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The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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     The Six Kowtows, the Only Map

April 15, 2018

(This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through the messenger, Lucia Phan, when practicing The Six Kowtows)

Lucia: O Heavenly Father, it is 12:05 a.m., on Sunday, April 15, 2018, at home.

Today K. and I listen once again to the words received.

This morning You have given me the chance to be enlightened by the Holy Spirit.

With His urging, I reported the words You personally grant to our group, in our mission and for the situation in this contemporary world, especially regarding the battle that just started last night (1).

O Heavenly Father, the threat of war has started to emerge.

In spiritual terms, most recently – two days ago – You allowed me to see a notebook containing Your picture holding the Holy Eucharist of Jesus.

Next to You is the Holy Spirit represented as a dove.

Just looking at that picture, in the depth of my heart, I truly felt what seems a great love, which truly touched me, and tears welled up in my eyes.

I did not understand the reason, but something seemed to arouse and stir my heart and I prostrated before You.

At that moment I also cried, for I was moved by the picture.

Today, truly, You are the only Supreme Lord full of might – Your Hands are full of power.

All things are in You.

You have decided from the beginning to let mankind and the world exist.

You have full power.

You can do all things.

You can destroy everything that does not belong to You.

O Heavenly Father, You are the Supreme God.

Outwardly, You have the mighty authority of the transcendent, Supreme God, but inwardly You have a heart with an extremely profound love, with a boundless and endless love, granted to what belongs to You, mainly Your creations – the human beings created in Your image.

Over the world and the universe You always hold the earth.

You have created all the planets in the universe, but You embrace the earth.

Your picture always includes the earth, because in that earth are the children whom You created in Your image.

You treasure, and You love in a special way, even though those creations have been erroneous and wrong at times.

But You once loved and created human beings, so in myriads of days and times You still love and never abandon.

Even though that creation is no longer worthy, You continue to look for all kinds of ways to save the creation that You cherish and treasure, because in that creation is Your hidden image and heart.

You created out of love, and because of love You gave that creation a soul, a mind, a conscience, a heart.

In the divine realm, that creation truly has a spiritual discernment when it has the privilege to use and understand that that spirituality belongs to You.

For countless years in life, mankind gazes at pictures but with truly limited vision.

Because when the heart has no beat and no feeling toward the Supreme Being whom mankind must seek to comprehend, then mankind certainly understands nothing about meanings.

Mankind continues to look daily but has no feeling.

However, with a spiritual and compassionate feeling, then from the pictures, love will manifest an everlasting depth that only God can have, which is revealed in Him.

Only with His permission can human beings have the chance to somewhat learn from history that God still loves, still cherishes.

Today, as the God of the first day of creation, He still loves, and that love does not fade over sinners, over penitents, over criminals, over victims, and over souls.

O Heavenly Father, full of mercy – there is no word that can be comparable to God.

Today only one picture has made me feel alive again with something that inwardly I do not think I know by myself, understand by myself, or can find out by myself.

Nonetheless, You love the human beings in today’s world, who are sinners – I am one among them – who do not know, who do not understand, but You still care.

Because they do not understand and do not know, they remain in a situation in which they are victims.

You are seeking human beings who truly have the heart that You yearn for, to be genuine in a modest and humble life.

When dealing with either words or forms they do not see, they still believe, and they respond by being spiritual, by the mind, by the heart, by very tender words as in a dialogue between a father and a child.

In the human world, a father and a son are close, loving and comforting one another, in learning and teaching.

In God’s compassionate world, He is seeking those who listen to Him.

By spirituality, by an unseen faith, yet conversing as if close by, as if in a world not split, He is waiting, and He is looking for those souls, those human beings.

In this world, You certainly select many people, and many do receive this.

I only know the present facts and I know for sure I am not a person who deserves to be in charge and receive all that You grant and bestow today.

But You are God.

You have the right to choose what belongs to You and what You allow.

Hence, there is a wonderful and different feeling in the present human world, a truly marvelous relationship that cannot be described.

It is an encounter in the divine realm, but very close.

By words, actions, gestures, proclamations, and signs that do not belong to human ability, the encounter belongs to the wonderful spiritual gift that You have granted, are granting, and plan for the children, when they respond to Your invitation.

Today the story does not end here but continues.

Throughout countless, recent, silent months, the present story is not coincidental.

I reminisce in my soul, in my mind: the Heavenly Father who was mentioned in the history books, the Heavenly Father in the Gospel, the Heavenly Father who once came by a voice to give us the opportunity to recognize His majesty, His love, His intimate touch.

He is the Supreme Being who protects us, who still has the promises, which warn of a time that will happen in the coming months.

Nearly seven years have passed.

I am living in a state in which I believe there is a Heavenly Father who loves me and humanity, who is close to me and humanity, and grants me and humanity everything, to save us in iniquity.

Please save us in our limitation with our shortsighted vision, save us when we are in a state of panic, of fear, of sin, of weakness, and wretchedness.

You still are the compassionate God who looks for all kinds of means to save us, lead us, and allow us to encounter.

You prove that this lofty spirituality belongs to Your power, belongs to the Most High, yet is very close, and loves mankind, loves the soul of every human being.

You love, to prepare mankind to come to You, to be close to You, and to receive the heritage that You have granted and bestowed to us from the beginning.

However, because we live in limitation we are always being controlled.

We are always those who stray, and those who always desire to wander into the wilderness.

We never understand the important value of the Supreme God who has granted and bestowed, so we keep on living according to reality.

Indeed, it is a lofty spirituality that You have granted for us to have such a great heritage.

We know, we receive, and we see the happiness and the peace granted, and we also see things that have led us away from Your love, Your Divine Mercy, and Your loving embrace.

The child keeps running away, but the Father keeps looking.

The Father’s tears flow from within His Heart and in His Soul, but the children do not perceive and do not know, so they keep on living with the free, spontaneous, simple, wretched, and stumbling days.

You always look for all kinds of ways to bring the children back.

The children truly have matured when they grow according to the words You teach, the words You say, the encounters, and the times they sincerely listen to Your teaching.

Today we still cannot be absolute in faith, which is the truth with what existed and exists.

But, O Father, who can know six years before or seven years later or six years later?

No one can know in advance except You.

You are the Supreme Being who has sovereignty over humanity.

Time belongs to You, space belongs to You, and all things in the world belong to You.

The earth that You embrace belongs to You, which is Your love for the earth. You love the human beings on earth.

You created us and gave us the enjoyment of what belongs to the God who has sovereignty over humanity, sovereignty over the universe, and sovereignty over all in the world.

We know the sky, the sea, the clouds, the earth, space, the planets, the world and the universe, and many more things in a great and immense world.

I see and feel You embracing the world as embracing each one of us, embracing the soul of each person in that world.

Your love is attached to the earth that You always embrace.

We wonder: why do You not hold other planets? They seem more beautiful and interesting.

The earth is made of clay, which holds a meaning over the creation that You have granted us from the beginning, because mankind comes from clay.

