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The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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The Gift That Mother Mary Offers to Humanity

January 1, 2018

Solemnity of Mary,

the Holy Mother of God

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through Lucia when practicing the Six Kowtows.

L.: O God – it is 1:44 p.m., Monday, January 1, 2018. On the first day of the new year, we come here to thank God for all the graces that He grants to us and that He grants to the entire world, that He grants especially to our families, and grants to the parishes of St. Laurence, St. Theresa, St. Justin, and St. Thomas, which are the churches that we often visit. I thank God. At this time, I do not know what else to ask; I only want to say: O God, may the Divine Mercy of God be granted to our human race, may the Divine Mercy of God be granted to all people, particularly in Houston, Texas, and especially at the places that still do not know God, the places that still do not recognize Him, the places that are separating from Him. Today, I have nothing to ask besides asking to remain here with each kowtow, as I used to lift up to God, to say to God the Father: we thank Father, we lift up countless thanks to Father. Father has given us so much and too much; now, on the first day of the new year, we lift up to Him and we ask Him: please decide for the world, decide for each one of us, decide for each of our families, decide for the parish we belong to, as well as our families and the places we usually visit, for them to love and to worship Father, to learn to fear Him and to obey Him. And now, we lift up to Father with the First Kowtow.

O God the Father, I do not know what to say; I just know that daily, I recognize my condition is weak, sinful, wretched. We do not have anything worthy, we simply know that we still have this day thanks to Father’s love, His immeasurable Divine Mercy, for the lowly, sinful, imperfect people like us to continue with days in hope, happiness, and peace. I also yearn for many of my brothers and sisters to also be like me; we ask to return to Father; we beseech Him to always look at us. Father, please sanctify and transform us, transform the entire world to be happy in You, to understand the meaning of the Divine Mercy, to understand the meaning of the blessing and grace that You grant to every single person and grant to Your children.

O Father, we know that sometimes we act unintentionally as well as deliberately; besides, many of us fellow human beings – our human race – remain in days of unruliness, days of denial and days of separation from Father. Today, Father, we only know to beseech You, because we believe that You can do everything; we beseech You to allow all souls to recognize and return to Your Divine Mercy, because only in Your love can we be sheltered, can we be supported, can we be forever happy, with You. Father alone is the unique Person, the God whom we worship, whom we trust, whom we honor, whom we adore, whom we express gratitude to, whom we thank and ask for forgiveness; no one gives us happiness, no one gives us peace, no one gives us harmony. We just lift up the first day of the New Year; as for the remaining days of our life and everyone else in the whole of humanity, we ask Father to decide, in His supremacy, in His power, in His love and Divine Mercy. That is what we beseech and lift up to Father in the first day of the new year, especially the brothers and sisters in our group, in particular the people whom Father chose in silence, specifically our families and the children, our siblings, our loved ones, with many things going on, but we trust in Father’s love. We never despair, never wonder regarding matters, we just lift up thanks to Father.  Father, please accept. Father, please help us mature in our faith to forever entrust and belong to You, until the last minute of each person and each member of our family, our brothers and sisters in our group and all their families. Let us count on that for us to progress on the path of faith, working and living to praise and glorify Father. Amen.

We lift up the Second Kowtow. O Jesus, the Second Person of God – we worship God, we praise and honor Him, because He came into this world. The solemnity that we are celebrating is part of the Octave week; we are lifted up toward the grotto of Bethlehem, lifted up toward the Solemnity of Christmas, to understand the start of the Passion. God loved humanity so He agreed to come into this world, in the stench of sin and countless other sufferings in extreme agony, but He remains patient to wait and forgive us. Today, God, please help us mature.  We must look back at the past years in our life, to recognize the Lord who still cares, loves and gives us the opportunity to return with a truly contrite heart, with a wounded heart asking God for healing, to recognize the God who is the great source of comfort for those who are wretched, those who are weak, and those who are lowly like us.

