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The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

Heavenly Poems and Songs

''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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    Mother Practiced Her Whole Life 

Message received on January 15, 2018


This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through Lucia Phan when practicing The Six Kowtows.


Lucia: O God – it  is 1:57 p.m., Monday, January 15, 2018, at St. Laurence Church; we are kneeling in front of the tabernacle, in front of the altar, in front of the Cross.


Thank God for granting us this morning, to attend Holy Mass together on the first day of the third week.


Today I am very happy to see all the brothers and sisters – a good crowd – come to church to attend Holy Mass on a Monday.


O God – thank God for granting us the places where we can see everyone's ardor, especially the parishioners who set aside time for God, with solemnity in Holy Mass; all the children still stay behind to pray, to offer the Rosary as well as the Divine Mercy.


Today God grants me as well as all the sisters present here this morning, to share with each other, to recognize that what God grants in life is very close, with the most essential graces that our life seems to have overlooked, forgotten, and does not seem to experience, but these graces are truly significant in our life.


Living means still bearing with each other, still days of weakness, still days of stumbling, still days of wretchedness.


What is most challenging in our life is to have lasting harmony, because each person has our own personal shortcomings, so if we live without taking precautions and we lack prayer, then we lack respect.


Due to that lack of respect and pride and arrogance and many more things in each person's ego and personality, if we do not recognize the calling that God teaches, then we will always lose peace, we will always have judgmental thoughts, we will always have different thoughts, because we cannot easily recognize our own imperfection to pray to change for the better, but we always defend what we had and have.


Many times we forget, and at the same time we are too proud, so we have certain ways that cause us to also not be complete in a life as people called to become examples, to become witnesses, to become pioneers.


We cannot even conquer the smallest matters in our daily life – then how can we be worthy to walk amid the world?


These are things for which we have received so many blessings from God – countless favors and graces are poured down, but we are unworthy.


Only a few insignificant moments then we totally succumb, so we see many things unworthy with regard to what God offers today.


However, O God, we need to live through the experiences for us to see the peace we do not initially keep.


If we easily lose peace, easily fall into a state of anger and resentment, of thinking, of inference, if we have many judgments, then we cannot be in the group.


We cannot be worthy to unite to witness and we still have a lot we must learn in our own daily life, but, O God, when we fall into the abyss, only then can we see that places belonging to God have happiness, peace, smile, joy – completely delightful and enthusiastic.


Then when we fall into the ego, the personality in our personal life, then we recognize it as a catastrophe: silence, thinking, inferring, judging, we do not want to talk, we do not want to socialize, we feel depressed in all aspects, and we are also not interested in anything.


These are the negativities that formerly exist, from which the enemy always uses all kinds of ways to attack and destroy us; he uses all kinds of means, because he knows what strengths and weaknesses we have.


Strengths belong to God and weaknesses belong to the enemy.


Therefore the enemy is no stranger, the enemy is in each one of us if we do not know how to take precautions against him, if we do not know how to reassure ourselves by the peace God gives, if we do not pray by the grace of God, if we do not spend some time to think carefully about basically how to deal with everything that has happened and is happening to us.


There are also all matters and events that happen unexpectedly, so, O God, we pray for Your help.


Whatever happens, we must first keep calm to pray for God to enlighten us to know whether that is right or wrong, whether that is something we need to learn or reject or that does not belong, for us to say gentle words, for us to identify what is best, what is most precious, what enables us to belong to God, and what we must take lightly and look down upon.


Because we are people selected to become the examples, if we do not live in the scope of example and we slip away from that, then certainly, in our conscience, our moral sense and heart feel sorrow and unhappiness, and that lasting effect is the loss of peace.


So, O God, today, once again, is a book that continues to be opened, for us to further learn the periods, the commas.


Throughout the past few years, we have gone everywhere, to this place and to that place; certainly, there are moments of success, moments of victory, moments of defeat, moments of grief, moments of sorrow.


There are also moments when we deal with each other, with each person's bad habits, with the ego and personality, with unfit principles that we continue to suppress to accomplish significant works.


We can see that God grants us so much, but today we still have not thoroughly swept clean and purged the experiences when we have the chance to practice.


Throughout the past six years, yesterday was the only day I saw a response from God and we saw His presence with all the works that we cannot achieve in our condition, but when we pray and come to God, then God will grant.


We recognize that peace is not in our control, but our obedience, our fortitude, our trust in seeking God in the moments of joy as well as the moments of sadness, the moments we must let go of all things in the heart that are the deep sorrow, the irritation, the unpleasantness, things against our wishes.


The presence of God has helped us surrender the thoughts that have basically remained in our body for too long in the generation of mankind; we only know that the Lord bestows everything, He gives everything.


When we want to return to holiness and when we believe that our condition is lowly and insignificant, we simply offer all that is imperfect in our life.


All successes or talents belong to God who gives; let us decrease for God to increase in us with His grace – then all things will be resolved in peace, in joy, for us to live, not in superficiality but within the soul, in the depth of one's heart.


In the mind, in the heart, we know that is the truth; we live in that truth, which is living with God and living in joyful days, in happy days, in exhilarated days.


We are not worried, not troubled – we also do not think, do not infer, but we only live with the blessing that God grants.


Happiness is there, peace is there, and things are learned from there; it is a gift so simple which God offers, for us to seek to understand, to not stop when we encounter certain events, but to resolve all issues.


Successful as well as unsuccessful, everything in its entirety lays in the meaning of The Six Kowtows' prayers.


So today, O God – we pray for God to help, for us to continue to work, continue to witness, and continue in life to pray to belong to God.


In all aspects, God, please help us be complete in the mission of witness so that the world may soon know, and everyone is given the opportunity to receive this gift.


Each one of us must, because everyone has imperfections, everyone has strengths as well as too many weaknesses.


So, if we do not humble ourselves, then how can we see the extremely beautiful and wonderful things that God grants for us to live, to help us in a virtuous life? And from that virtuous life we ​​will learn a lot in life from God who grants and from God who plans.


Today I pray for God to help me, for me to know all that is necessary in the life that God grants.


In my brothers’ and sisters’ mission, there are so many more important things, since each day we need to live in the peace blessed by God; we examine ourselves each day, we recognize the imperfections each day that we need to be aware of.


Each day we must also recognize what we need to learn, what we need to do, and what is needed to live to merit, to glorify God.


God has granted us so much. We still have not responded much, because we have been so weak in life – then how can we merit, deserve to continue to receive the magnificent and eminent things God granted and gave?


Today we know we are living in happiness and in peace.


Who grants that? It is God Himself who grants.


The days of the past were days of affliction, sorrow, anxiety, but today we have reached a phase where we entrust everything, we trust everything, and we offer everything to God.


So let us not stop here, but progress even more because the deeper, the longer the grace of God, the more profound; the deeper, the longer then experience is required; the deeper, the longer then there must be joy and peace to be complete in the grace God grants and bestows.


At this moment may I represent all the brothers and sisters in my family, in our group, the absent brothers and sisters and those present as well as all people around the world, especially St. Laurence Parish, St. Theresa Parish, St. Justin Parish, Incarnate Word Parish, St. Thomas More Parish, St. Thomas Aquinas Parish, and all the churches where we often come to pray with The Six Kowtows.


May God bless them, because they are worthy people.


At the places we visit, we pray for the laity and we also pray for the parishes, so that one of these days, they will also be happy, for this is a special gift that God offers to every person, for us to live with Him.


In life, the moments we succeed or the moments we fail, the moments we are alone, the moments we face disaster, or the moments we encounter afflictions: the entirety lays in this profound teaching.


Today this is the liveliest thing for everyone to receive; this is something that God has acknowledged and intervened.


Ordinary and common people like us – how do we know these things if God does not allow?


So this is something that was granted to us, and we ask God to allow us to share with our brothers and sisters, so that together we have a life that is more peaceful, happier; that we maintain a better equilibrium, learn to entrust more, trust more, and encounter God each day through the Spirit, for Him to further guide us.


We thank, praise, exult, and revere.


At this moment, we offer to God the First Kowtow.


O God the Father – I thank Father; we rejoice in this moment as we thank, praise, exult, and revere.


Today we have finally found a good reason in the life in which we stagger and fall each day – today we are very happy to share with each other the stories in which each one of us seems to have our own personal moment.


With truth in our heart, with grace from God, we are happy as God grants us to be open with one another, to share with one another, and together in unity, in accord, recognize what originally His presence has granted and is granting, especially through the gift of The Six Kowtows.


Only God can give us a lasting conversation with countless things happening and many excitements in life, to share the divine graces God bestows.


Only God gives us a lasting story that made us feel truly happy, excited and joyful when we meet each other and are with each other.


On the other hand, the human world tends to gather to gossip, to criticize, to lie, along with all the disparaging, the gossip.


In all matters, if we do not have God’s presence and we do not apply what is good, then it is one thing for mankind: if we do not belong to God, then we belong to the devil, we belong to the wretchedness and weakness of mortal beings.


What is nice, what is good?


However, when we have God, we speak with a sincere heart, revealing everything that was formerly in our life.


Sometimes we cannot resolve negativism ourselves; we live lacking optimism, and so our life keeps revolving in judgment, in pride, and arrogance, in things that we only think of ourselves – we do not think of the opponent.


So, many times, we wrongly accuse, we slander others, we think wrong, and we start with inferences that made us act erroneously.


When we look with our eyes we only look in a very simple way, but in the sharing, if we do not say the truth with our heart or we do not share in a sincere way, then we start to make up stories – we start to infer and though the story is not yet concluded, we already have a conclusion in our thoughts.


Usually, in the conclusion, we tend to conclude with bad thoughts, with negative thoughts, and with unkind thoughts regarding others; rarely do we think good of others.


This is something that existed in the entire world, in all classes, in all roles.


These are illnesses that we consider as ordinary, common, but this illness seems to seriously affect everyone.


This illness starts in our mind and is deadly when it breaks out, if we do not cure it when it begins then we will be completely affected, in the soul, in the mind, and we lose peace.


Matters that we see with ordinary eyes are not the truth, yet we already act ahead of the Holy Spirit’s work, so we infer, we condemn others, we judge others, and we end up with many things in a negative direction.


However, God teaches us to love Him above all, to love our brothers, and if we love our brothers and sisters, then let us not judge them, let us look at what is good in them to learn, and if we see that they themselves cannot be perfect, then we pray for them or we share constructively in God.


Mother Mary has often taught us that good and wise approach, but we are not bold enough, or we fail to perform out of laziness.


We just live in a life of wide knowledge, but when we act then is so petty, so narrow-minded.


Our life is too small-minded, so countless things have initially happened and are happening; how many families are broken, how many people live to simply judge and condemn rather than associate?


Long-term friendship lasting for years requires a lifetime to find a close friend, but in the end, due to misunderstandings, due to things that cannot be said in the truth, we do not live in the truth and we do not let our heart express by the very love God teaches through the doctrine.


Thus we lose friends, we lose husbands, we lose siblings, and even our relatives cannot understand, because of our stubbornness, our obstinacy, our hardheartedness, in our judgment.


O God – this is widespread in the world, in all classes, in all roles, and especially regarding the religious people.


If they truly lack the heart to closely follow the doctrine then they stumble even more with their silence – they think they are knowledgeable, they are learned, but when they do not follow God's way, then they live with a pretense in life.


Many times God has taught us to not judge our brothers; in every matter that comes to us, we cannot trust our viewpoint – we must remember that we have a lofty spirituality.


The Holy Spirit will help us know the truth when we trust and come to Him, when we truly pray, and when we know that the sincere Supreme Being knows the truth and that the Supreme Being will teach us many things in truth and justice.


Since we cannot exist by ourselves, we must believe there is God – we must come to God.


We must understand that in this life, the dishonesty, the cunning: we can blindfold the world, but even though subtle and clever, we cannot hide from our conscience and moral sense, and we cannot hide from our God because He is in our soul, He is in our conscience and our mind.


So when we do something wrong, the conscience starts to stir, the conscience starts to urge; there are many more things that countless times, we were reminded by the Holy Spirit in holiness, but because we are stubborn, obstinate, we decide to act in iniquity, live in iniquity, nourish sin, foster sin, and we deliberately harm others according to our direction and our view, so we have lost the opportunity to live in righteousness and alertness in the Holy Spirit.


He does not reject anyone, He also does not refuse anyone, because He comes to change the face of the world.


He comes to help us on the path of righteousness, He comes to help us understand sincerity, and He comes to bring us the truth.


O God – God is the supreme Lord.


For countless eras, no one can be comparable, and no one can compare to the teaching of God, the doctrine of God.


Everything will lead us into holiness, to live in the truth and be happy in God, because God only wants us to be human beings created by Him – to serve Him, to revere Him, to love Him, and to perform the things He teaches through the doctrine and the truth.


However, we have indeed followed our free will in a material life with money and things close to the world, so we have lost countless opportunities – then, from there, we have allowed a gap for the devil, our enemy.


Lucifer declared that he will make the world belong to him, that he will use all kinds of ways and forcefully aspire to prevent our human race to receive what God bestows and offers.


Because God loves our human race, God looks for all kinds of ways to rescue us, but the devil hates us, loathes us, because he is envious, he is jealous, and he looks for ways to destroy our human world, but God does not allow him to be contented freely.


God does not use ways that are dishonest like the devil's ways – God is the Lord of love, the Lord of light, the Lord of justice; the words He speaks are the light, the Good News.


He is the King who rules with love, who rules with justice, righteousness, and truth, and He does not have deceitful stratagems, He does not use ways with shams, the ways in which mankind was and is in this current state with many things in art and technique according to the direction of a mortal world, with no morality, with no virtue.


So, there are countless people who fall into the snares due to narrow-mindedness and a very shallow life of faith.


There are many things that God has bestowed and is bestowing, but we still have not found, and we still do not clearly understand; we also have not yet practiced, and we remain in those days.


