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    Let Us Come to Christmas

December 10, 2019

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through the messenger, Lucia Phan. 


Lucia: O God, it is 11 a.m., on Tuesday, December 10, 2019, at St. Theresa Church, in front of Divino Niño Jesús, the holy statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the holy statue of Saint Juan Diego.

Gospel – Mt. 18:12-14

The Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Matthew

“Jesus said to his disciples: ‘What is your opinion? If a man has a hundred sheep and one of them goes astray, will he not leave the ninety-nine in the hills and go in search of the stray? And if he finds it, amen, I say to you, he rejoices more over it than over the ninety-nine that did not stray. In just the same way, it is not the will of your heavenly Father that one of these little ones be lost.’”

The Word of God

Lucia: O God, in today's Gospel, Saint Matthew is reminding us: God is asking us, asking those whom He chose and asking each and every priest who replaced Him to bring the Gospel to the world.

And God is also asking all of His children around the world, if they recognize, believe, and seek to come to Him.

God is asking each of us individually this question, God is asking each of our roles, and God is asking each and every child for whom He came into the world, whom He redeemed and died for.

Today we have the opportunity to reflect on the reading that Saint Matthew has so clearly stated, for us to know that God loves us.

Though we are sinful, evil, or unworthy, God seeks to save us.

When we listen and return, like that lost sheep, even if there is only one unworthy sheep, God still cherishes, still treasures, still loves that sheep.

God rejoices for sinners that return to Him, recognize Him.

We ourselves are one of the sheep that God mentioned in the present.

We, too, are a sheep that has strayed far from the flock, has greatly offended, grieved, and disappointed God, but God never gives up because God knows that the lost sheep will die if without His love, if without His salvation.

If that sheep does not return to Him, then who will take care of that sheep like the Father who took care and gave birth to it?

Because we only live in a life with theory.

Truly, in our life, we make a distinction regarding religions, classes, functions, brothers, fellow human beings.

We are human beings who live completely within the confines of narrow-minded knowledge in blindness, and in days when we are limited within a world full of words but the real life of the heart is so selfish, petty, unloving, impatient, and unforgiving.

Moreover, we only know what is superficial, so from there we have been governed by arrogance.

Arrogance has detached us from the sincere eyes that God has given us, so with our arrogant eyes, we do not perceive anything meaningful.

Because of our arrogance we separate ourselves from God.

For that reason God is speaking to us.

There are people who think they were complete, they were virtuous, they were people who understood a lot, so they do not need to listen, they do not need to know, and they never apologize to God.

We are sinners, every day.

Each day that we still eat, still drink, and still live in the midst of this world, we still have bad thoughts or narrow-minded thoughts, or negative thinking.

We think that is normal, in the ministry that we do, or we have already done things to make up for it.

But it is not, to God!

He is a just God, He gives us abundances.

All of His works are perfect.

All that He grants and His teachings are perfect and pure.

Everything happens step by step but very clearly.

He is God, He is the exemplary Supreme Being, the Supreme Being whom everyone must absolutely respect, honor, adore, give thanks to, and be grateful for, because everything from God's deeds becomes holy and good.

All deeds that God realizes always bring compassion, love, which He has always granted to us.

He is the Lord.

The faithfulness of His words once spoken, will never change.

His deeds are complete in holiness, a unique example.

God is the Supreme Being who gives us a treasure, which is also the truth, and the doctrine of truth.

Because we are too weak, limited in our wretchedness, we have been dominated in life.

We are those who consider ourselves as righteous, but from that righteousness, if daily we do not take precaution, we also become the unrighteous, and we completely do not know.

Not so long ago, when we celebrated the feast of the Immaculate Conception, I read from Saint Peter Julian Eymard who also used to say that he knows very well that each one of us is wearing a mask, and in that mask, the truth is hidden.

In our roles, what we say, share, exchange, is indeed good, because of the words, because of the knowledge, because of all things that are meant to enhance ourselves.

Those who have the opportunity to be preachers or people who share – each person has certain things learned in knowledge, uses wise words or profound words or speech that is full of words, that sounds pleasant, and that is also easy for everyone to accept.

