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      Obey with Complete Submission

March 6, 2018

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through L.

L.: O Lord – today, it is 4:02, Tuesday, March 6, 2018, at home. Today, God sets aside for me as well as K. and my mother to be together, to offer to God the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy. Today, there are many things happening unexpectedly, so I must also finish the assignment with what one needs to prepare for the days ahead. I know I am also busy and at the same time my health is a bit weak; I ask God for me to continue to be strong and healthy. Any days I still live in this world, please help my lungs be strong so that I may continue to welcome the Holy Spirit’s words and may welcome the words that our brothers and sisters ask us to pray with God. Moreover, there are also many messages that are waiting that I still am unable to accomplish. I know there still are a lot of things that remain tied up – so many – but I have not yet finished. So today, whatever it is, God, please have mercy and forgive my omission, for me to still have the opportunity to continue to perform things that God gives. Please give me good health and, likewise, good lungs.

At this moment, I feel slightly unwell, have difficulty breathing; I only know it does not make me as strong as before; after receiving the Six Kowtows message I started to feel weak and could not continue to receive more messages as I usually do, the previous times. So in the moments that I still am able to, God, please help me go on, because the word of God is so good and so inspiring to the soul and so real – because in life, we must have those truths in order to be able to help ourselves, who are people who still have many omissions, many cowardly weaknesses, and many more things; we must be strongly moved to be able to rise up – that is our sisters. The past years, because of the words with which God always loves and sets aside for us, all things that God teaches are very intelligent; however, many times, in this life, to the human beings in this world, words are given – those soothing and intelligent teachings – then many times, they also listen, but they are not stirred. It is because they listen very lightly and fondly – but there are times it must be bold like the Holy Spirit wants, for Him to push; then, only then, would they understand that it is something important and they would put into practice.

So, in all and every single aspect, perform with a benevolent state of mind, a state of mind longing for the determination to absolutely ask God to help me as well as the brothers and sisters, that when they listen, they practice and they must obey – then they will receive the joy that God has set aside for them in a special way, which no one can give and can replace. We hear and understand what one has committed, what one is sinning, what one cannot yet escape from one’s own daily obligations in life. God knows, God sees, but one must listen and obey – then God will help and He will liberate, for that to become very light and become something good and beautiful in life that we greatly need in all aspects, all matters. God, please help us be determined, for us to know the things God teaches to help us in the inner life of the soul as well as externally in the daily life of serving as well as aiding. God, please help us mature each day, to understand what is of God and what we need to do to receive what the Lord has set aside and taught, for us to do it sooner, to not be irresolute, to not be negligent. There still is so much work; I ask for God to help me have more time to be able to conquer the most important works; God, please help, for us to complete the works that God wants us to do. Today, in particular, the First Reading reminds us:

Azariah stood up in the fire and prayed aloud: “For your name’s sake, O Lord, do not deliver us up forever, or make void your covenant. Do not take away your mercy from us, for the sake of Abraham, your beloved, Isaac your servant, and Israel your holy one, to whom you promised to multiply their offspring like the stars of heaven, or the sand on the shore of the sea. For we are reduced, O Lord, beyond any other nation, brought low everywhere in the world this day because of our sins. We have in our day no prince, prophet, or leader, no burnt offering, sacrifice, oblation, or incense, no place to offer first fruits, to find favor with you. But with contrite heart and humble spirit let us be received; as though it were burnt offerings of rams and bullocks, or thousands of fat lambs, so let our sacrifice be in your presence today as we follow you unreservedly; for those who trust in you cannot be put to shame. And now we follow you with our whole heart, we fear you and we pray to you. Do not let us be put to shame but deal with us in your kindness and great mercy. Deliver us by your wonders, and bring glory to your name, O Lord” (Daniel 3:25, 34-43).

L.: O Lord – it is 4:11, Tuesday, March 6, 2018, at home. I and the brothers and sisters just offered the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy to God and at the same time, we have heard today’s Word of God by the prophet Daniel. He wrote about Azariah standing in the midst of the fire, beseeching: “For your name’s sake, O Lord, do not deliver us up forever, or make void your covenant. Do not take away your mercy from us, for the sake of Abraham, your beloved, Isaac your servant, and Israel your holy one, to whom you promised to multiply their offspring like the stars of heaven, or the sand on the shore of the sea.”

