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The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

Heavenly Poems and Songs

''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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Lent Season

Lent 2020:

The Seven Last Words Before Jesus Died

and Heartfelt Words Today


In order to redeem mankind, God the Father sent His beloved Son, Jesus Christ, into the world to die to atone for the sins of mankind. Jesus was not born in an ordinary way and did not leave the world in a peaceful way. He was born in a lowly way, lived a life of hardship, and died in an excruciating way to fulfill His mission.

Particularly from Pilate's palace to Calvary, Jesus endured excruciating pain from the tortures inflicted. The Gospel records the last seven “words” from Jesus when He hung on the Cross before He died:

  • To God the Father, He said, "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do" (Luke 23:34).
  • To the good thief, He said, "Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise" (Luke 23:43).
  • To Blessed Mother and St. John: "Woman, behold, your son!"​Then He said to His disciple, "Behold, your mother!" (John 19:26-27)
  • To God the Father, He said: "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" (Matthew 27:46, Mark 15:34)
  • To the soldiers, He said, "I thirst" (John 19:28).
  • To mankind, He said goodbye: "It is finished" (John 19:30).
  • To God the Father, He said, "Father, into your hands I commit my spirit!" (Luke 23:46).

All were very brief sentences because Jesus was suffocating, exhausted, and in excruciating pain. He had to forcefully push down on His feet while putting weight on the hands so that His rib muscles could relax and He would be able to speak while His side bore the full weight of His body.

Jesus' agony culminates in the ninth hour when He breathed His last. At that moment, all activities in heaven stopped and God the Father was moved.

Throughout 2,000 years, the nail marks of Jesus have bled because of the sins of mankind. What about today?


Jesus Confides to Mankind

February 21, 2020


My beloved children,


My peace be with all of you.


Today is a day when I wait for you to come, which is also the meaning of Friday when I greatly long to meet you at 3 p.m. The 3 o’clock hour on Friday reminds of Calvary over the centuries.


Today I am present in the Eucharist in the monstrance – I yearn and I wait for each child to come to Me.


At that time I was lonely, agonizing. I gathered all the remaining vitality to grant you forgiveness, longing for you to understand that I died on your behalf.


I sacrificed My own life until the last drop of Blood because of you, for you. I sacrificed everything for you. Today is the same.


Every Friday at 3 p.m. is still a day when I yearn and wait.


The loneliness and writhing before I died, to come to the other side with death.


I am God, but I must experience a human life and step over the next stage to leave the body, for the soul to come to a place, and also to differentiate between body and soul.


So at the critical hour, all I want is to give you the privilege of the Divine Mercy's hour, because this world does not yet understand the value of the meaning that I have granted in a special way to you.


Particularly, the Church must be aware to pay attention to this.


But there are quite a number of people who do not accept and do not understand the meaning of the Divine Mercy.


They follow the same laws that they have had for so long and they only know things in reality, but what I further grant and give them in abundance they oppose.


Every age has its own newness, its own riches, but what helps you is the very encounter I grant.


The price of My Blood continues to cleanse, and My waiting is for those graces to be poured over you in maturity to clearly understand the love of the Divine Mercy as I forgive, wait, and grant to you.


My beloved children,


My love will never stop granting to the world, to every person, to every masterpiece that I created, and die on behalf of each.


But unfortunately I am heartbroken because the children are still not mature.


The world continues to be like a mayfly that dives into the flame, to live in sin, with sin.


Wickedness piles up everywhere while the call to justice, righteousness, and truth gradually fades away in this world.


Today, because of all things that you choose and the world chooses, there still are righteous people.


I protect them. I want them to continue to practice and carry out what is in the truth and righteousness, for they will be saved, and through them there will be others who will also come into the ranks to receive intervention, protection, and life.


I feel sorry and pity those who stray, who are foolish and arrogant, who do wrong and continue to live in evil, accepting the devil’s control in wickedness, rejecting the Divine Mercy that I have granted and bestowed upon them through the salvation.


Today there are many things going on. There are many things that mankind does to each other.


In the end, they have duped and deceived the unfortunate people and the pitiful people, the people for whom I grieve because I Myself created them.


I died for them, I loved them, I waited for them, but they did not have the opportunity to know Me and recognize Me.