What is most needed, what God mostly awaits, what God is mostly moved by, what God needs most, is that He waits for each person to mature and to awaken.

That is our heart.

A heart that expresses sincerity, a heart that dares to speak and act, a heart that recognizes its faults, a heart that repents, a heart that always recognizes one's condition as a human being and that no matter how good or talented, is still a human being in ordinariness and normalcy.

We need God.

We must have God, glorify God, profess God, and pray for God to be with us, in His grace, for us to do righteous deeds, to live with the understanding that God alone grants us what we have.

Truly, in this world there are many virtuous people, there are many holy people, there are many people in the understanding, but let us think carefully.

Throughout the ages, yes, those were the days gone by – before people became saints, their lives were not that different from ours.

There were days of uncertainty, days of anxiety, days of committing sin, days of weakness.

Because of all that, daily they always recognized.

Because of what? Contrition. Because of what? Repentance. Because they served deeply in their hearts with God so they eliminated sin, avoided sin.

It is not just outwardly but in one's soul, with determination in the mind, for them to become the saints worthy for us to follow their examples.

Their past and the days they lived in the world: they also had a history that was exposed with the truth.

Today this message has two meanings.

One meaning is for us to see that this is for those who seldom have the opportunity to examine themselves because they think they are righteous, they think they are correct with their positions, they think they are perfect.

No, each one of us must always have a spirit of repentance.

Whatever role or position, let us repent.

Because only when we repent can we see how insignificant we are.

Because what we have today is granted by God.

God is our breath, God is our air, God is our all, and God is our beating heart.

Without God, we neither know what righteousness is nor do we know what truth is.

We cannot behave with love – but only love, only hope, only the doctrine in righteousness can win the battle – inwardly as well as outwardly.

So today God is reminding some of us.

There are a hundred sheep.

The 99 sheep rejoice, celebrate, thinking that God belongs to them and thinking that they have done sufficiently so they rely upon themselves.

What God wants to emphasize today is that God does not blame, but God is saying something that we need to meditate upon and feel deeply.

We see a lost sheep, no matter how insignificant, no matter what it is like, but when God finds that sheep, God brings it back.

God hugs it and God rejoices with it.

God looks back at the 99 sheep that are jubilantly celebrating but do not think about what God's love is expecting from them.

The love that God gave them must grow, but they must have thought that it was enough so they never think about it and they never need God like that lost sheep.

Today God wants us to understand.

For generations, this reading has been preached many times in the world.

The priests give a very good homily about this reading, from all the readings for meditation.

But this is also for us to receive and be awakened this year, for us to understand God's will, because God is also inviting those 99 good sheep to have a moment to see the love of God seeking the lost sheep, but He also seeks the soul of the good sheep when they come to Him.

The life of love means we must spend every second, every minute to come to God.

We will feel the love.

That is what God is asking of us.

Those who have functions, those who were too talented, those who considered themselves righteous, give yourselves the opportunity to ask yourselves today: are you truly righteous as you think, or are you mistaken?

Because we are mistaken when we think we are righteous, and we have reached a level of arrogance that we are not aware of.

God wants us to live the life we must have that is with daily prayer, with feeling.

And let us look at our condition as a human being, easily broken, easily changing, and we are always fragile regarding all matters.

The things God wants to see and is concerned with are that God wants us to live as He once told the apostles: be always alert and pray.

So we must always be on our guard.

The comfortable days will also become a habit and lull us to sleep.

From that sleep we have no feeling in compassion, in love, in the excitement and enthusiasm needed toward all that God grants to us today.

God is looking for us and God is also yearning to remind the righteous.

We belong to God, but let us not stop at that.

We must let our souls lift up daily and feel something that attracts us constantly and fascinates us perpetually, with God's love.

This an opportunity for us to see our frail and sinful condition.

God never refuses.

God wants us to have a spirit of seeking Him and a spirit of waiting for Him – to have such a spirit that when we repent we recognize that we need God.

We truly need God and we always need God, because we cannot lack God every second, every minute, in life.

If we do not have God, we truly feel helpless, empty, and life has not meaning when we are successful in life and have it all.  