O Lord, our God – the prophets and the messengers went through the course of history like a shining example, but in every single generation, in every single century, they all witness the deeds God performed. Because of faith, God has set aside for our father Abraham descendants, like the stars of heaven, like the sand on the shore of the sea; today, we are also the children of father Abraham and his offspring. We also hear about the prophet Isaiah as well as the prophet Daniel, as well as all the other prophets, messengers; and those who belong to God obey with complete submission, listen, and put into practice as God wants them and grants to them – also, there are children all over and all generations recognize what belongs to God’s giving. There are people who do not live in God’s way and there are also people who are witnessing the matters that are initially caused in life because of sin, because of disobedience and illegality, because of the sin of worshipping idols, because of the sin of causing divisions, because of the sin of living in pride, and still many things that basically still are and happen to a myriad of generations and all generations.

Especially today’s generation, which is then in a state that truly is a life that – by looking at the aspect of society, the aspect of economics, the aspect of a human life – is a world that has greatly progressed, with many changes. However, in the life of virtue, the life of service, indeed, is something that deserves to remind and is also something that deserves to look back. It is also something as mankind has lived in the debauchery and trouble in today’s world, which is no different than the city of Sodom of old and also no different than the city of Nineveh of old. God used prophets to come to remind those defensive walls and moats; the Divine Mercy is never-ending; through myriads of generations, God’s clemency and forgiveness always set aside for mankind the opportunity that, even though all matters happen – the first generation, through myriads of generations, or the generation of the remaining days in which we are present – it remains. He always looks at all kinds of ways to guide mankind, to give more to mankind, to further offer to mankind the opportunity to have a reminding message of the words that first mankind must hear in order to become repentant human beings, become human beings who live to know what God has set aside. He is the Supreme God who always offers and gives; because of the Divine Mercy, He forgives, and He always wants us to realize His compassion and clemency. Apart from God, no one can replace and no one can give us the opportunities that we currently have, for us to seek to return to the doctrine, seek to return to the commandments and the religious prohibitions, and seek to return to the only Supreme God, for He has set aside and has given us in the generation of humanity.

O Lord – we hear and know what is first being reminded through the Good News, like a page of history, animated in the life of each and every one of us, when we quiet down to clearly understand what God is teaching and what God wants from us, for us to become people who know to fear the Lord, who know to return to God, and who know to be ashamed – to separate from sin, avoid sin, and eliminate sin, and recognize God’s kindness, His clemency, His compassion, and the abundance that was set aside for us, to free us and to bring us out of the encirclement of sin. However, we must listen, we must pray, and we must turn toward God with the faith and trust that mankind needs in the generation of today’s humanity. God teaches us through today’s Gospel (1); we listen to God say: “Even now, return to me with your whole heart; for I am gracious and merciful.” God wants us to return with a repentant heart, by a remorseful heart, by a heart that knows to trust and return, for God alone is the clement Supreme Being, the Supreme Being who generously forgives with His love set aside for mankind; He is the God generous in compassion. We only need to know that God does not demand us to do things when we cannot – God knows our feeble and insignificant fate; God wants us to return immediately – return with a repentant heart, then definitely, He will forgive. He will continue to teach us and give us the opportunity to live a life in the doctrine that initially was, which is not too difficult yet not too easy, but relying on God’s Word, relying on God’s grace, relying on the Supreme Being whom we believe in, we will definitely be able to do it.

To continue, in the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ according to St. Matthew – Peter asked God, “Lord, if my brother sins against me, how many times I must forgive him? Jesus answered, ‘I say to you, not seven times but seventy-seven times.’” God’s love always forgives (2), because He teaches mankind, between men to also forgive, because there are many things in the doctrine of the Lord that He has taught us – to the offended as well as the forgiven, to the person who has the right to forgive as well as the person who has the right to welcome the forgiveness of another person. We must know that God’s doctrine always helps us in peace and courtesy, in a loving and supportive life, and so many other things that we learn, hear through the doctrine and the Good News left to us. He also uses parables to speak to us through myriads of generations, and He uses the parable to speak to us today.

God has set aside the graces and blessings, and He sets aside the forgiveness for us, but have we truly forgiven our own brothers yet? Have we truly forgiven our own brothers yet or are we very strict with our own brothers? We demand that God forgives us, but we are too strict, we are the human beings who clutch firmly and are the human beings who live in a life of limitation, a life in which we are abusing, taking advantage of God’s grace; a life in which we learn and understand a lot, but we do not put into practice – we welcome God’s grace, but we do not give it to our brothers. We live with days of blaming sin, days in which we look for all kinds of plans in the dark, in illegality, using all means to an end to achieve the objective in a life with self-interest and still many other things that were and are.

