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The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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The Determination to Place God Above                            All Things

May 6, 2018

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through L. when practicing The Six Kowtows.

L.: O God, it is 2:13 p.m., Sunday, May 6, 2018, at Our Lady of La Vang Church. We are in the small sanctuary, facing the altar, the tabernacle, the Cross, the holy statue of Our Lady of La Vang, the holy statue of St. Joseph, and the relics of saints.

Today is the closing of the La Vang Conference, following the days in which the brothers and sisters – far and near – gathered here to attend the annual festival.

This church is named Our Lady of La Vang – this is our second time here to respectfully offer The Six Kowtows.

We thank God for granting us to be truly zealous this morning when attending Mass. We also received a message from Mother as well as a message from St. Vincent Pham Hieu Liem – indeed, this is something that is impossible with this world, but with God, when we believe, then everything is possible.

Today, we continue, because from these small, silent works God has guided each one of us, from one person, to three, to five, and today, we have close to 20 people.

We are busy each day, silently working on bringing the words of God to the world. At the same time, the most wonderful acts are in the practice, so together in unity, we pray, for the voice of this world, though silent yet still resonating before the court of God.

God, please have mercy and forgive. God, please sanctify and transform. God, please have mercy and look at us, who are the brothers and sisters, aware and conscious, who are the brothers and sisters on the way back – also are those who still do not know, still do not believe, and those who still live in days of rule and regulation and tradition as we have followed habits from the beginning.

Today, we respectfully offer to God words from the bottom of our heart, on behalf of all brothers and sisters everywhere, especially, to thank Our Lady of La Vang.

Mother has granted such an affection for our country, Vietnam. All the saints whom we reverently recall today – they were canonized 30 years ago, they are in heaven, happy, and also shining examples of faith for the Vietnamese people, for us to go on and not stop at what God grants and bestows, but be brave, be bold – to trust what God has given in life, for us to bear witness, to share, and to practice by prayer first.

May all things be done according to God’s way and as arranged and planned in His holy will, for all of us to accept and listen, and for many also to unite with us to pray, to come to God by heart, by soul, in contrition and repentance.

Because we have nothing worthy besides deep sorrow to pray for God to forgive – besides the deep sorrow to receive God’s Divine Mercy to be sanctified and transformed.

We yearn to become a new person, a reformed person, an improved person, who is worthy of the love and the Divine Mercy that God has granted and bestowed to us.

At this moment, God, please accept us with the First Kowtow as we reverently offer to God the Father.

O Father, O Father full of Divine Mercy, O Lord, our God – please accept our grateful, thankful, appreciative heart.

We apologize for our imperfections – for our families, and all classes, all roles. In this present moment, to God we still have much imperfection, wretchedness and weakness; we must say sorry to God, apologize for the imperfections of all classes, of all roles, in our daily life in this world.

God, please forgive us; God, please accept our gratitude for all the graces You pour down upon us, pour down upon each one of us, and pour down upon the whole of humanity.

Our brothers, our sisters still do not know, still do not return, still do not recognize God, but we know that we are living with days relying upon God’s grace, relying upon God’s love and Divine Mercy.

Thanks to these graces, we become braver, less fearful, aware of what must be done in a life of faith – by heart, by soul, by determination, by a repentant heart.

God, please have mercy and accept, for us to represent our brothers and sisters, represent the entire world, with indifferent and cold days, with days of following habit, rule and regulation. We still have days of weakness, days of stumbling, days of rules, and days in which we never have the heart truly in-depth in our soul to say to God: “O God, I worship God, I love God, I adore God, I praise God, and I honor God.”

This is something that needs to be said, must be said to our God, because in this world, God does not demand anything from us, but God wants to hear mankind, hear the gratitude of mankind, hear the faith of mankind, hear things that God has granted and bestowed for us to continue with days more deserving of God’s love and Divine Mercy.

O God, today we offer these words, especially at this place. This year is the second year, we still silently and quietly come to a deserted place; everyone has left, but we remain here to thank God.

God has blessed our conference, which was very successful; all the brothers and sisters joyfully depart after the celebration.

We spent a lot of time together, to attend Mass, united and lifted toward Mass – to pray for each person, each heart, each intention – and to recall Mother Mary, Our Lady of La Vang.

For the Vietnamese people, with the favors Mother grants, the saints are the lofty examples for our Vietnamese citizens; may we not stop here but continue in a foreign land, to remember what God has granted especially for the Vietnamese, especially for our country.

Mother Mary has come, has granted, and has become a historical event for today’s world, which our Vietnamese people cannot forget and cannot fail to be thankful and grateful for, in a sentiment of appreciation.

God alone realizes everything, God alone grants us everything, and God alone is the Supreme Being who sees everything.

With the starting days of our first parents, of our ancestors, those who have lived through the course of history, today is the same. God continues to abundantly pour graces over the Vietnamese people, to be successful in a foreign land, though there are many sad and unfortunate stories for our Vietnamese people.

God, please have mercy and help all the brothers and sisters recognize this place as the place that God gives for us to have the chance to come take refuge, to live.

The days in which God looked at the sufferings of the Vietnamese people – let us remember those feelings so that today our children can also be preserved in God’s love and Divine Mercy, for them to continue to receive.

Thanks to Mother Mary’s help and rescue, the world as well as all the brothers and sisters are lifted toward God with a thankful, grateful, appreciative heart, to praise and glorify, to never forget and never stop on the way to the God whom we worship, the God whom we trust, the God whom we praise, glorify, on behalf of today’s humanity.

There are countless people who still do not know, countless people who still do not believe, countless people who continue to offend God, to cause His Heart to bleed.

They are people who in their freedom, are transgressing the law of God, as well as transgressing His creation; today, they do not know, but we do.