Because in faith, we must have perfection in the soul; in faith, we must have a sincere heart; in faith, we can feel and meditate on the truth – we must strive more, must eliminate the entire ordinary viewpoint.


We must be more diligent to have a heart, for us to practice in the truth as God desires, because all these things require effort and must have prayer, must have faith, and have things that are against all reality.


Those are the marvelous and wonderful works that God grants, for our soul and to give us a doctrine, which is a doctrine that forever ensures we will live eternally with Him in heaven.


But this doctrine is indeed very difficult according to the world, because mankind prefers to gather to debate, put up a fight, and do profitable works, which is about money, fame.


Otherwise, people start to think of ways to harm others, disparage others, and disgrace others.


There still are many insignificant and weak things that originally were and are in human beings, from the devil that lures us to practice those to be logical and conform to the superficiality and weakness of a world in iniquity.


Nevertheless, God wants to rescue us from the encirclement of that weakness, to rescue us from superficiality, to rescue us from wretchedness, because we live contrary to what is initially in the doctrine, of the truth of truth, so we must be more diligent, strive harder, and have a true face in our heart to practice.


However, in the earthly life, people look at the appearance – they need not know the interior, need not know how the interior is.


They only know that human beings of the world must have money, must have fame, must have beauty, must have all the necessities for them to see to believe.


They believe people who have money, believe people who have positions; no one believes those who live by the side of the road, who live in a poor life.


Thus far, this is a world that has made a clear distinction in every generation, but God desires from us – truly, from the poor to the rich – to truly live in a life of faith, in a life having conscience and morals.


Then certainly, in the life of mankind, there are no poor people and we will live in equality, together, with each other.


The world is not ruled by mankind but by God; His ruling will help every person recognizes the love and the returning heart that fears God above all things and believes in God.


All the deeds that God does – because He creates us in our human condition, He also creates all the needs for us to be active in a corresponding and appropriate life.


He has been the Supreme Being from the beginning, but since we reject God, we are truly unworthy, and we ruin the affection God has granted us.


From our initial obedience, we have completely fallen into an unfaithful state with God, so we have been separated.


Amid the iniquity, the light, and the truth, today God uses all approaches to rescue us in His way.


He has let His only Son, the Lord Jesus … He has let His only beloved Son come into this world, from the Supreme Lord who humbles Himself – in that humility, in that modesty – to become a baby born in a manger.


From the story of that Christmas night and the following stories, the three kings came to prostrate before Him to adore Him; the shepherds came to acknowledge the Savior, and the angels and saints joyfully sang in unison, to pay tribute and to pay homage to the Savior.


But us, people with ordinary and common knowledge, we were not the human beings who first heard, because we were jealous, envious – we followed the same way as King Herod.


When God was born the three kings came, but King Herod, out of cruelty, in a clever ploy for fear of losing his position, sought the Lord Jesus to kill Him.


Nonetheless, in the end, God is still the Lord.


Once He decides, who can do what and who can kill Him?


Ultimately, 2,000 children took His place – King Herod mercilessly killed 2,000 children, and those 2,000 children have become the “angels” we see today.


Those originally are and were the stories of history in which God the Father has all kinds of ways to help us and lead us away from the viewpoint, thinking, immaturity, superficiality, wretchedness, and weakness that we had and have in a human condition.


Today there is the story of the Lord Jesus who came into the world, the story of being born into the world, the story of the day He began to preach, and from those three years of preaching, He has chosen His disciples.


Since then, when He was still on earth, the Gospel has shone with the exceptional and extraordinary deeds that He accomplished; since then, the work of salvation has become a great and magnificent enterprise, which is a sign, a proof for us to see and believe.


We cannot disregard the way God uses to redeem us, and this true story has become a history in the doctrine, in the truth of truth, so we have had many proofs with which we also correspond and agree.


When God bestows and grants to us in the world of mankind, let us recognize that what belongs to God is not the lowly, insignificant things as we think and infer, but we must know that that requires sacrifice, requires patience, and needs trust to recognize what is very close yet so infinite and magnificent, with a way of living with depth and breadth, with generosity, with what is opposite to ordinary and common mortal ways.


There are only two statutes in all, the most important in the laws that, from the beginning till this day, mankind learns from God, from His doctrine, His commandment.


The Lord Jesus told a person who asked Him, and the Lord Jesus also once proclaimed:


Love God above all things, with all your heart, with all your strength, with all your heart, and love your brothers; these are the two words proclaimed that became the commandment.


Today let us follow the commandment – then we will distinguish very clearly that we have Ten Commandments, and we distinguish the three commandments that belong to God, and the seven commandments that were taught to help us in the ordinary, common world of mankind.


Every single deed God does has a history that we must listen to and must practice by meditation to understand the sublime mystery that God offers.


The doctrine is there and the truth is there – not far away – but we have not yet set aside the time to meditate on what originally belongs to us and what initially is from the spirituality God has bestowed and is bestowing.


The Lord Jesus also reminds people who still do not know, who still do not understand, who still do not fully understand and are living in sorrow.


He wants to use this to support them; the reward that is granted to them is the eight Beatitudes – the eight Beatitudes that the Lord Jesus taught the apostles.


Today the place where He taught them is still there, the Temple is also the place where He taught those eight Beatitudes.


That place has become the Temple of Jerusalem that today we have been able to visit.


All these things are over 2,000 years – the time has passed, but the truths will never pass, will never pass easily, because they lead mankind into goodness, into the truth.


Only God brings the truth to humanity; therefore, today let us not seek wide knowledge – what we most need is a heart in truth, and practice, to decide and be determined.


God is not too far away; God is the Lord of the first era; God is present in this generation and the God of the day He died on the Cross.


Today He is still with us through the tabernacle that we prostrate before, to say the words we respectfully offer to Him.


Indeed, our God is full of might, full of power; He does all things, because we are created by Him and we are His children.


Why do we not live in the days when He gives us His doctrine?


We need to make sacrifices in the flesh so that we may be preserved in Him, so that we may be rescued and helped by Him, and so that we have Him intervene in all situations. In all matters, in all thoughts, in what we seek, He never refuses, but because we are not keen to believe this, we do not feel strong in faith for us to realize this.


We have let reality drive us, we have let the ordinary human look in knowledge or in what we demand drive us, which is the demand for human reasoning and the demand for evidence, so we remain in days of struggling hard.


What are we?


Our condition is sinful, wretched, but we require God to give us proof; we are no different than the scribes and the Pharisees. What He did, they did not see and asked for miraculous signs, and we continue to make that request in silent days.


When we demand then we become arrogant; in our human condition, we come to God by the prostration, by reverence, by beseeching, by plea, by a longing heart, and we do not have a demanding attitude.


These are matters that must be clearly distinguished; God always grants and gives, He gives to the humble hearts, He gives to the longing hearts, He gives to people with faith, for them to recognize the deeds He does.


So through very humble experiences, we are truly happy, because we see God giving us a special gift that is also a special favor for the world of humanity.


Today all classes, all roles, each of our lives have certain moments in which we need to calm down, need true peace, need what is most essential, which is the truth, which is our heart.


No one can understand our heart, our holy moments or our sinful times, or our falling into days of darkness when we seek things of the world, when we seek what is personal gain, what is contrary to the doctrine.


All of this God understands. God knows everything and God sees everything, for He has come to redeem sinners; He did not come to call the righteous.


There are many things: we must accept our sinful and wretched condition, we cannot have equilibrium without God, we cannot have peace without His presence.


If we truly want to find peace, we cannot find it anywhere in this world if we do not live in truth, if we do not seek Him, because He is the Prince of Peace, He is the King who rules by love, He is the omniscient Being, He is the physician who heals mankind, both soul and body.


Everything is with Him and in Him, and He only has one teaching: to love and forgive.


Our God has a different way of ruling, different from human beings, different from all kings, different from everyone, different from all idols.


Many people are mistaken and foolishly believe and follow idols, so we ended up divided because we do not believe, we do not seek to return to the Supreme God who created us, and we do not recognize the profound love.


Only He is the mighty Supreme Being – as for everything else in this world, no one has the power, and no one can compare to Him.


He has humbled Himself to come into the world and gave us countless wonderful teachings, but we are stubborn, obstinate, rejecting, losing so many opportunities to receive and listen.


Is that not very foolish?


Are these the days in which we have been constrained by the wretchedness and selfishness of the ego and personality?


The devil uses all sorts of ways to manipulate us, one by one.


He wants us to live forgetful of God and totally against His doctrine; he wants to separate us, and he covers us with a veil in the thought, in the inner life, with stubbornness, hardness, pride, arrogance, haughtiness.


By defending ourselves and despising others, we reject so much in our life, because we protect the wrongdoing, protect the immaturity, protect what we have experienced in pessimism rather than optimism.


We must recognize that in this world, throughout countless centuries, over 2,000 years, the number of people who know God, who acknowledge God, and who live in faith is indeed a small number in the world of mankind.


We must admit that we are indeed bad, we are too narrow-minded, we are too foolish, and we have been influenced by today’s world – we have seen the decisions we have made over the centuries as we remain in those days.


Who is the Person teaching us peace?


Who is the Person who lets us know about the doctrine of love, the doctrine of peace in the family, in society?


The doctrine that mankind needs in holiness is the doctrine in which God teaches us love, forgiveness, the depth and breadth with what are the best, without losing peace, nor feeling hatred, jealousy, envy.


There is no doctrine other than the doctrine of the Lord Jesus Christ; no teaching other than that of the Lord Jesus who came for that, who sacrificed for that, who endured for that, who died for that.


He accepted the scourging, the crown of thorns, the nailing, to redeem all the wretched and wicked iniquities mankind has committed, is committing, still commits and lets the devil control us in lowliness, immorality, selfishness, and so many wrongdoings in an unrighteous life.


This is a truly apparent plan to help us and clearly lead the human world to not live in the selfishness and the immaturity that were and are present in stubbornness. Let us return.


Speaking of harmony, where can we find harmony? Where can we find peace?


Only God can give us harmony, only God can give us peace, only God can give us joy, only God can give us truth in the heart.


We need the truth, when our heart connects with what we think in our thoughts, with a viewpoint; only then do we feel satisfied, which is true peace, but in today's world of mankind, this is also something that people seek and still have no answer.


So our God gently bestows upon us, to enable us to recognize on our own, because conscience and reason are the evidence present in the human body as they form in the mind, in the core, in the soul, in the heart, in the truth, from God who is the Maker, the Creator, the Author of heaven and earth and all things, who made us and created justice, righteousness, and truth for us.


Therefore peace comes from God.


If anyone wants to have peace then let us take the time to separate ourselves from the busyness, the wistfulness, the twists and turns, the allurements in life, and let us return.


Those are the moments we pray, the moments we are calm, the moments we quiet the soul, the moments we seek the Supreme Being who understands us, the Supreme Being whom we trust, the omniscient Supreme Being, the Supreme Being who has authority, and the Supreme Being who knows what is in our life, whether secretive, right or wrong, true of false, good or evil – He knows.


We only need to be sincere – then we will live with a life in which God always finds ways to lead us out of that firmly-closed encirclement; to lead us out with a door that our strength cannot open, but His Spirit will open for us so that we may see the light illuminating through the door frame – the light illuminating through the heart and the soul, the light illuminating in morality and the conscience, because there is only one Supreme Being who has the authority.


He is very kindhearted, He is very clement; He listens to the sincere and honest hearts that longingly seek Him and return to Him.


Though people remain in immorality, in sin, God is the Lord who always rescues and always looks for ways to rescue us.


Let us believe in this to advance over what we presently have.


Let us not look with ordinary eyes; not let the heart be rigid; not follow the habit throughout countless years – throughout countless generations to not take one more step to see the depth, breadth, width and the grace that God has abundantly granted to every era.


To God, we should never have our own judgment, suspicion, or remain in inference, because then we will never encounter, never have, and never achieve.


Let us live modestly; let us live little; let us live with a humble life – we will learn a lot, receive a lot, and live with much happiness and joy in our lifetime.


O Lord, our God – through the story that happened to us yesterday, we know that this gift of The Six Kowtows is not only granted for the moments of prayer, but also for the moments we are confused, the moments we are afflicted, the moments we are irritated, the moments we lose our peace.


God deigns to listen to our words through the confidences, through the explanations, through the truths from the bottom of our heart. When we bow down, we only know that we speak to God, speak to the Supreme Being whom we believe in, the Supreme Being whom we revere, the Supreme Being whom we honor, the Supreme Being whom we love, and the Supreme Being whom we trust.


Thus we remove all the burdens of iniquity in ourselves; accept our condition as weak, cowardly; accept our condition as imperfect, unworthy; accept our condition as insignificant.


We pray for God to change us, we pray for God to remove all the negative thoughts within us, for us to learn what we need to learn in life, for us to become humble and recognize things that we entrust to God.


We pray for God to teach us, for us to be peaceful and relaxed, and we rejoice because we took away the burden in the flesh, in the thinking, in the inference, but there still are many bad habits in life for us to learn one more experience.


Why are we wasting time with days of losing peace?


We quietly judge, we fail to conquer, because we have such an overbearing ego and many ways to defend our own wrongdoing.


We do not open to everything that is originally beautiful and good within us, so God has granted us the opportunity to open, to speak, to reverently and respectfully offer.


We have been set free and we have more sisters, we have more joy, we bond with each other more; we understand those illnesses are not from within us but are the bad habits.


We had a gap from where the devil, the enemy, looks for all kinds of ways to attack us; he looks for all sorts of approaches to disperse us; uses all kinds of means to interrupt us, and all sorts of manners for us to lose our peace, to not be together, to doubt each other, so we lose countless great achievements.


Since we are living in God's blessing, especially when we remain in charge of very important missions, we must resolve all problems we face.


These are the most insignificant and weak matters we stumble upon each day.


