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The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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              Bring This Gift to All the                               Brothers and Sisters

Message Received on January 3, 2018


This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through the messenger when practicing The Six Kowtows.



O God, it is 1:08 p.m., Wednesday, January 3, 2018, at St. Michael’s Church. First of all, I thank God for letting us come here this morning, which is not a coincidence – just like yesterday, as God reminded me – then this morning, I and Thanh: both of us had the same opinion.

O God, I know there are many things in my mind that are very pressing at times, but I must also see in common, because of all the brothers and sisters, because of the daily and weekly habits.

So, I do not act the way I am thinking, but in the end, God wants so He also teaches and urges for T.T. to have the same thought as I, so that we can be confident and know that God Himself wants us to come here.

Moreover, St. Michael also wants us to come here. We do not know anything but we know that coming here today is not from us; it is God’s urging for us to come here to attend Holy Mass and also to visit St. Michael’s Church.

Besides, this place is also very special; St. Michael has taught us many things since we started coming here; there are a lot of things we understand more and there still are many things that He has taught us.

Today is the same; as the first day of the year, we come here to thank God for all matters that He arranges and plans for us; to thank St. Michael in particular, because without his preservation then certainly, we would not exist today. We would have been greatly attacked in the last few years, especially in the most recent year.

Moreover, each time we are not firm, then surely our brothers and sisters also have a lot of things: one person like this, another like that; we constantly change. If without patience, if without the urging and the Word of God, we are indeed stubborn and hardhearted people; here are the chosen people, let alone people in society; certainly, there will be many, but we receive training from God and help from the angels, especially the angel Michael: he has bestowed upon us a great closeness when he leads us on the path of testimony; his presence is clearly apparent.

In all matters, we confess our imperfections, our mistakes, to ask him to help us and reform us, because he understands that the weak flesh has a lot of changes and there are a lot of controlling factors when there are many issues that do not belong in the invitation.

But we totally lack the lucidity to clearly distinguish what belongs to God, and also do not even identify what is in our role; as we have never been to battle, we easily stagger and fall.

Today, O God, please allow us to receive the words of the archangel Michael as well as all the other archangels; they certainly understand and know our longing – we greatly need their help.

At this moment, before starting anything, in our hearts, we always ask God to come to us, ask God to help us. We offer words of thanksgiving on behalf of the brothers and sisters present here as well as on behalf of all the brothers and sisters in the group – on behalf of all the brothers and sisters everywhere, far and near, their families, and especially the parishes we visited.

Today, also one of the first days of the new year, we come here to pray for St. Michael’s Parish; though there are many eager people here, certainly they also always greatly need His help, and God's divine graces are poured upon another new year so graces abound for the churches – for the priests to be holier, more fervent, and more responsible; at the same time, for the faithful, to be in unity and in cooperation, for the Holy Name of Jesus to continue to be spread all over.

Today the Church recalls the Memorial of the Holy Name of Jesus, and the Gospel, the Good News, reminded us how is the Holy Name of the Lord, and how to understand the Holy Name of the Lord and where to begin in order to understand the Holy Name of the Lord that we glorify – the Holy Name of the Lord that we bear witness to; the Holy Name of the Lord, for us to live in His way.

Today, we simply come here to respectfully offer the gift Mother taught us; we also visited churches all over; and when we have the opportunity, we also bow in the Holy Name of the Lord, to come to us, for us to also receive His blessing, to receive His teaching, and we agree to amend ourselves so that we may progress daily in His grace – a more complete way, a more determined way, a more mature way, in the love that He grants us, that He bestows upon us, and that He pours His divine grace abundantly over us and in us. At this moment, we offer to the Lord the First Kowtow.

a) The First Kowtow

We respectfully offer the First Kowtow to our God the Father.

I prostrate before You. I love, praise, honor, adore and thank you for your creation and salvation, Father.

All of our brothers and sisters present today represent the group, the people who are far as well as those who are nearby, the people who are busy with work as well as those who greatly long but do not have the opportunity.

Today is a first day of the year; each time we head to St. Michael’s Church, we can see the heroic bearing of Saint Michael; he is the bold force to watch and protect the Church, to protect the entire world, the children of God, the Christians.

At the same time, he also has the authority to protect all that is originally in spirituality; he is also the one who steps on the head of the serpent and holds the scale of justice; to those who live in dishonesty, to those who walk in the way that does not belong to God, he uses his sword, he uses all things that God grants him in military authority as he is the leader of the angels.

Thus, we have a heavenly family, we have a heavenly kingdom as family; we are the children of the King of the universe; we cannot fail to understand this and we cannot fail to recognize the great military authority that God has entrusted to the archangel Michael.

So today we must understand this. First of all, we praise and adore God, our Lord, for giving us a close relationship, in faith; we have been helped by St. Michael during the entire past time.

Today, as well as in the coming days of our lives, we ask St. Michael, as well as the other archangels, to help us as we consecrate ourselves to them, because in life, facing truth and falsehood in this generation of humanity is certainly not something easy if without help from the angels and the saints, if without God’s bestowing, if without the encounter that God grants.

Especially, today, with works that are different, not conforming to all the people in service, or normal days of the faithful who are Christians, who are people following the Catholic doctrine, following the Church; we certainly have people who revere in the silence of the monasteries, of the places where they worship, in silence.

However, we are being sent out to the world to face all aspects among those who understand and those who do not, among those who are fervent, among those who are lazy, among believers and non-believers.

So, this is something very difficult to face in the world of reality, because of many different people who from the beginning until this day have remained in the rule of law (1) that existed and still exists.

The rule of law has become completely dominant, clearly, from top to bottom, from the Church to the clergy, with only one way for them to know what to do, what must be done.

So today, what we do is something that people may consider different, look at us as fanatical, look at us as strange, look at us as peculiar, and reject what they consider unacceptable.

Therefore, they already have chased us away, they already have refused, they already have despised, they already have a lot of things, and they are no strangers; they are the priests. Though the priests of God are those serving God and worshiping God, they do not even accept this; then how can the faithful accept?

But, O Lord, that is the work of people in this world; back then, it was the same even for the Lord Jesus Himself – the Son of God had to endure the scribes and Pharisees who questioned Him, who rejected Him, who finally condemned Him, and He had to die innocently on the Cross.

So today, what are we? We are just sinners, grains of sand among countless other grains of sand, but God loves us and allows; God loves and accepts the prayers from these sinners, these wretched and imperfect people.

Today, Mother Mary sees the heart of each sinner like us, representing today’s generation, each person so weak, and each person wretched, aware of our own sinful condition, asking to repent, asking to be forgiven.

We do not know how to be able to recognize what is needed to deny ourselves daily in life with the ego and personality, as we keep looking and seeking through the days in which we encounter many challenges from the rejection of the brothers and sisters, the misunderstanding in a myriad of things, a myriad of aspects facing us, in bitterness, in hurt feelings.

There are many more things – the desire to return to the truth is very difficult indeed; this person has grace, that person has grace – there is rivalry, jealousy, envy, bad-mouthing, emotional distress and anguish, because of the blame, the criticisms, the insults, the contempt, and the pain from the beginning.

Nonetheless, O God, if You do not grant, if You do not allow, and if not having Mother Mary nearby, daily by our ears: "do everything to endure, do everything to accept this challenge"…

It's because the path of walking with the Lord is the path in which we must accept the cross, the path of walking with the Lord is the path of forgiveness, and the path of walking with the Lord is the path of love.

So if anyone does not overcome the painful trials – of extreme suffering, of bitterness, of grief, of humiliation, and is without love, then he or she cannot continue on the path that God chose and is selecting.

Today is a very important day. God wants each one of us to look back at the most recent year for us to understand what we have today. God, please open the mind to recognize what is most needed that we are lacking; we look back at today with what happened and is going on. Why can we not mature? Why has God not allowed us to encounter what we strive for?

Though we look at ourselves as adequate, yet to Him, He still wants us to be trained more because we still do not have enough courage, we still do not have enough patience, we still do not have experience of love, we still do not truly experience with an obedient heart.

We still have many ideas of our own; we just need to be momentarily upset by any minor restraint in our personal life – then we already cause countless stories to become troubling, which affect everyone.

We live very selfishly; we only know ourselves and do not think of the world and do not think about the role we are responsible for, and also do not think about what we must offer as a small sacrifice of our own to help others take on their important and great responsibilities in equilibrium and peace.

We simply come to hear what we like; when we are being taught with what we like then we are happy, but if it is something we do not like then we react with irritation and fury and a dreadful attitude. This is what happened and is happening.

O God, on the first day of the year, we want to present everything, because we know that in the coming days there are many important matters in life as we deal with enticements. Life has necessities that have greatly governed us as we still lack firmness; when we have things that govern us, we totally allow our souls to stray from the way of God.

We do not understand that what we have today comes from God, is provided by God; from food, from the daily necessities of life, from what we presently have, and from the past, afflicted years in life. Today, though we do not work yet we still have food, we do not think of those tragic days, and we keep thinking of what we had and deserve to have.

Because of things we lack taking precautions against, we easily make mistakes, we easily forget, and we easily follow our own ideas, so I ask God to please help, for us to understand that each passing day is a blessing from God, that each passing day is a grace.

God, please remove all the ego and personality in the unruly thinking, inwardly as well as outwardly, for us to know. O God, please let us become the people You desire, to be people who truly have a sincere heart, who have a heart that earnestly yearns to become righteous, who genuinely have a heart that desires to learn.

Let us learn in righteousness; return to the truth; learn to know to love, to know to forgive, to know to unite, and to know to obey, so that we do not go astray, we do not walk alone, and we do not lose the brothers and sisters – but if we remain in a stubborn and obstinate state, we will end up on a path of our own misery.

With the conscience, with God's divine grace, with the Supreme God who loves and waits for us to mature, God, at this moment, I lift up to You all that today You allow us; we lift up to God what is inside to prompt prayers; God, please remove everything in the heart of the brothers and sisters and even my own self – with what remains, with what is not right and does not come from You.

May these words be inspired by God, bestowed by God, to remove everything so that all this becomes a renewal in the new year as we yearn to step forward together, to step backward together, for us to take a step together, and for us to be worthy in the role of witness that God has granted us through the divine graces, because God alone can give us life, with happy and peaceful days in the midst of life.

God is also the Supreme Being who thoroughly and completely cares about us; please help us increase our faith, our love, our trust; please help us trust and entrust, for our lives to be peaceful and for us to mature, to remain calm, for us to be enlightened in all issues of our life – every single day, every single hour, and every single situation when that happens.