This earth is a created earth, something that You are most satisfied with and most pleased with and love the most, because of the masterpieces, the human beings who live in that earth.

Your love is truly deep, even though we are unworthy, sinful, deceitful, and fall into situations, into snares.

You have given us Your doctrine. You have given us Your only Son.

You have chosen for us a Person, and You have let the angels, the saints, come help us, but our life continues to be foolish days, immature days, disobedient days, with many weaknesses, imperfections.

In daily wretchedness, we continue to break Your Heart.

But You do not give up.

You do not give up because You Yourself created those masterpieces.

You cherish, You protect, You love.

We exist from Your love, and when we sin, we come to Your Divine Mercy.

Today You allow me to see a picture that evoked in me a certain liveliness.

You want mankind to know that You love mankind.

You love mankind deeply and You never stop saving mankind.

Only love can help us be close to You, remain in You, and recognize that You love us.

Today we are still pursuing the satisfaction of the flesh, with fleeting days, to be satisfied with lust, to be satisfied with greed, money, self-gain, position, which, like a veil, has gradually covered the image of a loving Heavenly Father, has gradually led us out of Your reach, and has gradually made us perceive You as an illusion.

However, You have embraced the earth. You never give up.

You embrace each of our souls.

If You do not establish statutes or laws, then we continue to live in blindness, in iniquity, in darkness – in naive, foolish days, and in unrighteous, disobedient, stubborn, hardened days, under the control of the devil.

He just wants to destroy us, destroy our lives, destroy our souls, and destroy the hearts that You created to become the hearts that love, to become the hearts that You hold, support, and always bless.

O Heavenly Father, going back into history, there are stories that people need to know are caused by sin, by rebellion, by arrogance, by unrighteousness.

Today You continue to use all kinds of ways to save mankind, to save people like us.

You use only love to convert, use love to transform, use love to help mankind rise and return, to be aware of the devil’s snares.

He had a plan since the beginning.

He was dissatisfied when he learned that there will be a woman and that woman will give birth to the Savior.

This story has begun.

Today the majority has fallen into that devil’s snare.

However, the only thing You want is inside our soul, inside the heart, inside the body with a beating heart, and a mind with the right to differentiate.

So You give us a teaching that has faith.

Your teaching leads us back to faith – only with that closeness can we meet You.

We must trust, believe in the Supreme God whom we do not meet in the form of a human being, but in the soul, in the heart.

With faith, as a Person who is closer to us than a person in the flesh, You meet us at any moment, and stay with us at all places.

You walk with us when we converse, and we meet You through Your permission.

That is a spiritual intimacy that You arrange and plan for everyone, one step at a time, one stage at a time.

Everything happens to us as well as to the common world, happens with every circumstance, and happens with every situation in the contemporary world, and continues with the ending days of the earth.

O Heavenly Father full of mercy – how can we prove what is in the truth today?

This is the chance that You grant me.

Today I am here, but my heart is lifted toward the Eucharistic Jesus, toward the monstrance.

The Lord Jesus, Your Son, is still present.

Your love and Divine Mercy are manifested in Him and with Him.

With Your dominion in the Eucharist along with the love You have left for the world to directly encounter and receive, today we are strong, having Him, with Him.

That is the Holy Spirit. He will help us pull the curtain of illusion in life.

Our life is that of mortal people, but faith is indefinite.

Whether space or time, faith is still the testimony and an encounter with You at anytime, anywhere.

That belongs to You – eternally Yours – the loving God, the God who delivers mankind, the God who gives mankind a doctrine, an everlasting doctrine, with knowledge, wisdom, and many more things, for us to overcome everything, in the truth, with the deceit, the pitfall of the human world, things that the devil is using in all kinds of ways to destroy us.

Because of weakness, with our eyes totally shrouded by the veil, because we do not trust, we have fallen and have been trapped.

However we still belong to You, because You are the Almighty, the transcendent Supreme Being, the admirable Supreme Being, the Supreme Being full of Divine Mercy.

Today mankind continues to struggle according to one’s own way, to follow the civilized age, forgetting the Supreme Being.

You are the Supreme Sovereign, the Supreme Being who decides, the Supreme Being who plans, and the Supreme Being who grants all that is best, but mankind completely does not understand and does not see.

Mankind is being deceived by the devil in his clever scheming – he does his utmost to harm and destroy the human world, but he forgot that he has failed right from the beginning.

He tried to harm the Woman to whom the Heavenly Father desires that the world and even he submit.

You also let Your only Son be incarnate.

The devil looked for a way to destroy this, but in the end, Your only Son triumphed on the Cross.

Your only Son has agreed to practice the law of love.

In the end, Your only Son has become the gloriously triumphant Supreme Being who brought love to the world of mankind – the Supreme Being whom we need to submit to and obey.

That is the King whom You have granted to the world – the Lord Jesus Christ, Your only Son.

Your Presence is in Him.

To meet the Lord Jesus Christ is to meet our own God.

To meet our God is to meet the love of the two Divine Persons that becomes the Holy Spirit, to whom today mankind must surrender and submit.

The whole of humanity must know that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, forever and ever, are the God who has sovereignty over the earth, over the universe.

Everything belongs to the Trinity.

Today people must know and must return in submission, to adore, to glorify, to love, and to apologize for the shortcomings, the mistakes, the stubborn days, the wretched days in which we have been controlled by the devil.

However, in the end, we are the people who belong to God, and God will save us.

The time has come.

God gives us the power to decide for our own soul, the right to return to heaven eternally, or the freedom in temporal days to end up with a death penalty for the soul.

The time has come – mankind must know.

The time has come – mankind needs to choose.

The time has come – mankind must be determined to plan the project of a lifetime, with the days on earth, and to decide for the soul to return to a place that belongs to itself and belongs to its owner – God.

The soul that wants to return to itself and belong to what is bestowed by the owner, must follow Your law.

That is a law the Supreme God has arranged and planned, a law that brings peace and love, a law that teaches how to live humbly, a law that teaches respect, worship, and honor.

Follow the law to return by the heart, even a wounded heart, a diseased heart, a disabled heart, a straying heart from those who do not yet recognize, but You still forgive.

The most essential thing to be forgiven is to return, to be contrite, to repent, to submit.

Only God can deliver mankind, in slavery, in iniquity, in the situation in which today mankind prefers temporal days in their lifetime on earth, but still does not know and still is not stirred by what is eternal.

For generations there were human beings.

Since we are human beings, we are always lured by the real life, by reality, by what is alluring from lust, from greed, and what originally exists in iniquity from the beginning.

But God will deliver us and help us, by His law, by His commandment, by the determination in our mind and our faith, and by the love and the Divine Mercy, which absolve and forgive every sinner.

Today nothing is coincidental – God wants to give us the last history book.

We need to know, for we must choose for ourselves.

Because God loves us from the very beginning when He created us – today, even though mankind lives in wrongdoing, in error, God still loves zealously and loves us even more, because we are victims.