So all wickedness will end (1), for people to know that since they choose evil, evil will rage and evil will take control of them.


In the end, if they do not stand up and return, then they will be tightly chained by all the ambitions, passions, and everything that is in wickedness, for them to become bloodthirsty people, to kill a multitude, and to outwardly practice things in life as a propaganda in deceit while inside they kill people with no remorse.


He continues:


These days you have seen things – there is nothing unfamiliar.


I only want a life of deed – by the soul, by the heart, by things truly in faith, by a heart in love, by solidarity.


Do not be afraid of knowing little, because the more you understand, the more you know, the more wicked, if there is no justice, if not living in righteousness.


If simple and ordinary, then the ordinary and simple people only know things in the days of reality, but if you do not mature to go deep into the doctrine for you to be steadfast, then you will be deceived by false propaganda, by weaknesses, by needs, by what you have relied on in a life of reality, in the life of today's progressive society.


With humanity, Jesus says:


My beloved children, the events that are happening – you look at your fellow human beings, sad and sorrowful.


You have felt that between man and man there is something in spirituality, inexplainable, so you feel sad and sorrowful for your brothers and sisters who are screaming and dying.


God confides:


I am the Lord who died for them.


I want to draw them close to Me, and give them My love.


My grief is a thousand times greater than yours today, but I must let this event happen because what is of this day cannot continue in evil, cannot continue in a world that enters into realities but neglects what is in spirituality, in the truth.


So today they have usurped My rights, they have assumed My Name, to do all things in the argument of human logic.


But in the lies are so many more cruel, wicked things to harm fellow human beings.


Today you have seen nations showing their love for the citizens or doing ostentatious works, but that is only an outer garment.


I long to see the deeds as written in the Gospel: faith has action, but, indeed, in these times, faith is simply feeble, a superficial faith, and for the most part, a false faith.


Today, as you have seen, if anyone continues to walk in the way of wickedness, then wickedness will take hold of evil and those people will perish by their own evildoing.


Today I want to bring love to invite.


Do not look with the eyes, for you to see people die as a group.


They are living in drastic days by what their own people caused, caused by evil.


But it is due to death that I saw those innocent people, for Me to bring them back with Me.


I do not want them to continue living in days dominated by evil.


I do not want them to continue with days when they cannot receive the Gospel, when they do not understand the life that belongs to them from My salvation, from the price of Blood that I grant.


They are controlled by the devil acting through human beings.


They live in shabbiness and live to earn a living in need.


God continues:


So at all costs, evil deeds continue to be executed, but righteous deeds seems very difficult to practice.


So that indifference is spreading more and more everywhere.


It is time regarding all things.


There was a beginning – there also has to be an end.


Starting from good deeds, I do want to grant graces and blessings, for the end to become good; when people listen and return in faith and come to receive My Divine Mercy, then I will never refuse.


I will have ways to grant favors in a special way.


As for the law, that is a law that requires acceptance, that requires words from one's heart, to proclaim or accept.


God scolds and warns:


In justice, I will certainly chastise the disobedient, who commit crimes, who are stubborn and obstinate, who continue to sow suffering to others, because there is no longer a human heart, no longer a heart of truth, but a heart of stone, of iron, a heart dominated by sin and Satan.


Today you have clearly seen.


When people have totally sold their souls and no longer listen or have feelings, they rule brutally.


Those who are under their command are the victims who suffer tremendously and are also the innocent who die with the scientific and technological development today.


To achieve goals is the evildoing according to civilized times that ends up killing people, which is what you presently witness in this contemporary society.


Today they choose to usurp My right, to accomplish unrighteous deeds so the price they must pay is what they currently encounter.


In prayer, turn to Blessed Mother who is the mediator to lead mankind to God and pray in My Name – then God the Father will not refuse.


Listen to Mother Mary's teachings.


Listen to the ways that Mother has brought you closer to Me, for Me to grant to you when you understand what belongs to heaven.


However, there must be an agreement and an acceptance and a proclamation – then you will receive anything that is reasonable.


Amend your life – remove all the sins that have enslaved you from the beginning. Become righteous.


In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Supreme Being who died for you, you will receive whatever you pray for as I once said. Pray in My Name, because God the Father never refuses everything you pray for in My Name.


