The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist
The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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God loves China

God Loves the People of China




This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through the messenger, Lucia Phan. 


Lucia: O God, it is 3:09 p.m., Friday, at home.


We should be present in front of the tabernacle, the monstrance, but You allow us to have these quiet moments at home, on the Friday of the end of the month.


The situation around the world is more serious with the virus spreading all over, especially in Wuhan, with more tragic news each day.


The World Health Organization has declared this outbreak to be a global emergency, and with the virus spreading from country to country, it is a threat to human life all over the world.


All nations are working on the prevention and treatment of this outbreak, but have not yet found a vaccine for this coronavirus.


This is a situation that causes panic, with many crises and closed commercial companies in Wuhan. McDonald’s, Starbucks have shut down their stores.


The United States and many other countries have evacuated their nationals and are in a state of confusion and stress due to the virus.


This is an incident that people experience very closely – they panic and are frightened. Besides preventive actions to help prevent the spread of the virus, there is no conclusive answer at this time regarding the current situation.


But, O God, what about the soul?


The soul of a person, when that person lives in the darkness – what happens to that soul?


The state of the soul is a thousand times more serious than the virus currently raging in the world.


If human beings have a more profound thinking, then we will recognize the more important and greater matter that is the eternal life of the soul, which is worth a thousand times more than that

of the body.


But human beings are living a life of reality, so not many people think of their souls and think of the God who created heaven and earth and all things – from His hand and His love – and all His blessings bestowed on us.


Daily we live and breathe and there is nothing that we feel is worthy of thanks, worth mentioning, but today we can see very clearly.


Where does the air come from? The air comes from God.


Everything in a collective life is good when nothing happens, until there is an epidemic.


God has cared for us every second, every minute. He has blessed us, for us to live under the sky and on the earth He created.


Over the centuries there were repeated occurrences of diseases from year to year, but this could be a most frightening year, a year when mankind must rely on the fulcrum of the Gospel.


Jesus said to the disciples: Go and preach the Gospel. I am with you every day until the end of the age.


This sentence sounds very normal but let us meditate a little on the words “end of the age.”


We know that regarding what was said by God and written in the Gospel, that not even a comma or period will pass away.


Speaking of which reminds us of the present situation with the outbreak.


What can we do? If there is a way, is it God giving us the opportunity?


With what is currently happening in this urgent situation with that threat, the most important thing is: who can help us and who is the person who can intervene with today's situation?


Speaking about the spiritual life to people, if they do not believe, if they do not know God at all, or reject God, then this is a subject that is considered as unusual and useless and inappropriate at this moment.


But, truly, what is needed at this moment is God.


O ladies and gentlemen in this world and especially the sheep of God, for generations, we go on with a normal and ordinary life that often we take for granted.


But it is time.


God spoke of a new world that He has been longing for from the beginning.


We all know about the New Year's Day of the Asians, especially for the Chinese people who consider this celebration very important as they prepare for the first day of the new year, and even the poor people prepare for the first day to start the new year.


People try to do what is possibly good in the first day of the new year.


On New Year's Day in this world, people always seek luck for themselves.


People send each other best wishes and many things, getting ready to step into the first days of the new year, which is a very important and solemn celebration to them.


What can cause this New Year's Day to be canceled and gone, a day most respected and most exciting for the world and a country with the largest population – China?


On the first days of the new year, the city of Wuhan looked like a ghost town, with many people suffering from the virus in hospitals, and many in their final hours before death.


People were worried and no longer paid attention to the celebration of the first days of the new year.


There are many pictures we saw on YouTube of people in hospitals, waiting to be treated, and a picture of a man lying on his money scattered on the ground, rolling back and forth over the money, as if in despair because his money is of no use to him in this dire situation.


Today all people in the world – let us use the eyes of faith to look straight into the issue.


What is happening? This outbreak, which started in Wuhan, China, is like a buzzer for the whole world and not for any country in particular.


Today we see the number of deaths increasing and the virus spreading more and more everywhere.


The World Health Organization declared this to be a global health emergency, a public health threat.


From diseases to food to all issues, we cannot handle them by ourselves, but we must have a collective living environment, right in the family, right in the society.


So who can avoid this? Who would know? And who can be protected?