God, please allow us to represent our brothers and sisters and those who still do not recognize, so that one day they will also know God, trust in God, and return to God. Those are the intentions we pray for.

We thank God. God, please grant all the brothers and sisters in this world – each country – please grant us peace, for humanity to lessen all wars, afflictions, lessen all plagues, lessen all disputes and revenge.

This world still has the days we face, but with what was achieved in that silence, today, God allows us to see that the foundation of peace has begun to open its door.

These are the beginning moments, there will be coming days. We pray for God to continue, not only with this door of peace and to see peace, but for people to know God, to recognize God, for them to be able to exist, to practice the doctrine and law of God, for them to be forever protected, and for war to completely end, for peace to truly reign over the entire world.

Today, we also pray to God for the country we reside in, and the neighboring countries as well, because there still are countless things in dispute, between people – we do not know what will happen, but we trust. O Lord, our God, in this world, we only need a few people to continue to constantly beseech, to constantly pray, to constantly trust and come to God to pray for peace, then that will become a reality.

It is impossible with this world, but to God, when we believe then everything is possible. Because to God, as the Lord Jesus taught: “And I tell you, Ask, and it will be given you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you” [Luke 11:9].

We pray for true peace; indeed, it is something that God also desires for us, but to have that peace, everyone must become reformed, everyone must become improved.

Let everyone come to God with exultation, praise, apology, and gratitude, to understand that our present condition continues to exist thanks to God’s love and Divine Mercy.

We are those unworthy, imperfect, wretched, weak and cowardly, with daily matters that we still cannot achieve, but God, please help us remind ourselves, to repent, to learn daily to live more deserving of the love and the Divine Mercy.

May God’s holy will be done over this generation to help save our children, to help save the world, to help everyone eliminate what is evil to return to holiness, return to the truth, return to the righteousness and justice that God is bestowing, has bestowed, and He still waits for us.

May everyone mature, profess by deed, and trust and pray for God to accept our prayers.

Especially today, we come to the conference to continue to pray for God to grant to all priests and those who have contributed their efforts for the program to be successful and perfect.

We thank God for granting the Vietnamese people, not just a number of people in this year, but for many people to come every year, to commemorate Our Lady of La Vang, the day that Mother came to our country, Vietnam, the day Mother helped us.

So, today, the Vietnamese people, in unity, come to thank Mother, to honor Mother, to recall what Mother has granted to us in a foreign land, to pray for our country, Vietnam – now – to pray for the clergy who are being persecuted in Vietnam, and for our Vietnamese people to know God, to live as God teaches, to become reformed, and to be together in unity.

In our human condition, we do not know and do not understand, but let us learn to pray, deeply – by our heart, by humility, by modesty, by entrustment – to pray for God to accept our prayer.

We offer to God everything, which is the First Kowtow that daily we lift up to God, with each story, with each sentiment regarding the works that God grants us through the Holy Spirit’s guidance and prompting, for us to reverently offer to God, the Supreme Being whom we trust, the Supreme Being whom we worship, the Supreme Being whom we honor, and the Supreme Being whom we apologize to.

Please forgive us; forgive the imperfection and weakness of all classes, all roles. God, please have mercy – look at us, and help us to know God, to recognize God, and to return to God’s Divine Mercy. Amen.

The Second Kowtow, we reverently offer to the Second Person of God. O God – we thank God. O God – God died for me, God died for each brother and sister in this world, God died for all of us to live, to live in abundance, to live in joy, to live in peace.

But, today, unfortunately, so many of God’s children are lost, are denying God, are offending God, in this way and that way.

God, please accept these words; we pray for God to forgive our brothers and sisters, forgive the world, forgive all classes, all roles that do not respond to God’s love, that do not respond to God’s invitation.

We are still free in the world; with a civilized country, there are countless allurements, countless subtle and clever lures that led our children, our spouses, our loved ones, our Vietnamese people – who did not believe in God, who refused God – to continue to live in days nourishing sin, fostering sin, committing sin, and deliberately causing God’s Heart to continue to bleed and grieve.

O Second Person of God, there are countless things I cannot tell, but God, I believe God still waits for every person.

God still yearns for the lost sheep to return, God still waits for every soul to recognize Him and repent. God never refuses us.

O God, we only know that today we can achieve, we can be braver, we can go on by ourselves on these silent paths, everywhere, to profess the Supreme God whom mankind cannot forget.

Mankind must know that this life is redeemed by God, that these freedoms and joys are granted by God, and that the world exists thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, through the price of His Blood, with the extreme agonies on the Way of the Cross, with all the love that God grants to humanity, to rekindle love in mankind, to rekindle the doctrine of truth that mankind needs to have in life.

O God, we are so weak, we are so wretched, we have much commotion in life, and it seems that we are more inclined toward worldly reality than a spiritual life.

So, the majority remains in a life with rule and regulation, with tradition, with habit, while the inner life is empty most of the time – very indifferent, very cold, and very lonely.

Thus, we easily fall into snares, we easily offend; we always live in grudge, with envy, jealousy, competition, dispute over money, fame, and many things in a life of lust and greed, and even more with selfishness, unrighteousness.

In our life, the life of reality always leads, so we do not have enough patience, we do not have enough understanding, we do not feel a truly lively love.

So there still are many people – the majority – to whom God is very far away. To them, they believe, they know, but a life of rules and regulations is preferred over a life of faith, a modest life, a humble life.

O God, today, we prostrate to offer all the feelings, the sentiments of the past days, which are still weak, imperfect days, on behalf of all classes, all roles, to apologize to God, to pray for God to forgive, and to pray for God to sanctify and transform.