God, please help us know how to support each other, help each other. We rejoice with all the divine graces, so we also agree to correct all the imperfections; this is how a truly righteous person must be in order to easily have in life what God desires – obedience.

Only with obedience can we accomplish great deeds; only with obedience can we move forward on the same path with the brothers and sisters and also journey with others; if lacking obedience, it is very difficult to proceed, and disobedience will lead us onto a path of despair, a solitary path, a path that will lead us outside the love and distinct from God’s divine grace. God, please help us clearly understand this in the first days of the new year.

At the same time, I thank God for the myriad of great blessings He pours and bestows upon us; please accept our repentance and receive our penitent heart. God, please help us in the new year so that when we open our lips to beseech God, we understand what is the Holy Name of the Lord.

Then, we will live with days being more aware, days being more mature, days worthy in the apostolic role that the Lord assigns and allows us to travel all over to glorify Him, in life, in action, in our own work inside the soul first.

In matters concerning all external foes, because we have God, we can bring our peace to others; only with God can we be generous, only with God can we easily forgive, only with God can we easily love others; with God we heed and obey – if without God, we are simply people who are deceitful, with a face of deception; then we live without ever having peace.

God, please help us live in the truth and practice holiness, which is the least, though we are imperfect and still do not understand, but this is most essential; it is not too easy yet not too difficult – may we awaken to clearly understand what we need to respectfully lift up to God who is the Lord.

God bestows to all; He also bestows to those who are earnest, and He also bestows to those who truly have a righteous and sincere heart, for us to receive the truth of peace, the truth of justice, the truth of the doctrine, the truth of the commandment that He grants to us, every single person. We thank God, pay homage to God, and extol God, our Lord, now until forever. Amen.

b) The Second Kowtow

We respectfully offer the Second Kowtow to our Lord Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son of God.

We love, praise, honor, adore and thank you for celebration the Memorial of the Holy Name of Jesus.

When we hear the Holy Name of the Lord, everyone becomes submissive and shows admiration.

It's because of the deeds God does, because of the loving Supreme God, full of might; the eternal, everlasting Supreme God; the God who clearly understands. In the mind and heart of every single person in the world of mankind.

In particular, God understands the hearts of the selected children; because they are selected children, they must look to see the works the Lord Jesus Christ has done. He was born into the world to assume human nature just like us, so that He can be close to us and understand us, and for us to also understand what God has bestowed and is bestowing, in a mysteriously sublime way in the divine realm, yet very close, with human faith.

Therefore, today, we lift up to the Lord the Second Kowtow to honor the loving Supreme Being, the Supreme Being who was born into the world, the Savior of humanity, the Supreme Being who brought us life. Today, we have a profound knowledge of the wretched and weak life of the world, with things that we just lifted up to God the Father as well as to the Lord Jesus presently.

When we prostrate, we also see the great mystery that the Second Person, the Lord Jesus, brings – He brings us the truth; He offers us a Heart, within the height of trust, of faith, of beauty, and of perfection, to rectify all the wretchedness, the weaknesses, the evil and cruelty in people – the rebellions, the inner turmoil – and there are still many things in the ego and personality that originate from sin.

We are children loved by God and created by Him, for us to serve Him, to love Him, and to carry out His will through obedience. Unfortunately, our first parents mistakenly listened to the serpent and we inherited the bloodline of transgression and the birth that is born in sin, so we ended up in that weakness, but the Lord Jesus is the strength.

The Lord Jesus comes to bring us strength, but to bring us strength in faith, in trust, and in a strong affirmation, which is the determination not to do evil; the decision to reverse the desires in the wicked, sinful flesh – to reverse all wretchedness. Definitely, we will be able to be with Him, because He is the Supreme Being who brings the truth, who brings life and who brings goodness.

We have Him and are close to Him, so today we learn what faith is, we learn what spirituality is, we learn that the Holy Name of God lasts forever. When we call upon His Holy Name, we proclaim Him, then we become a person who has the doctrine of the truth, which is the difference that the human world still cannot find in history books, though throughout many generations, people read a lot, learned a lot.

However, the more we read, if we do not walk on the path of holiness, do not pay attention to what is needed in action, then we will immediately deviate, becoming arrogant, becoming people who rely on being learned.

We live in foolishness and arrogance, we seek what is our own will instead of following God’s will; therefore, so many people have stumbled, so many people have become debauched, so many people have fallen into snares in a frightening and horrible way.

Then that one became a worm, a worm that people are not aware of; he wears a garment of knowledge, of learning, dressed in a garment belonging to virtue, but inside he is truly evil.

He has caused many souls to stumble; he has taken advantage of his knowledge and talent to cause many people to succumb and perish, because of the subtle cover-up of the devil, like the serpent of old, in the body of a snake, in deceit, to seduce our first mother; in the end our first father also totally succumbed, and ultimately humanity fell into a snare so wide and big, it remains up to this day.

Therefore, because human strength cannot escape the frightful snare, the Lord Jesus came. The Only Begotten Son of God was truly born into the world; He bore the Holy Name of the Supreme Being who comes to conquer death, the Supreme Being who conquers sin, the Supreme Being who comes to deliver the world of mankind.

In belief, with the presence and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, we simply hear by habit and listen in a normal way; we still do not strive beyond what God has especially given for us to understand the Incarnate Word, to understand the Second Person Redeemer, to understand the Lord Jesus Christ as the Savior, to understand with the Second Kowtow as Mother Mary leads us today, to understand how to prostrate before the Second Person of God as we are lifting up to Him.

The doctrine has been and is, but the concealment, the depths and the widths of the Incarnate Word – the Savior – the death in glory, the triumphal return, the Resurrection, which are also the triumph over death, bring us a solid doctrine to safeguard us in His teaching, to shield us in His commandment and His precept, and to protect us in the divine realm – present in the midst of humanity.

We are sinners, unworthy people, people who still betray, still reject, but God, because of sinners like us, had to die for us; He had to accept everything, because of sin, in the humiliation and wretchedness of man, in the abominable cruelty of mankind.

Today, God wants us to know that He triumphed over everything to bring us back, and after His death, He leads us to the very door of heaven and He allows us to be united with Him to become the children of God, calling the Lord “Abba.”

Since then, the Lord does not regard us as servants, as lowly people, sinners, criminals, but He considers us, rather, as high-ranking mandarins. Thus, today, we become princesses and princes with a body, but inside the soul is still a prince, still a princess whom He loves.

It's because the soul of each person has been purified by that price of Blood, the body of each person has been cleansed, so our physical appearance, whether fat or slim, large or small, regardless, the soul is equal before the face of God.

This is a great grace, granted especially to us, in the power of God, according to His love and Divine Mercy. How do we understand the Holy Name of the Lord? The Holy Name of the Lord is not for us to automatically hear and call upon by habit; the Holy Name of the Lord has had a great history in the extremely great achievement of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Step by step, from the moment He was born into the world, when He entered into death, when He died on the Cross to the moment He conquered death and resurrected in glory, to bring back to each soul, to bring back to every single generation, and to bring back to us present today – to become people who  bring the lively voice through the Spirit, to illustrate what is very simple, very ordinary, yet profound and transparent from the surface to the bottom in mind and thought.

When we let our hearts be lifted up, when we bow in prostration to the Second Person of God, we call upon the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, for us to be healed. We call upon the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, for us to recognize the exceptional, extraordinary, and utterly high and profound strength that He grants to each one of us – to be His children, to call upon His Name.

In His Name – to live for one God, for the doctrine, to secure our life, which, in terms of lofty spirituality, is eternal and everlasting with Him, and it is also a teaching to help us live in a framework that belongs to heaven, that belongs to what is above and not below.

Thus, there are ordinary and simple things we fail to understand, we fail to acknowledge, so we do not recognize our worthy, precious and respected role in the present. Then how can we work, how can we be worthy of His Name, how can we understand that our role belongs to God, belongs to the Lord who saved us, in sin and death?

Today, we cannot continue to live with the ordinary and mediocre days of the imperfection in knowledge. We compete between man and man: jealousy, envy, ill will, and all trivial things, all weak things, things that we are living in this wretchedness.

We truly need to know in order to eliminate them because these trivial things, these wretched things make us stop, cause us to have a barrier that prevents God’s love and strength to dissolve the darkness in our hearts, in our souls.

In extreme ordeals, when we have God, then He supports; when we have God, then He heals; when we have God, we believe in and proclaim His Holy Name – then we live in the loving protection of the mighty, Supreme God, with the love and the Divine Mercy that still exists eternally through all generations.

O God, today, there are many things that we do not know by ourselves, but You granted us this day in particular, to come to hear, to come to clearly understand our role, for us to be the people who begin to kindle the flame of truth.

As God allowed us to take one more step with the lively teaching that is present through ordinary and simple people, the Holy Spirit enlightens in us the awareness to recognize our role to bear witness to the truth.

What we have done, what we are doing, is something people consider as strange, but this is what people need to practice at this time, because our condition has nothing left to repay, and nothing worthy to respond, and there is nothing that can be worthy standing before the face of God.


We must look back at what we have, with a thankful heart, a grateful heart, a respectful heart, and a penitent heart. The only thing is that we cannot stand upright to look at the Lord, but we must bow in prostration to beseech God’s mercy and forgiveness, although God sees us as children, as high-ranking mandarins.


Our true station in life – there are a number of people who completely walk in the way of the Lord, but are only a small portion according to society and the world, so we truly do not deserve to stand before the face of God in the way He allows.

Today, we cannot go to heaven alone; we simply cannot be alone or just a few to return to God while He came to die for the whole of humanity. Today, our brothers and our sisters are laying in encirclements – they are under the control of sin, controlled by the evil spirits, controlled by selfishness and greed, controlled by wretchedness and weakness, controlled by all that is in a life of sins.

However, we are people who know, people who hear, people who see; let us practice asking the Lord to give us the opportunity to represent our brothers, to represent our sisters, to kneel before the Salvation, to kneel before the Savior, to kneel before the Lord Jesus.

Let us proclaim His Holy Name to beseech Him to help us, to beseech Him to forgive us, to beseech Him to guide our brothers back, because only the return, only the repentance, only the remorse, only in the urgent earnestness and in the present time can we plead to God and for God to accept to help us in the ending.

We see the world tense with days threatened by war, because of jealousy, because of hatred, because of all the iniquity. “The trees want to be still but the wind keeps blowing,” which means people always burden each other with what is most evil, most wicked, yet they do not understand that it is evil, because they are committing sin, yet they do not recognize that it is sin.

