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The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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               Awaken and Return



August 31, 2017

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through L. when doing the Six Kowtows (1).

L.: O God, it is 10:51, Thursday, August 31, 2017. This morning, God allows us to come here to attend Holy Mass and before we kowtowed, we (2) received a message inspired by the Holy Spirit that we just completed. We thank God for everything that He grants us, even when we experience disasters, particularly in Houston, Texas (3), and generally in the world. Our group of brothers and sisters who are the people quietly serving continue in our lives with what God grants and bestows and what the Holy Spirit inspires, urges, and enlightens. We continue to practice with the great grace God granted, which is the gift of the Six Kowtows that Mother Mary Herself is offering to the world. We continue in our life of testimony; through the Six Kowtows, God has granted us countless graces, and countless mysteries have been manifested to humanity; besides, the disasters also warn the children all over, for us to prepare our lives, through our faith as well as our deeds, for the amended life that Mother Mary wants to remind us, by action and deed, to become improved and perfect, to realize the most essential things, to learn to pray, to learn to repent and return, to learn to unite, to earnestly and urgently beseech in all situations that happened and are happening in general to the world. Today, with their wicked deeds, people have rejected what is sublimely divine in the grace that God grants and bestows; so the disasters that happened are to awaken people; moreover, there are many more disasters that are coming, that will come to our human world.

Today, we simply lift up to God and we thank Him for giving us a new day. Despite all the disasters we have been through, we are safe, so today we continue with our duty and responsibility on behalf of our brothers and sisters all over the world (4). We speak up, particularly on behalf of the brothers and sisters at St. Theresa’s Parish, on behalf of our families, on behalf of our brothers and sisters in the group in the mission of testimony and pioneering, and for the brothers and sisters everywhere who are affected by the recent floods; especially for the people who lost their homes, who lost their belongings. Their houses were completely flooded and they endured a woeful plight. However, we rejoice for the shelters from the churches, the cathedrals, and other charitable shelters that welcome those victims; moreover, the government is also helping, especially in Houston, Texas, by opening a huge convention center to accommodate the tens of thousands of victims, with the support of the brothers and sisters from all over, along with the contribution from the people who volunteer. In terms of spirit, in terms of materials, in terms of volunteering help, we stand united; one person helps with this work, another with that work.

At the same time, regarding our spiritual life, on behalf of all the brothers and sisters affected in today’s situation, we come to lift up to God with the prostration, to lift up all our difficulties, to ask Him for support, to ask Him for comfort, to ask Him for the protection, for us to continue to firmly believe and to remain steadfast in faith. Even though our brothers and sisters lost everything, we witness that, like our families, their hearts continue to trust, they continue to entrust, and they continue to accept through these trials for their faith to grow, for their hearts to become softer, to recognize the all-powerful God. These are the days we survive so that we may recognize the most precious things in the present that we have and need, and we recognize God as the God who reminded us countless times and gave us many opportunities but we were not truly awakened in order for us to be stirred. Today, with the hurricane, our hands are truly tied; we can do absolutely nothing with our conditions, with our lives; we only know that in our lives we have the depth, the height, and the width that God has given us in spirit, which is to call upon Him and to come to Him with heart. When we face disasters or are experiencing trials or struggling with everything in life, when we need to seek the Supreme Being whom we worship, whom we trust, whom we beseech, His hand will intervene; so, there were a number of people rescued in this disaster, they were spared, and they will testify that God is real, that He came in time to rescue them. As for people who are living in obstinate and indifferent days, they must also be responsible regarding everything God is reminding. It is preferable to lose one’s possessions rather than losing one’s soul.

This is an event to awaken people, and especially today, the Gospel and the Good News (5) also remind us of the faith we need to manifest, and at the same time we must practice through charity, through sacrifice, through caring and love for each other to see the bond of the doctrine that God bestows and gives. Moreover, this event also reminds human beings to be alert because God will come at any time; He will come to any one of us; and under any circumstances, let us perceive what happened and is happening in life, especially today, to look at people who are suffering from the disasters, from the calamities, who are losing their loved ones and who are living in situations in tears. We are the people who speak up for them, who pray for them, who pray to God to have mercy and to help them be awakened at this moment; they need to retain what they can to be happy and to remain calm in every disaster, to not hold onto what is temporary in this life. Because all that is fleeting and ephemeral will disappear but what remains is a peaceful and calm soul to face and understand that we must have God, that we must believe in Him, and that we must return to Him, for us to end up with days that are needed to improve our lives, for us to acknowledge and treasure our lives while we still breathe, and cherish all that is essential in order to practice the commandment that the Lord taught. Let us not hold onto what becomes fleeting and passing; let us not think of status, money, fame, or everything in a human life that is limited by the possessions of transient days while neglecting what is divine. What is divine that people do not know – then today they will know, they will see, they will witness and attest to what we can do; since we are simply human beings who were created by God – only God is the Supreme Sovereign; only God is our Lord, and only God is the Person whom we seek to come to so that we may live with meaningful days, so that we may find the doctrine and the justice of the truth. At this moment, we offer to God the First Kowtow.

O God the Father – we adore Father, we thank Father, we praise Father and we glorify Father daily in life. Every moment and every time we have the opportunity to join the brothers and sisters after attending Holy Mass, we go to the chapel, and at any moment, we pray – body and soul – we lift up to God everything of that day. God, please hear us; God, please forgive us and accept our sorrowful hearts with the daily imperfections in life. Today, I especially lift up all of the brothers and sisters in my family who live in Houston, Texas, and also all the brothers and sisters who are experiencing the disasters, who have lost their homes and belongings; who are simply living in the shelters provided by the churches, parishes, and who need help from those around them. There are many brothers and sisters who come and volunteer to help those who are suffering from the disaster and absolutely need assistance. Indeed, there were a number of victims experiencing the floods; this most recent hurricane has inflicted damages and caused many displacements in the normal, human, daily routine. There were people who lost their homes, their belongings, as well as their jobs; the business offices were also flooded, schools were damaged, and other places were destroyed in the storm as well; a large number of brothers and sisters ended up in this situation. As for the houses affected, they were flooded all the way up to the roof so it is not easy to facilitate a quick repair; the people who are in this situation seem to have completely lost everything they had. There were many people who died unexpectedly in this recent hurricane, and there were many stories about unfortunate and sorrowful events that happened and are happening in the wake of the storm for us to be conscious of those grave incidents.

O God – we lift up everything to God because this is what happened and is happening; with the present witnessing, especially at this time, in every difficulty that happens to us, we believe that He knows, that He sees, and that He allows us to survive and to go on with these days, to be spared from the hurricane; there were people who were unaffected, their houses were not flooded, and they were in a protected area. All matters remain in God’s power; only He can help because the hurricane and the wind made landfall in all places, no one knew how to avoid it and there was no way to avoid it. Each one of us remains in His providence and arrangement; each one of us is also in the program He has planned for us in that role. What happened and is happening has a reason as God reminds us; He reminds each soul and each human being with all things in a human life, for us to see there is nothing worth holding on to. Whether we are talented people, we have money, or are people with power with everything within reach, with goals according to the way we are used to in life, O God, we remain limited and live a human life with a very narrow vision so we tend to rely more on reality without being aware or being alert. Thus, through this hurricane, which in fact, compared to other hurricanes, truly was not as catastrophic, this is a reminder for each person; reminding each class, and in particular, reminding each of us in our lives. As fellow human beings, we look at our brothers today, but can we be certain that we will be spared or will we also end up in the same situation tomorrow or the coming days?

So, these were the experiences that we witness to help us awaken and return; to awaken the people who absolutely do not believe, who rely on money, fame, on what is inherent as they hustle in their daily life; the people who are Christians, who are God’s children, who were baptized but never come to church, who never spend time reading the Gospel, who never spend time listening to the Word of God, to what needs to be heard, what needs to be known in the life of the soul and the depth of faith. This is also a warning for the people who are completely indifferent; those who are living in wickedness, who are pursuing money and fame, and seeking these throughout months without spending any time to think of their spiritual life or spending any time for their souls that need and must have moments of peace in life. There are also many people in life who lack duty, who lack responsibility, and who remain lukewarm; there are also people in the ranks of those with functions yet their lives are just habits, relying on realities; they take things for granted and what is basic daily has made them become like machines. Therefore, today, people need to be reminded of the meaning in life; there are disasters for us to be able to awaken, to be able to open wide our eyes, for us to think and learn from the experience. We end up with nothing when we think we will be able to achieve with our reliance upon a human life, which has its own logic and normality in terms of status, education, knowledge, money, fame, or wealth; but in the end, there are moments when our hands are completely tied regarding all matters that happen in disasters.

This disaster was to gently remind, and the losses from the storm are just a fraction compared to what happened at all the places mentioned in the course of history; compared to the hurricane, compared to the rain we heard from the Bible. If as with the deluge, we would be even more horrified because the deluge in the past killed everyone from the mighty hand of the Lord, who destroyed the lives of the people whom He created: the people who were indifferent, hardened, arrogant, and those who lived in wickedness; He had to destroy for a new world to come. We heard about the history of the deluge of the past, in the course of history, so today, the storm that happened in Houston was just a small storm, yet it has ruined so many things in a prosperous and civilized life.

This is our present situation; we understand clearly and we testify and we attest to this; what happened meant that God was still lenient to remind us of what is good and valuable – our soul. Let us rise, let us awaken, let us not follow habits, for us to lose the depth of our humanity and no longer have faith, no longer acknowledge God; so then, reality controls us with machines, with money, fame and status, which have made us forget our conscience and morals, while directly and indirectly living in injustice and wickedness. So, today, there are stories that happened for us to see that with just one storm, we might even lose our lives; if He does not allow us to survive, then we too could unexpectedly die. This is a day in which we need to be reminded of things through the Good News and the Gospel; today, St. Paul reminds us (6) that faith has been assured, and along with faith there must be an increase in love for our lives to become holy as we belong to the Lord – from St. Paul’s message to the Thessalonians and at the same time talking to us. Today, the hurricane reminded that in life, when people have faith, then they have calmness, peace – to embrace and accept, to go on with life. After the storm, we continue with a new life, we continue with a life seeking justice, truth; moreover, this is a reminder for the people who rely upon materials, upon money; today, their hands are also tied with the situation of fleeting and transitory possessions. May people awaken and return to God; He does not want to see us lose absolutely everything because He loves us so He intervenes to help save us – with the eyes of faith, if He does not act then we remain hardened and obstinate, and at the hour of final judgment and purification, it will be even worse and more frightening.  Are we sure to be able to survive or not?

