teaching that ends up in a history that people can never forget. Every time we think about this history, deeply reflecting upon it, every time we look at the Cross, we find a source of comfort, a peaceful light, evoking within us an inner feeling of trust that is kindled by the doctrine, by the justice of the truth. What remains with us is the encounter and a faith that invigorates us in life, that strengthens us in all the arduous and trying days, that helps us to be firm in faith because we have God who is the divine Supreme Being, who is present, who remains with us, who remains with humanity, who remains with each person, and who remains with each sinner, when we call upon His Name.

Today is a day we are happy because God wants us to understand everything will pass and nothing for us to keep holding onto; when He comes and He begins to call us while we are still breathing or when He comes to let us know that on the day and at the time of His coming, people will no longer have the opportunity to awaken and be prepared. Therefore, today, the stories, in particular from Houston, Texas; the stories of the recent hurricane are to remind us, and He is also reminding us, through the Good News, that those are the servants He chose, the servants whom He gave the authority to look after the household, to look after the brothers and sisters. Let us remember, for us to fulfill our own duties, to fulfill our own responsibilities, in the life the Master entrusted us with; let us not act according to the way of our authority; let us not act according to the way of our function. Let us be blameless in the lives of being chosen servants, and do not let ourselves be subject to human habits in ambition, in essential matters that when people do not truly reflect in depth to clearly understand what is in today’s Gospel, they made a mistake, they are making a mistake, and they will keep making a mistake. So, in our function and in the life of a steward, we must remain faithful and seek the wisdom that the Master of the house has assigned; let us not forget to take care of the household, which is to take care of the sheep, to take care of the children whom God has chosen. Those children are servants, are sinners, are people like us, in all ranks, in all classes, who depend upon us, and there are people who do not know, who do not believe, who are hardheaded and stiff-necked and live according to human freedom. Those faithful servants can see and they have the duties and responsibilities God assigned; as they cared for and completed their duties, then He will have a way to thank those servants, to compensate those loyal servants, and reward them with the wisdom that God granted to servants as the Master of the house. Remember, today’s reading is a reminder for the servants; He reminds that if we truly are a faithful and wise steward, then the Master of the house will entrust us with all the belongings to use, and use them to take care of the servants, of the people who rely and depend upon us.

Everything has its own schedule and part in every step that God grants and bestows in His supreme wisdom; at the same time, there are stories for us to see that for every single deed God gives an example for us to easily understand, easily learn, and easily practice. Today, there is a lot of inner meaning that we need to know well in order to practice in our roles, to practice in His commandments, to practice in charity and sacrifice, and to practice in the duty of a servant. Moreover, even servants like us who are Christians, the children of God, and the people who believe in God, must also live a lifetime of learning, in righteousness, in collaboration, and in a life for us to recognize the love of God that envelops us, over each one of us. That reminder is also for us, for each individual, each class, each role, for us to keep; that is the commandment of God, the precept of God, for us to keep all that God grants and gives, in our lives, through the reminder that God always bestows, which saves us, one way or another, in the divine realm yet present, by His words that are the living words, left in the Good News, left in the Gospel, to help us hear, to help us read, to help us understand, and primarily to help us to practice. We practice so that we may encounter Him; we practice so that we may have Him; we practice so that we may become witnesses for Him, and we practice so that we may keep the Faith and the source of the rich spiritual life inherent and existent, to overcome all trials, and to see the goodness between people, and also to see all the imperfections that throughout their entire lifetime, our brothers still have not acknowledged, still do not know, and still reject in hardness of heart.

Today, we have the opportunity through the Six Kowtows, for us to deeply reflect upon the most ordinary things, the most trivial things, and the simplest things; yet we forget and we omit. Today, there are the disasters for us to remind ourselves in the present moment, and for us to have the opportunity to experience what God is telling us; God is allowing us to witness this truth so that we also prepare for ourselves, prepare for the present life, and prepare for the apostolate. Every role and every class: today we see the love of God, for us to be thankful that we are still alive, for us to decide what to do in the days ahead, and what we are determined to do for our souls to live. If we die and if He comes, we will continue to gladly accept, to peacefully go with Him because we know that where we end up will be forever when we have Him, when we believe in Him, and when we practice His teachings. So, today is truly simple, each one of us may have the experience; what is most essential is for us to give up what is inherently negative, to give up everything that belongs to the self, to wickedness, to unrighteousness, to what we hold onto in our daily lives, which is jealousy, hatred, revenge, cruelty. There are many things that ambitious people forget in the spiritual life, lacking responsibility, remaining indifferent towards God, and they even reject, in arrogance, in obstinacy. Therefore, we will bear the responsibility with what today we hear through the Gospel, through the Good News, which is repeated with all the sacredness that the Holy Spirit indirectly and directly reveals, enlightens and inspires, for us to understand what needs to be heard, what needs to continue with the affirmation that God grants us in faith, in deed, in action. He praised us, but He is also teaching us about the spiritual life with faith, and He is also reprimanding us with the days we live in shallowness, the days we live dependent upon the human world, the days we busy ourselves with all the circumstances in its own reasoning and we forget about what belongs to the spiritual life that we need to prepare.