That is a pity for mankind, because God has taught us, from the doctrine, from the Good News, from all good things, hoping that we learn that new teaching, for the world to be in peace, for the world to be in harmony, for everyone in the world to know love, for the world to be blessed, to be graced. Only God is the Sovereign, the Supreme Being who bestows, the Supreme Being who grants, and the Supreme Being who takes back.

We do not understand the days we truly live in this time, the days for us to choose as God allows us time so that we may either choose heaven or choose a wicked and wretched daily path, or choose a world that God has granted for us to have the opportunity to help our brothers, help the world, help people who are in need and people who still do not know, people who still do not believe, people who still lack the strength to turn back, and people who are living in rebellious days, days in which they still do not have enough faith.

They still do not clearly understand the Supreme God who loves, the Supreme God who waits, the Supreme God who died for them, the Supreme God whom they also proclaimed; they do not understand the meaning of a proclamation by deed, by a true life, by a heart in the truth – then there is nothing God refuses.

He absolutely does not ignore, but because we have become habits from of old, we pray but we certainly still do not sufficiently believe, and if we pray while in a state of sin, in a state of greed, the light will not be able to come to the darkness.

When the light appears, the darkness will vanish; as we are people who carry bodies of darkness, if we are not prepared, then when the light arrives, we will completely disappear, just like the darkness that when the light shines in, then the darkness disappears.

So, we must prepare; we need to return spiritually while we still have the time to decide – to beseech God to have mercy and forgive, to beseech Him to have mercy and purify, to beseech Him to have mercy and help us distinguish between what is right and wrong, what is good and evil, what is entangled in a sinful life and the wretchedness in that daily life.

Let us be ready with what we beseech, with what God grants; the day when the light shines – then we are ready to receive that great reward, to receive that intervention in a special way, and to receive the favors and graces.

We see that God is very thorough; He loves us; He grants us a wonder that nothing can describe, and no one can give to us as He does. So, we must be aware of what we had and have; how do we live to clearly understand that the Holy Name of the Lord is not for us to say casually, is not easy for us to understand in a very shallow way, is not easy for us to be able to replace the daily habit that we have learned? And the depth and the width of the great graces? We still do not understand the respect due to our own roles so how can we understand the divine graces God grants and bestows?

Today, we beseech God to enlighten us – especially the first days of the year, when we bow before the Salvation, bow before the Savior, bow before the Second Person of God whom we reverently worship – to pray for our brethren, to receive that profound love that kindles in us a response. Though things are still weak, still wretched, yet we sincerely return, sincerely by the heart, to ask God to have mercy and accept.

God loves childlike people, simple people, humble people. We have encountered God when we pray, so God wants to see us recognize ourselves, for Him to bestow and give, and He does not cease with what we have, but He will bestow more abundantly in the great divine graces since He has specially chosen us.

Today, may God allow us to separate the imperfections and weaknesses we have heard about yet we feel we do not understand; we listen, but we do so very wearily, and we completely had certain ways that we do not understand what we currently have.

We have many things to ask – to beseech God to give us patience, to help open our hearts, to help us start from the love that God gave for us to exist this day, for us to have this day; for us to regain calmness, to regain peace; for us to remove the weaknesses, the mistakes, as they will harm us.

We need to make a little sacrifice – then we will grow in God’s grace; we will be happy, have joy, and we will rejoice with the present life, the days we encounter the Lord. Then the days we face hardship are still exciting, the days we face treacherous ordeals are still exciting; the days we can see the challenges we overcome, then we see that is the path on which we have matured in God.

When the path has matured, God will use us, not stopping at one point, because we are the most authentic witnesses with what we have today, with what we are hearing today, with what we boldly strive to continue to do today, which is not possible among people, yet we can. This is the proof, by deed, by the faith that God has granted us.

We must understand our role; as very few people have these graces, let us treasure and respect, for us to forever be in God, with God; and as the guidance of the Holy Spirit grows stronger and stronger in us, let us walk in faith, live in faith, and always be trustful with God. With faith, we have truly recognized His presence, let us not lose it; we definitely must move forward on the path to merit what we receive from God.

Then how do we honor God, glorify God and His Holy Name in our life, to help our brothers and sisters, for many people to look at us, and along with us return to the Second Person of God whom we reverently worship, whom we adore.

In His Name, we prostrate with the Second Kowtow that we lift up to the Lord, for the Second Person of God Himself will lead us on the way back, to glorify God the Father, God the Son, and we will continue to receive the help and the remaining of God the Holy Spirit, within us, and with us. Amen.

c) The Third Kowtow

We respectfully offer the Third Kowtow to the Holy Spirit. O Third Person of God.

I prostrate before You. I love, praise, honor, adore and thank you for your life and sanctification.

Today, indeed, it is very difficult; it is not easy to comprehend what God granted us, especially on this morning as well as in the first days of the new year – there have been so many messages received, but today, we are still people who have imperfections and still do not fully understand.

Nevertheless, we are not discouraged, we do not give up; we cannot let whatever we still feel in our heart to risk losing the great treasure offered by the Holy Spirit, because we understand the sad days of our lives, the worst days of our lives, the days we lack understanding.

And if we truly remain in those days, then this life is indeed a useless life, a worthless life, and also a life leading itself into death, and unjustly for us, because the price of the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ has cleansed us yet to no avail.

So today, even though we are fallen and sinful, the Lord does not look at us in that defiled, wicked state, but He looks at us with a profound love, because of the price of the Blood, because of the utmost sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ, because of the death in the salvation. It is because of us that He was born into the world, assuming a human nature, to live in coldness, to live in affliction, to live in the disdain and rejection of mankind.

However, He continues, out of love for people like us, out of love for those who are wretched and weak like us, out of love for those who still do not understand. Determined, in the end, He triumphed over death, and He redeemed the human world.

Because He is God He loves us infinitely; when He was in the flesh, we failed to recognize Him, we rejected Him, and we killed Him, but because of that murder, today the truth remains the truth. Because He loves us, He loves so as not to condemn us.

He continues to be with us, He continues to grant His love and His divine presence through the Holy Spirit. So then today, His presence is the love of God the Father in the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the presence of the Third Person of God from love is the Holy Spirit.

Because of the word “love” God has done many wonders, and because of the word “love” people cannot see that wonder, that greatness, but in faith, we can see; in faith, God allows us to be able to recognize; in faith, we can experience, because the Holy Spirit is with us and the Holy Spirit is in the midst of this world.

The Holy Spirit dwells in the heart of each one of us present today; the Holy Spirit allows us to represent our brothers, represent all classes, represent all roles, represent our loved ones and relatives – especially represent the chosen brothers and sisters of our group, and represent all roles, to respectfully offer to Him, by lively words, by teaching words.

Since we truly do not understand the Good News, the Gospel, as we have never been able to once reflect deeply to clearly understand, the Holy Spirit teaches us by His Spirit; the Holy Spirit teaches us and motivates us by those lively words, to help us, to remind us, as we are also the witnesses to the deeds God does.

To God, all things He bestows originate from Him; the works of God are boundless and endless – deeds so wonderful and extraordinary that only God is the Person who realizes them. The Holy Spirit understands everything in the heart of each person, the Holy Spirit is patient with each one of us, and the Holy Spirit is extremely patient throughout generations.

Today, we are the descendants in this present age – so many tribulations occur, so many conflicts ensue, so many events happen that we do not understand what is true and what is false; we do not understand what is a true thing of God and what is currently in a state of harassment.

The world of humanity today has a myriad of colors, a myriad of beauties, a myriad of things, which people had all kinds, from learning, from knowledge – from this person, this; from that person, that – and causing chaos.

There are many problems we have seen before our eyes; our society is presently in a state of confusion, with the world in which we do not know where to situate our faith. How to know which place is true, which place is right, and which place is truly the authenticity of the love that God wants over the life of each one of us?

So today, the tribulations happened and are occurring between men, between one country and another, with disputes in every regard: economy, society, power, and so many problems. We are human beings, ordinary and simple people in society, Christians, children of the Church, and particularly, in the divine realm, we are the high-ranking mandarins, the princes, the princesses of God. We do not know what role belongs to us, and we are also in a current situation with a world that is controlling in a sophisticated and ingenious way under the guise of civilization.

We lack the experience and also lack the sufficient knowledge to be able to distinguish, but O Lord God, there is only one thing we recognize – the strength of man and the strength of people who are wretched, weak, sinful like us; as we are, we cannot recognize the sublime wonders if God does not allow.

So these are the deeds we believe in, starting from the smallest deeds, with peace in the soul, and we feel happy, because only God can comprehend our hearts, comprehend our thoughts, comprehend our longings.

He is also the only Supreme Being who forgives us, so today we come back; we come back to beseech God to forgive, we come back to beseech God to accept us in our imperfections and weaknesses. God also truly loves us unconditionally; He does not require anything too hard from us; He does not demand anything from the human condition.

But He only wants us to become a perfected person, an improved person – to live close to Him, to be loved, to live in love, to practice with the doctrine of love and practice with the commandment.

As He protects us, both in this life and the next, indeed, it is a wonderful thing in the world of mankind; no one can give, no one can help us learn about what is most ordinary, yet most exceptional, most extraordinary, and most stirring.

O Third Person of God – He is the Spirit, the light, the love, the justice, the truth – the truth that is leading us in the midst of this world. We experience the fragrance of love when we come close to Him; although only little and still having a lot of unworthiness, every time we come to Him, then the soul is peaceful.

When we have His guidance, have His teachings, then we let go of all the concerns, the confusions in our mind, and things within us like not understanding who we are, but He understands.

He understands us better than we know ourselves; this is something absolute that was and is, so, O Holy Spirit, please do not stop what you are bestowing upon me, and bestowing upon the whole world, bestowing upon the brothers who are walking with me, and bestowing upon everyone.

All classes, all roles are receiving His correction, His teaching, and love brings us back. In Your goodness, please help us step forward, and please help us so that we will recognize that Your patience has come to the point where people need to know, to the point where people need to welcome and receive.

Do not let it be too late, as all aspects seem to be moaning in the world of mankind, because of deeds that do not belong to goodness, deeds that do not belong to the truth; we are in a state of days threatened by war, days of broken families, days in which people are in disarray.

People act against morality and ethics, in days when we see people violating the laws of God and days in which we are living in a state of dispute, jealousy, envy, evil, wickedness – and are living with days nourishing sin, with sin, fostering sin, and not knowing sin.