Today, we rely on all that is inherent in the Good News and the Gospel; the Lord is reminding us to stay awake because we do not know the day He will come, and the day of judgment will come upon us at any time – the day when we must face Him when He calls us. We are human beings; what we hoard, what we hold onto will become fleeting, passing, and today we are witnessing the rich, the talented, the people with power, who were also affected in the floods. Today, we have just seen the situation of the recent disaster; as we survive, we can see that God always looks out for us, and the world still has hearts that love. There are people who have a compassionate and generous heart, who practice the commandments, the precepts, and they are people whom we rejoice to see because of the love they have for others and give to others. That love does not come from people, that doctrine does not come by itself; that doctrine comes from God, because the Lord Jesus Himself was the Person who practiced this doctrine. He bestowed this doctrine to us; He bestowed to our human world a doctrine of love and a doctrine of compassion; what He gave to this world was not an ordinary doctrine that one could acquire but He had to give up His own life, He had to give up everything that belongs to the throne of a great Prince of heaven. He lived strenuous mortal days, endured bitterness, and lived with sinners like us, and in the end, He was sentenced to death by sinners who condemned Him. He was the innocent one who accepted death on our behalf, for that doctrine to be carried out over us, in us, and that is an everlasting doctrine for us to have life everlasting in the next life, and to have happy, peaceful days in the world while we are in the flesh.

We must seek the most precious, valuable and everlasting things in our lives. Today, though there are heartrending sufferings, on behalf of our brothers and sisters, I ask God to help them awaken at this moment, for them to also experience what they have in life, and not hold onto possessions when disasters happen in our lives, which could happen at any time. May God comfort them spiritually so that they may be aware and seek treasure for the soul by a life seeking to come to Him, to have faith, and to practice good deeds, in the Good News and in the commandments, with the services that we are performing for each other; together, with love, with charity, with sacrifice, and with support. It is also important for us to have a place in our lives for the Lord, with our respect, our love, and reverence for our God, to earnestly lift up and offer everything in our lives in the human world: the people who are suffering, and the brothers and sisters who forget because they encountered difficulties, who become angry, upset, who are blaming, and become even nastier.

Indeed, as human beings, if without His doctrine and His teaching, then we easily forget and we easily follow the ordinary way of human beings: becoming wicked, getting angry, and being upset and irritated; until the last minute, this is how we have been and how we are in the world, so I beseech God, though suffering great damages after the storm, nevertheless we still have our lives and that life is receiving assistance today by the love of the brothers and sisters. Though we do not receive much, just a glass of water, a sandwich, and a blanket when we are cold; we see how precious and how great love can be, which status, money, or days of plenty cannot be compared to. In the greatest moments of deprival, we only need a moment to see the love of God taking care of what we need, through our brothers and sisters; in times of hunger, we only need a small sandwich to warm our hearts, and that affection grows, and that truth starts in the people who have faith and who recognize the presence of God everywhere and His presence in ordinary and commonplace brothers and sisters. God is taking care of us in the world through our brothers and sisters; when people face disasters and deal with urgent situations, then those who are not affected by the flood urgently provide help; they help with this, they help with that, looking for blankets, looking for clothes. Everyone hurries to help the people who are in wet clothes who need help and while their spirit is still shaken, there are already the brothers and sisters who replace them to zealously come to God, to beseech Him, because He is the most obvious focal point.

People must come to God first; in spite of all the disasters and incidents we lift up and mention, we beseech Him while our brothers and sisters are panicking, falling into dangerous situations, for Him to have mercy. People must pray, people must pray constantly; it is essential to pray with all our soul and heart – wholeheartedly – because God wants to see us pray. God created the heavens and the earth; He created us to serve Him; He created us to know Him, to pray, to improve, to understand all the needs that we must beseech for Him to bestow, for Him to grant, for Him to intervene. This is a very important thing, but in today’s world of humanity we seem to have somewhat forgotten, to practice only as a custom, though there are also truly devoted people, who are altogether dedicated to the Lord with everything each day, starting with the first hours waking up after a night’s sleep; there are people like this, by virtue of the Church, by virtue of Holy Mass. The days we live in are truly meaningful, because we have God, because we still have Him; with the prayers lifted up when we attend Holy Masses, the Presence of God is still there, so therefore that doctrine and that truth remain and are important, but they have been vague in life and have become a habit because today’s people do not see the value in it.

Today, we ask God to give us the opportunity because what we are doing here is not something ordinary; it is a teaching along with a remarkable experience, which Mother practiced Her entire lifetime (7), so She knew what we most need to call upon God’s Name, for Him to have mercy and intercede and help. Today we embrace this, we live happily with this, and though there are great disasters, we still believe in this teaching, we still lift up to God on behalf of the brothers and sisters, for all classes and roles in today’s world to practice this. In the end, what was warned has become the truth; today we can see the events that were forewarned and allowed people to know beforehand and to recognize what needs to be prepared in advance, but because we tend to depend upon ourselves, because we tend to follow our habits, we reject and deny, so today we end up in these situations, past and present alike.

These days are just the beginning; people will continue to face catastrophic disasters happening around the world because God already let us understand that the hour of the judgment is coming; besides, the time of purification is also getting close and the time has come for us to enter into the final days, for us to step into a new world. Therefore, it is imperative that we go through a time of extreme suffering with continual disasters happening to the world, to awaken people and to remind us of the spiritual life that we need to strengthen, which is for our souls to be prepared. Will it be a place where we end up forever or a place with temporal days of the world, with fleeting and transitory possessions? (8) What is most important and what is most essential? We must reform today, we must improve right now, and we must amend our lives mired in unrighteousness, in disobedience, in indifference, in arrogance, and in so many things that were and are.

Today, our strength has been impaired by habits that are not easy to amend in the way we desire; today, the way for us to improve, the way for us to receive God’s mercy with our weak and unworthy human condition is the prostration, the surrender, the repentance; for the body, the soul, and the mind, to lift up to God, with the moments we fully detach ourselves from the busy outside world, to ask Him to have mercy and accept, and at the same time, to receive the guidance from the Holy Spirit, with words that need to be offered, intentions that need to be beseeched. We lift up prayers on behalf of the brothers and sisters affected by the disasters to ask for God to have mercy, to ask Him to accept, so that in these extreme moments, they also can experience the true love that He has for them, for His doctrine to be manifested and revealed in human life. So to have God, to know Him, and to live with the truth is still the doctrine that people must seek to practice in order to be kindled and to also have the opportunity to recognize what is essential in life. Because when we live in wealth, never experiencing a situation, we can never see what God is reminding; because when we live in wealth, we seem to have forgotten our own condition, which means for us to be the children who must serve Him, who must serve the Supreme Being who created us, who must live with duty, responsibility, with a life of conscience, of morals, and a life with doctrine and commandment. But people have forgotten, relying on power, relying on function, relying on talent, money, fame, and relying on all that they have, and they go on living in wickedness, looking for all kinds of ways to trample over others, to harm others, and to reach their goals regardless of charlatanism.

Yes, there are such people in the world; too many in today’s humanity, because they reject faith and they do not recognize God; therefore, something must happen to remind us. God loves those people more than the righteous ones because the righteous ones understand and are prepared so He does not worry about them spiritually; however, the righteous continue to be called to do what they knew, to practice according to His will through the commandments and precepts given to us. As for the people who are not righteous, it is a pity for these unrighteous ones; if the disaster of if the flood or if a calamity or if any other tribulations happen and they die unprepared, where will they go? They will end up in an eternal place with no light and they will end up in a place with wailing and grinding of teeth, suffering atrocious pain, and their moaning will echo till this day. People can still hear the souls mourning with deeds and actions when they do not belong to God, when they do not believe in Him, and they are living in unrighteous and sinful days. Today, God invites all His children, those who do not know, who do not believe, who have not experienced, and have not seen what today He gives; each person must awaken and return; each person must identify one’s role; each person must realize what we have offended and are offending in our spiritual life. We must return, give up everything to become better, to become perfect, to fully repent, and to remove all that is most needed to be removed, so that we may live according to the commandments God granted. We must experience the disasters to be aware of possessions that we are storing and hoarding; in the end they will be completely gone when the tribulations happen. We can see that God and only God is the Supreme Being who is able to understand, to remain close, and to know what belongs to us; He helps us so that on the path we will choose we will practice with all the goodness that He grants, for us to save our souls.

Today, I ask God to comfort our brothers and sisters who still do not understand and ask Him to give them this opportunity to understand His love, to understand faith, to understand the life in which there are challenges to help them, to guide them, and to allow them to survive so that they continue to grasp what they are still unable to feel and experience. That is a contrite soul returning to God, a soul experiencing what people spent so much time to build but lost everything and end up with absolutely nothing left when the disaster happens. What is most essential is the soul, the heart, the calmness, the peace, to have God, for them to be comforted throughout the days they faced the disaster, the days they completely lost everything, the days they no longer have hope, if there is nothing in the divine realm to kindle the soul, to evoke in the heart. With the Omniscient God who is redeeming us in the face of reality, the internal life is what He wants to absolutely redeem so that people may know Him, so that they may encounter Him and be able to have the eternal life that He grants to individuals in humanity. Let us not become hardened; let us not be too stubborn, obstinate; let us not allow materials and money to rule because that will cause us to lose all that is essential in the world and also lose our soul when we do not know God, when we do not believe in Him, and when we do not understand the meaning of a human being created by the hand of a loving Supreme Being; the Supreme Being who creates; the Supreme Sovereign.

Today, I offer all of this to the Supreme God whom we worship; to the Supreme God whom we trust; to the Supreme God whom today we prostrate and lift up all the prayers from the soul, for ourselves, for our families, for our loved ones, and for those affected by the recent floods. May God allow them to recognize Him so that they may awaken with everything in life; may He redeem them, and may He comfort them according to His supreme way to lead our brothers back, to lead our sisters back. What is best, what is most important and what is ultimate in a human life is within the soul, within the soul with the goodness that God grants for us to realize and be aware of what is most important to have in life, of what is most essential to help us remain calm in all circumstances, in all problems, so that we do not rely on things of reality but we rely upon Him, rely upon faith, rely upon trust, for us to have comfort and joy. The people who are experiencing the disaster greatly need this for their lives to become new days in life, to become happy and peaceful days, to become meaningful days, to become the days when they recognize life and the ideal of a life having God, knowing Him, trusting Him. It is a life in which God grants for them to recognize that in the setting of chaotic days, they were too busy and they did not understand what belongs to love and to the truth; and only when they experienced the recent disaster, whether they lost everything or are deprived, did they recognized the brotherly love, did they recognize the affection, did they recognize the concealed, Supreme God who is manifested through the brothers and sisters around.

These are things I lift up to God with sentiment and a grateful heart, to praise, to exult, and to thank, no matter how difficult, as we are able to bring our brothers back, to bring their souls back, to find the brothers and sisters who may acknowledge Him, who return to Him. The eternally, the happiest place is in the heavenly kingdom and not the temporal days of the world; may we mature, seek what is good, live in the truth, and recognize the God concealed in the disasters. He remains with us through the sufferings; He continues to bestow; He continues to give in His supreme way, to help all the brothers and sisters, to help the souls of cold and indifferent people, and to help all the people who rely upon a free, liberal world that never allows our souls the opportunity to taste the sweetness of love, to appreciate the Savior who died for us and who gave us life. Today, we thank God, we praise Him, we glorify Him, for He is still the God of love; His Divine Mercy continues to be granted to each one of us throughout all generations for us to understand the meaning of the Divine Mercy, to understand the meaning of the practice of Divine Mercy with one another, for us to continue to live in worship, in thanksgiving, in penance.