God, please help us; God, please grant to us, even if we encounter anything difficult, against our will, sorrowful, or resentful, we pray to come to God.


In the moment we encounter God in The Six Kowtows, the words we respectfully offer to each Person are indeed great in the divine graces granted, especially for whoever is presently in the condition that today only God can resolve, only God can grant.


Only God can help us truly return to a calm position, a peaceful position, a position that one needs in life.


With the days of going forward, having Him, with Him, I am not afraid of anything; having Him, with Him, this life will become holy, good and beautiful.


So, what is most needed is inward with the decision, inward with the life of faith, inward with a heart that fears and loves, and inward with the determination to return, to offer both body and soul, heart and mind, to pray for Him to help, to set us free.


He never refuses those who come to Him with words that we respectfully offer from the bottom of the heart; we also respectfully offer all the worries, all the difficulties.


We respectfully offer them all; may He take all, take everything, for us to become a new person so that instead of defeat, we become victorious soldiers.


Soldiers – to face our own self first, to face our feeling first, to face all that is in the truth, for us to be worthy to be soldiers to whom God grants the opportunity to share.


This is a gift, a proof for the human world today, to learn – from all dispositions, from all difficulties, from conflicts, from illnesses, from frustrations – everything that belongs to God.


Through His intervention, through His providence, through His acceptance, through a new path in peace and joy, God has bestowed, is bestowing, in a way that is so effortless, so inspiring, and in a way so that everyone may practice, everyone may encounter, and everyone may repent and apologize.


We offer countless thanks to God for the richness of this precious gift, with the first Person to whom we respectfully offer, God the Father.


He is the Almighty, He is everything, because He is the God above all gods, the King above all kings, He is the Creator and He is the Supreme Being who loves and the only One to whom we prostrate.


We pray to be wholly His – may He accept.


He is the Supreme Being who has the power to forgive – may God forgive us so that we may return to Him, so that we may have a new life.


May God forgive all classes, all roles, for them to know, for them to believe, for them to hear, for them to practice.


I also pray for God to change the face of the world so that everyone, in unity, returns to God with a reverent heart, to the first Person whom we worship, whom we praise, whom we glorify.


We know everything God is doing and granting us through the next Persons so that we may live in the great blessing and grace that He has bestowed upon us.


O Lord, our God – forever, He is love, and is the God full of power, the Supreme God who has the power to forgive, the Supreme God rich in mercy.


Today mankind still has the chance to live, to receive His Divine Mercy and forgiveness. Amen.


The Second Kowtow, we reverently offer to God.


O Lord Jesus Christ – the Supreme Being who was born into the world, the Supreme Being who died for humanity, the Supreme Being who died for my sins, for the world, and for everyone around the world.


From the first generation to the present generation, thanks to the price of His Blood, today we still live in the world, to differentiate between right and wrong, in the middle of what God does, between a doctrine with truth and false teachings in the condition of a human life in reality.


There are countless idols and countless kings that today people still worship – they do not recognize God, do not know God, and refuse salvation.


O Lord our God – if God uses His power, and if God rightfully acts in His position, then in the world of mankind, certainly there would be no one left on earth, because of the rebellion and dishonesty and still many things that are superficial, weak, foolish, senseless, and many more things in the stubbornness and obstinacy of iniquity, with unrighteousness and disobedience.


However, God does not look at us in our feeble condition, because He knows we are weak, He knows our insignificant condition, so He died in my place and died in everyone's place in the world.


God's salvation conveys that a human life has a way to be rectified; there is a way, thanks to God – we rely on that doctrine for us to live and that is the proof in forgiveness, in salvation.


In our place God has become the lamb to be innocently sacrificed – His pure Blood cleanses the human world, each sinner like us, because only God can be worthy to become a sacrificial offering for the human world to be unburdened and have the chance to turn around.


O Second Person of God – the lofty wonder cannot cease to be described; even when described, it still cannot be everything that God has done for us.


We only know of one thing: thanks to God, thanks to the love and the Divine Mercy, thanks to the salvation that forever is the doctrine that grants life back to mankind.


If anyone practices, if anyone obeys, and if anyone belongs to God, then we will have the knowledge and will discover the meaning of life in the world and the everlasting promise with God in heaven.


Life still teaches us a lot while we are still breathing, when we truly believe and practice the doctrine God teaches, for us not to feel lonely, for us not to feel hatred, for us not to be jealous, for us not to live each day in the insignificance and weakness of each person, in all classes, in all roles.


O Second Person of God – the sincere Supreme Being, the faithful Supreme Being, the loving Supreme Being, the forgiving Supreme Being, and the Supreme Being full of might, the King of the universe, the great Prince of heaven, brings peace to the world, harmony to the world, the doctrine and the only truth to the world to save mankind in a state of misery, sin, unrighteousness, and disobedience.


However, O God, today there are very ordinary, common stories that happen to us, through our family, through society, through the people we know, because only one little unjust matter will grow to become significant matters and will spread to the family, to society, to those around, and will greatly affect the community and even the Church.


O God, these are the most insignificant acts we consider as ordinary, common, with deceitful cover-ups, lies, fabrications, made-up stories, gossips, and many more things that cause disagreement to the community, disagreement to the brothers, disharmony to the family, and disharmony to many people.


This is the technique, the art that the devil has used in all kinds of ways to allure our Eva; from the beginning, mankind has stumbled.


From the very beginning, with the betrayal, unfaithfulness, disobedience, and from there many crimes spread and have become sin and death in the world of mankind.


So God wanted to come to redeem us by His death, He resurrected in triumphant glory so that we may be brought back to life from death, to resurrect with Him.


Nevertheless, we must exercise and practice His doctrine, the doctrine of love, the doctrine of compassion, the doctrine of the only trustworthy Supreme Being who brings us life amid this life and life eternal, but till this century, we still have many people who are nonchalant in understanding this.


It is because of the indifference and coldness, because of the stubbornness and hardness, because of the jealousy and envy, because of the insignificance and weakness, in lust and greed, that today's world still faces war, misery, and still cannot understand the meaning of salvation, still cannot recognize the Supreme Being who wholly sacrificed to bring the life and the light to the world of mankind.


So today, O God – God lets us meditate on our ordinary events in the loss of peace; if we do not truly resolve, then from that loss of peace, we will infer and there will be many more events to follow.


Regardless of unintentional or deliberate words, when we are sad and not alert enough,  then we are prone to make mistakes with all the daily habits in the limitation of the flesh.


This is something most essential to remind every person, every individual, and every human being, who wants to return to holiness, who wants to find true peace for the soul, and who wants to find a solution that indeed is not too difficult yet not too easy.


Today we just need to recognize that God comes to rescue sinners, God comes to rescue the lowly, the weak, God wants to rescue everyone.


Whoever seeks Him, whoever believes in Him, whoever confides and speaks to Him, and whoever has physical and spiritual afflictions, God always listens and has all means to bestow, suitable to each role, each situation, each person, each class.


God does not reject anyone, God wants us to be simple and humble, to offer all the ordeals, the miseries, the stressful matters, the serious problems or the illnesses, everything and all, to Him.


He is the merciful Supreme Being who died for our sins, so regarding trivial things in life, for us to become a new person, to become a righteous person, to become a person who lives in the truth and lives in holiness, then He never refuses and ignores.


Let us give ourselves the opportunity to come to the Supreme God whom we think is too far away, or it has been too long or too many – that we no longer can.


Were we thinking in our subconscious or experiencing at this moment?


The truth is that God is very close to us, because God dwells in our soul.


God dwells in the soul of the people who seek to return to the truth. God is present with whomever is living in affliction, because God wants to rescue us. God seeks sinners to forgive and rescue them, which is something we need most.


We know that when we encounter extremely painful disasters in our lives, we end up in hopelessness or we experience days of despair, so let us not forget the Supreme God who has labored in earthly days for us, who has endured for us to have hope.


Let us never lose the days of hope in our life and never allow the habits of life that cause us today to become people suffering from depression.


We have God, but we do not come to Him, we do not speak to Him; we hold onto what we think – only we can resolve and no one else.


We have no trust, no faith, and no doctrine, so how can we recognize this?


Today there is a truly great method, truly intimate, and also truly effortless. So seek to come to clearly read, clearly understand the meaning of the gift of The Six Kowtows.


In there, it teaches us many details most needed in a human life, most needed in all classes, all roles.


Everyone has weaknesses as well as strengths; still, we cannot ignore the Supreme Being who understands us, the Supreme Being who intervenes for us, the Supreme Being who listens to us speak, the Supreme Being whom we trust – He will understand our heart.


The proof of truth: He is the Supreme Being who proves.


Here is the Supreme Being whom we need to understand, whom we need to listen to, who is the Spirit of truth.


The Spirit of truth is the Holy Spirit, and the Spirit of truth is still with us till this present generation.


The Lord Jesus Christ comes to teach, for us to know the doctrine to have the Spirit of truth, for us to live with meaningful days that God has granted in salvation and has granted to all of humanity.


Let us not lose the opportunity, let us not let wretchedness and weakness lead us into habits for us not to see the present value we have through the salvation with which God has redeemed us.


Today, each one of us – let us give ourselves the opportunity to recognize that in our life we absolutely need God and we must acknowledge God – the Supreme Being whom we worship, the Supreme Being whom we believe in, the Supreme Being whom we love, the Supreme Being whom we speak to, and the Supreme Being whom we know is the only One who understands us.


We are not perfect people – we need to be taught daily, reformed daily.


Let us come to the Supreme Being who daily sanctifies, the Supreme Being who loves and understands us.


From those true inquiries, let us recognize the God who loves us and let us respond to His love; though imperfect, yet God wants us to know that He loves us more than our sins.


So, we have the opportunity; God does not force us to love as He loves us, which cannot be; God just wants us to know that He loves us, and He wants to rescue us, because God died for us; this is a truly apparent attestation for us to seek holiness, to live in the truth – the only doctrine proven by deed, the only doctrine of the Supreme Being from heaven who came into the world to bring to mankind a new light, a new teaching, and a new heart in love.


We trust in God, for us to walk in the midst of life, not in sorrow, not in despair, not losing peace, and not taking for granted what we had and have.


This helps us live in a sentiment of gratitude, in a sentiment of thanksgiving, in a sentiment that from the beginning till now, we forget and never thank God and we never recognize the Supreme Being who loves us, the Supreme Being who protects our soul till this day.


This is all we know to say. This is what God wants, especially today with the Second Kowtow.


Through the event that happened in our life and happens to us daily, we know that only God is the Supreme Being who delivers, the Supreme Being who helps, the Supreme Being who grants us deliverance in peace, for us to remain calm with what needs to be said, with what needs to be done in a life of witness and testimony.


We only know to offer words to thank, praise, and glorify; we offer body, soul, and mind; we offer everything we do.


Today in silence there are many things we do not know, but this is something that guides us to God, guides us to encounter God, guides us to live with peace, guides us to properly entrust, and guides us to be less worried and sorrowful in a life in which we are struggling with all aspects.


So, as we set aside time for God, the Supreme God full of might, what we pray for is granted, but our faith is too weak, too limited, so even if God bestows, we do not know.


God has poured abundant graces, yet we also do not know to thank and we are also unaware that God is waiting for us.


This is human ungratefulness, a human limitation, in wretchedness.


This is a life of faith still too inadequate and poor in mankind, but to God, He remains the waiting God, the patient God, the merciful God, the God who awaits the return of mankind.


We thank God, praise God, and glorify God; may many people hear this, read this, for them to always know that the Supreme God never rejects them.


The Supreme God whom they seek to recognize the truth, He is our Savior in the whole of humanity.


Only Him – with Him – He alone is the loving Supreme God who loves us, who supports us, and who brings us back to the path of righteousness.


Whoever believes in Him, whoever seeks Him, and whoever recognizes the doctrine belongs to the Lord, our God, and we will have the peace He grants, His intervention, and the love that He never refuses. Amen.


We reverently offer the Third Kowtow to the Holy Spirit. O Holy Spirit – the love, the light, the grace, the way of truth and justice that guides us and all humanity back to the only doctrine of the Lord Jesus Christ, back to the only love that God the Father has offered us, offered to each sinner like us, to return and take refuge in His Divine Mercy.


This reminds us that the Lord Jesus' death was the price to redeem the soul of each person, in each period, in each phase, in each century, and this is still the case today.


If without the Holy Spirit and without the prompting with His light, and with the growth in faith and trust for us to see the width, the depth, and the breadth, then people have no way to recognize, though educated and knowledgeable.


We still have books and everything, but in faith everything exceeds what we see, exceeds what we hear, because God is the mighty Supreme Being; He bestows upon us abundant graces in what we hear, in what we know, and even twice as much when we experience it.


In the doctrine and the justice of truth, we cannot make erroneous judgments – we must recognize that God is our Creator.


He has many ways to lead us and bring us back to be in conformity with Him, and thus there are certain divine works that are inexplicable.


We know that the Third Person of God is the Holy Spirit, the strength, the love, the light, the great, divine Supreme Being who dwells in our soul and in the heart of those who live in the truth.


He continues amid this world, to hear us pray, to hear us call on His name; we can see all the righteous and great deeds, in the truth, the holiness, and the perfection of the Holy Spirit.


People cannot perform virtuous deeds, people cannot achieve perfection and holiness, and people cannot have worthy deeds that can be attributed to the human world.


All holy and perfect deeds belong to God and belong to the Holy Spirit.


This is the life of reality – we can see its perfection and goodness, let alone the spiritual life.


How can we see the breadth and the perfection of the soul?


Only the Holy Spirit, the ruling and sovereign Supreme Being, leads us to know the best in life – by practice, by action, by thought, by heart, by reason, by choice – these are the truths that people need.


People also need to practice in holiness, because the heart, the soul, goodness and meekness, virtue and holiness, all perfection belongs to the Holy Spirit.


He is the Supreme Being who grants us wisdom, who grants us understanding, who grants us awareness, and who grants us choice.