We are the human beings whom, when Jesus came, received the doctrine and have also become sinners, but You still wait for sinners to repent.

You continue to love sinners because those are sinners from the beginning.

Today You also look at the penitents on the way back.

There are still victims throughout myriads of generations and eras; they are the little ones who are born recently or those who live under oppressive regimes – especially today, a clever and subtle time, under the guise of today’s civilization. So You have let us know what belongs to us.

Only You can do these things.

Since today’s science with human modernization is something very near, human beings only see what is in the ordinary and limited vision of the world.

But the depth with the lofty spirituality – with the breadth, the width, with the wisdom that You have granted and bestowed to mankind – still waits for mankind.

Today we use books, we use all learning and knowledge to understand what is in science and technology, but when God acts then there is no need for science and technology.

He will give us the capacity to comprehend everything that He bestows and gives, so we must honor more, worship more, fear more, love more, and submit more, because all of that belongs to God.

The works God does are extraordinary and wonderful.

Human beings cannot rely on their own reasoning, with human ordinariness and commonness.

So today there are stories to stir human faith – there are stories because people must begin to broaden the look of faith; stimulate the brain, as we remain in narrow-mindedness; and broaden the vision in our immature faith.

We have missed so many opportunities, we have neglected so many things God has granted us in a special way, in one aspect as well as another.

The time has come – we must mature.

The time has come – we must give ourselves the chance to recover what belongs to us.

The time has come – we must choose a Heavenly Father who is full of power, full of mercy, full of love.

Only His law can give us eternal life, both in this life and in the next.

Let us not be foolish to live in sinful days.

Let us not be foolish to live in wretched days.

Let us not be foolish to continue to be slaves to a plan in which the devil has used all kinds of ways to persuade mankind up to this day, because we do not call upon the Name of God, because we do not unite ourselves in His doctrine, because we do not beseech to return like the prodigal son who asked to return to the father.

The father has hastened to embrace, has forgiven, and has prepared a banquet to celebrate the return of the son.

Let us look at this story in history and understand that today our Heavenly Father loves us more than the story of the prodigal son, for us to still exist.

The world has entered the ending days because of the countless crimes we have committed – among us are people who offend God.

We have done countless things that disappointed Him.

God must be angry but He still tolerates, for us to live.

He still tolerates for us to encounter Him.

He still tolerates by His love and His Divine Mercy.

Let us no longer be foolish.

Let us no longer enter a life that consists of only temporal days, as we kill our souls with the pleasures of the world, with human eagerness for victory, with the frightening fatalities between man and man, to act against our Father’s law.

Today we have heard about the first war – the history of countless cruelties, deaths, and violence.

The Second World War made us feel remorseful, fearful, with the sacrifice of countless innocent people.

The third war starts in our era, which is also a definitive final number in history.

It is not a coincidence.

In today’s contemporary world of mankind, it is also a final number in history.

All the mysteries, all the lofty spiritualities that are in the mystery of God are revealed to the human world in the ending in which we are present today.

We were warned about a war – World War III.

Mankind has also been warned through the prophets who said: out of ten, seven will die, and of the remaining three, two will die, for mankind to have peace.

That was the arrangement made beforehand, of which God has granted for us to be warned.

Today the Third World War has started.

We continue to be indifferent, seeking all sorts of ways to confront or counteract with the crimes that we must be punished for before God’s justice.

God has allowed us, as human beings, to live by His favor and grace, but we use the deadliest weapons.

Let us look at our brothers and sisters whose lives are granted by God – we have no right to take their lives.

We see families living in happiness, but only a bit of nuclear powder, a bit of chemical powder, then we will see those people with labored breathing, struggling, and they no longer have any chance to cling to anyone and call upon anyone at that moment.

We are also human beings.

Why do we witness that cruelty?

God always gives us the opportunity with His Divine Mercy.

He holds back His hands when we are unworthy, when we deserve to die, when we are those who have offended His wrath.

However, He still holds back His Hands, because He wants to give us the opportunity to repent and return, but in the world of fellow human beings, we do not give each other opportunities – we seek to kill each other.

For what?

Do we gain notoriety to be famous for our cruelty?

We are being misled, tightly bound by snares, and we have fallen, increasingly deeper each day.

We commit more and more horrible crimes, give up on our conscience, also sell our soul cheap.

Even our mind become like an animal rather than a human being who has reason, who has love, who has a heart, who feels sad, happy, upset, who forgives, loves, and is generous as our God.

God teaches us.

God creates us.

God gives us a heart to love, and a mind to distinguish between good and evil, distinguish between right and wrong, distinguish between righteous and unrighteous, and the good or the bad.

But we have sold off our conscience, sold off our soul, by the cruelest things that we are using.

Our God has already given us so many opportunities.

He has sacrificed His only Son for us to see that shining example.

The Supreme God who was born into the world, who took on human nature, in modesty and humility, to live among us, to teach us things we do not know and teach us what the kingdom grants.

That was to solely save us, save our souls, and protect us with a love – divine yet present.

We just need to respond with faith when we encounter God, when we understand His doctrine, and when we practice His teachings.

But today what have we been subject to?

Because we have lived with the first weakness, which is unfaithfulness, we remain in that state.

So today the Lord Jesus Christ – God’s only Son – comes to prove, to give us strength.

Let us believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, believe in His doctrine, and practice what He teaches.

We will be saved.

We will be protected in the righteousness God has granted us in the doctrine, the truth of truth, along with the commandment, for us to practice daily in life, for our hearts to remain connected to the heavenly kingdom.

It is a world where God gives us His love, and in that love, we can understand, can sacrifice, can accept, and can be generous, forgiving, loving, patient, and sacrificial.

There are so many wonderful things in life with that encounter in faith, with the authentic doctrine through the Lord Jesus Christ who overcame death to bring us the glorious resurrection, for us to still have the chance to welcome and choose the path that God has granted, saving us through death, and saving us in iniquity.

O God, so sublime – today we cannot live without a civilized world.

The more civilized, the more we must thank God.

The more wonders we discover, the more we must prostrate, because God is so wise, God is so supreme, and God is so transcendent.

No word can describe the Supreme God, so lofty in His own knowledge, who has granted and bestowed to the world wonders that no human being can comprehend.

So God wants us to know; because of love God grants us that.

For love, God has granted us to become sovereign in the world, on earth, for us to use everything and be the master, but we do not know our position.

So, we have lost our position from the beginning, and we have stumbled, because we live in iniquity and wretchedness.

We are fully aware of what belongs to us, what belongs to the commandment, what belongs to God, and with the love that He granted us we cannot stumble, but we are too weak.

Today, even though the Lord Jesus Christ came more than 2,000 years ago, we are still indifferent, still heartless.

Only a very small number of people do know Him, but even though small, that number makes up one-third of humanity.

God does not let us understand within the limit of that one-third only, but He will continue to let the world know that He alone is the Supreme Sovereign, He alone is the Supreme Being who loves mankind, and He alone is the Supreme Being who is fair, just, and truthful.