All of these things have been done unintentionally and deliberately, and have completely become a habit in each person – every single person, every single class, so we cannot discover and receive what is the best in the commandment that God has given us.

We even forget and do not know the basic seven gifts of grace that the Holy Spirit offers to every single person; these signs of bestowing are very close, but we still do not understand, so how do we practice – the majority of us and the majority in all classes?

So today, out of affection, out of love, He continues to stir and urge on in a strong way, encouraging each person, when we bow with feeling and a repentant heart – then He immediately taught us and gave us the lively words, as we are speaking, giving us the experiences that we do not know, but today are known, and giving us a keen sense of what lies in the darkness to be illuminated by the light of love, of justice, of truth; and He is also teaching us step by step with things we still do not understand, still do not know.

Because we are too simple in life, we have heard the Gospel as well as listened to the Good News – momentarily in those emotional moments – but in the end, coming back to this day, we also do not understand and cannot use any words to practice in life.

Thus, today, a wonder – when we prostrate, when we truly surrender to God and lift up to God, in the moments we want to focus with the Supreme Being whom we worship, the Supreme Being whom we trust, the Supreme Being to whom we truly repent, then He grants to us by all kinds of means to kindle the soul of each person, according to a particular method for us to recognize His presence.

God, please help us remove all human thinking and reasoning, to look through the frail condition to ask for Your help; to ask for Your grace; to pray for You to look at us; to pray for You to intervene; and to pray for You to change the world, to change the face of the world that is in misery, in pain, and in extreme suffering, in both the spiritual and physical life.

God, please help and look at us; bring the light of the Good News to us, bring the grace and blessing from heaven to us, and deliver us in the critical situation of the present age – bound by all wants, necessities, we are falling into the snares which are not easy to escape from.

Today, God, please help us, because we know that Your Spirit will dispel all the dark clouds, Your Spirit will disperse all the darkness, and Your Spirit will bring back justice, bring back fairness, bring back the truth to every single heart willing to reform and return.

Certainly, this is the only way to return to encounter the Supreme God who is ready to bring us goodness and protect us on the path that He has planned – the path of truth, of holiness, of perfection – which has always been from the beginning, but few experience it, few welcome it; one hardly sees anyone practice it.

So today, we only know that we do not act automatically; we cannot automatically understand this, but God is present. God Himself is urging, God Himself is bestowing a great blessing for the entire world in the days of blessing and grace, as Mother Mary guided us; Mother Mary taught us, for us to know that each of our kowtows is like an urgent plea, like an eager voice for humanity.

God, please have mercy on sinners, wretched and weak like us; please help us – lead us back to the doctrine, lead us back to the commandment, lead us back to the only love, to rescue us from the fire of sin.

Today, we just know to lift up words of thanksgiving to God, to praise God, and to glorify God. May many ears be opened; many hardened hearts must also be softened; eyes that still have not seen will see; ears that still have not heard will hear the teachings, the gentle and tender reminders, with the depth, the width, by deed, by action, for God to forgive, for God to intercede, and for God to teach, so that we live as God desires, to become improved, perfect children, to return to the place where God has already prepared a banquet table.

As for the meaningful and happy days of the earthly days that God bestowed, is granting, and still gives, God, please help us clearly understand in order to step out of the limitation as we remain in days of weak faith, so that we may know Your support and know that the light is waiting for us, that Your love is waiting for us, and that the fire of faith is being brightly lit in the soul of each person.

That is a new wind that is being blown into the soul of those who are opening their hearts to welcome the breeze of the Holy Spirit, renewing the soul, renewing the mind, renewing the body, and renewing the stubborn, hardened heart of mankind.

Please help us – all classes, all roles – to learn more humility, to learn more littleness, to learn to be simple; we will understand what happened, is coming, in the divine grace that He has given us and bestowed upon us through the Third Kowtow. We represent all the brothers and sisters everywhere, far and near, in a spirit of thanksgiving, of recognition, and of gratitude.

This day does not end here, but more great mysteries will come to us and will come to each one of us in the representation, and still come to every sinner when they have a contrite and repentant heart, asking to return and prostrate before God, with a true repentance, with one’s own heart. Amen.

d) The Fourth Kowtow

We respectfully offer the Fourth Kowtow to the Holy Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.

We love, praise, honor, adore and thank you our Lord Jesus Christ for your present in the tabernacle around the world.

We can do this, which is not automatically possible, but the lofty spirituality, through the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, has become a force that transformed our life and has allowed us to hear the resonating voice of the lonely, forsaken God in the Eucharist, of the Supreme God who waited for mankind for 2,000 years, of the mighty Supreme God who continues to love mankind; a loyal, faithful Heart that never abandons, never refuses.

The voice, with the eternal presence of the Eucharistic Jesus, the resonating voice of the mighty Supreme Being in the Eucharist gave us this opportunity, as today’s world is in upheaval regarding everything that comes from the truth, and there are still countless things among men deceiving, among men arguing, among men with countless things with the laws that remain under the rule of law.

Human beings have divided, seeking what belongs to their worship and adoration, but they forgot the true God, the sincere God, the Supreme God full of power and capability; His tender love waits for mankind to awake, waits for mankind to have the good will to seek and return to the truth. God is nourishing us with the food for the soul.

God is looking to meet us one by one; He does not distinguish between good or bad people, He does not separate us as sinful and wretched – He only wants to come to our souls and He wants us to be resurrected with the love that He is waiting for, because in the power, in the divine realm, in the sacredness, only the heart can encounter, only a trusting heart can hear, only a sincere experience from the bottom of the heart can recognize this sublime wonder.

So today it is the stirring in that Body and Blood, for us to have a firm decision not to look with the eyes of the human world in humanity, but we look at the sinful condition that needs to come to God; we must come in prostration, must come in submission, must come with a repentant heart, must help our brothers, to beseech God to give them the opportunity to come to Him, to understand what we have, to understand that the world still exists.

Today, that wonder has become true by the light, by all the love of the heavenly kingdom given to the world of mankind, by all of heaven that is present, by the lofty spirituality that comes close as words whispered into our ears.

The sweet gentleness of an absolute love does not leave mankind and does not give up, even when people ignore or reject: God remains patient to endure. God still patiently endures the scourges, the nail marks as in the past; God is suffering, because of the indifference and coldness of mankind, because of the harshness, because of the deceit, because of the anguish, the bitterness of iniquity.

People do not recognize His waiting; though He is the God who saves and forgives in order to free us in sin and death, yet to this day, pitifully and unfortunately for humanity, there are people who still do not know, do not believe, and do not understand the heaven in our midst, the heaven in the believing heart, to seek to return with the Eucharistic Jesus, the heaven that we daily contemplate, to rely on that illuminating light, to heal both soul and body.

O Eucharistic Jesus – today, we respectfully lift up to Him, with the first days of the new year, with heartfelt words in a spirit of penitence, in a spirit of thanksgiving, in a spirit of gratitude, because He has given us the past, silent days.

Today, we have become people who, though not fully matured, know that we come from the Eucharistic Jesus, know that we receive grace from the Eucharistic Jesus, know that we are chosen from the Eucharistic Jesus; we hear the living words from the Eucharistic Jesus – everything belongs to the Eucharistic Jesus and we can testify that it is heaven that is reigning in the midst of the Eucharist.

So we asked and we have recognized a higher view than the ordinary faith of our brothers and sisters who believe, and we believed, for us to continue with what we can, encountering God daily. We can respectfully lift up to God on behalf of our brothers, with a comforting prayer, because God is being offended; God is being forgotten, abandoned, and neglected.

Today, we lack respect, lack reverence, yet He continues to silently wait for the children to know Him, for the children to believe Him, for the children to come to Him. Whoever comes to Him does not return empty-handed.

Thus, today, God, please accept our prayers for our brothers to open their hearts, to open their eyes, because You remain, because You are still waiting, because You continue to give us the opportunity. Please, do not let it be too late and please, do not let people come to God when they know, but it is too late.

God came, God stayed, and He will also stay with us until the end of time; the words “end of time” become an ending for everything. Whether it continues or not, we already saw that if today’s world of humanity continues as it is, then surely, the end of the world as God mentioned will come.

It's because the devil has raged everywhere, he has caused many people and many souls to fall – in debauchery, in violation, and in many cruel and wicked deeds.

Our brothers and sisters have fallen and are falling into the clever and sophisticated snares, because human beings have completely not recognized the Lord who is dwelling and interceding for us through the Blessed Sacrament.

Therefore, today, I ask the Eucharistic Jesus; the time has come, please save our brothers and sisters, save the world, save all mankind, for we know that God alone is the mighty Supreme Being; the light of the Lord shone upon us, so God, please illumine all the children who still remain in days not knowing, not believing.

They are people who still do not understand and do not know, because of the delusions of the world, because of the clever subtlety of the times, because of the cover of evil; they are not truly wicked people.

I beseech God; I ask God to please open the heart of humanity today; I ask God to please open the soul and heart of the stubborn and hardened, and I also ask God to lift the fallen who do not dare return.

God, please continue; as God has prepared for us His Divine Mercy, may we be immersed in the Divine Mercy, because we know for sure that God’s love for us is greater than our sins, for Him, today, to bestow upon us this special favor, for us to travel all over, to evoke in our brothers and sisters a reverent heart, a returning heart, a penitent heart, to ask for God to forgive.

God, please continue to do what You desire, and God, please use us, with what is best, for our brothers to benefit from what You allow, for them to return. The only thing is to come back to beseech God’s forgiveness, to recognize His salvation, to recognize His Precious Blood, to recognize His Body and Blood, to recognize His remaining, for us to have a great and good result to save our souls in the ending of history today.

There are many more wonders that we still cannot yet understand and still cannot describe what the Lord has granted and bestowed. So, today, what can be done, then God, please help us; God, please accept us, because everything we have today does not come from human beings but from God’s grace.

May many people feel His presence, waiting; feel the loneliness of God who only loves and forgives, for us to return and receive the light of the Good News, the light that He granted to shine in the soul, in the mind, and in the heart that is heavy with days of exile in the world.

May we return to righteousness, return to justice, return to the doctrine, return to true love by deed, and return with a heart in faith. We ask to completely become the people who are reformed, improved, and perfected, to be worthy with the love that God granted in the great mystery, for us to see the wonders through the miracle in which God manifested to help human faith strongly soar.