Only He can help us choose what is right, only He helps us live in justice, only He cannot let us be on the wrong path when we come to Him.


If we take the wrong path, the Holy Spirit will have a way; if we believe, He will be the Supreme Being who restores, the Supreme Being who sanctifies, the Supreme Being who transforms, and the Supreme Being who will help us with grace for us to recognize His intervention.


The Holy Spirit is the divine Supreme Being who is very close to us – the role of the Holy Spirit is the love of God the Father, His Divine Mercy, and the salvation of the Lord Jesus, which have become the everlasting love granted to each one of us.


When we believe in Him, when we accept Him, when we belong to Him through the Sacrament of Baptism, the Holy Spirit already dwells in us and we officially recognize God as the Lord.


He is always with us whether we are aware of it or not, so within us, there is always the voice of goodness and saintliness, the voice of the truth, the voice of justice.


On the contrary, in our souls, if we have too many disorganized thoughts, if our faith is weak, and if we rely upon everything in reality, then the voice of the devil is also always close to us, who are between good and evil.


The devil is within us – we have the right to choose him; if we are truly inclined toward holiness, then the Holy Spirit will work and help us in that awareness.


We will know what comes from the truth, what comes from dishonesty, the works from the devil, the works in which the devil uses all kinds of ways to attack and destroy us at the most strategic point, in greed, in selfishness, in lust, in jealousy, in envy, in doing evil, and many more unrighteous and disobedient matters that basically exist in all generations, all classes and all roles.


It is most necessary that our lives be guarded, but we cannot take precautions according to a human approach.


Let us pray, because prayer allows us to encounter the Holy Spirit in the divine realm – He will help us recognize what belongs to us through His calling and what is not good and beautiful. He also enlightens evil things or unrighteous, disobedient things for us to know, because He is the perfect Supreme Being, He is the omniscient Supreme Being.


He is the light so when He appears, the darkness will be destroyed – we already have Him, are with Him, in the prayer with the Third Kowtow.


Today we earnestly beseech Him to come to the world, for Him to be in the world; we pray for Him to kindle the flame of faith in each of our souls, in each role, in each class, in each one of us who are earnestly praying for Him to come, who are earnestly praying for Him to illuminate, because our hearts have become frozen.


In our lifetime in this generation, the majority mostly chooses reality, and lives a life of reality more than a life of spirituality.


We have let the subtle cleverness of an era of reality and of fact, a civilized age, to direct us into real things, which are things that we need to claim in their own reasoning and demand reality.


We do not believe and do not think that matters happening to us are from the Holy Spirit's work, but we think they happen from our talents, from technology and art... We think that human beings can do everything, and we reject the Holy Spirit’s grace…


There are many more things, and from there, we have completely remained in limitation; the good things, the beautiful things are true, but within human limitation – then they are very limited things, which are only superficial things in the moments that we need.


However, the lofty mystery – boundless and endless, profound and infinite, seeking deeply, reaching far, with the breadth of the soul, the breadth of the heart, and the breadth with understanding in divine grace – belongs to the Holy Spirit.


Who can explain this? No one can explain it all.


Each one of us has the right to recognize what is in the divine realm that God grants in a special way.


God always grants to all His children graces when He creates us, for us to receive the Holy Spirit’s support, to receive His sheltering, His preservation and protection.


However, do we know what we have or not, for us to persevere in holiness, to continue to grow in what God grants and bestows?


We live in that truth – He has protected us from the beginning – but we need to receive more wonderful things for us to live amid the world, in the works that we do, for us to turn toward holiness and live in the truth.


Certainly, He is also the Person who always protects the truth so He never refuses and abandons us.


There are events that happen to us, which are most ordinary, and there are times when we rejoice, times when we are overjoyed, but there are also times when we live in frustration, times when we live in sorrow, live in sadness, live in anger.


There are moments we live in a state of hatred and moments we live in a state of despair – these two states are always present in our lives – yet when we turn toward hope, we are joyful, happy, and have a smile filled with meaning awaiting us.


However, when we live in illness, in affliction, in despair, then we are lured into days of living without peace, days of living in pain and boredom, days of living without hope.


These two states are underlying, but what is best is the joy, the happiness, the peace, so if we want to obtain this we must pray, if we want to obtain this we must trust, and if we want to obtain this, we must seek to come to God.


Certainly we must not lose this, because prayer is encountering God.


When we pray who should we pray to?


Pray to God. He alone is the Supreme Being who completely understands, He alone is the mighty Supreme Being, He alone is the One who can support and protect us.


Human beings cannot do the exceptional and extraordinary deeds but God can; this is the faith we need to have.


The Holy Spirit is the Supreme Being who grants us acts that are very exceptional.


He is the Supreme Being who desires us to believe and understand what God gives to each one of us in a different way.


When we live in the Spirit of God then we clearly know, starting from the doctrine, starting from the Creator, starting from the Savior, starting from the doctrine that He taught us, for us to be close to the Holy Spirit – we understand the closeness in the moments we pray.


In the moments we are on the path or anywhere in life, facing chaotic matters or difficulties, we do not know, but we know there is the Supreme Being, the Supreme Being who is always ready to help us.


Let us pray and let our souls have the clear moments to recognize that there is a divine Supreme Being who is present.


When we beseech, at the right time He will grant, and if He does not Himself then He will send someone and have other people help us in the moments we beseech Him.


This was and basically is, but because in a human life, when we panic, when we are frightened, we forget about the Supreme Being, for us to ask Him to succor; we forget Him and we no longer trust Him.


We decide for our life of reality first, and when we are completely defeated, when we suffer, when we are miserable, or when we live in despair, then we begin to seek.


We cannot find a solution, so we seek to come to God, which is a late time, but God still does not abandon, yet it depends upon His holy will to grant and bestow.


We do not make demands when we pray and force God to perform, which makes us the master rather than God being the Master.


Many brothers and sisters are in this situation; they live in a prayer life with God, but when there are matters that God sees are not good and God does not yet grant, then they abandon God, they refuse God, and they do not believe in God.


This is many people in the world – at the same time, this is a civilized era, a subtle era, an era in which people look for idols.


They turn to spells, they believe in fortune tellers, they believe in human words rather than trust in the Holy Spirit of God.


Thus, we have been deceived by a world that remains in superficiality that is becoming more and more a habit and we have lost the true origins – that as children of God, we do not execute and cannot perform deeds contrary to the teaching God grants.


O Holy Spirit – today our human world, especially in the spurned life of the brothers and sisters, those who live in a family life, abandoned by their husband, abandoned by their wife, with financial failures, with children who suffer misfortunes, or when facing crisis, they always seek fortune tellers, they always turn to palm readers, they start to believe in idols, they seek in all places, they look for a talisman, they look for an amulet.


Due to that weakness, the devil rages in those spells – the devil can deceive us, he can say things that can satisfy us in the present, but he knows nothing about the future, he knows nothing about our life, because our soul belongs to God and not to him, but he is a liar from the beginning and he can fool us.


Within a limited period, we have been misled by him and since then, we have rejected the best God grants us and we lose the opportunity to progress and grow in love.


The Holy Spirit is the Supreme Being who is always ready to help us, rescue us, and guide us out of dire situations when we ask and beseech Him.


Certainly this is granted, because the Holy Spirit is the Supreme Being who always loves, protects and helps, for us to understand much in a life with holiness, because He belongs to holiness.


He belongs to the truth, holiness, and perfection; He belongs to righteousness, graciousness, virtue.


He does not belong to falsehood and does not follow the way that suits human beings, in deception, in pleasing themselves but offending God.


These are the ways that are and exist; how many Christians, how many Catholics fall into this state, because they turn to a talisman, they turn to an amulet.


When human beings committed themselves to satisfy what they are achieving in evil, when they committed themselves to evildoing, then the devil is inside them.


People will have certain moments, because they are too angry, because they are deeply sad, or because of hatred or due to many failures in life, they committed themselves at all cost, so their life was dominated by the evil spirits within them.


Thus they are odd, they are angry, they are enraged, they are jealous, they are envious, they disregard all that is the best and most beautiful, they live contrary to the Ten Commandments, they live with days in limitation of what they have, because they brought that upon themselves.


After several months, there are certain moments in which they see, they know, because the Lord is the Supreme God who always resolves, the Supreme God who always rescues, the Supreme God who always heals, the Supreme God who understands.


Only He is the Supreme Being who sees, only He is the Supreme Being who can heal and help us.


However, because we were in a state that we asked for, we must also bear the price; we must bear the responsibility for what we have done, bear the responsibility for what we have chosen, bear the responsibility with what we agreed to – to satisfy lust, to satisfy our wrongdoing, to satisfy resentment and to satisfy that jealousy and hatred.


Everything has happened in the world; there are people whose truly genuine life we see, but when they fail at something, they refuse to submit themselves; instead of coming to God to pray, they come to Him to demand.


When people patiently come to God, He never lets those who believe in Him, who seek Him, or who long for Him to return empty-handed.


To God, we must have a little time, because God always grants at the right time – as He plans, not as we plan; because we rush, because we do not have enough patience, we have mistakenly sought.


In the end, we have fallen into a situation with deeds that were past, with inhumane deeds, with deeds that end up in mourning and in affliction for one another.


There are times when people regret but it is too late, because of what they asked for.


When people have lived in that state, then virtue and holiness are hard to practice, but evil, betrayal, treachery, and deceit are spread all over, which is the standard of society, the standard among people, the standard in a world of iniquity.


Today we have seen the face of truth.


O God – there are messages like this for us to recognize that jealousy and envy come from human beings, when we see the other brothers and sisters slightly better than us, with things that God has particularly favored to that one person.


In His grace, a person receives a grace first, another receives a grace later – each one of us is different, no one is like the other, and no one has the same grace.


Nonetheless, human beings do not understand because of jealousy and envy – they see the other person being praised by many, attract the attention of many, being sought by many, while they themselves have graces but hardly anyone comes to them.


There are many more things that people have not yet seen, so they look for ways to covet, to destroy, to ruin, to detract, to slander, to sabotage.


From there, we have begun to feed the devil inside of us (1), and from there, the devil has the occasion to rage, because those people are the good baits he has preyed on from the beginning.


He lets us pray for years and become well-known people in life – the life of human beings who have fully received God's graces – but if we are not cautious about ourselves, then the gap from jealousy, envy, from anger, self-gain, from lust, greed is still in us.


Through words, deeds, actions, we have become a different person: half of us belong to God and half of us belong to evil.


God never accepts, because He comes and only wants the light to cover us – as for what is evil, we are the people who totally asked for it so we are controlled by it.


We start to live in lies and we begin to deceive others in such a way as the devil cunningly and slyly uses us.


We are the victims, the sinners who completely remain in a wretched way of thinking, who offend, who transgress, and who completely live in those lies to deceive our brothers.


Life that belongs to God and follows Him consists only of good deeds and honest deeds; if we are not perfect, God has a way to correct us according to His method – we cannot have a face of complete morality and virtue, but inside foster all vile sins.


That does not belong to God, so, O Holy Spirit, many people in this world have fallen into this situation and there are so many problems that today the devil rages and waits for the good baits.


When we are weak, and we lack generosity, lack forgiveness, when we totally live in jealousy, when we live in favor of appearances, when we like people to praise and flatter us, we are falling into the sin of pride without knowing it.


For that reason, we have become the victims of the devil himself and we have been bound and controlled by him.


So, we did not have enough common sense when we speak, not enough common sense when we consider the actions that we do, and not enough confidence to know what belongs to God and what belongs to the world or what belongs to a life with the darkness that is controlling us.


O God – what does God want me to say today and what does God want me to do?


I am aware that what we know today does not naturally come from our own finding, but God allows us to encounter these truths in our brothers and sisters.


There are times in our life when we must also struggle, starting from the loss of peace, starting from the discord, starting from the imperfections.


We are lethargic, lazy, and live without sincerity, so we have failed in all the commandments; we have offended, are offending, and still offend.


If we do not run to God, if we do not ask God to be the healing physician, if we do not believe in God as the Supreme Being who understands, who sees, and who changes our life in His grace, then we will completely be controlled, unable to escape the unruliness in life, with the ego, the personality, the personal will, with the control from the beginning that has become a habit.


When we sin and are committing sin, we do not even know we are committing sin, but think they are habits; in our illusion, we think that is a good deed, a righteous deed, so we remain in a state of error.


Our actions are contrary to others and what we do, unintentionally as well as deliberately, has completely transgressed God's doctrine.


So today God reminds us, because we can use all kinds of ways to cover up, to hide, to conceal from people, to hide what many people do not know, but we cannot hide the truth, because inside of us is the Holy Spirit.


The truth cannot be hidden – what comes from the truth then, daily, we see its own fruits, we see all the good progress in God's blessings.


As for what does not come from the truth, then we see it is obscure and it will cause people to be bitter and sorrowful.


There are many more things as human beings in this world live in a state of ambiguity, in a state of nourishing sin yet think they are living in a life of charity.


Following the human way, following the guidance of the devil, following the way in which selfish people continue to offend and have become habits, these things do not stop at a point.


This is truly frightening, because when we do not cure the initial illness, it will worsen and become like a cancer; it permeates into the bone, into the flesh, and waits for the day we die, because it is not easy to heal.


The disease of a human life in iniquity is the same if we fail to clearly distinguish God as the Supreme Being who forgives, the Supreme Being who comes to die for us.


He is also the Supreme Being who teaches us the doctrine to protect us from walking onto the path of iniquity, from entering the path of dark shadows, from committing crimes, from falling into unrighteousness and disobedience.


God is very specific and gives us so many essentials – He loves us, He leads us back to His doctrine.


He died for us to look at those sufferings to shun sin; we must avoid sin.


Because of our sins, He had to suffer atrociously; because of our sins, He had to endure humiliation and bitterness; because of our sins, He endured the scourging, endured the crown of thorns, endured the nail marks.