We have a wide and deep understanding, we have talent and knowledge, but we do not have God as the fulcrum.

We do not have God for us to say the most ordinary, simple words.

We do not have God to confide in Him, when we are quiet, when we are lonely, when we are down, when we are successful, or when we are sick.

Remember that today's homily gives us a great deal of depth with each class, each role, each position that God has granted in a special way for our life.

God does not look at positions according to the way we do with things of the earthly world, but God wants us to be equal with love.

Because the more that each of us turns to God, then God will answer us and will grant us more.

As God said, how much you believe, I give you that much.

That is in particular with us and we receive even more.

As God said to the ten people who wanted to be healed of leprosy – when all ten were healed, only one came back to thank God.

He asked, so where are the other nine?

God does not blame them, because we are always traitors.

We come to receive the blessings, but after being blessed then we turn away from God – we never think to thank, and we do not think of the grateful life that we need to have.

It is the same today.

In fact, those 99 sheep have received countless blessings and God so loved them.

God is tending to them but they never think of thanking God and they do not experience His presence.

The lost sheep is lost, writhing, seeking, and it has something it wants to be freed from when it is surrounded by so many things in its life.

God has seen that sinful sheep. God has seen it writhing.

Being a Father, when seeing a child falling into traps and snares, for sure that Father looks for a way to help, to save, even if it means entering a place hard to reach or dangerous with all kinds of wild beasts, but that Father, to save his child, even risking death, still saves.

That Father has found that lost sheep and that Father has hugged that sheep, has cherished it.

Hugging it for it to have the protection of a Father, a Father who has been waiting for so many years.

That day of meeting, He just needs to see His child, hug His child, bring His child back.

Then His waiting is satisfied.

Today may all of us look back.

God comes, God saves us.

God is the Lord to whom the heavenly court must kneel and prostrate in the heavenly kingdom, but God took on human nature, was born in a place that no matter how poor we are, we were not born in a stable and laid in a manger, in the cold of winter, with no other clothing than the veil of a mother.  

This is a symbol of a love that gives away everything, an illuminating example that only God has accomplished and given.

As for His life, when we meditate on the 33 years, for 30 years God was hidden and done all that God the Father wanted, as a human being, to integrate with mankind, to understand and to guide mankind, to be with mankind, and to act on behalf of mankind.

In the last three years, the things that He did He passed on to the disciples who were naive people, who did not understand, who were ordinary people.

They were people who had no authority in society, who were fishermen, who lived in the shores of the sea and who had arduous jobs.

God did not seek high officials who lived in castles, in places where they have understood God's law, have studied God's law, have known God's law so that when God came and commanded, it would be easier.

No, God hid Himself for 30 years.

And the remaining three years, because God knew that He would leave the world, were the most essential, the shortest days, and also the last days of Jesus' life.

When in the flesh, He must do something because He was determined to leave something for the world, because He has lived and faced life.

And what about the surrounding people, the relatives, the faith of the world, all those with authority, and all those who had no authority, the poor and the hungry?

For the three years God spent with the disciples, they witnessed the deeds that God did and were with Him in the days on earth eating, sleeping, and resting together.

All the actions and everything God did was a shining example for the apostles and inspired mankind by love the love of truth and the love that people give to each other just as God has given to the holy apostles.

If we meditate, there is a lot of depth that God granted in a special way.

Let us listen today.

Let us feel this Gospel, as God has talked about the deeds He has done for mankind. This is Tuesday, the Second Week of Advent we are preparing for Christmas so let us not welcome God like every Christmas year.

We cannot keep on following the rules.

We shop, we have fun, we celebrate, but we do not understand that God wants to come to us individually.

We must rejoice with God, because His purpose was to come to save our souls, to deliver us, and to give us peace and joy.

Let us remember that it is God's birthday – the birthday that God wants His children to come to celebrate with Him, no matter who they are.

He just wants them to come to see the love that begins from that birth, and no matter how sinful or if they have habits of old, for them to be reborn.

As God is reminding us, He comes to save us and, with that beginning, let the past be gone.

Let us come to the Confessional to ask for forgiveness, to ask God to help us eliminate everything.