Thus, this is a disaster that reminds us to return to Him, to recognize, because God is still a God full of love; whatever He bestows upon us or whatever happens, He is reminding us and He is trying to save our souls. The days of the hurricane ended but our lives go on with the present days and still go on with the days ahead; may our choices be made with what is best that we learn through this experience. If in the recent hurricane we were swept away by the floodwater and we died or we no longer have the opportunity as in this day, then how are our souls facing God, according to the justice of God, regarding the aspects that we still have the months to perceive between right and wrong, between good and evil, with what God grants, to all classes, to all roles, and in everything. This hurricane is the first of the present age (6); there will be a hurricane of the days to come, a hurricane of the days that God reminds; there will be more days of great disasters because the world must come to the day of purification, because the world will come to an end (7). It is through that day of purification with the day of the end of the world that everything can become a new world, can become a new Garden of Eden that God will hand over to mankind through the only Person from whom we receive, through His hand, and at the same time we receive the teaching of that Person, and the supportive love in a special way in life, both spiritually and physically. By a contrite and repentant heart, by the prostration and surrender, and by the earnest and eager beseeching in the Name of the Lord, today, may the Lord accept and withhold the wrath, ease the challenge, and ease what would be the day of the purification, and at the same time, ease the day that would be the end of the world, with the horrific and frightening disasters, for us to be able to survive, because we still have God, because we believe in God and we follow God’s holy will.

In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, thanks be to God for this special day; we continue, each day, despite the difficulties, the energetic activities with all the current events, but we still have time to hear the message inspired by the Holy Spirit and to report what He wants. Today, we return to the church to continue with the days of honoring God with the Six Kowtows; from those Six Kowtows and since the day the Six Kowtows were revealed, we understand better, more profoundly, and we are able to feel the truly close presence that God grants – in the divine realm yet is present.  What do we need to do since evil rages everywhere? God still permits what must happen to happen because of the decision we made on the day God gave us the choice yet we continue to place reality above all of God’s deeds; because we choose life’s necessities and wants over the deeds that the Gospel and the Good News reminded us; so then, we must acknowledge what we choose. God is still the all-powerful God with everything that He bestows; we can see His power; just one storm within three days and we were totally affected by the flooding; especially the city in which we live, and at the same time the City of Houston, Texas; we have been jointly affected.

Everyone feels sorry for us with this disaster, let alone a disaster that affects more than just Houston. This is the beginning for which people are being reminded in their faith; as for the coming days, those are days for which we must be prepared because that is the day when we enter into the day of the concluding judgment (8), and entering into the day of purification will be even more frightening, even more terrible, and there will be many more places affected, many more areas affected. At that time, no one will be able to help except God; no one will be able to help except the angels and saints who have been forewarned through the light of the Eucharist. Today, the disasters start to happen and we see that they are not just events to frighten us but are a reality because God wants each one of us to rise, to know Him, and to recognize Him, because only He is the God whom we worship. Let us remove all superstitions, get rid of all the idols we worship, because what would we do when the disasters happen? We call out to those idols but who is the person to help us besides God, as the idols also would die in floods or fires? So we must clearly understand that the day has come and the time has come for Him to manifest His power to us. Before He manifests His power, He has already spent silent days visiting us with gentle words to teach us, helping us clearly understand the condition of a human being through the Six Kowtows so that we can find a doctrine, one that is still concealed, which today, in the mystery, is manifested to humanity, to each individual, to each role, for us to understand that God grants and redeems us – each one of us – in our daily lives.