All these sufferings – we must look at them, to fear sin, to hate sin, to avoid sin.


Sin – we do not have to commit serious offenses, but we start from erroneous thinking, start from superficial and limited thinking, start from doubts, from judgments, from anxieties, from discord, from lies; then from there they will lead us further away and we become habits – we do not know where sin is and where the truth is.


How pitiful for these people, how unfortunate for these people; an entire life of training in fortitude yet in the end, because of greed, selfishness, and then because of the ego, the personality, and finally because of treachery, deceit, and inability to give up, they are living in ambiguity, living in confusion, and living in iniquity.


O Holy Spirit – please help us because we are also victims; because we were so weak, we have let our flesh control us, so there were greedy and selfish acts that harmed and ruined us till this day.


We beseech Him to forgive.


May God forgive those who are falling into this situation, may God forgive the society and the world with so many people falling into this situation, and may God forgive people who had functions yet were not able to free themselves from the movement of an era and a time basically still in iniquity.


May God help and rescue us. There are moments we separate from this life, there are moments we prostrate ourselves to recognize our frail condition, to run to God and to beg God to heal; we are also the sick praying for the supreme physician.


The Holy Spirit is the physician; the Holy Spirit will save and cure us in the water of rebirth; the Holy Spirit is also the physician who heals us in the soul, heals us in the mind, heals us in our heart, and heals us with what has been and is in the spiritual life.


Only the Holy Spirit understands and knows our disease; the disease in the soul, the disease in the body, the disease in the mind, and the disease we are carrying, which is our mind, thinking, inferring.


There are many things in life that we still do not fully believe, still do not fully understand what we have done, and still do not understand what we come to pray for.


May the Holy Spirit help us, because our weak condition is too inadequate so we cannot understand it all.


We only know that we come here with Him by a cowardly condition, an insignificant condition, a sinful condition, confessing before God the shortcomings and weaknesses, to pray for Him to forgive, to pray for Him to heal according to His method – to heal us according to the Holy Spirit, to strip away the dark shadows, strip away all the stains, strip away all that is originally within us, still stuck with the days in which we are not free, not happy, not at peace.


These are things most needed; may God cure, cleanse, and help us become a new person.


We just want to pray for Him to change our lives, the face of the world, all the people who are in a state of spiritual as well as physical illness, because He knows all, He sees all, He understands all.


Please rescue us – rescue all classes, all roles – for us to live knowing to love, knowing to forgive, knowing to revere, knowing to worship, knowing to come back to the truth, and knowing that the doctrine and the commandment cannot be separated, need to be practiced, and need to be learned.


These are things basically not too difficult, but also not too easy. God grants to the simple hearts, the humble and little hearts that entrust and seek to come to Him.


Certainly He will grant, He will kindle, He will heal, and He will renew.


Unfortunately, this world lacks people who live in this spirit; lacks sincere, honest people; lacks those who truly seek to come with faith to ask God to help.


So, even if the world has only a few, it has us; may we represent the voice of the world, represent the voice of the brothers and sisters, represent those who are falling into this state, this situation, as we respectfully lift up the current prayers, for people to be set free in God's grace, set free in His Spirit, set free in His healing, for the world to have more virtuous and holy people and eliminate the horrible and repulsive crimes from iniquity that have seriously and deeply affected mankind.


Today countless souls live in pain, with no peace; countless hearts live in despair – there are so many mistaken people who truly want to live with normal days, but they no longer have the opportunity.


Today we respectfully offer to the Holy Spirit.


God, please hear our prayers – we especially lift a sister whom God knows, and we pray for her.


In the group there are also the brothers and sisters that we ask God to help; they are also living in days of coming to God, but their souls, their deeds, their attitudes, and their practices are, indeed, not from the doctrine God taught.


We are simply people who see each other, grieve for each other, and only know to help each other through prayers, because we share with each other a lot, we also remind a lot, and we do have the opportunity, but they do not listen, because within them, there has been a cover-up, covering up the truth, covering up the wretchedness, covering up the ego, covering up all the stubbornness, hardness, authoritarianism, according to one's own ways.


Thus, we see how those acts have ended for them – they live without joy, they have no peace, they always inquire, they panic, and they also make us lose peace when they show up.


God, please have mercy and help the brothers and sisters; we know that today God wants us to bring along the brothers and sisters – God wants us to help the brothers and sisters by prayers, by sacrifices, and recognize what we must report, must present, must offer to God, and must ask the Holy Spirit to help with.


This is also the Third Kowtow.


We believe He is the omniscient Supreme Being, the Supreme Being who enlightens, and the Supreme Being who motivates.


He grants us days to especially pray, and generally for all the brothers and sisters in the world, for whoever carries this illness and for those who are falling into this situation; and especially to pay attention to and be aware of people who have functions.


We beseech God. May God enlighten them; may God help them and empower them to dispel all the enticements of the world, as they live in unrighteousness, in disobedience, or live in ways according to their own preferences that are harmful to their souls as well as to those around them.


May God help them recognize what God invites and calls, for them to live in more diligence, in more zeal, in more joy, in more peace, in more sacrifice, and so much more in duty and responsibility.


With the best approaches in the truth, holiness, and perfection, we recognize among the holy deeds many things that are true peace for us to move forward with what we need to do, what we must do.


There are also things that are in deceit, in hatred, in jealousy and envy, with sweet words on the lips, but in the heart is hatred, in the heart is a behavior such as a tendency to disparage others or to make up stories or to have a criticizing attitude, with gestures that are very fervent outwardly, but inwardly are truly terrible.


These are matters that have initially happened many times in this world and pertain to those with functions, those who had duty and responsibility in a well-known life, the people whom God uses to testify to the works He first assigned to them in their functions.


Sadly, when looking closely and knowing the truth, then their works turn out to be the opposite, which is something unfortunate that the Holy Spirit absolutely wants us to pray for – a sad thing.


We often hear that God said not to jump to conclusions when we look at certain people so let us practice in holiness, live in the truth, and pray.


From the truths God will have a way, because He will not let the righteous stumble; He will not let the sincere hearts be deceived; He will not let the people who belong to Him to continue to be victimized by others, because of the cunning, the sweetness, the clever thing that the devil uses in all kinds of ways to deceive God’s children.


So God has a way to teach us and the Holy Spirit will not let the devil continue to rage and influence the children to whom He has granted the strength to go on with the world, to pray for the world, to pray for their brothers, and to pray for the events that have happened and are happening to the people we meet, with the functions and duties that we see, with those who have instructed us through their own lives.


There are many things so today we pray for the Holy Spirit to help us continue on the path, because only with prayer can God work; only with prayer will the Holy Spirit prompt.


With prayer the Holy Spirit will enlighten everything, in God, with God, please rescue our brothers, our sisters; rescue the people who are falling into this situation.


God, please help them, for their life to become better and more beautiful, to become more deserving – God is waiting for the maturity and the return of mankind, in contrition and repentance.


We thank God, because through the Third Kowtow, we can see there are many things we need to ask of the Holy Spirit – may He help us be braver, stronger.


God, please enlighten us with what we do, with what God wants us to say, what God wants us to pray and offer on behalf of the brothers and sisters who are in this situation, for them to also benefit through His intervention.


That is the prayer we reverently offer to Him – to honor, to thank, to exult, to praise, and to glorify the Lord our God, forever the God whom we trust, the God whom we worship, the God whom we ask to forever belong to, in prostration, in submission – the God rich in divine mercy, who has the power to deliver and rescue, the power to forgive, and the power to help humanity return to justice and righteousness.


Today God grants and bestows through The Six Kowtows; through the Third Kowtow, we perceive His presence and His help.


We pray for Him to help us, rescue us, and deliver us; in the Holy Name of the Lord, our God – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


The Fourth Kowtow – O Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ; thanks to Him, even though throughout countless generations there was oppression or countless changes – God is still the Lord who remains with us, because the mystery of the Eucharist will never be forgotten in the world of mankind.


He came, and He is living in the lofty spiritual mystery, still supporting us in the world of mankind.


He came for the purpose to rescue us and bring us out of the encirclement of the darkness, but in life mankind has free will yet does not choose what is good and beautiful in the doctrine and the truth.


Besides, there are many more things with the insignificance and weakness in the limited flesh, so we do not see, we do not understand, and we do not believe.


Nonetheless, no one can prevent everything that comes from the truth, and no one can deny, because God is the loving Supreme Being, the trustworthy Supreme Being, the Supreme Being full of might, and the Supreme Being who silently and patiently waits for mankind to return.


O Eucharistic Jesus, today we can be bold to speak up about this, bold to know that we do not automatically know and do not automatically understand and see that truth: the deeds in which we cannot deny God’s presence, His urging, and His abundant love granted to us.


As offenders, as sinners, from people who are living in days of darkness, God has brought us back, for us to enjoy happy, peaceful and meaningful days.


Today we truly have not relied upon things of the world, but we rely upon the Supreme God in whom we believe, the Supreme God whom we worship, and the Supreme Being who daily nourishes us with His Body and Blood.


Daily, when we attend Holy Mass, we do not cease to offer words to praise, thank, exult, and honor, because the Lord – only He gives us happiness, only He gives us peace and sets us free from the shackles of sin, of the days of darkness, the days of insignificance, the days of weakness, the days in which we lose direction.


O Eucharistic Jesus, today countless people, countless souls have known and returned; the chapels in this world have become more crowded.


Today in the chapels there are many earnest brothers and sisters with a reverent heart.


The chapel has become a place where we encounter the Lord Jesus Christ through His Body and Blood, the chapel is the promised place where God pours abundant graces when afflicted mankind seeks to come to Him, for Him to comfort, for Him to love, for Him to support, and for our hearts to once again become peaceful.


In the pace of a daily life, we cannot avoid the cross or avoid difficulties and afflictions, but there is a trusting place that is the greatest source of comfort, which the human world cannot ignore.


Because God is the Lord, before He entered the Passion, He already knew mankind would remain in those days if without His presence.


Whether in the flesh or spiritually, He still has ways to remain with mankind.


He loves mankind till the end and sees everything that mankind cannot understand, but He has completely planned for our human race.


Thus, even if He is no longer here in the flesh, He remains with us by the enduring presence through the Eucharist; He remains in spirituality, to come to the soul of every person, to come to every heart, when we receive Him.


That urge in spirituality shelters and protects; no one can see, but God is the supreme Lord, who preserves and protects us in all aspects of life, though we are unworthy, disobedient, or live in iniquity.


Except in case people strongly oppose, except in case people completely do not understand, except for the situation in which people completely disbelieved – then they live with days depending on human freedom.


However, those who come to God, those who return to God, those who come to the Eucharistic Jesus, those who constantly trust and seek Him: everyone has peace.


This is the gift God offers us and He is still preserving us, but what about our human race?


Regarding our human race, our condition is still insignificant and weak, still imperfect, still indifferent and cold, still betrays, still refuses, and still are the traitors that were and are.


In the past and the same for today, in all classes, all roles, sometimes we see, we hear, but our life is unfaithful, our life is inconsistent, and our life easily refuses, easily gives up.


We only partially believe, so the time and day have come – we cannot follow our own method.


Even though God has been here for over 2,000 years, God still silently waits – His love is still granted to each sinner, but we do not accept; we refuse, and we continue to follow human direction and method, but God wants to rescue us.


Today there have been countless pitiful and unfortunate stories for society and for the world, for one country, for one nation as well as for all the nations in the world that live in a state of crisis and fear, because of the threat of a third World War.


Because we repudiate Him, we do not understand what is from the doctrine He grants, so we still face days of war, days of sorrow, days of crime, days of hatred, days of envy and grudge, days of jealousy.


There still are many things done according to a human method rather than the method God teaches us in true peace, from the family to the society.


Today God is still present, but have we awakened yet?


Have we understood yet?


Whether we have known or not, God is still the Lord who always intervenes for the one who beseeches Him, who runs to Him; the one who prays for Him to help and rescue, He will never refuse.


Today things are ordinary and common, yet we cannot understand, but we believe that God is still present here.


God continues to pour down abundant graces, God continues to intervene for the world, God continues to intervene for those who seek Him, God still intervenes for each person, when they live in despair and sorrow, when they come to God and they respectfully offer to God.


Today we must look deeper to understand that for countless years we lived in indifference and coldness, lived in disobedience and unrighteousness, and lived in days of ongoing betrayal.


When the Lord Jesus began to enter the Passion, when He was in the Garden of Gethsemane, He sweat blood and water because of mankind.


In that betrayal He can see us.


Until this century, today, we still live in that state; what He knows, He sees, is not wrong; we are human beings who are in a very pitiful, very unfortunate situation, but this is a great grace, for God to rescue us in the ending of history.


What is seen, what is heard – God is still with us; let us return to God; let us be contrite and repent; let us come to God with a sincere heart, respectfully offer Him a kowtow, spiritually and physically in prostration.


With the words we reverently offer to God, ordinary and common, each day in life, we pray for Him to give us peace, pray for Him to give us calmness, pray for Him to help increase our faith.


May He allow us to revere and honor, and may He grant us love, which is the love we offer Him.


We must return to the source; we must be aware, be conscious, and we must have a sentiment of gratitude, of appreciation, and of thanksgiving, because God loves us and waits for us.


He loves us, and He endures everything to wait for our maturity, to wait for our return.


Let us not miss the opportunity, not lose the opportunity, because only the Supreme God, the sovereign Supreme Being, the Supreme Being full of might, can save us in a human world in chaos such as today – a troubled world, a world in which mankind, too liberal, has followed a life of reality more than a spiritual life.


Today we lose so many brothers and sisters; we lose so much – when God gives us the doctrine, we are living in a state of placing reality and realism above; things that basically have limitations in a human life, while we lose so much in a life of lofty spirituality.