Because God comes to save us, God comes to deliver us, and God comes to lead us in hope, yet we are simply limited in our understanding, so our life is still days of worry, days of reality, days that we plan ahead regarding all matters.

Thus, there are many things that happen in our life and there are also many afflictions that we bear, which are the diseases of both soul and body, but we still do not seek to come and offer them to Him, in faith, to pray for Him to help us accept, patiently, for us to know that all events occur within God’s holy will, within God’s providence, and within the love and the Divine Mercy.

God, please help us, for us to profess Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior.

Whoever believes in Him will live, and that doctrine will help us be protected in our daily life, with the meaning that we need to know, for us to lessen the worries of life, for us to lessen the sorrows, the traps and snares that surround us.

There are many things in life in which we know no one can help us besides God – no one can understand our heart, and no one can support us as God does.

May we lift to God all the feelings, the worries and the resonating voice of this earth, from those who want to but cannot speak – they also yearn but they do not know what to say, they also do not know to lift up, and also do not know where to start.

Even though with days as the children who have lived, who are the sheep that for too long are still indifferent and cold, and even though nearing their old age.

God, please help us turn to that salvation to see God’s love, to see God’s suffering; that crown of thorns; that Cross, to help us recognize that since God accomplished for us, God granted us, and God died for us, we must live, even in imperfect, weak, sinful days, with what belongs to us.

Please kindle in us a love for God, please kindle in us a repentant and contrite heart, please kindle in us the shining example of the saints, and please kindle in us the teaching of the Gospel and the Good News – daily – for us to recognize the close connection that God grants especially to us, to everyone.

Please let us open our hearts to believe in God, for us to live and practice, and for us to experience a sentiment of thanksgiving, of gratitude, of appreciation, for us to know that we exist thanks to the price of the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Please do not let the world lure us, do not let us fall into traps and snares, and do not let habits become stubborn and hardened days, but help us become human beings with a heart, a heart to love, a heart to practice, a heart that knows the doctrine, a heart that lives for the truth and follows the example of saints.

Those are the Vietnamese saints whose history provides unyielding examples.

For life to not be too hard or too easy, for each role to live perfectly, to become people who are called to become saints, each one of us needs to eliminate our ego, personality, bad habits; eliminate and place God above all things.

We achieve, for God; we sacrifice, for God; we love, for God; we solidify and unite, for God; please help us recognize this.

We will certainly be the people in the world who unite because of a special longing for peace, a special longing for solidarity, to remove all hatred, jealousy, envy, and together return to the one and only God who is the Father, the Savior, the Holy Spirit who grants and has granted, for everyone to be mature and live together in peace and happiness.

We praise God, glorify God, and honor God, our Lord, now and forever and ever. Amen.

We offer the Third Kowtow. O God the Holy Spirit – the Holy Spirit is the love, the light, the truth, the way that leads us into truth and holiness.

Please kindle the flame of faith in each of our souls, because we are weak human beings, we fall easily, and we are very wretched in life.

If we do not have His enlightenment, we truly struggle to be able to step out of what initially has tightly bound us and tied us down with sin.

O Holy Spirit – we believe that He dwells in our heart, each one of us who is a Christian. From the moment we receive the Sacrament of Baptism, God Himself is living with us and forever is with us – He is dwelling deep in our soul, each one of us.

Please teach us to love, teach us to forgive, teach us to accept, teach us things necessary in life to practice, please teach us what is the best through the doctrine and the commandment that God has granted. Please help us overcome the challenges in life and overcome bodily illnesses.

Please enlighten us – grant us more understanding for us to meditate on what God has granted and given, because the Holy Spirit is strength, the Holy Spirit is love, the Holy Spirit is grace, the Holy Spirit is the truth, holiness, perfection.

We are God’s children – He grants and provides all spiritual things initially, but needs our collaboration, needs unity, and needs practice; certainly, we will have the answer from each person when we come and understand the meaning of prayer.

O God, God has granted us everything, but our response to Him is not impressive and is increasingly worse. Moreover, there still are many distances, empty spaces in our soul so we are very lukewarm toward Him, but we greatly need Him, because only He can help increase our understanding, increase our strength, increase our faith, for us to be brave to go everywhere to bear witness to the things He has granted and is granting.

O Holy Spirit – we greatly need Him. In this world, if without Him, we live without hope.

We still do not recognize the love and the Divine Mercy that God has granted. We hear and we know, but the salvation of the Lord Jesus is like something we heard and then became a habit through the course of history, because what is kindled and experienced is very rare in our human life.

O God the Holy Spirit, the time has come. We beseech Him to please shine upon the world, shine in the world, shine in each of our souls with one faith, for us to know Him, to recognize Him.

Because myriads of graces belong to Him, please teach us to live with the days of exile on earth, live with days with true faith, live with days in holiness, and in the truth – so rare. May He help us.

If He is the Supreme Being who listens and accepts, then certainly, we will become a new person, we will become reformed, improved human beings just like the waiting of the Lord Jesus Christ, for the maturity of mankind, to return with Him, to recognize His love, and to live in the doctrine of love that He grants to humanity in general and personally to each one of us.

O Holy Spirit – the Holy Spirit is the light of love, the light of truth, and the light of truthfulness. To the world, this is something that certainly we, as Christians, hear, know, but we still have not done, we still do not know how to do, and we still are very uninterested and cold people, and indifferent with everything that initially is in the divine realm yet present.

Please help us.  The time has come, we cannot yield to all the habits in the daily life, whether of service or ministry, but we must put God first, must have faith by deed.

With a very clear affirmation, we profess God and put God first, because only God is the Supreme Being who can see and grant what is suitable and appropriate in all classes, all roles.

Nonetheless, because we live more in the sensible life, faith and spiritual things are too limited, so we still become habits throughout countless generations.