We thank God for the blessing granted to all of us and give thanks for the words that are being reminded that will also be brought to the entire world. Whoever has ears ought to hear; whoever has eyes ought to see; and whoever has a heart ought to feel; to decide for themselves, at the places where the disasters will happen – and even more places in the days ahead, because the day has come; God wants to save our souls. Since God already proclaimed and bestowed for over 2,000 years, His presence is still here but humanity is still hardened, still rejecting, still indifferent and cold, still has a limit to seek all that belongs to reality and even worse, relying upon civilization, relying upon a clever and sophisticated life. Moreover, we have been controlled and ruled by the devil in a significant way, in our mortal life, especially in faith, so we are more focused with everything that belongs to reality more than what belongs to the spiritual life. Today, we know that God is mighty; even if we use all kinds of appropriate ways, we still cannot overcome the storms, cannot overcome the rains, cannot overcome the floods, cannot overcome the disasters of the volcanoes that will erupt; and there will be horrible disasters happening in the human world, and frightful and terrible earthquakes that will precipitate countless people going toward their unexpected death at any moment.

This has happened in history, and today there are still more challenging days, worse days, so today is a wake-up call, a warning that we are able to hear today. God reminded us: “Stay awake! For you do not know on which day your Lord will come.” This verse must be inscribed in the heart of every Christian, in every position that we hold today for which God chose us. Each person who still does not know needs to open his eyes to know who the God with authority is, and who can save us in situations of danger and tribulation, and who can welcome us when we get to the other side of the world. Even the living are receiving things to be heard, must be heard, in order to clearly understand what has happened, is happening for today. Particularly for us who love the Eucharistic Jesus, who already recognized what He granted and bestowed; that with only a few days of absence, the Eucharist will be put away because no one has shown up at the chapel or people are busy dealing with what is happening in the disaster. So we have somewhat experienced His absence, and if He is forever gone and we forever end up without a divine force to rely on, then the situation will be more miserable, more dreadful. There are plenty of things within us that we still need; God wants us to be strengthened, to be firm in faith, to be decisive with what we have and to cherish what we have now, and let us keep God not only as a reality but keep Him in our souls, holding onto Him and asking Him to remain with us forever. If we want to have God remain with us, we must be awake, we must amend our lives; we must remove our ego, our bad habits, remove the wickedness in those evil thoughts; we practice to become the person whom God teaches: meek, loving, forgiving, patient, gentle. There are many things in life that we need to learn, that we must learn and practice, in affection, in charity, relying on the commandment for us to move forward on the path that God planned for us.

Today, I thank God. Before we respectfully offer the Six Kowtows, we receive the words that the Holy Spirit reminds us, especially today, in the First Reading as well as the Gospel. At this moment, I officially lift up to God on behalf of my brothers and sisters who are affected by the disaster, and we thank God for the brothers and sisters who were not affected by the hurricane in the last few days. We are still here under the protection of God, to continue with the voice of God (10), to be given to the world, to humanity, to all the children of God who are struggling in certain situations. God, please support them, help them, comfort them; God, please remain with them; God, please, remain with us, for us to continue to come to each other’s aid – each person, each circumstance. Today, on their behalf, we continue to lift up to God, pleading, beseeching, and thanking; God, please continue to look after us. In life, brothers and sisters must help the ones who are affected, and we need to accomplish deeds in the righteousness that God has given us, for us to be united to deal with internal and external matters in order for us to understand that in life, when God calls us or when God is testing us, then we are already awakened in a certain aspect in the spiritual life, to beseech God to accept our prayers. Because through the virtuous people, through the people who exercise charity, through those who exercise the doctrine and the truth of God, we ask God to have mercy for everyone in general, to have mercy for those who still do not know, who still do not believe, for them to return after this disaster. Moreover, for those who still do not understand to be able to understand; and for them to be able to see through our lives of practice, through the lives of charitable people, through the lives of the clergy, of the people who devote themselves to immediately serve to show the love of God and to set an example to those around, we glorify God and praise God in our lives and in our deeds.

We ask God to preserve us and to protect us. We thank God for preserving St. Theresa’s parish; we thank God for preserving our church, for us to continue with the days we serve and worship. We thank God for preserving the church and the chapel and all the parishioners of St. Theresa’s Parish, which is the place where God has manifested, the place where God has taught us, and the place where He has allowed us to receive the great gift through the practice of the mystery of the Six Kowtows, which is a gift of grace, a gift of blessing. Today, people need to seek, need to practice, need to return, in order to directly as well as indirectly receive through the divine sublimity that God has manifested. The angels and saints come to help us; the angels and saints come to defend and protect us, for us to still have the opportunity to continue to lift up the voice of God, to continue to be the voices that God uses, for us to become His instruments, for the Holy Spirit to continue to guide, to inspire, for us to speak the truths that people need to hear, that people need to know, and that people need to practice.