It is because we do not believe, because we do not practice, because we do not seek, so we are unable to recognize that we had a great gift God has given for us to encounter Him at the Blessed Sacrament, to encounter Him when we receive His Body and Blood, to encounter Him, to be comforted by Him, to be shielded and protected by Him, when we believe in Him.


Through the Blessed Sacrament, the Supreme Being still is silent yet is omniscient, the Supreme Being still shields and protects, the Supreme Being still listens and intervenes.


The time has come; we cannot decide for ourselves in the current situation of the family, of the society, or of the world in general.


We are living in days of worry, fear, and anxiety for the situation between men, amid the disputes due to personal selfishness, because this country wants victory over the other; the hatred continues.


Our situation, as ordinary and mediocre people, as laypeople, as civilians will be affected, because when the world or the country or certain places are in a tense situation, when World War III happens, we will be the victims who will suffer and will die in that situation.


In this world, if that happens we will certainly live in extreme hardship, hunger, plague, and will suffer tragic deaths.


Mankind does not know how to be at the end of history today; so, while we still have this day, we still have the chance to pray, we still have the chance to return, we still have the chance to plead, we still have the chance to pray for the intervention of the Eucharistic Jesus.


We still have the chance to be of one faith in the prostration, to pray for God to have mercy, to forgive, and to intervene for the world.


May God prevent this Third World War; may God also prevent all evil people; may God prevent all the hearts that people use according to their own ambitious ways or functions over each country; may they incline toward what is good, incline toward the existing doctrine, turn to the Supreme Being.


God came to die for mankind; humanity needs love, support, forgiveness, for us to live in true peace with the world that God is granting – let us not commit sin and destroy the beauty of nature, the beauty God creates for us and the beauty of the days we are still having.


We pray for God to have mercy and rescue us in the ending as we are witnessing today’s history.


O Eucharistic Jesus – God grants us this day for us to turn to Him; we cannot do it by ourselves.


He sees our demands and needs in life; in terms of faith, in terms of stirring the soul and even the mind with good deeds, there is only one thing we know: we must return to God.


We must truly beseech God; we must truly live in holiness and eliminate evil; we must return with a sincere and honest heart, to pray for Him to forgive, to pray for Him to sanctify, to pray for Him to change, for the world to have days of peace, to have days that still continue with the beautiful sunny sky, with the days of happiness that God has granted and bestowed.


May we have a grateful, appreciative, and thankful heart, for us to live relying on the doctrine and relying on the commandment that God has granted in the world of mankind.


The day and the time have come; people cannot follow the selfish individual habit, with the superficial look, but let the soul, body, mind, and heart submit to God, prostrate to God, surrender to God.


We pray for God to rescue us because we believe God is listening, God is amid this world, and God is waiting for the day we mature, for God to rescue and help and for God to have mercy.


Today we represent all the brothers and sisters all over the world, all classes, and all roles that are in a state of habits, in a state of ordinariness and commonness as we have become the days with the rule of law, still going on, unable to take one more step, unable to take one step further to come to God, to plead with God, to trust in God, and to entrust in God.


Everything of this day – what is known, what is heard – is because the Eucharistic Lord is speaking, the Eucharistic Lord is allowing us to see His liveliness by love.


He wants us to come close to Him, He wants us to meet Him, He wants to give us the words to enable us to change in time in life – a returning life.


In life we must trust and unite – then definitely God will have a way to rescue us, God will have a way to intervene for us, and God will have a way to let the world know that He is the Supreme Lord, the sovereign Supreme Lord.


Apart from Him, no one can save the world that remains in the superficial ways of life, which are days with all the conveniences in subtle sophistication in all aspects of science and technology, but with a corrupted morality.


Morality has reached a point where it is necessary to speak up and beseech God to have mercy, to help eliminate and remove all lawlessness in people – with the disbelief and unfaithfulness, the distrust of God – which has become a huge problem in the world.


Today I beseech God: even if just a small number of people, please look at those little people to forgive everyone.


God, please sanctify everyone, transform everyone.


God, please change the face of the earth so that all of us may live in holiness, return to the truth, and live in the one and only teaching of the Supreme God whom we trust, the Supreme God whom we worship, and the Supreme God to whom we entrust everything.


May He rescue us and help us in the world; most crucial is that today we lack the means to prevent the atomic bombs; we cannot prevent the jealousy, the envy of people, and we cannot prevent the cruelty, as we are falling into a situation of days in the abyss of iniquity.


So, at this moment, we ask God to have mercy, because we are also sinners, victims, and penitents; may God look at us and forgive us according to His way, to rescue the world and rescue all humanity.


We kowtow to our Lord Jesus Christ through the Blessed Sacrament.


May everyone know, may everyone rise, may everyone be aware and be conscious, for us to receive God in a respectful way, receive Him in a reverent way, receive Him in a chaste way, to be worthy of the presence.


God waits for mankind’s maturity, to be worthy of the words He accepted, worthy of the intervention as He waits for mankind up to this moment.


With today's generation, we offer words of gratitude, to praise, glorify, honor, and thank the Supreme God who knew, who saw, and who allowed us to continue with what we hear, with what we know, with what we see, and with what we witness.


May God shine His light over the world of mankind, to dispel the darkness that is trapping us in a world controlled by the devil. May God rescue our brothers and sisters; rescue all people, all classes; rescue all people in this world – and in particular, may God help our Church be united, for those in the Church to bring the words of God to keep reminding the world.


The presence of God, daily through Holy Mass, is for everyone to recognize His intervention, His remaining, His acceptance, and His help, to deliver us in the world with the days of trouble, the days of inner turmoil and outer chaos, the days that we have so many aspects for us to see that we have erred from His way and live in the devil's snare.


Today there is no way for us to turn back, there is no way to restore besides the help and the intervention from God, though in the divine realm, yet there are many methods according to His way.


There will be a way in which God will guide us back, because He came to lead the Israelites out of the land of Egypt, so God, please rescue us as well in this generation from the devil's traps and snares that are spreading everywhere, enticing all the brothers and sisters.


There are countless people who are living in the problems of society in general as well as a world of civilization; may God rescue us, strengthen our faith with the life in which we ​​need to return to holiness, live in the truth, prostrate, adore and belong to the Lord, our God.


May everyone unite to beseech Him to have pity, accept, and intervene. Amen.


We reverently offer the Fifth Kowtow to the Five Holy Signs of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God.


Why in this time are we being taught through each Person in each kowtow? It is truly apparent for us to clearly understand that the Gospel and the Good News remain animated in our belief, in our faith, and in our heart, as we meditate.


Beginning with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, to the Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus, present, to the Five Holy Signs (2) – that is a reminder for people to enter the Lord Jesus Christ’s salvation, with a doctrine paid by the price of Blood that still exists for each one of us.


When people recognize, believe, come to God, trust, and live in the truth that He has taught and given to us, let us be stouthearted, firm in faith, because the Lord came for a purpose.


He accepted death and ended up with the Five Holy Signs to remind us in each single phase to clearly understand the seal of love, the seal of grace, the seal of life, and the eternal seal to redeem us in the world of mankind.


Whether we are worthy or unworthy to be redeemed, because of love, because of the Divine Mercy, God has forgiven and bestowed.


He granted and stamped this covenant, so it will not be taken back, and thus we are enjoying the blessings because today in the ending, the most urgent matters have been presented and have been taught, for us to follow this way to help save the world of humanity.


Moreover, it also teaches us on the path to clearly understand, because there are so many things that we have looked at for so long, yet we do not understand the meaning of the Cross upon which the Lord Jesus stretched out His arms.


That was concluded on Calvary, but that was a sign for us to be close to the heavenly world, because He never refuses us through the way of the cross.


The Five Holy Signs remind us of every single detail – which is not against morality, not against ordinary matters, and not against all the arguments – for us to know that they are being considered, kindled, and accepted in this generation of humanity.


Rather, they continue with the Good News that God has given us in the time of the Old Testament and that is related to the New Testament – until the last days of the end of history, basically by practice, by unity, by speaking to the entire world, by the most urgent moments in which we beseech and reverently offer to the Five Holy Signs.


The Five Holy Signs remind us of the historical book that was and is, in which today, in our minds as well as noted in the books, there are many techniques and arts left for the Church to teach us and lead us onto the path of holiness. But in the most urgent moments and regarding the most essential matters, we still do not know what to ask for and where to start.


So today we let our body, our soul, our mind, and our heart belong to God in the submission and the prostration.


This is an external way, but internally it has depth and breadth and motivation to remind people that when we pray, when we call upon the Name of the Lord, to understand through the Five Holy Signs first our indifference from the beginning till now, the lack of a reverent heart for our God,.


We have forgotten these great favors, we have forgotten the teaching in the most intimate way; we completely ignore and do not understand our possession, do not understand our forte, do not understand our role, and do not understand what we have from what God bestows and gives.


Thus today the First Holy Sign reminds us that God the Father’s love and Divine Mercy do not reject any sinner in humanity and up to this day He continues to listen patiently, to forgive, and to wait for mankind's return.


The Second Holy Sign reminds us that the Lord Jesus Christ is the Supreme Being who gave the mark to humanity – He died for us to have the doctrine, for us to have the commandment, for us to never forget the death with the atrocious sufferings so that we may live and forever be with Him.


Nevertheless, for us to know and understand, we must have the Holy Spirit – have the Holy Spirit for Him to bestow His graces; He is granting, will grant, and still grants, and He remains faithful, remains patient, remains with us when we call upon His Name.


The Third Holy Sign is the sign is for us to be lively again with what was lost, with what was not believed, with what have become habits in the era, with what we totally fail to understand as our role. We fail to understand that the Third Holy Sign is an immense possession in the salvation that He has granted and bestowed.


Apart from God who grants, no one can grant, and no one can take the place – we beseech Him; we pray to receive Him, we pray for His guidance; and we pray to receive the Holy Spirit’s teaching.


Today what we hear does not come from human beings, but from God who grants to us in a special way through His Spirit.


We rely on these points to pray, rely on these points to practice, rely on this grace to profess our faith, rely on this grace for us to see the path we must take.


That is the only path for us to be rescued on in the world, with the days of turmoil, with the days of sorrow, with the days of iniquity, the days in which mankind no longer has any other hope apart from the Five Holy Signs of our Lord Jesus Christ.


This enables us to understand the meaning of the teaching that today we learn through each Person, to understand the meaning that we are offering to God by soul, body, and heart – to offer to God, to pray for God to allow us to lean on the deeds that He does, for us to pray to Him, to pray for the Holy Spirit's enlightenment, to pray for faith to be inflamed, for the heart to be inflamed, for the zealous heart to be inflamed, for the fervent heart to be inflamed within us.


Through the spiritual fire of the Holy Spirit, we had and have the truth, holiness, and perfection, but we still do not know to use, we still do not understand, we still do not have enough strength, we still do not have enough courage, and we still do not have enough wisdom to distinguish everything that is the best that God grants in the world of humanity.


Today the time is critical; we hear what does not come from us, but from the Holy Spirit who wants us to act; the Holy Spirit motivates and the Holy Spirit gives, for us to have the opportunity to encounter God when we pray – to plead what we need, for ourselves, for the family, for the society, for the world, and for everything that is happening to our world in general and in particular to each person, each family, including the community, and especially for our Church, for us to know that God's love is ready when we offer to Him in the manner we beseech Him.


In the moment we offer to Him here on behalf of many brothers and sisters, we recognize that we are truly happy, because God has arranged for us from the beginning and He has bestowed upon us from the beginning.


Unfortunately we forget, we do not understand, we do not know, we are indifferent and cold, we are weak, and we are living in iniquity, so we are covered up by a veil; we fail to see the intrinsic beauty in the spirituality that God has granted us by the price of His Blood.


Today we are motivated by the Eucharistic Jesus – we have recognized the great, sublime deeds, the presence by the light that we receive from the Eucharist.


Human beings cannot do this; the time has come for God to manifest, the time has come for Him to shine, the time has come for Him to illuminate, the time has come for Him, through the great mystery, to manifest to humanity, to urge the life of faith.


He also strengthens and teaches us; He walked the Way of the Cross, the way of the Five Holy Signs, to bring us back to Him.


So then in our life, there must also be days of carrying the cross, days with the path we must take, the path we must experience, the path we must overcome to resurrect in glory with Him.


Certainly, we will never be rejected and never be forgotten in His love and His Divine Mercy.


To obtain this, we must eliminate things that are initially in a life of limited faith; we still do not truly live humbly, still do not truly recognize what belongs to God, still do not recognize worship and adoration, still do not recognize the eternal mark that belongs to us, in a sentiment of gratitude, recognition, and thanksgiving.


How can we then understand the great mysteries that God has chosen and granted and prepared for us?


Today who can fully comprehend the great events that will happen?


Our strength can no longer prevent, so Mother Mary does not want us to start with days that remain days of going in a circle, with a world like many past generations.


Until this day we still have not made much progress in faith; we cannot recognize our brothers and sisters who still are indifferent people, unbelievers, people who still do not yet know the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God.


They still are not aware of the Mother who quietly remains with us; Mother continues to visit us, to help us, and She continues to be soft-spoken, to support, to teach us the most wonderful, effortless ways, for God to have mercy and intervene.


Today there are many sublime wonders that appear and that is the truth.


We simply know that when we prostrate before the Five Holy Signs, we can hear through the words narrated by the Holy Spirit's guidance.


The Fifth Holy Sign is Mother Mary; Mother Mary is the silent one from the beginning till now – Mother Mary represents the heavenly world to warn us, to teach us, and to help us.


Mother Mary represents the entire human world to beseech God to grant us more time for us to be aware and return, for us to mature, for us to know the moments when we need to plead, and for us to understand what God grants to the living as well as the deceased, to those who still are in purgatory as well as those on the way back, to those who still do not believe, to those who still do not know – for them to have the opportunity to know, to believe, and to have the chance to live in unity.


Today Mother Mary teaches us – She points us to every single Person; the Fifth Holy Sign is a symbol for the Mother who today teaches us.