The time has come. We pray for the Holy Spirit to help our world, help our human race be in unity, to love, to be patient, to recognize what God wants in the life of each person, for us to rise up with faith by deed as God grants us through the doctrine – a doctrine of solidarity, a doctrine of love, a doctrine of truth, a doctrine of justice, a doctrine of righteousness – which all classes, all roles must have and need to have.

May each family be conscious between the fathers and the mothers; may the children live in love, be taught with love, and may the Holy Spirit be present, for more wisdom, more enlightenment, more understanding, to walk in the doctrine and walk in the way of God.

There are many things that the Church is currently practicing, inviting, and serving, for all the sheep of God to know and practice.

We simply are human beings who hear yet still do not practice, so these prayers keep being offered, united with our Church to beseech God to grant our Church to continue to be filled with His Spirit.

May the people chosen to serve God and serve the faithful have the Lord Jesus Christ’s sentiment and heart, with the Spirit and His love, for the world to be transformed, to be sanctified, to receive the grace that the Holy Spirit granted and is granting.

May we receive, practice, and embrace the graces that heaven granted and is granting, to not let the heart be indifferent and cold, to not let human reasoning, to not let reality crush what is spiritual that exists and existed, to put God above all things. As God said: Serve Me first, I will grant everything later. [See Matthew 6:33.] May we practice and be conscious, each person with that faith and solidarity – we will certainly see that all things deemed impossible from human reasoning are possible to God.

Today, we are still shy, still hesitant, and we know that God grants and gives even more, but we only respond partially. Today, we no longer fear and no longer follow the world with its allurements.

Today, there are countless public opinions: there are people who accept, also those who doubt, also those who do not believe, but we know what we do – we know we must proclaim, we must live in the truth, and we must pray daily, on behalf of the family, on behalf of the community, on behalf of all classes, all roles, on behalf of the places we visit, to pray for God to have mercy and grant His blessing to His children all over the world, and especially for the churches and the clergy, the people who serve.

For God and for love, act for all things to become good, perfect, and improved in a good way, in the love, the enlightenment, and the help of the Holy Spirit.

We thank God, praise God, glorify God. We thank the Holy Spirit – please continue to help us learn from the Seven Gifts, for us to rely on those as the foundation in life, for us to live with the meaningful days that God bestowed and is bestowing, in reformation and improvement. Amen.

We offer the Fourth Kowtow. O Body and Blood of Lord Jesus Christ; we just received Christ into our heart in the past few hours – surely, He is still present. (1)

God is listening to our prayers and God also wants us to come and remain with Him after all the brothers and the sisters have left the crowded conference, bustling with the daily works that were and are according to human needs.

Nonetheless, God is the Lord – in this crowded world, can there not be one person or a few who remain with God?

Today, there are matters that are not possible according to the world, but we have heard and have known that they are true in this world – God wants His children to remain with Him; after each celebration, God still wants to listen to the voice resonating from the heart and the soul of the little children, the humble children, the longing children, and the entrusting children.

Today, we respectfully offer thanks to God, to thank God who is present with us. We thank God present through the Blessed Sacrament, we thank God for having nourished us each day through Holy Mass. We thank God for allowing us to receive Him into our heart to nourish our soul and to give us the peaceful feeling needed in life.

Because of love, God grants us all things; because of love, God remains with us through the Eucharist; because of love, God stays, through His Body and Blood to nourish us; because of love, God waits for us to mature; because of love, today, there are children who believe and children who recognize the countless deeds God has done and is doing to help the brothers.

Today’s generation also expresses, by reverence, by respect, by gratitude, by thankfulness, and also attests to the countless wonders, because God is present and appears through the Blessed Sacrament to strengthen the life of faith of all classes, all roles, to awaken us, for us to not fall asleep, to keep on becoming habits, to keep on living in ordinary and mediocre days.

So, we do not know what God is waiting for, we do not know that God is speaking to us now, we also do not know that God wants us to mature because He loves us.

God wants us to converse with Him, God wants us to talk to Him, God wants us to speak by the soul, by the heart, by what God granted to all of us, with the great graces that, today, the Eucharistic Jesus is realizing.

So, in every Holy Mass, the priests told us to lift toward the Eucharistic Jesus, to lift toward the Body and Blood of Christ, because that is the place where He accepted everything.

He welcomes His children; whoever comes to Him – though we are imperfect, unworthy, and sinful – God never refuses.

God is still the Lord waiting to forgive, waiting to love, waiting to pour abundant graces, waiting to intervene, waiting to shelter, to protect.

May we offer to God all the problems in life, all the problems of each person, all the problems in all classes, all roles, and believe in God’s presence, for us to offer to God everything, for us to believe in God, and for us to entrust in God.

May we recognize that love, for us to be determined to reform, be determined to improve, be determined to become a new person, to eliminate all the ego and personality, to eliminate the addictions, to eliminate the realities in a life in which we live in ambition, in greed, in selfishness, and many more problems in our life, due to weakness and wretchedness.

God, please have mercy and forgive us, because we are the people in the world – very weak, easily distracted, easily defeated, easily lured. Even though we desire when we come to God, yet after we return then we cannot keep our standpoint.

God, please help us know how to have a close relationship with You, to rely upon Your grace for us to live in righteousness, because we want and we long to, but, O God, we still cannot do.

God, please look at all classes, all roles. Everyone has the same longing, and everyone knows that without God, life is meaningless.

We end up with days of worry, days of sorrow, days of disease, days with a world in which we cannot control our greed and our desire, but having God then we will make all level; having God then we can do the works that we do not think we can do, but God does them in us.

We pray to the Eucharistic Jesus. Because He is the Supreme Being, He knows we are weak, He knows we are lonely, and He knows we still have many things in a weak human condition that we cannot do.