In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, at this moment, I just know to thank God; asking God to help me fulfill my duty and responsibility, and for all of our relatives to also be on the path of witnessing, on the path of testifying to what God grants and bestows, for everyone to receive the favor, for everyone to receive the gift of the Six Kowtows, for everyone to receive what they need in order to come to God in any circumstances, to have faith, and to encounter God. When we end up as someone who has nothing to rely upon, whether upon education or authority or money or fame, we only know to rely upon God. All of us became helpless when the rain came, when the storm came, it happened for only a few days; then we and everyone else ended up in situations with the flooding, with the hunger – a woeful plight. If we do not have the people whom God helped by protecting them, the people who are living in days being protected, then who can help another?

This is the love that God continues to show, for the brothers and sisters who have the ability, the people who were not affected by the hurricane to help those who were, and for those who were affected by the hurricane to also recognize the love. We need to have each other, we need to befriend each other, and we need to believe in the Supreme Being who dwells within the soul of the people who are helping, within the spirit of the doctrine from which people need to see justice and truth. Only the Lord gives us the doctrine that today must be learned, must be practiced, and must be acknowledged, for our lives to be peaceful, to be happy, to be meaningful, and to be calm, in all circumstances, for us to progress on the path that God grants for each one of us, for us to serve God and to practice the doctrine that God granted, for us to love the brothers, to provide support. From that doctrine, we will have growth in the laws, growth in the roles, growth in the situations, growth in the dilemmas, in order to achieve righteousness and goodness; and thus, will be protected in the divine way that God already granted and bestowed upon us.

At this moment, I conclude this message in order to respectfully offer to God the Six Kowtows. In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, L., along with all the brothers and sisters, conclude, particularly today, at 10:28 a.m., on Thursday, August 31, 2017, at St. Theresa Church, in front of the sanctuary, in front of the tabernacle, in front of the Cross, in front of the icon of the Divine Mercy and the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. I would like to conclude at this time the words that the Holy Spirit gave to me to narrate, and urged me to complete this message, based on the First Reading and the Gospel, and what God reminds, especially for the last day of the month. I thank God, praise God, and glorify God. Amen. Amen. Amen. One more time, we thank God, thank the Holy Spirit, thank Mother, in the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God. Amen. Amen. Amen.


The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads a very intense prayer life that focuses on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture visions of Eucharistic miracles on her cell phone. When Jesus gives her messages, it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of  


  1. Hurricane Harvey
  2. The Mass Readings for this day were: 1 Thessalonians 3:7-13; Psalm 90:3-5a, 12-13, 14 and 17; and Matthew 24:42-51.
  3. His name in Latin is “Paulus.” He was born a Roman citizen and the language of the Roman Empire was Latin. And he was martyred in Rome.
  4. This is from the Responsorial Psalm of the day.
  5. This must be an individual story in the tragedy.
  6. A line of demarcation has been drawn by heaven. It is no coincidence that L. lives in Houston. This will be the first of a series of hurricanes – natural disasters in accord with the Book of Revelation. The prophecy of “a hurricane of the days to come” was fulfilled in Hurricane Irma, which had run its course two weeks later; the catastrophic Hurricane Maria followed about a week after Irma. The 2017 Atlantic Hurricane season is now described by experts as “hyperactive.”
  7. This is the end of the world as we know it, which will be purified physically and its inhabitants spiritually to make way for the Era of Peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima, but it will not be THE end of the world/the Second Coming.
  8. This does not refer to the “particular judgment” or the “general judgment” but to a preliminary “illumination of consciences” or a judgment in miniature for all the world’s inhabitants. It will happen simultaneously to all; each person will see the state of his or her soul and be able to repent if necessary and if that is what the person wants. This “illumination of consciences” was revealed to St. Faustina (Diary, 83, 1588), Edmund Campion, and Blessed Anna Maria Taigi – revered by popes for the accuracy of her prophecies.
  9. L.’s calling is to speak the words God gives her through the interior locutions.


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