We respectfully and fully lift up on behalf of the brothers and sisters, to ask God to kindle them, to ask Him to meet them, to ask Him in His power to change them in this distressing affliction, for them to receive the source of consolation from Him. After these disasters, God, please bring our brothers and sisters back so that we may unite, to honor, to worship, to praise, and to glorify, because God is preparing a new world (9) for us; He is preparing for us a Garden of Eden that is to be handed back to the world. May we still have that day and may we overcome the disasters of life in the days to come so that we may persevere and be faithful until the end. God is the Supreme Being whom we trust; all things planned are good things that He has for us, for each person, for each family, for each class, for each community, and for the whole of humanity. May God have mercy on those whom He gave the chance to still exist, to survive, for them to continue to glorify Him, to praise Him, because all matters, whether insignificant or significant, are in the program and the life that He properly and suitably planned and arranged for us to continue to be zealous regarding our brothers and sisters, to pray for them, to continue to offer our most earnest prayers in daily life to ask Him to have mercy, to ask Him to forgive, to ask Him to take care of, and to ask Him to arrange. What is most needed is to save their souls so that they may come back to God together with us, when we return to Him eternally, or for them to live meaningful days on earth, to live with peace, to live with joy to glorify and honor, so that many people may know, many may believe through our lives by deed. May God be with us; may He enlighten us, to guide the people who are living in desperate days, for them to become hopeful, to see the light, to have faith, to be comforted and to be happy because they have found Him through the disasters they encountered and are encountering.

I worship God, praise Him, glorify Him, and honor Him. I pray to God, asking for the brothers and sisters who were not affected by the disaster to wholeheartedly help each other and love one another. This is an opportunity to show the love that God teaches us through the doctrine of love, the doctrine of serving Him above all things and loving our brothers and sisters; we wholeheartedly fulfill the responsibility that God assigns to us, spiritually united to pray for each other. May the Lord (10) teach us what the Holy Spirit has shown us, in the way to pray, to beseech, to ask Him to come to inspire us, to feel the presence, for us to live with the days of finding a new source of life, of finding happiness, of finding the light, of finding the Good News that we need in life, which is the justice, the truth that He gave us through the disasters. We adore God, we praise Him, we honor and thank; may many people understand and listen – may the people who do not believe also have the opportunity to believe, to be aware of His Presence, to have His support, so that we may rely upon Him to continue with the days of exile on earth, which He grants through the disasters and tribulations. Amen. Amen. Amen.

The Second Kowtow, we offer to the Second Person of God. O Lord Jesus Christ – we thank Him for the atrocious sufferings endured since the day He came into the world, to be responsible for the redemption so that the entire world may have life and that souls may be redeemed. Indeed, what God has accomplished and what He has realized for our lives since the day He became incarnate has left an everlasting history and allowed us to recognize His power, to recognize His love, to recognize the Divine Mercy constant throughout generations. Today, with a generation in which people have fully entered a sophisticated, clever, civilized life, they have forgotten and are profoundly offending God; there are many people who have lost absolutely all faith, falling into a situation of excessive freedom. People chose freedom and are offending God through the decree, through the law, through the commandment (11), and through the wicked deeds in the inherent depravity that exists and has existed in the world of mankind.

O God – God died for us to have a new life; God died to cleanse us with His Blood for us to have a new heart, a new doctrine, a new teaching, for us to be worthy of the redemption that He accomplished and bestowed upon us. But God, today there are so many events that happened and are happening, such as the disaster in Houston, Texas, which was an event that happened for only four days and places already collapsed due to the floodwater, the current of water. The rain and the storm have caused people to suffer a truly woeful plight, have caused some to die unexpectedly, and have caused those who were rich to become poor. All these events are current events, but our God comes to redeem us spiritually, for the soul to return to an eternal place with Him, to remain with Him – moreover, to also help our lives when we live in days on earth with wealth or money. When in all functions in life we would allow the soul and the great spirituality of the truth that God granted in the doctrine to possibly be included along with all materials, money, and talent, then how happy we would be. We have many imperfections, past and present, in the human world; in good people, bad people, people who live in wealth, there are still virtues; and there are also people who live in iniquity, using charlatanism to achieve their purpose, and evil people who lived in wickedness, in immorality, and still are. All these groups of people are included in a human world that God came to redeem; He did not discriminate and did not exclude any person, did not exclude any race or any country; God came to redeem all of us.

In today’s world, there are flood affected countries that need the help of the volunteering brothers and sisters, brothers and sisters who lend a hand to help others, brothers and sisters who look at the brotherly affection and are wholeheartedly devoted. But there are also people and countries that take advantage of the situation while others are in trouble, to cause war, to cause discord, and to cause issues that people continue to have. These are things that do not come from the doctrine; these are things that come from human beings, from evil, due to matters in which people live in immorality, disobedience, and wickedness, ruled by the devil, dependent upon weapons. Using all kinds of ways, people are still looking for trouble and there is no real peace, which is rather pitiful, rather unfortunate; it was the same in the past, and it is even worse today. Relying on science and technology, there are many matters in which people have the freedom to pursue according to their preferences, but when God acts then everything will become similar to places like Houston, Texas, today – the first example; the disasters will happen in many places and in many countries that are in a state of constant stubbornness, of constant obstinacy, of constant hardness. The time has come, we must look up; the time has come, we must lift up toward a place that is the place where our Creator dwells – He sees us and understands all the deeds and what is hidden inside that is wicked or hidden inside the people who are sincere, who have love, or hidden inside those who are virtuous. Let us not allow materials or money or roles to blur the conscience and morals, to blur the law that God granted to mankind, which is to love, to forgive, to help, and to have a life with the joy inherent in the peace that He granted.

Thus, O Lord, the Second Person of God comes to bring peace; the Second Person of God brings peace for the soul; the Second Person of God brings a doctrine for us to unite in love; the Second Person of God teaches us the commandment for us to continue on the paths that a human being needs to have from God, to unite both soul and body for us to recognize the Supreme Being that we should not forget. Let us never fail to serve, to practice, and to fulfill the His holy will through the life of the commandments and the precepts that He granted, and when we look more profoundly we see the infinite love He grants and also the everlasting and eternal doctrine until the final day and until the end of the world (12). So today, all that we have seen is for us to testify, throughout the ages, to the hurricanes, to the earthquakes, to the disasters, to the floods, killing a great number of people, destroying everything, whether money or possessions, or all the wealth of an age that we created. It only took a storm, in one day, in two days, or four days, or two or three hours, for everything to become no more than a heap of broken debris. From the debris we have seen, let us never rely on human strength; the day has come for us to turn back, the time has come for us to awaken. The time has come; what does God want to say to us, inside of each person, of each sinner? Today, when we prostrate before the Second Person of God, we see the Supreme Lord, and we are completely helpless and we no longer can afford to follow our own strength but we must listen and bow down before the Supreme Being who gave us life, who gave up hope, who delivered us by love itself, by the very light of justice and truth, by the commandment, to teach and to help mankind with the days that become days of peace and joy, which we greatly need in life.

O Jesus, the Second Person of God – there are so many things that the Lord grants us, that He did for us; it is very simple when we can reflect yet we are unable to; the deeds that we still hear yet we take for granted, but those are something unique that we must never forget because He is the Lord who came to be the example. The Supreme Lord came to die; the Supreme Lord died because of the doctrine for us to live, to redeem us in our sinful habits, in our normalcy and triviality, and in our arrogance, haughtiness, and disloyalty, in order for us to be able to live through the death of the Lord Jesus Christ. Every time we prostrate, we see the profound love of God, and His doctrine envelops us; we cannot lose the doctrine. For us to have eternal life, we cannot forget His teachings; we cannot forget the love that only He grants and He alone would die for us. Thus, today, with the price to pay, what must we do? Whatever happens in our lives, we must ask God to help us to return, for our souls to be redeemed; all the wealth, money, all the talents are totally lost, but we cannot lose Him, we cannot lose faith, we cannot lose the opportunity to know the Lord Jesus Christ, and we cannot lose the Supreme God whom we must trust in order to be alive.

Truly, it is not too difficult but not so simple; the current events allow us to experience the challenge so that we understand what we need to keep, what we need to have, and what we need to master in the days that we are facing. Let us not remain stubborn, let us not remain obstinate, let us not reproach; a human life is limited because we do not understand and we do not know; we can be wealthy, we can be talented, but we cannot compare to heaven – no matter what it is – we simply cannot. The Lord Jesus – He is the Supreme Being; He had to die for us to live; He uses this way to awaken us and He allows us to recognize that He accompanies us. In the ultimate suffering, no one can be like Him; He endured for us and He accepted everything so that today we have the opportunity to know, to hear, to believe, and to live happily with Him in heaven. We live with days full of meaning when we know the doctrine and practice the doctrine in the most essential ways that people, indeed, have forgotten and neglected, but that doctrine still exists in the divine realm and is present, when we believe and practice with the necessary guidance for us to be steadfast in life, to be safe in all matters, and to be calm in all situations.

Let us remember that God teaches us and grants us what is best; we must serve Him above all things, with all our soul, with all our strength, with all our heart; let us lift up all things to Him, to offer all things to the Supreme Being who created us, and love our brothers as ourselves. These two things are the key points for us to have other laws, other commandments, and more things for us to follow according to what God has properly granted; these two teachings are the main points but today they are not practiced yet. Today, if we are on a path longing to achieve this then let us turn to God, through the situation of the disaster, in particular yesterday as well as in the recent days in Houston, Texas, regarding people affected by the hurricane and those who were not affected. We need to show love for each other, we need to be united for us to be able to see that help is most needed when people experience disastrous situations; as we are the people God grants to remain unaffected and protected, let us practice charity, let us live with a profound spirit in holiness and practice in the truth, for us to live with the days having the doctrine, having the truth, for God to love, to accept, and to allow us to find the truth through the brothers and sisters. Let us also awaken because all the worldly wealth and money cannot have a hold upon us; they cannot give us life, and they cannot nourish us. We only need trust, faith, and a life of practice for us to hold onto what is meaningful, which we knew and know today. Besides, let us consider what is seen, heard, and look at our circumstances for us to see God’s love, for us to see His supremacy in redeeming us, for us to understand that salvation does not come to us to return empty-handed. God does not want us to lose our soul so He uses all kinds of ways to help us, to embrace us, to give us eternal life – unless we push Him away; unless we reject what He has given; unless we remain too stubborn, too obstinate; and unless we absolutely no longer have a genuine sense of what we need to have and need to acknowledge.

Thus, today is a reminder with the Second Kowtow that the Holy Spirit has taught us, regarding what people will experience from many more disasters in life; what each person, each class, has encountered and is encountering. It is not the tragedy of the floods but the tragedy of the people who are being imprisoned, of those who are being threatened, of those who are being oppressed, of those who are living controlled by all the authority in which nowadays, people live in crime, people live by worshipping idols, people live as a dictator, as an autocratic leader, and they have usurped God’s authority. Let us remind ourselves that the storm (13) will not exclude anyone, it will not spare any country, and it will not spare anyone even if we are different people who have status, money, fame, or have it all.