Jesus wants to remind the world through the Chinese people, especially the people of Wuhan. He warns:


The disease will not stop here, because these are events that allow the world to choose when they still have the opportunity.


Look at those occurrences, for you to recognize evil, the people who are causing harm to the righteous as well as to the innocent and the victims.


Today you see those horrible things that people inflicted on each other.


God reveals:


Righteousness will survive, but you must go through phases of painful ordeals. You must keep going.


As for the devil, you will see him agonizing. This is his final stage and in the end, he will be conquered.


Nonetheless, the remaining number of people to overcome the months of trials for you to come into the place that I have decided, is too small a number.


We simply need to have a repentant heart. No matter how sinful we are, when we show repentance by helping others awaken and return, God still rewards.


Today you know that with those who listened and accepted, whether they are still living or have died, I will use Divine Mercy and love, for Me to save the innocent, the victims, the sinners who repent.


Therefore, even though all their life they commit evil acts, but finally, his conscience is awakened (2) and he ultimately confesses to help countless others, then that is something I granted to you in a special way for Me to forgive, because of My Divine Mercy for them.


God reminds us not to judge:


Do not rush to make doubtful judgments in the current events in which evil spreads everywhere.


There are certain truths revealed because that comes from a heart moved to pity, from a heart that is in the truth yet has been concealed in life, with everything too familiar in the position or the ruling or the leadership.


As for people who only know to indulge and enjoy, but committing evil will scare them, will stir their conscience, will make them see that when they sow evil, then their loved ones must also be subject to those evil deeds.


Therefore a person in life, if he can find the truth from the beginning, will never go through painful torments.


But with these stories, you know there is nothing that can be hidden.


There is only one thing, which is to live in truth and righteousness so that, even if you die, you will die in peace, through the intense suffering of the body, yet the soul is freed and dwells in a place that belongs to it.


Jesus must take action so that evil does not continue to rage against the innocent. He says:


I do not let the world continue to live in days ruled by deceit, by wickedness, and since mankind had no doctrine, had no Gospel, they did not have the opportunity to know and live what I granted to them.


Jesus warns:


This is a life and this is also a period in which you will see: this is only the beginning.


There will be horrific and terrifying events, because that is the rebirth of a new world to select and retain those who persevere and live according to the teachings taught through the Gospel.


[...] Practice while you still have the opportunity. Do not let it be too late and too tardy such that, even if you want to, there will no longer be the opportunity. [...]




(1) God refers to the evil currently taking place in China, especially the ban on religion from the middle of the sixteenth century to this day. Though the 1982 Constitution recognized the right to freedom of religion, the president of the Communist Party and the authorities still violate it by prohibiting and eradicating Christianity.


(2) Refers to a high-ranking Chinese intelligence officer who, after a life in evil, repented by writing a letter to confess about the crimes of the Chinese authorities in their work on a biological weapon to destroy the enemy by mass murder




The messenger, Lucia Phan, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone's camera. When Jesus gives her messages, it is as a "Father" in the family, as the Master/the Teacher.






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Lent 2019:

What Should We Do?


Lent reminds us of repentance, penance, and penitence, because we have offended God. But that is not enough. If just that, then it does not yet include all of its meaning, because Lent is the most significant time of the year. The First Reading on the first day of Lent makes the difference more obvious.

The Church begins Lent with a reading from the Prophet Joel (2:12-18). The reading takes us back to the extremely difficult times in Israel. The land was destroyed by locusts and crop failures. The future of the people is hopeless. The prophet Joel says that people have brought the disaster upon themselves because of their unfaithfulness to God. But he did not summon people into the synagogue to repent. He also did not call them to sacrifice animals in the Temple. He did not talk about public repentance, rending garments to show grief. No, the prophet Joel said: "Rend your hearts, and not your garments."

The first challenge of Lent is to open wide our hearts in life. We rend our hearts not only in the spiritual domain but also in real life; for example, sharing bread with those in need; visiting the sick, the diseased, the homebound, those in hospitals or nursing homes.

Lent is a call to mourn for what we can do but did not. Lent is an opportunity to grieve for what we should do but did not. Lent is an opportunity to change what we ought to. Therefore, Lent is not just for penance. Lent is formation, preparation, and renewal of anything that is hindering life from uniting with God.