Mother knows about human life, how throughout the years people still live with days of foolishness.


We are truly ignorant in our knowledge of God, lacking in our understanding of God in the generation of mankind.


If we do not know and do not believe in God, how will we end up since God has said that whoever does not believe in the salvation will not live?


Mother is the one who has brought the Savior into the world; these are the most ordinary, common things.


If we do not understand, how can we end up with the place that God has granted and prepared for us?


It is so unfortunate for humanity when we fail to fully understand what is basically so effortless that God grants and prepares for us.


Today we are living in days of iniquity, we are living in misery, we are living in the afflicted days of our life; we live in a situation with days threatened by war, by nuclear weapon, by the Third World War.


Mother does not want anything to happen to us when we are completely ignorant and unaware of the great gifts God has offered to humanity.


Today Mother wants us to return, starting from the heart, in simplicity and modesty, in humility, in learning, asking to return to God.


All these practices are external, we do not understand the inner depth, because there are many practices.


We still worship God, we still praise God – as always, especially through the Church – but this is a new practice that helps us learn the ways to pray for God to have mercy and accept, in the moments we beseech as we pray for God to look at us.


That is the heart, the soul, the inner humility, to pray for us to encounter the Supreme God.


We pray in this critical time; we also represent the brothers and sisters – among them are our family members, among them are the parishes with the people whom we love – we recognize them but they totally do not understand and they remain completely stubborn and hardened.


They retain all that is formerly in the law, but there are so many new blessings that God offer in the great and abundant graces for us who urgently need in the era we beseech Him.


Let us not be afraid of straying, let us not be afraid of differences; we are still human beings, we still prostrate to God, still adore Him, still glorify Him, still follow the method that Mother teaches.


Mother lets us know that She Herself came to Fatima and gave Her messages to the three cousins to remind us to live in contrition, in repentance, to return, to live an amended life, to live in prayer.


Let us pray the Rosary, live in the messages that Mother teaches, and come to Her Heart. Her Heart belongs to God, Her Heart loves God, and Her Heart loves us, for us to live through prayer and unite in the Rosary.


Moreover, we also know that Mother came to the country that today we are aware of, Her presence in the healing in Lourdes, France, and throughout the world.


Today Mother does not come to us in the flesh, but She comes to us through the Eucharistic Jesus – She has represented us to remain with the Eucharistic Jesus for centuries.


We are people who betray and refuse, people who offended, people who forgot God, people who have completely neglected God in all the tabernacles around the world, so Mother stayed to serve Him.


In the last hour, we can see that we forget Him, we reject Him, we do not recognize what He bestows and grants.


So the time has come, the time has come for us to accept the conclusion.


God wanted the children to recognize His presence, to recognize His intervention; God also allows people who refuse and do not believe, and God also allows us the freedom to choose.


God is the Lord full of love, so before He begins to act, He gives us the opportunity, which is Mother Mary’s teaching, helping us through the Five Holy Signs, to clearly understand that we are still in the days when there is the opportunity for us to beseech, for us to return, for us to repent, for us to represent the world of humanity, for us to represent the brothers and sisters who still do not know, still do not believe, for us to represent what today Mother teaches us, to help whoever we can.


Those who soon recognize, those who agree to practice, those who beseech, and those who are in unity will receive God’s answer, definitively.


The Five Holy Signs are full of meaning in life when we prostrate and reverently offer to God; the Five Holy Signs also teach us and help us on the paths we are taking, with people who have diseases in the body, with the troubles happening in the world, with the extreme afflictions.


Those are things people have brought upon themselves – people have certainly done many things.


We were unable to understand God's intervention and walk in His way and His doctrine, so the world has become war, has become sorrow, has become hatred, and many more things, because we do not believe in God.


Since we do not believe in God, our lives have encountered countless sufferings, but God is still the Lord who seeks ways to bring us close, for us to have what He bestows and leaves behind.


Today the most accurate things, the most evident things, and things allowed are for us to practice, because no one can crush and deny everything that comes from the truth,.


Although rejected, one day it will be accepted, because these are the most pressing pleas for each family, for each nation, for each community, and for each one of us – to beseech God to have mercy and allow us to have a direct encounter, daily, through the lofty spirituality.


We believe that, with prayer, we will understand the meaning of our daily life, for us to accept it, for us to thank, for us to learn to live in charity, for us to learn to live making sacrifice, for us to learn to live with the interior life, for us to learn to pray by the way God teaches us through Mother Mary.


This is the most wonderful thing we are receiving, to be able to recognize our condition; our hearts need to speak the truth, to voice what is true that needs to be presented to God. He will certainly not refuse, He will certainly rescue us, He will surely help us, because the Five Holy Signs already grant us the eternal mark that belongs to us in forgiveness.


Today we directly encounter His Divine Mercy; we respectfully offer to Him, through Mother Mary’s teaching; there is nothing contradictory, there is nothing conflicting, there is nothing against morality, and nothing against the Church.


These are deeds that initially need to be reminded in the history book, which were and are.


God wants to help us recover what is most intimate that we need in a life of faith, a life in which God pours abundant graces for us to learn through Mother Mary’s teaching, which trains us in a virtuous life, trains us in a life with the meaning of amendment, and trains us to desire goodness in life and become humble.


These are further reminded for us to clearly understand what we have done and are doing, but God's love is more profound.


Since He died for us, He loved us, and He does not let His Blood become meaningless when we are sinners who presently need, greatly need.


In life, if we want to come back, if we want to receive, if we want to be set free, we must apologize, repent, and return.


We must amend our life, we must certainly be resolute with a life returning to God, with a heart sincerely repentant.


God will surely forgive; God will surely help and rescue, and He will deliver and save us in the ending.


In the critical days, when we look at our strength as human beings, there is no way to give ourselves more time; we continue to follow the general course – humanity will enter days of war, of pain, and of plague.


So, God, please have mercy on us.


May God accept us; may God listen to the words with which we personally beseech Him, along with the brothers and sisters, united in the prostration – to lift up to Him, to respectfully offer the Five Holy Signs, to reverently thank the Five Holy Signs, to honor the Five Holy Signs, to praise the Five Holy Signs, to praise, glorify, thank, and be grateful to the Five Holy Signs that God has granted to the world of mankind.


May God open the eyes, open the hearts of all classes, all roles; please open the eyes, open the souls of those whose hearts are hardened, stubborn, for them to be able to return within the time allowed and still granted, with the months of blessing and grace – do not let it be too late and too tardy.


These are things that God grants us, and Mother wants us to practice in all the places we visit, in all the quiet places – we continue to pray for the world, for the country, for the homeland, for all classes, for our Church, and for everyone who is living in a state of great longing.


God, please intervene for the world to live in peace, for the world to live in love, for the world to return, and for the world to be united, to honor, to adore, and to believe solely in the one Supreme God who is the Father, the Supreme Being who loves and forgives, the Supreme Being who gives us a perfect world. Amen.


We respectfully offer the Sixth Kowtow to God the Father.


O God the Father – we thank Father.


There is nothing comparable; Father knows we are very frail, very naive people, people who are currently living in a state of very limited days to understand about faith, to understand about a life in which God has set aside for us a history, has set aside for us many stories left in the Gospel, in the Good News.


However, how many people can understand to put into practice?


So, the world lived in freedom, lived in limited days, lived in days that today rely upon civilization, rely upon a subtle life; thus we have been greatly enticed, greatly affected in life, which led us astray and caused us everything that initially we need for us to live in the truth and practice in the doctrine.


Thus, there have been countless pitiful and unfortunate stories, because we have allowed reality and all the subtleness and cleverness of a civilized age to infiltrate and cause us to end up with weak days that become immature days, become obstinate and hardened days, and totally contrary to everything that God teaches and bestows.


Nonetheless, God continues because He knows we are too weak and naive.


So we cannot win with the devil, we cannot win over the enemy, he looks for all kinds of ways to attack us and he looks for all sorts of ways to lead us into his own snares and entrapments for us to no longer have the chance to be near God, to return to God, or to be worthy of God's mercy.


But no matter what happens, God knows. God knows we are weak, God knows we lack capability, and God knows we are in a situation that cannot win over what essentially is in a world that is luring us.


But there is still one single thing as we still have the opportunity – there is still one single thing for us to understand: that we are not lonely and alone amid this life.


We still have the heavenly family that shields and protects us, and especially a loving Mother who is close to us and cares for us.


This is the last opportunity and the opportunity for us to see the closeness of the heavenly kingdom that has manifested for us to still have the opportunity, thanks to Mother's voice, Her intercession, Her teaching, and Her guidance in the ending of today's history.


We respectfully offer the Sixth Kowtow to Mother Mary, the Mother of the Divine Mercy, the Mother of the Heart of Love, the Mother of the Eucharist, the Mother of the Second Person who came into the world, the Mother of the Word Incarnate, the Mother of the Church, the Mother of each one of us, the Mother of all of humanity, the Mother of every sinner, the Mother of every penitent, the Mother of every victim, and the Mother of every soul in purgatory.


No one can deny the title of Mother, the name of Mother; Mother continues to visit us, She continues to teach us, She continues to be most intimate in a generation.


A century has passed; Her voice still resonates – which is the improvement, the perfection, the life of contrition and repentance – teaching us to pray the Rosary, teaching us to pray, teaching us to come to Her Heart.


Today we continue to hear the echo with the words Mother teaches, and She still helps us spiritually, sending a reminding message to return, sending a reminding message to repent; She still helps us on our way back to God’s love and Divine Mercy.


What Mother has said, and the deeds Mother has done – today She wants us to practice, welcome the words She points out, welcome the words She reminds to suit with the works we practice here, which is the gift of The Six Kowtows.


The Holy Spirit wants us to respectfully offer to Mother the Sixth Kowtow, because She is the author who teaches us to return to God, to encounter God, to accept God.


The way to learn how to pray, for our soul to encounter God, is for us to act in boldness to eliminate the ordinary human view and public opinion, for us to be enlightened and guided by the Holy Spirit to do what needs to be done, what must be done.


Let us be united, both soul and body, both mind and heart, because God wants to listen to true words from the heart; He wants to listen to the true, repentant heart of mankind, and He wants to look at us – things we beseech and pray in urgency, on behalf of the brothers, on behalf of the world, on behalf of all classes, all roles.


This is also a method that Mother practiced for Her entire life, so today She does not teach us anything else.


She wants us to return to God, to come to Him in contrition and repentance – we must amend our life.


Let us use what is most essential to pray, to beseech God; let both body and soul belong to God in the moments of prayer – let the heart be sincere and let the mind decide.


The Supreme God whom we believe, the Supreme God whom we worship, the Supreme God to whom we respectfully offer, the Supreme God to whom we prostrate – we offer and pray on behalf of the people who still have not returned, who still do not believe, and for whomever is presently indifferent and cold, whomever is presently obstinate and hardened, and is distancing himself from God.


There are many things that Mother sees today; if the situation of our human race continues in days of disobedience and unrighteousness, and continues to offend God, then what will happen?


We will not go on with sunny and warm days;  there will no longer be days of true peace, there will no longer be the most beautiful days that God grants in His waiting.


So today Mother wants us to prepare for ourselves and also to make sacrifices, to beseech God to help the brothers on the path, for them to still have the time to return, still have the time to recognize, still have the time to deepen their faith and clearly understand what they need to do in the life that God has granted and bestowed through the Savior, through the Gospel, through the commandments and precepts, to help us with what belongs to the human world, with what belongs to the Holy Spirit’s protection, belongs to His enlightenment, and the protection and help of the angels and saints.


The time has come; the mystery has appeared. The time has come for the light of truth and justice to be exposed; the time has come for the darkness, and the weakness, the things that are unrighteous and disobedient, to be dispelled before the light of God’s justice and fairness.



We only know, O Mother Mary – we thank Mother.


Since the day Mother taught us The Six Kowtows, we felt more zealous, we recognized the guidance of the Holy Spirit in a very special and intimate manner.


We feel our weak, insignificant, and sinful condition; we knew to run to God, we knew to run to Mother, we knew to run to the Holy Spirit to ask for His enlightenment and guidance.


Although in this life we ​​still have imperfect days, weak days, insignificant days, in daily life there are also moments we lose peace, and many times in life things are not as perfect as we desire.


However, we respectfully offer The Six Kowtows, we respectfully offer with a contrite heart, we respectfully offer with a repentant heart, we respectfully offer with the devotion and the sincerity of our heart.


Through The Six Kowtows – each time we reverently offer – we feel relieved, we feel the support from God's presence, we feel the closeness of God's forgiveness.


We believe that Mother's resonating voice is indeed effective on humanity – indeed, it is something not that difficult, but hard for people to practice because of the arrogance, because of the jealousy, because there are still many things in our condition.


We cannot overcome the exhaustion in our body, the laziness in our body, the materiality originally in the way of thinking – we have become habits throughout generations and remain under the rule of law so that we still cannot realize.


All the divine graces of God, all things that come to us as good and positive cannot come from human beings, but from the Holy Spirit who helps us and from Mother's support.


Indeed, this gift is very effective in our lives; these things have granted us wonders and allowed us to see the true presence that God has granted us through the Blessed Sacrament.


His teaching is so marvelous, a teaching through each stage, through each generation.


There still are many things that help us recognize the presence of God the Father, acknowledge the Lord Jesus' salvation, perceive the great divine presence of the Holy Spirit, and honor the Blessed Sacrament where Jesus is still present today.


We also recognize the meekness of a mother, a mother full of humility, a mother who is close by, who never refuses when Her children seek to come to Her, and who looks for all kinds of ways to help mankind return to God, encounter God, and take a shortcut for God to rescue and help.


So, these are the works that first need to be practiced and must be put into practice; we have welcomed the days when Mother grants us this opportunity, for us to go everywhere, for us to respectfully offer all the daily concerns in the life of every country, of every homeland, of every person, of every community, of the Church.