In the Last Supper, He already knew this would happen to the world, so He has instituted the Blessed Sacrament, to bestow and grant, to completely love us, and to remain in our heart, to urge with love – an immeasurable love, a profound love, a love granted to each sinner, each offender, each penitent, each victim, and each soul in purgatory.

There are countless things that our life has the chance to testify to – to testify to what is true, to testify to things that God has granted and bestowed to us and to souls.

God also reminds us to pray for the souls because they no longer have the chance to accept what is in the decision. When they found out, then it was too late.

The love God grants to the living is the love God grants to the deceased, so we who are still living, let us decide for ourselves, by returning – deciding with worthy days, deciding with reformed and improved days.

May we learn to pray, come to God, set aside time for God, and recognize what God grants and bestows, for us to respond with love – though little and imperfect – yet God is still the God who accepts, who waits for mankind to mature, for mankind to grow in love, to acknowledge His presence with reverence, with honor, with worship.

Today, this Fourth Kowtow reminds us to have a reverent heart for God, a loving heart for God, a respectful heart for God.

May we come to God in a bold way, to set aside the time, because amid the world with many lures, many attractions, we have erred, acted wrongfully, and continue to distance ourselves from Him.

May we be reminded for our life to be more deserving of Him.

Today, He does not chastise us, but He continues to wait for us, and He wants us to mature, wants us to return. Let it not be too late and let it not be too tardy.

Because all things depend upon the law of nature and we must face our God, may the heart of each person be awakened, be stirred, so that we may – starting from prayer, starting from meditation, through this Fourth Kowtow – be more mature, more grown up, and more meaningful in life, with the hope that God has bestowed and is bestowing.

We represent all the brothers and sisters, those who still do not know, those who still do not believe, those who were and are, for them to also have an inner life dedicated to God, through the Eucharistic Jesus, to come to Him, for us to mature more, to love God more, and to receive His abundant graces to be renewed, to be reformed, to be worthy with the love and the nourishment of the soul that God granted, through the Eucharistic Jesus – His Body and Blood. Amen.

We offer the Fifth Kowtow. O Five Holy Signs of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God – the Five Holy Signs of love, the Five Holy Signs of grace, the Five Holy Signs of the Divine Mercy. The Five Holy Signs are the eternal seal granted to each one of us, each sinner, and are the covenant that God never refuses when mankind apologizes, repents, and calls upon the Name of God.

O God – God is love. First, God created us by His love. In the days we lived in iniquity, having been unfaithful from the beginning through our first parents, God continues to be the God full of love who grants us the chance to return to Him and uses all kinds of ways to help and save our human race. O Jesus, today, what do the Five Holy Signs tell us?

That is the love and the Divine Mercy that God continues to grant constantly, through all generations, to each sinner.

Each person is and was animated, like us, to understand the meaning of the Divine Mercy, understand the Fourth Holy Sign that we respectfully offer to Him at this time and continuing in silent moments.

The Second Holy Sign is the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ, which mankind cannot forget and cannot deny. Since God has loved the world and offered His only Son to the world, whoever believes in His only Son will live.

Let us rely upon this and not lose the chance, since God has offered His only Son – the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior – to deliver us and to lead us into a new time, with a new doctrine (2), with the love that only God can offer.

Today, the Gospel has reminded us that no one can love us more than the One who sacrifices His own life out of love for us; only the Lord Jesus, the Second Person of God – He has done that.

There are many more things that we hear and know, for us to live with the Supreme Being who loves us – He does not consider us as servants, but He considers us as His friends.

The Second Holy Sign does not end at a point but is an entire doctrine of truth.

He has sacrificed and died for us to live and exist, to better understand what the lofty spirituality is that heaven has granted.

That is the Third Holy Sign we need, which is the love of God the Father with Jesus that becomes a living God – the Holy Spirit. He never refuses us when we understand the meaning of love, understand the meaning with the words with which we pray for Him to help us become the people who belong to God, in reformation.

O God the Holy Spirit – the knowledge and countless things in the truth, holiness, perfection that the Holy Spirit continues to grant to the world: we just need to open our heart, we just need to pray to Him.

We just need to believe and collaborate with what He grants and is lively in our soul, because He is the loving Supreme Being, the Supreme Being who leads us into a happy, peaceful world.

He teaches us many things in life that we need to have, which are knowledge, wisdom, and things the Holy Spirit will provide and bestow to each person in his or her own fitting and suitability.

O Five Holy Signs of Lord Jesus Christ – today, we continue to receive the Fourth Holy Sign, which is the Body and Blood of Christ that continues to nourish our human race.

In the divine realm yet present, that presence proves that a judge is present in this world, and that judge is always ready and waiting to console, to comfort, to love, to forgive, and to give us more time.

However, in our life, many times, we forget Him, we still have not set aside time to visit Him, and we still do not understand the meaning of the remaining [of Jesus here] through the Blessed Sacrament.

Today, we need to know, the Fourth Holy Sign is very apparent – God’s presence remains, God’s intervention remains.

That love continues to pour over and wait for us, for each sinner, for each person, to become holy, improved.

When we come with a heart to trust in God, and light illuminating in the soul, in the heart, then we become human beings who recognize the presence of God, the intervention of God, and the welcome that He always grants us, which is the initial intervention that was and is. Who can prove what we respectfully offer through four Holy Signs that are clearly professed [thus far in this message]?

Today, the Fifth Holy Sign is the Lord Jesus Christ – His shoulder was crushed and could no longer continue to carry the Cross; however, the strength comes from the one who is Mother Mary, though not carrying the Cross as the Lord Jesus, not walking as we see, but Mother carried spiritually, Mother carried with Her Heart, a loving heart along with the Lord Jesus, through the Way of the Cross.