Therefore, Lent is an invitation for us to unite with God through the Eucharistic Jesus.




Prayer of Offering to the Eucharistic Jesus

O Lord Jesus, I prostrate before the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist to offer my soul, body, thoughts, words, deeds, and all the hardships of my life. God, please accept my humble offering and grant me Your Most Holy Body.  

Though the covenant is unequal, I know it is because of Your all-encompassing love for me, though I am weak and sinful. I promise to daily thank, love, worship, and praise You.

I chastise myself to express my gratitude to You, because of my indifference and lukewarmness in the past toward the Most Precious Body and Blood in the Most Holy Sacrament. I beseech You to let me receive this sacrament, and as my penance, to earnestly visit the Most Holy Body in the tabernacle, because I have offended the Lord of heaven and earth.

O Most Holy Sacrament, O Most Divine Sacrament may I daily thank, love, worship, and praise the Eucharistic Jesus. For You are my only hope and my inheritance. Amen.


Our Lord Jesus Christ

and Mother Mary

Expressing Their Feelings

through the 14 Stations

of the Cross


Jesus carried the Cross to Calvary.


St. John the Apostle wrote in chapter 19:16-18: “Then he handed him over to them to be crucified. So they took Jesus, and he went out, bearing his own cross, to the place called the place of a skull, which is called in Hebrew Gol'gotha. There they crucified him, and with him two others, one on either side, and Jesus between them.


The road from Pilate's palace to Calvary is more than 600 meters long.


During the journey, He was hungry, thirsty, in pain, barely able to walk the 1,321 steps.


The Scriptures recorded that He fell three times, but in the revelations to St. Nhichlin and St. Brigitta, He fell 13 times while carrying the crossbar on His shoulder.


The wooden crossbar, weighing 79 to 110 pounds, was tied tightly on His shoulder during the agonizing journey.


The crown of thorns was thrown off His head, causing blood to splatter. God suffered excruciating pain when the soldiers picked it up and forced it deeper onto His head.


He had already lost a lot of blood and fluid from being brutally scourged, and because the previous night's wounds still bled, they fear Jesus will die along the way and not reach the place of execution as planned, the soldiers forced Simon of Cyrene to help Jesus.


According to the revelations to St. Nhichlin and St. Brigitta, the Lord said that He endured the tortures and scourges "to the same degree as if I died 19 times."


According to scientific discoveries from the Shroud of Turin and historical studies, the person sentenced to death must carry a horizontal crossbar. The upright post is built on the hill.




The face of Jesus Christ from the Shroud of Turin (left).
The face of Jesus in the drawing of
a messenger as well as a painter
 who was revealed by Our Lord Jesus Christ (right).


The wound on the shoulder blade is as big as 3 fingers with 3 bones exposed.


This wound, not recorded by men, caused Jesus more anguish and pain than all the wounds in the execution.


The purpose of the horizontal crossbar tied tightly to both hands is for the condemned to have no hope of escape and for his friends to not be able to remove it.


At the same time it is a corporal punishment to severely punish the convict.


The Church describes the Way of Jesus' Cross through 14 images called "The 14 Stations of the Cross."



Pilate condemned Jesus to crucifixion


The following are the words of Jesus and Blessed Mother for the 14 Stations of the Cross, given to humanity on the 24th of October, 2018, at the Church of Our Lady of Lavang, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, along with the words inspired by the Holy Spirit through the messenger Lucia.


1. Jesus is condemned to death


  • I suffered an unjust and humiliating sentence for humanity.
  • I always yearn for the children to come to Me.
  • I died for you to live.
  • Do not be disappointed because God is near.
  • I bled till the last drop of Blood to cleanse your souls.


2. The Lord Jesus carries His Cross


  • I carried the Cross to support you.
  • I carried the Cross just like I carried you on My shoulder.
  • I carried the Cross for you not to suffer because of sin.
  • I wait for each one of you.
  • I carried each sinner to transform him into a penitent, then into a witness, then into a saint.


3. The Lord Jesus falls the first time


  • I endured all agonies. I suffered from lack of food, lack of water, and from the crushing burden of the heavy cross.
  • I fell to the ground to hold you up.
  • I accepted death to save your souls.
  • Your souls are invaluable because that is God the Father's work.
  • I am ready to come into the world to die one more time for you.