The whole world belongs to Him.

Out of clemency and benevolence, He gives us the opportunity to naturally recognize the narrow human knowledge.

He pampers us – He is patient toward us.

He teaches us to know what is holy, what true love is, and what belongs to God, with the heart that He has set within us and in our soul.

That is the most important thing: the indescribable spirituality that today God gives to me as well as to all the brothers and sisters, to specially receive – not from books, nor from my own knowledge.

There is nothing in me, a person in a sinful and weak condition, but God pities those wretched human beings and He pities those sinners.

They are the human beings who long to repent.

Today God looks at that longing,

He sees those resolutions, and sees what He can change.

He can teach us to become a new person to receive the great wonders that surely only He can grant, and only He alone can realize those great things.

Human life has consisted of a narrow vision, a very limited vision, always seeking ways to despise others, to look down on others, to always look at appearances: money, clothes, position, and many other things.

So the eyes of faith originally granted by God have been dimmed.

They were granted in a much more refined way than everything subtle and clever in the human world.

But to God, with His grace and the spiritual eyes He bestows in His Spirit, we can see how extremely great the depth, width and breadth are.

For we are His children, for whom the Lord Jesus Christ came to save us in sin and death.

In the end the love of God is realized in us.

With the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment and guidance, our understanding is even a hundred times more compared to the vision of the knowledge and learning of every age.

Mankind convinces by weapon, by science, or anything that basically belongs to what is the lowest and worst, unworthy before God, as mankind remains in a state of arrogant days.

So today the eyes of the world must open wide; must open wide the eyes of faith and must open our hearts, and open our ears to listen.

What belongs to God is ordinary, normal, but the ordinary and normal things of God are unique and are the best and the greatest in the world of humanity.

Understand that our God has given us everything, but because we are only looking for things that are, we are limited in the human world.

God does not stop there.

He continues to give us a lofty spirituality, with greater depth and breadth.

However, we have been prevented by all the arrogance and haughtiness that mankind has stumbled upon in the world, through those in authority, those who do not live in the doctrine, those who separate themselves from God.

They remain within the limitation of sin and death.

In every age, our God always has the right to choose who belongs to Him, who are the messengers, who are the prophets, to communicate His words to the world.

Who is responsible to write the last book of history that God wants for His Son, present through the Blessed Sacrament, with the presence of the Divine Mercy and love? The Holy Spirit is present to write the last book of history.

Today’s story has been foretold through countless past generations, and was also warned in recent years to bring understanding to the story that is happening today.

God waits for people in the world – those who listen, those who beseech, those who believe, those who recognize the truth, those who see and know what is needed in society and the contemporary world.

What is most needed is for mankind to return to God, to call upon the Name of the Lord, to prostrate and surrender, soul and body, mind and heart, in contrition and repentance.

Then that is the time God will intervene.

So the time has come.

All human beings must prostrate, fully surrender.

God will let us see – He will act to save us from the snares of the devils that most of humanity is falling into today.

When He acts then there are certain methods we cannot understand, but He will save those who plead in righteousness, truth, and justice.

Probably what needs to happen must happen, to decide the destiny among the remaining people, the destiny for a world between the good people and the evil ones.

The good have surrendered, have prostrated to God, have returned, and have recognized their sins.

They know their sins and ask for forgiveness from the Divine Mercy.

God’s Divine Mercy gives us the opportunity to turn back.

God’s Divine Mercy also accepts the contrite, the repentant, with the lofty presence in the divine realm yet existing through His only Son representing Him as a judge.

We come there to meet God in divine realm, but God knows and sees the mind of every individual in the context of the contemporary world.

In the Lord’s Eucharist, He is the divine Supreme God.

He is full of might.

He is looking at people who live in recognition of God, who know to return by the heart, by the mind, by the words offered with a truly sincere heart.

His favor, which is His love, is granted by the Holy Spirit for us to grow in understanding, wisdom, and the ability to differentiate.

Let us continue to witness to what we experience, what we hear, what we receive, to save our brothers in the world of today’s mankind.

What belongs to God is extraordinary, wonderful, boundless, and endless, but He maintains a principle, which is a respect for all of us with our choices.

He respects us, because He wants us to come to Him by the heart, and to recognize Him in our mind with a love that initially exists in holiness.

He does not want us to return due to fear.

When we fear and return, then that is only temporal, and we will betray like those who were brought to the Promised Land whose history we have heard.

God has rescued and brought people into the Promised Land, but in the end they still betrayed and created false idols through animals and bowed to them.

That was the first act that was wrong.

Today there still are those immature people, those stubborn people, those hardened people who have eyes but still do not see, have ears but do not hear, have a heart but they do not use their heart and mind to distinguish what they have and granted by God.

There were many people for whom God has arranged and planned everything, whose history was reported, from the Old Testament to the New Testament, with great and glorious achievements, for mankind to decide and recognize the truth that God has granted and bestowed through the Savior.

But mankind continues to be hardened, to keep things that originally belong to them.

Today they still cannot receive anything from the truth God grants.

There are brothers in the world of mankind who are living in fanaticism, who live with the days in which they have been completely shaken – they have downplayed the life of others to be the instruments for them to use at any time, with the chemical weapons.

Today this has happened, and that situation is already in this world.

Evil is increasingly rampant.

If there is no Supreme Being sent to chastise and stop this world, then the devil would have raged all over the world.

He uses all sorts of methods to deceive, in this aspect as well as another, and uses all sorts of clever and subtle tactics to exploit and to gradually kill human beings, one way or another.

The more sophisticated, the more technically advanced in a civilized life, the more one enters death with the deception by the devil.

We are genuinely created to love God, to serve Him, to worship Him, and to live in His commandment, which is to love one another.

Everything provided comes from God who grants and bestows, and He worked a miracle to nourish our soul.

God has performed a miracle to save the Israelites as they entered the desert, in the days when God gave plentiful manna to feed everyone, and quail to be the nourishment for their bodies.

In the Lord Jesus’ time, we also heard of His miracle for 5,000 people who ate their fill of bread with only five loaves and two fishes.

Regarding food, He did not perform the miracle only once, but several times.

God has created us, God will give, and God will grant us enough food for us to continue the journey.

Today, because we have rejected, been disloyal, betrayed, we do not see what God has done for us.

But He still silently pours His graces and allows us to have daily life to nourish our bodies.

But the soul is the most important, most valuable thing that He wants us to be aware of, in the ending of the present history.

According to the law of justice, this world should have been destroyed from the beginning, rather than in this century, without the chance to go on.

We are rebelling, violating the law of God.

The creation of God that mankind is violating is something that must receive a sentence with eternal death.

But today the victims are those who absolutely have not yet had the opportunity to know God.

They have been deceived by their countries, by knowledgeable people, who live nourishing sin, fostering sin, and lead an evil life, so they cover the truth.

We already know God gives us a complete map, but half the map was stolen.