Today let us take a moment to meditate on this, to lift up to God, the Almighty.


He is listening, He is watching, He is waiting.


He waits for mankind to recognize Him and He waits for each of our voices.


May everyone in this moment, in the Hour of Divine Mercy (1), understand that God is still waiting for mankind – daily, hourly, and especially on Friday, the day we are reminded of the Friday on Calvary when Jesus stopped breathing.


Before He died, He asked God the Father for forgiveness for those who did not know what they were doing.


We are not the soldiers who tortured God in the past, but we are indifferent toward God, we are cold toward God, we live ungratefully toward God.


We treat each other cruelly, we have no compassion for each other, especially in this day and age.


In recent days, national as well as international news is about the outbreak, especially in Wuhan – there are many YouTube videos, short and long ones, regarding the outbreak.


And the media of many countries around the world talk a lot about the virus.


We have had moments in unity – people with positions have prayed for our brothers and sisters who are in a critical situation, and for the threat to all human life.


Certainly there are people praying.


However, what is most essential is for people like us, laypeople, as well as parishes and congregations, to spend a few minutes together to pray in these critical moments.


We know these are the days with the events that are happening, that happened, and that will happen again.


Do we treat this outbreak like any other outbreak? No, this outbreak is not the same as any other known outbreaks like SARS or the Bird Flu or many others.


The World Health Organization announced that this is a serious outbreak that threatens not any particular country but the entire world.


Today, in the United States, there are a number of cities and states with confirmed cases of the coronavirus, and also in Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Japan and many other countries.


We know there is no current vaccine for this outbreak – there is a long incubation period, and the outcome is not yet known.


Today we are aware of the current situation.


Who do we call on, who do we ask for help? The countries have tried their best to control the outbreak and are working on developing a vaccine to control this coronavirus, but even so, there must be a wait from three months to six months to a year, to inject into animals first to experiment and then to use it on human beings.


Each day the number of deaths keep increasing and may continue to increase.


That is the present situation in Wuhan.


Everyone knows and everyone hears about this frightening outbreak.


Today, though, in the country we reside, there is no outbreak yet, but this refers to a time when people must be very cautious.


Who knows what might happen and who guarantees nothing will happen when we go to the market to buy the food we daily need?


We must have activities in life and everything is shared.


This is the time when we understand the air.


This is the time for us to recognize that, in our human condition, God has been merciful over the centuries – if not then the pollution and the air we breathe could have caused illnesses and could have been deadly to us.


But God’s love and Divine Mercy are still granted to us.


Everything He created is pure, natural, for us to enjoy and to live with good health, peace, harmony and happiness, but we have lost what is the best and most wonderful because of sin.


What is happening is not by nature.


God never created viruses to kill us – they are created by human beings, and there are many aspects that cannot be mentioned.


This is a most urgent moment.


We do not want to delve deep into the issue – we only want to talk about what is most important when we see our brothers and sisters crying, wailing, as they are infected by the virus.


Their bodies are sick, but they certainly have moments of lucidity, and in these moments of lucidity, they are afraid they will die.


In this moment, who is the person to help them? Where is the priest? And what about the people who can help their spiritual life, to prepare them for a peaceful death?


Ladies and gentlemen, today let all of us, everyone in the world, fellow human beings – let us be together in a moment of meditation to see what is seriously happening.


This is not something ordinary.


God is reminding us about our spiritual life.


He is our Creator. He has waited for us for too long. He has provided us with so much in life – with a doctrine, with love.


With His immeasurable Divine Mercy as our Savior, He is the Supreme Being who gives us life, who gives us hope, both spiritually and physically, for our present life to be happy, peaceful and abundant.


Let us never forget those graces. Let us never forget those favors.


Let us not continue to be indifferent and cold and offending.


There are things for which mankind never lifts up words to thank or express its gratitude.


Mankind continues to fight each other, to ruthlessly reach their goals, to enjoy themselves, with many things done against morality and ethics.


Today people with money can satisfy themselves, enjoy, do what they want, but with what we see happening in front of our eyes, our hands are tied.


Money, fame, position, and everything else is useless with this outbreak.


Today we share the same fate, we are no longer excited to enjoy what we have.