Mother represented our human world, to offer to God, to walk with God, and to accept everything on the paths that the Lord Jesus walked with the days of exile on earth, and this is what we need to know.

Today, we are rekindled through the Five Holy Signs Mother teaches, for us to know what God has done is doing, and God continues to bestow upon us, because of the value of the soul, for us to claim back what belongs to us.

We profess the Five Holy Signs, we prostrate before the Five Holy Signs, we honor the Five Holy Signs.

Today, we believe that everything that is present in the divine realm, in the divine holiness, is revealed and granted to us through the Fifth Kowtow, for us to clearly know what we have, to continue to recognize the grace poured down.

Mother’s support is so close and offers to the entire world a wonderful gift that each one of us can personally practice, to learn to pray, to learn to be close, to learn and experience what is the truth. We cannot deny the works that God did and does.

O Jesus, the Five Holy Signs – we worship God; we praise, honor, and thank God.

Thanks to Mother, today, we dare address God the Father, address the Savior, address the Holy Spirit, address His Body and Blood, address the Five Holy Signs.

In a very specific and clear way when we pray, we are aware of all the works that God does for us, that God does for this world, that God does for each one of the brothers and sisters and does for all classes, all roles.

Please help us learn and go deeper with the role in which we need to be humble. We need to be humble to learn, need to be little to listen, and need to entrust to accept the paths that God is teaching us, through the Five Holy Signs, to help us understand the path of the Five Holy Signs.

Today, we have many difficulties or sorrows in the cross that each one of us has.

Let us not be afraid. Let us not be afraid of the cross, not be afraid of burdens and sorrows, not be afraid of all things that are surrounding us, and the diseases, both spiritual and physical, but let us know that our life consists of the phases that if we meditate with the Five Holy Signs, meditate with the ways of the cross, then we will have a different outlook, we will have a different feeling, and we will be bolder, stronger, to accept what comes from the providence of the God whom we trust.

He has loved us till the last minute, and He has left the Five Holy Signs as proof, for us to have the important value of the soul, for us to know and soon practice, to recognize all things in the providence and the love that God grants us through His Divine Mercy today.

Let us not be afraid of diseases, not be afraid of all afflictions, and not be afraid of the paths, because all of us have one target, which is for us to return to God, to remain with God, to belong to God.

Moreover, if we continue on the paths of this exile, may God remain with us, journey with us, and help us understand the meaning of the Five Holy Signs that we are gazing at, with veneration.

That is the Cross of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Supreme Being who triumphs over death, who brings glorious resurrection to each sinner for us today to be redeemed – both soul and body – for us to live in the meaning of the days God granted and is granting.

Let us continue with the days in which we do not forget what God has accomplished, not forget the seal of love, not forget the seal, and not forget the covenant that God has bestowed and is bestowing.

Let us return to God. Let us come to taste the sweetness with the love God grants us, even in the ways of the cross of life.

He promises glory and happiness and still waits for us.

In the sanctification and transformation, please help us profess and live worthily with the days God granted, with a thankful heart, a grateful heart, an appreciative heart, and penitence, for us and the world to be alert.

Let us advance on the path, for us to have a reverent heart, a loving heart, and a respectful heart that is needed with our God, and to profess what we need to do and must do, for us to become children, even if little.

These are the smallest deeds as we live in the days of witnessing, days of pioneering, for all of us to agree and unite, to know how to pray, how to detach ourselves from the overbusy life, how to belong to God, how to profess the Five Holy Signs that God granted us, forgiving us.

May the Divine Mercy of God transform, cleanse, sanctify us to be more deserving of the love that God grants us in the given mystery, in the revealed mystery, in the mystery experienced by each person. Today, we respectfully offer the Fifth Kowtow. Amen.

We respectfully offer the Sixth Kowtow.

O God the Father – I thank Father because all things are surrendered and belong to Father. Father has known us in our wretched and weak condition, Father has granted us a Mother, a virtuous Mother, a Mother who was a shining example for all children in this world, because Father knew that in this world, there is no one perfect and worthy besides Mother Mary.

Father chose Mother.

Today, Mother is the Mother of the Second Person of God, the Mother of the Savior, the Mother of the Church, the Mother of each one of us, the Mother of all of humanity, the Mother of love, the Mother of the Divine Mercy, the Mother of the Eucharist, the Mother of every saint, the Mother of every sinner, the Mother of the offender, the Mother of the penitent, the Mother of the victim, and the Mother of every soul in purgatory.

All of these are present in the things that we see, the words that we hear, and everything, through the works Mother does, are Mother’s holy name, which are the works for which Mother continues to come to us, continues to teach us, continues to grant us graces, to remind us.

We cannot refuse Mother’s title and cannot refuse the works that Mother did and is doing in the earthly life.

Especially today, to recall a century and countless past centuries what Mother La Vang did for the world in the first period, just as Mother once did and is doing, and continues to grant to the countries, to the nations, and continues to let us receive Mother’s teaching through the Blessed Sacrament.

There are many more things Mother teaches for us to learn humility like Mother – absolute humility, absolute with a life entrusting and complete with benevolence and saintly virtue. All of these are a dazzling example.

Today, we respectfully offer the Sixth Kowtow to the Immaculate Heart of Mother, we lift up toward Mother.

Mother please accept our thankful heart, our grateful heart, our penitent heart, and our imperfect heart that still cannot achieve what Mother teaches.

Today, with every reminder, when we prostrate, when we respectfully offer, we feel very close.

Our life starts to have meditations, starts to have recognitions, and each day, in our imperfections, we learn to rise in time and not allow ourselves to become habits or follow a lethargic life in which we yield to habits.