However, when God comes, when He visits, when He still allows, then we have the opportunity; as for when He lets us experience certain situations, then we must end up in those situations, for us to awaken, to stand up, and to understand the meaning of what He wants to say to us. God is using us so we must understand that His hand is mightier than everything else, so let us not oppose, not remain stubborn, not remain hardened in our own way, because the time has come: we must return. The time has come to eliminate everything in order to live in holiness, to practice in the truth so that we are worthy of the invitation through the doctrine and the truth of the Supreme Being who brought salvation to the whole of humanity. Each one of us, all classes, all roles, have the right to know, to practice, and to live with the days God calls us and allows us to experience through the disasters, for us to awaken, through the people who look at their brothers so that they may awaken together, for all of us to prostrate together, to improve together, to return together, and to become perfect together. Then to the Supreme God – we ask Him to be the Master, we ask Him to lead us, and we ask Him to give us the opportunity to totally belong to Him, for us to prepare and to awaken for the day when we return to Him forever or the day when we come to a new world. In the days that the world must experience tribulations, let us not allow all material possessions to control us, because when we encounter disasters, we become desperate and we suffer and there will be people who will die.

Today is a reminder to help us go on with what is most essential. Let us call upon the Name of the Lord, let us pray earnestly, let us come back with an amended life to understand the meaning in life, to understand the meaning of the life that God grants us, to thank God, to praise and honor, to be grateful and to apologize for the imperfections. Throughout our lives and only up to this day (14) can we be kindled and experience the presence of God, granted to us, because when we have Him then we do not fear anything. God will always support, love and forgive those who return, forgive those who come to Him completely, with a longing heart, a contrite heart, a penitent heart, to become the people that today He waits the return of – to bless us, to bestow blessing upon us, for us to live peacefully and happily in the days when we still have the opportunity to recognize the trials that He grants, and choosing us to be on the path, as His children, as the people whom He loves and supports, for the purpose of redeeming us and bringing us back. As for the present losses and sufferings, let us trust; certainly, human beings’ mastery has accomplished things from bricks, from grains of sand, from iron pieces, from steel pieces, to become massive bridges, to become great places, to become houses, to become castles, and many more creative things that God granted to human beings – therefore in everything that happens, if we continue to trust, He will have a way. When we fully live in righteous reformation, God will also grant us a hundredfold; in today’s age, everything is in a dynamic state, so as we live in His way, in His program, when He bestows, this place will soon be rebuilt to become a place of great prosperity.

As for the things that He granted us in a divine way, what He has bestowed and given, everything that today the Lord takes away, if we can recognize His holy will and we awaken and return, then He will give us back twice as much and hundreds of times more than what we have lost (15). So we need to listen to clearly understand what He is saying, hoping that we live a meaningful life when we are people who have a role; people who are talented or who have money and fame, please live in righteousness, choosing Him. He will rule and guide us since He Himself is the truth, the doctrine, the justice, and He died for this truth so let us not lose that, not waste it with what we had and have. This is a challenge, for us to turn back to God, for us to meet Him, and for us to live more meaningfully in life, in the days we still have not yet tasted the sweetness when we meet Him, trust in Him, know Him, and accept what He offers us. When the Lord came to us, He also had to bear the Cross, so each one of us who wants to walk with Him and to have eternal life, must also walk the way of the cross. These are the most appropriate times for us to see the cross that we must carry, that we must accept and must trust; that cross will be supported by the Lord Jesus every day, every second. When we walk with Him, we have Him because He is the master of the cross and because the cross is a place to meet us, a place to redeem us, a place to be close to us, a place to express the love that He gives, for us to be able to go to heaven by the way of the cross.

That is what today we have – the opportunity to prostrate to reverently honor the Second Person of God. Thank God for doing all this for us; thank God for allowing us to stand in for our brothers and sisters to live this profound experience; thank God for giving us the moments that are a mystery. If we do not have the opportunity to prostrate, to worship, we would not be able to understand the sublimity of the depth that we are receiving today. We lift up thousands of words of thanksgiving, of praise, of exultation; God, please accept us, and may He act according to His way, to do what is best for those who are affected by the disaster, who are suffering, for them to receive comfort, to receive protection, to be renewed in the life of faith and the life of the necessities that they lack; may they recognize Him, return to Him, and welcome a life of faith by deeds, for their lives to be redeemed, both soul and body. We thank the Lord, we praise and glorify the Lord, our God, who is the eternal God; He gave us life, He gave us happiness, and the light that envelops us. When we end up in a dark night with despair and darkness, please help us stand up to receive comfort, to have peace, to have a smile in order to move forward on the paths ahead, with the cross that each person had and has. Especially for the people who are experiencing the disaster, please help them understand what it means to carry the cross, to understand how to accept the cross, to understand how through the cross we will gloriously rise with Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

The Third Kowtow, we offer to the Holy Spirit. O Holy Spirit – we thank God. God taught us about six years ago since the day He gave me the moments to remain with Him in the chapel. God taught me since I began to write, the times I received the messages from the soul, from the heart; until the special moments today, there were countless things He has taught; countless things He has allowed us to know beforehand; countless things He has opened for us to clearly understand about the depth and the life of faith; countless things He allows us to comprehend what comes from the mystery that is revealed to humanity today. In particular, His teaching in life has given us insight and understanding of our lives as the people who have God, the people who know Him: what we still do not know, still do not understand, what in life that we depend upon, relying on money, position; relying on all the human freedom in the sophisticated and clever life of civilization. We have had so many falls in this situation but He came to teach and show us how to be freed from that snare; He also informs us about the events that will happen and that are happening and still happen, and each event will come through His guidance and enlightenment, through His warning, through His inspiration, so then today, we no longer refuse, we no longer disbelieve, and we no longer allow for the delay, for the tardiness of what is known, of what is heard.

O Holy Spirit, please continue to enlighten us; what we have accomplished with our ability: there are people who accept, there are people who reject, there are people who despise, there are people who judge, there are people who absolutely do not give us the chance to continue with what needs to be done to remind our brothers and sisters about the life of faith. We have encountered this and it is so heartbreaking for the people who have functions, who overreacted and failed to see what comes from the truth in order to seek in their functions, which is the goodwill to seek what comes from the truth that God grants and bestows. We continue because we do not make the decision ourselves but it is the Holy Spirit who decides for us; He is with us, to urge and enlighten; so the works continue to this day; all those messages of the most recent days continue with what the Holy Spirit has done and is doing.

These are the great mysteries that have come to the human world, especially in this present age, and are also the days of the recent disaster, which were forewarned. What must happen will happen; Mother told us, Mother warned us, Mother let us know – at the same time, the messages were received, each time we respectfully lift up the Six Kowtows, each time we continue to listen to the teaching of the Holy Spirit, teaching us the way and guiding us in the life of service and ministry. There are many things about which we cannot rely upon our strength and we cannot know in advance regarding the human condition; as proclaimed through the Six Kowtows, indeed, it is something that is close to us and also sublime. What is revealed to humanity through the Six Kowtows, today the Holy Spirit Himself is realizing for us and over us and is realizing for today’s human world. Things that come from the truth cannot be easily controlled by human beings in the freedom of their function or authority; no group can oppress, reject, remove, prevent, or forbid all the works that the Lord has done and is doing in the divine realm, and which are being manifested and revealed to the entire world.

O Holy Spirit – we thank Him for granting us the perseverance up to this day; we thank Him for giving us more strength for us to boldly walk on the path of testimony; we thank Him for giving us the strength to endure all those days of disappointment, from the people around us, the people who reject, those who absolutely refuse to listen or accept, and by what we were forbidden to do by people who have functions. Yet we continue because we are able to live with days of hope, of happiness from the return after the dark days of life; so today, in our return with the Six Kowtows, we are able to recognize that through the Six Kowtows we meet God and we are living in the divine world of heaven present in the midst of humanity. At the same time, we also have the opportunity to help our brothers and sisters and to speak on their behalf when they are busy with many things in the routine of a human life; moreover, this teaches us to pray by giving up everything that we often forget to do in the life of so many years. Today, we look into the heart, in addition to all the depth and the width, which does not come from ourselves but from the guidance of the Holy Spirit, who in fact, also allow us to know the greatest joy in life when we have Him; and on behalf of our brothers and sisters, we ask Him to accept and embrace, and we ask Him to intervene.

O Holy Spirit – He is the perfect Supreme Being; He is the pure Supreme Being who helped us live in daily hope, who gave us strength and helped us become wise and enlightened, who helped us gain more understanding, and helped us be more persistent, more aware and conscious of our role. O Holy Spirit – He is the light; He is the Good News; He is love, the truth, fairness, justice and righteousness. May He continue to lead us on the path of holiness; may He help us live in the truth and may He help us realize everything He wants in us to belong to God. He is the perfect Supreme Being; He is also the good, holy, pure Supreme Being whom today people need to learn from, need to know about. Let us not ignore and lose the precious, happy time that we often forgot and often neglected, failing to listen and accept what is needed in life with the enlightenment in a life knowing God, and in a life practicing what He teaches, and practicing what is most essential in faith that must be lived and affirmed.

O Holy Spirit – our strength cannot achieve anything if not for His prompting, if not with His permission. Please help us with what we still do not understand and still do not see; and what we still cannot do, we ask Him to support us. Please help all the brothers and sisters who are experiencing the disaster through the recent storm, and guide those who were not affected by the storm to have the heart and the spirit to serve and help those in need. Help them, especially in the present life, with food, with groceries, with necessities, but more important is the present life of the soul, the life with food for the soul, the life with the awareness and reformation of the soul. We need to feel, to amend, and to become perfect, to become people who are capable to be courageous, persevering, and persistent, to overcome the disasters so that we may recognize the doctrine and the truth that we need in the present spiritual life.

O Holy Spirit, please help all classes, all roles, and the people who are affected by the recent hurricane as well as those at other places; there are many people; help us so that with every situation that happens to us we may remain calm. Please help us entrust and help us trust in God; help us return to Him and recognize Him; and help us meet Him in our lives, in all circumstances, in all roles. Please help us in every situation so that we may understand life, the depth and the height that we seem to have neglected, forgotten, and ignored and that has become routine, has become indifferent, faded in our lives. Through the disasters, through the difficulties, we recall and recognize what is most important and most precious; may the Holy Spirit inspire and help the life of faith of our brothers and sisters, to kindle the brothers and sisters who are victims. May the Holy Spirit comfort them; He knows what they need, what they want in life; may He open their hearts so that they may experience, recognize, and be aware of all that is good that they greatly need in life. Please help their souls, as well as help them to be freed from the snares, subject to the forced repression of people in this age of obstinacy and arrogance.

May God free us, help us, and may He kindle the flame in our hearts; He is the power, the love; He is the water, He is the fire, He is the air, and everything belongs to Him. May He help us in the life of reality with the storm that our lives are experiencing, but as for the storm of the soul then we ask Him to let those raging waters cleanse our souls, our bodies. Please help us recognize that the interior of our souls must be cleansed for us to receive a new Spirit, for us to receive a new source of water, for us to receive new graces that God grants in every disaster, in every family, in every role, in every class, and in every person. This is for us not to consider possessions or money or everything that belongs to the world as the master, because the Holy Spirit is the master; and the spiritual life, in holiness and in the truth, is the master; and the life of faith is the master, which is the doctrine, the truth, for us to have life, for us to learn with the days of exile on earth.  May He redeem us, may He accept our prayers, may He welcome us, and may He accept our beseeching on behalf of our brothers and sisters, on behalf of those who are affected, on behalf of those who still do not know and who are still not awake, for them to awaken, for them to return, for them to taste the sweetness of the love that God grants and that redeems their souls.