Because the Lord has come, the Lord is coming, and still will come, and waits for every single soul to be worthy while waiting for the day we definitely must come before the court of God. Today, the court we come to is the Blessed Sacrament, the concealed yet visible Presence; what God grants is the patience to teach and help us on the path of improvement and perfection, but we do not understand, we do not know.

If we wait for the day we truly come before the Judge, then we no longer have the opportunity to change, no longer have the opportunity to return, and no longer have the opportunity to decide for the soul to become holy.

So God, please help us to be patient enough for us to recognize what we originally have and had that God bestows, to continue in a life of patient sacrifice, to continue to bear witness to what is heard, seen, known, in order to glorify God – in deed, in life, in action – and to have the will to help many brothers, sisters and many people to return to the Lord, our God. We prostrate before God, we praise God, we glorify God, and we honor God as our Lord, now till forever. Amen.

e) The Fifth Kowtow

We respectfully lift up the Fifth Kowtow to the Five Holy Wounds of the Lord Jesus Christ.

O Five Holy Wounds, we love, praise, honor, adore and thank you for your suffering for us.

Every day we contemplate God; when we attend Holy Mass, we come to the altar, we experience the Supreme God. And the Church – where to begin? We do not know, but every single time we step into church, we can see the triumph in the true, glorious resurrection that is the Cross, which prompts a constant reminder upon every sinner, upon every human being like us who lives and exists, to look at that Cross to receive blessings and to be grateful and thankful.

What is most essential is being reminded as a feast for the eyes as well as the ears that also hear in the moments we feel our souls quiet down; that awareness never ceases to remind us that God loves us; He so loves us that He sacrificed and died for us.

He resurrected over death for us today to exist in His grace, and the Five Holy Signs that we proclaim enable us to relive the course of history, which was initially very vivid, but we have long forgotten. People have become habitual through their functions, their duties, their responsibilities – today, in all classes and in all roles.

The solitude and quietness of the church, with the cross still lifted high, still waiting, and the hands still extended to embrace humanity in every single era, every single phase, and every single situation.

That is the God who sacrificed unto death, who sacrificed to the last moment for mankind to live, for mankind to have happiness and peace, for mankind to live in a situation of having blessing and peace. It is also a path as we contemplate the Cross, for us to understand the Cross and the value of the Cross so that we may enter into heaven.

The Lord Jesus Himself endured everything, for Him to fully triumph so that we may enter the gate of heaven, and the gate of heaven does not end there, but we also sit down to join in the banquet in heaven.

This is a lofty spirituality; if we do not think of what was fundamentally in the actions of the Lord Jesus to conclude with a triumphant victory, then we are simply people who remain within limits in the earthly days.

The deeds that God realized bring us to the life of eternity, the life of immortality, the life of everlastingness, and the life of the mighty God from above; so, if there is no door of salvation, then mankind certainly remains below.

Ordinary and mediocre, mankind is ignorant although God has been here for more than 2,000 years; God has accomplished everything, and God has sacrificed everything, and God has left a doctrine that still exists today through the Church, for us to continue to receive the great and marvelous mysteries that are granted in His appointed order.

Sadly, regrettably, humanity is still indifferent, still distant, still ignorant, still looking for idols, but that Cross continues to be compassionate on Calvary, continues to daily wait – a motivation by power. Today in every church there is the Cross, in every church there is the mark of the Five Holy Signs of love, of life, of hope, of glory, of resurrection, and the waiting with an absolutely unconditional love granted to every sinner.

 Indeed, it is a perpetual mystery for people to keep seeking to learn: the Gospel, yes; the doctrine, yes; the Good News, yes. But the liveliness that God needs is the heart that responds with love, because only the heart, only the willing human spirit can see that the lofty spirituality is still animated.

Though over 2,000 years old – still animated with us in this moment, still animated with us when we experience His love, still animated when we contemplate the Five Holy Signs through the Cross.

That is the lofty spirituality that God has wanted to bestow upon man from the beginning, but we are still unable to rise above the barrier of limitation. Though we understand, we still let reality and fact entice, and we simply remain under the rule of law with all the habits in life, so we fail to see the great, sublime mysteries that God grants for us to see, to hear, to feel, to embrace, and be confirmed with the animation by the true love that He offers fully to each one of us.

God delivered us by His death and He allows us to contemplate the Cross to prove that the way of this Cross was the path of enduring everything for mankind so that we boldly step onto the way where He already opened the door to welcome us to the heavenly banquet.

O Lord Jesus Christ, I have never been able to receive a message with such inspiration as today; I know that all this does not come from human beings, but from God who is leading us more and more onto a path of a book written not by human hands but by the intimate words that God wants to say to humanity today, and He grants blessings and graces simultaneously, to open wide the mind of man to respond to what was and is, yet we do not know and we do not understand in order to apply.

Thus, today, what was and is still goes on – to God it is a great abundance; because we still have not been able to discover, we do not understand in order to believe, so we have never been able to receive. However, though we have never received – like the first time God came to the world, the first time God was born into the world and no one welcomed Him – we have celebrated the past days and most recent ones, in the Solemnity days, for 2,000 years. 

Today is the same. Due to human practices that are conventional habits, we keep repeating over and over rather than seeking ways to advance with the great abundances that God bestows and grants. We have been enticed, ensnared by the evil spirits; they deceived us many times and we have been controlled by them many times; they have caused troubles for us many times but we do not receive what is the truth from God.

Because we have so many conditions in the life of the rule of law that restrain all aspects, and because we lack good will, lack true love, lack justice, and lack a truly strong faith, we have been limited. Because they use the power of evil, they cause all aspects to become confused; because we have succumbed, we do not have enough courage to find the truth.

Our God is always challenging, because everything from the truth must undergo countless sufferings, undergo countless challenges, and the truth is that God himself has come to this world yet people do not accept that truth. In the end, He died; so then today, there are people like us, there is the world – no matter how certain people were and are, everything was accomplished so that we may open our eyes.

Today, God grants us everything, which becomes a dependence and a habit for many generations, but now He desires that we embrace the truth starting from the moment He grants and gives in the days of blessings and graces, because this is what He has the authority to grant in the abundant grace He bestows so that we can truly understand the Five Holy Signs.

We understand that today is no longer the days of agony that the Lord Jesus endured through days of torment, and the Five Holy Signs are imprinted in the heart and soul of every single person and over every single sinner, in order to be rescued, to be delivered, and to cross over into a new world. In our souls, as we perceive with faith, we recognize that God has completely planned for us.

We just need to mature, we just need to belong to Him, and we just need to believe in Him – then our lives will be renewed for the days on earth to have meaning. When we receive those things, then we already help many brothers and sisters in life while they still do not believe, still do not understand, and still do not have the opportunity to know.

O Jesus Christ – the Five Holy Signs, the Five Holy Signs of deliverance that conclude today, are the present progression and are kindled, nowadays, like the doctrine reminding us. The doctrine of true love, the love of the Supreme God through the First Holy Sign, and the love of God the Father and His Divine Mercy, eternally exist till today’s generation and the ending of history.

The Second Holy Sign is the Lord Jesus Christ in the salvation, in the death, in the Incarnation, and in the triumph of the glorious Resurrection so that we may continue to recognize the doctrine that is alive in the Five Holy Signs.

Today, it is a reminder to the world of mankind and is also a lofty spirituality to be recognized and understood; the everlasting marks are forever granted to each one of us as we truly walk in the doctrine, walk in the commandment, walk in the Spirit, and trust in God’s love.

The Third Holy Sign is the presence of the Holy Spirit, a power that dispels the darkness, the habits in life, and the belonging to the rule of law instead of God's law. There is but one thing in God’s law and His law only teaches us one thing – to love God above all things and to love our brothers.

This is the main point of all the laws that we receive, because starting with the service and worship of God, we will have God who is the God of love, and then He will teach us by love for us to treat each other in life. Sadly, the world has not yet recognized; people may show love for God, but they cannot love their fellow human beings adequately.

For that reason, today, we end up with disaster, tribulation, war, hatred, jealousy, envy, and we are living in iniquity; because of that open door, the enemy that is the devil takes advantage as he uses all kinds of ways – he scatters us, he divides us, and he is reigning as he controls us by money, by ambition, by talent, by status, by greed, by lust, by concupiscence.

Mankind is falling into a disastrous abyss in today’s humanity, so we must rely on the strength of the Holy Spirit to help break to small pieces what we inherently have that is laying in superficial and shortsighted limitation.

The Third Holy Sign is truly significant to continue the program, for us to understand that the Five Holy Signs are the eternal impression. Today, let us remember there still is the Supreme Being who has authority, there still is the Supreme Being who remains close, there still is the Supreme Being who intercedes, and there still is the Supreme Being whom we can come to beseech and come to encounter.

Definitely, all problems will be resolved. As this is one of the most important points that we still are unable to understand, how can we know the meaning of the Five Holy Signs?

So today, we need to understand that that is the urging – today the Body and Blood of Christ remains, the Eucharist of Christ remains. The contact of the wonders that are close today – which never was before – is and comes to the world through the Blessed Sacrament. That is a reminder that the mystery God granted and bestowed upon us is ongoing; when people believe, then God will realize great wonders such as the Fourth Holy Sign that we receive.

The Fifth Holy Sign – we cannot be worthy of receiving what has been and is, so God the Father arranged and planned for us to have Mother Mary as the Person who represents our entire world of humanity to receive great and sublime graces and the mysteries being revealed.

Mother is the Person who fully understands, who represents the human world to deal with all that is most needed in the days of the ending of history, and also rescues and helps us in the miserable situations when we succumb.

Everything is currently falling into a disastrous situation under the control of the devil, but God is God – He is never defeated and He never lets us totally fall into snares, because He already redeemed us, He already died for us, then He will also choose a Person who will represent us in our weakness, to respond to a fierce time – the ending of history between good and evil today.

So the Five Holy Signs are like a door that is opened wide and who is the Person who can understand that so that today we have the gift of the prostration? Mother Mary – She understands that our human weakness cannot resist, because he is the devil, the ancient serpent that deceived our first parents.

Thus, the present human frailty, if not walking in the way of God, in His teachings, if not firmly learning and trusting, then we cannot resist the devil that is scheming to make us fall completely into his snares, because he has hated us from the beginning as we are the masterpieces of God.

God loves mankind, and God created mankind by His Heart, by His love, by His Blood, by His flesh, and by His humiliating death, so He cannot let us fall into snares and be lost. The Fifth Holy Sign that today He chose for us is the Queen of Heaven; the Queen of Heaven has understood in depth all the gifts God has given and bestowed; so today, She personally teaches us to come to God.