We have refused and rejected God to do things that were evil, offensive, against morality and God’s doctrine.


Today let us unite and look at the situation in Wuhan.


Who knows what will happen tomorrow? It could happen to us and the country we live in.


So today there is a movement calling for the prevention of the outbreak, but are we sure we can prevent it? That depends on each person.


But this moment is the moment when we do not know where our fate is headed, so let us come to the mighty God whom no one denies and is known as Mr. Creator (2).


Ladies and gentlemen, surely by this time you know who Mr. Creator is and who the Person is who can grant and heal you.


That is Mr. Creator, whom you have not had the opportunity to know and never had the chance to know about His history.


And even if you did, you did not believe or refused to believe.


So this is the moment for me to lift up in particular all the people in Wuhan and all the people in China who did not know and have never accepted God.


It could be that they are victims of the times, victims in the countries in which the authorities violate religious freedom and do not allow the citizens the freedom to worship.


We mention this at this moment not to blame anyone but simply for us to understand the reason.


Today people who live in communistic countries or those who live in democratic countries – we know God, we recognize God.


We would be the same as you if we lived in a country like yours – with control and persecution, we certainly would not have the opportunity to know and believe in God.


But God is merciful and allows us, even though a very small number of people, to live in the United States, with freedom of religion and the protection of those who have positions.


God is the Supreme Being who grants to those who seek Him, to those who practice what He teaches, and to those who live in His doctrine.


This is the time when we have the duty and responsibility to pray for you, for all our brothers and



All of us are children of God. All of us are fellow brothers and sisters – God longs and waits for us to know Him, to believe in Him, and to love each other.


This is not yet possible in the world.


But this is the moment for us to look at the same direction when we see our brothers and sisters suffering, writhing, in pain, facing death.


Though miles and miles away from us, though we do not speak the same language, we can feel in our heart and conscience whether this is the moment to enjoy or not.


Even with money, even if rich, we cannot, because that is the truth with the conscience and the heart that God places in us.


This is the moment for us to unite to pray to God and to ask God to have mercy and save the world, according to His way.


May everyone open their eyes and wholeheartedly turn toward God to pray.


God, please have mercy on us.


This is also an opportunity: that for the past nine years God has granted to me and to all the brothers and sisters in this day and age.


Speaking of which, there are places we have visited in person, but people do not pay much attention when there is no event.


However, this is a gift that Mother Mary has arranged for us as well as for all of you, ladies and gentlemen, for the past six years, silently, quietly, because Mother knew this incident would happen to the world.


Mother knows the situation will escalate, because these days people no longer listen and practice God’s teachings.


They follow their own ways to reach their goals, regardless, so there will be more scientific weapons and biological weapons to end up with stories like today, a terrible threat to the world caused by human beings.


Today is not a day to blame other people. Today is a day to recognize that when we make decisions, then we must accept the consequences.


How pitiful, though, for the innocent, the citizens, those who are afflicted their whole life without even knowing, and in the end they suffer painful deaths.


God sees.


We know there are many innocent people and many victims over the generations, through the ages, and through the times.


Only if countries have leaders who rule with morality, with justice, with righteousness, will their citizens have religious freedom.


Prayers will touch the heart of God's Divine Mercy and He will have a certain way to defend those who call on Him.


As we heard in the Gospel, God the Father so loved human beings that He sacrificed His only Son to die for us, and whoever believes in His Son will have eternal life.


When we believe in God, we will live with the spiritual life that God gives us, and if we die, we will have an eternal place of refuge when we practice the words of God, practice His teachings, and listen to what He teaches us.


How unfortunate and pitiful for the people who do not know God but follow idols.


They have lost hope in this moment.


So we pray for God to have mercy, because we are the people who know and who understand what will happen.


It was Mother Mary who gave us this gift six years ago.


Mother often repeated in the messages we received from Her: Mother said, “This is the time you must bring this gift to every place in the world to help people when the events happen, because mankind does not return to God, mankind does not repent, mankind turns away, mankind is offending God, mankind is rejecting the love of God's Divine Mercy.”


Mother Mary is the person who represents the whole world. Mother is the person who prays for us daily. Mother is the person chosen to become the Mother of the Second Person of God, the Mother of the Savior, the Mother of the whole world, the Mother of each one of us.