O Holy Spirit – He is the Omniscient One, who knows all, who understands all; may He teach us in our duty to continue to stand in for our brothers and sisters, to continue to lift up the voice of the needs of daily life, and the spiritual needs that are so important. May He help us and teach us, so that everyone has the opportunity to hear, everyone has the opportunity to be aware, everyone has the opportunity to recognize the presence and the companionship of the Holy Spirit. The beautiful deeds in goodness, holiness, and perfection are never lost in the heart and in the depth of the soul, which people have not yet realized, and are not yet aware of. The time has come for Him to manifest; the time has come for Him to kindle; the time has come for Him to work on all the brothers and sisters, especially in Houston, Texas, those who are suffering from the disaster, those who are experiencing hardship; may He enlighten them, lead them, help them to improvise, to face the most important things in life. The life of necessities is essential but the mental and spiritual life is even more so; regarding the value of eternity and the value of the temporal days, entrust that value of eternity to the work of the Holy Spirit, for Him to stir all classes, all roles. What is most essential is to find what is most important in the disasters that happened, to ask God to help them to return to Him, to recognize Him, because having Him, people will be happy, peaceful, will overcome the disasters. With God’s help, when we pray, our prayers will resonate, and He will have mercy and help the children when they encounter disasters, or when they are late returning, or when they understand and are aware of the return by the Six Kowtows.

The Six Kowtows have led us into a very intimate spiritual world; the Six Kowtows have allowed us to encounter angels and saints; the Six Kowtows have guided us to meet the Holy Spirit; and the Six Kowtows gave us happy, peaceful days, to find the truth in the godliness that God granted in the recent days of reformation. This is not kept for us alone; this is not just for those who have to keep (16), but we must continue to witness, to spread, for everyone to hear, for everyone to receive, for everyone to practice so that they may be redeemed, may be rescued, may be prompted and enlightened by the Holy Spirit, who remains near them for them to become righteous, to become better, to become worthy of the love that God granted and bestowed to the world and in particular to each one of us, for us to also recognize the prompting of the Holy Spirit to continue in the duty and responsibility of pioneering, the duty and responsibility of testifying; to honor the duty and responsibility through the life in which we stand in for our brothers and sisters to receive the blessings of heaven, to receive the gift of heaven, to receive the graces. We ask God to also bestow those graces upon our brothers and sisters, those who are united with us, those who practice and those who believe. We lift up everything to God; we ask Him to plan, arrange, and help those affected by the recent flood, for them to find the spiritual life and to find the necessities. May God plan and arrange; I believe in Him, because when we have Him, we will accomplish everything; because with Him, with His enlightenment, each of us will return to the position that He has planned for those who believe in Him, who seek Him, and who live with Him, through His guidance. Amen.

The Fourth Kowtow, we offer to the Eucharistic Jesus. O Eucharistic Jesus – we thank God. Why do we say these words? Why did we continue throughout the past six years? Why is it that through the disasters we still lift up different prayers daily as we continue with the Six Kowtows? Because in every situation, there is His presence; in every situation, He is always with us; in every situation, He remains with us; in every situation, He still nourishes us with the food for the soul that is His Body and Blood. Wherever we are or whatever situation, God is always with us in all walks of life; because we reject Him, we limit our understanding of Him, we do not see Him, and we do not fully understand the meaning of His Presence through the Eucharist. Today, what we have heard, what we have said: that is the light of the Eucharist, that is Him concealed in the Eucharist, that is Him concealed in the tabernacles all over the world. He is also the Lord who is neglected by people, rejected by people, whom people do not trust, and He is gravely offended by people who live in immorality, in disobedience. Yet the Lord is still the God who loves us, awaiting us, and who has remained with us 2,000 years, up to this day. Nevertheless, it is time for people to understand that God cannot continue to look at human mistakes, that He cannot continue to look at people walk to their death and He does not rescue and does not act.

Therefore, the work of God today is His power; first, to manifest the light for human beings to recognize that His sovereignty has come and is present to help save the human world, to remind people in their faith to beware of the darkness that lingers and still envelops them when they are not determined to return to Him. The light of the Eucharist is appearing more and more, and we see more and more the force of the heavenly kingdom: most powerful, coming to us and supporting us in today’s world of mankind. Moreover, the Eucharist of the Lord is a pure, small Host we receive daily into our soul and heart, which is the food that nourishes the soul, supports and shelters and protects us in the divine realm, comforts, and consoles, and helps people to remain calm, helps those who are sick, helps those with weak faith, and also helps those who long and wish to experience His Presence. He became a Host so that all roles, all classes, especially the Christians – only if they understand – can feel happy, can feel at peace, can feel the Presence of God in life, the food for the soul through which He promised to remain with us until the end of the world.

Today, there were the words: “the end of the world” and this is happening in the world of humanity today. (17) The Eucharistic Jesus is a meek Supreme Being who is present in the Host and hidden in It, to wait for each person and yielding to each person’s desire to receive Him. Though there are people who torture Him by their sins because they still receive Him (18) and He must suffer the stench of sin from human beings and from what human beings understand in their limitations, God is still the faithful One, the persistent One, and He is the One who remains as promised because He is the Supreme One, He is the faithful One. The time of the events is coming, as we see, those events are the reminders; the recent hurricane is simply a reminder, in particular for Houston, Texas, and especially for the places that experienced the disastrous situations caused by calamities, but there will be many places, many areas that will experience even more catastrophic disasters to remind and awaken people. Because the power of God was manifested and revealed to us, we cannot continue to refuse and remain stubborn and hardened, we cannot continue to live in wickedness; we need to have His grace, we need to encounter Him, and we need to distance ourselves from the outside world for us to encounter Him at a place where He is waiting for us. That is between us and Him, so He grants especially to us and strengthens us and remains close to us in the world of mankind.

Today, sadly and pitifully, there are many people who do not know, who still do not know, who never go to adoration and who never meet the Eucharistic Jesus. When we come to a quiet place for us to meet Him, we have never been able to understand: though those are people with duty and responsibility in life – indeed, people with a ministry, people who served but never spent a little quiet time to encounter the Eucharistic Jesus. The wonderful sublimity, the gentle sweetness that people lost: today what we receive is the final mystery of a history that the Eucharistic Jesus reveals to humanity. He has been waiting for us for 2,000 years; the present signs are the protection that He granted us; it is because of His Presence that we have not fallen into an enormously critical situation, and it is because of His Presence that the devil cannot act freely in his own way to control and dominate us. The devil dominates us because we yield to him, because we embrace all modern sophistication while we place God aside in order to do evil, and we spend time with the devil instead of looking for the food of the soul. We do not seek what is inherently divine in life to sustain the internal holiness and what is necessary to learn in the life of the soul and of the spirit that God grants us by our heart; so then we lost countless opportunities.

Today, God cannot remain silent for us to be free to decide; He cannot remain silent to follow us, doing things that we take full advantage of, taking advantage of our reputation, taking advantage of all the wickedness people have from their shortsighted knowledge so that we absolutely fail to understand and see the momentous value of His home, and we act according to our way. God is the living God in truth, the God who wants us to live in truth and practice good things; He has manifested, He has spoken, and He has made known to us the inherent liveliness, already present, with words that need to be heard, to be known – to touch, for us to change and improve. The Eucharistic Jesus’ power was manifested by the light (18) to remind us that the time has come; we no longer have the freedom to choose for ourselves, we must know that He has come, that He is still in our midst, and that He gives us more opportunities to meet Him and remind us to be reformed. People who are virtuous and holy need to remain on the path to glorify and to testify for many brothers and sisters to return through our lives, for the righteous to know and for those who live in wickedness to also see. Because people are stubborn and hardened, because people lived in disobedience, and moreover, were subjected to the perpetual control of the devil, they have become hardened, stubborn; they have become offensive to God, by their use of words, by their deeds and actions. The time has come for God to manifest to us and the entire world, and He stirs by affection, by love, but if we continue to be obstinate, to be hardened, then we will see, because the time has come. God is still the mighty God, so the light has enveloped and the light reminds us by the living words through what today is heard, received, which is the light itself that is coming.

The Lord has called us to become reformed and to become perfect, as Mother Mary reminds us of God’s love and to come to the Divine Mercy to receive the graces that He granted, to particularly support and help us, to strengthen the life of faith, so that we may return to God who is present and who gives us life, for us to become good, perfect and reformed, to be worthy of love, to prepare for the day we return to Him, and also prepare for the goodness that we must learn in order to understand, to practice, to live in the truth, to live in the commandments. We live with the day in which we see the people who live in holiness, the people who practice with all the deeds that He gave us in the truth; and those of us who find, who trust, who entrust, and who understand the meaning of the Divine Mercy with faith, will become the light. The light of God reminds today that the light will envelop the light, and the light will be incorporated with the light for Him to save us in the most critical moments, for Him to save us in the disasters, and for Him to save us in all situations. But if we remain obstinate and stubborn and continue with the days in which we refuse, we reject, we remain ignorant and disbelieving and faithless, then we will become the darkness. The darkness that we hold onto: we are presently in the darkness and as we continue to live in the worldly days, we may rely upon idols, rely upon power and authority, and go on living, forgetting the sublimity God granted; but when the light comes, the darkness will be destroyed.

Thus, let us look at the hurricane that happened and is happening so that we can understand that the hour of the Lord will come unexpectedly; the hurricane happened unexpectedly and we could not react in time and we could not prepare in time. There are many things that we must rely on to quickly awaken, which is what God has revealed through the Eucharist to remind us before all the tribulations happen. On the day of the coming of God, if we are not prepared, we will be destroyed, eliminated, and completely annihilated in His light; so, whoever has ears ought to hear, whoever has a heart ought to feel and perceive Him as love. The Presence of the Eucharist is the concealed God, to help us, to support us, and to strengthen us; it is also the God who is manifesting His authority, because only He can redeem us; and only He has His own way, and only according to His way that we can live, for us to awaken and come back after the days in which we were completely unaware, indifferent, or lived in obstinacy and stubbornness.

God, please have mercy over the whole of humanity, for everyone to awaken and return, for everyone to be aware and to be conscious because only God is the Supreme Sovereign, only He can redeem, and only He can help us in times of misery. What we need is the Presence of the Sacrament of the Eucharist, which today we must cherish, we must honor, we must worship, and we must return to – to meet Him personally. The God we trust in everything – He knows, He sees, He hears; He plans everything, in His providence, everything becomes better, perfect, and complete. For us to receive the blessings that God grants in the sanctification, in the transformation, we must come to the Eucharistic Jesus, we must recognize the Presence of the Eucharistic Jesus, and we must spend time with the Eucharistic Jesus so that we may become holy and sanctified with the grace that He grants, with the light of the Eucharist shining through the heart and the soul, for us to become the people who recognize the truth and return to the truth, and who love God and who serve with the duty of one who is a child, to be worthy of the love that He granted through the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

O Eucharistic Jesus, I thank You. Out of love for us, He looked for all kinds of ways; out of love for us, He endured everything; out of love for us, He accepted everything; out of love for us, in these last times, though He never wanted (19) yet He still acted in order to redeem our souls and bring us back. These are moments of urging so that there is no longer anything based on worldly goods but only on God, for people to recognize and return, for the salvation of their souls. God wants to wait for this day to embrace them, to love them and to bring them back to a place that He has planned and prepared so that life on earth is meaningful, and if we die then we also return to Him forever. No one will be lost, if there are people who listen, people who practice, and people who can clearly understand the infinite and profound love He granted to us today and forever, till the end of our lives. Amen.