God alone is the Person who loves and forgives; please, help us return to righteousness, return to You and the doctrine that was granted through the salvation, for us to live in the protection, with the commandments, with the precepts that He gave to us. May we say the usual words, as everyone in the world says; we praise God, we glorify God, we worship God, and we apologize to God. God, please transform our life; God, please help us to be reborn once more, especially in this year’s Christmas that He gave to each one of us. We lift up thanks and lift up this New Year to God, lift up this New Year to beseech God to renew us. May we resurrect, may we triumph gloriously and forever belong to Him, for us to conquer evil, return to holiness, triumph over death – to always belong to Him in His love, His Divine Mercy, and His salvation, for us to believe, for us to amend our lives, for us to become worthy people, in reformation and perfection. Amen.

We offer the Third Kowtow. O Holy Spirit – we thank Him; He is the love, the light, the liveliness, the truth; only God can give us these sublime and great wonders, only with faith can we be kindled by the love of the Holy Spirit, only with faith can we have enough courage to walk in the midst of this world, only with faith can we boldly overcome the painful challenges of life. May the Holy Spirit always dwell in us, always teach us and always protect, us for us to truly live, truly love, truly forgive. All things come from the truth, in the practice of holiness, for us to praise God, because only He can bring us back to the place that belongs to us, a place that He shields, protects and defends, for mankind to understand the meaning of life, understand the meaning of love, understand the meaning of the graces that are bestowed, and understand the purpose of life. As we endure days of sunshine and rain, please help us move forward, in the Name of God, to glorify and to worship God, because He alone is the true, holy, and perfect Supreme Being; He alone helps us overcome sufferings, overcome spiritual and physical illnesses, to return to the God rich in Divine Mercy, who forgives and loves humanity, who loves us and loves each sinner like us.

We plead to Him, with Him, and ask Him to rule over the world, to renew the face of the world, for everyone to love one another, for everyone to unite, for everyone to return in prostration and in worship, to belong to the Lord, our God – to rule over us, to rule over our families, and to rule over the entire world, for us to no longer have days of tragedy, no longer have days of suffering, no longer have days of jealousy and hatred, no longer days of unruliness, but to belong to the Lord our God. We trust He can – and we earnestly beseech Him – to come to the world, especially in this New Year; we see many problems that our sins cause, but we cannot reverse, we cannot revoke. May God have mercy and help; may He accept from us this prostration, accept from us this confession, and accept from us a contrite and repentant heart. May everyone unite with us to call upon the Name of God, because only the power of God can realize many good deeds, only His power can bring us peace, joy, harmony; only His power can lead us onto a path of amendment and perfection. Amen.

We lift up the Fourth Kowtow. O Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ – thanks to Him, with Him, and in Him, our souls are nourished by the Body and Blood of Christ, for us to grow in Him, for us to live with Him, with ordinary and mediocre days, but God walks with us, for us to overcome extreme ordeals, overcome challenges with adversities, with matters that we are being accused of. We do have mistakes, imperfections, weaknesses, and many things in the midst of this world; good things, bad things intertwined, and countless times being chased away, despised, hurt, but we want to learn to be like the Eucharistic Jesus, because God was also neglected through countless past centuries, and He was also abandoned everywhere, all over the tabernacles in the entire world.

Today, O God – God is the supreme Lord, the supreme holy Person whom we must praise, glorify. What He taught and bestowed to ordinary, banal people like us, we were able to experience – let alone the learned; certainly, they must know, they must see, they must believe, for their life to have awareness, because God simply asks from us a sincere heart, a simple heart, a meek and humble heart; we must definitely learn to live in joy, live with Him and belong to Him. God, please help us, help our brothers and sisters and many people to know this, for us to recognize heaven in the Eucharist, and heaven as God present with us, to guide us, comfort us, and love, for everyone to unite, for everyone to know of His Presence to offer reverence, worship, gratitude and thanksgiving. God remains to intercede for us, He remains to lead us through the painful paths of life; thanks to Him, with Him, we can understand the meaning of the spirit, the meaning of the soul (1), the meaning of love, the meaning of goodness, the meaning of holiness, which God has given us in a special way through the mystery of the Blessed Sacrament. We do not know what else to say, besides this weakened condition, may many of us understand in order to serve God, to worship Him, to honor Him, to thank Him, and to return to Him. Amen.