4. The Lord Jesus meets His Mother

Blessed Mother:

  • When You were born, the angels were singing and praising. Now, Your body is broken, covered in blood.
  • You looked for your friends and disciples but they have abandoned You.
  • My Heart is pierced as I look at You.
  • Be firm in faith and live a life of witness to comfort God.
  • Meditate to recognize God's love and return to Him.


  • Mother, where are You? Your eyes give me strength.
  • I came into the world to save humanity, but humanity has abandoned Me.
  • Mother, walk with Me to Calvary.
  • Your love alone gives me strength.


5. Simon helps the Lord Jesus carry His Cross


  • Children, where are you? Every day I was in the synagogue healing and teaching you. Where are you now?
  • At this moment, My eyes are so swollen, I do not see the path ahead to walk.
  • My head is disfigured. My body is in pain.
  • Simon reluctantly supported Me and he received a myriad of graces.
  • I am in pain, lonely, and deeply grieved.
  • I yearn and desire that humanity not be indifferent toward each other.
  • The Gentiles who come to Me once will receive sanctifying grace.


6. Veronica wipes the face of the Lord Jesus


  • Sharp thorns deeply wounded My head.
  • My face is covered with blood.
  • Blood flowed from the nose, ears, mouth.
  • Thanks to Veronica for handing Me the veil.
  • The holy sign is imprinted on the veil of love.


7. The Lord Jesus falls for the second time


  • I was extremely exhausted, excessively weakened by the soldiers.
  • I am more hurt because many people are emotionless and reject Me.
  • I fell the second time to lead you and guide you to stand up.
  • Those who shed tears console My Heart.


8. Jesus consoles the women of Jerusalem


  • Back then, I comforted the women, but today I comfort the entire world.
  • I notice that in the world there are people who silently love Me.
  • I continue to look for people who have affection for Me in the world.
  • What I do is simply for your happiness.
  • I love everyone without distinction.
  • Tears give Me more strength.
  • What you pray for, I will grant today. That is a privilege given to those who are witnesses.


9. The Lord Jesus falls for the third time


  • I do not come to destroy but to let you learn the example of virtue.
  • Be bold. Be brave. Do not be afraid.
  • I train you to be strong.
  • Give Me your hand.
  • I fell to accompany you on the earthly path.


10. The Lord Jesus is stripped of His garment


  • The bloody wounds have dried up.
  • The pulled garment caused fresh blood to bleed from the wounds. I was in agony.  But your soul is worth a hundred thousand times more.
  • I screamed for human beings to recognize My love.
  • I still wait to put a new robe on you and cleanse you with My blood.
  • Come back to Me.


11. The Lord Jesus is nailed to the Cross


  • The soldiers hammered the nail into My hand; into a love for humanity.
  • The iron nails caused my tendons to be paralyzed in pain. But your soul causes Me a hundred thousand times more pain.
  • Come back to Me to be forgiven.
  • I did everything to save you.
  • Your pain cannot compare to My pain.
  • If you are willing to be crucified, you will resurrect like Me.


12. The Lord Jesus dies on the Cross

Blessed Mother:

  • What mother does not suffer when she sees her child die on the cross?
  • I stop crying to have enough courage to unite with God.
  • Why did God die for humanity?
  • Practice good deeds to accumulate accomplishment.
  • Use your time to meditate.
  • Pray to experience God's love, to receive God's grace.


13. The Lord Jesus is taken down from the Cross

Blessed Mother:

  • Jesus laid motionless.
  • My Heart felt as if it stopped beating. I was in tears.
  • We had to flee to Egypt after He was born. At 10 years old, He was lost in the Jerusalem temple.
  • He is abandoned in the tabernacle and received unworthily.


  • Humanity's betrayal causes God pain.
  • We crucify God daily.


14. The burial of the Lord Jesus in the tomb

Blessed Mother:

  • My Son was motionless, not teaching, not healing.
  • I want you to start a new apostolic mission.
  • God still waits for you to return and be saved.
  • God the Father grants salvation to strengthen the world.
  • Place God above all things.
  • God is very patient and gives us many opportunities.

The messenger, Lucia Phan, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone's camera. When Jesus gives her messages, it is as a Father in the family, as the Master/the Teacher.


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