The Fifth Kowtow: we offer the Five Holy Marks (20) of the Lord Jesus Christ. O Jesus of the Five Holy Marks – today we understand the meaning of the Five Holy Marks; the Five Holy Marks that He endured for us; through the utmost sufferings and the glorious days are still the days in which we always need the closeness and His helping hand to be granted to us. The Five Holy Marks lead us into history, lead us into meaningful days today, lead us to look at the Cross that He bore, and lead us to embrace and accept the cross of life; the cross the brothers and sisters have experienced, are experiencing, and will experience through the disasters; and among the people who are encountering the disasters of the present storms, are our family members.

O Jesus of the Five Holy Marks – what He bestows upon us and bestows upon the whole world is meaningful, and He also wants us to have real experiences to clearly understand our true cross, for us to know that He is not biased to those whom He chose or favors the children to whom He has bestowed the best things to use, so that we may become His instruments. He also uses the children like us as the shining example for the brothers and sisters around; He uses us for His grace to be poured out abundantly upon us, and for us to live through those trials for us to have the experience. As for the things that happen to our lives, they do not stop with the coming days and the future days, so that we have those practical experiences to help us be firm in faith and to always trust, to never be doubtful or fearful, for us to be steadfast and proceed in faith, to keep going. Because Jesus of the Five Holy Marks is a heaven that is hidden among us in today’s world; a heaven where we find the truth, a heaven where we see the love of the Supreme God who forever is the God of love and mercy throughout all generations, and each era, particularly for us in a special way – each person, each sinner, and for us in the circumstances of the past events, especially my family. We can see the presence of God; whatever He bestows and He gives, He has the right to take away; He has the right to let us live through valuable experiences for us to glorify Him; His blessing continues in our lives. Each day, each person, each member of the family, each participant in the family, each brother and sister called in the group: if we only remain firm in faith then there is no disaster that we cannot overcome, and everything becomes victorious with a life having faith when He bestows and gives, and His grace continues to be extended so that we can understand the meaning of the love that He granted in His Divine Mercy. At the same time, we understand that the salvation from the Lord Jesus continues to be a book lasting throughout history that we can never comprehend the depth and the width of. There are many more things to help us in the life of faith, to help us in the life of return, to help us recognize love, to live in love, and to understand the meaning of love and of the affection that we continue to give to each other, with each other.

O Jesus, the Second Person of God, the Supreme Being with sovereignty over all humanity, the Supreme Being who is the One who endured everything, the Supreme Being who remains concealed today to be with us, who undertook to volunteer in order to see everything that human beings are committing, have committed – He continues to wait and give us the opportunity and also remains with us. The virtuous and holy people and those who belong to God continue to be enveloped by the presence, and we have His protection in our lives; each aspect is the abundance and happiness that we find in the Second Holy Mark. Never forget, never despair, even if each of us is a sinner, we continue to have the opportunity, and we hope in the Second Person of God and trust in Him; even though we are sinners or unrighteous people, when we come to Him and return to Him, even those sinners themselves will also become saints in the future when we resolutely return to Him. We also rely on the history of people who could not, yet they became great saints in heaven; therefore, we only need to come back; we only need to persevere until the last moment; we only need to find the truth and taste the love of God, then He is ready to transform us, for us to become a new person. God is ready to give us a new heart; He is ready to support and help us become a person with ideals, a person with goals, and a person who completely belongs to the conversion, to practicing the perfection of the doctrine that He granted, and through death, not one soul will be lost. But because we are stubborn, because we are hardened, we lose the opportunity, so the meaning of the Second Holy Mark helps us clearly understand daily in life when we respectfully offer the Five Holy Marks.

The Third Holy Mark is the presence of the Holy Spirit. We need Him to help, always need Him, always need to have Him; His guidance is something most authentic, most genuine, which is goodness, holiness, perfection; something most valuable. People cannot be without the Holy Spirit, cannot be without His grace, cannot be without the Spirit, cannot be without water, cannot be without fire, cannot be without all that belongs to the Spirit of God, because He is pure and is the completion of the goodness, the holiness and the perfection that we greatly need, for us to live in this life. We thank Him; thanks to Him we are in touch with the heavenly kingdom; thanks to Him, we are lifted up to God the Father; thanks to Him, we are able to understand the redemptive work of Jesus; thanks to Him, we understand history; thanks to Him, we understand the doctrine and the justice of truth; thanks to Him, we practice the commandment (21) so that we may become the people who minister, who serve, and who are the instruments whom God allows us to become, using us. O Holy Spirit, please remain with us so that we may accomplish everything that you want, so that we may be alert with all the works that you guide, for us to be enlightened and inspired according to your way, for all of us to listen, to be aware, and to practice with all the best that God granted and gave to the world of humanity. Through the Third Holy Mark, we honor Him, we lift up to Him; please accept our apology, our gratitude, and help us change our lives, to improve, to become perfect, to be worthy of the love that He has for us.

We also thank the Presence of the Eucharistic Jesus who nourishes us, and that force, so that we may go everywhere to testify, so that we may proclaim and continue with what He bestows and gives – to become a history today. This is the end and, moreover, we will come into a new world, as in the messages received and heard, through the messages that the Eucharistic Jesus wishes to give to humanity, wishes to give to the people of the last times, which He Himself bestows through the Spirit to the entire world.

At the same time, we lift up reverence as we thank, praise, and glorify the Fifth Holy Mark, which reminds us that human beings receive an eternal imprint with the forgiveness that God grants, but our human race still does not understand, still does not know. The Person who took our place to receive that eternal imprint is Mother Mary; so today, what we do, what we understand, know and practice in perseverance, despite difficulty or rejection, we continue, because we have the protection of Mother; because we have Her help we are able to reach the path and we boldly reach out to every Person whom we prostrate to in worship. We worship, we honor, we act on behalf of all the brothers and sisters in order to lift up the voice that does not come from human beings but from the Spirit of God and the teaching of Mother Mary, for us to constantly pray earnestly, pray for every circumstance, pray for the disasters that happened, particularly in Houston, Texas, today, for these events to be lifted up to the Lord, asking God to please hear us, asking Him to please accept us. May God help all the families who are being afflicted to have normal days again, to have calm days, to find the meaning, and for them to become the people whom God has chosen. The Lord has kindled them and redeemed them, for them to live a spiritual life, for them to have a life of faith, for them to have a life that recognizes God so that they may be saved, soul and body, according to the planned arrangement. In entrusting faith, God will have a way to plan and arrange for each one of us because the Eucharistic Jesus was Present, is Present, and that light will destroy the darkness. The light will be revealed to the people who seek Him, who believe in Him, and who entrust in Him.

O Eucharistic Jesus – it is because He is Present that we have the possibility to speak boldly and bravely pioneer, bravely act. This does not come from human beings but we believe the Presence of the Lord allowed all the ordinary and commonplace people to receive extraordinary and marvelous works from the Eucharistic Jesus who manifested and granted to the world of mankind in order to strengthen the life of faith. Moreover, the presence of the Holy Spirit helps us to be complete, become perfect with the special, holy blessings that God granted in today’s world of mankind, which is the meaning of the Fifth Kowtow. In the Fourth Holy Mark that we reverently lift up to the Eucharistic Jesus, may everyone understand and may everyone come, may everyone spend time in the prostration, in the surrender, and come to Him respectfully, honorably, reverently; then we will find the meaning of the Five Holy Marks. Today, we are taught so that we understand the meaning of the Fifth Holy Mark; it was Mother Mary Herself who helped us clearly understand the human condition; to clearly understand that in our human life, we need to have moments in which we must totally belong to God in the surrender, in the prostration, in complete repentance, for Him to bestow upon us, for Him to help us be prepared, and for Him to help us overcome the disasters and calamities, for us to come into a new world, to return to the depth of the soul, of the heart, of the mind. In everything, if possible, may He intervene and protect us, for us to become perfect, to become worthy to come to the place that He plans for us, and in time we may recognize that God has granted and given us everything, and if we do not return in time, we will lose completely a great opportunity when we are taught through the Six Kowtows.

Especially today, the Fifth Kowtow means we are still valuable, we still have the opportunity, so those who return, those who call upon the Name of the Lord, those who believe and those who practice will never be rejected. Thus, today, we have the opportunity to glorify, to honor, to adore, and to thank the Five Holy Marks that also guide us in the present life, teaching us and reminding us in our lives, when we have God, when we believe in Him. We are prostrating to respectfully lift up to God with the Five Holy Marks to ask Him to support us, to ask Him to help us, and to ask Him to remain with us in the disasters, to remain with us in the crosses of our lives. In a human life that has Him, that is with Him, may we rise in glory with Him through the Five Holy Marks that today we reverently lift up on behalf of the brothers and sisters who still do not know, who still do not believe; the people who despise, those who do not understand, and those who do not recognize. When we experience and we reflect in depth then we understand what God granted and bestowed, for us to lift up our hearts, in the prostration, the reverence, and the respect for the Lord Jesus of the Five Holy Marks. They are the Five Holy Marks of love, the Five Holy Marks of hope, the Five Holy Marks of the life for the soul, the Five Holy Marks of meaningful earthly days, and the Five Holy Marks to teach us to face and triumph in the battle between good and evil, between the days of exile on earth and the days of reaping accomplishments. Through the Five Holy Marks that the Lord granted and manifested to us, the heavenly world remains close to us, and the presence of heaven remains with us when we belong to Him through the Five Holy Marks.

We worship God, we thank Him, and we praise Him. Please forgive the unrighteous, those who have become the norm and those who have become habitual, the people who lack respect, the people who do not understand, who refuse, and who are offending the Five Holy Marks of the Lord through the Cross. God, please forgive them; God, please help them be aware and be conscious; God, when they offend the Five Holy Marks, they must know that it is thanks to those Five Holy Marks that they are alive and still exist, for them to stop and cease the evil thoughts of wickedness within them, for them to end the violent acts, to end the oppression in the way that is presently controlled by the devil; may God use His mighty hand, His authority. When the lance of the soldier pierced Him and the blood poured out, the eyes of that soldier had to see the truth and he had to repent; therefore today, regarding the people who offend the Five Holy Marks, when they act, when they look, then God, also shines the light for them to recognize the Five Holy Marks, so that they too must kneel and prostrate, repent and feel remorse for all the deeds that they did, that they are doing and offending in the ministries when they completely failed to understand, to be aware, because they must clearly know what is most needed to return to Him. The time has come for the authority of the Lord and the time has come for His power to be manifested, and everything will come true and people must prostrate and surrender. God, please help the people who have been affected by the floods of the recent days, with the disaster they encountered, especially those who are currently taking refuge in St. Theresa’s parish and at all the shelters in Houston, for them to be comforted, for them to be aware and for them to also understand the purpose of life so that they will seek to return to Him and be able to meet Him. May God save their souls, support them and console them, for the days in their lives to be restored – for the days He granted them and granted to each family and to each person; we thank God, praise God, and glorify God. Amen.