It was lost because of all the atrocities committed by mankind, so today we still do not know the depth of God’s love.

His supremacy has granted us the wisdom to understand on our path, to come back, to look after ourselves amid this world, to choose, and to see the truth in distinction to the devil that uses all kinds of plans to destroy us and separate us from God.

He was certainly thrown down to this world.

The time has come – we must know the truth.

Our God always respects us and gives us what we need.

We must choose – we must awaken to know what belongs to love, what belongs to the attraction that leads us into death, both spiritually and physically.

Today the civilization of our times has brought us broken families.

Civilized, yet today we no longer have a dialogue between persons.

We are talking to a device that has no soul and comes from a human creation, but we listen to it, and we attend to it even more than spending time with our brothers, our sisters, our parents, and our loved ones.

Our lives cannot be consumed by a controlling device.

We need to have the moments to enjoy, in spirituality, with the most beautiful, the most peaceful, with the elements God has created for us – rivers, mountains, the sea with the fishes, the stars shining at night, the bright moonlight, things we have – to praise Him, to glorify Him, to honor Him.

Let us spend time to worship Him.

God’s blessing and love have granted us peace, both spiritually and physically.

We have lost that.

We have transformed the present world with the modernization, the cleverness and subtlety of the era.

We have completely lost what originally belongs to nature, what is genuine that God has bestowed to the human world.

From there, we lose the affection between loved ones, lose the affection between wife and husband, lose the affection of the brothers and sisters, lose the affection of the community, and even lose the affection between fellow human beings.

Today we must come back – we must know the events that are happening.

We see our desire to achieve what is evil within us in the hope we can win.

Because of the nuclear technology experiments, we see our children, our brothers and sisters agonizing, with labored breathing and dying slowly.

They endure pain, affliction, and deformed bodies.

Indeed, it is a horrifying and frightening thing that people should not witness.

God never gives us the right to do that.

Because of whom? Whom did we follow? What situation have we fallen into?

Today we witness atrocities, but still have no feeling?

When did we get this bloodthirsty?

Today, what happened and is happening is for us to realize that if we do not return in time, then we will certainly be the human beings of the ending of history.

Today we continue to witness atrocious, cruel, inhuman acts that human beings should not commit, but have committed, because we no longer have a human nature.

We are being exploited, taken advantage of by the devil that has killed our soul, has controlled our body, and has encouraged us to do things that do not belong to God’s law, do not belong to the character of a human being God created, and do not belong to a heart that knows how to love and care for our fellow human beings.

Today let us examine ourselves, let us observe ourselves, let us look at the hungry people, those who live in a poor environment while we have billions and millions, yet we still hustle daily with work, with no spare time to appreciate, to use what we have, and to enjoy with the family.

What are we looking for in this world?

Do we guarantee and are we sure we can spend all the money our entire life?

Do we know whether tomorrow we can bring that money or our possessions into the next life?

There are countless human beings, and countless stories have happened like a reminder to our soul, our spirit, and even our body, but we remain in shortsightedness, in foolishness, and in obstinacy.

We totally refuse to open the eyes of faith to see what we need and what has been taught, for us not to fall into the horrible and frightening traps and snares.

We are falling into the abyss, which is a place no one can save us from except God.

God loves our souls, so He continues to give us opportunities.

He still teaches us, and He still waits for us, till the end.

In the last moments, when God decides, history will be changed, through His direct intervention.

With His hand, either He intervenes or He is ready to destroy what does not belong to Him.

God has the power to do everything.

The only thing for us to do is to beseech the Divine Mercy.

God has promised – to those who return to the Divine Mercy, those who improve with the Divine Mercy, those who recognize the Divine Mercy, those who accept the Divine Mercy, those who submit to the Divine Mercy, those who plead with the Divine Mercy, He will certainly listen, He will surely answer, and He will absolutely intervene.

Today we have this message because of the Divine Mercy.

It is simply because of the Divine Mercy that God loves sinners.

He also loves criminals and penitants, and loves victims and souls even more.

There were many souls who are presently in a place where they have seen the truth, though too late.

They have cried, they have lamented, and they have pleaded for our help.

We are still in the flesh – if we do not decide in our life while we still have our faculty of reasoning, then our fate will also be like those souls at this moment.

The time has come – we need to decide.

Let us not remain in evildoing.

Let us not have ears but not hear, have eyes but not see, have a heart but not have feelings of love.

Our life becomes like that of an animal, a life in which we sell off our soul, so we have no heart as we have been controlled by the devil.

So today’s voice seems to remind that because of many people, this gift is given.

That is a marvelous gift that God has granted through Mother Mary, a Woman who was promised in the Old Testament, as well as things fulfilled through the time of the New Testament.

That woman has borne the Redeemer. That woman has brought the Savior into our human world. That woman has united and collaborated with the Savior.

Today we still have the final moments to receive a gentle and lovely message, which is truly a proof in the reasoning of today’s humanity.

There is only one way: return to submit to God, which is also the doctrine taught.

All Her life Mother has done this.

To distance ourselves from the temptation of the devil in today’s human world, let us always come to our God, every day in life, by the prostration, by soul and body, mind, and the whole heart.

Mother Mary has represented the world of mankind to thank God, praise God, worship God, glorify God.

She offered everything of Her life and offered all things of the human world to God.

She is fully preserved, without any stain in a world of sin.

Today Mother uses this method to teach us.

Let us return to God in this way, because only this way receives His protection, only this way corresponds to the frail, sinful, and wretched condition of mankind.

Only this way, but we must have Mother’s intercession, we must have Mother’s prayer.

We have this gift because of Mother’s whole life, the favors God has granted to Mother.

God has chosen Mother, so Mother has great and wonderful special favors.

So, the time has come for Mother to act and save.

The time has come for Mother to bring us back.

The time has come for Mother to teach us.

The time has come for Mother to beseech God to intervene for us.

Her intervention is not a fight by weapons.

Her intervention is not a dispute as in this life.

Her teaching is not about trivial things in the world that we face, competing to win or lose, competing for knowledge and learning, competing for the argument according to the measure of wealth, the money and fame of an ordinary and normal person.

Mother’s practice is spiritual and gentle, a very ordinary practice, yet very moving and stirring deep in the soul, with absolute faith in God, by a profound prostration, by earnest and common prayers, but with absolute entrustment.

Mother’s works are rooted in love, rooted in affection.

Mother’s works belong to God, to glorify Him.

Today all that is taught to us is the method by which the favors, the graces are poured down to save the world of mankind.

Today we are the first people to receive this gift, to receive the teaching from the Spirit of God, through Mother Mary’s help.

Today let us not fear and not hesitate to do what the Lord wants us to do.

Let us do what the Holy Spirit teaches, with Mother Mary’s support and assistance, to help mankind, to evoke in mankind the return, the reverence that mankind must give to God, and to rekindle the deep love that continues to grant us closeness through the Divine Mercy.