That is something we basically practice and becomes a rule and regulation in life.

We must let our soul, our body, our mind, in the unity of our heart, be conscious of what needs to be done, be conscious of what needs to be offered, be conscious of what we are committing, have committed, to beseech God, through Mother’s intercession, through Mother’s shining example, because Mother is the Person who fully understands our weakness, the weakness of the flesh, with the wretchedness that remains and is present in all classes, in all roles.

So, today, a method that reminds us daily when we pray, when we come to God through Holy Mass, to thank God, to praise God, to remind ourselves that we must become reformed, become improved, and become the human beings more deserving of the love God grants, with the favors and graces and even the Divine Mercy that still remain with us who are sinners today.

O Mother Mary – there are no expressions to offer to Mother with enough words regarding the deeds Mother does.

Today, we see the brothers and sisters, far and near, all the children who gather to come to Mother La Vang to receive things Mother has granted and is granting; certainly, each one of us, whoever returns, whoever comes to Mother, does not return empty-handed.

These are the stories of a history that still exists today; may we recognize the lofty spirituality of heaven that continues to pour upon humanity, over humanity, through our Mother.

Let us listen to Mother for us to live to become holy, for the days to become meaningful as Mother advised us over a hundred years ago.

Today, Mother continues to teach us to practice, listening to the words we receive, which are to repent, to amend our life.

We offer the Rosary to Mother’s Heart, to pray for Mother to intercede, and we pray for Mother to help us know what belongs to this day.

We offer all the imperfections, the weaknesses, and we also represent the brothers and sisters, and the souls in purgatory.

We pray for God to have mercy, through Mother’s intercession, for them to be saved and that they may soon return to heaven, to the light that God is preparing for the living – to repent, to return, to be reformed and improved as well as for souls to return to the heavenly light.

God is waiting, through our beseeching, our prayer on their behalf.

May we sacrifice more, may we live with the teaching that Mother desires from us, for us to be patient, for us to be generous, for us to forgive, for us to be noble, for us to live charitably.

May we continue a silent mission, continue to travel all over, to remind mankind to revere God, to love God, to return and learn humility from Mother, learn entrustment from Mother. May we become humble, because God has said:  Whoever becomes humble like little children will be able to enter heaven.

Please help us eliminate what is in the ego, in pride, in an arrogant life that was and is, and many more things that cause us to be like a wall that separates us, that prevents us from coming to God with a simple, humble heart.

Because our life has many distractions, relying upon position, relying upon money, relying upon fame, relying upon all aspects that the world retains, the world has led us into the moments of separation, in pride, in arrogance, in stubbornness, and in conceit.

We did not know and yet can be deliberate. Please help us be humble as Mother is teaching, for all the sentiments – with the wishes, the longings, the wretchedness, and the weakness – are lifted to God, through Mother’s intercession, for us to see what is needed today.

Because when we live in God’s way, in God’s doctrine, with Mother’s teachings, then what we pray for, God will never refuse. Let us learn, in love, in solidarity.

Today, the Gospel also reminds us of what God teaches.  We must love one another, because only with love can there be the answer in solidarity; only love will reach the goal of that doctrine of love. God continues to wait, and God continues to listen.

Through Mother’s teaching, we walk on the right path; today, everyone is united in the prostration, in the submission, in the moments we set aside to come to the Eucharistic Jesus, to live with a teaching in humility, by deed, by action, by the interior, by the heart, to lift up prayer and beseeching today through the Sixth Kowtow.

O Mother, please, continue to be patient with us. We have achieved certain things, but we still have many imperfections, because in the human life, indeed we greatly desire, but still cannot be perfect.

Today, we trust, we continue to be patient, continue to sacrifice, and continue to listen to Mother’s teaching.

Certainly, this world will be saved; our brothers and sisters will certainly be rescued – certainly with everyone in unity then everyone will also lessen the worries, the afflictions of plagues, spiritually and physically.

Because God is the Lord, when He says the word our soul will be healed – when this world knows and recognizes Mother’s teaching, God will surely save the world.

God will deliver all those who are being tightly bound in the darkness – God will also intervene for the righteous. God will listen to the prayer of the righteous and God will help those who still do not know, to know; those who still do not believe, to believe; and those who still have not returned, to return, with Mother’s mantle.

The Heart of Mother will triumph over this world – Mother will lead us back to holiness, lead us to God, and lead us back to the Eucharistic Jesus.

His intervention will bring peace to the world, will bring the most beautiful things.

We will wait, if we truly are united, humble in life, offering to God our heart, with contrition, with repentance, with both soul and body, then certainly, God will listen and never refuses.

These are the most insignificant methods, but they remind us to set aside time for God, complete with earnest words from this earth, resonating on behalf of the brothers and sisters, praying that one of these days they will also unite with us to return to God, to be sanctified, to be transformed in the Divine Mercy that God has granted and bestowed to us.

Mother is also waiting, has waited, and continues to wait. Do not let Mother continue to shed tears, because of humanity’s obstinacy and hardness, do not let Mother continue to shed bloody tears.

O Mother, please help us. O Mother, even if we are a small number of people, yet for what we have achieved in the past seven years, Mother is the Person who clearly sees, Mother is the Person who knows very well.

May Mother continue to help us be more patient, accept all current oppositions, accept everything that people consider as very strange, and they also feel very astonished.

Nevertheless, things that come from the truth, from divine holiness, will be proven, with Mother’s support and protection, to help the world, to help everyone, to help all classes become reformed and improved people, by the interior first – by the soul, by the determination to place God above all things.

Let us honor God, revere God, and let us commit ourselves to a life belonging to God first; then all things God will grant later. All things will be good, perfect, and become peaceful as we long for.