The Sixth Kowtow, we reverently offer to God the Father. We thank God the Father, the Supreme Being, the One who planned and arranged, the One who bestowed, and the One who chose for us, for us today to have Mother Mary – the Mother of the Second Person of God, the Mother of humanity, the Mother of the Eucharist. Today, we go everywhere to practice what people forgot, for us to lift up our reverent heart on behalf of the people who are disrespectful; on behalf of those who refuse; on behalf of those who do not know, who do not believe; and on behalf of the indifferent, cold souls, to ask God to have mercy. Today, we reverently lift up thousands of thanksgivings to thank God the Father who gave us a mother, a perfect mother, a silent mother, a humble mother, a mother whom God has definitely chosen to become the Person who today teaches us to know things that are truly ordinary and commonplace yet are truly profound, so that out of mercy, God looks at us and grants and intercedes for us in all matters and all needs.

Mother Mary, please accept from us the Sixth Kowtow; with a grateful heart to Her, with a thankful heart to Her, to lift up words of gratitude and thanksgiving, for it was She who taught us, it was She who gave us permission, it was She who helped us. Today, we look at life with hope and trust in God, so that we when encounter trouble or when our brothers and sisters in the group suffer significant damages, as from the last hurricane and many other challenges, we continue to come to Him with a heart in adoration, in prostration, in trust. Who taught us this? Mother did and She taught us to have this strong faith and She taught us to look down upon all material possessions, and She taught us to learn totally from Her for the holy will of God to be done upon our lives. This is a time when we start to face difficult days, to be able to understand that the challenge will help us be stronger, the challenge will help us be more experienced, the challenge will help us become a completely new person, and to live with what She practiced in Her life, to be close to God, to recognize that the most important thing is the spiritual life, the life of the soul, the great life that God granted, for us to be prepared and for the whole world to be prepared.

Therefore, today everything that is practiced is not from our own choice but are things that must be done, that must be practiced in daily life in order to encounter God, to lift up to Him, to entrust to Him, to trust in Him, and to express with all the essential needs in the life of faith. We cannot lack the help and the experience of a Mother who granted and taught us; today, we are truly happy and at peace with what we had, with what we have, even with the disaster of the recent flooding. Today, each event is an example to all our brothers and sisters in the present, those who are living in a life shaken by the fact that they lost everything; they are living with sad days, losing hope because they no longer live in the days with money, fame, or the days when they rely on everything that they have in the splendid, big houses. Through one storm, people have completely awakened; what is most essential is the fact that we are still alive, having joy, having faith, with the happiness and all there is in the depth of entrustment in God, which is our greatest delight, taught by Mother Herself.

O Mother Mary, the Mother of the Church, the Mother of each one of us, the Mother of all humanity, the Mother of every sinner, and the Mother of every soul – these stories do not simply end here – the divine sublimity of the past six years (22), the words She taught, the words She reminded, the things that She quietly taught, and the things that were foretold to the world are happening with everything that She forewarned in the recent days. So every time we respectfully lift up the Six Kowtows, it seems as if we encounter the heavenly world; we encounter Her close reminder; we hear the voice of the Holy Spirit who taught us by reminding everyone with every single detail to help us. On one hand, to support and help us return to God, we need His grace to boldly practice, to turn back and truly improve, and to understand the meaning of the gift that Mother gave to us and to the whole of humanity, for us to invoke the Name of God, to urgently beseech Him, to earnestly ask Him to intervene. In the most critical moments, the human world must speak up, for the voice to be heard, for the voice to be accepted by God, from the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit, from the Eucharistic Jesus as well as Mother Mary, and the Presence of the Second Person of God, in our inherent faith, to ask God the Father to have mercy and accept and intervene; with all the prayers that we lift up to Him, on behalf of all our brothers and sisters all over the world, on behalf of all classes, all roles.

This is a privilege God grants us at the end of history, and also an immense grace in the days He strengthens the life of faith for all humanity with the gift of the Six Kowtows, the grace and the blessing that Mother Mary teaches and the urging of the Holy Spirit, and the support of the saints who continue to help us, pray for us to go everywhere to help the brothers and sisters be strengthened in the life of faith. We ask God to help us be aware and conscious of what is in a life of suffering, a life in which we encounter the cross, a life in which we are experiencing disasters and tribulations. In all matters, let us look back at the human condition to ask God for forgiveness, because when we return with a contrite and repentant heart, with the prostration and surrender, we become humble, we become the people who live meaningful days with the disasters, to understand that apart from God, we cannot resolve by ourselves. So today, there are many things our human eyes cannot accept, but that is because we did not reserve any time for God, we did not spend time with Him, we did not set aside time to belong to Him, but we spend time relying on all the facts and rules of the past for these days to remain the days looking for more facts. The depth comes from each person, for each person to practice; if we truly do not have the Holy Spirit with us, leading us, then we will be easily misled; so then today there must be the brothers and sisters selected by God; there must be silent people in the religious order; there must be religious men and women who dedicate their lives to Him to find out on our behalf, on behalf of the brothers and sisters, and on behalf of the world, to invoke His Name, to earnestly beseech Him, to understand prayer, to understand the meaning of reformation, to understand the meaning of becoming perfect. There are many things that are not free but require a price to be paid when we ask God to have mercy on us.

In every present matter, God, please have mercy and forgive the human world. It is not by the lips, it is not by all ordinary means but by the soul, by the body, by the sacrifice, by all the conditions of a human being that we respectfully lift up to Him what we have been taught by Mother Mary Herself, because what She does, what She teaches, and what She asks of God will definitely become an immense blessing for the whole of humanity. With the grace, with the blessing, and the abundance, people of all classes and roles can have the opportunity to practice, the opportunity to realize, the opportunity to meet God through the actions that we are lifting up to Him. This is done so that our brothers and sisters who are facing the disaster may be comforted; so that through our prayers God opens their hearts, comforts them, protects them, consoles them, and gives them what is most essential for them to recognize that He is saving them, saving their souls. Moreover, they will experience the days in which God helped and kindled our lives, for us to find the truth, to find the doctrine and the justice so that we may belong to Him through the help of Mother.

We lift up a multitude of thanksgiving to Mother. Mother, please accept our grateful heart, our gratitude on behalf of all the brothers and sisters who are suffering from the disaster in the recent flood, and at the same time for those who are facing trials in their family life, besides the many problems we are experiencing in real life that trouble us and make us miserable. Mother, please have mercy and help us trust because we know that all the sufferings we bear cannot equal the suffering that Your Son, our Lord Jesus, endured. So, let us come to Mother’s Son, let us come to the Eucharistic Jesus, let us come to Mother Mary; certainly, She will have a way to help our miseries; She will have a way to take away those sufferings; She will have a way for us to recognize in order to live in hope, to live in happiness, to live in acceptance and fortitude. Our lives must be clarified, to understand that the spiritual is more important than the physical; particularly in regard to the real necessities that we face, Mother will have a way to help us resolve all problems. Let us believe, for us to practice what She teaches; let us trust until the last minute – then we will see the love of God, His benevolence, and the Sovereign God in all circumstances, in all situations, in all roles, in all classes. Let us worship with a prostrated heart, to totally belong to God; let us spend time with Him first, then in all things, He will bestow later, just as He proclaimed: “Those of you who have a heavy burden, come to Me for My yoke is light and gentle.” (23) If we want to walk with Him, let us remember to deny ourselves, to carry the cross daily and follow Him; as in all things taught, if we want to live in happiness we must carry the cross and walk through the ways of the cross in order to rise in glory with the Lord Jesus Christ, our God.

This path is a path we must learn from Mother’s experience because though Mother had a remarkable experience, full of challenges. She continues to remain firm in Her standpoint because She was the Person chosen to represent our entire human world. Everything that She does brings an outcome and a great result before God because She Herself will intervene and intercede for us to overcome difficulties and overcome the disasters, for us to return to being a human being, to regain our composure, to regain our spirit, and to regain the inherent life of faith that was lost with our decision to choose freedom. We forgot with the busy days, busy with money, with ambition, but through the disasters, we will return to God, through Her help, through the Six Kowtows that She teaches today. Through the gift of grace that we hear and receive, we grow in hope with the days God grants us in the special mission, as witnesses. The people who embraced and will receive and those who understand the meaning of this gift will be able to come close to God, to encounter Him; and they will receive the support and assistance of Mother Mary, the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, and the prompting in what is best, with the godliness and the truth that people need for God to bless and grant blessing. God is the Lord; there is nothing He cannot do – as human beings, we cannot, but He will restore all that is in the soul, in faith, and in the physical life as well as the life of necessity; He will have a way to bestow upon us.

Let us come to God; let us seek Him for us to receive a steadfast source of comfort and to remain calm, for Him to enlighten us so that we may know what is in the present for us to practice and face all adversities we are experiencing through the disasters. Let us lift up to God every single deed; then in all matters, He will have a way to bestow – in everything, He will have a way. We cannot imagine the presence and the closeness that God has granted us through the teaching of Mother Mary; She guided us to come to God because the time has come. The time has come; we must return, we must entrust, we must trust, and it is time for us to complete our duty, our responsibility as a child toward God; we must repent, we must feel remorse, we must apologize and we must ask for forgiveness, to be worthy of the Divine Mercy, of the love and the benevolence that God grants us in the end of history, and to also support us in times of trouble in order to rescue us. As long as we still survive, as long as we are still alive, we still have the opportunity to change, we still have the opportunity to encounter what He granted us in the end. He already reminded us, for us to be motivated by the very light He shone upon us so that we may return to the light in time and be prepared for the light. God will be the light at His coming, and when the light comes, the darkness will be destroyed; so let us not be the people who disbelieve, who reject, or remain stubborn. Regarding all this, God has given us the opportunity; let us not go on with days of indifference, of coldness, of obstinacy, of hardness, but let us return with a fervent heart, with a heart that recognizes and is aware of the divine blessings He grants and bestows. Let us turn back because only God can fill the emptiness and the pain and the suffering of those who were affected by the recent disaster and event. Please help our brothers and sisters; Mother, please help us continue with what needs to be done, with what is needed so that we can strongly urge our brothers and sisters to listen, to practice, and to come to God with a reverent heart, by the prostration, by the prayers, and to ask Him to have mercy, to forgive, and to accept us.

At this moment, we worship the Lord; we praise and glorify the Lord, our God; now till forever. We thank everything that Mother did and we lift up thanksgiving for the hand that protected and sheltered us so that our city of Houston only suffered to a certain extent, and there are the brothers and sisters who continue to provide support to those affected. Please help us have the spirit of love that God bestowed and to receive the teaching of Mother to help us be more virtuous and holier in the life that He granted for us to glorify Him. May many people know, hear, and may many people believe and practice with all the signs Mother teaches and gives us. In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, we thank Mother.

