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     Have Mercy and Rescue Vietnam

August 25, 2018

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through L. when practicing The Six Kowtows.


L.: We respectfully offer the First Kowtow to God the Father.


We represent all the brothers and sisters at this parish as well as all the places we visit, to pray for Heavenly Father to have mercy on us.


May everyone accept and unite with us – to worship Father; to serve Father; to praise, glorify, and thank Father.


Today, let us choose our God and a faith that has deeds.

May God urge and kindle the souls of our brothers and sisters – every person, all classes, all roles – for us to live with a lively faith, to perform the deeds that God grants with the love that He taught us.


Our purpose for coming here is to especially pray for God to have mercy and to grant everyone a voice and to look at our homeland on the brink of being taken over.


We pray for God to have mercy and support, for all the brothers and sisters to stand up, by the heart, for them to recognize what is essential in life – not only today but to think of the brothers and sisters everywhere, particularly for our country, Vietnam.


May those who are indifferent understand what is needed to be done, to act as the Supreme God has taught. He wants to see unity and love.


We only know to lift what is of this day. May God plan, arrange, and guide us in His way.


We praise God, glorify God, and honor God. Our purpose is to rekindle in mankind the reverence and the love – to return in contrition and repentance.


May everyone unite to pray for God to have mercy, for us to have life, with prosperous days, to know what needs to be done, to glorify God, and for love to be rekindled between people, to recognize the critical situation of our homeland. May everyone unite to pray for God to have mercy.


We do not know about other matters. We only know to do what we can in these moments, and we share what we experience from God, for people to also receive as we do, for them to return and unite to worship God our Lord. Amen.


We offer the Second Kowtow. O Lord Jesus Christ – thank God.

The time has come, mankind cannot continue with days of looking and not have feelings.


God has come and has granted us so many blessings.


Life, each day, depends upon God. May we recognize and praise, glorify, and honor, because we still exist, happy in this foreign land, but the brothers and sisters and our fellow countrymen are suffering back home, on the brink of losing their country, their homeland, their nationality.


May God have mercy and help us, because God died for us to live in joy and peace, in prosperity.


May our homeland also have days of freedom, be free from the slavery of godless communism, and to not fall under the rule of communist China.


We are the children of Vietnam; we lift up to the Lord Jesus Christ.


May He accept and rescue, through the pleas.


May all the brothers and sisters who are expatriates unite to do something for our homeland – by prayers, by proclamations, by pleas, to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Second Person of God, our Savior. Amen.


We offer the Third Kowtow. O Holy Spirit – now is the time when we must not pay attention to public opinion. We just need to offer pleas and prayers.


May the Holy Spirit teach and help all of us to stand up, to unite, to pray for God to have mercy and rescue Vietnam (1), to save all the brothers and sisters who are being bound by the devil, for us to have a happy, civilized foundation; to have a free country; to have the human respect that is due to Vietnam and the Vietnamese people.


At this moment, we only know that what we do is not from ourselves. We just know to pray for the Holy Spirit to teach us what is the most beautiful, what is the best, what is the most holy and the truth. I glorify Him, praise Him, exult Him, and honor Him.


May everyone be aware so that, together, we kindle the flame of faith – by deed, by love, by a humble life, for us to live days to glorify God through our life. Amen.


We offer the Fourth Kowtow. O Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ – God has left us His Body and Blood.


May we experience His Presence, live according to His teaching, and live with the decision to choose Him in our life – in all situations, in all roles – for us to love, to be patient, to forgive.


May we glorify God, as He Himself teaches us through the doctrine of love. We worship, praise, glorify, and honor the Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God. Amen.


We offer the Fifth Kowtow. O Lord, our God – we thank God who died for humanity, who died for us. I am a person in the number of people saved by Him. May we live knowing God, loving God – by deed, by action, by a life of proclamation, by what we do for the brothers, for the citizens, for the homeland, for our country, Vietnam, which is in a critical situation, on the brink of losing the country, the homeland, the nationality.


May God have mercy and help all of us unite to pray, to come to God, to pray for God to have mercy and rescue Vietnam, for Vietnam to not fall into the hands of atheistic, communist China.


Today, the people of Vietnam are calling in anguish.


May our hearts be touched and care for our brothers and homeland. Let us not be indifferent and not let the love that God teaches fade away.


God comes to save us, for us to have life, to live in joy and prosperity, with the brothers, with the citizens, with people everywhere – in unity – to worship, to honor, and to thank God’s immeasurable love and Divine Mercy.


We worship God, praise God, and glorify God. May everyone recognize, remove the viewpoint, for us to beseech and pray, for this world to have the resonating voice to pray for God to have mercy and awaken each one of us, in love, in worship, in affection, between people. Amen.


We offer the Sixth Kowtow. O God the Father – I thank Father. Father has granted us a Mother.


Today, Mother teaches us to prostrate to God, teaches us to learn to prostrate to God, teaches us to learn to return to God.


May each one of us – not superficially, but by the soul, by the heart – be determined to return with holiness, to listen to the teachings from Mother, to become humble, to become little.


May God have mercy on each one of us, to help us become reformed, improved – to return to God by our heart – and may God look at our homeland.


We pray for Mother to help our homeland, for us to be free from the slavery of the communists.


The Vietnamese people are waiting, are frightened of the coming days, the days on the brink of losing their homeland, their country, their nationality. Mother, please have mercy on suffering Vietnam, in uncertain days.


May the citizens and expatriates unite to pray for Vietnam, for the Vietnamese people, for our fellow countrymen.


That is the reason Mother wants us to travel everywhere to testify, for people to return with lamentation – by faith, by prayer – lifted toward God.


Thank Mother for granting us this day, to be braver, to continue to travel everywhere, to praise God, to glorify God.


We are extremely thankful and grateful to the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary, who has taught mankind countless times, but still has not received any responses.


Today, may everyone accept, listen, offer words of thanksgiving, and pray for Mother to intercede, to rescue Vietnam, to rescue the Vietnamese people, and for the Vietnamese citizens to be free from the slavery of atheistic, communist China. Amen.


We thank Mother for interceding for us.


May St. Joseph intercede because of our prayers, especially at St. Barbara Church.


May people accept this gift, and may they be urged, for everyone to unite in prayer for Vietnam.


What we do, may all the angels, the saints, and St. Joseph, intercede for us.


Please support all our deeds, and everything that is received from the heavenly kingdom, to rescue and help Vietnam in the days ahead – the days that we greatly need everyone to unite in prayer for Vietnam.


May the entire heavenly kingdom accept, listen to our prayers, help us, and protect us on the path of witness.


We only work with one thing, which is to glorify God, to praise God – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We ask, in the Sign of the Cross, to be healed from all evil, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Amen.


L. and all the brothers and sisters conclude at 5:26 p.m. on Saturday, August 25, 2018, at St. Barbara Church. May God bless this church as well as all the parishioners and the clergy, so that with us, they talk with some enthusiasm about our homeland. We invite and call upon everyone to pray for our country, Vietnam. Amen. Amen. Amen.


  1. This message follows news that Vietnam is going to lease land on a large scale, for a long time, to Chinese economic interests. This is rightly seen as a prelude to eventual Chinese control of Vietnam, which is communist-led like China. Protesting in Vietnam followed this news.

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