Nothing seems to be difficult and nothing can make us contradict what is in the present; we simply come to prostrate, we simply come with a contrite and repentant heart, and we simply come to lift up all the weaknesses that we are encountering, to lift them up to God and beseech Him to intervene, beseech Him to consider, beseech Him for His will to be done, and to help us with the present sufferings, with the imperfections, with the sins that we cannot forgive ourselves.

Mother Mary saw our weaknesses, saw our limitations, and saw our weak faith; She knows that God loves us very much, that we just need to repent and return, then He will take all kinds of measures to help us, use all kinds of ways to save us, use all kinds of means to intercede for us, and all kinds of approaches to lift us.

It's because we are the children whom He loves most, the children whom He waits for – and He plans for us through the Five Holy Signs, with the concealment, with the mystery, which we still do not know and still do not have the opportunity to know.

Today, the Five Holy Signs that God wants us to understand are the Five Holy Signs of victory, the Five Holy Signs of resurrection, the Five Holy Signs to bring us back, and the Five Holy Signs to help us in the ending of the blessing and grace, because God saves, God does not blame.

As we want to be saved, how must we be to be worthy with grace, with that rescue and help since this is a time in which we see mankind laying in rebellion, laying in inner turmoil, in outer chaos, lying in debauched days?

To God, the time has come, just like the first day of the year, especially of this year, as He spoke to Moses and He also calls those whom He sent to teach them by saying: The day has come for us to forgive and the day has come for My Father to bless and bestow [see Numbers 6:22-27] and for them to pray in the way He taught.

There, God has forgiven us from the beginning, as God knows what our frail condition is and He also knows that His Son is still in the midst of this world; He does not leave His children, those in the world who were saved by His Son by the price of Blood, by the love that still exists and still waits – the Presence of the Eucharist.

Another thing is that He chose Mother Mary, the daughter He chose in humanity – and today, Mother remains, with the beseeching, Mother continues to represent the world of mankind in remaining with the Eucharistic Jesus, to serve and to represent our entire world that is presently in a state of forgetting Him, offending Him, and still not understanding this immense greatness.

Today, the Five Holy Signs end and conclude with the Second Person of God, closely and decisively affirming the seal of love, the seal with which God does not exclude anyone who returns, the seal that God accepts, quickly and easily. We just need to return with our heart, by action, by both soul and body, the entire mind, and a heart that asks to truly repent; surely we will be saved spiritually.

God will have a way in His supremacy to let us know the journey with the days we must accept is the challenge of the life we are facing. We are currently dealing with a situation in which society is in a state of turmoil, of trouble, between good and evil, between wicked deeds people are committing and good deeds. God is looking for ways to save us; we must accept, we must agree to a way, and we must remain firm in our standpoint, which is that we believe in God.

He will surely save us, He will certainly intervene for us, He will definitely arrange for us, and we must keep only one promise, which is to return to holiness; we must definitely keep our hearts totally committed to return, with a contrite and repentant heart, with the refusal – the elimination – of evil.

We must clearly understand our situation with the present snare as God looks for ways to save us from it, but we must definitely come back, and what we need is: let us believe for us to do; let us believe for us to encounter God daily; let us believe, for us to call upon the Name of God; let us believe, for us to live worthily and profess what we had and have, to help our brothers, those who are straying.

The time has come. We need to understand that what we receive today does not come from human beings but from the Spirit of God who is sending us a message. Mother Mary teaches us, for us to be able to return tenderly and gently since God is forgiving, has forgiven, and still forgives.

There is only one necessary thing – that we cooperate, remove what is in our own self, and give up the inherent laziness, the indifference from the past, to be lively again with our destiny so that with a heart, we beg for God to rescue and help.

So the Five Holy Signs have become the path that leads to Him directly, that leads to Him in the quickest way and also the shortest way in the midst of the world, to encounter God in our lives while we are still breathing.

This is the final step, for us to understand the Five Holy Signs through the mystery God has revealed for us to know; for us to continue with the most recent days; for us to persevere – everyone and the world – whoever wants to be saved, whoever wants to return, whoever wants God to rescue and help, and whoever is truly worthy of the Divine Mercy.

God waited for us till this century, so let us practice this; from there, the Holy Spirit will have a way over each one of us, the Holy Spirit will have a way for us to be able to lift up all the distress and misery in our lives.

Today, between us and God, between us and all that is good, our Church is bringing us closer to God through the Good News, through the Gospel, along with all the daily teachings; we are not alone in the midst of life.

So this is a lofty spirituality, as Mother guided us through the Five Holy Signs, for that mystery to be revealed, and today the proof is people like us; we are those who do not know, who totally do not understand, but today there have been stories of truth – that, from that, we have become a new person and God is allowing us to continue to go all over to testify.

Thus, this is what needs to be done and was done – what God has granted; this is also the ending in which Mother gave us the mission to announce by deed, by prayer. We do not go out arrogantly, we have no talent at all; we only know that we go to any places to pray in silence – coming to any churches, with the opportunity, still praying and saying what God allows us through the Holy Spirit, to provide the necessary documents that a human life needs to have in order to learn more.

As for all matters, God plans and arranges; God planned, in everything the Holy Spirit guides and all matters have Mother Mary’s help. These are things that are explained in a way that there is nothing outside of the Church, there is no path that is contrary to morality, and there is also nothing that can trouble again; all that is inherent in the ordinariness and normality of the existing rule of law.

God further bestows upon us the plenitude to offer Him reverence in a special way, to remind people to eliminate the human way of viewing, to come to Him with a sincere heart, and to put Him first – then we will see the great mystery that is very close, which God bestowed to us.

With those who practice, that is also a seal that is imprinted upon our daily life so that each of us belongs to the number of those who have chosen God – He who allowed us to be His own people. Regarding the days of tribulations, the days of sufferings, the days of rebellions, we understand that He will save us, as those who belong to God’s own people, by the way that today has been announced in the first compact disk.

The angels and the saints are preparing to go up and down, and this is a time when people can see that truth: there is so much spirituality present in the sky, present in the families, present in the churches, and present in a most sublime way; God has granted for us to know that heaven has manifested to us by the help of the angels and saints.

Let us listen for us to continue, and when we practice then we will know that we are close to God, through the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, the urging of the Holy Spirit, the rescue and help of the Holy Spirit, and the bestowing of the Holy Spirit.

May we understand that our heavenly family is ready to help the people that belong to God’s own people, that belong to the people who choose God, that belong to the people who eliminate and return to God – by improvement, by perfection, by a life in which they long for God to save and help; He never refuses us.

As for our lives, there are days of suffering from spiritual and physical illness, but let us consider, no matter what happens, that we are in a time when blessings and graces are poured down; even if we are disabled, even if we are imperfect, even if we are sick in both body and soul, in the end we are still people who are saved, when we become His own people.

Thus, let us remember this. We should never despair, because in human life we all face evil deeds caused by people, but what comes from the doctrine and the truth remains and continues. However, because we do not apply, because we do not receive, because we do not seek God, because we are weak in faith, we fall into tragic and deplorable situations.

Nonetheless, God is God. He never refuses with the beseeching, never refuses with the children who return, never refuses with whoever belongs to His own people; so remember that – God sees, God knows.

We just need to sincerely return, we just need to truly be sorry and repent; then we understand that the meaning of the Five Holy Signs is the history book of the last era that are also the days in which graces are abundantly poured over us and are also the days of blessing and sanctification; when we are people who belong to Him, who receive Him, then that comes to us.

Today, this is something God has especially granted to us through the Five Holy Signs; words were given, deeply and extensively, regarding matters we do not know and that are not recorded in history books. Everything that we do and that we hear here does not come from us.

But we know for certain it is the permission of the Holy Spirit, so that we may live with the days of witness as He wanted, as He granted for everyone to receive, for everyone to hear, for everyone to truly return in time, at the right time and on the right date; do not let it be too late and do not let it be too tardy.

All things are going to end, because there were beginning days so there will be ending days, just like God the Father said: “Alpha and Omega” and the Lord Jesus came over 2,000 years ago, and the Lord Jesus also said: I remain with you all days, till the end of time.

The words "the end of time" are a reminder to us of the ending of history today, for whoever has ears ought to hear, whoever has eyes ought to see, whoever has a heart ought to feel, for us to recognize what is happening, what has happened, with the favors and graces that God gave and bestowed, to give us the opportunity to return soon; to not be too late, to not be too tardy. Amen.

f) The Sixth Kowtow

We thank you God the Father to give us Your loving daughter, Immaculate Mary.

The Sixth Kowtow we lift up to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for Her Triumph.

Blessed Mother Mary is absolutely the Person who pleases God and accomplishes the will of God in obedience and consecration; Mother Mary was worthy to bear the Incarnate Word so that we may have salvation. So today, the story begins from there, the world begins from there, the source of grace came from there, and the source of the deliverance in hope also came from there.

Then, today, who is the Person who teaches us, who is the Person who teaches most accurately, and who is the Person who can lead us closer to God, to know these mysterious, sublime mysteries? Who is the Person who can comprehend?  Mother Mary alone, the one worthy to bear the Savior, the one worthy to receive the great graces of the kingdom of heaven, and the one whom today we honor: the Queen of heaven.

The Queen of heaven taught us things that need to be done, things that man must do, and the things that man knows and receives, the ending with the blessings and graces, to save man in the urgent and troubling days, in the days between good and evil.

O God – Mother does not teach us to kowtow to Her, but the Holy Spirit prompts and the Holy Spirit teaches us to prostrate with the Sixth Kowtow to honor the Immaculate Heart of Mary: the Mother of the Divine Mercy, the Mother of the Eucharist, the Mother of the Church, the Mother of each one of us, the Mother of each sinner, the Mother of each convict, the Mother of each penitent, the Mother of each victim, the Mother of each soul in purgatory, and the Mother of each mother.

Today, Mother has represented us to serve the Lord in the divine realm yet present in the midst of the world – the Mother of the Eucharist. Let us repeat this once more: today, Mother does not come to us by way of the nations as the brothers and sisters had in the course of history with the saints.

Mother does not come to us as in Lourdes, France; She does not come to us as in Fatima; but She comes to us in the divine realm by a voice from the Eucharistic Jesus.

We know that everything today is not something we spontaneously know, spontaneously do, spontaneously understand, but the time has come for the lofty spirituality to be revealed, for the world of humanity to receive along with the blessing and grace, to teach the way on how to receive, how to be worthy to receive, and how to be saved in the ending, in the days God grants and bestows.