Whether we know Mother or do not, since God entrusted us to Mother, Mother has always completed Her duty, sacrificing Herself to fully live in God’s holy will, to give us what Mother sees and knows regarding the future.


Mother sees things in the remaining and last days. Mother knows the final hours of humanity.


Today the gift of The Six Kowtows is not from us.


It is impossible for anyone to know, and for generations this has never been written in the Gospel.


The Gospel has the words of the living God, the compass to lead us in the midst of this life.


The righteousness and everything good that God teaches in the Gospel will never fade through the eras.


However, the grace that God grants through Mother Mary is an urgency to help those who still do not know, who still do not believe, and who do not have the opportunity to know God.


That is the gift of The Six Kowtows, a Bible we hold in our hands, which is the last key, the manual in life when we encounter disasters or events.


Whether we are people we want to join the Church or people who still do not know, in our final moments, when we pray, we will have Mother Mary’s intervention.


Mother is the being who will intervene for us when we pray with The Six Kowtows that Mother has prepared for the whole world.


All of us are God’s children, no matter how sinful we are, but one thing is needed as Mother has taught us: let us repent, let us amend our life, let us call on the Name of God in this urgent moment.


We also have the seal through the Fifth Kowtow – the seal of forgiveness.


He always forgives us when we call on His Name and that seal is still valid even in the final hours of our life.


This is an opportunity for our brothers and sisters in their final hours.


They are no longer calm, but certainly, in their final hours between death and life, they are struggling and are frightened.


If the brothers and sisters truly know and understand this gift of The Six Kowtows, then those who are around, those who know, can help, so that in the final hours, there still is a voice lifting up to God, believing in God, apologizing to God – then surely God will not let that soul perish.


Whether the world believes or not or opposes or considers this to be fanaticism, this is a most precious gift to us, to help us, because Mother Mary is the person who gave us this when we are still healthy and strong enough to inquire.


Unfortunately, many times, we have refused, despised, scorned, and those in positions lack the goodwill to inquire.


Everything in our life has laws, but at this time can the priests help those souls?


Can people who know how essential a spiritual life is help or do something for this large number of people?


If indeed all the provinces of Hubei and the city of Wuhan are on a lockdown, on a curfew, being quarantined, there is no longer the opportunity to meet the people there.


What can we do to help the millions of people quarantined, and the thousands of people who have died, and those who are infected?


At this moment who can provide for a spiritual life? Who can give us what we have neglected, in the countries that have no opportunity in religious freedom?


So God is seeking us and giving us the opportunity.


He gives us a Mother, a gentle Mother who looks for all kinds of ways to help us, to save us, and to lead us out of these situations.


This is a special gift for all patients, for all those who are still conscious and can choose while they still have the opportunity.


This is the time of the events.


People do not know but we know.


We call on God's Name and pray for God to help them.


God will certainly have a way to help His children when the voices of this world and the earth unite to turn toward God.


We definitely believe in God, the Supreme Being who loves and forgives, the Supreme Being rich in Divine Mercy – He will hear the pleas and cries of His children, in their helplessness and in their despair.


This is an opportunity for all those who have positions. This is an opportunity for all the laity. And this is also an opportunity for all the sheep of God to fulfill their responsibilities.


First, let us earnestly pray. Let us come to our God and beseech.


What means do we have in order to bring this simple and ordinary gift to help the brothers and sisters who are in need, for them to have hope, in the final hours, in the days of the outbreak, without any place to rely on?


They are in a desperate, anxious, grief-stricken situation.


In their despair, if there is a certain belief that will relieve them, that is the hope they need, even in the final hours of their life.


In case they leave this world, they still have a smile, because they have recognized the Supreme God who loves them, who forgives them, and they have accepted Him, believed in Him, for them to receive the deliverance in the spirituality that God establishes and grants to human beings.


O Lord, Almighty God, it is You who allows to us know all these things.


Mother Mary also wants us to look at our brothers and sisters.


This is an opportunity for us to lift up things that have been silent for many years, for us to pray.


We pray for the world to unite, for everyone to know God, for mankind to believe in God. We pray for mankind to change, to eliminate everything that belongs to the world.


People were lured into passions and pleasures.