Mankind must also respond with the most insignificant thing, to offer to God the human condition, which is the prostration, the submission, the contrition, the repentance, both soul and body, mind, and the whole heart.

We pray for God to forgive – for Him to intervene, for Him to decide for this present world according to His will – and pray for Him to also plan regarding evildoing and holiness.

He is the God who grants us His law, grants us His commandment, grants us His doctrine.

God, please decide, please intervene, and accept the good things, the holy things: the return with a contrite and repentant heart, with pleading, with unity, with the voice’s resonance, and with the earnest prayer of today’s humanity.

With faith lifted toward God, by simple, little, and humble prayers, today we receive the gift that Mother Mary has received from God from the beginning.

Today Mother personally teaches us, She personally beseeches God for us, She personally seeks, intervenes and reminds us.

These are the moments we cannot refuse.

We must obey, listen, and we need to practice soon.

We will face the ending days of history.

We will see – God will destroy evil because it belongs to the devil, it belongs to the proud one, it belongs to the betrayal.

God will destroy it so that it will no longer exist on the earth created by Him – it must go into the heart of the earth, with everlasting darkness.

Therefore, those who listen to return through improvement, through reformation, through the message of Mother Mary, will be protected, will be saved, will receive God’s intervention.

As for those of us who hear but do not practice, see but do not believe, and have a heart always hardened, cold, and stubborn; who continue to live in evil, continue to act against morality and ethics, continue to violate the commandment, the statute, continue to challenge, then we certainly must receive what belongs to us when we choose that.

God gives us one thing alone, which is to repent, to return, for Him to intervene, for Him to save.

Let us return by the heart, return by a profound repentance, recognize our sin, know sin, to ask God for forgiveness.

Let us return with a sorrowful heart, with a repentant heart, through the prostration and submission, to pray for God to have mercy and forgive, to receive the intervention in this urgent time, as we see the event that has appeared and is happening.

If we want to be saved, if we want God to accept to lead us and protect us, let us heed the warnings in the first compact disk of The Six Kowtows (2), given to the whole world.

We will see, the angels will protect us, the force of the heavenly kingdom will help those of us who belong to God, with the signs as we submit to Him, those of us who accept the gift offered by Mother.

We must accept this, affirm this, to prepare for the battle between good and evil that has taken place and is imminent.

Those signs and seals shine in our soul, when we receive the help from the angels and the saints.

The angels will support us – the heavenly family will help the children who belong to Him.

But if we are completely ignorant, stubborn, and hardened, we will experience the wailing and the sorrow of a world about to enter the early days of war.

Though World War III will certainly happen, God has a way to save us. We must repent and return – then God will hinder this Third World War.

What is evil will certainly be destroyed and what is in holiness and belongs to God will continue to exist to come to a new world.

This is a condition that people must hear.

We must know what we need to do.

Let us return to God first.

We must repent, we must reduce what is evil that we are experiencing in the present, alluring world.

If we want to cure the disease of the soul to escape the grip of the devil, we must submit to God, we must return, eagerly by prayer, by a life of determination to practice God’s doctrine.

We will be rescued – we will be delivered by the Power.

The Holy Spirit is the strength.

The Holy Spirit will dispel all the darkness within us.

The Holy Spirit will heal us, and the Holy Spirit will protect us, by the love of the Father, the Son, and the power of His Spirit.

So there is only one way to heal both soul and body, which is to prostrate, to worship, to accept and call upon the Holy Name of God, to embrace the wonderful gift that Mother Mary has given to the world of mankind.

Because of the beseeching through The Six Kowtows, because of the gift of The Six Kowtows, the heavenly world will not remain silent.

We have reached the hour of crisis.

Let us call upon His Name and entreat persistently with soul and a contrite and repentant heart.

We will be saved in the world of mankind.

This is the first step that we can take.

We can see that God is intervening to help us destroy evil, for us to live in a truly peaceful world.

He is listening to the return that we beseech from Him, a Heavenly Father full of power.

When the children live in days of dilemma with no place to take refuge, and run to God wholeheartedly, by repenting words, by a sincere heart, the Heavenly Father will not turn away, the Heavenly Father will save and hold us, will intervene and protect us.

This is something most normal – if we meditate, we also experience it, let alone our God.

He loves us infinitely, that deep love is still given to us.

So let us not be afraid of being late when we return.

When we hear this, when we know this, let us unite to travel everywhere, travel to the four corners to spread everything that needs to be done with the gift, to call upon God’s Name, for God to have mercy, for God to accept.

Let us together return to our God, forever and ever.

If something critical happens in the world, we will not be afraid to come to a place of penance or purgatory.

We will return with God when we repent and belong to God.

If He invites us to return, we will return to the eternal place with Him – we will be with Him in heaven.

Those who remain will come to a new world when we truly belong to Him, when we belong to His own people.

Today we receive and hear the words through the guidance and urging of the Holy Spirit.

We receive this message in the early morning, at exactly 1:18 – we have heard what pertains to the battle that keeps us pondering.

With commentaries between men, with eyes watching and ready to criticize, nowadays, few people care about others’ deaths, few people have a conscience to intervene for what they think they must, and few people can see others’ deaths and intervene, out of fellowship, out of compassion.

Today a recently inaugurated president [Trump] with no military experience and knowledge to control a powerful country, has intervened.

He was deeply grieved and anguished and intervened for the number of people who were used to test nuclear weapons, but he was criticized by the world, by those around him, and was also threatened by people.

O God, we trust in what You are doing, You are choosing sinners because they agree to become righteous, they agree to submit to You.

They agree to believe in You, so You will transform them into instruments, You will use them like the prophets to save what is happening and has happened in the devil’s traps and snares.

Today all things happened to such an extent that human beings have been shaken by the unexpected events, and they are also afraid of what will happen.

But O Lord, our God, even though deplorable till this day, we still believe that You are intervening for us, and You are destroying evil.

You allow mankind to open its eyes – what belongs to evildoing will suffer its own consequences.

What is evil belongs to the devil, and the devil cannot fight what You have granted and bestowed – he cannot rob what is in the loving embrace, as You have allowed us to decide.

Because God loves us, He saves us when we make mistakes.

When we live in betrayal, He seeks all kinds of means to bring us back.

We simply need to be those who are contrite and repentant, those who recognize and return, those who prostrate and surrender and call upon His Name.

He will certainly have a way to save us, and He will help us, because He alone can win the battle of humanity, most of whom today are falling into the dark pit, the abyss of traps and snares.

Today most of us have completely fallen into an evil state. Today there are victims, there are penitents.

God will look at those people, God will look at the plea, God will look at the faith of those united, God will look at those who are returning with earnest prayers on behalf of others.

God will surely act, God will surely let mankind see, and God will surely let mankind recognize His power.

He is kind and loving, but it is time for Him to act.

We must respect, we must fear, we must go back – and we must know that only God with His law, His doctrine, His commandment, can grant us life, existence with a new world, and eternal life with Him in heaven.

What does not belong to God is the opposite, with ambiguous days, days that contradict with creation and that are offending God.