We currently are in a generation in which the more civilized, the more we walk away from the doctrine, walk away from morality, walk away from the commandment, so we must bear and accept, with the freedom which we have totally not understood the value or consequence of. Today, Mother has seen everything inherent in the world that continues; it will end up with afflicted days, tragic days, miserable days that people are completely unaware of.

Thus today, the Holy Spirit inspires us, because Mother alone can be the shining example to teach us to be virtuous, teach us to be humble, teach us to be obedient, teach us to be simple, and teach us to be little.

We understand the sublime distinction that throughout Her entire life, She was a Person who understands everything and knows so much through the graces that God has set aside for Her, but She always meditated in Her Heart.

Mother is a Person who does not say much, Mother also does not let everyone know about Her, because all of Her works and every single one of Her works are submitted to God; Mother is a Person who remains absolutely in humility and silence – a very meek, gentle Person, and also a Person who brings back countless things.

Today, people must look up to Mother who till this day remains a gentle, tender Mother, who seeks the children, loves the children, and helps the children, never using the power of a Queen of Heaven to blame, even though today, certain people have offended Mother.

People have not listened, and they have many weaknesses in a world of senseless freedom in which people are and have been driven by the evil spirits, so they offend and use words that are blasphemous, words that they absolutely do not understand.

They do not know what they did and are doing, and they act deliberately as they are encouraged by the evil spirits; but Mother does not have any word to blame, Mother also does not have any word to use Her authority to prevent.

With all the freedom today, people are entering into days of iniquity, the days in which they will choose and do choose the place where they will end up, which is freedom in concupiscence, in contrast to the doctrine, in contrast to the creation of God.

They no longer remember what already happened in the past in the world: brimstone and fire from heaven destroyed people who lived in that debauchery, who lived in that disarray.

Also, the Great Flood caused countless to die and in the entire world of humanity only Noah’s family survived. That happened, is happening, and can happen and continue, because of the hardness, the stubbornness, and the heartlessness.

With the offenses of mankind, Mother does not want to see us fall into this state; Mother does not want to see anyone even laying in iniquity, living in iniquity – She wants to come to help, She wants to come to save, because She is a mother who loves us, because Mother is the mother who accepted the responsibility as the Mother of God and the Mother of humanity.

In the case of human mothers, they love their children by means of sacrifice, but the heavenly Mother loves the children hundreds and thousands of times more – millions of times more – even if they are people in sin and death.

So Mother looks for all kinds of ways to save us, She looks for all kinds of ways to guide us, She looks for all kinds of ways to lead us back, She looks for all kinds of ways to give more time to the world of humanity that is in a state of days threatened by war, in days of turmoil, because people have rejected, people have forgotten the doctrine, and people have ignored Her message.

Mother grieves, weeps for mankind, still sheds tears of blood for humanity; Her Heart is anguished by human beings, Her Heart is pierced by swords, because our human race remains in obstinacy, in stubbornness and in hardheartedness.

Nevertheless, Mother does not give up, Mother does not give up; She continues to find ways to save us, She continues to find ways to deliver us – She knows that the Lord Jesus Christ Himself has come and He has definitely conquered, so Mother wants Her children to also triumph along with Her Son.

It's because He alone can save us in the fires of iniquity, He alone rescues us in miserable and chaotic situations, and He alone leads us off the paths that are surrounded by evil.

Today, in silence, Mother continues to shed tears for our human race and reminds us with very gentle and tender words, not asking too much of us nor forcing us to do excessive work. Mother just wants us to amend our lives, to repent and be sorry, to pray the Rosary, because the Rosary is a connection to heaven.

Mother has never departed from the Rosary as Mother Herself is holding the Rosary to help us become a great circle, from heaven to earth, to be connected as one; Mother does not want any child to fall out of that Rosary, so She wants us to keep praying the Rosary.

The power of that Rosary is the words with which we praise God and pay homage to Him; we whisper prayers to Mother for our words to be conveyed each day to our God, to help and rescue the stubborn and hardened brothers and sisters, the brothers and sisters who do not listen and do not know, and those who completely stray from His path.

Nonetheless, the Rosary will help them, because Mother wants us to represent those weak brothers; She wants us to represent those who are living in the degree of that iniquity.

Mother wants us to unite to constantly pray the Rosary and to come to Her Heart, because Her Heart belongs to God, because Her Heart is to love, because Her Heart is to save, because Her Heart leads us back to the only God who is the God who saves us in the midst of the human world and saves us in the spiritual life to eternally return to Him.

That is the great mystery that today people still have not recognized, still have not understood, and still have not been touched; words we have ignored, we have taken lightly, and we did not practice; and even if we do, it is still a very modest number nowadays, but it is because of that modest number that Mother does not abandon the number that is increasing, that is offending.

She continues to persevere, She continues to seek, She continues to bring Her love, and She continues to come to us through the Rosary; Mother reminds us that that relation remains – through every single stage, through every single time, through every single day, through every single second.

This world still has the voice of people who pray the Rosary, so Mother never recognizes defeat, though there are things that today are a tug of war between the snares, from which the devil is controlling us, because we are weak, mistaken, because we fall, but Mother never recognizes defeat, to bring us back by the Rosary.

The Rosary is a great, magnificent, divine string to tightly bind everything, because today we are weak and must awaken to return, so when we have enough strength to return, Mother uses the Rosary to tie the people and tie the evil spirits that are seeking ways to take Her children out of the Rosary’s circle.

Mother has connected Her children to become a string of beads, a unified string of beads, a strong string of beads, a string of beads to guide us back to God; though we are weak we have Mother. So, the meaning of the Rosary is not as simple as we may think in our own way, but the Rosary that Mother always holds in Her hand is like a connection between Her life to the world of humanity.

Even though Mother knows that her Son died atrociously on the Cross in a humiliating way, in excruciating pain, and that today His wounds are still not healed due to our rejection, Mother does not mercilessly use power, because Mother also has the authority to act so that all matters will become annihilated and people will return.

However, today She is the Mother of God. Since our God is love, our Mother is also love, and She wants us to return to love. Rather than turning to conquest in order to gain love in rebellion, to gain love in power, and to gain love in the authority She has, She is a gentle mother; from the beginning until the last moment, She remains a gentle Person leading us.

Mother is very wise, She is very clever, She is the Mother whom we know; after Jesus ascended into heaven, She was the counselor for our Church to be established.

Today, we know that Mother remains concealed and silent to perpetually counsel our Church, to always support, protect and defend our Church, so for the children who become God’s children, Mother is the Person by our side to continue to lead us. Mother never gives up, except in the situation in which we have forsaken Her, we have distanced ourselves from Her, we have not accepted Her, and we have rejected Her.

Mother also affirms that this ending is the ending in which we will see a frightening and horrendous event, beyond our imagination according to the world and according to everything in life in the midst of society; all classes, all roles, will also fall into a state of witnessing the separation of good and evil, witnessing a great and glorious victory recorded by history, yet still unrealized.

This day remains part of the days we turn around, the days we choose, the days we truly must be prepared, because that day is a decisive day. In the end we will see what was recorded in the history books: a third of the world will be swept away and there will be a woman whom we heard God the Father promised as He proclaimed: There will be a woman, and a descendant will crush the head of the serpent and the serpent will bite at the heel of the descendant and of that woman.

That will definitely happen; neither one period nor one comma will pass away because those were the words of the Lord. We lived through many stages in history, but we will witness in today’s generation freedom achieving its peak, which is the pinnacle of science and technology.

Indeed, it is something unimaginable, with a time in which we overindulge in the sophistication and cleverness of the advancement of society; it is also from that progression that we end up with absolutely no heart and no feeling, to be thankful, to be grateful.

Thus, we allowed the opening for the devil to enter and master us; he has controlled everything and we have become people who falter, people who betray, people who refuse, people who are treacherous, and people who are living in iniquity, who are fostering iniquity, nourishing iniquity and continuing to offend God.

Therefore, it is impossible to go on with evil spreading everywhere, as we are God’s children, the children who are defended by God. God died so that we may live, and Mother Mary silently meditated an entire lifetime to dedicate all that is best for her Son, and to protect us, for us to return to the Lord Jesus Christ and the price of Blood with which He cleansed each of our souls.

Surely, heaven will be filled with earthly children, because the Blood of Her Son was shed for the world; that doctrine continues to bring life to people. Today, we end up with the adversities we create due to selfishness and greediness.

It's because we have so many weaknesses that we do not fully understand the meaning of the value of the soul, so we have been lured by snares, but Mother Mary still remains silent, because She is very profound.

The time has come for us to understand the mystery that inherently is; we must definitely return, we must absolutely practice, we must certainly listen to Mother, and we must surely let the virginal mantle of Mother protect us in the ending of this history. Do not let us lose the opportunity, and do not let us be in a position in which we have the opportunity to choose yet we do not return.

Today Mother does not teach us anything difficult; Mother teaches us to return to God by the prostration, both body and soul. All classes, all roles must practice, for us to understand that through each kowtow, through each Person, we are able to see our directness coming to God, and so because of the lofty spirituality, God will have a way to help us and support us, for our life of faith to begin to mature. This is also a stage for us to see whether we truly listen to and conquer what belongs to the world in the rule of law or not.

What we need most is that our hearts must totally return to God – then certainly Mother will intervene in the ending of this day so that we will see things, whether true or false, exposed like the daylight, because Mother will eliminate everything that does not belong to God.

Mother leads mankind back with justice and righteousness, and Mother also lets the human world, which is laying in days of doing wrong with sin and the people who stray from God’s doctrine, to also have the opportunity to return with this method.

This is a great mystery that Mother Mary has mediated for us and is the only thing that in Her lifetime Mother already practiced. Mother Herself uses this to teach us so that we may receive the protection from God, so that we may receive the intervention from God, so that God may give us more time in the events that happened and are happening.

This is an ultimate and final decision for the world that we presently have, so everyone and each one of us needs to reflect; we need to seek to understand the truth, we must have good will – the people who have functions – for us to recognize what is being bestowed, was bestowed, and still to be bestowed.

There is no revelation without being challenged, there is no revelation without people withholding or rejecting, there is no revelation that is easily accepted, but today is different.

Time was extremely urgent; mankind has entered into the days, if we do not urgently ask for the grace from God to help, in a divine way yet which is very present, very close; only in this way can people sufficiently awaken – only in this way can people recognize the great glory in the mystery that the Lord has revealed to us through the power of the Eucharistic Jesus.