We thank Mother. Amen. Amen. Amen. Through The Six Kowtows, we thank Mother.

We pray to St. Joseph, because there is no period in which we have the chance to constantly and continuously pray, as heaven is present with us.

Today, we know St. Joseph is the being to whom anyone comes will not return empty-handed. May St. Joseph support, protect, and intercede to God for our Church, for all those in the Church to become just and pure like him, for our world to solidify, to unite.

We also pray for St. Joseph to grant to those who are fathers or mothers in this world, to learn from his example, to be responsible, to be pure, to be just, to be responsible with the entrustment that God has granted, for the family to have happiness and peace. His intercession will certainly help this world with all the longings, the wishes, for happiness and peace over each family and each country. We respectfully offer to St. Joseph and we thank him.

In this time, we have the chance to know that the three archangels – Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael – are the archangels who shelter and protect.

May this world also pray for them to protect our Church, to protect each of our families in this world, to protect all people in every nation, every country, so that they return to God.

May they destroy evil in this world, with the traps and snares by which the devil has besieged and is controlling our human race, but we trust that the time of blessing and grace has come, so definitely, the angels and the saints and the archangels will save us, with the beseeching, especially through The Six Kowtows that today we respectfully offer through Mother Mary’s teaching.

We thank all the archangels, and at the same time we also thank the guardian angels.

If without The Six Kowtows, we are very inconsiderate and we do not know that the guardian angels continue to be with us, continue to protect us.

It is they who protect us from the accidents and disasters, but we never thank them, so thanks to these Six Kowtows, we recognize the heavenly family that we had and have.

Let us pray for them to preserve us, to shelter us, to protect us, till the last minute of our life, in perseverance and faithfulness, to overcome the difficulties and challenges to belonging to God as they themselves intercede for and protect us.

We thank all the saints, especially, the 117 Vietnamese saints.

They are Vietnamese people, who profess with faith, and all the shining examples of all the saints all over the world.

May we learn from their examples, may they intercede with God for us and this world with its situations.

There are many more days with faith, yet we remain in weakness, remain in indifferent and cold days, remain in days when we do not know what God has granted and bestowed.

May all the saints help us and intercede to God for us on the path of witness, on the path of pioneering, and in the days in which we learn the examples of the saints, for our life to be transformed.

We deserve to become the witnesses and pioneers for the gift that Mother Mary offers to humanity in general and personally to each one of us.

Especially for us to revive our homeland each time we recall the works Mother has done for our Vietnamese people – the Mother of La Vang.

This gift is also granted from Mother to the world and is something new to today’s mankind.

May we continue to be patient, continue to bear, continue with strength, urged by the Holy Spirit, for us to share with our brothers, with the world, and with all classes, all roles, for them to have hope and trust, through the prayer, with everything that God has granted and is granting.

We are people who receive humanity’s peace, receive the longings, for us to return, and we agree to pray for God to remove all evil in this world, to help us return to holiness, help us become improved, reformed, and help us with the loving hand, with the Divine Mercy that God has granted through the intercessions of the archangels, the angels, and the saints.

In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, L. along with all the brothers and sisters, complete The Six Kowtows at Our Lady of La Vang.  Today is also the second time at the celebration of La Vang that we respectfully offer this gift of The Six Kowtows.

May the angels and saints help us as we lift up to our God the words with which we yearn, as we represent and pray for everyone – all classes, all roles – in the world, for us to become the human beings who surrender to God, who prostrate before God, who worship God, in contrition and in repentance, to be worthy of things that God has granted, is granting, and is intervening.

L., M.N., A.H., T.T., M.L., and I. – we are facing the altar, the tabernacle, the Cross, the sacred statue of Our Lady of La Vang, the sacred statue of St. Joseph, and the relics of the saints.

We celebrate the 30 years of the canonization of the saints today, the Vietnamese saints; we received a message from Saint Vincente Liem, his teaching.

Things that we receive – this is a time of blessing and grace so there are many wonders that God granted and is granting. Moreover, we believe so we will obtain, we knock so it will be opened unto us, we seek so will see.

These are things God has granted; may we realize and practice, may God continue to grant us things that are needed, reminded by heaven.

God has granted for us to proceed on the path of ministry, to adore, praise, honor – and serve our brothers – through the teaching God has granted us in a divine way, and which is present.

In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ our God, I thank God, thank the Holy Spirit, and thank Mother. All of us, brothers and sisters, conclude The Six Kowtows at this moment, at 3:24 p.m., on Sunday, May 6, 2018, at Our Lady of La Vang Church. Amen. Amen. Amen.

One more time, God grants me to come here to respectfully offer The Six Kowtows. At the same time, with the CDs that we hand over to all the laity, from the priests to ordinary and commonplace people like us – may they listen and practice according to the method that the Holy Spirit teaches us to pray.

This gift from Mother Mary is for many people to know, for many people to listen and practice. Mother promised these signs to whoever believes; that whoever practices will progress, and their faith will grow, and they will recognize the intervention that God will grant in a special way through The Six Kowtows.

Jesus continues to speak to them, continues to meet us, continues to teach us, through the Holy Spirit’s urging and enlightenment.

One more time, I thank God, I thank Mother, and I thank the Holy Spirit. Amen. Amen. Amen.


  1. After about 15 minutes, the physical Presence of the Eucharist ends, but the spiritual presence of Jesus could remain longer, depending on the disposition of the recipient.
  2. The meaning of “new” here is unclear. Old doctrine could be new doctrine for the uninitiated in the upcoming time. Or it could refer to the teachings present in this private revelation, including the new Six Kowtows, yet this would not constitute adding to or superseding existing Catholic doctrine, which is never the function of private revelation.
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