We offer the Fifth Kowtow. O Five Holy Signs of Our Lord Jesus Christ (2), our God – the Five Holy Signs are the proof of love, the proof of the work of salvation, suffering from the day coming into the world until the day that God went into His Passion and His glorious triumph through death to leave us victory. God loved us and He accomplished everything for us; He redeemed us, and He allowed us to live with days having His doctrine, along with His love, His grace, and all that belongs to Him in the most sublime sacrifice that He had to pay at the price of Blood. Today, we cannot for any reason let ourselves lose this opportunity; God, please help us open our eyes, open our hearts, to look at the Cross, to look at the Five Holy Signs and bow in prostration, to recognize the depth and breadth of the Lord Jesus Christ in the salvation — because of love, because of forgiveness, because of enduring all to enable us to live and to live with Him. Please help us contemplate in a meaningful way, in a reflective way, in a mature way, so that we may recognize the suffering of God, to help us mature, to help us amend our life, to help us remove all the sins inherent in the life of each person, for us to learn from God patience, meekness, because He said Whoever wishes to follow Me, then take up the cross and follow Me. Anyone who wants to become righteous eliminates everything to return to the God who is rich in Divine Mercy, the God who has taken up the cross, for mankind’s life in sin and death.

Today, the grace for us to understand and practice is the elimination of the self, the elimination of the ego, the elimination of human freedom, to return to justice, to return to the God who is waiting and giving us the opportunity to become the people who prostrate, who surrender with the heart, with the soul, and all in faith. May we belong to God; may we contemplate God through the Five Holy Signs to understand the meaning of heaven, to understand the work of redemption and the mark that forever belongs to us, to our role. Let us return; let us become the people whom God has redeemed by His doctrine, by His Blood, by His love, and by His Body and Blood, for us to live with worthy days, live with accomplished days, live with the days forgiven by God. May we become the people who are loved by God who gives us meaningful days on earth, on the path with the crosses of our life, the crosses of a mortal life, and the cross that the Lord Jesus conquered, to ask to be His companion, to become His disciple, and to become the children that He loves and still waits for.

We worship God; praise, glorify, and honor Him. Let us offer the first day of the New Year to God; let us look at the Cross, to not be afraid of the cross but to take up the cross and follow the Teacher, because there is the Teacher and there are the pupils; all will be the days of encounter in the midst of life to recognize that victory by the cross will bring glorious joy with the Lord Jesus Christ, our God – to glorify Him, to honor Him, because only He is the triumphant Supreme Being. We want to follow Him; we must overcome the cross so that we may belong to God. Amen.

We offer the Sixth Kowtow. O God the Father – we worship You, we praise, glorify, and honor You, because You have chosen us. Today, the Church reminds us of the Feast of the Mother of God, the Mother of our human race, because Father has chosen for us a Mother; a gentle, meek, and humble Woman, a Person who pleases Father’s Holy Will, a perfect Person both in spirit and in body – a purity, an Immaculate Heart. Today, we are happy to be Mother’s children and this also reminds us of the sublime event of when Mother gave birth to the Second Person of God. It is Mother, who brought the Word Incarnate into the world, and She is the Mother to guide us on the path of salvation that the Second Person of God has taken and Mother walked along, and She collaborated, for us to have the opportunity today. What we need to do, what we need to offer, and what we need to know: we still have Mother, She remains with us, and with Her, certainly, we will never have the excuse to leave God, forfeit the occasion to know Him, fail the opportunity with faith, to believe in the Lord Jesus’ work of salvation.