In the end, what is the answer to their enjoyment when an outbreak happens? What is there to enjoy? Money cannot do anything, positions cannot do anything – all things must be given up or ignored because they will become fleeting and ephemeral.


Everyone must find a way to survive, to remain healthy, but how is that possible because there are many viruses in the world?


If we do not have a way or we do not know, then we might be infected by the virus at any time.


Because the virus is transmitted via respiratory droplets, via the air we breathe, it is a highly contagious virus that already caused many deaths.


Evil leads people to death.


For us, God created the air and the sky, natural, but it is we who seek and kill each other on our own.


Today in all these stories the situation has become late.


Who is the person who can save? Who is the person who can hear and have mercy on us? Apart from God, there is no other.


No idol can intervene in this matter and no one can intervene and know this.


We once heard about the story of an airplane that aimed straight for Israel with the intent to maybe crash into Israel.


But in the end there was an appearance, which was a light coming from that plane and that plane turned around and flew away into space, so no one was killed.


Who was able to do this? We know there are things that seem unbelievable, but we must believe.


This is the moment we know Mother Mary is helping us to be prepared to beseech God the Father's Divine Mercy, to believe in the Lord Jesus, and to pray for the Holy Spirit to enlighten us.


In this moment we do not need people by our side, we do not need the country, and we do not need a position of power or people in the present life of reality.


We need God, and we call on the Name of God, and we pray to God, just as the Israelites of the past did who were enslaved for too long in Egypt.


They suffered, they lamented, they prayed, and finally God sent Moses with only a staff to lead the Israelites out of Egypt.


Today is the same.


We are nothing – we are just like you, ladies and gentlemen. We are also sinful people.


Because of that sin we lost hope, so we turned to God, and God gave us the opportunity to be restored, and we asked to be a reformed person in God's grace.


It is precisely for these points that God uses us, allowing us and giving us the opportunity to meditate for nearly ten years to receive what is from the truth.


The resonating voice of God comes to the world by the glorious presence of the Eucharistic Jesus, by the earnest teachings of Mother Mary, by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, by the help and protection of the archangels, by the intercessions of Saint Joseph and the saints.


We see with the eyes of faith, we see the souls who are praying for us.


So everything of this day is not done spontaneously and cannot come from human beings but comes from God who grants to us through Mother Mary.


Mother is a meticulous person who is dedicated to help Her children when disasters strike, to help us be prepared for the life of faith, because there are Christians whose life of faith is lukewarm, who have never felt the presence of God.


Indeed, God is near us – He sees everything, He yearns, He waits.


He wants to bring the Divine Mercy’s love to sanctify and transform the entire world.


He is waiting to give us a world that is the Garden of Eden, full of flowers and fruits, with fresh air, with nature, and natural.


Because we have destroyed, we have committed everything that is in the world and end up with illnesses that cause us to slowly perish, slowly die.


He is the Father and sees everything. He wants us to understand what we have done wrong over the generations, over the centuries.


If we do not stand up, then all of us end up being controlled by the devil.


We live in the flesh and we only seek money. We live in glorious days of the earthly world but our soul is slowly dying.


However, the Creator created us, He loves us, He protects us, and He gives us an example.


He sacrificed Himself to die for us. He could not let us lose the most lofty things that He wanted each one of us to have in life.


So today is the time for everyone to see clearly what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen.


Please do not continue to be hardened.


Let us unite to convey all that Mother Mary has prepared for us with the gift, when our brothers and sisters are dying, when the city of Wuhan seems hopeless and looks like a ghost town.


The people who live there are being quarantined because of the threatening virus, along with other cities, reaching over 65 million, and those who are infected might spread the virus to those who are healthy.


The situation seems hopeless – people are in a state of anxiety and fear.


They are looking for a way, but everything has been shut down, from airlines to all public transportation.


Today, because of that situation, let us pray for a way to convey this gift to the city of Wuhan, to all the patients and to all the nurses and doctors.


People may be able to receive physical treatment but their spiritual life cannot be treated.


May they know and understand that spirituality is God, Mr. Creator, the Heavenly Father, who will save them in this moment – with unity, with cooperation.


For the sick who are in their last days or for those recently deceased, the only way now is to call on the Name of God.