Let us come to Christmas, come to a birthday with a simple, little soul.

We see a humble God who became a baby in a poor family.

We are people who have a rich material life, but our souls are indifferent and even a hundred thousand times more impoverished than what we have had.

The days of the world we live in are temporary, because everything passes and what we have becomes fleeting and frivolous, yet our souls are rich from the birth of the Lord, from the Lord Jesus Christ who has brought us riches with an everlasting doctrine.  

We still have the opportunity.

Today let us choose, for us to experience the ways we have in our decisions for us not to live according to our habit throughout many Christmases and a habit over the years.

Today let us give ourselves the opportunity.

God does not demand anything too lofty. God does not need offerings we shop for, but the offerings God needs is the heart in quiet moments to experience His love.

We will certainly hear the voice of God for that lost sheep and we will experience that warm embrace.

We will experience a place we need to rely on.

May we forever rely on that safe place, that happy place, that peaceful place, and may that embrace guide us on the path of life.

We need God.

We ask to be close to God.

May we experience this Christmas as the renewed Christmas of our life, a meaningful Christmas for us to understand that God has been waiting for us over 2,000 years, a Christmas in which we understand the meaning of God coming into the world for us, a Christmas in which we understand that the work of salvation is repeated in us by the birth with the present Christmas.

We still have the opportunity to celebrate so let us all come boldly together to God – God will never deny us.

Let us not be afraid of anyone, not be hesitant, not be shy, not fear what is from soul and body.

That is the gift that Mother Mary has given to us the last five years (1).

When we started to practice that gift, we also felt hesitant, afraid of the public's eyes.

But in the end, after five years, God gave us the opportunity; we are close to God through daily Mass.

We experience Mass, the meaning of each of our lives – especially for me personally and for many people as well.

However, many do not know.

It is the meaning of the Eucharist that God nourishes us with, and what we witnessed and heard and felt.

Today God leads us step by step to meditate and experience what has been and is going on through every solemnity in the world, through every solemnity that relates to God, through every solemnity to remind us to lift up our soul to God.

Even though our condition is weak and lowly, God is the Lord who sanctifies, who transforms.

What is most needed is for us to ask God because we are weak, we cannot easily stand firm in the midst of life.

Thanks to God we go on. Thanks to God we experience daily. Thanks to God we receive and are aware of what we are doing. Thanks to God we accept all the challenges. Thanks to God, despite being rejected by people, we continue to be patient with our brothers and sisters, with those who chase us away and do not understand us.

We are still happy because we have permission from God to pray for the people who grieve us, to pray for the present world in chaos, to pray for places where they still have not opened their eyes, their hearts.

We pray at every solemnity, especially Christmas and Easter, to help people stand up, to help people find the doctrine, find the truth that each one of us desperately needs, and that each ordinary person like us can do and experience.

That is the gift of The Six Kowtows that Mother Mary gives to us, to the whole world, to every class, every position.

May each person take a moment to spend with God, to feel His love and the profound teaching of the Holy Spirit over each person, for each to taste the sweetness that we hear about but have not yet tasted.

Let us taste with the heart, taste with the soul, and taste with the great things in faith that God grants us.

Today we hope this message helps us stand up, for us to be able to experience it.

Let us not become habitual and allow the word of God to pass away.

Let us not always remain in the same place, to neither move up nor have anything better, to increasingly wither and become cold and indifferent – then, when there are new revelations, we do not recognize and feel alienated.

God is always close to us. God is always looking for ways to save us. God is always looking for ways to embrace us, carrying us on His shoulders and bringing us back.

He is happy to wait when our hearts begin to open to seek Him, to long for Him, and to yearn for Him.

As God said, we are the most insignificant, the most wretched, the most weakened, but God does not want us to perish and be lost.

The Gospel clearly said: everything passes but the Word of Godnot a single jot, not a stroke of a pen in the Gospel, will ever pass away.

The holy apostles have clearly written.

Today we also hear – by voice, by written words.

By the words and by the life that we experience in this year's Christmas, may we all unite to honor, to adore, to thank, to praise, to be grateful, and to live in this Advent to prepare for the solemnity so that we meet the Child Jesus.