O Mother Mary, the time has come; the human race no longer has the strength to resist all the demands in life, with the ingenious and refined allurements of a civilized era, as we allow human freedom to currently rule, we have begun to enter into days that lead to death, days in which we have seen the lack of order in family life, in society, in the nation, and everywhere. We have begun to allow ourselves to be lured into days of excessive freedom; we are experiencing distressing days with family, with society, as many no longer love, no longer support, no longer follow the doctrine; and we also enter into days that are indeed very self-centered, so the world has become chaotic, troubled, with countless tragedies and misfortunes that happened to life in the midst of the world. O Mother, we trust since You remain with us and we have You; Your voice still resounds and Your support is still there. So today, let us remain silent as You taught us, silently praying everywhere, silently practicing everywhere; silently, everywhere, for the prayers to resonate all the way to heaven. Mother will definitely help us and She will certainly intercede for God to save the world, to save those who know to listen, those who know to return, those who know to reform, those who know to apologize and repent, those who know to pray, and those who know to come to the Immaculate Heart of Mother.

Today, we certainly plead with Mother for our brothers who are entrapped, for our sisters who are ensnared by greed; selfishness; by jealousy, envy; by the wretchedness and wickedness that befall us. Mother, please help those brothers and sisters awaken, because the passions of this world are fleeting and passing and lead us into death. We must come to God with a sincere heart, by a life with pride and arrogance removed, and to live in docility, to live in simplicity, to live humbly to have God lift us up with His love, to lift us up to live in the truth, to lift us up to recognize the help of heaven, through Mother Mary, the angels, and the saints. Especially, the dwelling of the Holy Spirit in us urges what needs to be done, what must be done in order to glorify God, to honor Him, to acclaim Him, to exult Him, and to praise Him, which is the most important thing in this human world, and as for the other matters, they are beside the point, nonessential. Please help us have this soul, this heart, to have the protection in Mother Mary, to look at Her example, the shining example, the example of perfect virtue, for us to return to God, to come to Him and to encounter Him.

We simply wish to lift up this day, especially lifting up the first day of the new year to Mother, to ask Her to protect the world, to ask Her to shelter and defend all of us, and to ask Her to intercede to God, for us not to fall into the devil’s snares that are controlling us, for us to belong forever to Her in Her message; to be sorry and repent, to amend our life, to pray the Rosary, and to come to Mother’s Heart; then definitely, we will triumph over today’s evil and we will become humble people so that Mother can lead us to come before God, for Her to defend us before the court of God, to lead us into victory by the battle of virtue in this age. We must return to holiness to receive what Mother teaches us, by deed, by action, by a return, for God to have mercy and intervene, to have mercy and prevent all the evil that will come, to have mercy and protect and defend, and for Him to show mercy. Through the intercession of Mother we will definitely receive mercy from God in a special way, for the world to be saved and for many people to understand and return, for many to believe and to learn to fear God. Amen.

We thank God; we thank Mother, because of the Six Kowtows that She gave us. Today, we respectfully remember the Holy Family – we thank St. Joseph: please continue to intercede for our family members, for the heads of the families, and for young men and women to learn integrity, righteousness, and purity. I also ask the Archangels to protect and shield us, especially in this year – many tribulations will happen to us, because life still has disputes and there will be tribulations as forewarned. May the angels protect us so that we don’t fall into snares; also defend and shield us at the right time, so that we don’t fall into any circumstances that many are falling into, with the cunning and shrewd snares. We believe that the Archangels are the power; they will defend us and protect the world, for many people to recognize and return with the learning in the prostration and submission, to ask heaven to support, to help and intercede for us. We also thank the guardian angels, because they are the ones who are always with us, supporting us; please help us, do not let us fall under any circumstances, please help us live in the truth and live with a life of practice by good deeds; please protect and shield us, help us avoid accidents, disasters. In the end, we will be those who receive help in a special way, belonging to God in perseverance and faithfulness, because when faithful and persevering, will be saved in the end of history.