Mankind does everything possible to kill one another though God does not allow, but mankind continues, because of sin, being with sin.

Victimized, exploited, we knew but we do not return, we knew but we do not repent.

God will certainly destroy evil, and God will restore for us a peaceful, happy, and harmonious world, which He also wants to see in mankind.

Even we, who are simple people, also yearn.

Certainly, God will look at the righteous who pray, the repentant who return and pray, those who believe in Him and pray.

Let us be those who collaborate in unity to listen to the help of the Daughter of God the Father, the Mother of the Second Person of God, and the Bride of the Holy Spirit.

Today Mother is helping, has helped, and is teaching mankind to return to God.

The hour has come.

He will intervene because of the intercession from the daughter whom He has chosen in the world of mankind to represent our whole human world.

So we must believe, we must understand, and we must accept the history summed up in The Six Kowtows, for us to relive the history of countless ages and step into reality.

Through generations until this day, God will give us half of the map that we receive today.

That is The Six Kowtows, the only map.

Mankind must unite, must submit, must concur, and listen to this book of The Six Kowtows.

It is deeply rooted and there are many more mysterious and marvelous things appearing.

When we are human beings who completely belong to God in the submission and prostration, we will be able to receive countless great and prodigious things.

Today we cannot discover by ourselves, cannot find by ourselves, but the Spirit of God will help and enlighten us, for us to receive the other half of the map, which appears in the presence that the Holy Spirit has granted and is granting.

He helps us find half of that map and He gives us that half: that is the Eucharistic Jesus. Everything is focused in one place.

Today we receive something ordinary that people hardly pay attention to, and certainly have habits and rules and regulations.

Nonetheless, today we are reminded of Jesus’ decision on the evening of the Last Supper, which is for us to encounter and receive what God has already known throughout all ages.

Today we certainly welcome the other half of that map for us to belong to His people, belong to His teaching, sheltering, and protection, and to belong to the spirituality that is present.

Today we receive what God bestows so that we may experience the depth of our God, the only God with sovereignty in humanity, sovereignty from heaven to earth, sovereignty in the spirit and soul of the hearts that understand love and recognize love.

Return to God with a sincere and pure heart – then that book of history and that other half of the map will tell us the ending of history.

Mankind will enter the days in which God will act.

He will save us and lead us out of doing evil, as He acted to lead the Israelites to the Promised Land, as He acted to bring the Israelites out of Egypt’s slavery.

Today God will also lead us out of the snare of sin.

God will act to lead us to a place that He has prepared, which is the new world, the Garden of Eden.

God gives it back to humanity, through Mother Mary, the Queen of Heaven, His Daughter, who is also the Mother of the Word Incarnate, of the Savior, and the Bride of the Holy Spirit.

God arranges and plans all things through the human condition.

However, those chosen to be united to collaborate in a divine program bestowed by God are the saints we pray to.

We know that the force of the heavenly kingdom is protecting us, helping us, listening to our pleas.

We believe and beseech God to accept, for the saints to come, to support, to protect, to help us win the battle of this ending.

Mother Mary is the being whose history is recorded – Her Heart will triumph.

She triumphs by virtue and holiness.

She triumphs without the need for weapons, and She will crush the serpent’s head.

Our world will surely wait for that day to come, and that day will come soon.

Let us prepare to receive what the Lord has granted and bestowed today.

Therefore, all things in history must have moments for us to know that a comma, a period in the Gospel will never pass away.

This is very important to save the world.

To return to God, the world must open the eyes of faith and open the heart. God wants us to love; return; live in His commandment, in His statute; listen and practice.

Today let us not be afraid of what has happened and is happening, because all things must happen for us to awaken and be vigilant.

It is up to each person, if we hear and believe and practice in unity, in urgency.

Today let us not follow the human method from the law of the world, but let us follow the method and the way of the Holy Spirit who motivates us and helps us on the path.

With beseeching, we must believe in the presence of the heavenly kingdom that is intervening and helping us on our way to the new world – a world with the true peace that God has given us, and a world that He has planned.

The time has come.

In this century, in the ending of history, we presently live in the time in which these wonders are occurring, as well as countless events that have happened and are happening, as recorded in history.

Certainly our God remembers His promises to us.

To those who are faithful, He will always support and save, but those who live in betrayal and those who rebel will surely face justice.

This is the most essential thing, about which we need to decide soon.

God loves human beings unconditionally, but He expects mankind to be reformed, to become repentant, to be those who must learn to become holy, to be worthy to enter heaven – the place He has prepared for us.

The new world does not include evil people, does not include hateful people, does not have hatred, does not have deceit, does not have wretchedness, and does not include people who still have sin, who commit sin, and who still nourish sin.

God will help us in this ending.

We already have a brilliant example – Mother Mary – a brilliant example to lead us into virtue, to learn virtue, to practice humility, to become trusting and entrusting, to become little, to believe, and to live with a life that follows the doctrine, the truth, the commandment, to live with the existing disciplines, for God to protect us, help us, and lead us to eternal life with Him in heaven.

The days on earth with a new world: He will be the Supreme Being who comes to visit us, the creations that He expects to become perfect and whom He always loves.

He does not have the heart to destroy when we are people who still do not know and practice, so these are the days allowed to speak, allowed to be granted with the patience of the Lord Jesus, His Son, over 2,000 years ago, to prove a doctrine that belongs to God.

It is a doctrine in which He will act to help save those who belong to Him, who belong to His own people, who live humbly, in contrition and repentance.

People return by their condition when they recognize their own Father, when they understand the days in which we are in the condition of a weak human being, a condition of dust and ash, but God loved us and allows us to return.

What do we have to offer God?

What do we have to deserve the Divine Mercy?

There is nothing worthy – only a wretched and weak condition.

However, we pray for God to accept our reformed heart, our contrite and repentant heart, our submission and prostration, to return with a penitent soul and beseech His mercy and forgiveness.

This repentance is also taught by Mother Mary, in virtue and holiness, in the least improvement that God has granted us and bestowed through Her.

We rely on the Divine Mercy and that water of rebirth, to be cleansed in the love and the water that God sanctifies and transforms in His grace, for us to live with what we can do by the interior, by the soul, by the heart, by the mind, in the decision to return, in contrition, in penance, and in repentance – with the action, with the gesture, with the submission, with the prostration, with both soul and body, wholeheartedly belonging to God.

God, please act according to Your will, accept us, and intervene for us.

Let us be submissive, let us obey and surrender to God, and accept everything that comes to us with entrustment and trust.

Let us not be afraid of war, let us not be afraid of what is happening, and let us not be afraid of what will come, because regarding good and evil there must be an encounter and a battle at the end of history.

Those who belong to Him, be reassured to walk on the daily path.

What we need to do is to come to God, come to the Eucharistic Jesus.

Let us believe that the Judge is there, and He knows everything.

We still have Mother Mary, the being who always helps us and always prays for us.

We also have all the angels and the saints protecting us.