We ask Him to dwell in the poor manger of our soul – even though poor and not enough to warm Him, He still wants to come because He has seen us.

He longs for the children to return, the day He is waiting to open wide His arms.

He is the Supreme God who seeks the lost children, the children who are falling into the traps and snares from which there is no escape.

He wants us to give Him our hands.

We must give our hands to Him. We must speak to Him. We must say: "Father, please save me."

Certainly God acts from our willing heart – then we will receive.

God will never refuse when we are living in days of extreme suffering, of sickness.

Which father wants his child to be sick? Which father gives his child sufferings and hardships? Which father gives his child a snake when his child asks for bread?

No, we do not treat each other like that, so we must believe that what we are encountering today in life with sickness and suffering will help lessen what awaits us in the future with what we have done and offended throughout a life in iniquity.

We have only one direction to come to God to ask for what we want, if we know that God's plan is to give us more than what we are thinking.

It is because of that that He died for us.

Have we made up for anything through His death or not?

He humbled Himself to come into the world in poverty because of us. He endured the humiliation of mankind. He endured the scourging, the piercing from the nails, the heavy Cross, the Crown of Thorns.

For whom?

For us – on our behalf and to let us see the sins He carried for us, for us to be delivered in His salvation, in our Savior, and in each belief needed whenever we meditate and experience with this truth.

May we remove all human inferences and discussions, and come with a humble, simple heart.

Let us simply know that God created our hearts to love, to know the truth, to recognize the truth, and to choose in righteousness. Let us not be foolish, not be debauched, not be blind, to err our entire life in darkness and in death.

We ask in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God.

That is peace to the world God is present to give to us and restore us in our spiritual and physical lives.

He is hope and He is love; only God, for us to rely on, only God can understand our hearts.

We are sinners and traitors, but in this moment, let us return, let us repent, let us return to God's side.

May we be close to God, may we experience the heart that God gives us. Let us respond, though wretched and weak, though are still unworthy days, yet God please have mercy.

We know that God looks at us who are in a condition in which we cannot stand alone, cannot walk alone, cannot perform, even if we want to do good deeds.

Today we ask God to be with us on Christmas day, in Advent, and prepare for this Christmas.

May we be reborn in the Child Jesus. May we become a manger, invite God into our hearts, for us to be the light of that peace, for us to reform and improve, with our longing, wishing, yearning, and that of all classes, all roles, all functions, and each person all over the world.

If we want that then we need to to remove our pride, our arrogance, and live in humility, in gentleness, in the truth.

Then we will receive what God offers in the truth that belongs to us but that we have lost.

Let us find and come back, for us to receive from the Child Jesus.

Let us unite to thank the Holy Spirit for giving us a message today, as a reminder during Advent, as we prepare to have a message for all classes and for all roles to receive and listen.

No one can do it, no one can speak, no one can meditate our way.

Only the Holy Spirit is the Supreme Being who helps us.

The most ordinary things, the simplest things, yet the most profound, open a door for us to understand the meaning of Christmas and of Advent this year, for us to know what we need to do and what is called for.

Today God is looking at us like the lost sheep and God is embracing us, so let us recognize and return to the place we rely on, the place of security, the place with this present life and the next.

Let us remove, put away all that is of old from the past and return to God, to be reborn in the Child, for us to start to change from this year's Christmas, for our hearts to have peace, serenity, and a life with meaning, with truth, as God has given to us, to each and every sinner.

For us to become penitents, to become witnesses, and to become like the saints who are present in heaven, through their examples.

We ask the entire heavenly court, the angels and the saints, to pray for us.

May we sing with God this Christmas to thank, to remember:

On a cold winter night, God was born. God was born in a cave, lying in a manger. In the cave of Bethlehem, the light radiated jubilantly. In the air, the angelic song resounded (voice singing), the anthem (echoing far) – God was born because of us. People (come in time), come see (at the cave of Bethlehem) – O God was born, in a lowly, poor place.

O God, today You give me and the brothers and sisters the opportunity, like a reminder, though we still have two more weeks.