We also ask the saints – they already experienced, they are looking at us and are praying for us; may we desire to learn from them, for us to have the experiences in life, for us to differentiate between right and wrong, between good and evil, for us to always follow their examples, which are to sacrifice, to be brave, and to persevere with faith, by an affirmation in actions, by a life in which we glorify God, from less significant deeds to more significant ones. We must be cautious in our speech, in our work, in our thought, for us to forever belong to God through the holy example of the saints – to not fear death, to not fear threats, but to only live in the truth. God is the power, the love, the heaven that is protecting, and the heaven that is supporting us through the angels and saints; please remember us and intercede to God for us, especially in this New Year. We greatly need their help, because with the help from the saints, by their prayers, definitely, we will receive the interventions; with the support from heaven, we have no fear with the enemy before us, we do not fear death, and do not even fear what comes from treachery. What comes from the truth and from righteousness will return to God, and with that, He will be pleased and accept; please help us learn from their example so that each day we become holier, more reformed, and more worthy to be loved by God; then one day, may we also return with the saints and the angels, to together praise, glorify, and honor our God, forever and ever. Amen.

L. lifts up all these words; God, please have mercy – accept the Six Kowtows on behalf of all the brothers and sisters, and especially this evening’s meeting along with our family members, all people and all the parishes we visited. May many of us, many brothers and sisters, open their eyes and hearts to unite with us in the same spirit, to lift up to God with resonating voices; may God hear us, as we unite to praise, to glorify, and to honor, because the time has come; we can no longer remain silent, but we must bear witness to the Supreme God whom we prostrate to, whom we worship, and we must testify by both soul and body, for Him to have mercy and help us. We ask God to bless and keep us, like in the First Reading today, to each one of us, to St. Laurence’s Parish, St. Theresa’s Parish, St. Thomas More’s Parish, St. Justin’s Parish, and the Church of Christ the King. May all churches in Houston, Texas, also receive the sublime gift of the Six Kowtows that Mother Mary offers for us to move forward together and to be close to God by our faith, by our work, to eliminate the ordinary, mediocre, and narrow viewpoint that cause us to be afraid.

Come to the Eucharistic Jesus; come to God and lift up everything; lift up soul, body, and heart, to prostrate and surrender on behalf of all the brothers and sisters everywhere – those who still ignore, those who still disbelieve, those who still refuse to turn back, for them to return to the Lord, our God. O God of the New Year and the God forever in each one of us, please renew us in this New Year, for us to be bolder and braver on the path of testimony. In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, L., M.N., M.L.: we conclude at exactly 2:09 p.m., on January 1, 2018, at St. Laurence Church, where we respectfully offer the Six Kowtows, the gift that Mother Mary offers to humanity, the gift that God granted for us to lift up to Him on the first day of the new year. May all the brothers and sisters over the entire world receive blessings and be blessed, for them to return to God, to recognize God, and to learn to fear God. Amen. Amen. Amen.


The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. L. leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. L. receives the messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone’s camera. When Jesus gives L. messages, it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of 


  1. Paul distinguishes between spirit and soul.
  2. The “Five Holy Signs” are a unique revelation; each of Jesus’ Five Holy Wounds is its own “sign” that refers to or represents a mystery of the Faith. The First Holy Sign is God the Father; the Second Sign is God the Son; the Third Sign is God the Holy Spirit; the Fourth Sign is the Body and Blood of Jesus; and the Fifth Sign is Blessed Mother (appropriate since She was the Co-redemptrix; the Church’s doctrine is that in God’s design, Mary is the “Co-redemptrix,” who played a unique, major role with and under the Redeemer in the redemption won on Calvary).
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