Let us not be afraid.

Let us pray for those who sacrifice to help us face these difficulties.

God will protect us.

We need to pray for Trump and pray for his allies to destroy evil and bring peace, so that mankind is not threatened by war, by death, by the evil of science and technology.

Let everyone be awakened to turn to God.

Let us live in the teaching of the commandment, the statute; then we will soon live with a world in peace – the days are very close.

We must live through days of anxiety, we must face the present days, but let us not be afraid – let us trust in God.

God will intervene for those who belong to Him, God will intervene for the righteous.

He will intervene and arrange for us.

Regarding things warned six years ago, things that initially were impossible, today let us look back at everything that was warned six years ago.

The time has come for us to know.

The time has come for us to decide for our fate and our soul, with our determination, to return or remain obstinately in sin, continuing to do what we do, with stubbornness, hardheartedness, obstinacy, remaining in a state of blindness.

That depends upon each one of us. God has a way to save us.

I hope we understand – I hope we hear, accept and practice.

Let us open our ears, open our eyes, open our hearts, and ask the Holy Spirit to grant us the flame of faith, for us to distinguish what is from God, what is urgent, what belongs to human beings, and what belongs to the control of the devil.

Let us clearly differentiate to choose for ourselves – let us not be too late, not be too tardy.

When we are late, we no longer have the chance to choose for ourselves in the days of exile on earth, and no longer have the chance to choose for our soul.

God does not require us to do anything too difficult, but God requires us to become righteous.

We must become people who live in the truth, we must return to holiness, we must return to the doctrine and the truth. God protects us by His doctrine and truth when we practice.

God also invites, and He is waiting to grant to us and forgive us, for us to truly deserve to receive His Divine Mercy, through the repentance, the surrender, the prostration – soul, mind, and heart – and a true contrition, for God to forgive.

Let us be worthy of the things God gives in the ending.

He has prepared for the deserving souls, for them to remain with a new world that He has arranged and planned for humanity.

One more time, whoever has ears then hear, whoever has eyes then see, and a heart then decide for the life of the soul today.

Only God can save us in the ending days of history, only God can deliver all of us from the grip of the devil that controls us, only God is the Person who loves us.

He loves us from the first day till the last moment, and still loves us when we are sinful.

Only that love will save us, only that love will last forever – only love.

Mankind must return with the prostration, the submission, to unite to win the battle between good and evil in the ending of today’s history.

We worship God, praise God, and glorify God.

Thank God for this special day, a surprise that God gave to me as well as K.

Both of us have received the words from the Holy Spirit, teaching and urging us to complete one more message, in our state of fear regarding war.

There are so many things in a world with a pair of criticizing eyes that people are confused, fearful, but with the eyes of faith then everything belongs to God.

We offer God all things, praying for God to decide and arrange to protect the righteous who are working on their righteous mission.

For the viewpoint to not be shaken, for us to not waver in our role by mediocre, worldly things, let us continue to annihilate evil.

Evil must be annihilated so that the truth, the life, and what is best start to flourish in a time when God intervenes and allows.

In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, Lucia concludes at 1:40 a.m., on Sunday, April 15, 2018, at home.

When we prayed the Angelus, God granted us the opportunity to receive the words that God wanted to say through the Holy Spirit.

We just completed the words inspired by the Holy Spirit.

I complete in this early morning, at exactly 1:40 a.m., on Sunday, April 15, 2018.

Today is the start of the day of preparation for the battle that all of us are facing and the entire world is also watching.

God, please have mercy and act according to the way You arrange and plan for all things to be in Your way, to save the innocent, to deliver the living who are oppressed by the devil, threatened by nuclear weapons, suppressed by evil.

Mankind has completely fallen into the devil’s snare and only God is the Supreme Being who intervenes.

God is the triumphant Supreme Being, God is the Supreme Being who has the authority to destroy all evil and allow goodness to exist.

Those of us who truly listen, who truly live in reformation, will see what will happen and is happening to our human world.

We each need to prepare for ourselves today, because we do not know what tomorrow will be, and where the soul will go.

Let us return to God.

Let us prostrate, surrender, repent.

Let us wholeheartedly, deep in the soul, by the heart, return to ask God for forgiveness, for His Divine Mercy to sanctify and transform, for us to become new people, have a new history, and be sanctified in His grace.

Because we just need to repent, we just need to be determined to return to practice what we have in life, which are the commandments and the statutes.

God will never refuse our plea, God will never turn a blind eye when the righteous have eagerly sacrificed and beseeched Him to save the world, to save the children who belong to Him, and to destroy evil.

Evil comes from the devil who has a plan in which countless people are victims – they are the penitents on their way back, and they are also offenders, sinners.

But souls who have departed no longer have the chance to return.

God is a merciful God. He is the Supreme Being who unceasingly saves mankind.

However, we must obey, we must comply, we must listen – then we will be saved in any situations.

God knows all, God sees all.

He is a mighty God, a transcendent God, who will help us come to a world that we deserve.

When we truly belong to God with the doctrine and the truth, when we become reformed and improved, then we will be part of the new world that God promises.

We will be part of the eternal world when we belong to Him, believe, and live in the teaching, for us to return.

Today the gift that Mother gives us is not a normal gift.

In the flesh we are unable to understand, we are unable to practice, but when we surrender and we completely belong to God, then the grace of God, through the Holy Spirit, will protect us and grant us the wisdom to choose the path to holiness.

We will start to become truly reformed people in Mother Mary’s help.

She is a mother who always looks for all kinds of methods – the most amiable, the most familiar, the most ordinary – to help us become worthy and reformed, to respond to the Divine Mercy that God has granted and bestowed to the world in general and personally to every sinner.

Let us once again thank God, praise God.

In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, we conclude at exactly 1:44 a.m., on Sunday, April 15, 2018, at home. I, L., and K.D. conclude this message in the early morning, at 1:44.

In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s only-begotten Son, the Supreme Being whom we adore, and the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit – the Trinity, one God, three Persons.

Today, in His Name, we report with everything that I respectfully offer.

Through the Holy Spirit’s urging, through Mother Mary who gives us the gift, we lift our soul toward the Blessed Sacrament, in prostration and submission, in spirituality, with the Five Holy Signs of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God.

Together with St. Joseph, we ask for his intercession, and that of the three archangels protecting us, the four choirs of angels guarding the Eucharist, interceding to God for us.

At the same time, may the heavenly court intercede with God to help humanity in the events that have occurred and are occurring, in the panic of a world about to enter the first days of war. I pray for God to help and to intervene.

I worship God, praise God, in the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God. Amen. Amen. Amen.


The messenger, Lucia Phan, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone’s camera. When Jesus gives her messages, it is as a Father in the family, as the Master/the Teacher (for more on this please see the homepage of



  1. On April 13, the U.S., the U.K. and France attacked targets related to Syria’s misuse of weapons.
  2. This compact disk was of this message: « The Meaning of The Six Kowtows » of August 8, 2015.



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