This one visible action is to enable us to see that heaven is near and in our midst, with the angels and the saints ready to help us in the final part of the remaining days.

Since we are practicing this, this time will be a very short time, this time will be a time before all the tribulations happen – so one must listen in order to recognize oneself, one must listen in order to prepare oneself and be ready, and one must listen in order to recognize what comes from God who grants and gives.

We have the right to come to the truth that God has granted to help us in the urgent days, to help us in the last days, and to help us in the moments we beseech God, when we need help with the unexpected incidents that happen to each one of us.

This is also the Sixth Kowtow. The Sixth Kowtow is the last number of history and is also the number by which today everyone must return – by the prostration, by the submission – for God Himself to act, for God Himself to intervene.

The Lord Himself is the King, the only King, and the Lord Himself is the God who saves the world – the Sovereign – and His Holy Name lasts forever, till the very end of the world, when we proclaim and return to the King, when we respectfully lift up the chorus – with the same number in heaven that we reverently lift up to Him.

Besides, the number six is the last number that Mother Mary acts upon and that the Holy Spirit teaches us to respectfully lift up, by offering the profoundly respectful kowtow to honor the Queen of heaven; in the final part of history, the Queen of heaven will come into the world to act to help us with faith when we truly trust in Mother’s teaching.

In this lofty spirituality, there will definitely be marvelous signs in this final part, and there will be many things that Mother Mary helps and urges regarding faith, for us to return to God, to welcome God, to encounter God, and to decide to return with a contrite and deserving heart that He gave.

Mother helped and interceded for us; with the Queen, we are waiting for the day of good and evil – Mother will appear, to step on the serpent’s head, and we will be liberated, free to come to the new world, a world that God is preparing, and a new Garden of Eden opens its door to await Mother to lead us in.

So this is a great marvel that we receive and we are being taught by Mother Herself, along with everything in the final decision, because when God Himself intervenes then we will not end up with days of danger, days of suffering; except in the case in which people are too stubborn, hardened, then we must face great events, face everything, because we choose them ourselves and inflict them upon ourselves.

So today, what needs to be said, is said; what needs to be lifted up, is lifted up; what needs to be heard, is heard. Mother, we ask for your efficacious help; Mother, please help us; and Mother, please guide us to soon be able to recognize this gift for all the brothers and sisters, for all classes – we begin to learn humility, learn littleness, learn entrustment, learn surrender.

May we understand the meaning of the Divine Mercy, understand the waiting of the Divine Mercy, understand the grace of the Divine Mercy, understand the flame of faith that is brightly lit, understand the source of the water of rebirth, for us to return to the blessing and grace to be sanctified, to be transformed through Mother Mary’s teaching and the reminding message of Mother Mary.

The Mother of love, the Mother of the Divine Mercy, the Mother of the Eucharist – for us to recognize what is required today to further grant us the enlightenment that we need to have.

Come to the Eucharistic Jesus; return to the Eucharistic Jesus; come to recognize the tenderness and sweetness in the love that He offers to each one of us. He gives to each person who seeks Him, returns to Him; He grants to those who visit Him; He bestows upon those who listen and embrace the great mystery from the liveliness that today we are receiving, in particular through The Six Kowtows.

We lift up countless thanks to God, praise God, and extol God – and we thank Mother. Thanks to Mother, today, we know that the forces of heaven are very close; we respectfully rely upon them through prayers, through the intercession of St. Joseph, a saint in the circumstance of a human being, chosen to become the foster father of the Second Person of God.

Today, he is also the foster father of the human world and for those who run to him, no one returns empty-handed. May the world learn the example of integrity and righteousness in him; may the world learn of a reverent heart in him.

Moreover, he was a person who fulfilled the responsibility with the work for which God has selected him; so then today, we rely on those saints – they will pray for us. Especially if St. Joseph prays, then God certainly will intervene and agree to help us with the situations of today’s world, of the broken families, of those who are irresponsible.

There are many people who live with the days in which they completely do not understand what justice and integrity is, so the world must beseech with prayers for the work of God to be realized upon the world, for people who long and desire to return to holiness.

We can also come here, particularly to the church that bears the name of St. Michael. It is he and the angels and the archangels that are constantly protecting and defending the world, continuously protecting and defending the Church, and always protecting and defending those who call upon their names. They never refuse, and holding the scale of justice is St. Michael; the devil cannot do anything and cannot attack when people are protected by the archangels.

Today, we come to this church in the first days of the year; He has helped us recognize an extremely wonderful message within our practice, to clearly understand what we are doing, to clearly understand the depth and width of the small steps that we started yet still do not understand, which is for us to recognize the important value of bearing witness to the entire world, and bearing witness to those who are on the way back, and bearing witness to all classes and all roles to also return and surrender to God.

Nonetheless, we cannot do it alone, we cannot be strong and steady if without the help of the archangels, so today we come to lift up our gratitude to the archangels. May the archangels continue to help us; may the archangels protect us and defend the world, for us to be on the way back and on the path to recognize what is most recent that God bestows upon us through the blessings and graces to save us and save those who are living in meaningless days, in immoral days, in days lacking faith, in days of nourishing sin, with sin, unintentionally as well as deliberately. These are the last phases; we only know to ask to rely upon the help of the archangels.

We thank the guardian angels because they have helped us; from the beginning till now they continue to protect us, but since we are indifferent, we still do not know, we still do not understand.

So today, the time has come; we cannot by ourselves fight all the enticements of the devil. Though we do not see them, they already have and are luring us into snares; the young men and women, the young people who still lack firmness and the young people whose faith is still weak have fallen into a very pitiful and distressing situation in today’s world of mankind.

Therefore, I ask the guardian angels to rescue and help us, to intercede to God for us, to protect and shield us from those temptations through the clever and sophisticated events of this age so that we may be steadfast and aware in life, to return to God as His children.

Please safeguard us in perseverance and faithfulness as we are people whose mission is to bear witness – at the same time, through pleading words, please help those who are inexperienced because they do not know; however, we are the ones who know to plead, to beseech with the guardian angels, to ask for their support and help. Our human world greatly needs the help of the angels and saints.

In the course of history, in particular, all saints had a history, because they coped with everything to demonstrate faith, to testify to an everlasting, heavenly life and to testify to the chair (2).

Today, they are present in heaven and they continue to allow us to receive their own words; they also continue to give us their experiences on earth and they remain in touch when God allows; thus, this mystery happened and is happening, and so these are true testimonies when God allows.

Regardless of how many generations over the centuries, when God allows, then we still have the opportunity to encounter, we still have the opportunity to receive, we still have the opportunity to be taught in the divine realm, through the shining example of the saints that was and is present.


They have accomplished and retired to heaven, so today, since we know that the power of the heavenly kingdom is truly immense, why do we not beseech, why do not we plead, why do not we ask those saints to help us instead of seeking what belongs to the world?

We simply remain within the days of the rule of law that crushes us; we cannot do anything, we are afraid, we are weak, we are beaten, we are chased away, we are simply afraid, yet we do not firmly stand up as the saints did.

Today, we do not do anything that is outside of the Church's teaching, we do not do anything that is against morality, we do not do anything that causes any trouble for the Church. In our prostration, we simply continue to pray for our Church; we pray for our Church to be united, pray for our Church to be filled with the Spirit of God, pray for our Church to continue to spread the Word of God everywhere, and pray for the Church to be steadfast until the end of history.

However, we need the laity, we need people who have faith, we need people who belong to God in a righteous life to continue with their hearts, with their duties; through people who have functions, for them to seek to understand the truth and to unite to fully beseech God to have mercy on us, through the help and intercession of the saints, through the spiritual support that they gave and are giving, for us to recognize this truth, believe in this truth, and live in this truth.

Today, that is what we ask, for the saints to help us learn from their example, to learn the example of virtue, to learn the example of courage, to learn the example with a life of faith by deed, to learn the example with a life poor in spirit, to learn the example with things by origin in the truth, and practice in holiness, to honor God – to glorify God and to become truly authentic apostles of the era.

We beseech to retain the reverence for each Person to whom we respectfully lift up, namely the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and we also lift up to the Body and Blood of Christ – the Eucharist – to honor the Five Holy Signs of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary.

With a devout and reverent heart, we respectfully lift up with a sentiment of thanksgiving, of gratitude, and of appreciation, through Mother Mary’s teaching with the gift of The Six Kowtows, which is certainly new to humanity, but has depth, width, and is a confirmation in the triumph between good and evil. Evil will be completely destroyed when Mother acts and Mother intervenes. This is something that formerly was that we choose to practice.

May the saints help us and intercede with God for all of this to be complete till the ending, for each of our brothers and sisters to continue in our life, in a life of practice, to be the shining example for people who are seeking.

For those who return; for those who still do not know, for them to know; for those who still have not heard, for them to hear; for those who still have not felt, for them to feel the grace and the gift that Mother teaches and bestows, teaching us to be humble, teaching us to be little, teaching us to be simple, teaching us to entrust, teaching us to obey, teaching us to follow, in order to belong to Him, in the intervention that He granted to those who belong to Him and those who practice, for us to become His own people, through the vivid seal that He granted to us.

In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, particularly today, Lucia, and all the brothers and sisters respectfully lift up with The Six Kowtows. On this afternoon, Lucia, M.N, T.T., M.T., M.L. and A.M.H. – we conclude The Six Kowtows at exactly 3:18 p.m., on Wednesday, January 3, 2018, at St. Michael’s Church.

We come here to attend Holy Mass and to receive the words the Holy Spirit urges through The Six Kowtows for us to report; may God enlighten us to continue learning from the Holy Spirit’s teaching, for us to practice with what God grants and bestows, through the enlightenment, the urging, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

I thank God, I praise God and glorify God; I thank the Holy Spirit, and I thank Mother. In particular, we thank the angel Michael, as we come here to attend Holy Mass at the church bearing his name, we also experience the help of the archangels: the archangel Michael, the archangel Gabriel, and the archangel Raphael, along with the other angels; please remember us, intercede to God for us, protect us, and help us. Amen. Amen. Amen.


  1. The “rule of law” mentioned in this message refers to the limits we impose on supernatural reality by our limitations; we let ourselves be ruled instead by human understanding and behavior. This quote is also relevant: “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom” (2 Corinthians 3:17).
  2. This refers to the Chair of St. Peter; that is, the authority of the Pope.
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