Today’s time is much worse; mankind enters into a civilized, subtle, ingenious, clever world, then cannot find the true affection of a human being that God teaches us through His doctrine. So today, we are discerning between true and false, between good and evil, between right and wrong; it engulfs, but we have the right to decide in us, with the intellect that God has set aside, because His law, because His commandment, because His Good News, which were left behind, are the confirmation for us in life. We rely on God’s Word; therefore no one is able to shake our souls, with our decision to live in the truth, to practice in righteousness, and a life having God, with God – the Supreme Being whom we have confidence in – thus we will vigorously protect the position. Regarding what we have, we must know that God alone has the absolute doctrine that brings us from the darkness back to the light; He alone, then, died for us so that we may live and exist. His doctrine is printed by the price of Blood; His doctrine is traded by the price of Blood; His doctrine is traded by the liveliness, by the Lord, by the Second Person who died on the Cross. Today, it is very fitting and pertinent in Lent for us to prepare for the coming days; we meditate on the 14 Stations of the Cross, we meditate on the major undertaking of the Lord Jesus Christ, we meditate about what He has done for us through the stretches of the road. The Gospel remains alive for every single one of us, for every single Christian, for every one of us who is a child of God, and are people who are baptized to become Christians.

Today, the Holy Spirit never abandons the race to save us, He never abandons the race to help us enter into a life that first is from God who gives to us, for our souls to be saved, for our souls to be liberated, for our souls to live in peace and happiness, with the meaning of life. Today, we need to open our eyes of faith, open our hearts regarding the stubbornness, open up what has been deadlocked and tightly tied up by sin, by the snare that we currently run into. The time has come, we must stand up to recognize what is original that God has set aside for us; He waits for us and the urging on in one’s heart, the stirring in one’s heart. There still are many things and the uneasiness forces us to meditate, because it is time; we must return to our Father, must return to our owner, must return to the Supreme God, because only He then dies in our place for us to live, because only He then endures the scourges that penetrated deep into the flesh and the skin – the scourges that today are still bleeding, because of sin, with the wounds that God bore for humanity.

So we set aside for God and set aside for us to be acquainted with Him, to enter into Lent, knowing what we still have, the opportunity to set aside for the soul. Our soul must have its own rights, because the soul belongs to God, and good and beautiful things in the soul, in the heart – with love, with forgiveness, with all good and beautiful things in goodness, in saintliness, and in truth, holiness, perfection – belong to God. As for us human beings, then, we have a look – which is an ordinary and regular thing in a human life – limited with a superficial and shortsighted pair of eyes. We consider the demands, the necessities as important matters, but let us give a little thought, then; those are temporary things in life that God grants and sets aside for us, to help us in the maturity with faith, to help us mature in reason, to help us in the maturity with matters that we decide. It has depth and width.

It has entrustment for the soul, and it belongs to a divine world, but God bestows it to us, for us to live in peace and happiness with something truly happy that cannot be explained in the lofty spirituality with faith. Today there are countless stories happening, but our God is still the Lord, is still waiting for us. When we believe and when we seek, then we truly encounter Him – encounter Him through our brothers and sisters, encounter Him in daily affairs, encounter Him in a look of goodness, encounter Him in the sincerity of the heart, encounter Him in joy and smile, encounter Him in the meaning of life. Wherever, it is also something that when we have Him, only then do we feel that this life has meaning; only then do we feel that life brings us lots of smiles and not the withering that we are holding onto, not the distress or the spiritual and physical illness that we are carrying.