We are the people outside of the epicenter of the outbreak while you, ladies and gentlemen, are inside.


Now is the moment we know, so let us practice charity, let us make sacrifices.


Let us pray and beseech God, the Almighty, because we know that He alone is our Savior, that He always gives us the opportunity to know Him, that He is merciful toward those who are victims, those who are innocent, those who are righteous, and toward sinners who plead and apologize and return.


This is an opportunity for the whole world to recognize who God is and His hand saving us.


Because we have inflicted ourselves with what we created, we cannot take back what we have done in evil.


So today let those who live in wickedness, in tyrannical and authoritarian monopoly, greed and selfishness, open their eyes and see.


Does their authority allow them to continue, and with everything they take possession of in this world, are they able to take possession of their own life? Ladies and gentlemen, God alone is the Sovereign.


God alone is the Supreme Being who grants to you.


God is the Supreme Being whom you must submit to, first and foremost as one.


This is the opportunity.


Though it has been more than 2,000 years, and much time has passed since the Old Testament, we must know that God always waits for us – every second, every minute.


Moreover, God wants us to understand that everything has a beginning and an end.


God created the earth. He wants everything to be beautiful.


He has waited for centuries.


Why do miracles happen? Why has God, through the Eucharist, come to visit us today? He has manifested by the light.


He has let us see the angels, the saints, constantly working on dispelling all the snares from the devil who uses all sorts of cunning schemes to deceive us.


We are ensnared, falling into a life with no faith, losing faith, and because we do not believe in God, we are being taken advantage of.


It is time. We cannot go on living with those blind days.


Let us look straight to heaven and call on the Name of God.


We must be determined to pray with a contrite heart, with heart and soul, and if we cannot prostrate physically, let us prostrate by our mind and soul.


We are brothers and sisters – when the brothers and sisters are in their final hours before death, who is the Person to help them, to be with them, to understand them? It is God.


So let us pray for our brothers and sisters in that state of despair, for them to have hope when they call on the Name of God, and we ask those who are healthy to pray for themselves and for those who are infected and those who have died.


This is the moment for us to unify, unite, beseech, plead.


We believe that Mother Mary is a Mother who understands all of us in our imperfect life: those who are the victims of the times, the righteous who are persecuted, those who have no strength to protest, those who are crushed by the authorities, those who have no freedom of religion.


Mother Mary knows us, those who live in iniquity, deliberately or unintentionally.


Mother Mary is also a Mother who silently and constantly meditates and prays for us.


These are the moments Mother prepares for us. These are the final moments of those who have the virus, their last hours, and they greatly need comfort, especially the Christians and the Catholics.


Where is the priest to be able to arrive on time? How can all the Last Rites be given in people’s final hours?


Everything of this day – if we do not have a plan or any program in spirituality, then how can we help so many people who are dying and have died in this outbreak?


So the gift of The Six Kowtows that Mother Mary has prepared for us is perfect, and we have brought this gift to the world before the incidents happened.


We are not celestial beings – we are human beings just like you. So how were we able to know this in advance? It was Mother Mary who gave it to us exactly six years ago.


Mother Mary said: this gift is the last gift of history and this gift is the key to help every single person in their final hours.


Whether they know God or not, call on God's Name, believe in God, and offer this gift.


Ladies and gentlemen, you are not like us.


We have been ordered to follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance, to inform you of matters that you need to understand.


You need to pray with the way taught, you must have a repentant heart, you must have a heart that turns toward the Supreme Being whom you believe in, and pray according to the urgent way that was mentioned.


Today everything recorded and reported through the gift of The Six Kowtows is related to the problems of the world, of all classes, of all roles.


God is waiting for the voice of humanity. God is waiting for a united collaboration to call on His Name. God is waiting for us to understand that His Divine Mercy is waiting and giving us the opportunity.


Thus, only by knowing God can we have a meaningful life and exist. Only by knowing God can we live being protected. Only by knowing God can we understand the immeasurable love and kindness that God grants when we live and when we die.


This is an opportunity for us to be in unity.


There is nothing left for us to rely on.


Money, fame, and even having millions and billions will not save us in this urgent time.


What else must we have? We must have faith, trust – then we will never perish.