Today, with a message, we meditate on the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Matthew, with the 100 sheep and with the lost sheep that God carried on His shoulders and brought back.

We are in Advent and prepare for the Solemnity of Christmas.

May we experience, meditate, for each one of us to experience something, to give to God this Christmas.

What can we give to God that God is waiting for and longs for the most, for that gift to be accepted by God?

Let us offer with our soul, by the heart, in a meaningful way this year.

Since we still have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas this year, we also have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas with our loved ones.

We still have the opportunity, but next year, will there still be an opportunity for us to celebrate Christmas with the feelings we have today with God?

May we cherish every day, every minute while we still have the opportunity.

Let us dedicate all our life to God and ask Him to arrange for us to have the opportunity to reform our soul, to return to Him soon.

Because only God can give us peace, deliver us in freedom, give us hope, give us the warmth of life, give us the place of entrustment for our soul and body.

Let us eliminate the wretchedness and weakness that we keep holding onto, for our life to be controlled and for us to lose what is the best that God has given us in His grace.

May all of us meditate, for us to understand what we decide in this year's Christmas, what we need to do for God, what we need to do for ourselves, for our spiritual life, for our soul, for the brothers and sisters, for our loves ones, and for those who might be enemies.

Let us look at God because we are sinners like those people, so then will all of us never be forgiven?

God is the Lord.

Though the whole world is grieving God, disappointing God, God is not acting according to our human way.

God uses love to help us convert. God uses love and God has persuaded us with love.

That is the eternal doctrine, the truth of truth. Only God.

What we have is from God's power, giving us the eyes of faith to see, to hear, to feel, to believe.

It is that splendor that is given to us today, in particular, what we have and witness – it is God Himself who is visiting us individually.

Let our soul be in deep prayer. Let our heart be still, to listen to the word of God through the Gospel, and let us make sure we experience it in our heart.

Because we ask for the things of truth, we seek God. We ask for repentance, for us to belong to God. We ask God to accept.

He will never refuse.

Believe and we will receive; seek and we will find; knock and it will be opened.

Let us not be disappointed; never say: "I do not hear."

Certainly, because we have so many things in life, there are many things we do not believe in and there are many things we think we do not hear.

But God will use every means to speak to us – through the Gospel, through our brothers and sisters, through the people we meet, through the preaching of priests, through retreats.

In any situation we can hear the voice of the soul, through the Word of God and what He gives us.

We ask, in the Name of the Lord our God, now and forever.

Thank God for giving us the meditation of the Gospel on the 100 sheep, the lost sheep with the new meaning, for us to meditate during the Christmas Season. Amen. Amen. Amen.

Lucia, Maria Nhung, Paul Thanh conclude, at 11:41 a.m., on Tuesday, December 10, 2019, at St. Theresa Church, in front of Divino Niño Jesús, the holy statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the holy statue of Saint Juan Diego.

We welcome the urging of the Holy Spirit, the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, and the reporting that He gives this morning, for us to be ready for this message to help the brothers and sisters all over the world prepare their souls to celebrate the solemnity that God brings.

The usual words we say to celebrate Christmas, especially in Advent – what do we need to prepare, what do we need to do?

We ask to return to God through the Sacrament of Reconciliation, with a repentant heart, to prepare for the gift that we must mention today, which is the gift of The Six Kowtows that Mother Mary offers, for each of us, each soul, to practice this gift to pray.

Let us spend some time to come to the Eucharistic Jesus.

Definitely God will never refuse our beseeching – what we need to know, what we need to hear, and what we need to be proven. 

With a simple heart, with a humble heart, with a repentant heart, we will know what God is granting us.

God is pouring abundant graces upon us and He listens as we lift up to Him with our heart, our soul, our mind and body, in the surrender and in the prostration. Amen.

We ask from the Sign of the Cross to keep us from all evil, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


  1. The new prayer practice of The Six Kowtows was first publicly revealed by heaven on August 19, 2014.


The messenger, Lucia Phan, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone's camera. When Jesus gives her messages, it is as a Father in the family, as the Master/the Teacher (for more on this please see the homepage of 



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