Because we only recognize the limits of worldly superficiality and shortsightedness, today let us look into the Lord Jesus Christ. Because of what? Because of love, He comes, and because He dies for us to have eternal life, a life someday in the future, a life that we cannot see by human eyes in limitation. It is a life we see by faith, by action with goodness, by good and beautiful deeds that we still have, to raise and nurture our soul by His word, by His Good News, by the words left in the Gospel, by the evidence of the work of salvation; the evidence of love and Divine Mercy; the evidence of the Spirit guiding; the evidence with the blanket of truth, holiness, and perfection. The Holy Spirit continues to not abandon the race, continues to guide us and help us, and the life in which we want to take another step, for us to go deeper, for us to have a faith that is urged in the divine realm that exists. That is the Eucharistic Jesus, because He remains, and He is in our midst. He still gives us the opportunity to encounter Him, for us to welcome the divine graces; we welcome graces, for us to continue on the path of the days of earthly exile that have meaning, for us to understand what our role is and understand what a life is that receives providence from God, and understand how we live in this world, which is from His providing. All things lie in His planned providence; let us live in peace, in obedience, in thanksgiving, in gratitude, and in acceptance, with the paths we have walked and are walking. There are defeated moments in time; there are cold and desolate moments in time; there are tragic moments in time; there are moments in time of both spiritual and physical illness; there are moments in time of distressed writhing; but there are also moments in time of success, and there are also moments in time in which we see the meaning of life with the smile that we presently have.

In the life in which the Lord Jesus Christ comes to us, He also carries a body intact, as a baby born like many other babies, but in the end, what is His life? He is the Supreme God, the Supreme Being who helps someone cross the sea of sufferings and reach enlightenment, the Savior, the Second Person, the great prince of heaven, but He also comes to this world. Because of redeeming mankind, He enters into a stretch of the road of affliction, enters into a violent stretch of the road, and enters into a stretch of the road due to humanity’s sin. Because we are the human beings, the sinners, the criminals, the penitents, and the victims, God has come to save us, to set us free to become like the saints who this day are present in heaven. Because God, with Him and His doctrine is the strength to push every single one of us to become the saint as He yearns in us. All that we have seen is that this life has countless things that urge us into traps and snares, but God also sets aside for us wisdom and enlightenment for us to choose which path is the one that belongs to us, which path is the righteous path and which path is the wicked one. We have the intellect to distinguish it itself; God always wants us to be able to choose voluntarily, and we choose with a just heart. We, not because of fear – we, not because of anything; we know that the Supreme God, because of love, comes. He also yearns and desires that we practice, also because of love – only then does that have meaning in life; only then, that has an exchange, though unworthy, but we still know that what is from within the truth is still the truth – protected in God who grants is still the truth. Only God is the truth; besides that, there is no one who is the Being of truth, who has the truth that we believe in.

Today, God has set aside for us so many special things; at times we have relied on books, have relied on knowledge and learning; many times, we forget that our Lord is the Supreme God – that no one can describe His riches in every single divine grace. In every single era, His teaching is still so abundant – in an animated way – for us, through the messengers, through the prophets; in every single era, He sends. There still are countless marvelous things that, many times, we must set aside the opportunity, in good will, to recognize what is from God; what He further grants then let us welcome, for us each day to further compensate, further replenish the good and beautiful riches that God sets aside for us. Those are the best and most beautiful things, to fit in every single generation, in every single era; to fit the proficiency and the education with the given doctrine and truth, to fit and be proper in all classes, all roles, in a time when people have entered into a life of civilization, a subtle and ingenious, clever life, forgetting our God. However, He has a way to bring His children back; He has a fitting and suitable way and He let us see that, indeed, it is not too hard, yet not too easy; we just need the heart, which is the difference in the inside of our hearts, in the inside of our faith. The lofty spirituality cannot be explained by machinery; machinery also has its own limits, because it cannot answer everything, but our God gives us the opportunity, for us to be able to see and experience the lofty spirituality that the Holy Spirit will urge. He will grant back to us and give us more and explain everything in the world that we are wondering about.

O Lord, our God – indeed, so rich that today we cannot refuse, because today’s works must have time, must be logical, compatible, must have their own reasoning, but to our God, when He wants then that will become a success, because one word spoken by God, then my soul will be healed. Remember this for us to know that there is a single Supreme God we worship, a single Supreme God we believe in, a single Supreme God from whom we see countless deeds and countless things; He, in His power, brings to the world the abundances of the depth, height and breadth, in the human knowledge that initially God sets aside and gives. There is no machine that can direct us; it is the brain that God bestows for us to have the Spirit; the Holy Spirit of God will be superior to all, will direct all, and will own all, as God has granted us the right to be His children, to have stewardship of this earth, to direct and to have stewardship of all creations in the world.