Because only with faith can we see the closeness God gives us. Only with faith can we see how God creates opportunities for mankind to find a drug to help fight this virus. Only with faith can we beseech God to give us the opportunity.


In everything we demand evidence, we demand reasoning, and we demand according to our methods. But only with faith can we see what God grants.


The Lord Jesus Christ, God's Son, said: "Believe and you will receive; seek and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you."


This is the moment we must turn to God and believe in Him. This is the moment we must knock at the door to ask God to have mercy on us. This is the moment for us to seek the truth. This is the moment for us to look with our eyes of faith to see what belongs to us.


God has granted us riches from the beginning, and this is the condition for us to recognize who God is.


We cannot continue to follow the authority in the world to dominate our brothers, to control their beliefs, to rule over them in a totalitarian way.


It is precisely because of that authoritarian monopoly that God answers today.


God is saving the innocent people. God is saving the victims. God is saving everyone in the world for them to have a firm faith.


God rules, but He gives us a doctrine to have an order according to the direction we follow in each nation we live in.


May everyone today see clearly what is happening under the control of the Communist regime.


How do people live in a country, in a life in which for many years they have never known God? A country whose authorities looked for ways to kill the Catholics, to tear down the crosses, to burn and demolish the churches.


Today with these serious problems, who is the Person who can help them?


Isn’t it true that there are associations, consecrated people whom we have heard about, the clergy who have fully dedicated their lives to serve in leprosy houses or when diseases occur?


Because their lives belong to God and they are consecrated to God, they no longer think about things of the world.


They consider their own life as ordinary, because when they die they have a place to go to – they believe that they will forever return to God in heaven.


This is a time when we are in need of volunteers, this is a time when we are in need of the clergy. This is the moment for people to sacrifice for those who are sick.


But the authorities drove the clergy out of their home countries, arrested and imprisoned them, took away their opportunity to serve.


So the authorities are seriously at a disadvantage in the life of faith and the life in need of help today.


These are things for us to recognize, because we see very clearly the countries that know God, believe in God, and live in His ways.


I do not need to point out the problem.


Ladies and gentlemen, you certainly see what belongs to goodness and what belongs to evil, and what you choose.


Today we do not delve deep so as to blame each other, but let us pray together for God to be merciful to those who call on His Name, those who believe in Him, and those who are in their final hours – to believe in God and return to God with repentance.


Certainly God forgives them.


Mother Mary teaches that our seal comes from the price of the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.


In order to be forgiven, we must lift up prayer, we must ask for forgiveness, we must apologize.


Definitely, ladies and gentlemen, God will have ways to help you, and even if you die, you still have the promising place that God has prepared for you, through His only Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.


So as we are taught by Mother Mary, if we survive this illness, then we know who God is.


In our life of faith, we must have a separate time for us to worship God and to thank God, because we are created by Him.


He Himself gives us life. He Himself gives us breath. He Himself gives us the air.


So when something happens, then He wants us to know that the air we breathe, the air He gives us, we have destroyed and caused sorrowful days like these.


Today we can no longer deny who God is.


We must know God. We must know who the Mighty Supreme Being is, who the Supreme Being is who intervenes and defends us in this occurrence.


O God, Lord of love and Divine Mercy, You have given me the opportunity these past few days.


Since I came back from the Philippines, I did not feel good, but You gave me the opportunity. You healed me and protected me.


In that state of not feeling well, I understood the breath, I understood the aching, I understood all the stress of a normal person.


People can do everything when they are healthy, but when they are infected by a certain virus, then the body cannot do anything.


Nonetheless, no matter how we are, no matter how sick, when God wants then that will become something extraordinary, when God wants then we will become healthy, for us to talk about what is happening to help the world and also to help us recognize His power and His healing.



  1. The “Hour of Mercy” is the 3 o’clock hour in the afternoon. It was revealed to St. Faustina that this is when we should pray the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy. It is the hour that commemorates God’s mercy, which was won by Jesus on the Cross and when He died.
  2. This is apparently an expression of the Chinese to designate the creator. It appears only in the messages concerning the Chinese.


The messenger, Lucia Phan, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone's camera. When Jesus gives her messages, it is as a Father in the family, as the Master/the Teacher.


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