There still are all matters, all problems, all issues in society, all situations in life, with the deceit, with the lies, and many more things caused by crimes.


From the day Mother taught us this, we have felt happy.


We offer God everything; we respectfully offer Him everything on behalf of our brothers – we learn to sacrifice more, we learn to be more patient, we learn to be braver and strive harder, we learn to be more responsible.


This is the beginning of the truth, the beginning of holiness, the beginning that only the Holy Spirit can realize for us, to receive acceptance through healing, this aspect and the other as well.


There are many nations that have recognized this; they have practiced, and they are determined to go all over to testify.


So this is the answer God grants, and through Mother's teaching, it has become an evident result in life, with the response from God's intervention.


This is something that helps us in the human world; we cannot stop.


Let us go on daily, let us continue daily to represent the brothers and sisters who do not serve God, who do not believe in God, who do not recognize His voice, who do not respect, who do not love, who do not prostrate, who do not praise.


We will be the people who represent those brothers and sisters to do this – because we beseech daily, God will certainly have a way to change the world.


God will have a way to intervene for the world, for the brothers and sisters to return together; for the obstinate and hardened people; for those who are still not united to become united; for those who are hardhearted and stubborn to have the opportunity to encounter God; for the illnesses and sorrows in life to lessen through His healing; and also for those who are arrogant, foolish, and self-sufficient, to become humble, because there is nothing that God cannot do.


Remember, we do this to beseech God for our families, for the societies we live in, for all countries, all homelands, and for all people in the world to know God, surrender to God, and return to God, for us to live in a peaceful, harmonious, and happy world.


Mother Mary wants us to live in the world that God has granted, which is a new world, a world that is planned, and Mother is the first person to lead us into that world.


She wants us to prepare for this, so She helps us strengthen the life of faith, strengthen our life to be ready when there are events, when there are tribulations, the day that God will surely establish, to help us enter the new world and destroy all evil in the human world.


We must prepare for this, which is the gift we reverently offer through The Six Kowtows – The Six Kowtows are the best friend that guides us to encounter God and helps us on our daily path, in anguish, in distress.


What we cannot decide, let us lift them up to God, because God accepts, God listens, God intervenes.


We have Mother Mary. Mother Mary teaches, Mother Mary intercedes, Mother Mary wants us to be united; She will be the first person to lead us back to God in the ending of history, and She will triumph over evil in today's world of humanity.


Her Heart will triumph, but before this happens, Mother wants to rescue all sinners,

Mother wants to rescue all those currently in a state of still not knowing, still not believing, to have the opportunity; Mother wants us to practice this to pray for our brothers and sisters.


Let us unite for everyone to learn humility, to learn littleness, to learn simplicity, to encounter God, because in the ending of history, He does not look at us through learning and knowledge, but He looks at our sincere heart.


He looks at the sincere and honest heart in the return, He looks at our amended life, and He looks at things we yearn for, in contrition and repentance.


Having Mother Mary's intercession, we will certainly be rescued in the ending of history, when we have Mother.


So these are things we cannot forget to thank Mother for, we cannot forget to offer words of gratitude to Mother, we cannot forget to honor and thank Mother.


Since the Holy Spirit helps us and teaches us to honor Mother with the Sixth Kowtow, this Sixth Kowtow is also the last concluding number – the triumph of Mother's Heart.


This is also a number that we should not be mistaken about; this world knew what is evil.


The devil used this number, he used many methods to scatter us and cause us to have painful and humiliating failures.


The devil is ruling and luring countless of our brothers and sisters into homosexuality – he led us in subtlety and cleverness.


Nonetheless, God is the transcendent Supreme Being, the Supreme Being who always acts in the ending.


Mother is the person who helps us with a history that was initially recorded, but not yet realized.


God the Father said: Then the descendant of the woman will crush your head and you will bite at his heel; that woman has not yet appeared in the world.


In each aspect, we may study and experience in a different way, but this is the way that today only Mother teaches us – to prostrate to God.


Mother teaches us to help the world return to God by the method in which each one of us recognizes, when we call upon the Name of the Lord in the most critical moments.


There are many more ways in which we will be specially rescued by this method.


Today there are many wonderful and marvelous things recorded on the pages of history that are told, written into each of our souls and hearts, who are Christians, who are God's children, who have the right to know what needs to be done, what must be done, what must be decisive, to pray for God to deign to look at.


God, please have mercy on our sisters, on our brothers, and we pray for God to deign to look at the world to rescue our brothers and sisters, who are being controlled by the devil that has plotted in a subtle and clever manner, and guided the brothers and sisters into homosexuality.


They are the brothers and sisters who need mercy, the brothers and sisters whom we must help, the brothers and sisters whom we pray for God to have mercy and rescue them, because only God can rescue them; do not let their minds and hearts, do not let their ways and manners in disorder remain in the encouragement of that devil.


We pray for God to help the brothers and sisters, because our brothers and sisters do not know, and there are many more deceits in the human world through the devil's direction.


So today there is nothing comparable – because of all the sins, God comes to save us; God saves us in the beginning just like He saves us in the ending of history, He comes solely to save sinners so sinners like us have hope and are full of hope in God.


When we listen to Mother, She will teach us things most needed – God will forgive, because He loves us more than our sins; His purpose is to lead us into the doctrine and the truth so that we may live eternally with Him and live with meaningful days on earth.


Because we do not believe, we disobey and act unrighteously, we have done contradictory things, but God is still the Lord who grants us the opportunity to return, grants us the opportunity to apologize and repent, grants us the opportunity to meet Him, grants us the opportunity to return to righteousness with our hearts.


God will look at that to forgive, to intervene, and to help us in the most urgent days each one of us will face, before the court of God.


Today what is heard, what is known, and what is practiced, is not from human beings.


Let us continue in a life offering everything to God, with service and worship; we need every person to unite with the works the Church has done, for us to respectfully offer to God the sentiments, with the wishes through the prayers of The Six Kowtows.


Certainly, we will become humble and become human beings from the Spirit that God bestows when we belong to Him in our plea – the flame of faith will surely be lit up as we pray for the world to have more faith, to have faith, and faith with deed, by the doctrine, the truth of truth.


We have Mother and are with Mother; let us look at Her shining example.


She is the example that guides us on the path – She is also the morning star that leads us back on the path, She is also the being who intercedes.


Her virginal mantle will cover the world and lead us in the ending, Her Heart will triumph in virtue and saintliness as we totally belong to Mother: we will win the battle of the ending of history.


Let us not be afraid of what happens today but give ourselves the opportunity to start from now on to ensure ourselves a gift.


Today, when we urgently offer to God, when we urgently pray to God and urgently beseech the Supreme God, He never refuses, neglects, or abandons us.


Let us live a worthy life, amend our life; we must live a life in contrition and repentance, live a life in which we pray, and let us continue to pray the Rosary.


Let us keep coming to Mother's Heart, let us continue to come with a reverent heart to Jesus' Heart, let us come to the Eucharistic Jesus continuously so that our life will be renewed in Him.


The love and the Divine Mercy continue eternally when we are those who apologize, who repent, who return to receive the great gifts that we receive from Mother Mary's teaching through The Six Kowtows.


We offer countless thanks to God, praise God, and glorify God, in the Holy Name of God, our Lord. Amen.


And through The Six Kowtows, we thank Mother who has granted, for us to pray to all the saints in heaven, especially praying to St. Joseph who is the foster father of the Lord Jesus.


He is also the foster father of the human world; when we run to pray to him, then surely he will never refuse.


May he continue to intercede for our world, especially for our Church to learn from him integrity and righteousness; please protect and shield our Church, to be in unity and totally belong to God through the intercession of St. Joseph, for all the clergy to have the duty and responsibility to continue in the mission of proclaiming the Good News of the Lord.


There are many wonders that God has granted through the intercession of St. Joseph; please accept our words of thanksgiving.


All the families in the world must also offer to beseech, pray, for St. Joseph to protect; through his intercession, for God to have mercy and look at us in humanity, for us to restore what was lost and what has entered a civilized era, neglecting everything that belongs to God in the doctrine and the truth.


We cannot act automatically by ourselves, but we know that the archangels continue to protect our human world, continue to protect our Church, continue to protect the righteous, and continue to protect people who pray to them.


The things we pray for – we trust that in the divine realm, they certainly are realizing, and they are closely protecting us, preventing the devil that seeks all kinds of ways to attack us in the ending of today's history.


Before all problems happen and conclude, certainly there will be programs in which the archangels are coming to support, to shield, to protect, and destroy the devil's plan in disrupting us and preventing our Church to enter days that must have unity.


Having their preservation, having their protection helps to destroy all the evil that people still have not recognized from their error in faith, the mistake of those who err and go astray on the path that God grants to our Church.


Please help us recognize the truth, recognize the morning light, recognize the very light of love and the Divine Mercy, for everyone to become humble, return, and receive the shield and protection of the archangels.


We also have the guardian angels who never let us feel lonely and never let us proceed onto certain paths.


Today we pray for them to preserve, shield, and protect us so that we may be faithful and persevere with God until the last minute.


Please, pray for us, help us on the paths as witnesses with the matters that we see.


We see the angels fly up and down. Each day they continue to fly, and we recognize their bustling divine works as they prepare for the day we fully belong to God, through their help.


Today we offer words of thanksgiving and gratitude – the words that we have not known from the beginning till now – but today the human world must know, because we do not fight the battle in this world by ourselves.


Since this is a free world and the devil is ruling, we must rely on heavenly force; we need the grace which God grants and allows the angels and the archangels to help us with.


The prayers of the saints are also strength to help us in our lives to deal with the events that have come and are coming, with the tense and stressful moments that people must overcome, because of the misunderstanding, because of the denial, because life has many oppositions and many things restrained in the rule of law.


There still are countless things in the human world, things from knowledge and learning that crush the truth and many more things not in a true sentiment with God’s doctrine, so we err and are totally wrong.


Today we pray persistently and beseech the saints; they lived with the days in which they themselves had to endure sorrow, had to endure injustice, and had to endure challenges to their faith, to prove that they belong to God.


Their deeds are right, they totally sacrifice for God’s doctrine and truth, so today our human world must also follow the way that God has especially granted in choosing them.


Today there are only honest, true, sacrificial, and courageous things; things that confirm the truth, and ways to live with days without fear of death, to justify faith, to testify to the true God, the Supreme Being who has bestowed, who is bestowing, who still bestows, and who still rules over humanity through myriads of generations.


So, we must live to testify to faith, for the works that we do, for things that we say, and for things that God grants and bestows.


We pray to follow the path of the saints. We do not fear death and go on daily; although today many people do not know, do not believe, this will leave behind a history in a great document, to help sinners, to help victims, to help penitents, and to help everyone in the world to return with faith to wholly belong to God – with faith in a life of complete humility, in the prostration and surrender, to belong to God and follow the shining example of all the saints.


We pray for the saints to remember us and pray for us.


These are silent days, but there will be days when we must face the battles of truth, the battles of human inquiry.


There are many things in people’s own arguments; things people demand must belong to what is divine, but we cannot prove that.


We only know that what we do today is not from ourselves – we cannot say, and we cannot know in the Spirit of God, in the special gift Mother Mary offers.


In the help of the angels and the saints – their intercession helps us become strong, become the soldiers who continue on the path to witness to the Good News, witness to glorify God, witness to exalt God, witness to everything God brings in a lively way for each one of us to retain and prepare for ourselves a gift so that we may return to God as He prepared for us through Mother Mary.


And now we offer countless words to thank, praise, glorify, and honor God.


We continue to beseech God – by ourselves, in a human life, we cannot fight and resist all the snares and entrapments of a world in wickedness that today are besieging all classes, all roles.


Even the children are being seduced; those coming of age are also enticed; middle-aged adults are also ensnared; and older people are also affected, because all media in the world is bad and causes young people to be corrupted, to end up in prison.


The middle-aged and older people also fall into a lustful situation and there are many more frightening and repulsive things in a world in which the devil uses all kinds of subtle and clever ways to entrap us.


Today there are many things we beseech and pray for.


Our loved ones also stumble; they also no longer live in faith; they only come to God in the days obligated by the Church, which are Sundays, very reluctantly. They do not realize what belongs to God; they are also not interested with what first needs to be heard.


This is a common tragedy for today's world and countless families, so we beseech God for the force of the heavenly kingdom – the angels and the saints – to help us.


Help us, shield us, and protect us to advance on the path, silent in that prayer, silent in that prostration and submission, to pray for God to have mercy, to rescue and help our human world according to His ways and means, according to His holy will and in His supremacy – the transcendent Supreme Being, the sole, sovereign Supreme Being, full of divine mercy, and merciful to mankind.


Today I conclude in a sentiment of thanksgiving, praise, and honor to the Lord our God, now and forever.


One more time, I pray for Blessed Mother to continue to help us; may the angels and saints intercede for us so that we may always be strong, always be persistent, and always be faithful in the grace God grants and bestows in the days of witnessing and testimony. Amen. Amen. Amen.


In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our Lord, I thank God, I thank the Holy Spirit, I thank Blessed Mother, I thank St. Joseph, and I thank the entire heavenly court.


Please support and intercede for us to always be strong, loyal, and faithful with God until the ending of each of our lives. Amen. Amen. Amen.



The messenger, Lucia Phan, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone's camera. When Jesus gives her messages, it is as a Father in the family, as the Master/the Teacher (for more on this please see the homepage of



  1. Here the Holy Spirit leads Lucia to speak on behalf of sinners.
  2. The “Five Holy Signs” are a unique revelation; each of Jesus’ Five Holy Wounds refers to or represents a mystery of the Faith. They are: first, God the Father; second, God the Son; third, God the Holy Spirit; fourth, the Body and Blood of Jesus; and fifth, Blessed Mother (appropriate because of Her sharing in Jesus’ Passion on Calvary).



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