We are still human beings, apart from God; we have the right to be His children, we have the right to direct everything. No matter how civilized or no matter how in life with every single generation in progression, our God is a lofty Supreme God, a Supreme God of great intelligence, an extraordinary Supreme God, and a heroic and strong God from whom today mankind must know and recognize the fundamental doctrine to help us on the path. That is the path to discover God, the path to return to God, the path to restore what we welcome in an ordinary and common way – yet stirring each and every soul, each and every heart, for us to reflect on and feel and meditate on the things that God sets aside and grants in a special way, so that every single one of us, every single soul, may awaken – every single soul may return at the right time that God has set aside for us. We continue with animated days, even though we probably hardly mention the Gospel, yet we cannot forget that we still have the Five Holy Signs of the Lord Jesus Christ; the Five Holy Signs were victorious on Calvary and forever triumph in the soul of every single one of us as we welcome Him. His doctrine will lead us into life, His doctrine will help us walk forward on the remaining path of life, which still are days that have meaning, still are happy and peaceful days, still are days to overcome all the final difficulties, to resurrect gloriously with God.

We still have Mother Mary, a dazzling example, a Person full of virtue and holiness, a Person of patience and sacrifice, a Person of absolute humility; no one can have like Mother, pleasing to God. All the great graces that God bestows to us are through Mother Mary, a gracious and calming Person who leads us into love, leads us into God’s grace, leads us into the salvation, and lead us into pure and chaste days. Today, we cannot refuse the deed God has given and is giving; what is of this day, we hear – what we welcome is not from an ordinary and common Person, but the extraordinary deeds God sets aside for the little people, the simple people, the simple-minded people, the believers, and people who live for the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ, with the courage to continue to walk forward on the path God has set aside for us.

Today, what have the two readings taught us in Lent? To forgive one another, not just once, but God told St. Peter to forgive seventy-seven times. When we receive God’s forgiveness then let us forgive our brothers; do not accuse them, do not be strict with them, and do not put the blame on them – forgive to be forgiven, as God teaches us. We understand Lent; we seek this end, we seek that end, but what God most desires is our heart – our heart understands things He teaches and practices things He desires from us, to abandon and eliminate the weaknesses and wavering. In our life, still are staggering and fallen days, still are superficial and shortsighted days, still are days that we think we have learned much, know much, but indeed, when a matter strikes, then we know nothing. We always stumble and violate and trespass; we live in negativity and live in the offense, unintentionally and intentionally in life, because of envy, because of grudge, because of jealousy, because we often misunderstand each other. These are things in the self and individual character, with individual rights: suspicion, judgment, inference, and thinking; indeed, it is something that spreads over every single family, over every single class, over every single role.

Today, the world still does not have true unity: the family – involving father, involving mother, involving children and parents, involving brothers, involving grandparents, and countless people we encounter in the midst of life, but we always have a deduction. The works and the stories are not that harmful, but we used our own way to infer to become a dreadful and frightening story, and from there we erupt; those are things that are initially from us deducing too much. Let us know that Lent is a season in which we put aside and control everything that formerly exploded in us, which we have at all times; it is because of too much individualism, too much self. We hear a lot, but do not practice much; having the challenge, then we have totally seen its true identity and recognize what it is that basically remains stagnant so much in us. On which day can we become the saint that God longs for? God died for every single sinner, for every single criminal, for every single victim, for every single penitent; God thirsts for us to become every single saint. Today we continue, for one of these days, we will participate in the holy banquet with God in the heavenly kingdom.

I thank God for giving me this day, along with K. and my mother, to continue to receive the words of God, reminding during Lent; please forgive the daily wavering and omission in life. We hear a lot, but we still have not done much; there are times we must look back at ourselves to see the omission, things that originally we truly wanted to do, but we cannot yet do. This is a challenge for people who listen, people who obtain, directly as well as indirectly, but we cannot do it yet. Let us be determined to look into our weak and cowardly circumstance and pray to receive God’s word, to practice His word and live to be pleasing to Him in our life. In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, I, L., K. and A. complete at exactly 4: 37, on Tuesday, March 6, 2018, at home. Today, God sets aside for me to welcome the word of the Holy Spirit, prompted in Lent; we lift up countless thanks to God, praise God, and praise God, our Lord. Amen. Amen. Amen. One more time, L., along with all the sisters, complete at 4:38, Tuesday, March 6, 2018, at home. I thank the Holy Spirit, thank God, and thank Blessed Mother. Amen.

  1. Matthew 18:21-35
  2. God’s mercy is infinite; the number and degree of one’s sins is not the issue – Divine Mercy’s only limit is man’s free will. He either desires and seeks it or doesn’t.


The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. L. leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. L. receives the messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone’s camera. When Jesus gives L. messages, it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of

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