Through the Six Kowtows, we continue to be grateful to St. Joseph because we need the force of the heavenly kingdom and the grace from the saints, for them to intercede for us in Houston, Texas, to support all the people who are affected by the disaster they encountered and are experiencing. Please support the departed as well as those who still remain, for them to understand the precious meaning of the spiritual life and that they still have the opportunity to return. As for materials, God, please have mercy, for them to receive what God grants that is appropriate and reasonable with each situation, with each family. I ask St. Joseph to please intercede to God, to protect our Church, to protect the families who are in crisis today, and to protect us on the path of testimony, for us to continue with what is heard, what is known, and what is proclaimed.

We thank the three archangels (24) who came during the hurricane, who came to protect and safeguard; they have done many things in the divine realm; we have seen the presence and the assistance of the archangels, defending and protecting us in the divine realm. We do not perceive that the devil uses all sorts of ways to attack and harm us, one way or another, but with the support, the safeguard and the protection of the archangels, we remain safe and sound to continue with our mission and our duty in the life of testimony. We thank the archangels; please help us; please help our Church, and help the people who are affected by the disasters, for their faith to remain firm, for them to continue to believe, to continue to entrust and continue to trust. Every single disaster that happens is to remind people to become stronger in those days so that the soul may be saved and may live in the days of understanding the meaning of reformation, understanding the days in which God gave them the opportunity to be sanctified, to be transformed in His love.

We also thank our guardian angels; please remain with us, be with us. In the last few days, we did not panic; in the last few days, we were calmer to recognize what we needed to do; in the last few days, we also recognized the presence of the angels who visited for us to be aware of their help. Their light is always with us for us not to be afraid and for us to continue in our mission and our duty, which is to narrate, to report what is heard, what is seen, and to testify to the truth that the angels and saints have helped us accomplish. We thank God, praise Him, and glorify Him, and we thank the angels who obeyed His order and supported us; only with their support can we feel safe, peaceful, to continue on the path that He chose for us in our days of exile on earth, to become the witnesses, to become the pioneers, and to become the people who testify to all the great wonders He granted and revealed to today’s world of humanity.

At the same time, we thank all the saints who prayed for us, who have always remained with us, and who have always protected us; it is from their prayers to God that we and everyone else are safe and sound. There are many brothers and sisters also in the will of God to become the witnesses of the faith that He has granted for us in the group and each component has a role manifested by God in the life that we need to witness to what God intended and bestowed. In all matters, He always has ways to help us become strong, stouthearted and brave – to speak the truth, to testify to the truth, to continue with what He has given to us, and to continue to have a voice to bring to everyone. That witness is to motivate everyone in order for them to return to the life of faith, and is a source of comfort by God; with the voice and the prayers through the Holy Spirit, to guide them to have the help of heaven, and there are many of one holy way as well as other holy ways in which the saints support and intercede to Him for us. 

Please help us continue with the months to do all that God wants regarding the prostration, regarding the surrender, on behalf of our brothers and sisters; there are many people who need to know and embrace so that they may unite with us. The world must prepare for the day when people must prostrate to God, must surrender, and their knees must absolutely bend in reverence to prepare for the day He comes. The day we must face is the day of judgment, which is the day we must live through; the day of purification, the day we must accept. (25) Through the difficulties we face in order to come to the new world that God granted, let us be prepared for the end of history, which are times between good and evil, and Mother Mary will lead us onto the last vessel of history and that vessel will come to a new world, to the Garden of Eden that God gives back to humanity, and Mother will be the Person who guides us, who helps us return to be worthy to receive. We must prepare for a life completely reformed, completely perfected, and we must definitely become virtuous; we must completely regain the virtue that was inherent, to find what comes from the truth by deed, by justice, by righteousness, by goodness, and live in the truth; then everything encountered in the present will be amended. With Mother’s intervention, all matters will become days of true peace, ready for the day of purification in order to enter into the new world; ready for the day of purification to reach the place God planned for the world of mankind at the end of history. Please help us prepare and face, to not be afraid of all the tribulations that are happening, that will happen and still happen all over the world to awaken the life of human beings, to urge the life of faith, for people to recognize the power of God, as He is saving us. We have no other choice besides trusting in Him in order for us to survive; as for those who continue in their way, they will remain in the dark, and the darkness will be destroyed. As the disasters that happened and are happening unexpectedly, let everyone awaken – each role, to understand what God reminded us through the Gospel, through the Good News in the recent days as well as today and in the coming days of our lives, because the words, the sentences, the periods, the commas, will never pass away, with what the Lord Jesus said and realized in our human world.

At this moment, we thank God, because, from the example of the saints, we continue on the path that He assigns and we ask the saints to pray for us, to support us, for us to continue in perseverance. As for the works that we are doing here, there are many things that people may not welcome but this is the truth with the words foretold in the past days that have come true. Like a reminder to the world, with the upcoming disasters for people to prepare for the life of faith, for the life of return, may God protect those who practice, for them to belong to Him. God promises that those who belong to Him will be protected, will be sheltered, and whoever belongs to His people will be taken to a new land that He granted us, which is the new world, the Garden of Eden that He will give back to humanity, through Mother Mary’s hands, who will bring us back to the final place of the end of history.

We thank God, praise Him, and glorify Him with all that He grants us through the Six Kowtows; especially today, we thank the heavenly kingdom and thank all the saints; please continue to support and intercede for us, for us to be steadfast in the days we need to travel, to go everywhere to proclaim the Name of God, through the prostration and the surrender that we practiced, are practicing, and continue to practice in the schedule of the coming days. Please protect us in this upcoming trip to Fatima so that everything that Mother wants us to do, we will practice and we will do what she wants. In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, may everyone who still does not know, who still does not believe, open their souls, their hearts, for all deeds to be accomplished in the way that He granted us with the return, for us to receive all the graces that He granted and to practice the Six Kowtows for everyone to surrender and prostrate and return to Him, to be redeemed, to be stirred, to be able to feel the love that He gave us.

In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, L. completes at exactly 12:58 p.m. on Thursday, August 31, 2017, at St. Theresa Church, in front of the tabernacle, in front of the sanctuary, in front of the Cross, in front of the icon of the Divine Mercy, and in front of the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. In the days of the floods in Houston, I complete this message received with the Six Kowtows, and we continue to reverently lift up to God and we ask Him to please help Houston and may He forgive us for the days we neglected, and we ask Him to also help and save the souls who died unexpectedly. In particular, may God help and protect the people who are facing this woeful plight; those who lost everything, those who are suffering from the floods, and those who are suffering from diseases. God, please have mercy and forgive; God, please comfort them, and may the Divine Mercy of God console them and help them recognize that only He is the comfort in the present life, and for them to soon awaken so that we may belong to Him in all situations, in all roles – to be firm in faith, to entrust, for us to be happy, to be calm in order to deal with all circumstances, to deal with all matters and all classes.

We thank God, praise Him, and glorify Him, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our Lord; we thank the angels and the saints who support and protect us – please continue to pray for us and many more people, for them to stand firm with the disasters that they encountered and are facing today. We ask, through the Sign of the Cross, to be delivered from all evil, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. I thank God, Amen. One more time, I thank God, thank the Holy Spirit, thank Mother Mary, and thank the angels and saints; please intercede to God for us. In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Amen. Amen.


The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. L. leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. L. receives messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone. When Jesus gives L. messages it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of



  1. Please see “The Six Kowtows” message of August 19, 2014.
  2. In all cases, it is only L. who receives the messages. She often receives them in the company of friends/collaborators, so that is why “we” comes out occasionally. The message referred to is on the website, too, depending on which language one is looking under.
  3. Hurricane Harvey, which had just hit Houston very hard
  4. The “duty and responsibility” to practice the Six Kowtows, but for each one who knows about them and believes, he or she shares in this: to practice them for the world and personal intentions
  5. This seeming dichotomy can be explained in this way: it seems “Gospel” may refer to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, while “Good News” may refer to the Good News of future salvation, which extended back to the Old Testament (for example in Isaiah 40:9, 41:27, 61:1). Or, since these terms are also synonyms, this might be an example of the ages-old literary device of repetition that is occasionally found in these messages.
  6. The First Reading of this day’s Mass was 1 Thessalonians 3:7-13.
  7. In The Mystical City of God set of books it was revealed to Venerable Mary of Agreda that Blessed Mother prostrated in prayer. This is corroborated in a revelation to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta (Prodigies of the Blessed Virgin Mary, August 15, 1899).
  8. The “place” mentioned in this sentence may refer to the previous sentence that speaks of “a time of extreme suffering with continual disasters happening to the world,” which is starting now. If this is the case, the question of this sentence might be phrased something like: “Will we end up in the place like this forever (hell) or will this present place/time be one of worldliness and foolishness for us?” In both cases, the question is phrased negatively, but we easily avoid both realities by heeding what it says in the next sentence.
  9. The Era of Peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima
  10. Jesus
  11. “the power of sin is the law” (1 Corinthians 15:56)
  12. This is an instance of repetition of the same concept in two different wordings that occurs occasionally in these messages.
  13. The “storm” here is a figure for all the natural disasters that will occur in the world, as warned in the Bible, especially in the Book of Revelation; we are now in the end times.
  14. “only up to this day” here seems to simply indicate that we have and live in the present moment; the past no longer exists and the future doesn’t exist yet – all we have is the present moment.
  15. This would mean material restoration to some degree (perhaps twice as much), but especially since there is no comparison between the value of material goods and spiritual goods, this sentence does not exaggerate.
  16. “Keep” here seems to refer to those charged with the maintenance of the messages and miraculous images related to this private revelation, and/or the daily practice of the Six Kowtows. The end of the world “is happening in the world of humanity today” in one sense: the events leading up to it are happening. It is still a while off, after the Era of Peach, which will last an interminably long period of time denoted as a “thousand years” in Revelation 20:1-6 (Christ will not rule in the flesh during this period but through the Eucharist (Compare The Triumph of God’s Kingdom in the Millennium and End Times: A Proper Belief from the Truth in Scripture and Church Teachings by Rev. Joseph Iannuzzi).
  17. By receiving Holy Communion when not in the state of grace
  18. The miraculous images L. is able to capture on her cell phone camera
  19. “though He never wanted” to use natural disaster, etc.
  20. The Five Holy Marks are a new revelation regarding the Six Kowtows. The Fifth Kowtow is formally “In honor of the Five Holy Wounds of Jesus.” Now, within this kowtow, the Five Holy “Marks” are not the same as the Five Holy Wounds; they are a “subcategory” of the Fifth Kowtow, with each mark having its own subject. The Five Holy Marks, from the first to the last, are God the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Eucharistic Jesus, and Blessed Mother.
  21. “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it, You shall love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:37-39).
  22. has been receiving the messages for six years.
  23. Compare Matthew 11:28-30.
  24. The three named in the Bible: Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael
  25. The “day of judgment” is the universal “Illumination of Consciences,” a judgment in miniature for all persons simultaneously; this was revealed to Faustina (Diary, 83, 1588), St. Edmund Campion, and Blessed Anna Maria Taigi, who was respected by popes for the accuracy of her prophecies and was consulted by popes and saints. The “day of purification” is the time the earth itself will be purified prior to the Era of Peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima. In the next sentence, we then can understand why in these messages there is the regular mention of the imminent “end of history”: history as we know it will cease before the beginning of the Era of Peace.


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